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Cuidado 23 June. Marichuy can see, but she can’t see reason.

Replay: Padre Anselmo tells Marichuy everyone deceived her for her own good because they love her, and she should get over her pride and go back to being the person she once was. She goes and sits on the steps at the (oddly quiet) old apartment building and reminisces about the old times with the neighbors there. She remembers PA telling her that real love means loving without expecting anything in return. She smiles.

Now: Juan Miguel and Cimarro sit in a car somewhere and JM asks if they’re sure this is the right place. Cimarro says the message was from his son’s phone. JM thinks they should call for backup. Cimarro hams up his worry about his son, and JM looks at him like, “Dude, you don’t have to convince me.”

Daniel visits Rocio at the castle and she tells him she’s really worried about Vicente because she hasn’t seen him in days and she thinks he may be involved in Rafael’s disappearance. Daniel doesn’t feel the need to get all jealous in a clichéd way about that, just says it’s too bad but he actually came to talk to her about something else. He wants her to try to pound some sense into Marichuy’s thick skull.

Marichuy sits in the swing on a playground and feeds snacks to Juanito. I guess she was carrying them in the pocket of her tight jeans? Where does she stash her stuff when she’s out and about? Anyway, Purita and Adrian come along and say hi. Purita remarks about how much Juanito has grown, but she’s not all that interested in him, it’s just a lead-in for her to tell Marichuy her own sob story.

JM and Cimarro are still sitting in a parking lot waiting to pay the ransom and get Rafa back. JM tries to calm and reassure Cimarro. They get a text message saying to leave the money in a certain trash bin, which we get a dramatic look at. Yes, indeed, it is a trash bin. They deduce that the kidnappers are watching them. Cimarro sends a message back saying he wants to talk to his son first. The reply says to do as told, or he won’t see his son alive again. JM quickly decides to just do it, because the money doesn’t matter. As he walks in slo-mo toward the bin, he hopes that it actually works and they get Rafa back. His phone rings and he answers.

Marichuy is amazed that Adrian and Purita’s baby turned out to be Ed and Beatriz’s. She can’t believe how much she missed while she was blind and no one was telling her anything. Purita tells her she should stop hanging around the old neighborhood and go live her life. Marichuy says this will always be her neighborhood, and the old neighborhoodies will always be her people.

Vicente and Amador are lurking in a car near JM. Vicente talks in a raspy voice and tells JM to leave the money and go. JM says, “I know it’s you, Vicente.” In the back of a van, Rafa flails around and worries because he knows his kidnappers don’t care whether he lives. JM puts the briefcase in the bin and goes back to the car. Cimarro doesn’t want to leave, but JM says their only chance of getting Rafa back is to follow orders. Over in the other car, Vicente and Amador wonder what to do with the blind kid. Oh, well-planned kidnapping, dudes. Vicente says the most sensible thing would be to return him safe and sound. Amador says the sensible thing is no fun. But think of this, Amador: if you don’t return him, you’ll be making life difficult for later kidnappers, because no one will pay ransoms if you don’t give them some hope of getting their loved ones back. Think of the future of the industry! JM and Cimarro drive away.

Vicente puts on his totally inconspicuous black ski mask and goes to get the briefcase. I see Amador has covered up his license plates. Also totally inconspicuous. They’ll be invisible to the police! They take off, and Juan Miguel, who is acting smart for once, does a little clever maneuvering and follows them.

Marichuy and JMito go to the hospital where apparently Beatriz and Edito are seeing their new doctor. Marichuy says now that she’s better, she needs to start helping other people more. JMito babbles his agreement.

Amador and Juan Miguel drive like madmen around a parking garage.

Marichuy is still hanging around the hospital waiting room and Dr. Iturbe walks by and immediately recognizes her, even though he only saw her briefly and half her face was covered before. He asks how she is, and she says her eyes are better but she’s sad. He looks concerned.

The boys continue to play Indy 500 in the parking garage loop. JM tells Cimarro to call for backup. Amador nearly hits a guy on a motorcycle.

Marichuy and Reinaldo get on a first-name basis. Marichuy tells him that life takes a lot of turns, but she’s looking forward to helping people. He says he has an offer for her.

