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Capitulo #88 9/29/2010 JM tells Val he wasn’t in it for the money and Al is delusional.

JM demands of Juan to tell him whom Leo went to see. Juan tells him Leo went to see Rosie. JM deducts Leo is in cohort with Rosie against Val.

Val is berating Rosie for not demolishing the school as she ordered him to. Rosie says Don E prevented him from doing it. Val calls him an inept, but it seems Rosie is not taking down all the sh!t that comes from Val’s mouth anymore. Rosie tells her he could be anything but not an inept.

Iva is beyond broke and is in a very pretty bad mood. She killed: la gallina de los huevos de oro” The chicken that lies golden eggs. Or “la pava ya no pone donde ponia” The tutkey doesn’t lay its eggs where it used to. Either way Iva is really pissed and ppor Tere gets in her line of fire. Iva asks Tere where Leo is. Tere tells her Leo is in her bedroon and ordered not to be disturbed. Iva says she never disturbs Leo. One of these days Iva’s two friends are going to pop out and take off running or they are going to die of asphyxia. They are really enduring a lot. Tere got all nervous (maybe because she things if they pop out now they’ll hit her right on the face) because she knows she is the lowest in the totem poll and Iva’s word has more validity than Tere’s on Leo’s eyes. Iva screams at her and treats her like crap. She insults Tere but Tere fight rights back and tells Iva what a bloodsucker she is. Iva orders Tere to shut up and abuse her some more. Iva even kicks the bucket of water and spills it on the floor.

Lumi is at the clinic. She wants to see Flippy but Amparito gives inquires about Crisi and she tells Lumi how Crisi is almost back with Rosie. Lumi doesn’t like the news. Man, that Crisi. I can see she is going to fell for him again.

Rosie is talking to him saying that Val is going to be his in a no too distant future. “sonar no cuesta nada, Rosie” It doesn’t cost anything to dream Rosie”.

The not so Horny anymore and JM are talking. JM is venting about his $ problems. Horny offers him a loan. JM doesn’t want to take, but H asks him whom does he prefer to owe money Val or H? I think we know the answer to that.

Val is screaming at the top of her lungs to Don E for not letting Rosie tear down the school. Don E says he did it for Tizzy. Don E tells Val that he’s aware the school brings Val too many memories of better times. When she was happy with JM. But he doesn’t think the school should be demolished. Val Doesn’t comprehends. Don E says well since your aunt is being very sad due to Fed’s dead and Iva’s abandonment I thought she could do something with the school to distract her. This reasoning seems to get through her tick skull and she acquiesced to no destroy the school.

Lumi is with Flipy to everbody’s relieve. She is not pregnant she is there to asks him if it could be determine if blood can be human or animal. She tells Flippy about her suspicions of Rosie killing Nazzy. Flippy asks her where the shirt is and she says her mother has it. Flippy says they need the shirt to send a sample to send it for analysis in Pachuca.

As Lumi is leaving Flippy’s office; Iva is wrestling Amparito. Iva wants to see Flippy. Amparito tells her she’ll have to wait like everyone else. Flippy comes out to see what the big ruckus is about. When he sees Iva he tells Amparito he’ll see Iva to avoid more noise. Shameless Iva insinuates herself to Flippy and hits him for a loan. . Iva tells him she doesn’t have any money because her mother cut her money supply. She knows the money was coming from Val anyway. She promises him to pay back with interest. Flippy, who is not the gullible a$$ she met in Mexico, couldn’t care less about Iva’s financial situation. Flippy declines the offer. He’s not interested in Iva’s interest rate. Flippy he recommends her to go see his father in law Mo because he is the one who handles the loans at the bank. Iva leaves not too happy.

