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A Que No Me Dejas #111 Thursday 2/16/17 Leo you are NOT the father, but you still have a kid somewhere!

Nuria panics and decides she can't risk her father turning her in.  She decides to flee!

Mau and Vale go check out the turtles who are about to give birth.  The births will be filmed and share via the internet to get the message of Mau's campaign across the globe.  They feed the turtles!  The marine workers tell Val that she must be very special to Mau because he never brings anyone down to this place. She tells them and Mau that he's very special to her too.

Gonzo grapples with the knowledge that Nuria is a killer and is responsible for the death of his friend Alfonso.  He vows to Alfonso's memory and Camilo and all of his loved ones that Nuria will pay for what she's done

Leo drags Alexis for not telling him that Gonzo was attacked by a dog   Alexis wonders how Leo found out, but Leo tells him not to worry about.  He pays Alexis to tell him.  So get out there and find out what I pay you to do.  Yes sir Mr. Madrigal! 

Almudena tells Alan he doesn't need to worry about helping her anymore, because her hand is better.  Plus she's embarrassed now that she knows he's the son of the big boss.  Alan says it doesn't matter, he's just Alan and nothing needs to change just because he's Gonzo's boy.   Almudena agrees to work with him.

Tobias whines to Beto that the job at the hotel is hard and he's tired from carrying luggage all day.  Beto tells Tobias that this is more than enough reason to study at school so he won't have to settle for just any job.   The police arrive unexpectedly and show Tobias a picture of Hector for confirmation.  They also ask him to give up the names of the rest of the people in this gang.   He gives them only nicknames.  The officer says well with those nicknames most likely they'll be known in the neighborhood.    Tobias isn't thrilled with having to speak to the officer and he prefers to go to his room.  Beto apologizes for his son's rudeness.

Nuria drives into Felix garage and tells him he has to hide her and her car from the authorities and her father.  Felix closes things up and demands to know what she's gotten herself into.  She tells him that her father suspects her of being behind the dog attack and the murder attempt so she and Felix are in deep dog shizzy for rizzy.  Damn!

Tobias finds Adriana lurking around upstairs and he gives her the cell phone that Julieta sent.  She'll need to charge it before she can call her Crazy tia.  Adriana notices that Tobias is tired and sad from the stress of work and dealing with the police.  Tobias says a kiss from her will make him feel better.  She lays one on him.

Felix asks Nuria why everyone says she's a murderer.  Nuria asks who is everyone? Felix reminds her of what Leo said about her when he came to the apartment.   She plays dumb but Felix realizes that this isn't Nuria's first rodeo and she takes offense at his implications and tries to slap him.  He tells her that he may not be to her level but he's not stupid.  She tells him not to judge her because he's no saint either.  Yeah well I've never killed anyone?  Only because you failed and what is it that you think you've been trying to do?  Felix protests that everything he's doing is for her.  Nuria says oh no baby.. The one that kills the cow is as guilty as the one that's holding the leg.   So stop asking me questions and realize that you're no better than me! 

Gonzo tells Os about his predicament with Nuria and wonders if Os knows what it will mean for him to turn his own daughter in.  Os asks if Gonzo knows what it will mean if he doesn't?  Mau, Vale, Raq and Gonzo are all in danger.  Gonzo agrees and says even his two sons are, because Nuria hates them as well.   Os urges Gonzo to do what is right for Raq, who is only asking for justice.

Mau shares with Alexis the progress he's making with Vale.   Alexis is supportive and encouraging, but Mau says he's not quite there yet but he's getting closer.  He's realized that Val shares the same passion as he does and it further solidifies in his hear that she is the woman of his dreams.   Alexis says he never doubted that and hates to bring his buddy down off his love high but he's got to tells him something important.

Gonzo says this is the most difficult decision of his life.   Os says he understands but if doesn't do it, he will be nothing more than an accomplice to Nuria.  Gonzo says he'll do it tomorrow morning.  Why tomorrow?  Gonzo says because he needs to assimilate and digest his decision.  Os asks if that's really it, or is Gonzo giving his daughter a chance to run away or get precautions in place?  Gonzo doesn't deny that deep down that might be part of it.  He asks Os to understand him.

