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A Que No Me Dejas #106 Thursday 2/9/17--Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family - Chris Diaz

Monica's feelings and memories of Gonzo are reawakened and she remembers all of the happy moments she shared with Gonzo which turned out to be lies.  He caused her so much pain and she wishes she could get over it and thought with time she would, but it's impossible.

 Allan and Vale, have been at the hospital for hours and it feels like eternity.  Allan just wishes they would let them see his Dad.  He asks Vale if there has been any news on the robbers and she tells him no but she thinks there's a problem with Tobias statement with regard to what happened.   Fer arrives to see how things are and right then Alan is told by the nurse that he can go back to see his father.  Alone Fer asks Vale if she did something to get Rene to donate the blood.  Vale admits that she gave Rene part of her shares in order for him to agree.   Fer can't believe what a d-bag he is, and Vale says no one would believe Rene did it out of nobility, all she cares is that her grandfather believes it.  Fer says for how long?  Soon or later Gonzo will find out, he's already asking Alan questions.  Vale says sure he will find out eventually but by then he will be recuperated and strong enough to handle the truth.  Who would have ever thought that you would protect your grandfather and from his own son? Vale says she can barely stand to have Rene near her.  She can't believe she fell in love with him.  But you're not in love with him anymore are you?  Vale says no, but he still matters to her. She wishes he didn't because she already wiped him from her heart, and she thought that would be it.  But no.  Hmm family love?  Let's hope that is all it is, because anything else would be a big no for this viewer.

Gonzo tells Alan he's ready to get out of the hospital bed and then asks if he was able to talk to Monica.  Alan says yes she came but it wasn't a good scene and she left because Raquel got aggressive after getting confused with the past and the present time. Gonzo feels bad and hopes that he'll get to see Monica before she leaves.  Gonzo also asks about Rene, because he wants to see him too.  Alan says no, he hasn't heard from him.

Os and Monica dine together and she's lousy company.  She feels bad but what happened with Raql really bummed her out, it made her realize that you can't really let go of your past, it's with you all the time.  Os says not to let what happened affect her, Raquel's illness doesn't allow her to be conscience of everything she says.   Monica says whether it happened then or now it happened and it was true.   Society judges harshly a woman who is a mistress and it's easier for the man to get forgiveness.   Os says yes, it's unfair how harshly the women are judged when it takes two to be unfaithful; both are responsible.   Os tells her she's just got to get on with life and push on through it.  Monica says yeah, but there are just some things that leave a print on you for life.   Miss high and mighty Maite is stalking and eaves dropping with her bionic ears.

Nuria limps out and tells an anxious Beto it's been handled, Tobias is going to tell the truth.  Mau wants to know what is the truth?  That he knew one of the robbers,  he's part of the their group and his name is Hector Robles.   Mau and Beto want to know why Tobias didn't says something sooner.  Because he was scared that Hector or one of the other's in the group would do something to him.  Now what?  The lawyers says it depends on whether they charge Tobias for false testimony or they exonerate him, either way it's going to cost Beto.  He doesn't care what it cost and he tells Mau he will pay him back every cent.   Nuria doesn't miss  a chance to snark. Oh Mau you have such a good heart, mi vida!  She then tells Beto he better not say she's a bad influence on his boy because if it weren't for her, Tobias would  be stuck there for a long time.   After she leaves the lawyer tells Beto that for tonight Tobias will have to spend the night in jail, but first thing in the morning he'll pay the fine and they can get Tobias out.   Mau tells Beto, at least he knows that in the morning his son will be free.   Beto is glad about that, but it still leaves him unsettled because he knows that there's some shady deal going on between Nuria and Tobias.   Meanwhile Tobias is in his cell shook to his core; the woman he has admired and thrown his own family over for is not what he thought.  Miss Nuria is worse than I thought, not only what she did to Mr. Gonzalo but she also threatened me.  She's going to hurt my family or Adriana if I don't do what she asked.  Miss Nuria is bad…very bad.  That's mommy dearest for you!

