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A Que No Me Dejas #110 2.15.2017: The Truth Shall Set You Free Or Get You a Vase to the Head

Gonzalo’s PI leaves but not before telling him that Osvaldo is right and someone is trying to kill him…someone close to him. Gonzalo breathes heavily.

Mauricio meets Valentina outside and tells her he agrees with the PI: Gonzalo doesn’t want the PI to continue investigating because he’s scared of what he might find. Valentina wonders whom he may be covering up for and why.

Osvaldo agrees that it may be horrible to think that Nuria is involved in all that has happened lately and possibly Alfonso’s death but they can’t ignore the truth anymore, especially after what happened today. Gonzalo doesn’t want to talk about it right now because he has a lot on his mind, namely, his relationship with Angelica. Osvaldo confesses that he came to talk to him about it because Angelica told him what happened. Gonzalo wants to know why he hid it and let him hope and Osvaldo explains that at first he didn’t know but then he didn’t say anything when he found out because Gonzalo was already interested in her and he didn’t want to ruin the relationship. Gonzalo explains that he could’ve understood because they all past. Osvaldo apologizes.

Fernanda and Angelica are having lunch and Fernanda is shocked to know Gonzalo knows the truth. She asks her mother what she’s going to do now but Angelica doesn’t know. Fernanda tells her that if things don’t work out with Gonzalo, she has no problem with her trying out a relationship with Osvaldo again because she now knows the truth, especially after her run in with Clemente. Fernanda explains how he came to the hotel, after Osvaldo had already kicked him out, and screamed at her. When he manhandled her, Alexis tried to help and Clemente punched him so they had to escort him out again. Angelica is happy to see Fernanda being so understanding and Fernanda asks her for forgiveness because she knows how much she’s suffered and wants to see her happy. She now realizes her pain has been her mother’s pain as well. They hug.

Osvaldo knows he should’ve told Gonzalo but in some way he wanted to protect Angelica. Gonzalo tells him that he should’ve told him sooner in the name of their friendship because now it’s too late. He’s fallen for Angelica and he knows he still loves her too. Osvaldo tells him not to worry because Fernanda has forbid them from having anything more than a cordial relationship. Gonzalo ask that Osvaldo leave I’m for the time being so he can order his thoughts. Osvaldo obliges but makes it clear he is still his friend and will be there for him no matter what. He simply made a mistake and apologizes.

Alan is fighting is own uphill battle, trying to explain to Monica that he’s an adult and should he want a relationship with his dad, she shouldn’t oppose him. Monica tells him that she went to LA for her children and Alan understands but it’s time to move on. Monica comments on how lonely it will be in LA alone so Alan suggests she come live in Cancun and since she can do her work from a computer. In fact, she may even get new clients. Monica is unsure of what to do.

Valentina and Mauricio are helping Raquel down the stairs. They try to calm her down because she wants to make sure Gonzalo is okay from the dog bite but she hasn’t been able to see him. Valentina explains that he’s in the study and should be out shortly. Just then, Nuria arrives asking for Gonzalo as he walks out of the study. She runs over to hug him and accidently hurts the dog bite. Valentina and Mauricio say goodbye since they have to go to work at the hotel while Nuria and Raquel take care of Gonzalo. Raquel’s nurse will take care of Gonzalo’s wound. When they’ve left, Nuria suggest Gonzalo do a spiritual cleanse because a lot of bad stuff has happened to him lately. Gonzalo nods coldly and Raquel asks Nuria what she was doing in her room on the day she left because her nurse saw her there and now her jewelry’s missing. Nuria gets defensive but Raquel reiterates what she was doing there and Nuria explains that she wanted to make sure she left nothing behind. Gonzalo wants to go to Raquel’s room so she can explain to them what she was looking for. Nuria doesn’t see why she should since nothing of hers was there but Gonzalo wants her to go, now! She finally budges and they go upstairs.

