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Cuidado Thursday June 25, 2009: Fists fly, words fly, but true love can’t seem to get airborne

Before we get to the heavy lifting, we do a few telenovela stretches by revisiting yesterday’s scenes: At the school for the blind, Rafa tells JM about the letter AJ made up and he finds out from JM that AJ’s supposed fetus is not JM’s. The guide dog has just been returned to the school and JM and Rafa realize Mari was there returning him. The director tells them she said goodbye. Rafa doesn’t want to blab that she’s not going very far away, but urges JM to run talk to her before it’s too late. JM bolts off. Mari tells Dr Iturbe that she’s not going to live near the job he’s offering, but she’ll commute.

At the castle, Rocio tells Daniel that she didn’t beat around the bush with Mari. Vicente gets past Balbina and trots into the living room. He takes a swing at Daniel.

AJ has arrived at the school for the blind and rushes up to JM as he’s trying to get into his car. She wants a kiss, mi amor. He wrinkles his nose, and gets into his car. She plants herself in front of the car, spreads her arms over the hood and says she’s not moving until she gets her kiss. She says go ahead, run me and your future baby over! It doesn’t seem to dawn on JM to back up.

Warmed up? Okay, here we go with the new stuff: Mari tells her folks that Dr. Iturbe is coming to take her to look over the clinic where she’ll be working. The judge grumbles and Mari says he’s nice guy and she’s realizing her dream of becoming a physical therapist. The judge says he wonders what the guy is really up to and Mari says don’t worry, even if he’s interested in her, she never wants to mess with love again.

Daniel has scored a knockout! Vicente lies on the floor with the customary single trickle of blood coming from this lip (defying gravity – it drips chinward, but he is lying on his side on the floor). Rocio flees to his side and tsks at Daniel.

JM gets out of his car, takes AJ by the wrists and tells her she’s nuts and to leave him the hell alone. She falls to the ground and says he’s killed their child. JM drives off. AJ figures he’s going to see Mari and she runs off to put a stop to it.

Now Vicente has a trickle of blood flowing the correct way. Rocio is waving smelling salts or something under his nose and he wakes up. He says he’s glad he fought for her. Daniel gets pissed off. Vicente tells Rocio he doesn’t want to die alone. Rocio says she understands, but now her life is with someone who knows how to treasure her, someone she loves.

A guy who would hit a dying man, says Vicente, forgetting he threw the first punch. Daniel says nobody is really believing this “dying” story, plus maybe the police haven’t caught up with you yet, but it’s obvious you had something to do with Rafa’s kidnapping. Rocio says it’s true, and she’s sad to think about him in jail.

Mari is telling Juanito to behave while she’s gone while her folks and Cande look on. She promises them she’ll call when she gets there. The judge says if anything happens, she can call him and he’ll come get her. You’d think she was setting off into darkest Africa. She gives them all hugs.

Mari lets herself out the Velarde gates and there’s JM. She looks exasperated. He tells her that everything AJ said was lies. AJ walks up and says like what? Like about our child? Don’t listen to him Mari – he’s messing with you like he messed with me.

Ed and Bea are visiting Purita and Adrian. They tell them how nobody is a match for bone marrow and Amador won’t even take the tests. They say they have to wait, and Purita says miracles do happen.

Mari tells both AJ and JM to get lost. AJ protests, but Mari says if you got yourself pregnant by him, it’s your problem. Both of you leave me alone.

Elsa and Rafa meet up somewhere on a city street. He tells her he’s going to have the operation in a few days. Elsa says she’s worried he’ll think she’s ugly. He says he can’t, he will always see her beautiful soul, and he tells her how grateful he is that she came into his life, and what a dear friend she is.

Mari is still telling them both to git, and Dr Iturbe shows up to get her. JM wants to know who that is. Mari says none of your business. JM grabs her by the arm and tells her she’s not leaving with any guy, he wants to straighten things out with her. Mari says who do you think you are telling me what to do! AJ is loving this part. JM says I’m the man who loves you, the father of your child, your one-time husband.

Dr Iturbe tries to interrupt and JM grabs him by the lapels and roughs him around a little. Dr I’s shirt gets pulled out and we get to see a bit of his stomach and it doesn’t look like he’s been working out. Mari tries to pull JM off, while yelling at him. AJ is laughing and hooting and hollering. Suddenly she bends over in pain and says Ay!

JM tells Dr Iturbe to stay out of his affairs. Dr I. puffs his chest. JM turns to Mari and says don’t forget we are a family, don’t forget our love. AJ hollers over that he’s wasting his time and making a fool of himself appealing to Mari. He tells her to shut up, that she’s the pathetic one here, lying, making up stories to hurt innocent people.