After a few more screeching laps, Amador and Vicente exit to the street, and JM and Cimarro follow. They worry that it’s going to be more difficult to follow outside. Rafa works on opening the van door. Amador gets all “woooo-hooooooo!” from the excitement and Vicente wants to bail. Outside in the parking lot, Rafa rolls out of the van and JM slams on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

Ed and Beatriz show up for their appointment with Dr. Reinaldo and are super excited to see Marichuy. Marichuy agrees to wait and talk to him about his offer when he’s finished with Edito.

Ceci tells Rocio that Marichuy left early in the morning and they don’t know where she’s gone. They all decide that she must be planning to return because all her things are still in her room, and she wouldn’t do anything crazy that would endanger her baby. Rocio is a bit indignant that Marichuy is still mad at JM after he saved her life and fixed her eyes, and says she’s going to have a chat with Marichuy and make her listen.

Suddenly it is night and Marichuy is in her room packing a suitcase and thinking to herself that Reinaldo’s offer came at the right time, and this will be a good change for her and JMito. Cande knocks at the door and Marichuy tells her to go away, but Cande says her best friend is there to see her. Marichuy runs upstairs to see Rafa. He’s worried that she hates him because he deceived her, too, but she says she could never hate him. JM walks in right as she’s giving Rafa a big hug. JM says he brought her friend back to make her happy. Not because it was the right thing to do, I guess. Poor JM; he tries so hard. He could establish world peace, save the whole entire environment, and cure every disease that ever was (actually, that part I think he really could do. He’s the best doctor ever) and Marichuy would STILL be furiously angry at him for whatever minor thing it was.

Marichuy says she wants to be alone with Rafa; they have much to talk about. JM says of course, and adds that he only tries to make her happy even though she doesn’t appreciate it. He leaves. Marichuy asks Rafa, “Do you know how WORRIED I’ve been?” as is required when a child has gone missing.

Cande is in Marichuy’s room keeping an eye on JMito, which is a good thing because he’s definitely old enough to get over the rails of his crib and really should be crawling and walking by now, and sees the suitcase. She figures out that Marichuy is planning to leave, and asks JMito what’s going on. JMito smiles adorably and teases her but won’t tell.

Marichuy tells Rafa that he looks pretty much like she thought. She reminds him that since her operation was a success, he is going to have his eyes fixed also. He’s still worried that she might be mad at him, but she says she could never be mad at him because she knows he loves her. So does she think everyone else doesn’t love her?

Amador and Ana Julia have a little lovers’ chat on the phone. AJ says she wants her cut of the money for distracting the Velardes while he and Vicente kidnapped Rafa. He says she’s getting nothing. She says if he doesn’t pay her, she’ll tell the police what she knows. Ah, amor.

Marichuy tells Rafa her life is going to change completely. It’s time for her to quit behaving like a chamaca (youngster) and make her own decisions instead of just doing what everyone tells her to do.

Rocío, Daniel, and Onelia sit around and gripe about AJ and the way Marichuy trusts her more than everyone else, and the nasty things she’s said to Mayita. Balbina shows Vicente in and he says he wants to talk to Rocío alone. She says no way, so Vicente asks her if she’s decided to go with him. Her hostile glare and defensive arms-folded posture say no. He says now he has money so they can start over together (yes, what an argument…the one thing Rocío was missing in life was money). She asks where he got the money, and Daniel says they know he kidnapped Rafa.

Rafa says he’s going to miss Marichuy, and he wants to wait to have his surgery until she can be with him, because their agreement was that she would teach him how to live with vision just as he taught her to live without. She says he must have the surgery, and he can come with her to whatever clinic she’ll be working at (I didn’t pick up on where she’s going. In the “State of Mexico”…does that mean some other town? How far away can it be?). That way they can stay together. She only asks that he not tell Juan Miguel where she is.

Vicente tries to get Onelia to defend him, but she won’t. Vicente insists he had nothing to do with the kidnapping and got the money from selling a painting. Daniel shoves him out of the house. Rocío thinks he shouldn’t have done that because it won’t solve anything. Daniel thinks Vicente needs it beat into him that Dan + Roc = TrueLuv4Ever, but Rocío tells him to stop pressuring her.

