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A que no me dejas Episode 107 (2.10.17) A lie, by any other name, is still a lie...

Take me to the end of love
Tobías finally has the time in his tight schedule between jail and his parents to call Julieta. She is happy she can give Adriana the new disposable cell phone, through him.
After Tobías calls Fabricio, him and Adriana, who are alone in the house, comment on that to then start hugging and kissing and squeezing and loving until they end up IN BED!!! Adriana's mouth full of teeth is not impediment to do what comes naturally... 
After hanging up, Tobías and Valentina talk about Adriana. She is upset because, first he covered for a criminal and then he helped her sister get together with a killer.

Bouncing is what tiggers do best
Outside Notaría #45, Mauricio bounces on René. SuperAlan, who is on the side of justice, thinks his brother is disgusting and that he won't get anything from anybody he tried to take advantage of. To start, Mauricio broke the deal off tearing the contract and willing to take this matter to trial.
When Mauricio agree to give René 20% of his shares, he thought René was only blackmailing him, but when he found out René was also doing it with Valentina for another 20%, that was the straw that broke the camel's back and now he will litigate.
René demands his rights and will have his revenge. He didn't give his precious blood for shares in vain. 
-We are not afraid- said Mauralan.

Raquel wants a cracker
Micaela and Raquel have a chat after breakfast and since they are al together, they ask Florencia about the jewels. 
The option of the thieves is discarded because they came after the missing jewelry. Then Florencia remembers that Nuria has been here looking for her stuff (and everything else that is not secure to the floors). Specially if "what is hers" is actually somebody else's.

3D white smiles
Yesterday was dentist's day and there was a 2x1 offer, but Julieta dismissed her niece's need for braces thinking only about herself, since she is ready for her laser whitening treatment. Too bad there's not a bleach bottle around.
When Dra Calderón said open wide, frogs came out of that mossy hole.

Guess who is coming to get you

Valentina has decided to adopt Adriana and goes to Jaime and Gisela's business to talk about it. After all she has done in so little time, they are ready to let her go.
-I am her sister and would like to watch tutor her. We should live together. Over there, there's a lot of people who can monitor her and she will never be left alone to plot. 
-Maybe is not such a bad idea after all- says Jaime.
-Good riddance!

Another day another lie
Nuria flashbacks Gonzalo reproaching her and leaving her out of the will while getting the clothes for Bobby the dog to sniff. Consuelo catches her in the room and Nuria jumps scared. Dirty conscience!
-What are you doing here and why are you taking all those clothes? asks Chelo
-MY FATHER asked me for a kit so I am gathering everything he needs for when he gets discharged. You don't want him to come out naked, do you? -replied Nuria- I need his slippers, clothes, lotion -text from Félix: Don't forget the cologne- Chelo, where is my father's eau de cologne?

After texting her, Félix calls Héctor, he wants to run away and reunite with him in case Nuria's plans don't come together as they wish.

This Maroma beach hotel is called "Secrets" but "scandals" suits better

Alexis welcomes a new guest and guess who is it: Yes! Clemente Jacques 

After Clemente gets the reservation information, leaves, but is then spotted by: Yes! Osvaldo!
Who I thought was alone, but after running to confront his former friend now rival, Angélica de todos los moles is there too with her side of the story. 
As Clemente calls her "womansole", she thinks he has no right, since it was his abuse and domestic violence that threw her into Osvaldo's arms, making her tell the difference between someone who didn't love her and someone who did. LOL!
-I know Valentine's day is coming but c'mon! Don't be corny! -Clemente mocks her. 
Osvaldo adds: -Between Angélica and me there's nothing anymore. You won't offend her, you're responsible of all that abuse.
-Let's take the masks off- says Clemente- you were cheating behind my back!
-The truth is something else- adds Angélica, who looks like she just showered- Living with you was hell, so meeting Osvaldo showed me what I was missing from our relationship.

Seeing that the argument won't end, Clemente leaves claiming revenge (take a number, Maite is first in line)
Once alone, Osvaldo and Angélica are spotted by Maite who comes to "build them a Frankie" armarles un pancho.
-So, is this how you show you are not seeing each other anymore? asks angrily.
This is just too much for Angélica, who leaves very offended and Osvaldo threatens Maite to transfer her to another hotel to work if she persists on making things worse.

