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E; Color de la Pasion #107 (Hulu #106) Another death in the family

Let's get right to it.

Lalo sees the cross on the wall and realizes that Vinicio killed Trini, except he says it out loud while Vini is holding the bat. But fortunately for Lalo, Vini just knocks him unconscious and runs out the door.

Back at the hospital after making a deal with the devil, Clara is checking in on Benito. Benito asks about Lalo, is he going to come visit, but Clara lies and tells him that Lalo is very busy with work and won’t be able to come.

Lucia is reading Marcelo the riot act for telling Lalo about Tere. Marcelo defends himself saying that Lalo happened to be there when he took the call from her about Tere, he had no idea what was happening. Naz gets off the phone at that moment and tells them that Lalo didn’t show up for work this morning, and hands Marcelo Vini’s address knowing that that is where Lalo was sure to go. Naz goes with him.

Rebeca meets with Alfedo at a cute cafe with a swimming pool? Probably at his hotel. Both mention how poorly their daughters are, Alfredo tells Reb that his was led to believe she was going to get back with Marcelo and get married, she’s depressed now.
Both their daughters pining for the same man, ugh!
Alfredo wants to say goodbye, he’s going back to Mexico City with his daughter. He doesn’t want his depressed daughter to fall for another Ricardo Márquez. Rebeca’s ears perk up at that name, and Alfredo asks her if she knows him. Yes, he’s the guy who left Magdalena at the altar. Alfredo mentions that he left Mags for Reb, but Reb flatly refuses that, and leaves. 

Lety bounces in to Ricardo’s apartment to give him the good news. She and Sergio are back together again. Then she looks around and sees he’s in the middle of packing, and asks why. He got a job in Mexico City. Now she’s mad again, was he going to leave without even saying anything to her? and she stomps out. Ugh.

Naz and Marcelo get to Vini’s apartment and sees Lalo out cold on the floor. They wake him up, and he tells them that Vini had the cross, he robbed them and he killed Trini. Marc and Naz are impactados. 

Mario consults with Mag’s gynecologist because Mags wants a baby so bad, and is there any reason she’s not telling him that could be the problem. Doc tells him she checked out perfectly well, but sometimes a woman can be so preoccupied with wanting a baby, that it hinders the ability of getting pregnant. (what about giving old Mario a once over, maybe he’s sterile). Phew! The doctor heard my thoughts and suggested just that. Mario agrees to be tested. 

Mags and Sara are walking together in a gorgeous park, catching up on each other’s lives. Sara mentions that Lucia came to her to get blood tests for a civil marriage, she asks Mags why such a rush to get married? Well, if Alonso were still alive, they wouldn’t be rushing like this, his death changed so many things. Sara agrees. Magda coincidentally gives an example that if he were alive, he would have never stopped looking for Clara Morales. Wait! What? Sara knows Clara Morales! Magda tells her that she’s the woman that worked at the Gaxiola household when Adriana died and they have been looking for her. Yay! This finally is coming together. 

Marcelo calls Lucia to tell her they found Lalo, gives her the lowdown on his condition, but will meet with her to discuss more detail later. Lucia gets a text from Gloria, she forgot she was to meet up with her, and rushes off.

A detective is questioning Lalo, why did he come see Vinicio? Lalo is vague, he had a fight with him at work a couple days ago, and he wanted to clear up some things with him. Then he saw the cross that Naz gave his wife, and new he had been the one who robbed him, and killed Trini. Another detective comes out with a wallet, and Marcelo recognizes it as his wallet that was robbed from him the night his tire was slashed. Naz tells them that they need to talk to Amador because he knows the guy very well. 

Speaking of the devil, he runs into his wife at the factory, getting to know the business she is soon to be part owner of. Amador argues with her as Rodrigo comes toward them, then they leave. 

Lety is crying on Sergio’s shoulder about daddy leaving. ff...