Ileana runs into Leonel’s office and tells him that someone wants to kill Gonzalo. He wants to know where she got that stupid idea from and Ileana explains that Osvaldo said it this morning because when an attack dog attacked Gonzalo. Leonel confirms that his suspicions about Nuria were right and tells Ileana that Gonzalo had a lot of enemies. Ileana assures him that Valentina and Mauricio said he didn’t but Leonel ensures her he does, starting with him. Leonel remembers when Gonzalo and Nuria caught Leonel and Deborah in bed and the mess that that created. Ileana asks Leonel if he asked someone to kill Gonzalo. Leonel tells her that he’s a businessman, not a murderer, but if he had died, he still would’ve celebrated because Gonzalo has been a cockroach lately. Leonel remembers the same night when Gonzalo vowed to destroy his life after the Deborah debacle.

Gonzalo walks into Raquel’s room with Nuria and Raquel and asks Florencia what she saw the day Nuria was in the room. Florencia explains that she found her hovering over the jewelry box but she hadn’t opened anything though she looked like she wanted to. Nuria makes it clear that she didn’t steal anything, especially from Raquel, but Gonzalo wants clearer answers. He asks that Florencia take a break and leave the room and then asks Raquel to search and try to remember what exactly is missing. Raquel shows Gonzalo all they left: a bracelet, some earrings and a stone. Gonzalo ask that Raquel hand him the stone and remembers when he and Ines gave Paulina and Nuria the rings they had bought years ago. He asks her how she got the stone and Raquel explains that Micaela handed it to her when she found it by Alfonso’s body. Gonzalo shows Nuria, who tries to deny it, but the cut on the stone was rare, so rare the rings took a long time to be made. He would know them anymore. Nuria is silent and Gonzalo asks if that’s what she was looking for. She denies it, she can’t even be sure that’s the stone. Gonzalo repeats he’s sure and they found it by Alfonso’s body and he wants to know why. Raquel knows why…because she murdered Alfonso…Raquel remembers when Nuria shot him at the wedding…she tells Gonzalo that Nuria was the woman in red who tried to shoot Valentina and Alfonso protected her. The only reason the stone is there is because she finished him off when they brought him home.

Gonzalo begs Nuria to tell him it isn’t true and Nuria tries her best: she was dressed in red and she doesn’t like Valentina or Mauricio but she wouldn’t go as far as to kill them. She wouldn’t kill Alfonso either. Raquel reiterates that she did kill him. Nuria reminds them her leg was already messed up and she lived in the first floor at the time. Gonzalo doesn’t know how she did it but she did and the stone is the proof. He now understands why the day after Alfonso’s funeral, when they went to go see the doctor, her condition had worsened like she had gone up a flight of stairs or lifted something heavy or killed someone…

Monica goes to visit Osvaldo to ask for advice. She knows her request may be strange since they barely know each other but she needs someone clearheaded and logical to help her out. Osvaldo offers to exchange advice since he needs some too.

Nuria wants to know how they can think she killed Alfonso but Raquel knows it was so he couldn’t say anything about what he knew and she always knew it but she couldn’t remember. Raquel again remembers what happened the day of the red wedding. Gonzalo even knows the gun she used: the same one she put back in his drawer in the study and used again to try and kill him during the botched robbery. Gonzalo calls her a murderer…a murderer.

Fernanda and Alan are walking hand in hand around the hotel. She loves that he chose to stay because now they can be together. They stop and kiss and Valentina and Mauricio arrive. They ask what’s the good news and Fernanda explains that Alan lost his job in LA so he’s staying with them. They all cheer and Mauricio offers his congratulations, which Alan understands because he’s been studying sign language at night. Fernanda asks how Gonzalo is and Valentina explains that he could be better since a dog attacked him outside of the house. Alan hopes he’s okay and offers to go visit him that night and also discuss with him the possibility of working at the hotels. Valentina agrees and they make a date to come except Fernanda, who prefers to stay with her mother after what happened.

Nuria denies everything. She doesn’t know where he got the idea that she stole the gun because Alfonso’s murder was never solved but Gonzalo tells her that it just was. Nuria swears she didn’t do it but Gonzalo knows her and knows it’s all a lie because he knows the truth: she killed Alfonso and tried to kill him. He goes to sit down and Raquel calls her a demon and asks what she ever did to hate them. She tells Nuria that she will beg on her knees for forgiveness if she just tells her what they did to her. She shakes Nuria who screams at her to let her go and grabs a nearby vase, smashing it on Raquel’s head. Raquel is groaning on the floor and Gonzalo goes to help her as runs out the door and puts a cane by the door to lock them in. Gonzalo tries to open the door and begins to scream for someone to help as Raquel pleads for him not to let her leave.