Mau tells Beto that once Tobias is free he needs to be taken far away from Nuria.  Beto agrees and that was the plan; he was just waiting for Gonzo to get well, so he could take him to Karen but now with all of this drama it could take longer.  Mau agrees but is hopeful that at least the judge is going to exonerate Tobias and paying a fine will be enough.   Beto says he hopes they catch the thugs, but for tonight he can't leave his boy there alone all night.  Mau understands, he will go to see his grandfather but Beto is to call him as soon as he hears something from the lawyer.   Beto says even if Nuria was making fun of Mau she was right; Mau does have a good heart and hopefully nothing ever changes it.  

Limpy lady in red comes into the hospital and asks how her father is, she wants to see him.  Well good evening to you..Nuria, you'll have to wait because right now Alan is with him.   Speaking of..he is right there and Nuria turns around and begins digging in.  I don't know if my father has been saved already why you are still here, why don't you go back to Los Angeles?   Alan tells her to mind her biz.  Nuria says oh sure, you're like your brother Rene who wants to see what he can get for donating his blood and you don't want to be left out.  But don't forget that his daughter is his oldest child.  Let's see if you understand.  *Hobble-hobble*   Vale wants to vomit and Alan says Nuria is the same and when he and Rene were little they called her the witch.   Fer says witch is a compliment.   The nurse tells Vale that Raquel is awake now and asking for her.  Val gets permission to take her grandmother home and says she'll return later.  Fer offers to go with her, but Val says Fer's mom will be there soon and so she should stay.   As Vale leaves I can't help but wonder if that hospital is a cold as the ones I've been in and if so how does Val and Fer handle it with those skimpy tops and shorts? Anyway Alan wants to know if Fer was able to get the 411.  Yup it was just as you said,  she gave Rene part of her shares in exchange for donating the blood to your father.  Alan's pretty peeved and Fer says they can go get a coffee and she'll give him the rest of the deets.

Nuria is persistent if nothing else and she's back in her father's room sniffing for signs of life.  As she studies him she thinks he would look better in a coffin.  She gets closer and suddenly his eyes pop open.  Oh papa! *kissy*  I'm so glad you're doing better I was so worried because I couldn't donate blood.  Gonzo says he knows but fortunately one of her brother's did.  Nuria says she's been in such anguish because she wanted to donate blood and she asked them to do all the tests on her but they refused.   So who is the man that you're running around with?  Nuria says well this isn't the time to talk about it, you need to get well.  Gonzo says he wants an answer, is that the real reason she left the house?   Nuria says the reason she left is because of Vale's treatment of her and Gonzo's preference to her, but *victim sigh* this isn't the time to talk about this.  Gonzo says he's not asking about that. When he gets out he wants to meet Nuria's nacho eating Naco and bring him to the house like a proper man.  Si me entiendes, verdad?  Oh lawdy, how you gonna get lipstick on that pig Nuria? 

Vale guides her grandmother down the hall and Raq says she feels dizzy.  Val says they'll get her home and she can lay down and relax.   Caro is hanging around like a groupie waiting for a Mau sighting when he walks in.  She knows the timing could not be more aligned and she seizes this intersection with  Mau and Pau in perfect place.  She tells Mau she has something to tell him but words are sometimes too much; with that she goes in for a kiss, surprising Mau who is slack jawed and Val who is lock jawed. 

Chelo brings her muneco a blanket to keep him warm and some hot food from his grandmother.  Beto tells him that Mau is going to loan then the money for his fine and when he gets out he's going to see if he'll give Tobias a job at the hotel.  No more lazing around.  You say it like I'm the robber that they put in jail.  Well don't you get what you did? No you didn't rob but you covered up for the real robber and that's why you're in there.   Tobias says he knows, but he was afraid to betray him.  Chelo says it's okay, they know but it's just that his father is scared too.   The guard comes and breaks up the family visit and Tobias thanks his parents for bringing him the food and blanket. Beto tells his boy not to worry, he's not leaving him alone all night  He's staying right out there too.  A single tear streams down Tobias face.  I feel bad for the kid, he doesn't even know how vile his bio mom really is and how much these people who are not his blood relatives really love him. 