Nora has called in her chit with Gloria and Gloria is paying it back. She meets up with Lucia and tells her that she’s very worried about Nora. The last time she saw her, she was so depressed and talked about killing herself. But just recently, she and Nora were shopping and she saw cuts all over Nora’s body when she was trying on clothes. But don’t tell Nora that she told her anything. (now all we need is for Lucia to see Nora’s body to see that that is a lie) 

Sleeveless dress wearing Nora barges into Roman’s office. She’s doing her part to separate Lucia and Marcelo, and she needs him to do his. Lol, he tells her she’s sick, and kicks her out. 

Benito is home now, Clara tells him that his tests are tomorrow. The doorbell rings, Sara and Magdalena have arrived. Clara recognizes her, and Mag lets her that she’s been looking for her for a long time. 
Clara starts to defend herself about Trini’s death, but Magda says that’s not why she was looking for her. Sara wants to know what exactly happened the day that Adriana died. 
Well, she was upstairs, and the railing broke and she fell. That is all. ( we must remember that Clara had just made the deal with the devil yesterday)  Wasn’t she there? How did the railing break? Clara doesn’t know, she was in the kitchen. Then where was Rebeca? She showed up suddenly. She hedges around a bit more, but that’s all she knows. Clara rushes back inside and shuts the door. 

Marcelo tells Naz that he needs to go see Lucia and explain some stuff, but he wants to know that Naz will be ok. They both agree that they are certain it was Vini who killed Trini, (haha, that rhymes) But Naz is sure it wasn’t his idea. He’s certain that Amador was behind it.  And he’s sure that he was also behind what happened to Marcelo. Naz is going to talk with the police.

Speaking of those guys, they are questioning Amador at his house. Amador of course, knows nothing about Vini. The detectives tell him that Naz said that Amador knew Vini from work up north. But Amador insists that he didn’t hire him, Alonso did, and he doesn’t know him very well. The detectives don’t really believe him, but they move on. After they leave, Amador removes Vini’s contact info in his phone.
Brigida walks in and wants to know who Vini Garrido is. He won’t tell her, but she knows that if the police are asking him about the guy, and Brigida knows what he did to Ligia, she knows that he must be involved with him and it can’t be good. She will find out. 

Nora is giving Gloria the third degree, how did she react? Gloria tells her that Lucia seemed very worried about her. Nora’s wheels are churning, Gloria wants to know if what she wanted Gloria to tell Lucia is true or not. Nora assures her it’s not, she just wants to scare Lucia. 

Magdalena is sad that Clara wasn’t helpful, she seems to know nothing, but Sara thinks that perhaps she does know, but she’s too scared to talk. Sara thinks she became very nervous when they brought the subject up. Mags wants her to just drop this, it’s too painful. Sara agrees to. 
Lety comes home to see Ricardo waiting for her. Long story short, they make up. Tender scene though, you should watch it. 

Tere is mad at Lucia, she didn’t want Lalo to know. Double Ugh!   How does Tere think that she could have kept this from him? Lucia is sorry, she didn’t know Lalo was right by Marcelo when she called him. Tere is ashamed, ( I wish telenovelas would quit with this portrayal. They need to portray strong women who never let this stand and turn the a-hole in, knowing they didn’t ask to be raped, and it’s not the woman’s fault. Don’t tell me in the comments that it’s a common reaction, I know it is, but these shows can do a lot to change that misconception). Lucia tells her that Lalo went to Vini’s apartment, got into a tussle with him, but he’s ok. The doorbell rings. Lalo tries calling Tere but she won’t answer the phone. 
Ha! Daniela came to give Lucia one more slap before she goes back to Mexico City. She spews more venom at Lucia, then leaves. Yawn. 

As Daniela leaves, she runs into Nora. Daniela has some stuff to tell her too before she heads out of town. Reb and Alfredo are lovers. Nora denies it, but Dani calls her a little girl, she saw them both naked in bed together, so what does Nora think that means? Dani hopes that her father doesn’t succumb to the same fate as her other lovers. What does Dani mean by that? Dani tells her to ask her mommy. 

Nora tries calling Rebeca to no avail. She then remembers all the people who warned her about her mother, and all the vague things they told her. She picks up her purse and rushes out.
Alfredo makes one more stop before heading out of town. He goes to the hospital to talk to Sara about Rebeca. Sara once told him that Rebeca is the cause of everyones problems, but he wants to know exactly what she meant by that. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything directly from Rebeca, but the one to talk to is Ricardo Marquez, he’s the one with the goods on her.

