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A que no me dejas Episode 108 (2.13.17) In Dejaland nothing is true or false, depending how you look at it...

Happy Valentines!
Since you barely see them in the scene, here they are: 
Natillas con Merengue a la española, y olé! Enjoy!

Birds of a feather pluck together
Carolina and René have been dancin' the horizontal tango all through the weekend. They started on Friday and it is time that they haven't finished yet.
Anyway, as all in life, even youngsters get tired, and Carolina finally breaks the embrace saying:
-I am exhausted, René... you're terrific! 
-Do you think you would have felt the same with the little mute (sordito)? I doubt it.
- Well, I guess I will never know- sighs Carolina- But enough about him. I was sure you and me could hit it off. Since we met there was chemistry between us. I felt the sparks!
-But you went to Mauricio because his wallet was heavier, right? (Flashbacking when she openly rejected him to be with Mauricio saying: I won't risk juaréver I can have with Mauricio, not for you or anybody) Carolina, never say never!
-We are birds of a feather! I left Mauricio he rejected me so he can be with Valentina, see how generous I am? She did the same to you, because she dumped you to be with Mauricio.
-She doesn't want him neither because of his money nor as a man- adds René.
-I am going to keep rocking your world until you fall in love with me...
-No mamacita, I will never do that. You're not the type I'd introduce to my mother.

En el ji-ji-jí jo jo jó

Meanwhile, in a flirting table somewhere...
Alan dines with Fernanda, who ogles Almudena being complimented by a costumer and call her over.
-Hey, Almudena! You're such a Goddess, your dishes are delicious!
-Thanks. I am creating my own dishes to be recognized by. I mix and combine just about anything in the kitchen!
-Well- adds Alan-, to break the rules you have to know them. You cannot add cumin to just any dish! Right?
-Right. I love the way you think- said Almudena. (Alexis appears looking for his sister to take her home and eat but despite Alan and Fernanda having finished their meals, they invite them to stay with them. After this moment the four of them start openly flirting before each other)
-You love aquatic sports?- asks Alexis to Fernanda. 
-I love them- she reply-. 
-I am skyboarding! 
-Ya hay en México? Take me with you, please...
-Yes! It is fun, incredible!

And while Alan asks Almudena for tomorrow's menu (secret code for god knows what) and Fernanda asks Alexis to let her see his washboard, I mean, skyboard kite, the Fabulous foursome are mixing flavors in risky experiments that later on will try on themselves.

Compliments to the cheffa #2
Mica and Raquel want Adriana to feel like family, so they prepared some dessert specially for her: Natillas con merengue or floating islands

-My gramodder Remedios aways used to make zem fo' me, I miss jer! This so gud! Mica, you have reminded me a lot, zanks! (read it with Adriana's annoying accent)

Raquel insists that this is her family now, because in this house there's a lot of love!
-Mica I want another natilla, says Valentina.
-Sizter, I love yoo! Olé!

Julieta dreams in color about living in Spain and while watching Pamplonada en Los San Fermines, she calls the Embassy to find out about the passport. She might want to get rid of her criminal background but, I could care less...

In the hospital, we have good news and bad news.
Gonzalo will be discharged tomorrow, tomorrow, you're always a day away!
Mauricio wants to know if he can work, tomorrow, tomorrow! Light duty!
The doctor tell them to hold their horses. Maybe Gonzalo can start going back to work little by little, not so much so soon. Maybe one hour every other day, avoiding the ones that end with "Y"
-Oh, and no excesses in any way, ok? Try to avoid conflicts and problems- doctor adds.
-Are you happy grandpa? 
-Yes! Now keep telling me what we left when the doctor arrived...
-OK! Adriana will live in the house and Tobías will work at the hotel, all the pieces are getting in the big puzzle that is our family! Don't you agree?
-Yes, but I wonder why Tobís turned out so rebellious when his parents are so nice...

She got enough teeth for both of them
Or how she'd say it: Tenemo diente pa'tó!
Speaking of brats, Tobías is in his room fashbacking the kiss he shared with Adriana. Life is unfair, just now that they are getting to know how their bodies fit together, he has to move again... and he loves her.
In a strange mind connection, Adriana thinks of him too... she likes Tobías, but Fabricio is different. She likes them both. Besides, both are willing to risk everything for her and that's a big plus! (more flashbacks)

-I am not shure whish one I love moor and whish one two shoes...

Meanwhile, in his house, Fabricio thinks about her being the first girl in his life and he wants her to be the last, but the Tobías triangle messes his mind.
-I am afraid Tobías will take this chance to get closer to you and I won't allow it. Tobías has to move out of your life.