Alexis asks Mau if it's true a dog tried to attack his grandfather. Mau wonders how he knew.  Alexis tells him Leo told him and wasn't happy that he knew before Alexis.  Mau and Alexis realize that there is a someone who is watching the Murat's and Gonzo.  Mau wonders if Leo had something to do with the dog.  Alexis says Leo doesn't like Gonzo.  Mau says no, but he doubts that he'd want to kill his grandfather. The whole thing leaves Mau very unsettled and worried for his grandfather.

Leo gets the DNA results.  And realizes that the baby who was exhumed is not his or Nuria's.  Leo realizes that Nuria didn't lie, his son is alive.  Leo vows to find his son. 

Alan and Vale tell Gonzo the good news about Alan staying in Cancun. Gonzo asks if Monica is aware of his decision and Alan says yes, but he doesn't know what her plans are.  Val tells Gonzo that Alan wants Gonzo to look around for a contact who might have a job for Alan but she suggests  Gonzo hire him.   Gonzo agrees Val, Mau and Gonzo are the primary holders and decide who works in the hotel. So it's settled.  Val vouches for Alan's amazing cooking skills!  Raq comes down and recognizes Alan.   Mau and Vale worry because they heard about her injury.  Raq is a bit confused and asks to speak to Gonzo in his office, but before they can, Leo comes barging in unannounced and pushing past Chelo.   Mau and Gonzo try to get him to leave but he demands to know where his son is, because the one he exhumed isn't his. Caras impactada all around! 

Adri calls a very anxious Julieta who is not happy to hear that her corazon has gone to live with the Murat's. How could you do that?  Adr tells her she had no choice but truthfully they've been treating her very well.  Julieta is not happy that her niece iis softening toward the Murat's and insists that Adri get away from them because the Murat's are their enemies and don't treat anyone well. Don't betray me corazon!  You promised to take me to Spain with you, so we could be together, just you and me.

Leo confronts the Murat's with the DNA results and says the exhumed baby is not his or Nuria's.  Furthermore she's been lying to them all these years and just recently tried to extort money from  him in exchange for the location of their son. Val can't believe Nuria would do that but Leo says oh she's capable of that and more!  Gonzo wants to know who the baby is that's buried in the grave. Leo says he has no idea and Raq asks if Nuria knows where her son is.  Leo says he doubts it because he tried to bribe her with a check and she could never tell him.  What he wants to know is what the hell happened In this house all those years ago that they were able to buy Nuria's swill that her baby died. 

 Adri assures her crazy aunt that their plans have not changed but living there right now allows her to be near Tobias who has agreed to help them  Juieta still rants and Adri tells her instead of focusing on that they need to come up with a plan on how they can see each other.  Julieta has already figured it out, they'll meet at an art academy in the evenings at five in the evenings  Adri agrees and assures her aunt she'll be there.    Julieta tells  Adri that she is her reason for living.  Adri promises that she will never leave her cray cray tia.   Maybe but only in a body bag, Adri.  Don’t say you weren't warned corazon. 

Gonzo has sent for a confused Chelo and nervous Beto.  He wants to know what happened the night she and Nuria both gave birth that night in the dark.  Mau tries to stop the interrogation but Gonzo hushes him down and says  Leo has a right to know the truth and he also wants to know what happened to his grandson.  Chelo is confused but Mica speaks up and says it's time to come clean and get this off her soul.  She tells a shocked room what went down the night the lights went out in the casa Murat.  Both women went into labor, the midwife came for Chelo, but Nuria didn't want to go to the hospital and she had decided to give her baby away; ordering Mica to take the baby away as soon as it was born.   Leo screams at her that she took his son someplace and he wants to know where.  No! I didn't take him anywhere.   Meanwhile a stricken Chelo who doesn't remember anything after her baby was born;  realizes where this is going.  Mica announces painfully that her grandson died and Chelo wails that it can't be.  My son didn't die…my son is Tobias!   Mica however knows the truth because she was the one who had to deal with the heartbreak of witnessing her grandson dying and dealing with an unwanted Tobias.  As she recounts through her memories everything that happened that fateful night,  including burying her grandchild,  Chelo continues to sob.   Mica explains her difficult decision,  Chelo wasn't going to be able to have anymore children and Gonzo wasn't there to learn the truth of what Nuria had planned to do.  She was all alone and decided to exchange the babies.  Chelo is heartbroken and sobs uncontrollably, she's lost both of her sons all in one day.  