When winning is losing
Your virginity.
Fabricio "won" Adriana getting in bed with her before Tobías. He lost. 
THis was my first time- said the boy.
-Today? I man, thanks! -replied her- Now you will think of me before you think of your parents.

And they are so comfortable enjoying the after sex bliss, also known as post-coital dysphoria, that almost miss Jaime and Gisela calling her to the living room.
Both of tem run to get dress and put everything the way it was before it is too late.

"We have plans for you"
Adriana doesn't want to live with Valentina. Jaime and Gisela don't want her here either.

-You are mature, understanding, you can not argue- said Jaime- me and Gisela had already decided.

The arguments go back and forth for about 30 minutes but I will spear you the details. The thing is that Adriana will move in with Valentina, where Tobías will be closer to her.

-Whaaatttt? -Fabricio screams silently from behind the wall biting his index finger, while he also jumps when he overhears that. Well, ok. At least he beat him pollinating her.

After they leave, Fabricio tells his parents: 
-Now I understand why she is the way she is, nobody understand her!
Because according to him, they didn't think of Adriana's "best interest".
His parents are both surprised and shocked by his reaction.

First Clemente, then Maite

Later, Angélica tells Fernanda that her dad is here. 
-Osvaldo and Alexis got rid of him- he was getting extremely violent. 
-Did my father hit you? Why you never told me?
-In TVnovelas we never tell anything at once, but little by little in the curse of three years So you didn't see him in a different light and thought I was just trying to separate you from him, that's why!

Angélica didn't want Fernanda to ever find out this issue of the abuse. Now she feels dirty and stupid.

-Osvaldo and me fought that feeling but Clemente's attitude pushed me into Osvaldo's arms!
-Now I understand!

I have plans for you II

You thought Valentina had plans for Adriana? Well, it is Adriana who has plans for Valentina! She will take Julieta to the Murat residence to wreak havoc!
Then Fabricio arrives and tells her that he doesn't want to lose her.
Violins play when she claims: Nobody thinks about what I feel, I am just a pawn in their chess board.

Enemies that plot together, go to hell together

Maite, after consulting it with her pillow, makes allies with Leonel accepting his deal, and now they will plot together.
-Osvaldo will pay handsomely for what he did to me! He needs to suffer. 

In the house by the sea, Valentina instructs Micaela regarding Adriana accommodations. She will have Nuria's room and here she will be watched 24/7, we will keep an eye on her. I am sure she will happy here, she is Tobías friend...
Mica goes to set everything and Mauricio comes to tell her that last night he didn't want to wake her but there was something to talk about.

-Why did you exchanged shares for blood with René? He did the same to me! I tore off those papers and broke the deal. 
-I should have thought about that! -adds Valentina- He only wanted money! 
-I will reimburse you all of your shares.
-No,you don't have to -she adds-After all, It was my fault,I was naive enough to introduce René into this house. BTW, My sister Adriana will live here with us. Can you spend the night with grandpapa?
-Why did you decided that? -questioned Mauricio probably talking about Adriana.

Somewhere in the long walkways in the hotel, Leonel and René talk business. 
-We just lost 5% and now we can not compete with or against them-says René.
-Is very upsetting but the war has just begun and I never lose- finishes Leonel.
In the distance, Alexis sees them wishing he had Mauricio hearing aid to turn it up and listen what they say.

Romeoless Julieta is back and talks to her maid. She says Ms Silvia is on a very long trip.
The maid said that someone called from jail asking.

-How do I look with brighter teeth? 
-Fine, I need sunglasses to protect my eyes from the glare! Now I am not afraid of you anymore!
-Wait a minute! YOU WERE afraid of me??
-yes... sorry...
-It's ok, now go to the kitchen and feed me, because after hat you have to massage my bunions (juanetes)...

When Adriana calls Tobías to tell him that she is moving in with him, and she is very happy about it, Fabricio ovehears.

In the auto shop, Félix and Nuria make Bobby the dog sniff Gonzalo's clothes. She is a genius!

Alexis and Mauricio discuss some issues, among them Tobías, who must work in the hotel.
Oh, I saw Leonel and René and they were talking like they were real friends.

-Maybe they were together as allies since the beginning- says Mauricio.
-He is an octopus, he is planning something.