Val arrives home; JM is waiting for her to pay back the money his mother owes her. Val sees the check and says it is not the same amount she gave his mother. JM is surprised that the amount of money the Montesinos owe La Duena is bigger than what he thought. Val takes this opportunity to abuse JM and accuses him of feigning innocence when he clearly knows the amount she lent them. JM tells her is not truth. She says at least have the courage to accept you got close to me just for my pesos feigning a love you never felt. Seriously, I don’t know why he puts up with her. JM asks her do you truly believe that? Val says yes. JM tells her how wrong she is. He tells her his only intention was to love her in a way no one did before. He tells her he didn’t lie or betrayed her, and he’s still in love with her regardless of what she has done. He’s still in love with her. Please JM forget about her. I’m here and I won’t dump you because a woman says she has your son. Val tries to say something and he cuts her short and asks her to let him finish talking. He wants to get everything out before he explodes. Val bites her lips and is ready to listen to him. JM says it hurts him to have lost her the same it hurt him to lose his dad. But he’s going to get her out of his hart at all cost and not to worry about the money the Montesinos still owe her. JM says hell get the money even if he have to sell the hacienda. He turns to leave and Val runs after him, calls out his name and holds him by the arm. Val tells him she didn’t kill Fed. JM says he never thought she did it. But he’s almost sure Rosie did. To JM’s eyes Val and Rosie are one and the same. JM leaves and Val raises her hand to her nose. Is she smelling her hand? It is the same she touched JM with.

Outside the house Val’s guardian dog is waiting for JM. Rosie tells JM he has no dignity. JM says he had never despised someone as much as he despises Rosie. Rosie they share the same sentiment. JM says to Rosie that one day he’ll pay for all the bad things he has done. Rosie asks JM who’s going to make him pay, JM? JM says there’s nothing I’ll like most.

Don E is on the phone (new phone at LC?) Val barges in and starts barking at him about some checks and some payment. Don E tells her it is understandable since they changed banks accounts. Don E asks her if she is upset because of that or something else? He asks her if it is because Bennie is ill. Val says no Bennie’s illness is under control is because of JM. Don E asks her if they argued again. She says it was something worse than that but I don’t want to talk about it. Don E leaves Val thinks about JM’s words.

Bennie is complaining about people checking up on her too much. Tizzy says is because we don’t want you to fall again. Right on queue Bennie has a dizzy spell and Tizzy orders her to go rest. Val and her still gasping for air two friends come to visit Tizzy. Tizzy is happier than a dog with two tails.

Flippy comes to visit his girlfriend at the hotel. Sandy isn’t there and he leaves a message t o her. In walks Al and they talk about their previous encounter and about Flippy’s jealousy over Sandy. What can I say Al is a scumbag and Flippy is better off no keeping Al’s friendship. Flippy tells Al to get the hell out of dodge because Val is a different person. Al says yes I know she is different person but she hasn’t stopped loving me.

JM arrives home looking for hi mother. JM confronts Leo about the money and how Leo made Val believe he got close to her for her $. He asks her where the rest of the money is. Leo says she opened a bank account to continue living like they deserve. JM demands she returns the money Val. Leo is not having it because she wants to continue living with dignity. JM tells her it is not dignity it is theft. Leo says they need money to support themselves. JM says but not that way. Leo starts begging her son to go back to Mexico. How is that going to change their situation? They are broke regardless, aren’t they? JM tells her he’s not going anywhere. He tells her to leave and leave him the heck in peace. Leo thinking out loud says if she doesn’t convince JM to leave Rosie is going to kill him.

Iva is even nice with Bennie. Bennie leave them alone so they have some mother daughter in peace. Iva is all sugar. Mommy I miss you mommy I love you. Tizzy naively asks Iva if she brought her things back. Tizzy says she’ll talk to Val about forgiving Iva and accepting her to come back. Iva says she can’t come back because they are both in love with the same man. She wants to give it some time Then Iva thinks this is the best moment for her hit Tizzy for money. Luckily Tizzy sees that that’s the only thing Iva wants from her and tells her if she wants money to get a job or to go ask Leo for money. Ivas says as you can see we can’t understand each other. Tizzy says, as you can see no we can’t So Iva leaves slamming the bedroom door.

Gaby and Lumi and helping Bennie to sit; it seems Bennie had another spell. Iva is coming sown the stairs. Bennie asks her why is she is she leaving so soon. Val gives her a look that if looks could kill, Bennie, Gaby and Lumi would be dead. Vals leaves in a hurry and Gaby, very smart this Gaby, deducts that the happy reunion between mother and daughter didn’t end on a happy note.