Mau is doubly surprised when he gets an uncalled for back slap from Vale who is not happy.  Mau asks what his grandmother is doing here? Vale says oh well Caro's mom had the great idea to bring her here and she ran into Monica and had a crisis.   Mau asks Raq how she is and it's obviously Raq is still out of it.  Mau offers to go home with them but Val bitchily refuses his offer.  She tells Raq she's going to stay with her tonight and ask Angelica to come stay at the hospital.  Vale gives Mau an icy good bye and tells Caro bye blondie!  Ugh! Why does Mau bother with no se Vale?  Caro says wow she looked bothered and I don't think my mom meant to do anything bad. Mau says he doesn't think so either and she shouldn't worry.  Caro provocatively reminds Mau of the matter they were discussing earlier but this time  he guards his lips and asks her why she kissed him.  Caro drags Mau away from the nosy nurses who have been watching this whole thing play out.   You really don't have any idea how much I like you? I like you a lot! I couldn't stay quiet any longer and I had to show you some way.

Out in the hotel parking lot, Leo and Maite pass each other and he stops her and says pardon me but aren't you the gal from the flower shop?  Yup but we're closed.  Yeah, you're Maite aren't you? Osvaldo's ex?  She asks him who he is and in true Leo fashion he let her know who he is and the power he holds in that "little" place.  She's not all that impressed because she remembers exactly what Os told her about this new partner coming into the hotel and it wasn't anything good, which Leo knows. She wants to know what she can do for him.  He gives her the low down on what he knows about her sad rejected ass.  Os dumped you for his old flame Angelica.  Ouch! She gets the claws out what's it to you?  Calm down fierce, it matters because I know he's a scoundrel to you and you want to teach him a lesson.  Why would I want to do something like that?  Leo says because you're spiteful..he just made a fool of you woman!   Leo continues to remind her of the hard dumping and degrading she received.  Os dumped her for Angelica and she dumped him for Gonzo and now Os is courting Gonzo's ex Monica Greepe.  And it's all happening here right in front of her. What do  you want?   Leo says to help her wipe those tears and get revenge on Os.  Maite says forget it and she has to go.  Okie dokie…if you want to keep getting humiliated.  But think about it fiercezilla!

Speaking of getting humiliated but in a more gentlemanly way.  Mau tells Caro it's not gonna happen with them. He's got his eyes and heart pointed to another.  You have a girlfriend?  No.  Caro pretends she doesn’t know who this mystery girl is and wonders why he hasn't told her.  Because the right time hasn't come along.  So it's best you forget about me.  Caro says as if it's that easy.  Mau tells her she's a beautiful woman but all they can be is friends.  Well what if she doesn't feel the same as you? Mau says he prefers not to think about that but he's sorry, she (Caro) shouldn't waste her time on him.  Caro thinks the one who will be wasting his time is him…on that woman.  No one will care or admire him the way Caro does.   This how-to-snag a-millionaire-mission launch, just like her mother's has failed and she leaves.

At the garage Felix pets Bobby and his buddy wonders if he wants the dog to attack someone.  Felix says no but he did see a show on the television that showed people training dogs to attack.  His buddy confirms it can be done, you just have to get the dog to fixate on a the particular smell of the subject for a few days.  It's the pheromones of the person that trigger the dog to attack.  So it can be a cologne or a sweater or something the person uses?  Yup.  Felix things that's cool.

Alan and Fer tell Mau about the deal between Rene and Vale , it turns out that Mau had made the same deal with Rene.  Alan and Fer can't believe that Rene swindled Val and Mau out of part of their shares at the same time without the other knowing.   Mau shows them a text he's received from Rene saying everything is ready with the notary and he'll see him tomorrow.   What are you going to do? Asks Fer.  Mau is mad and it's obvious this will not stay this way.

Vale tells Mica that no more letting Raq go out with Ileana, only to the foundation and only if Florencia goes with them.   Mica is good with it because she never liked that Raq went places with that lady but now she has Vale's authority to stop it.  Vale instructs Florencia to take Raq up for a bath and they'll bring her some tea.  After Raq goes up,  Mica confides that she doesn't have a good feeling about Ileana. She didn't want to say anything in front of Raq because she adores Ileana.  They don't like her daughter either.  Vale asks about Tobias and if it's true that he won't be out until tomorrow.  