Mauricio agrees that Leonel is like an octopus and has to be watched all the time.

-Carolina told me she liked me and kissed me!
-Wow! So she finally took the first step!
-This will make me confess Valentina my love. Hopefully before Valentine's! Nothing will stop me! I will conquer win her over!

Connecting their minds, in her room, Valentina talks to the pictures. She is jealous of Carolina.

It is time to trade true stories and Fernanda tells Alan the one that involves Angélica and Clemente.

-Don't feel bad. Let's leave them alone-suggests Alan.
-I don't want to be in the middle! I don't know what is true and what is not. I just want her to be happy.
-Yes, so you can have peace of mind near her...

A peso for your thoughts

Osvaldo, who probably jumped to the platform where his table is, in the middle of the pool, flashbacks the fight and the pleasure of forbidden relations.
Mónica interrupts his thoughts. 
-Would you like something to drink?
-Sure, why not? Just one thing... What are you thinking of? -OR- Who are you thinking about?

Secretus interruptus

In the hospital, Angélica talks to Gonzalo and he wants her to tell Osvaldo to get her protection. 
-Tell him to come see me. Clemente is dangerous-fears Gonzalo. 

This time Mauricio arrives before Angélica even gets close to the door. Problems in paradise? Hope not.

Prisoner with luxuries

Valentina shows Adriana her new bedroom.
-So, you like it?
-No. It is just a golden cage. 

Tobías interrupts the chat.

-Tomorrow, after taking Adriana to school, Beto will take you to the hotel where you will work-. Look for Alexis Zavala- says Valentina. Too bad she left them alone, because Adriana's lips never have time to get cold (she suffers Ricardo Alegría's syndrome).

I am just kiddin'!
René and Carolina get together and she asks him how is life treating him, so he says he would be a lot happier if he could only kill mauricio. 

Seeing her eyes open wide in surprise, he adds he is just kiddin'

Carolina confesses she will swap Mauricio for him. Why so sudden?

-I, stupidly, had my expectations on someone who didn't deserve me, ME! Can you imagine? (she didn't mention love)
-And you think you deserve ME? I mean, do you think I deserve you?
-I am all yours.

Hi, I am the chefa, how can I be of service?
Almudena gets congratulations from satisfied diners who also think this restaurant, because of her, should win some prizes (forgot the name of the award). Nearby, Alan and Fernanda spot her and invite her over. Then Alexis also gets there and voila! Just in time for Valentine's we have Love squares, or the whole geometry kit, if we include Angelica, Gonzalo, Mónica and Osvaldo!! Talk about the swapping 40's!

Netflix and chile
We end this episode with René and Carolina making love, sweet unprotected love.
Now he won't be able to donate any blood for at least three months after Gonzalo's dog attack renders him in need of another blood transfusion. LOL!!


Hellow amigowz! Welcome to Dejalandia, where lies run free!

As the blue Fairy told Pinocchio, lie Pinocchio, LIE!!!

Thanks for the recap! Very funny...especially the last part.

Valentina is going to regret asking this girl to move in with her!! She is going to bring Julieta right to their front steps. But Jaime must feel relieved that he no longer has to deal with this heffa on top of his brain tumor. And man oh man, I am glad that Fab heard Adriana talking to Tobias on the phone. Maybe he will come to his senses and realize that he lost his virginity to the wrong girl.

Maite cracks me up. This lady is always stalking around when Osvaldo is with either Monica or Angelica. I wonder what nonsense she and Leonel will get into.

I know that we hate Rene but Brandon Peniche is hot, so I can't say that I was upset with that last scene.

Thank you so 'much, Pablo. FIre-crackling entertainment as always and there was plenty to go around.

It was hysterical and exciting to see Clemente check in and check out so quickly. I thought it'd be at least a few more episodes. But in the pool side chat that wouldn't end, Maite appeared too, and oh the crazy is full blown now. I think Osvaldo should put in that transfer regardless.

I also found it hilarious that Valentina found Adriana insufferable. Like….Valentina, grab a mirror and talk to yourself ;)

The Adriana triangle is the dumbest thing ever. She's using before of them and if she ever felt anything for real neither of these couples are doing it for me. I think it'd be more entertaining to see Adriana go full blown crazy but it looks like they're going for sneaky.