 Val realizes that this baby they are talking about is Tobias and he's Nuria's son, not Chelo's.   Mica says yes,  Nuria's son has lived all these years under the same roof as everyone else but raised with all of the love of Chelo and Beto, the love that his own mother denied him.   Mica turns on Leo and tells him he denied his son too and don't deny it, because you left him too!   Gonzo a bit slow on the uptake asks her to what you're says is that Tobia is my grandson?  Yes sir, he's a Murat brat! Sí me entiendesverdad?   Gonzo is disappointed that Mica could keep such a serious thing from him.  Mica is repentant but not regretful, because she knew if she didn't keep quiet she would get the wrath of Nuria and it was best to keep the baby safe in that house with them.  She knows she's hurt all of them but she's suffered with the guilt because all these years it's eaten at her soul what she did.  Leo could care less about her feelings and suffering because he is the one who was kept from his son.  She's a criminal and will go to jail! Beto stands up for his mother and says what she did was out of love, something Leo would never understand.   Mau tells Gonzo he can't permit Mica going to jail.  Beto says if anyone will pay for what happened it will be him but Mica says he did nothing wrong.  Leo is fine with both of them going to jail.  Gonzo stands up and says no one will go to jail, if anyone should be in jail it's Leo and he knows it.   Leo shut his yap and listens as Gonzo says while he's not happy with what Mica did he knows she did it out of love and he's grateful that she  kept his grandson there to be raised near his family.  Leo isn't so grateful because they weren't the ones told their son had died.  Leo thinks if he hadn't exhumed those remains he would have never known his son was alive being raised by these lowly servants!   Raq tells him to shut his pie hole and stop insulting them because Tobias has had a much better life than he would have being raised by Nuria or Leo.   Chelo who has pulled herself together thanks Raquel, because it''s true, no one has loved Tobias  more than them.  She aims her pain at Mica and says even so she would have preferred to give her life than ever learn of this.   Leo is over the drama and jail talk..he just wants his son to know the truth so he can take him right now from this nut house. Ya'll hear me?

In a quieter and more calm setting, Angelica and Fer dine peacefully.  Angelica hopes that Os has been able to speak with Gonzo and Fer hopes so too.  There's a knock at the door and Fer answers it to find Os who has unexpectedly dropped by.   He needs to talk with her mother.  Angelica doesn't want to Fer to have to leave but Fer says she'll go eat at the hotel cafeteria.  Before she leaves she apologizes to Os for how she's treated him and tells him she knows the truth now.  He's gracious and says he understands her reaction.  Fer says as far as she's concerned she will no longer stand in the way of what her mother and Os decide about their relationship.  Whatever they decide she will support and be fine with. 