Marichuy has gathered the family in the drawing room to tell them that she can’t trust them and she isn’t going to live there anymore. Dr. Reinaldo Iturbe has offered her a job in a community health clinic in the State of Mexico and she’s going to get an apartment and continue her physiotherapy studies there. They are all sad and say they were only trying to do what was best for her. Ceci and Cande beg her not to go. Patricio says they won’t oppose her decision, but they hope she’ll return. JM enters and says, “You’re leaving? Where are you going?”

Rafa rants to his daddy that Marichuy is leaving him and it’s all that rat JM’s fault. Cimarro tells him not to be like that. JM is a good guy and got Rafa rescued. Rafa says that’s even worse, that he has to owe his life to that punk.

Marichuy tells JM it’s none of his beeswax where she’s going. He says of course it is if she’s taking their son, and to stop acting like a child. She says she’ll talk to him like a woman and not a tantrum-throwing (berrinchuda) child, but alone. The others quickly excuse themselves.

Cimarro plays the Voice of Reason (maybe he and Onelia should get together…they could have such sensible and honest lives!) and tells Rafa that eventually Marichuy and JM are going to get back together, because they are in love, so Rafa shouldn’t delude himself and get too attached. Rafa doesn’t want to believe it.

Marichuy blames Juan Miguel for every problem she has ever had. She says she fell in love and married him and she shouldn’t have, because then when they were separated she suffered so much. He says, “yeah, that is because YOU LOVE ME.” She still doesn’t think they can ever be together. JM says actually, they can, and asks why she insists on making both of them unhappy.

Mayita asks Rocío and Onelia why her daddy refuses to accept AJ’s baby. They tell her that JM would never deny a child of his, but that he’s not the father of AJ’s baby and that is just a lie AJ told. Mayita finally seems to accept this when they tell her that maybe someday she and her dad and Marichuy and Juanito will all be together like the family they are.

Unfortunately, this will probably not happen soon, as Marichuy’s lack of basic logic is interfering with her love life STILL. She tells JM they can’t be happy together because it’s his fault that she was hit by the car and risked never seeing again. Holy freaking cannoli, Marichuy, at least pick something that actually was his fault to blame him for.

JM says that to Marichuy, the bad things she can blame him for are the only things that count. However, he’s not going to hacer hincapié en (emphasize…hincapié means stamping the foot; hincar means drive or thrust) this, and he tells her about all the time he spent studying just to help her. She still thinks they should go their separate ways, even though she’s grateful that he saved her life and all.

Rafa and Elsa stroll in the park and he tells her he’s worried about the surgery and just doesn’t care for Juan Miguel. Elsa thinks they should go to the church and give thanks for Rafa’s safe return, but he says they can do that anywhere, so she says a prayer right there. He is touched by her concern. She says his friendship is the best thing that’s happened to her in a long time, and he returns the sentiment.

Vicente trashes Amador’s bedroom looking for the money. The décor is back to pictures of Amador everywhere, which Marichuy had covered up when she lived there. Amador sits on the sofa drinking and smirking and tells Vicente he’s out of luck; Amador has already used the money to pay back the thugs. Vicente has conniptions.

Juan Miguel begs Marichuy to not be so unfair with him. She reminds him of his torrid affair with AJ. He rolls his eyes and says, “She was LYING!” She asks him to give her just one reason why she should believe him instead of AJ. That should be easy; I can think of like a hundred right off the top of my head. He swears that he loves her and would never have anything to do with AJ. “But can you swear to me that you never made love to her?,” asks Marichuy, because it’s the end of the episode and we need a reason for him to stare at her sadly and intensely without saying anything.

Avances: We would NEVER EXPECT what will happen in the gran final!!! I’m expecting that Juan Miguel and Marichuy will finally declare their amor para siempre, the good will be rewarded, and the bad will be punished, so I guess that’s not what is going to happen.


I've never posted here because I've only been following this show since last Tuesday, but I've caught up on reading some of the great (and very hilarious) recaps that have been posted. It's my first time ever watching a dramatic show and this caught me because of two hot male actors, hahaha! I only know a few words here and there in Spanish, so this is extremely helpful! Thank you all for taking time out of your schedules to post these!