The phone rings, Lumi answers it and gives someone a heck of a lot of info. When she hangs up Gaby ask who it was. Lumi says he didn’t say but I recognized his voice it was Al inquiring about Iva. And Val. Bennie is wondering why Al is looking for Iva.

Val is riding Altanero. For the first time she is wearing a coat. I always wondered how it is that other people wear warmer clothes while Val and Iva are always flouncing they attributes. Val is thinking about the race and how they end up at the love cabin and unbuttoning JM’s shirt to look at his bullet wound; then the kiss. She ends up at the burned cabin. Meanwhile JM is sitting outside and he’s restless.

Gaby comforts Tizzy. Tizzy is having second thoughts about not giving Iva money. Lumi comes in the room and tells Gaby that Sandy is looking for her. Sweet Lumi offers Tizzy tea. Tizzy says no thank you. Lumi says I’ll make it any way just in case.

Gaby greets Sandy. Sandy is confused about Flippy. Sandy tells her about Flippy being jealous of Al. Sandy thought Flippy was jealous because of Iva, but then Flippy told her about Val and Sandy is really confused. Gaby helps Sandy to dispel her confussion by telling her the story we all know. Sandy is grateful because Gaby is like a sister to Flippy and now to her. Gaby comes clean and tells Sandy how in love she was with flipy but flippy never loved her back. Sandy thanks Gaby for coming clean and it is clear they won’t be bff as Sandy had anticipated but they are cool.

Al goes to visit Iva to the Montesinos. Chuy sees them and hides behind a wall Iva wants him to leave. Al tells Iva he knows the game she is playing. That’s why she called Al to tell him about Val and JM. Iva tells him to leave she doesn’t want ot be seen with her. Ivas berates Al about not only leaving Val at the altar, but also leaving her a the airport.. She starts touching him and then slaps him. Al tells her he knows is not easy to forget him. They start to kiss while Chuy is watching. Poor Chuy is going to be scarred for the rest of his life.


Enshry is shrieking

Al kisses Val by force and JM sees them

There’s someone serenading someone at the Montesino’s. Iva thinks JM is serenading her. Word to the wise Don’t hold your breath on that one Iva.


Sue - Thank you for the recap. You must be feeling better (I hope) because your recap is so funny and snarky. Oh my, I was LOL over your comments about Ivaca's "girls" trying to pop out over the top of that thing she calls a dress. That HAD to be painful. I noticed it, too, and wondered if silicone would explode up at her face.

Loved it when Flippy told Ivaca to go to the bank for a loan, if she needs money.
Loved, loved, loved it when Tizzy suggested to Ivaca that if she needs money, to go get a job. Finally Tizzy wakes up.

"Seriously, I don’t know why he puts up with her." Isn't that the truth. Love is so blind.

" Ivaca and her still gasping for air two friends come to visit Tizzy." Oh gawd,,,, ROFLOL

" Poor Chuy is going to be scarred for the rest of his life." More LOL

Happy dance that Lumi wasn't pregnant, and that wasn't why she wanted to see Dr. Flippy. Like someone said on the previous recap comments, she didn't exhibit the traditional dizziness and nausea.

Looked to me like Val with the Mariachis, serenading JM in the previews, but that cannot be. I'm so tired I don't know if I saw that right. Maybe it was Ivaca serenading JM? I already deleted the recording, so ......

Thanks for the recap, Sue, and I'm glad you're feeling better! It must've been fun recapping Ivana and her two friends' abject panhandling.

OK, as the resident Valentina apologist, I have to point out two signs of progress: she caved on the schoolhouse demolition, and when JM told her to shut up and listen, she actually did! In the previews she's even serenading JM, although of course Ivana will find a way to ruin that.

Thank you, Sue. A great recap.

I think I squeeed aloud when Tizzy told Ivaca to get a job. I *loved* that everyone turned her down for a loan. She is such a ho.