Poor Chelo in a move that shows how deep her love is for Tobias,  tosses aside all pride and grovels on her knees  before Leo; begging to keep the son she's grown to love as her own.   Leo in his cruel fashion taunts her and reminds her that Tobias is not hers, but his son. He's mine. A mini-me trophy.   Beto refuses to allow his wife to be further humiliated and Leo says  you want to hit me for wanting to claim my son?  Let's see what he says when I tell him what your mother did.  Leo demands to take his son right then, but Gonzo asks for time to break the news to Tobias.  Leo says you're right let's call him down now so we can tell him what happened in this house.  Call him! Tobias!  Leo hollers for the boy and Vale tells Leo that he's a stranger to Tobias because he abandoned Tobias when he was in Nurias womb.  You think that Tobias is going to just run into your arms? Leo thinks his son will prefer a triumphant father like him than a damn chauffer.  Gonzo forbids him from insulting them anymore.  No matter what,  his grand daughter is right,  Tobias doesn't know you and we will do things our way.   Si me entiendes, verdad?   Leo says yeah but he's not letting them turn his son against him.   Gonzo says they will tell Tobias the truth and let him make his own decisions regarding Nuria and Leo.  Then they will take him to Leo tomorrow, he gives him his word.  Your word? Yes, my word.  Gonzo says he needs to get out of his house now.  Leo says you've got until tomorrow morning…twenty for hours Gonzo.  Yeah yeah..get out!   Chelo begs Gonzo to not tell Tobias the truth.  Gonzo says he cant keep this secret any longer.  Chelo says yes they can..all he has to do is let her take Tobias far away so he doesn't have to know the truth.   Please don't take my son from me.  Gonzo says he's sorry.   Beto tries to console but she rejects and spats at him not to touch her.

Alexis finds Fernanda walking to the cafeteria and he offers for her to eat with him. Almudena left him so food.  Fer is tempted because she knows how good Almudena's cooking is.  Alexis says why not? It's free. Fer agrees if he agrees to show her all of his extreme sports photos. Agreed!

Chelo rejects Beto and says he knew and lied to her.  Mau defends Beto and says he just found out a short time ago.  Chelo says it doesn't matter they're married!  Beto tries to explain that he didn't want to break her heart. Mica says she can be mad at her, but Beto isn't to blame; he was only protecting Chelo and she explains how after finding out he had no choice but to go along with what was the only option.  Chelo says well as you can see it didn't do any good because I'm going to lose my son.   Chelo wails that Tobias has always loved Nuria more than her and now for sure he'll be really happy to know she's his mother.  Mau tries to get her to calm down and see that its not true, Tobias will see that you've loved him more than Nuria ever could.  Gonzo tells Vale that it's time;  she's to go and get Tobias and take him to his study so they can talk. 


This was another good episode. I didn't expect this secret to come out now. I wonder how Tobias is going to react now after knowing what kind of person Nuria is...especially when he learns that she did not want him. Some months ago I'm sure he would have been ecstatic but now I'm not so sure.

Adriana is such a dummy. I had to laugh when Tobias mentioned that Julieta is a little more than anxious. The woman has transferred her Adrian obsession to Adriana and it is so creepy to watch.

I know Leonel is a jerk but I love watching him. He is really entertaining. Someone mentioned that Tobias reminds them of Bruno from Sortilegio, but Leonel actually reminds me of Bruno. I think it's because of how rude he is! I will be excited to watch his downfall.

Thanks for the recap!

Mil gracias, Delilah! FANTASTIC recap of a crucial and satisfying episode!

WOW! The baby reveal! Gosh, I LOVE this show! Poor Chelo! This speaks to a mother's love. Even though Tobias treats her like crap and now she knows he's not her son, she STILL loves him and calls him her son and doesn't want him to know the truth. Pobrecita! Meeks, I agree that Tobias may not be so thrilled now to know who his parents are but he's enough of a bastard to want the money and luxuries Leo has to offer so he can get away from the people he's never loved and quit his job.

BUT, he likes being in the same house with that easy dummy, Adriana. (I think the silly heffa may be beginning to see the other side of the coin, and it has CRAY-CRAY written all over it!) If he stays in the house how can Gonzo make him continue to (grudgingly) obey Chelo and Beto? How painful would his continued presence be for poor Chelo? What a mess! I can't wait to see what he decides.

Poor Gonzo! He has looked like death warmed over for two days now. He gets out of the hospital from having been shot in a murder attempt, gets attacked by a vicious dog the day he's discharged, finds out that same day that his daughter not only tried to kill her own niece and nephew, gravely wounding her Godfather but the heffa dragged her ass upstairs and suffocated him . . .