In his room, Mauricio writes in his log, his innermost romantic feelings. ¡boring!

In some of those fake islands with tables, Osvaldo and Mónica talk about going back to her work, She is a "traductriz", spanish english and vice versa.

-I am going to bed- she says-, this couple drinks relaxed me a lot! I will look for you before I leave to say goodbye, ok?
-Is that an invitation? I mean, no problem, It's been a real pleasure to meet you.

In the middle of the night, Maite tries computer hacking 101, because she wants to read Osvaldo's private mails. Sadly, he changed his password. (flashbacks to when he told her about Leonel and all the precautions they were taking against him).
-I am sure you wrote it down because you don't trust your memory -she thinks. 
More flashbacks to when he was writing passwords down using crosswords hints.
-0svaldo- she thinks-, Crosswords puzzles are the clue, no doubt you're a genius. Just like Einstein! But I am smarter, like a rat in a maze and I will find them even if I have to spend here all night. 

After leaving Osvaldo drinking alone, Mónica met Alan and got shocked with the news.
-Did René sell his blood in exchange of your fathers shares? I can not believe it, this is unacceptable, I am going to call him and he will hear me! (ring ring) He is not there.

And the next day

Valentina gave Beto specific instructions for Adriana and Tobías. Beto will take her to school and then take him to the hotel to see Alexis. Later, Beto will pick her up. Tobías kisses her twice as is common in Europe to Beto's surprise.

-Tobías, it is not good to kiss her in the cheek because she is a miss (jajaja!). He means part of the upstairs people.
-But she is my friend. My relationship with her won't change even if she's Valentina's sister.

Later, Adriana talks to Fabricio about the move. He doesn't like the idea of Tobías near her.
Are you going to tell him we are dating slept together?
-I know Tobías want to get in your pants, but I don't, please trust me. 
-He weell start working and wheel sea each otter everyday, bedsides, we can always skip sckool to get intimate, don't you zink?

Secrets & lies

Mónica confronts René and is very upset about the blood trade thing. 
-I saved his life, isn't that not important?
-No! You don't have pity, generosity, love to your neighbor! I didn't raise like this! 
-I had to be practical, I needed my shares too!
-Give Valentina her sares back!
- Well. Life is like a market and nobody gets out without paying first!
-Did you pay already? Because I am the result of what you and my father did to me, no morals here, mommy!
Sasquatsch! Monica cries

Ileana urges Carolina to leave home to go to work, but after the weekend of sex, she is still exhausted. 
-Why are you walking like that not ready to go to work?
-René didn't wake me up. He is not a fool, he doesn't trust me.
-Having René on your side it is a big step.
-I am going to see Raquel because Gonzalo gets home today and I will bring this cookies that I didn't bake, of course. When you least expect, he will be eating from my hand, and not cookies if you know what I mean.

Valentina looks for her grandfather's loafers. Chelo tells her Nuria took them. 
-I don't know- replies Chelo- your aunt is strange.

And speaking of, Nuria gets into the Hospital with the clothes.
-I am waiting for Valentina- says Gonzalo.
-Here are your clothes- says Nuria ignoring him-, can I help you dress up? 
-No, thanks, Mauricio will help me. 
-Dont be prude! I am your daughter and you should not be ashamed with me. Looks like you don't want me here, so I am leaving!
-Please Nuria! I don't want to fight now!
After she leaves, Mauricio comments that Nuria is a very complicated woman-
-Tell me about it!

Monica is discussing Renés' behavior with Alan, while they eat brunch.
-I couldn't do anything- she says- I knew it. He used the blame card blaming us for the way he is. But why are  you different? Maybe I did something wrong with him that didn't do with you. Let's go back to LA asap. 
- Yes! René will never change.

The phone rings and is someone calling him from work. It is John. John has bad news, Alan will have to call the owner later on, but the thing is that there was a short circuit, and the restaurant where he work is burnt down. What a coincidence! All the way to the basement!

Burst bubble #1

Alexis is visited by Tobías.
-I am here looking for the job. 
-Sure. You will be the buttons (bell boy), people press a button and you will magically appear to see what they need. Got it?
-Really? -asks Tobías disappointed- Are you sure there's nothing better for me?
- As far as I know, this is not a prize, you are here for something bad you did in the meantime you and you family leave CanCún. You will work 8 hours a day and your only wages are the tips. You have to be here right on time. You check in, check out, and bring your own food if you don't want to spend in the cafeteria. Now let's go get your uniform.
-Whhaaattt? DO I HAVE TO wear an uniform? I am not liking this! At all!
-You are just an employee more in the montón, no privileges...