I think the swapping couples are cool. Novelas should implant a rule that the person you start with is not the one you end up with. It makes things a lot more exciting.


Yes, I agree...

Can you imagine Fernanda ending up with Gonzalo and Alexis with Mónica? That would be a lot unique and unusual too!!

Meeks: OMG! Valentina must have STUPID written on her forehead by letting Adriana move in with her. That's likely going to get Julieta closer to the doorsteps!

Pablo: Fab lost his virginity to bratty Adriana & then she bragged about it to Tobias WOW!

Alfredo: Monica coming back to town yet or is she still living up the posh lifestyle in Los Angeles, CA ?

Nandicta: I'm hoping Angelica has a happy ending with some lucky guy.

Thanks, Pablo!

Wow, Adriana deflowers Fabricio in the morning, and by the evening is sucking face with Tobias. The girl has no shame. Fab needs to wake up and keep his distance from those two idiot brats. I'm glad Jaime doesn't have to deal with her anymore. He has enough on his plate right now. Juli is really going to flip when she learns her corazon is living with the Murats.

I'm so glad most of Rene's plan didn't work out. He didn't get as many shares as he wanted, he didn't get any of Mau's shares, and he didn't get any money for the shares, since Leo is broke at the moment.

Alfredo, thank you for your side-cracking recap. I don't care about the mating that when on in this episode and I'm going to try my best to ignore the so-called love story between Mau and his sister. Important for me was Ju-locita getting tooled for mass distruction. Your description of the dentist appointment slayed me:

When Dra Calderón said open wide, frogs came out of that mossy hole.

Speaking of which, did I miss something or why didn't Jaime and Gisela tell Valentina that Adriana had sneakily made contact with HER PARENT'S KILLER!! WTF? How did they not tell her that and if they did, why is she taking that rebellious little skank into her home??

And the bad doggie plan of Nuria and Naco is kinda funny to me. I just see the whole thing back-firing, as I hope it does.

Thanks, Alfredo!

Lila- Yes, Jaime and Gisela told Val about Adriana contacting Juli, which is why she decided to take her sister in hand. Part of Adriana's excuse for being in touch with Juli is because she's her blood relative, and Jaime and Gisela are NOT, and she feels like a stranger/freeloader in their house. Val's point is that she IS a blood relative, her sister, and therefor Adriana is not a freeloader in her home-- she's family. So that should theoretically knock down one of Adriana's excuses for acting out and reaching out to Juli. Val's other point was that there are more eyes on Adriana in the Murat house too.


I am waiting for that moment when Julieta comes all Trojan horse to the Murats aided by Adriana. I don't know how many more blood transfusions we can hold, but I see them coming!

I hadn't thought of Julieta coming to the Murat house to retrieve or Trojan horse the place but now I'm worried. Or would she risk it since they would be on the look out? Oh, exciting exciting!

Valentina is, for once, trying to help, but Adriana is a bigger brat than she is so I don't know how much it'll accomplish. Not to mention she has pined Fabrizio and Tobias against each other, with Fabrizio knowing what's up.

I wonder how the duo of Carolina and Rene will work out. Either way they're both second tier villains, especially Carolina but also poor Rene who can't plot to save his life. He's counting his chickens before they've hatched.


One of this nights, Tobías will also know what's "up", LOL!! I can almost see them playing the "sleepwalker" game, getting into Adriana's room "by mistake",Jajaja!

Thanks, Vivi! Okay. There was full disclosure of Adriana's contact with Julieta and she STILL invited her to live in the Murat house. Since it makes no logical sense, it makes full novela sense that Julieta is going to strike again with deadly force!

Yeah, I heard Val's argument about more eyes on Adriana. More eyes on her, indeed! How many eyes were on Julieta at the mental hospital when she escaped? How many were on her at the wedding when she slaughtered Paulina and Adrian? How many times has Nuria limped heavily through the Murat house nearly unseen? How many eyes were around the night Gonzo was shot? Fat lot of good "eyes" are going to do in the Murat household! Julieta WILL strike again! I just wonder who she'll take out this time!

Gracias, Pablo. However, you omitted a key point about Clemente: He raised his fist at Angelica in front of Osvaldo. Also that a past beating caused her to lose a baby that would have been Fernanda's younger sib.