Caro vents to her mother that the imbecile Mau rejected her.  Can you imagine how I felt when he said he was in love with someone else?  Millionaire hunting mommy says well you already knew that so if plan A didn't work it's time for plan b.  Rene.  Caro says he already asked her out and she had told him no because planned to have her dance card full with Mau.  She can't make him think he's her second choice.  Ileana says no problem tell him the plans fell through and that Mau is on your do not like list, the same way he's on Rene's list.  That will surely score points.  Caro says it's a good idea and she sends him a text, telling him she's been thinking about it and she wants to go out and celebrate with him.   Rene says not so fast chica, do you think I'm some second course dish or the plate at the second table?  Don't tell me you want me to beg you now?  Maybe I do.  Well if you want me to beg, forget it and don't forget it was you who invited me.  Rene says no he didn't forget and if he accepts it's only because of her.

Doogie Mau-zer types in his online journal and unloads how horrible no se Vale treated him earlier that day.  He tries to get to close to her but she makes it so difficult with her attitude and mood swings. He thought they were getting closer but today she was cold and rejected him.  Mau reflects on the kiss Caro gave him and types that he hopes one day it will be Vale that kisses him, it would have been incredible.

An acquaintance of Gonzo's and Os says he's sorry to hear what happened to Gonzo.  Thankfully he's getting better says Os.  The man says he knows Gonzo spoke to the police already.  He knows the gunshot wound came from Gonzo's gun.  Os thinks it must've been that somehow the robber got into Gonzo's office and then shot him with it.   The man says what's odd is that it's the same gun that was used to shoot Alfonso seventeen years ago.  Que the hell? Are you sure? The man says he knows for certain and it means that  it was for sure someone that was close to Gonzo and Alfonso and knew where that gun was.  So the same person who shot Alfonso also intended to kill Gonzo.  It's clicking in Os's has to be Nuria.  The man notices that Os has suddenly gone quiet?  Are you okay?  Os says yes he's just tying to take it all in.  Yes, it's hard to process all of this but Gonzo needs to know this.  It could be that the robbery was just an excuse to kill him.  So Gonzo better be very careful and alert.  Cara impactada!

Nuria tells Felix to chill out..its just Hector going down.  Felix is chill but what he wants is to finish what they started.  Nuria says he's getting out tomorrow so we can get to it.  Felix says he has a new plan on how to do this.  Yeah what?  Felix tells her about his attack dog and how  he can get the dog to do the job for them, all he needs is something Gonzo  and his cologne.  Bobby will take care of the rest!

Os buddy tells him that the police haven't talked to Gonzo about this yet, but he wanted to tell Os in case he had someone suspicious in mind. Os says he doesn't have anyone in mind who would want to hurt Os.  Really? I can think of several on one hand but okay..Os.  The man says Alfonso's case was always more relevant; but inconclusive without any leads but now with this they have one.   Os says you can never doubt that sooner or later things will always come to light.  Finally things are going to be cleared up in both cases.

Tobias is free and home to Chelo's excitement. Tobias visibly pulls away from her and Mica of course has to lecture Tobias about his lazy bad friends and the results.  All they did was come here to rob.  Tobias says okay Grandmother but Dad and I already spoke about it so can we change the subject.  Does Mica listen?  No, she keeps on and drags him for what he did and Nuria's influence on him even now since it was only when she came to see him that he finally told the truth.  Poor Chelo says it's true son you listen to her more than you do me, you would think she's your mother.  It hurts.  Beto says it hurts us all but he going to get his son away from that bad influence Nuria.   Mica bumps her gums again and says one day Tobias is going to repent for how he's treated the people that love him and how he's made them suffer.  Mica needs to shut her pie hole, because to me she's just coming off as an ugly judgmental grandmother right now, especially since she has her hands all over this mess form the night this boy was born.  So we'll see Mica I'd shut it if I were you. 

Almudena texts Jaime asking how he is.  Gisela hands Jaime his phone and says aren't you going to read it? He doesn't feel like it and she wants to know what's wrong, why is so bothered? He snaps at her and says he feels pressured she wants him to go over some stuff for Mau and he doesn't feel like it.   Gisela leaves him alone in his bad mood.  Jaime finally texts back. That he's not doing well, he can't stop thinking of that damn tumor.  Almudena offers to go for a coffee to talk. 