As for this show: Marichuy is killing me! How can she say, "no" that many times to sexy Juan Miguel?

Welcome DodgersGirl...we're always delighted when new people find us and join in the pleasures (and frustrations!) of watching these telenovelas. Your Spanish will improve by leaps and bounds while you enjoy these gorgeous people right along with us. What helps a lot of us is to put on closed captions so we can see the Spanish written out while we hear it.

* * *
Great title and clever commentary as always, Julia. Too bad they keep making Marichuy behave like some borderline personality to eke this out some more, but if it gives us a chance to enjoy another one of your well-written recaps, so be it! I AM looking foward to the next one though. Beginnings are always great, aren't they?

OMG, DodgersGirl, only since last Tuesday? You are SO lucky! The rest of us are simply haggard over the Craptasm that has been Cuidado LOL! I swear, if it hadn't been for how amazingly well JM and Ed fill out their pants and shirts, I'd have been gone a long time ago. (I am going to miss looking at those two. Just thinking about it depresses me.) Late or not, welcome into the pool!

Amador and JM's Indy 500 run in the parking deck was fun. Through their windshield, flying at top speeds, Amador and Vince looked like those Chinese thugs who kidnapped the beautiful Miao Yen in the movie 1986 Big Trouble In Little China. I had a good time with that.

I said this once and I'll say it again--Rafa, go away. Not only are you a petulent child, you are ungrateful as all get-out, an unattractive, unromantic trait. Heck if I would have spent my hard-earned money on ya.

Yeah, it was nighttime when MC got back to the Velardes! Out all day long, without JMito needing even one diaper change or anything to drink. Uh-huh. And did you see baby Edito all comfy in his NORMAL summer clothes, next to JMito in all that wool-blend whatever it is? O_O Duh-huh. At least we finally got to see that JMito actually has some hair on his head, old as he is.

[Rafa]’s worried that she hates him because he deceived her, too, but she says she could never hate him. That is just idiotic.

Things are going to get pretty nasty between Amador and AJ, with the game turning quickly into "every man for himself." It would be pretty cool if he ended up shutting the cockroach up for good before his personal pie cart arrives.

Flashing back to the MC and Adrian as kids in the neighborhood scenes... that was MC and Adrian running and playing, right? (not sure) I thought Cande found MC huddling crying in a doorway, half-dressed, after she was attacked as a teenager.

Yeah, run on off, MC, the way you've always done. It's a wonder JMito is even alive, seeing as you had to run off and have labor commence at a hacienda waaaay in the country during a flood. It's a wonder you're alive seeing as you had to run off into an SUV while you were blind. Et cetera. Run, Forrest, run. Think nothing of continuing to separate your kid from his dad and little sister, something he's never done to you but should have. You're even being a sh!t to Cande now?? (could we please have some growth from our heroine, and not on Monday at 8:59 PM; Maite Perroni must be so glad the crap is over for her)

Avances: We would NEVER EXPECT what will happen in the gran final!!! I’m expecting that Juan Miguel and Marichuy will finally declare their amor para siempre, the good will be rewarded, and the bad will be punished, so I guess that’s not what is going to happen. LOL, Julia! I don't even care if MC gets JM anymore. I'm looking foward to seeing Edito saved, Ed and Bea happy, Purita and Adrian content somehow, Nellie and Mayita inseparable, Amador and AJ squashed in a blaze of glory. Halleluia.

Julia, this recap was excellent and your snark most impressive. Wonderful, wonderful stuff! Thanks muchly. Have a great day, everyone!

Julia: Your recap was bright, witty and spot on. Another fantastic job.

Perfect title. I can't even speculate at this point about how Marichuy will forgive JM as he: "...could establish world peace, save the whole entire environment, and cure every disease...and Marichuy would STILL be furiously angry at him for whatever minor thing it was."

JM exhibited some intellectual growth by correctly assessing what Amador and Vincente would do after they picked up the money. The car chase was well done. Thankfully, Rafa was proactive in getting away, ensuring he'd live to see another day.