In his office, Mauricio tells Valentina that his campaign for a bluer Earth is finally ready. Valentina is happy, the Earth needs more people like him, who care for Mother Nature. Mauricio tells he that the Earth gives them a lot and they need to help her in return. Mauricio then explains how the offspring of turtles are stolen right off the beach when their mother goes back to the ocean and they need their help so they don’t become extinct. He is going to check on the security for them and asks if Valentina wants to come. She does; in fact, she’s his number one fan and loves to learn new things with him. He offers her his hand and they go off.

Raquel tells Gonzalo that they have to trap and put her in jail because she has to pay for what she did. Gonzalo is wary since Nuria is his daughter but Raquel is adamant. Just then, Micaela, Chelo and Florencia arrive and Gonzalo tells Florencia to quickly heal Raquel’s head wound and for Chelo and Micaela to clean the house. They want to know what happened and Gonzalo tells them that she did something terrible and attacked Raquel. They’ll know what it is when the time is right.

Gisela is glad to hear about Fernanda’s change of heart. She then asks Angelica if she will talk to Osvaldo but Angelica doesn’t think she will. In fact, she wants to leave the hotel villa because she doesn’t feel comfortable there. Gisela asks if she will she will stay without Gonzalo or Osvaldo and Angelica confesses she will, for now. She’s not changing partners on the fly, she needs to think and process what she needs, and wants and then she will reach out to both of them.

Gonzalo is looking at his picture with Ines. He is grateful that she isn’t there to discover what happened with Nuria and all she did because it would kill her again. He regrets not listening to her when she told her to put Nuria limits. He thought he was doing the right thing but now is sadden by the fact that she has become a murderer. He failed her, Nuria and all his other children because he awoken Nuria’s ambition because he didn’t know how else to show her love but through material things. He realizes that Ines knew how to educate Paulina like he never could and apologizes to Ines for turning her daughter into what she is now.

Clemente is trying to get a passport for “Luciana” (Fernanda) but without her finding out. The contact asks if he has her birth certificate and a passport picture and Clemente confirms he does have the certificate and the photo he can get but it will take a few days. He confirms that Luciana is Mexican, not American, so the contact tells him that while it will be costly, he can have the passport ready a few days after he receives the items. Clemente smiles.

Monica and Osvaldo are drinking tea and Osvaldo tells Monica that she should stay because her kids would be with their father but also with her. That way they wouldn’t be so divided and she’d be calmer. Monica agrees and then tells Osvaldo it’s his turn: Monica tells him to fight for Angelica. He has loved her for years and that trumps anything. Gonzalo’s love and illusion is new and he will eventually heal. Just then Gonzalo calls him and asks that he come over immediately because the truth about Nuria is out. Osvaldo will go right now and hangs up. Monica thanks him for his help and Osvaldo walks her out.

Nuria is having her own freak-out. She doesn’t think her own father will betray her because he’s too sentimental but she can’t take the chance. She needs to leave Mexico as soon as possible where no can find her…


How banging was this episode? My mouth dropped when Nuria hit Raquel with the vase, then to top it off, locked Raquel and Gonzalo in the room. It doesn't surprise me that she would do it, but it surprised me that she did it in front of papito. But I suppose that since he knows about most of her crimes, she figured it didn't matter anyway. Gonzalo looked like he was on the verge of a heart attack throughout that whole scene. Just wait until he finds out that she killed my precious Camilo in an attempt to kill Paulina. Wait until RAQUEL finds that out! :(

I felt terrible for Gonzalo when he was talking to that picture of Ines but I couldn't help but agree with him that it is pretty much his fault. Look at how crazy Rene and Nuria turned out to be as a result of his actions (and other things, of course). Well, at least he still has Alan, Mau, and Valentina...and I am glad that he is still looking to Osvaldo for advice despite their being on the outs due to the Angelica situation.

Thanks for the recap!

Gracias, Alfredo.