The detectives have moved on to the factory, getting the folder of info on Vini. Then they head in the office to talk with Rebeca. 

Talking together about what’s happened, Marcelo tells Lucia that there is also the suspicion that Amador is also involved in things. Lucia tells him that Daniela gave her a goodbye gift. 

Nora has headed out to see Ricardo. Hmm, Ricardo is going to get a lot of unexpected visitors before he finally leaves town. She wants to know everything he knows about her mother. He tells her that the main thing she needs to know is, her mother is very dangerous and is capable of doing whatever it takes to get what she wants, including killing. And just as Ricardo was taking a sip of a drink, Nora raises her purse, shouting her mother would never do that, and as her purse comes down to hit him over the head, it hits the glass instead, shattering it, and unfortunately for Ricardo, it cuts him in his jugular as blood gushes out of his neck. He slowly falls to the ground, but not before he first runs his bloody hands over the front of Nora’s dress. 
The end.


I need to go out, i will edit it when i get back. Enjoy.

Cathyx, thanks for a succinct and very descriptive summary of what turned out to be a very dark did it justice. Will likely comment later after mulling over my thoughts about the episode.

Thanks, Cathyx. Great job.

What a shocking ending. No surprise that Nora didn't dial 911 and grab a towel or something to try to stem the bleeding. RIP Ric. He wasn't a bad late-life dad to Leti, plus he jump-started the battle against Rebeca.

Normally, I don't appreciate PSAs in TNs, but Tere's rape deserves one. Luci needs to tell Sara, who orders a rape kit (if Tere hasn't showered yet) and gets Tere counseling.

Thanks cathyx!!! What an episode! I had seen the spoiler already but it was chilling to watch it again. Ricardo's death was the only scene worth watching in an otherwise uneventful episode.

I have a feeling Alfredo may be a witness to what happened. After what Sara told him, I don't think he'd waste any time going to see Ric but boy will he be in for a surprise if he does go.

I don't see how going and slapping Lucia solves anything for Daniela. It's not gonna make Marcelo go back with her. She's just wasting her time.

It's disappointing that Clara is now covering up for Rebeca. She clearly doesn't know what she got herself into.


Two things

Acknowledgement - thanks Cathyx for that recap it was descriptive and had me vividly remembering that episode.

Comment - Oh sh**!!

That's all I got. See y'all Tuesday when I finish processing what the heck just happened.


First, many thanks cathyx for your detailed recap.
Second, well, damn. I got a bit worried when there was such a tender father-daughter scene with Leti as that usually heralds something happening to one or the other person. But did NOT see that Nora would be part of anything happening to Ric, let alone his death. Lord that was graphic, but being so will definitely play into most likely Nora's increasingly deep mental illness. Well, Becs, want to hide the fact the girl needs help now? My guess, she will.

I very much agree on the frustration of how the writers so far are handling Tere's rape. I very much understand the shame factor. Lucia not encouraging her more to be checked at a hospital and report it to the police bothers me. The fact she didn't go back and try to offer that to Tere and be with her and instead was more concerned about going to see Gloria...good lord. If they did this right, they could use Roman, who doesn't have much to do, now and have him in helping Tere work through her attack. Or Sara....someone. They gloss this over and just "make it ok" after awhile, I will throw something at the TV. There is no excuse for that in TN's anymore. If we can spend all those medical scenes with Mario and Mags and the baby issues, we can do something for Tere too.

For awhile there I fully was seeing Nora's wheels turning that she would actually start cutting herself just to prove a point to Lucia. But I think now she has more important issues to deal with.

C'mon Brigida. Talk to your son...start putting things together. YOu are married to a crook and murderer. We're counting on your both!


Thanks so much, Cathyx! You got a doozy. I'm still in shock from that ending. This will certainly push Nora further over the edge.

