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Cuidado 30 June. We cut to the chase.

Repeats: We go waaaay back to Rafael just getting his bandages off and realizing he can see. Then we skip to Vicente and Ana Julia stalking Amador stalking Marichuy outside the Velarde gates. Inside, Marichuy says goodbye to her parents. Over at the hospital, Juan Miguel asks Reinaldo what his intentions are (“the best,” of course). And around and around we go, revisiting Monday’s entire episode Cliffs Notes style until we’re caught up again. The best part was Reinaldo telling JM to be a good loser and JM smirking at him and rushing off to Marichuy’s aid.

So here we are (still with a bunch of interspersed repeats): Juan Miguel is at the clinic, wearing scrubs because this totally normal-looking professional clinic apparently doesn’t have its own doctors, telling the Velardes and Onelia that Vicente is dying and nothing can be done.

In another corridor, Rocío paces anxiously while Daniel tries to look sad. He tells her she doesn’t have to see Vicente if she doesn’t want to, but she says of course she wants to; she wouldn’t deny them the closure.

Detective Cimarro tells Vicente that he’ll be sure Amador and AJ are punished. Vicente gaspingly confesses to him that the three of them kidnapped Rafael. Cimarro is ragingly angry and Vicente pleads for forgiveness.

Amador packs his suitcase and tells his dear auntie he’s got to take off forever; the police are after him and it’s best that she doesn’t know just exactly what kind of rat bastard fink he is.

Rocío and Vicente both cry a lot and he says now she can be happy and she says but at what cost? and then tries to reassure him that he’s had a full and happy life and achieved his dreams, so it isn’t so bad. Vicente asks her to forgive him, and Rocío can afford to be generous now that he can’t harass her anymore, so she forgives him and even throws in a bonus about her not loving him enough and him deserving better, because why not chalk up a few turn-the-other-cheek points?

Juan Miguel is now in ordinary clothes as Marichuy thanks him for coming and he says he loves her unconditionally and would do anything for her. Then, WITNESS THE MAJOR CHARACTER GROWTH: Marichuy says she’s been totally blind, and she’s not talking about her eyes, and has treated him horribly while he’s always been there for her and done so much to help her, and she is totally ashamed and although she really loves him, she doesn’t think she deserves him. And there you have it: months of utterly stupid plot resolved by Marichuy finally acting the least bit reasonable. They hug.

Rocío holds Vicente’s hand and he dies. She is overcome with grief and has intense black-and-white memories of their courtship and marriage, back in the happy days before Vicente went out with his Spanish artiste friends for a midnight personality transplant.

Marichuy thanks Juan Miguel for being so gracious and everything and they decide to be together and in love for ever ‘n’ ever and kiss a lot passionately.

Auntie Mimi has apparently tipped off Cimarro, and he’s at the airport with some other agents waiting for Amador. Amador walks up to the counter and asks, “when is the next flight to…” “jail,” Cimarro finishes. He tells Amador not to worry about missing it; his seat is reserved. Amador does not look happy.

Marichuy and JM meet again up on the angel statue and she reminds him that they had agreed to meet there for a prayer of thanks if she regained her sight. She again asks forgiveness for the many ways in which she has hurt him, and pigs soar by overhead as he responds by kissing her some more, and some more after that.

Patricio has finally decided to step up security at the estate, and gives Dora instructions that Beto is not to let Amador in for any reason. Okay, a poll: how many would leave the safety of your families in the hands of Beto? Also, what about AJ? Ceci worries about everything but is glad JM and Marichuy are finally happy.

Indeed they are happy. They are still on the angel tower smooching and swearing their eternal love and Marichuy is still apologizing for how ridiculous she’s been for no other reason than to lazily extend the plot for months.

Amador manages to get away by holding a pen or knife or something to a girl’s throat, taking her hostage as far as the parking lot, then executing a quick carjacking and taking off with Mexico City’s finest in hot pursuit. He laughs and mutters taunts as he speeds away. They call in more forces, and Amador delights in how important he must be as he sees the number of squad cars following him.

Back up on the tower, Marichuy asks Juan Miguel to marry her. He laughs at her formality, but of course says yes.

Mexico City police apparently lack spike strips and hesitate to use their machine guns to shoot tires, because they’re still chasing Amador all over tarnation.

Juan Miguel and Marichuy take a lovey-dovey gropey walk around Marichuy’s old barrio. The bystanders gawk at them rather obviously. They dance in the street to an accordion, then join in some sort of dance with natives in feathered headdresses.