AND attempted to kill him, her own Father as well! I don't know if it's the same day but it's surely the next, he finds out who he thought was the son of Chelo and Beto is really his grandson because, Nuria - AGAIN, refused to touch or even look at or claim the baby as her own, thinking it was taken to an orphanage.

And that ain't even the end of it! At the rate they're going, will Nuria be captured today, will Leo confront her and spill the beans about his suspicion that she essentially murdered Camilo?

Jeezopete! What a story! LOVE. IT! Don't care about the hook-ups, incestuous or otherwise, the revelations of long-held lies and murder are the best!

Delilah- You had a fantastic episode and did it justice. I loved that whole long reveal scene, although I hated to see Chelo in so much pain, and debasing herself to beg Leo for mercy. He just loved being the center of attention in Casa Murat.

I'm thinking Tobias will initially love being a Leonel mini-me and a Murat (although his love for Nuria has faded). First thing he'll do is kick that bell-boy job to the curb, and start getting money from Daddy Warbucks Leonel. I can also see him doing something as lowdown as ordering Beto and Chelo to do stuff for him. I already want to slap the brat and he hasn't done anything yet. And I don't feel sorry for him at all. Nothing was denied to him by growing up the son of Beto and Chelo. In fact, he probably had MORE than he would have, had he grown up knowing he was Nuria's child. He had hard-working, loving parents and a grandmother, and the abuelo-like boss of his parents (Gonzo) paid for him to go to all the best schools-- an opportunity he squandered. He grew up in a beautiful mansion and wanted for nothing. I don't want any boo-hooing from him, because the other option was growing up in an orphanage or with the scorn of his mama Nuria.

Thank you for writing this blog! It really helps me understand what's going on! Can someone please tell me how Leo got to comeback and work at the hotel? I missed that whole part. Thank you very much! ��

Thank you so much, Delilah! Another reveal episode! Aren't these so much fun to watched and recap???

And we're not even close to the ending, not even the final week. I wonder what this means for our villains? Knock them down little by little till only one is left? Can't wait!

Poor Chelo indeed. Even worse for her is knowing that Micaela and Beto knew and kept it from her but maybe now knowing is worse.

I don't know how Gonzalo is keeping it together at this point, tbh.

Welcome, Elaine! Monroy sold his shares to Leonel in secret and no one knew about the sale or Leonel until he showed up at the meeting. He used the money he stole from Gonzalo years ago to do it, adding insult to injury.

Welcome, Elaine! I'm not the best historian on the patio and others may chime in but Leo got rich from robbing Gonzalo with the help of Gonzo's lover, a tool name Debra, who Leo used to get next to Gonzo and thus fleece him in an epic rip off of millions of dollars. For many years Leo was who knows where, Europe? America? and we don't know what happened to Debra but he came back as a "mystery" buyer of shares in Murat hotel empire, thus he is a part owner. I'm sure through the years he waited for the chance to pull this move. He wants to get back at Gonzalo for throwing him and Debra out on the street in their drawers after Gonzo caught him and Debra bumpin' uglies in the hotel. He also envied Gonzo's wealth and power for years and resented being Gonzo's underling.

I'm not good with the financial stuff, somebody else could probably explain it better.

Welcome, Elaine! Yep, everyone else explained how Leonel got his grubby orange hands on hotel shares.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Nuria handles hiding out in Felix's hovel of a home. My, my, how far she's fallen. Ha!

Vivi: I felt bad for Chelo, who couldn't have anymore kids :(

Lila: You want to bet Tobias will embrace Leonel & Nuria ?

Alfredo: I want to see both Ileana & Carolina get ANVILS now!


A great one, Delilah.

Gonzalo has been hit with so much in the last week or two that I'm amazed he's still standing. There is still more to come, including the horrible possibility that Adriana will try to kill someone in that household to please her cray-cray tia.

Nuria needs to be found and arrested but since she is the most evil of the villains in this story she will be the last to fall.

Thank you everyone! It makes more sense now!

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