I was so happy that they not only found the clue that Vini killed Trini, but also that he tried to kill Marcelo. Was anyone else worried that he would pop up at Naz's house and try to hurt Lucia while she was alone? Just me? Because not only would hurting Lucia get back at her for firing him, but it would also hurt Naz and Marcelo. I'm glad the writers didn't go that route. It's bad enough that poor Tere was raped. I hope that Lucia and Lalo can convince her to add her charges to the mounting charges against Vini.

Cathyx- Remember to label this post.

I forgot to mention that the real star of this episode was the dog sitting along the fence outside the Gaxiola residence "eavesdropping" on Daniela's conversation with Nora.

Great one, Cathyx.

I didn't see Ricardo's Karmageddon coming this soon, but I'm glad I didn't wait longer to post that discussion! I doubt he survived that.

Whether he does or not (you never know with TN writers) Nora will be even more of a mental mess than ever. Yet this is probably the incident that will start the fall of a lot of dominoes.

As soon as Lucia sees Nora's bare arms and legs she will know that the cutting thing is a big fat mentira. I expect that Nora will find some way to get home and curl up in the foetal position either in bed or in the corner. Agree that Rebeca will still deny that there is anything really wrong with her precious little baby viper.

This point deserved its own post:

Teresa's reluctance due to shame may be due to how Mexican police handle rape victims. This was a common issue in the US until sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. They now don't go near anything like "What were you wearing?" or questions about the victim's past sexual history. If Mexician police do that, rape has to be a severely under-reported crime just as it was (and sadly, still is) here.

Great recap Cathy and what a chilling episode! I had a feeling that Ric was going to meet a dark end but not like that. Wow! How horrible for him and now sNora is a killer! This is really going to send her over the edge. Who better to help her than her own mother who is an expert at compartmentalizing these things and moving forward. Poor Lety, she may not be my favorite character but she just got her father and now she loses him in a most tragic way.

This will ease a bit of the pressure on Rebecca though, she doesn't have to worry about being blackmailed anymore by Ric or him spilling her dark secrets. Still he did manage to plant the seed in sNora's head..he told her Rebecca was capable of killing. Then there's still Clara has dirt on her, as does Fede and of course Amador knows things. So who will be
the one to talk and bring her down?

Why did Lucia just let Whiney slap her like that and on her property? Lucia needed to put a finger on Whiney's empty noggin and tell her she could leave with those two legs that are working, or she could leave permanently paralyzed. Grrrr!


UA you're right and sadly many in our culture still blame the woman for being too provocative or somehow 'asking' for it.

Cathyx, thank you for your excellent recap.

"Daniela came to give Lucia one more slap before she goes back to Mexico City. She spews more venom at Lucia, then leaves. Yawn." made me smile appreciatively.

I was also a bit surprised Ric came to such a brutal end, particularly at Nora's hands. And although the murder was accidental, this might be too much for her already fragile and damaged psyche to bear.

Although not blessed with her mother's incredible talent for thinking and acting at lightening speed in order to avoid discovery, Nora has survived seemingly only as she is her mother's daughter. Lucia has tolerated unbearable cruelty fueled by her sister's obsessive hatred and jealousy.

I'm glad Lalo survived although it makes no sense that Vini left him alive and breathing. Perhaps with Lalo's love and Lucia's support, Tere will find the strength to tell the police. Shame is an overriding emotion after being raped but love and quiet encouragement can work wonders.

Let's hope the police are able to connect Amador to Vini and that he is jailed soon.

Magdalena still cannot totally admit that Becca killed their sister. I still have no idea how all will be revealed unless Becca does so herself and I do not see that happening.

This is a great story with incredible acting. The pace is sailing along with surprises (mostly bad) in almost every episode. Vino, take note!

Cathyx, thank you!


Thank you cathyx for a detailed recap. I actually stayed up last night because someone commented yesterday that this episode was not to be missed. And wow, I did not see that coming!

I was touched with Ric and Leti's make up and then bam! Ric goes down. And by Nora no less. How will Becs clean up this mess? Of course, she'll be happy that he is gone. Poor Leti - (I thought I'd never say that!)

Thank you too UA, for the karmageddon list.