Note to Vincente and AJ: There is no honor among thieves. You know Amador, did you really expect he'd share???

So Reinaldo will be part of the storyline filler needed for the next few episodes. He has one quick conversation with Mari that has her bailing on Cande, her parents and everyone else. Nice!

I'm getting a little concerned about the comments everyone is making about the last epioode. I appreciate being warned to "expect the unexpected" however, if Mari and JM don't get together I'm going to have to demand the weeks of my life spent watching this back! :)

Welcome Dodgers Girl. Glad you are here and posted!

Diana in MA

I don't think that was MC and Adrian as children as she lived in the orphanage as a child and was a teenager when Cande found her. It was probably the 'hood kids whom she used to tell stories too.

It's unreal that MC would forgive Rafa for deceiving her, but not her own parents or the woman who raised in, took her in off the streets, Cande!! That is ridiculous.

I don't like Rafa either. He could at least say "hey, JM, thanks for paying the ransom money and getting me away from those kidnappers, much appreciated"...or did he, you know me and my not understanding Spanish very well!

Thanks Julia, great recap.

I realized this morning that I completely left out the scene in which Dr. Iturbe tells Ed that he isn't a match for Edito. So I guess they are stuck trying to get it out of Amador. I can think of two ways:

1. The easy way: Ed and Bea have money and need marrow; Amador has marrow and needs money.

2. The fun way: Ed and JM knock out Amador, take his marrow, pound on him for awhile to leave bruises so it looks like an ordinary assault, and abandon him in a garbage-filled alley, soaked in something gross to attract rodents and insects.

Welcome, DodgersGirl. I don't understand how she can say "no" either...he has me convinced and then some. Does Marichuy need hormone therapy?

What will MC's new job be at the clinic? Nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist? Jobs just fall into her lap. Remember when she became an overnight star on the stage? Who will take care of little JM while she is working? Why or why does he always have a hat on? He is a great baby though. He looked so sweet sleeping in MC's arm. I hope they can find someone other than Amador to be a match. Doesn't Bea have any family?

I don't think Bea has any family. I can't remember the details, but I think that was mentioned way back at the beginning of the show. When she was in the hospital after her suicide attempt, no family came to visit her, and afterward when she was totally down and out she lived with Elsa's parents because she had no other place to go.

Amazing that Reinaldo would offer Marichuy a job 10 after a 10 second acquaintance. I assume the job is to look pretty, since he knows nothing else about her.

Terrific stuff, Julia! Loved it!

DodgerGirl – great to have you join us. Seems like in the past two weeks we’ve been fortunate enough to have new people chiming in, which makes the comments more fun.

Boy, there was a lot of frustrating stuff in this episode. Like, why didn’t Mari go line-by-line with JM about AJ’s lies? She never asked about the supposed woman in the US that AJ said he had, the letter he supposedly wrote, etc.

And I’m with the rest of you on wanting to wring her neck for hurting Cande. If Mari leaves, where is Cande supposed to live?

Why doesn’t Mari put that kid on her hip, for heaven’s sake? She’s always holding him around the middle and he’s going to end up shaped like an hour glass. Plus her arms must be aching. I guess they want to make sure he’s turned towards the camera.

I was thinking about Rafa and his upcoming surgery, which we know will be successful. Since he’s never seen a human being before, will he shriek in horror at the sight of the stunning Mari and Elsa?

Thanks a bunch for the great recap, Julia. I enjoy reading your recaps. They don't disappoint while the storyline and characters do.

I totally agreed with all of your comments and especially yours, Stephe. Marichuy hasn't grown up even though she has been through some problems with lots of it her own doing. I am also tired of her and her attitude.

Lots of the people around here - Cande, Cecilia, Patricio, and the San Roman clan have been there for her. Due to them, her life has changed for mostly good. Marichuy should be thankful for this and more. Cande has bend front and back for her. When MC wanted to leave Mexico City, she went with her. Now here is MC running away again and abandoning Cande.

Also Mc has forgiven others like Amador and Adrian - remember both of these guys tried to force themselves on her. She continue to associate with them. But we know that she will continue to believe AJ until SOMETHING DRASTIC HAPPENS. I will stop talking about this because it is the same thing again.