Mari says you’re both pathetic and she goes to leave with Dr Iturbe. JM grabs him by the lapels again and is almost tearing his coat off. AJ (who still hasn’t straightened up) tries to grab onto Mari.

All this commotion has flushed the Velardes out of their mansion. The judge separates JM and Dr I., and AJ tries to comment, but Ceci tells her to stay out of their business. Mari has her arms crossed and looks furious. The judge tells JM to come in, let’s talk. Mari tells him, for one and for all, stay out of my life. She walks off with Dr I., and AJ wants to glom onto her, but falls down holding her stomach.

The Velardes and JM go in and close the gate. AJ, prostrate on the driveway outside, wails for their benefit that they all want to make her look bad, that she has no one to defend her. After they’re out of earshot she turns off the dramatics and swears vengeance on all of them.

Inside, Ceci and Pat tell JM not to despair. Anyway, Mari will be back tonight, she’s just going to the clinic where she’s going to work. JM says I thought she was leaving town. He says he’s all crazy jealous.

Dr Iturbe is driving Mari across the countryside in a cool 50s sedan. We visit the clinic or whatever it is. It’s a lovely big room with lots of windows and a bunch of little kids are playing. They spot Mari and run over for a group hug. She tells Dr I. that she knows them (or did she mean kids like them?) from the orphanage.

They run, they play, she supervises. They all look perfectly healthy. Later, she moves one child’s leg for her while the others watch. They all adore her, natch.

Onelia tells Rocio and Daniel that JM has gone into seclusion and won’t come out. Rocio wonders if Mari really does love him. Daniel says And he’s been nothing but good to her.

JM is languishing in his room. He says at least he has his memories. He flashes back on their trip around Mexico City when he was in his Dr Cisneros phase. He says he’s not ashamed that he’s crying, it shows how much he loves her. You don’t need a yardstick to measure love, you need a big measuring cup. He flashes back on her harsh words at the front gate. He says that his life is in chaos – he just can’t understand why she won’t love him back.

Musica triste say the captions.

We’re back at the Velardes’ – Dr I. has brought Mari home. She apologizes for the scene this morning (just now she gets around to it?) and he says don’t worry, it wasn’t her fault. Mari says she knows the way now, so she can get there on her own. Dr I. says I’ll drive you every day. Mari says no, she can take her bike, the bus. But he insists because, he tells her, she’s something special, and she’s changing his life too. He leaves and some violins gush.

A regular doctor magnet is our Mari. She thinks about his saying she was special and that she was changing his life.

Wow – major helicopter shot of Casa Velarde’s neighborhood and then the Casa itself. Why haven’t we seen that before? Anyway, we’re inside with the inhabitants, who apparently are having their morning juice. They urge Mari to have breakfast, but she says she’ll be eating with the kids. The judge fusses again and says he doesn’t like her going away so far every day. She says it’s not far – she’ll take him one day.

Of course it goes much deeper than this. Mari is breaking a serious telenovela rule, namely she is actually going somewhere to work all day. Mari says it’s wonderful for her, she feels fulfilled, useful. It’s important to give a lot of love to the kids.

Pretty words, says the judge, but I don’t like it. I don’t want you to keep going. (We have to admire about Stef that she had the daughter of rich folks role down pat – she was great at lying on a lawn chair, sipping lemonade and ordering people about. Mari is obviously falling short in the judge’s eyes.)

Ed, Bea, Purita, Adrian again. Oh, and Edito too. Ed and Bea again say there is no donor, and they says Edito is still doing well, thanks to the loving care Purita and Adrian gave him.

The judge tells Mari it’s just too dangerous for her to go to the clinic and he forbids it. Dangerous? Is he afraid she’ll get her shins kicked by the kids? Is he afraid Dr Iturbe’s classic car will break down in a field and they’ll be pecked to death by chickens? Mari says I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep going.

The judge grabs his chest and collapses on the couch. He’s out cold. Just then Dr I. comes in to save the day. He tells Mari to run for his black bag in the car. She tells herself she will never forgive herself if something happens to him.

Musica de suspenso say the captions.

She’s back with the black bag. Dr I roots around in it and finds a syringe which he stabs into the judge’s arm. Was it maybe a tetanus shot? Whatever, it works, and the judge wakes up and looks wide-eyed and says what happened?

Mari says it’s my fault. If you don’t want me to go to the clinic, I won’t. Dr Iturbe looks bummed.

At the castle, Onelia tells Rocio she’s worried because JM’s in his room and won’t answer when she knocks. Rocio says he must be okay, then she says what would we do without him if something happened? He’s our rock.