I have to admit that the Val contra JM story is getting tedious. How long can two people "misunderstand" each other? Argh!

It looked to me like Val was doing the serenading as well...and that Gabi was there. I seriously hope they find someone for Gabi. I can't remember who said it, but I like the idea of Toledo and Gabi. I think they are the only two with any sense. I do wonder why Gabi felt the need to come clean with Sandi. I mean, what was the point?

I got the latest issue of TV y Novelas in the mail yesterday and there's an article about the "pleito" between Lucero y Gabi Spanic. I had no idea... Guess I need to read the article.

Thanks, Sue. Yes, Alonslow is delusional..consistently and persistently so. The previews did show Val seemingly serenading JM....ahhhhhhh. Wow..Ivanna has sunk to new depths. Watching her slobbering all over her poor mama just to get a few bucks was horrible. I fear that Bustlebum is unredeemable. And GEE...Ros seems to be trying to impress Val by dressing like her....the vest.

Sue: "happier than a dog with two tails." LOL!! I never heard this one before. I love it!! Quite different from the sad story of the dog with two bones. I hope this recap means that you're feeling better.

Sara asked how long two characters can misunderstand one another. Sara, did you by any chance see Destilando Amor? I think they set a record with that one. There were lengthy, stupid misunderstandings, plus a series of brief stupid misunderstandings.

The first misunderstanding arose from bad luck, but the rest were caused by one or both characters believing blatant lies told to them by known liars. Sound familiar??

Thank you, Sue. I thought I would share my thoughts about the case with everyone. These characters remind me of dogs. What do you think?

Rosendo Bloodhound
Valentina Chihuahua/Pit Bull mix
Gaby Poodle
Benita Dachshund
Jose M. Cocker Spaniel
Leonor Pit Bull
Sabino Bichon Frise shaved

I can't come up with anything for Ivana except a snake and that's outside the canine kingdom.

Thanks for the breakfast recap, Sue. These writers sure lack in creativity. Same old misunderstandings, etc. The recaps are entertaining and witty, so I just watch the show when I'm vacuuming.

It was smart, helpful and honest for Gaby to tell Sandy the whole truth. Gaby is a person of integrity and this will prevent further misunderstandings with Gaby, giving her more credibility with Sandy.

Yeah, finally Isabel is acting like a parent. Never too late. Well, maybe in Ivana's case - it is too way late...

Perfect job for Ivana, town ho, she should start charging for her services.
I was wondering what Ivana was going to do for dinero, then I thought maybe she got a mthly stipend. Ivana definitely does not plan ahead.

Jm- Golden retriever
Ivana - African wild dog

I think that love scene after the race is my favorite. The intense look on JM's face is fantistico.


Thanks for the recap Sue. Glad you are feeling better. Ivana is sure a piece of work. What a hateful heifer. Asking her mom for money. Please...what a loser.

Sue i hope you're feeling much better and thank you for the great recap.

Now we see why Ivanna and Leo get along so well, they both have no shame. Leo borrows a lot more money from Val not only to pay off the mortgage debt but to live in the style she is accustomed too.Ivanna goes to just about everyone hitting them up for a loan. I'm surprised she didn't ask Lumi if she could borrow a couple of pesos.

I agree with Amparo i believe Looney Tunes Cris will go back to Rosendo.

Felipe Mini-Pinscher

Actually hyena is better for Ivana, sorry Barbara Greco.

Lumi - a puppy. Any kind. It takes a lot to get a puppy to stop jumping around and wagging its tail.

Sue, thank you for the very funny recap.

J M - yes, Golden Retreiver. I was thinking Lab but they're too goofy and are always carrying something in their mouths.

In the new opening credits, I think we see a dark curly haired head (Gaby ?) laying on big one on Horacio. Too bad. Hopefully, I'm wrong. I'd prefer her with Toledo or someone new in town.


Thanks so much for your funny recap Sue.

Thank God! Lumi's not pregnant. What a relief. Also glad to see someone thinking in this novela.