This isn't a small thing. We've been told previously that he was physically abusive to Angelica but this series doesn't have flashbacks to a past we've never seen. That raised fist brings the point home.

As to the rest, predictions about Adriana are coming true. I'm sure Julieta will see this latest development as an opportunity to manipulate her into killing Valentina and anyone else in that household that she can.

When Gonzalo is attacked by that dog and the police investigate I'm sure Chelo will remember Nuria removing some of his clothes from his room.

Why the hell hasn't Gonzalo or Valentina issued an executive order to the staff that Nuria is not to be allowed in the house? That is, after changing all the locks, the combinations to all safes, and the passwords to all computers?

For those who watched PyP, I'm sure you recognized the taller detective (whom I know we will see again). The same actor played the two-timing henchman, Pedro.

Thanks UA.

I am sorry I got distracted and skipped those issues you mentioned.

They are, indeed crucial, to the story, because shows just how awful Clemente is and how he literally "threw Angelica" in Osvaldo's arms.

I'm glad Fernanda finally got it when Angelica gave her the gory details. Although I was disappointed when she told Alan she didn't know what was truth and what wasn't. HELLO! Has it seemed to her that Angelica has been untruthful in the least? She had already told Fer that Clemente was abusive and disrespectful to her, although she didn't give her the nasty details before. She seemed to be coming around when Alan spoke to her, but I'm not going to take Fer off my naughty list yet, until I see her apologize to Angie for her nasty attitude AND tell her she can do whatever she wants with her life, with whomever, including Osvaldo.

What is also getting me is Clemente showing up in Cancun. If he intends to pull the parent card on Fernanda that play is outdated. She is mayor de edad and doesn't have to obey him anymore. If he intends to torture Angelica some more, he will be in for a fight.

I think Clementea there to try and destroy any relationship Fernanda and Angelica may have since he recebty found out the police were no linger looking for him for kidnapoing young Fernanda. Finding Osvaldo there is just a bonus.

I dont know how he may do it since everyone involved knows the truth but he may find an equally vengeful Maite who will help him make their lives miserable (minimum).

Sorry, Pablo! Thank YOU very much!

no biggie

Here I am again. Just wanted you to know I'm past the time jump. Here's a short look into your past. (Actually this reminds me of Red Dwarf in Future Echoes, because I'll be reading this again in several weeks.)

I like the looks of the older Beto a lot more than the young one. Mica aged nicely, but I think Chelo is deliberately made to look very old fashioned, the 1940s maybe? She could have still been a "traditional" woman in an updated hair style.

I wish they had picked a Paulina look-alike instead of the real Paulina for Valentina. I have a hard time separating them, despite the funky hair style. She's just too hyped, frenetic. I keep asking her to slow down a bit.

I didn't at first recognize Alexis as our bon-bon tennis pro on YNCELH.

Tell me someone, Adriana is still all bandaged up, so I can't tell for sure. Is she played by our Luz Maria (Mariana von Rankin) from Amor Bravio?

I'm loving watching Nuria hobble around and then come face to face with Leonel after 17 years. It is priceless. He actually looks pretty good to me--peanut buttery or not. I hope Ileana takes him to the cleaners.

I can't believe Clemente is our beloved Lic. Linares from Refugio. So sorry to find out he's a rat.

Brandon Peniche is just perfect as Gonzo's son--after those first kisses with Val, he looks as though he wants to clean his mouth with Clorox Wipes. I last watched him in Camino where he was mostly a good guy, but the writers had him end up with a blah woman instead of the spitfire that was enamored of him.

What can I say about Gonzalo. He's won my heart with his heartache.

Hey Anita!

Glad to see you've made your way through the time jump. The Paulina-Valentina resemblance jump starts a lot of future plots so I think it's the writers making it easy for themselves instead of going around the whole "is she her daughter or not?" marry go 'round. Erika Buenfil played both characters as well in the original.

I laughed when I saw Brandon in Camino because I came from AQNMD and seeing him be so good was jarring. I've seen he can play both like good old dad though. Side-note: Camino's final pairings were a little weird for the subplots and I'll never forgive Marissa but alas.