The police chase Amador some more.

JM and Marichuy eat tacos.

The police have finally managed to get a road blocked off and trap Amador. He is handcuffed while Cimarro yells at him. Cimarro grins maniacally while Amador is shoved into a car.

JM and Marichuy go to a café for crepes and chocolate. The café owner is apparently a dear friend of Marichuy’s, although we’ve never seen him before, and they chat with him and insist that he must come to their wedding. They say it’s next week. They smooch some more.

Marichuy and Juan Miguel lead Candelaria blindfolded into a nice room and help her to sit down. Marichuy tells her that she can’t live with them anymore, and so they’ve brought her to a retirement home. Cande is horrified and wails that she never thought they’d do this to her. She says she’ll stay in her room and be quiet all the time, but she just wants to live with the family and not in some horrid institution. JM is trying really hard not to laugh out loud the whole time. Finally Marichuy has mercy and takes off the blindfold and says it’s not a nursing home, they’ve gotten Cande a nice home of her very own. She’s delighted.

A nurse tells Rafa he can leave the hospital. Marichuy turns up to visit and he immediately knows it’s her, even before she speaks. They hug muchly.


mostly all of us has been waiting for marichuy to realize how bad shes treated juan miguel.i saw this since day 1.:) im glad she apoligizes hes been nothin but a generous guy to guys do great recaps awesome recap julia

Great, funny stuff, Julia! Personality transplant – good one! And I’m sorry, Vicente’s deathbed scene was so hokey I laughed through that too, including Det Cimarro’s bug-eyed look when Vicente told him about the kidnapping.

But I don’t think Mari needs to apologize. She’s been lied to all the way through this show. Remember after she was shot and blinded that JM snuck around her hospital bedside for weeks, silently holding her hand, but making sure she didn’t know he was there, resulting in her feeling neglected and abandoned, plus she thought he was busy marrying Blanca at the time who, don’t forget, he proposed to. And that then he went off to the U.S. without telling her where he went or why. And that Mari was fed a bunch of lies by AJ about what he was doing while he was there. Etc.

I thought sure Amador was going to get in a car wreck. Well, we still have AJ’s fate to go.

I didn’t like Cande’s fate, though. She going to get lonesome, no matter how nice the little house is.

Hi Miss Julia. I had a night off last night and so I could watch Cuidado last night while using the "ferminator"(something like that) to try and groom our cat. Anyway, what a STRANGE episode.

First the rehash was almost a whole half hour (another way to extend this). Then the long flowerey revenge speech by Cimarro while driving a gazillion miles per hour in the car chase (it was a wonder HE didn't crash); the overwrought farewell scene between Vicente and Rocio,complete with swelling music (and where the heck were his parents!? did anyone inform them?) and ugh ugh ugh...that mean tease of Candelaria...making her think she was being abandoned in a nursing home and OF COURSE that neutral,sterile decor-decor place isn't going to please her. She'd rather live with them (much rather) or be back in her own home in the barrio where she knows her neighbors and has a social life.

Oh well. Love the way you write. Haven't heard the word "tarnation" in decades. Great. And "personality transplant". Another delight. Thanks Miss Julia.

Thanks Julia

This episode contained a heavy commercial for Mexican culture. Not only is the statue of freedom featured again, but the dopey-gropey skipping around MC's old barrio featured El Zocalo, the main market place of central Mexico City, and the native feathered dancers were depicting the ancient Aztecs on whose land the city was founded. Anywhere that Mexican culture is spotlighted, you'll find Aztec dancers, particularly on December 12, el dia de la virgen de Guadalupe when the Zocalo and bascilica of la virgen are teeming with Mexican culture.

Can't wait to see Julia die. Could any sane person wish her to live??

Dona Gringuita

What an odd episode--I kept fast forwarding through all that rehash and couldn't believe how long it was--all so they can schedule the finale on Monday?

Anyway, for the first time in maybe ever I actually thought Marichuy and Juan Miguel had some chemistry. I enjoyed their montage scenes.

ITA with you Maggie regarding MC not having to apologize. It's true it wasn't JM's fault that MC was told all those lies by AJ, but I think that MC was lied to alot and he should have been more honest and forthcoming about being with her in the hospital, going away to learn eye surgery and not posing as Dr. C.

Oh well, what's done is done. Let's just enjoy the happiness of this couple.

Thanks for the great recap, Julia.

