Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A que no me dejas #109 Discussion

You guys, I'm so behind and I apologize for not having recaps for you th last few weeks. I'm dealing with a lot right now, please use this space to discuss yesterday's episode!


Hi princess, sorry about all trouble
I didn't see it all, but what did see looks like nuria about to go In
History as the worst killer that can't or couldn't do a murder right
If her lousy life depended on it. Looks like gonz finally believes she
Did all those horride things. He found the diamond that fell out of her ring when she smothered Alonso.
I saw that part, anybody else seen the rest, I sure would like to know what else went down.
Thanks for the discussion page juju
I hope things get better.

Hey Juju! I aslo hope things get better and hope you can join us soon as we are only 30 episodes or so from the end.

Nina I had to laugh at Nurias constant fails. She reminds me of Bruno from Sortilegio, always plotting never succeeding.

The failed dog attack was hilarious. Felix swore the dog would go straight for Gonzo's neck, but all he got was a good nibble of his elbow. LOL!

Nunu should be on that show "the stupidest criminals" I think that's the name of it. She probably wouldn't
Pass the mustard to get on that show. The girl is just "DUMD"! That dog is smarter than she is. I will name the dog marmaduke, cuz he's smarter than nuria.Lol!

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