Dr Iturbe tells Ceci that she has to get the judge in to his heart doctor for some studies. Apparently, the ER is out of the question. Ceci is so grateful he was there at the right moment.

Dr Iturbe says he’s leaving, and says he heard her saying she wouldn’t be coming back to work. He understands, she has to do what’s the best for herself and her family. Mari tells him to tell the kids that she will remember them every day but she can’t be the one giving them therapy right now. Dr Iturbe says I think your family will be needing you for quite a while.

The judge says wait. I didn’t know those kids needed you so much. If you want to, you can go. I just had a little woozy spell. Your work takes some getting used to for me, but I’m getting there. You need to follow your dreams.

Tender music, lots of kisses, and Mari leaves with Dr. Iturbe. The judge says to Ceci I guess our daughter isn’t a child anymore. Of course, he never knew her when she was a child, but we understand the sentiment.

Rocio goes to JM’s room, but he’s not there. Where could he be?

He hasn’t thrown himself from the window, because he’s at the clinic checking a young woman’s eyes. Suddenly Mari’s eye appears in his fevered imagination. Marichuy? he says and the patient says huh? You’re confusing me with Marichuy who was studying PT. JM says no, Alma, I know it’s you. He goes on to tell Alma about her upcoming operation. She leaves and he says I can’t keep on like this, I’ve got to get over it.

Mari gets into the car with Dr Iturbe and thanks him for saving her father. He hands her a rose he had, all ready, in the car. She says what’s this? He thanks her for being so wonderful, and so beautiful, and for staying by his side. Mari looks uncomfortable. Since she never watches TV or reads anything, she probably doesn’t know the term “sexual harassment” but obviously she knows the feeling.

He tells her that he won’t ever forget that moment just now – that she decided to stay with him. She says actually her decision was to stick with the kids. Shouldn’t we be on our way now? Of course, says Dr. I, not starting the engine. It just seems that when you’re around I lose track of time.

JM sees another patient at the Institute for the Blind. He tells himself that this is the best therapy for him. Rocio comes to see him, gives him a hug and reproaches him for disappearing. He says he left early and he didn’t want to burden everyone with all his troubles. Rocio says that’s what sisters are for.

JM says these patients need me so that gives me purpose, but as for life, I don’t care any more. Rocio says life goes on, maybe Mari doesn’t, but you have two wonderful children you need you.

We see Dr Iturbe’s car driving along a country road. Next, Mari is at the clinic, doing arm exercises with the kids, the point of which is obscure. Still, they’re having fun and Dr Iturbe is observing, standing the doorway in his beige suit doing the arm movements too, looking besotted and pretty dorky.

Later, in the courtyard, he’s stopped by Liliana, who seems to be an assistant. She tells him his patients are getting anxious – where has he been? He says watching Mari with the kids, but he’ll get to his patients now. Oh, and if Mari needs anything you take care of it, okay? Has Dr Iturbe unwittingly stomped on Liliana’s tender hopes?

He says to himself that he has to win out – she’s a wonderful woman and he’s in love with her. Somehow he manages to look nerdy delivering this impassioned speech. Loser. He doesn’t stand a chance, and it’s not the small panza issue, it’s that what we see (and he doesn’t) like a train bearing down on him, is we have only a week to go.

Mari leads the kids in games.

AJ’s apartment. Somebody’s at the door and she primps in the huge mirror before answering. Amador comes in and grabs her by the chin. She tells him to get lost. He says I need your help and you’re going to give it. Who’s going to make me? says AJ. She pushes at him and he gets rough, saying you know I don’t like it when you reject me. He says his plan is to kidnap Marichuy. Suddenly AJ is all melting happiness. They could kill her! she says.

Amador says something like it’s the two of us and AJ says she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He says you don’t get it, I’m giving orders – you and I are leaving now to kidnap Mari.

Mari is having lunch with the kids who are perfectly behaved and in awe of her fabulousness. Dr Iturbe comes in with a plate to join them and of course he stations himself by Mari. The kids chant Beso Beso Beso.

JM is at Ed’s office, despairing. He says he can’t shake this depression, he’s just a nut case. How to get over it? When a world-famous psyhiatrist starts unraveling, naturally he turns to a gynecologist. Ed says it’s a matter of will.

JM says where is this clinic? Ed says I just know it’s in the State of Mexico, that’s all. JM despairs some more. He can’t stand that Mari’s with Dr. Iturbe.

The kids file out and Mari comments on how well behaved they are and what good work Dr I. does here. Mari says her life is so chaotic right now, but she feels important at the clinic (maybe because the doctor is more focused on her than on his patients) and when she goes home, she kisses her son, so that keeps her centered.