So with 6 more weeks and change to go the truth about Nuria is out. Or most of it. This is incredible. Just like with bad knees she's still wearing heels. The evil flourish like the green bay tree.

Leonel is the only person who knows that Nuria caused Camilo's death although he has no material proof. It looks like either the two of them will take each other down or she will be backed into a corner and will ultimately confess to it.

Meeks, Monica's mother bears at least 30% of the responsibility for Rene being the way he is. She interfered in the situation in ways that made it worse for Monica's children. That boy was a mess already when her dying words to him were to get revenge on his father.

Thank you, Meeks and Urban for stopping by!

This episode was indeed firing on all cylinders. This whole novela has, like part 1, after the big Reugenio reveal. I don't know how it's still in daytime but whoever has had the pleasure of seeing it will be in for a treat.

Like Urban said 6 weeks to the end and one of the biggest reveals has already happened. I love that they're slowly doling out punishments and reveals so that the end (I hope) can be one final confirmation and not a bunch of shouting matches to see who reveals what quicker.

Leonel may reveal it when he finally gets the results about his child and then THAT whole secret may blow just like this one did.

It's sad to think you're responsible for your own child's actions but Gonzalo is totally at fault as is Monica. At least they have Alan left because poor Paulina is dead too. I wonder if Rene will course correct before he becomes a full blown Nuria lite.

Alfredo, thank you, man! This episode WAS banging, Meeks, and slammin' and off the chain and soul-satisfying! WOW! You captured it all, Alfredo!

The Nuria reveal was Everything! Nuria is silent and Gonzalo asks if that’s what she was looking for

Ironic that when Nuria denied being in Raq's room to look for the stone she was actually telling the truth! So glad Raq had a lucid period and could put all the pieces together, all of which matched up with the PI's reports! SWEET!!

OMG, you guys know how frustrating novelas can be when they save the exposure of the baddies to the last one or two episodes! I have loved and continued to love the pace of this and the smartness of it all -- I'm without words! This is why I came back after my novella hissy fit, to see Nuria exposed, for one, and to see the nuclear, red-hot spiked anvil that heffa gets!

So many sweet anvils and comeuppances yet to come!

Do any of you all think Gonzo would want Monica again. I don't see any other reason for her to come back into the story. Would Monica take Gonzo back? Nah, I think too much of her energy and even her identity is tied up in hating him. I just don't want Gonzo to fall for Ileana, gold-digging whore and worse, Leo's whore. Surely they won't let that happen to Gonzo -- AGAIN!

I missed this while I was away and I don't care that much but it's weird. What is this Clemente guy trying to do with his GROWN daughter. Kidnap her again? This is totally weird!

Thanks again, Alfredo! Can't wait for today's show! YIPPEEE!

Lila, you came back just in time! ;) I don't think this show was made for romance, tbh. It doesn't have ENDA's first love or CME's gallivanting love or AB's spark or QA's slowburn romance. It's a show about payback and the sins of parents and how it all affects and comes full circle to their children.

Nuria, Rene, Valentina, Mauricio, Julieta, etc. are all the products of their environment and we've known them for years (novela time) and seen them grown in the future but also seen their past and it all makes them who they are for better or worse.

One thing I've noticed is how each etapa took their time to establish the new cast and status quo and then all it took was one domino to set off the chain reaction. We're in that part now and it will be delicious anvils all around to carry us through.

Thank you, Alfredo! I agree with all the comments so far. It was so awesome seeing Nuria's crimes exposed and shoved in her face by Gonzo and Raquel. Poor Gonzo looked like he was going to keel over any second, but all the truth telling was giving Raquel life. She hasn't looked so strong and lucid in a long time. Gonzo needs to tell the police!

I'm glad Fernanda has come around and apologized to her mother. I also think it's a good idea to step away from both men, and concentrate on herself and her daughter.

Can you add Clemente's name to this sentence to clarify it was him, not Os, who attacked Fer: "she has no problem with her trying out a relationship with Osvaldo again, especially after he went to scream and manhandle her at the hotel and then punched Alexis when he tried to help her."

All done, Vivi! Sorry about if it caused any confusion. It was a weirdly structured sentence.