I completely agree with you Variopinta-the love scene after the race is my favorite in this TN. That intense look JM has is "fantastico". Sigh... FC at one of his finest. This and that one scene in Amor Real when Matilde comes asking Manuel for a divorce and he seduces her instead. Absolutely the best. Sigh...

Skankho is absolutely despicable. What a user and a loser. Same for Leo. They have no shame and they deserve each other.

JM- labrador
Valentina- papillon
Lumi- chihuahua
Leo- yes bulldog
Ros- boxer or pit bull terrier
Timo- mutt
Gaby- Irish setter
Tizzy- pug
Sabino- scottish terrier
Iva- poodle shaved look like she's wearing a bikini
Horny- miniature doberman pinscher
Alonso- greyhound


I love hyena for Ivanna.

Erica i can't stop ROFL from you calling Timo a mutt:)

I like any type of excitable puppy for Lumi.

Hairy Sheepdog for Horny.

Erica i pretty much go along with your list except for Lumi,Horny and Ivanna.

Hairy sheepdog for Horny is a good one. I was thinking miniature doberman 'cuz he'd like to be the regular sized but he's not.


Variopinta and Blusamarina: Hyena is perfect. Wish I had thought of that.

Erica: Tee Hee re Horny.

Erica, that was great. Well, everyone was great actually!

I like the comparison of Tizzy to a pug. When you talk to a pug, their expression doesn't change much, they cock their heads one way and the other.

Ivana could be a dingo - out to steal Leonor's baby!

Sue, a great recap and so glad you're feeling better.

Deep breath for Lumi that she was only inquiring about the shirt and blood stains. Our little "Jack Russell Terrier" was just so sweet with Tizzy. And for once, I cheered Tizzy on for kicking her good-for-nothing spawn to the curb, telling her to get a job. yeah, we can all think of a job she would be qualified to do. And wouldn't need a decent wardrobe for it.

And I agreed with your comment Sue with "Seriously, I don’t know why he puts up with her." speaking of JM and Val. Hopefully his pouring of his soul woke her up, although a good slap to the head would have been an added plus.

Al just gets worse with every episode. seems they didn't paint him that worthless, delusional and downright stupid at the start of this thing. Oh yeah, and full of himself. He and Iwanna really do deserve each other at this point.

Thanks for the recap Sue. Glad you are feeling better. I loved the dogs as character list!! Ivana as a hyena is brilliant.

My friend C called Lumi's visit to the doctor right. He thought it would be about Rosendo. Doesn't mean she isn't pregnant, but hope they don't go there.

Re: Beni in Tuesday's ep. I think her hysterics were because: a. she IS a bit of a drama queen sometimes and b. she was cranky because she didn't feel good, poor little bug (I love Benita).

Why would JM want Val back even if things got cleared up? She certainly didn't trust or believe in him. I would think that would be hard to get past.

Ordered MEPS from Amazon yesterday!


Thanks, Sue. Great work.

Rosendo's comment about how things are going to change soon with Val is something like Al's delusion. The difference is that we can see how he thinks things will go. He thinks once he gets her in bed, she'll be putty in his hands and he'll be in charge. As if.

I think the issue with the checks is that they took Ros off the account for purchases for the hacienda to keep him from embezzling. And then some of the ones he'd signed before were refused by the bank.

Two great scenes with Colunga. His realization of his mother's betrayal when speaking with Val and the pain on his face when he said losing her hurt as much as losing his father. And then the scene of his towering rage confronting his mother, threatening to break down the door. Loved it. And he also gathered that Leo was the one who put the idea in Val's head that his motive for pursuing her was money.

I hope Chuy goes right to JM with the tale of Ivana and Al in heat.

I think JM is more of a German Shepherd than a Golden or Lab. He's intelligent, hardworking, dark, very loyal, but he can be dangerous in the defense of those he loves.