Chelo is upset over the whole situation and Beto tries to comfort her. She can't help it, Nuria is not even his mother and she's closer to Tobias.

Tobias makes a call to Loonieta wondering why he's getting calls from this number. Loony says it's about time I've been leaving you messages didn't you get them?  No, who is this?  Julieta, Adriana's aunt.  Tobias is all over it now and wants to know what she needs.  I need you to deliver a cell phone to Adriana that I bought for her.  Tobias says now isn't a good time.  But he assures he will let her know when a  good time and where to meet.  Loony isn't happy but he assures her he will let Adriana know that she called him.  Julieta is insistent that he needs to do it now.  Sure thing.   Julieta is going full on nuts not knowing how her corazon is doing.

Adriana meanwhile pouts in her room when Fabreezy comes in to check on her. He offers to take her out to cheer her up but she's not in the mood.  He say he's got something that might cheer her up.  What?  Fab says he got a text from Tobias that he heard from her aunt and she already bought her a new cell phone and they will make arrangements to get it to her.  The brat is so happy because now she'll have her life back and she thanks Fab for being her accomplice.  She lays a kiss on him and he pulls away.  What's wrong?  Didn't you tell me you liked me?  Yes.   Well then?  Fab-Easy folds like a deck of cards under this little manipulator's lips. 

Tobias now faces Vale who has requested to see him. He assumes she wants to know why he lied to the police. She says his chisme grandmother already told him. This is about her sister Adriana and she wants to know how much he helped her find Julieta,  Tobias remembers exactly how he helped her but he refuses to answer the question.  Adriana is his friend.  Vale can't believe it, first he covers for a criminal and now he helps her sister find a murderer.  Tobias says he helped her because no one else would and as he said he's not going to tell Val anything.  Can I go now? Yes.  Val is not happy.

Rene is waiting for Mau when Alan and Mau both surprise attack him and drag him to the ground.  What are you doing? This is a betrayal!  Alan says the betrayal is what you tried to do to Mau and Valentina, he knows now that you already got shares from Valentina in exchange for saving our father and now he's not giving you his shares.  


Thanks for the recap!

Once again, not feeling sorry for Monica! But she was right in saying that in society men are forgiven much more quickly than women for affairs. I've forgiven Gonzalo simply because we've seen him redeem himself for a while. We didn't see much of Monica for a while so it's hard for me to like her now just because she's lonely and still hurting from her own bad choices. I had to laugh though when Maite popped up from behind the wall. That woman has no shame. I'm still waiting for her to go crazy and unleash some hell on SOMEBODY!

I see Tobias is STILL treating his fam like crap after what terrible Nuria has done to him. What is it going to take for this boy to appreciate his parents? Smh.

Little Adriana is playing with fire, messing with Julieta and now both Tobias and Fabricio? She really does not give a crap. I have to admit, though, that her kiss with Fab was much more natural than the one with Toby.

I really don't like that Jaime is confiding so much in Almudena. I know it's innocent but he really needs to be honest with his wife so that she can give him the support that he needs.

I wonder what is going to come out of this dog attack. I can definitely say that I've never seen that plot hatched up on a telenovela before.


Delilah..I do not watch this show , but I love the title. Thanks! Reading it was a good way to start my day !

Delilah: Your MIC drop on Nuria being Mommy Dearest :)

Meeks: What's Jaime hiding ?

Susanlynn: Karma going to hit Adriana sooner or later!

Thank you so much, Delilah- :)

As if we needed another reason to love the detective duo that is Fernanda and Alan. They sleuth everything Rene might be even thinking out.

I too was disappointed in Tobias actions after the release. I wonder if this means that that while he doesn't think Nuria is all that anymore he still hates his family and social status.

Monica is also a depressing case. No wonder she didn't want to go near cancun because she hasn't gotten over all that happened. She's right though, the lovers especially women are judged a lot harder than the cheating man who was married in the first place.