Dr Iturbe tells Mari he’s worried about JM, that he’s desperate and will stop at nothing to get to her and talk to her. Mari assures him that JM doesn’t know where she works, and she won’t talk to him anyway. Dr I. says I know about JM, his spectacular achievements and also troubled person life. I’m worried he’ll come. Mari says I wasn’t born just to be with him, and besides I don’t want to even hear his name, I’m so sick of him.

Amador has AJ by the neck and head and is trying to drag her out the door while she struggles and protests. She pulls away, hits the door and falls to the floor unconscious.

Golpe, say the captions.

Rocio reports to Onelia about her visit with JM and how he’s so depressed. Onelia is very worried too.

JM is in Ed’s office coming unglued. They’ve sent for Israel who is supposed to find out about the clinic. Israel shows up and says it’s not registered anywhere – maybe Dr. Iturbe is doing good deeds anonymously. Though of course, we would say unlicensed. And what about permits? JM blathers about how Dr I. is winning Mari over and he’s going to lose her. Israel says this is all happening in your imagination. JM raves some more.

Amador is starting to get worried about AJ, who’s not coming to. He rolls her over and there’s a gash on her forehead.

Musica de suspenso say the captions.

No avances, just the same flashes of the ending that we’ve been seeing for a number of nights now. So in place of avances, here’s a pop quiz! Who are these characters from Cuidado?



Another clever title, a great opener image of warm-up stretches before the heavy lifting and yikes, a pop quiz at the end. I'd flunk the pop quiz but must say your recap IQ is awesome, Miss Maggie. And if this were the SAT's I'd give you 800 on the written part.

Thanks amiga, fun read. I'll be tuning in when it's the last day!

Thanks for the recap Maggie. Also thanks Gloria for yours yesterday.

Maggie you've completely stumped me on this quiz. Your title says it all.

So is AJ knocked out or in a coma? She has to wake up because a bump on the head isn't enough punishment for her!

Perfect title, Maggie. LOL! And the snark! Gravity defying blood and all, a most excellent recap. I too would flunk the quiz, and I'm not sure why... :( Ooh, maybe because I didn't watch La Fea? Anyways, you really had me busting a gut with all of your "say the captions" shots. Hilarious.

And the Bestest Scene of The Week award goes to... *drumroll* Cockroach AJ left on the ground while everyone just walked the heck away. ROFL! I guess ol' AJ didn't get the memo--possible miscarriage pains are NOT induced by people in your vicinity arguing with each other, honey.

MC realizing her dream of becoming a physical therapist? You have to go to school for that, or at least have a DIY large print textbook at home.

Gah. Vince has been bloodied every single day, hasn't he? lol

It shames me tremendously that I enjoyed every minute of JM's roughing up of Dr. Stupid. JuanMi was on him like lint on a cheap suit. Heheheh. Dr I’s shirt gets pulled out and we get to see a bit of his stomach and it doesn’t look like he’s been working out. LOL, oh Maggie, my stomach is seizing up from the laughter.

I'm not too worried about Edito. There is no way they're not going to save the poor little guy, though it might be in the last five minutes of the show or something, if we're unlucky.

C'mon, JM. Soldier up, dude! Forget MC until the last episode, and you'll be fine.

Why can't the plot turn to where something horrible happens to JM, and her love for him force MC to go flying to his side for once? That would be pretty cool at this stage of the game, instead of everybody wanting to kill, kidnap, possess, obsess over, or wring the neck of MC every waking hour.

Maggie, those are some interesting observations you made about Dr. Stupid. Wouldn't it be a hoot if he turned out to be some psycho??

I should be excited that AJ is gashed and down. But I fully expect the writers to eff that up.

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

Thanks for the recap Maggie.

My local station says that Cuidado is on tonight. Somebody said that Univision has the new show on at 7pm on twice. I wonder which one it is? Oh well, I guess we'll find out tonight.

My DVR schedule says Cuidado is on tonight too, Sally. There is no telling. I'm just going to make sure I check at 8.

Great recap, Maggie.

Does MC know that a PT degree takes 6 years? At least here, it is a master's program. She is now, poof, a physical therapist? This is so silly! I don't understand what this clinic is all about. These kids are walking and running and sure don't look to be in need of physical therapy!

Oh, Patricio, every time you don't get your way, you clutch your chest and have an attack. Then magically, with some smelling salts under the nose, you snap out of it. Don't you have any nitroglycerin handy??

Did anyone else think Rocio looked like a 1920's flapper, that dress, those beads, that headband? I was waiting for her to break out into the Charleston!