In this episode, I just loved the scenes with JM and Marichuy together finally enjoying each other. I enjoyed seeing JM finally smiling and laughing. This is nice to see after some many months of tears and heartaches. He looked so cute when he smiles and is teasing Marichuy and Cande. I just loved the scene where they had Cande and showed her the nice place they get her. JM was cracking up and all. I just loved it.

I felt sorry for Vicente, but this is what he gets for helping Ana Julia. She definitely needs to die. She did too many bad things.

We will see what happens tonight. Can someone tell me what the new shows that is replacing this starting next Tuesday is all about. I know it called, "En Nombre Del Amor." I tried to look it up, but it just doesn't say much. I am not really into yet. I wonder if it is worth it or not.

This was a weird episode. So much rehash, some overwrought hospital scenes, and then at the end out of nowhere they stick Cande in some place by herself? Qué the heck?

I did like seeing JM and Marichuy happy, though, and I loved when she proposed to him. I do think that she needed to apologize. She's been wronged in many ways, but she also has hurt JM right back, starting when she took off and didn't even tell him about the baby. And then later she told him their baby had died...etc. She's not quite the blameless victim she tried for so long to pretend to be.

I never would have thought my last recap of the show would be so short. I probably could have finished by 9:05 if my mother hadn't called in the middle. Strange that they spent SOOOO much time on Amador's attempted escape.

Detective Cimarro is a bit high- strung, no? I couldn't make up my mind if the actor was purposely hamming it up 'cause he thought this novela was a joke or what. And boo hiss on MC and JM for playing such a mean joke on Cande. Not funny and they're still putting her out to pasture, luxury or not. She needs a roommate. Dare I suggest Beto? Just kiddin', Cande.

My favorite part was MC's proposal when she called JM by all of his names "Juan Miguel San Roman" and he creacked up laughing at that. Very natural and sweet.


Thanks for the great recap, also thanks anonymous 8:46 for letting me know when the Christina show is coming on. I don't want to miss that! I have noticed that each time William Levy is interviewed he laughs so much. He seems like a very fun person.

Thanks for the recap Julia. It was your last and a very odd episode. It was confusing how they had rehashed scenes and then new ones back to back. And how long they took with the car chase was completely filler. Also ITA with you regarding MC's necessary growth and apology.

For all the the lame writing, I am glad the writers seem to be rewarding us for sticking with this and having JM and MC be together for more than 5 minutes.

When JM and MC were strolling through the old neighborhood, I think it would've been nice to have them meet old friends like Olga, Purita and Adrian, and Padre to share the news of them being together again. I never saw this guy from the cafe before. Those were some heels MC was wearing. Bet she wished she had those old flip-flops on. Remember when those were the only pair of shoes she had and all she wore were her little midriff shirts? Now she is styling! Wonder what her wedding gown will look like, will she wear the old one with the daisies in her hair? We'll see, I hope. I hope we get to see Stefi and Isa again before the show ends. I commented in yesterday's blog that I saw JM, MC, Oneilia, and Stef will be on the Cristina show. Should be good. I also saw she will be in a new show and her name will be Lucretia I think. I saw a picture of her from that show and her hair is lighter and she looks kind of hippie-ish. Also, Marissa from Tontas is on the show also. Does anyone know if it will be on Univision or Telemundo. Those are the only Spanish channels I get. Thanks.

Genevieve, we posted a summary of the new show--scroll down, and you'll find it.

I agree Violet that they should have expanded the scene with JM and Marichuy in the City. That would have been so sweet. I also agree and wish that they would have shown a little bit more of their actual realization of the truth(s); reconciliation; and sharing with their friends and family. Oh well....happy to see them together again.

Hey, did anybody else laugh at the part when the waiter at the coffee shop walked right in front of the camera and looked right at it also?!!! Oh boy!!

The scene with Rafa and MC was sweet!!

We'll see what happens tonight. As always, thanks for the wonderful recap!

Violet, Mi Pecado (Maite Perroni's new show) probably won't air in the U.S. for quite awhile, since it just started in Mexico. If it airs on Univision, it will probably be after Amor or Gancho ends, since it seems like Sortilegio will follow MEPS in October.

who will take care of amado's wolf? tia walking the wolf would be funny to see.

I'll look forward to Maite's new show sometime then. I was also wondering about the wolf! Who is going to take care of him.

I guess we can assume that Vicente was lying when he said he was dying of some disease. Was that plot ever expanded on, I can't remember! I wish he had been the same old Vicente and Rocio got back with him. I agree, where was his mother?! She was always with him when he was in the hospital for months and months and months!

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