Lila, I think that Osvaldo will end up with Monica and Angelica will end up with Gonzalo. I agree that Monica probably hates Gonzalo too much to be with him. Plus, with how her mother died, I don't see her wanting to get back with Gonzalo. However, it's not very clear at this point how things are going to end up. I'm usually a sucker for the "first love" kind of stories so a part of me wants Osvaldo and Angelica to end up together, but I'd be fine either way.

Thanks, Meeks! The older generation love stories ARE a tangled mess. I guess they've had more times to screw things up! It would be strange for Monica to take Gonzolo back but it was strange for Paulina and Adrian to be murdered at their wedding. This makes me think Gonzo and Monica could end up together cause I'd kinda like Osvoldo and Angelica to be together since he still loves her and saved her life and sanity at the lowest part in his life.

Again. Who is this creep, Clemente, and why is he trying to mess with his adult daughter? Sounds like he needs to intercept a bullet or a bus. Either will do.

*lowest part in HER life.

I don;t know if I'd like Gonzalo and Monica or Angelica and Osvaldo together. Part two seems more about second loves than first loves.

Alfredo: I was also shocked that Nuria bashed Raquel in the head like that. I was like, OMG!

Lila: Clemente is a disturbing CREEP or PERVERT messing with Fernanda like that.

I hope the Gonz does NOT end up with Monica (who's the original GOLD DIGGER).


Even part one was like that, Paulina's relationship with Camilo showed that you can find love with more than one person, that's why I think Os gets Monica and Gonzalo gets Angelica.

*waves at Lila*

Not caught up yet, so this is old stuff to you all. But I wanted to get in on the conversation, somehow.

Epi #87 - Felix has no idea what Nuria is capable of, if ignored. She'll never be putty in his hands. This will be fun. She's like a tick in the middle of your back, where you can't reach to get it out. Once she's dug in, Felix is going to find it impossible to drop her, whether he wants to or not.

So Fernanda turned egotistical and bratty with her mother. Of course I want Angelica and Gonzo to end up together, but not at the expense of Osvaldo. He deserves someone better than Maite. She's a trip, sneaky to boot.

Tobias--what can I say.....he's in training to be a super villain in the mold of David Zepeda as Bruno in Sortilegio. He even looks a bit like him, too.

I want Julietta to do in Silvia soon and put her in a rocking chair in her bedroom until she dries up into a mummy. The only thing I worry about right now is how Julietta will be able to access her own money.

Now don't any of you spoil this for me by giving me the answers. Just laugh at how wrong I can be.

I'm loving the recaps as I go along.

*Hi, Princess Juju!*

Anita Girl, you are brave! How have you not come across spoilers already! Anywho, my lips are sealed!


Anita: It's Felix's fault that he's putting his own life in Nuria's hands.

The Oz deserves some happiness too!

Has Julieta arrived in town yet ?


Lila, amiga--I deliberately don't read the comments, but go write to the comment box.

Steve--in Epi #87, Julieta went to the mausoleum, saw Val and was convinced Pau and Adri are alive. The epi ends with Silvia showing Jule the death certificates. I agreed with those comments, that in her twisted mind, Julieta is still not going to believe it, or she will go after Val--as soon as she can ditch Silvia, who has forbidden her to leave the house except to go to the market. Oy Vey.

Well, I'm off to do my ironing and watch a couple more episodes. It's too cold and windy to work in the yard.

Anita: Monica, Ileana & Carolina should form their GOLD DIGGERS Club.


Alfredo, good good recap. Finally nunu
Gets outed. With her crazy self. All that blood on her hands. I had to lol
When she told gonz "you need a good spiritual cleansing because of all these bad things happening to you" and
She causing them. I had to laugh out loud when I read that.

Now get wants moma and ozzy together. Me too. She's not for gonz.
Now on with the circus of Nuria and Felix the clown and the dog act. Lol, so funny.

Thanks Alfredo.

Every Time I type "fer" it come out "get". Does that happen to anybody else? That auto-correct thing is nuts.

"Spiritual cleansing"? If a shaman, a Wiccan, or a gypsy tried that with Nuria in the house they'd witness a serious case of spontaneous combustion.

Gonzalo can't let this go. He has to turn Nuria in or she will kill him, Val, Mauricio, Alan, or all of them.

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