I wonder if AJ really is pregnant. Has this been established medically yet? Is Vicente really deathly ill?

I didn't know anybody on your quiz, Maggie!

I think Pedro was the husband of the woman who found Juanito on the stairs when MC fell. And I also think that Lety was his wife?

I'm stumped on the characters names and I've been watching CCEA since the beginning! I hope AJ's injury doesn't require another 30 episodes of a hospital stay. Remember Rocio's face surgery? Hey, what ever happened to that doctor she had a crush on at the hospital? The cutest part of this episode was watching Maite and the kids play together. Obviously, the kids were more than excited to get to play w/ their favorite (ex) RBD star! I hope Bea's kid gets a match soon. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Novelaland stops the aging process. Little JM still looks like an 8 month old even though by know he's at least 2.5 or 3. Bea's kid looks older than JM Jr and he was born months later! Those were some fierce heels MC was wearing when she ran out to the car for Dr. I's bag! She just got her sight back not even a week ago and she can already run in 4 inch heels without tripping! Like a true pro! Thanks for the recap, I'm going to def. watch the finale.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I also think it would be an interesting plot if JM was hurt instead of MC all the time. then MC tan linda can save the day. one thing that irks me is the constant MC is so linda, so hermosa, she is but zzz i get tired of hearing it. use other pronouns please. give her a pt job so easy. unreal

Way to go, Maggie, with a terrific recap. Thanks for lighten up my morning.

I, too, enjoyed the scene where AJ get knock out while struggling with Amador. I wish she stayed down and out for good. However, this is not going to happened.

Why did Amador wanted to kidnapped Marichuy? I thought AJ was the one who wanted to kidnapped Marichuy, but Amador said No. What is going on? Now that AJ is knock out, is Marichuy going to be kidnapped or not?

I wonder what is going to happened tonight.


Amador most likely wants to kidnap Marichuy for the ransom money Patricio and/or JM would pay.

1953 chevy 2 door post [sedan]

Great title, great recap. I especially loved your analysis of the potential dangers at the clinic. And, yeah, those kids looked perfectly healthy, so I guess it doesn't matter that Marichuy can't possibly know physical therapy.

Okay, here's my attempt at the quiz:

Nacho is one of the workers at Omar's hacienda. He's kind of a spaz.

Lety is Viv's friend in Madrid. She was sick and Viv was giving her overdoses of her medicine, trying to kill her.

Pedro is the guy who lived with the woman who found JMito in the stairwell.

I don't remember the others.

Wait, I remember another one! Esther is JM and Ed's secretary.

Violet, I loved Rocio's flapper outfit. It was cute. I've always wanted a flapper outfit myself, though I might not wear it as everyday clothing.

Julia, you are awesome, and Sally, points to you, too. I would maybe have remembered 2 of them, and one of those is Goomer, the Velarde’s white cat who somehow disappeared. The name Goomer cracked me up, so it stuck in my brain.

I keep a character list because I’m always forgetting names, and last night was looking at it, amazed that so many characters have been in the show. I just counted, and I have 68 on my list. So here goes:

Goomer – the Valerde’s white cat
Nacho – The enthusiastic helper at the hacienda
Lety – Viv’s friend in Spain
Filipin – one of Lety’s 2 boys
Kiko – The street punk who assaulted Purita
Esther – JM’s secretary
Pedro – the husband of Fermina the bag lady who rescued/swiped Juanito

Only 68 characters? I could swear we've had at least 52 doctors...

LOL, Julia!

Gosh, Maggie, that was a smart thing to do--keep a list. I should have done that!

Violet and Anon 11:05--such great snarky comments. You crack me up. :)

In my mind, AJ and Vince are both faking. I don't recall either one of them taking any home or hospital tests or seeing a doctor even once to maintanance their "conditions." And AJ pays her stomach absolutely no mind at all unless somebody's in the room with her. And she's always hurling herself on the ground--a stupid move indeed for any villainess carrying a baby that would tie her to the hero forev-vah. I could be wrong (considering who we're dealing with-- Televisa), but I'm just not buying what either one of these two yoyos are selling.

Oh, man. I was so fixated on the Velarde deer that I totally forgot about the cat. :/

MC is almost as crazy as AnaJulia.
After my lover, ex-husband became a surgeon. To come back and heal her from a brain tumor and restore me from blindness. I would care what he called himself, especially since her father created Pablo Cisneros.
OMG standing there so teary eyed
I'd be mad at every one at casa Vevalde later.
Then for JM to be so loco in love with her he fights another man for her affections.
Damn must be the old romantic in me.

We(my husband and I) would still love to be technical advisors for Televisia/EsMas

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