I did love the scene of Juanito and Cande interacting. Cande was talking to him and he was smiling. They were cute together. I also like where both babies of the show came together for even a little while at the hospital when Beatriz and Eduardo encounter them.

I just want this novela to be over. I have been thinking of taking a break from watching these novelas. I am tired of the same old storylines. I don't know about the next novela.


Maggie, I was thinking the same thing exactly. Why does MC and everyone for that matter hold the baby like that? I never held my baby that way, did you? She was holding him like a little doll when she greeted Purdita and Adrian in the park. I felt bad for the poor kid. He was almost crushed when they were hugging. He sure has been roughed up a bit on this show and put up with people screaming and fighting (remember when Stephie stabbed Ceci and pushed MC down with little JM in her arms)?

It amazes me that MC would believe AJ over the likes of her parents and especially Cande whom she has known for years and has been all about goodness and kindness toward her. Fool!

Genevieve, your comment about similar story lines got me thinking. Last weekend, we watched Shakespeare in Love and I thought yadda yadda yadda I’ve seen similar love stories sooo many times. Why did everyone get so excited and give it a bunch of Oscars? And then I realized where I’d seen the story line over and over was in the novelas.

So maybe people just love a story of true love between a rich person and a poor person thwarted by evil people and then triumphing. And maybe English-speaking TV viewers would love a telenovela-style show if one was offered to them. I was disappointed that Ugly Betty wasn’t made in that format, though I love the show.

Thanks for the recap Julia. Your wit and humor were spot on as usual.

Welcome DodgersGirl. Most of us are vexed with Mari's continuous bad attitude toward JM. While he's not perfect, he doesn't deserve the torment she's put him (and us) through.

ITA with you Diana regarding the grand finale. If MC & JM don't get together, I'll be quite mad. I also hope they don't wait until 8:55 on next Monday to get them together either. We viewers should be rewarded.

Maggie, after WB and UPN merged into CW, the other leftover channel became something whose name I can't remember, and for awhile they tried doing telenovela-style shows in English. It didn't catch on, but I think that's partly because they didn't promote it at all. I saw an episode of one of them and it wasn't too bad.

Great and funny recap Julia!! I especially loved the suggestions you gave for the easy ways to get marrow from Amador!

This show!! AHHHHHH!! So frustrating. I completely feel your worry about the "Gran Final" Diana in Ma. We have spent months and months waiting for these two to get together and they certainly seem like they are going to wait until the last minute. I mean, come on writers, the audience wants a little more from such a lengthy novella and long awaited reunion. I can't believe that they have introduced Dr. Reinaldo with just two weeks to go; and also, they are not going to have an episode this Friday....frustrating!!!

Hey, what's with the Detective asking Juan Miguel what to do when the ransom scene went down? Chuckle Chuckle Also, when is Marichuy going to notice the big rock around JM's neck? :)

The romance building between Rafael and Elsa is sweet!

Another newby! Welcome Dodgers Girl. ITA about our "had me at hello" guy Juan Miguel!

Anyway, great to read everyone's comments and I'm still hanging in there hoping for a 180 in this novela.
P.S. Does anyone know what the phrase "sale y vale" means. I have heard it in past episodes.

"Sale y vale?" means something like "okay? Agreed?"

Thanks Julia!!!


Thanks, violet. The flashbacks were going so fast, I just wasn't sure who the kids were supposed to be.

LOL Don't worry, Diana, you can watch the last episode without worry, I think. Star-crossed lovers ALWAYS get together in novelas, without fail (the unknown factor is HOW it happens). Now, I couldn't say that if we were watching a Korean romance/drama. In those, all bets are off! You might get together happily, or one of you dies, or both of you kick the bucket, etc. It is completely unpredictable, which makes it fun but nerve-wracking. (And the writing is pretty darned good, too)

Julia, put my vote down for #2.

Can anyone explain the "Estados de Mexico"? Is there really such a place?

Oh how I love this telenovela.
Thank you for the recap.
I just started to followed CCEA a month ago.
How JM & MC's make me smiling, angry n sad at the same time.
Unfortunately there is no English subs.


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