Jaime's first time (in chemo)

Jaime is instructed by his Doctora about the chemotherapy cocktail she prepared for him according to his specific needs. Almudena, who has experience brought ice pops in an organ donor cooler, because his mouth will get hot and dry and he could also get nausea.
-We don't know how you will respond to the treatment, some people have more resistance to toxics according to your body, with chemotherapy, your attitude is very important, to bad weather good face (al mal tiempo buena cara).
Jaime is scared after a sleepless night, but Almudena also brought mexican movies from the classic period so he can forget about the session while watching tv.
-Choose a movie to watch so you can be relaxed- she offers- and the key to the villa and a sensor for the car, in case you want to go rest a while without Gisela knowledge.
-But what about Alexis? 
-He won't mind, I am sure.

The number you have dialed is either dead or dying

Gisela looks for Jaime and he is not there. She calls him, but the phone is off or out of reach. She calls Angélica instead.
-Angélica, do you know anything about Jaime? Do you know if he had appointments? 
-No that I know of. 
-Well, he is not here. Thanks, I will keep looking for him.

At the Hospital Valentina takes good care of Gonzalo dressing him up good, since the air conditioned was way too cold.
-Thank for taking care of me you two- he said. And in that precise moment, Angélica arrives with flowers.
-This orchids symbolizes my love and I give them to you so you can think of me every time you see them.
-Dear... I don't need them to do so... I am thinking of you all the time! -replies.

Mauricio and Valentina, smelling the love in the air, decide to leave them alone, with the excuse of going to the reception and take care of the bill. wink!

-Please, Angélica- asks Valentina- don't go anywhere until we come back, ok?
-Never worry... I won't move from here.

Once alone, Gonzalo asks:
-Are you happy? 
-Seat down... More if you are by my side. You're so beautiful, and so important to me. I die to kiss you...
-Wish granted, kiss me!!
-What a beautiful kiss, I felt like you gave me your whole soul! 
-Yes! I did!
-It's been so long! (almost 20 years)

In another place, Almudena texts Jaime and is surprised by Alan, and one thing leading to another, she confesses that SHE DOESN'T have a boyfriend!!

-Really? A cute gIrl Like you? That should change! Do you believe in coincidences? Echate esta: The restaurant where I work got burnt down completely and I am jobless blank right now.
-I am sure you won't have problems finding a new job, your dad is the owner of the hotel are a good chef and cute too.
-Thanks! My mother is very sad what happened with René and she wants to go back home. 
-I am sure she only wants you to be happy.

Jaime, unaware that he has a wife somewhere around here, laid out ALL OF HIS MEDICINE FOR CANCER on his desk! And of course Gisela, seeing that, would like an explanation.

-I have stomach flu. I am taking this for the Infection, they're antibiotics...
-Dear... you need a soft diet that includes but is not limited to chicken broth, boiled rice, grilled fish grilled, and all of the above- she said- no fried stuff and junk. I am calling the store to order some vegetables, I want you to be better, for our trip, our annivesary, don't you remember? A second honeymoon.

Clemente and Fernanda have a strong discussion.
He claims he came over to talk to her and to know the whole truth.
She replies that she is not buying it, since he only used her as a revenge against Angélica.

Turtledoves, interrupted or Bursted bubble #2

And just when the honey was oozing from Gonzalo and Angélica's mouth, Leonel shows up to rain oh that parade...

-What do you want? -Gonzalo asked him.
-I came just to see how are you, but after seeing this, I can assure you are fine! I am amazed you are doing this with your best friends woman. 
-Angélica was wishing to be swallowed up by mother earth
-Please shut up! You're so inopportune!
-She is not the woman of no friend of mine! -said Gonzalo without knowing all the facts.   -Yes she was! -counter attacks Leonel- Since she is not that ugly, even I wanted to woo her, but then I found out she was Osvaldo's lover! And I decided to leave her alone !
-What are you saying stupid?
-Angelica- Leonel insists-, tell him the truth, she cheated on her husband with Osvaldo, and now you are the one cheated on, my friend! Jajaja Remember when you never left one alive go? (no se te iba una viva)? Those were the days my friend...


Hellow again amigowz!

I am here tonight "porque usted lo pidió". LOL!
Covering for our dear Nandicta. Hope you all visit me and comment. Thanks!

Good work, Pablo.