"Please JM forget about her. I’m here and I won’t dump you because a woman says she has your son." Awww Sue, you sound so cute and humble! Fun-ny! Thanks for the cap. I haven't read comments yet so somebody probably already addressed this: Val is going to serenade JM, isn't she? That makes me feel happy cause it seems the writer are going outside the box in a refreshing way and maybe we won't have to endure that shameless stank-ho (yes, I meant "stank" it's a cultural variation on "skank-ho" that increases the connotation of contempt by adding an olfactory element) drugging him and draggin her inflated "charms" all over his body. . .uuuf! got lost in disgust!

Anyway, I hope that IS Val serenading JM: it will be sweet sure to soften his heart!! I'm tired of them being mad at each other, I'm ready for some telenovelovin'!


Sue: Wonderful title and recap. You are back in fine, snarky form.

Loved the dog/character lists.

I think we should mount a campaign to replace Val with Gabi. No more mean girl as the lead. Basta!


Thank you Sue for the great recap! It was so good to see Tizzy stand up to Ivana and JM stand up to his mother. There certainly doesn't seem to be much love between those two. And why does Ros want to kill JM? And, please, would someone refresh my memory about where the stolen money came from that Oscar left for his wife. Thanks, Sylvia

Thank you Sue for the great recap! It was so good to see Tizzy stand up to Ivana and JM stand up to his mother. There certainly doesn't seem to be much love between those two. And why does Ros want to kill JM? And, please, would someone refresh my memory about where the stolen money came from that Oscar left for his wife. Thanks, Sylvia

Anon, the money Oscar Ampudia had was money he took out of the joint account for the realtor business he shared with Alonso. He cleaned out the account.

Ros mostly wants to kill JM because ALL villains want to kill the hero. But he especially hates him because he wants Val for himself and wants JM out of the way

thank you all for your nice comments. Yes, i'm feeling much better, thank you. You really all know your dogs. I don't know one from the next. It is very funny how the comparison of people's character matches with the breed they are being compared with. I google some of them.

Another reason Rosendo wants to Kill JM, he hates the Montesinos because Federico fired him for stealing. I guess the Villabas didn't ask for a reference.

Thanks, Sue. Your recap today is marvelous. I love your trenchant style. It's perfectly suited for this TN. I'm so glad that you're feeling better.

Pasofina, I find your dog comparisons interesting and am tempted to participate but love and respect dogs too much to compare them to most of the characters here. Maybe reptiles, fish, and amphibians. My favorite breed is the pit bull (see Bonnie Belle above right) and see no similarity with either Leo or Rosy, but then I understand, given the pit bull's unfortunate reputation.


"J M - yes, Golden Retriever. I was thinking Lab but they're too goofy and are always carrying something in their mouths."

Actually, often as not JM seems to have an apple in his mouth and before the falling out, often wore a goofy smile whenever he was around Val. Alas, those were the good times.

Poor Alonzo, another day, another slap. Who will either punch him, slap him, or shoot at him tonight?

Good for Tizzy. That must have been really tough to do. I believe if Ivana had been a bit more patient and had called upon her passive-aggressive skills, she would have succeeded.

Thank goodness Chuy has Teri as his mom, otherwise, given the other women he is surrounded by, he would almost certainly develop a warped view of those of the female persuasion.


I think he really hates the Montesinos because Leo chose them over HIM. He sees JM like he saw his Federico- his competition for a woman who believes she's above him and would prefer a Montesino, who is also above him. And in Rosendo's mind, NO ONE is above him.

Julie: I hate the TN convention of making characters as stupid as possible, thus creating the misunderstanding. But I can stop myself from watching because it is so awesome when everything gets set right.

Blusamurai: I kind of got the impression that Leo had something to do with the "sudden" arrival of Arcewhatever and JM Jr. I thought that's what the extra money was for. But that doesn't really explain the fact that Mexico City Padre baptized a baby as Jose Miguel, does it? hmmmm.