Unfortunately, Adriana isn't Luz Ma. God I miss that girl and I haven't seen her since since she hasn't been in anything "good" since Amor Bravio. It's Natalia Ortega and I believe this is her first novela. Urban has mentioned that her and Adela would be a good fit for mother-daugther and I agree. Now we just need Adela -.-

Idk what they did to Chelo and Alexis (Ari) has become quite the jam. Catch up so you can enjoy the Gran Final with us! :)

Thanks, Alfredo, I'm hurrying as fast as I can.

Hi, Anita! I'm so glad you're watching this, too! Beto IS quite the handsome, distinguished gentleman, isn't he? I don't know what they did with Chelo: if they wanted to make her look worry-warn by that (NOT) son of hers, they've done a good job! Does Mica really think this was worth it? Wait until they find out how really deep muñeco REALLY is with Nuria! Poor thing, she even said it, that it seems like Nuria is Tobias' mother!

Pau/Val, yah, weird.

Does anyone remember when their problems with Tobias began? Was he a problem child before high school or only recently?

Urban, he's always been like that but they could never figure why he was so unconditional with Nuria. He was always ashamed of his parents and Micaela and hated that the "chauffeur" always had to drop him off in school. They only recently figured out that Nuria gave him money though.

Did they ever explain how it is he has only one kidney?

Anyway, I've been neglecting the medical issue that is Jaime's brain tumor.

A good friend of mine had one removed back in August. She went through a round of 10 radiation treatments and began chemo a few weeks later. She needs to be in the hospital for this for two or three days at a time and has two more rounds of it to go. She is depressed most of the time, can't eat much, suffers from very bad acid reflux to the degree that she hasn't had coffee or tea in months. She can barely keep down anything beyond chicken broth, milk, and water. In addition her hearing has suffered badly from the radiation treatments and she has to turn off the volume on the TV set if she is talking on the phone. She blanks on some words and recent memories. She's also lost a lot of weight since then. She doesn't even want company.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky is probably going through this right now.

The writers better not have screwed this up in this series.

I think those that didn't know the truth chucked it up to a medical anomaly except for Micaela who knew the truth. Nuria is probably going to kick herself since all the signs were there that he was the child she was looking for.

I don't think they'll shy away from Jaime's tumor. He already was disgusted by the food Gisela made that they found good and he's already showing signs of possibly being depressed by his own mortality and leaving his family. Almudena suggested she tell them because they don't deserve to see him suffer and possibly pass without knowing what happened and because her own mother went though the same thing but he hasn't budged yet.

I think Tobías was a twin and the other one died inside the womb due to that radiation when the x rays and the what not. Looks like the dead one remained inside not poisoning Nuria from inside in the process. But what do I know. Right? If they treat a brain tumor with this frivolity, what can we expect from the shroedinger twins (one alive and one dead) Jajaja!

Hey Pablo,funny good recap.Thess folks
Are munchy. I have no idea what that means but I couldn't think of no other way to describe them.
I hope Mau will just go ahead and tell
Val how he feels, I'm tired of waiting
But I'll keep watchin. I want to see her reaction. We really don't have a clue of how she feels about this hunk
O burnin love. That's why I want to see her reaction.
Nuria is just a very sad and funny las
She is the worst killer in all of telenovalland. That girl can't kill a
Suicide victim jumping off of a cliff.
The car guy was bad at it too. And Now they'll sick cojo on him, and he'll just pee on his leg and run. The girl is just pathetic. I Am so done with her.

I know gonz has changed, Im glad he didn't die. But I want to see Angie &
Ozzy together. Is fer his daughter? I hope so.
Rene is a lost cause. Maybe after all the mess is over Monica and gonz can
Make it together. Stranger things have
Happened. Ok that's it for now.



Urban- Tobias (and his twin who died in the womb) was affected by the x-rays Nuria had done while pregnant, and then by the drugs she took against doctor's orders while she was pregnant (the the pain in her knee/leg).

Nina- I believe Angelica and Os started their affair after she had Lucia/Fernanda, so there isn't a chance that he's her father.

Oh! I misunderstood, you meant if Chelo and Beto ever got an explanation as to why Tobias had one kidney not how he had only one in the first place. Yeah, Vivi took care of it.

Same here!

I thought you meant*

Chelo and Beto probably just thought it was random. Especially since Chelo already had problems while she was pregnant, and then the baby was born weak, according to the midwife (and we know he died).

I didn't think so, but it would have made for a good storyline, but we'll stick with what we got. Thanks Vivi.

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