Leonel just has to rain on everybody's parade, doesn't he. And here's hoping Maite gets caught. She's a real psycho, like Julieta.

Does anyone else think that Adriana was faking politeness to Michaela? I don't wish this chick even on Tobias.

Jaime will not be able to hide his condition. I wish someone would tell him this.

More tomorrow.

Pablo, where do I begin... A yuge thanks for covering for me again and a yuger thanks for the laughs you gifted me this morning! I woke up in a bad mood and now I'm giggling hysterically and I can't stop! Too many genius turns of phrases to point out and I hate typing on my phone with my pudgy fingers! Suffice it to say, this recap is the best thing that happened to me desde que le dió un patatús al mendiga laptop. Gwaciers amigow! :)

I don't know about the rest of you but so far, I'm enjoying the pairing switcheroos in progress. It makes for a refreshing change

Thank you ever so much, Alfredo, for covering for me last Monday and again this week over in Colorlandia. Te lo agradezco mucho :)

¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad! Have a wonderful day, everyone! :)

Nan: Thanks to you for letting me help.

After being so serious, I wanted to let my hair go and went a little crazy. One can not see Adriana, Maite, Leonel and the fabulous foursome and not do something about it.

Thanks for everything.


Thanks for the recap!

Fabricio was creepily sniffing his pillow and creepily saying that Tobias needs to stay away from Adriana. If he didn't seem like such a good boy I'd be a lot more bothered by that :)

I find it hilarious that the foursome were practically on a double date with the wrong partners. I am interested to see how Alan and Fernanda break up because I think we can all see it coming.

I actually didn't think that Adriana was being fake with Mica. It seemed genuine to she was really being reminded of her grandmother. By the way, thanks Pablo for showing the picture of the food...I was wondering what it looked like!

Jaime really needs to tell Gisela! How in the world is he going to hide his weakening condition from her?! Especially since she wants to go on this second honeymoon. My heart broke for him when he cried as he hugged her. Sad.

This episode wasn't too eventful and I honestly didn't care that much when Leonel revealed Angelica's big ole secret. However, the look on Gonzalo's face reminded me of old Gonzo! I think he needs to revisit for a little while in order to get rid of Rene and Leonel.

Thanks, Pablo! I also enjoyed the foursome date, with the switching of partners.

Yes, Adriana seemed to truly enjoy the food Mica prepared that reminded her of her abuela. A first flash of genuineness from this bratty user.

I hope Gonzo blows off the Angie-Os reveal. As they saying goes, what wasn't in his time, isn't his business.

Just to be clear, Tobias will be given a normal salary, just like every other bellboy, plus tips. This was offensive to Tobi who somehow thought his special status meant he should earn more. Just wait until this brat finds out he's a Murat!


By the time Tobías finds out he is a Murat, there won't be any shares left!!!

Thank you, Pablo! Man that dessert sure looks good.

I think adriana was genuine for once as well but its hard to know with her. She seems to really also like tobias and Fabrizio but my god shes ping pinging between them so horribly that I cant root for her to succeed in anything.

Julieta is getting crazier and crazier about Spain...god this woman.

I hope Gonzalo doesnt hold it against Angelica but he may hold it against Osvaldo. Ad a friend he shouldve told him just as a common courtesy, especially when everyone else around him knows.

The double switcheroo date was the highlight of the episode. Even bettwr and funnier is that they didnt even notice they were with someone else the whole night. I think the Fernabda alan breakup will be amicable. This foursome has been really mature throughout this whole thing.

My pleasure, Nandicta! Thank you for getting this patio started in the first place :?

Nandicta: Carolina & Rene scheming & plotting to destroy Valentina & Mau for their own selfish reasons.

Must be some generation thing going on...

Alfredo: Karma List:

1.) Nuria: Our lovely redhead

2.) Leonel

3.) Julieta

4.) Adriana

5.) Tobias

6.) Ileana

7.) Carolina

8.) Maite

In that particular order!

Good recap pablo. Leo is being his usaul fullacrapself. But angelica may have avoided this poo blowup had she told the gonz about her affair with ozzy when val and fer told her to. You
Snooze you get outed by a turd in tight pants who thinks he's hot stuff.
And gonz better not be too judgementy,
He used to be a walkin cesspool.

Nuria, don't care.

There's nothing Monica can do about rayna he's a creation of her and gonz.
Bad decisions always come back to bite you in the but. What they did in the past followed them to the present. So move on.

Jaime should tell his wife about his cancer. Who takes all that medicine for the flu? Think wife!

Thanks pablo.

Nina: Monica is a GOLD DIGGER!

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