Leo obviously fleeced enough from Val to pay the debt, pay off fake baby mama, and open a bank acount (she specifically asked Moises to open a new account for her). At the time I wondered why she was opening an account. I obviously took her greed for granted because I thought she would just take enough from Val to pay the loan and baby mama. But she obviously kept a little, or a lot, on the side for herself. What shocked me was that she actually admitted it to JM and didn't come up with some sob story about how she used the money, like how she said she used the loan money in the first place to pay Fed's medical bills. Now I hope he can start making some links to what's her name's appearance. He has done nothing with the info about the baby mama and baby that Gabi gave him. He hasn't brought it up to Val to deny it; he hasn't asked his mom about her; he hasn't tried to track her down; he hasn't called the priest in Mexico City to find out how the heck some kid is baptized as his. Wouldn't you want to get something like that cleared up, and not only with Val, but with the Church and any other authorities that have some random child registered as yours?

So, if Rosie wants to kill JM because he hates the Montesinos, does that rule him out as JM's father, or perhaps he doesn't know JM might be his son? But wouldn't Leo tell Rosie in order to protect JM? And Leo doesn't seem like she is his real mother. Maybe he was left on the doorstep of the church. Sorry, I seem to be stuck on this point! Sylvia

So, if Rosie wants to kill JM because he hates the Montesinos, does that rule him out as JM's father, or perhaps he doesn't know JM might be his son? But wouldn't Leo tell Rosie in order to protect JM? And Leo doesn't seem like she is his real mother. Maybe he was left on the doorstep of the church. Sorry, I seem to be stuck on this point! Sylvia

So, if Rosie wants to kill JM because he hates the Montesinos, does that rule him out as JM's father, or perhaps he doesn't know JM might be his son? But wouldn't Leo tell Rosie in order to protect JM? And Leo doesn't seem like she is his real mother. Maybe he was left on the doorstep of the church. Sorry, I seem to be stuck on this point! Sylvia

Vivi, re your concerns about JM not being on top of the fake baby story.

I think you need to check your beanie. Maybe the tinfoil has gotten worn.

Obviously JM should do all of the things you've suggested and tell Val tout suite that he was being wrongly accused. Even if he thinks he needs to forget about her, logic would dictate that he'd want to get that misunderstanding cleared up.

"Wouldn't you want to get something like that cleared up, and not only with Val, but with the Church and any other authorities that have some random child registered as yours?"

Vivi in DC --- Not if your telenovela has been extended by six to eight weeks.

novelera you're right. I need some super strength tin foil, stat! Lol! :)

Sara i do remember that Leo was responsible for bringing Aracelia and her baby to SP to act as JM baby mama drama. Like Vivi said i also remember her opening an a account for herself with Moises even after she paid off the loan and fake baby mama drama.From the looks of everyone's reaction to the amount Val loaned Mommy dearest it seems to be quite a significant amount.Clearly this woman has no shame and like Vivi pointed out she doesn't see anything wrong in what she did. That little cabana or house Val burned down isn't anywhere near the amount what Leo would owed to pay her back. It even makes me wonder if JM does finally sell the house in Mexico City if that will be enough.

As for Aracelia naming the JM we don't know if she gave the baby his last name do we. I'm sure there are a lot of Jose Miguel's running around Mexico so unless that baby has JM last name i don't see why the church could interfere in the naming of him.

Sorry, somehow I seem to be posting twice. Sylvia

Blu- it's not just that the baby is named after him, but Arcelia is putting JM's name down as the father. She put his name on the baptism papers, so JM should be wondering if there is a birth certificate out there that names him too. And that's pretty serious stuff that can give someone claims to inheritance and such. He should definitely check it out.

I found this word for Ivana
una apestosa = skanky

Diccionario Espasa concise inglés-español © 2000 Espasa Calpe:
apestoso,-a adjetivo
1 (mal olor) stinking
2 (fastidioso) annoying: ahí viene el apestoso de Juan a pedir otro favor, here comes that annoying Juan again to ask for another favour

Thank you for the recap Sue.

I have to say this was one of my most favorite episodes simply because Ivana had to troll around looking for money with no success. It was great to see her squirm. I loved it when her momma told her to get a job or bug Leo. Ha ha!

I'm glad JM is finally getting suspicious of his old mom. She is such a manipulator. I'm glad he is showing his anger towards her in a more open manner as opposed to when his father was alive. JM tried to show restraint than; now he can let loose.

Vitriol Quazi in MD

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