Meeks, I've seen an attack dog in Heridas de Amor when the villain bought it, kept it around and bided her time, then used it to attack two of the characters.

I worry about Almudena and Jaime because of how Gisela can interpret his actions. He's acting like a nervous cheater.

Steve He's hiding the fact that he has a brain tumor! :(

Alfredo, a nervous cheater is the perfect way to describe how he's acting. When he pulled out his phone after Gisela left, I half expected her to walk back in and see him texting Almudena!

Good work, Delilah. My favorite line: She tells Mau she has something to tell him but words are sometimes too much; with that she goes in for a kiss, surprising Mau who is slack jawed and Val who is lock jawed.

It really annoys me that society forgives a cheating man but demonizes the cheating woman. This needs to end. Since Monica has never recovered emotionally from Gonzalo's deceptions I think she has more than paid her dues, especially with Rene being the way he is. That is too great a punishment in my view.

Jaime's secrecy about his medical condition is definitely going to bite him in the tush. Gisela deserves to know about this and she will probably get suspicious before learning the truth.

That will make Adriana too much more than Gisela can handle. One would think that Adriana would have had second thoughts about letting Julieta in her life after finding out what she did to Odette as well, but she still doesn't realize that Julieta is madder than a March hare.

Rene and Carolina deserve each other. Here's hoping that Alan and Mau's discovery keeps Gonzalo from giving up any of his shares to this bad seed.


Thank you, Delilah! It IS a wonderful title:

Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family Mau and Val share both blood and they have been loyal to each other, AS SIBLINGS! In a scene from another chapter, they were cuddled together, Val thinking's it's brotherly and sisterly cuddling and Mau is dreaming about kissing her and growing a roll of quarters in his pocked -- how disgusting and what a betrayal! YUCK!

Rene is hopeless. All of that realization of how eeevil Nuria is and he still treats Chelo and Beto like the crap he scraped off the bottom of his shoe. I don't feel sorry for him at all and apparently he wants Nuria to show him more evil, the idiot! He and Adriana are a couple of dumb bunnies that need to go down in flames!

Add Maite to the list of nut jobs.

And Val. She may be nasty but, again, I don't mind her nastiness to Ileana and Carolina and am glad she put a stop to Ileana taking Raq out unaccompanied. Those two women are vipers and their exploitation of Raq for their own selfish, greedy ends is deplorable!

I've been thinking that Mauricio's attraction for Valentina must mean that he has had very little actual support outside of his family and their servants. This is not healthy at all. The most natural thing to have happened for him would have been to become attracted to a girl he would have met in the school for the deaf he must have attended.

It's a good thing that this romance (if it truly is one) isn't the central element of the story. Univision had a series in 2003 called Te Amare en Silencio which had a deaf female protagonist. The actress was Brazilian and didn't speak Spanish. The sign language was not good ASL, the love scenes were awkward because the dialogue was uneven, and most of the cast wasn't familiar to US audiences. This did badly enough in the prime time ratings for Univision to banish it to daytime. The ad sales manager told me about the letters and e-mails they got citing the above items and said they would never attempt to do a story like this again. Not even Eduardo Yanez could save this one.


I remember that novela! It aired at 9 pm and the main rival to Yanez was Facundo from TVA. I knew everyone but the protagonist from watching afternoon Venezuelan novelas when a univision used to air them but a lot of the regular audience didnt.

I wonder why it aired in prime time but AQNMD has been pretty solid in the deaf elememts and made it easy to follow for audiences.

I remember the novela starting good though before quickly falling apart. I eventually stopped watching it because of sheer boredom.

Thanks so much, Delilah! I'm looking forward to seeing the episode and the others I've missed. I really hope Alan tells both Monica and Gonzo about Rene blackmailing Val and Mau. He needs to get another slapdown from both his parents.

Yay! Happy to learn the connection has been made with the gun and the two shooting incidents almost 20 years apart.

Lila: Karma will be coming for Ileana & Carolina. Mark my words!

Just barging in again. I'm 30 episodes behind you, but I'm addicted to the story and the production. I just got to the time jump. The last three of those episodes were heart wrenching indeed. My heart went out to Gaston most of all.

I can't thank you recappers and commenter enough for what you did for people like me who come in very late.

Not only that, Vivi, but Osvaldo explicitly said Nuria as soon as the detective made the connection. I love that they know that, even if they lack the proof, because then they know what to look for.


Hey Anita!

I had been dying to thank YOU and the dedicated group of recappers for the Camino forum. I discovered it about a month ago (after I was sure all the Ladoodle comments had confirmed it wasn't another La GATA) and have been making my way through it.

It has been a treat to read your early solo recaps and watch the group expand as time went on. It has been great novela indeed with an amazing main couple to root for. Thanks again! :)

Superalfie--Thank you for your kind words. It was certainly an above average novela for Mrs. Ladoodle, at least for about 3/4 of the way through. It added a little spice along the way to learn that Horacio and Paulina really did become a couple.

I picked a good one to spend my time on. I was hoping Vino el Amor was going to be great, but I, like some others, have become disenchanted with the snail's pace the story is taking without any real drama.

Hola patio pals! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments; I so appreciate it. Welcome Anita! I'm glad you've joined us..this is a special little novela and patio!

I'm still holding out hope that Tobias is going to come to his senses sooner rather than later on things. I think he's learned his lesson with regard to Nuria, but Adriana is a different animal. She hasn't committed a crime and it's a special girl to him that he hopes to win. It's pretty common for kids his age to not rat each other out for anything. It's that loyalty thing.

As for the Murat household, Nuria has already poisoned him against those people and I don't see him turning back from that and it doesn't help that Mica is such naggy hag and she inserts her mouth into things she shouldn't where he's concerned.

I think society is hard on women for sure when it comes to affairs and being a mistress, and it most likely has to do with puritanical views. I think some of it might be also that women just expect a bit more respect among each don't go after another sister's mister. We don't like it and we see it as a big betrayal. It's wrong, but it's the only thing I can come up with for why women are judged so harshly. It would be an interesting discussion to have sometime here on the patio.

That attack dog may end up turning on the master eh' Ala Ramsey from GoT. Wouldn't that be delicious? Nuria needs to be careful because she's creating a true monster with Felix and he seems to be enjoying all of this too much.

Adriana is not all that, but she's a good little manipulator. She's got these two boys jumping through hoops for her, but I still think she's going to learn with Julieta that you don't unleash things you aren't prepared to deal with. Julieta is becoming more and more possessive of her corazon.

I'm glad Val is blocking Ileana and her exploiting Raq for her gain, but I still think Val is a brat who doesn't deserve him. I wish someone else would come into Mau's life. A really nice girl who treats him the way he deserves to be treated.

Alfredo, Camino was so good. I'm glad you're watching it! That was a fun patio!


Delilah: I don't see Tobias coming to his senses, it's going to take a devastating event to cause that to happen.

1.) Nuria is on a roll manipulating & destroying people.

2.) I'm hoping Felix turns on Nuria & goes violent on the beautiful red-head.

3.) Adriana's Karma will be coming SOON!

Isn't it also hilarious how Carolina got reject hard af by Mauricio and then went back to Rene who wasn't going to be second banana to anyone but then gave in? Like mommie dearest said, "got to have a Plan B."

I thought that was you, Delilah, but I wasn't sure. Thank you as well! :D

Delilah, good smackin Recap. These hos n bros is really slimming it up with no regrets. Caro and re-na deserve
Each other. What a nasty pair they are. They're probably endgame, going thro life swindling unsuspecting rich
People. With mommies dearest in tow. Those 3 deserve each other.

Why does Val have such a "I'm better than you attitude? She acts like everybody did something her everybody didn't, just her grandfather, and he's already apologized for that. She's forgivin him but she still has this looking down her nose attitude about people. Mau better be careful. She could brake his heart.

Don't like Felix.
Still don't like nuria.
Caroline is slimy slimy.
Adriana is just plain pitiful. What the hell is this Obsession she has with her aunt? Don't like her.
Tobias is still mistreating his parents,the fact he don't know their not his parents don't mean nothin, hes a nasty Little snot nose, he'd be dead
If nunu had him. She just wished death on her other baby and he died. Who knows what his endgame will be.

Thanks Delilah.

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