If Mexican police can get cell phone records they can connect Amador to Vinicio.

Rebeca might just be reckless enough to admit to somebody that she killed Adriana. I'd love for Magdalena and Lucia to hear that. Nora can't blow off both of them saying so.

Amador claiming he has no connection/relationship with Vini should be easy enough to disprove, and the police looked like they didn't believe a word he says. All the employees at the fabrica can attest to Vini's favorite status with Amador. Lalo himself has seen those two chatting secretly, since before Vini even started working there (just after the fire). The cops already have Amador on their radar because of Ligia. Time for them to dig in and see what other dirt they can find on him.

Delilah- I think Lucia took Dani's abuse because she (Lucia) believes Dani was the wronged party. Marcelo dumped her for a second time, and this time Lucia is sort of the other woman. Although, technically I think both times Marcelo and Dani had broken up prior to him being with Lucia. It's just that Dani refuses to see their break-up conversations for what they are. I don't know what other magic words she's waiting to hear until she accepts that Marcelo doesn't love her, never loved her, never will, and doesn't want to be with her. I just about choked when Alfie said Dani believed Marcelo intended to marry her this time around. Say what? When did he ever mention marriage?

Vivi, Whinenelia is delusional! If that sixty foot hop across the room prior to their horizontal hoochie coochie, didn't speak volumes about how not into Marcelo was/is..then nothing will penetrate that empty noggin of hers.

You would think knowing how intolerable his daughter is (since he's always leaving her alone) Alfie would have been more sympathetic to Marcelo.

Between Tere's rape (which affects Lalo), the revelation that Vini mudered Trini (which affects Nazario), and Ricardo's death (which affects Leti), I really don't think this is the best week for Lucia and Marcelo to get married. That's three of their four witnesses who had life altering stuff happen that week. If Clara had come clean to Magda about Rebeca's true role in Adriana's death, that would have made four out of four of their chosen witnesses dealing with heavy stuff. Regardless of what Nora, Rebeca, Dani, or Milagros might do to prevent it, the timing is just really off for this wedding.

Great points Vivi. Perhaps the wedding will still happen on the gran finale.

With regards to Daniela telling off Lucia and slapping her being pointless, she only did it to make herself feel better, she knew she wouldn't change anything and she would never get Marcelo back.

It hadn't occurred to me at the time that the sweet goodbye that Ric had with Lety was an omen to his own death. But that certainly follows the TN pattern.

Cathyx- Yes, very reminiscent of the goodbye conversations Alonso had with his two daughters before his death. Bad omens all around this episode. I really don't think Lucia and Marcelo should even try to get married right now.

Remember your label, so that more people can find this post.

Vivi, that is a great point about Lucia and Marcelo's wedding witnesses and their tragedies. This delay will inevitably bring the wedding itself onto Nora's radar which equals another delay.

Daniela is completely delusional. She needs a shrink ASAP. Maybe she and Milagros can go together for a two for one deal.

Yes, thanks for the reminder Vivi.

p.s. Every time I wrote Vini in the recap, I kept accidentally typing Vivi.

:) Luckily, I'm not a murderous, rapey psycho.

Thank you so much for this, Cathy!

I finally caught up and wow! what.a.week. Coincidentally when Marcelo freed himself from the kraken and ran back to Lucia this thing kicked off like it never took a break (i.e. Roman -.-) He's not a bad guy but he's also not that exciting. He needs to heal completely with someone who's into him.

I don't think Daniela was right to go look for Lucia in her own house but she did have a right to throw all the cups of water in Marcelo's face. he promised and promised and promised to make it work but at the first he ran off and looked for his ex then disappeared for a day.

The Nora-Daniela fight was the best, especially Tere trying to break up the crazy. Who knew little Nora had so much strength in her.

Speaking of...Poor Tere. I don't think it was necessarily a plot point to Lalo to Vinicio's house but maybe it should've been attempted instead of consummated. Tere and Lalo were the sunshine in this thing through all the rain clouds and it's not fair that they got rained on as well. I'm glad two of Amador's crimes are out in the open and I'm sure this will be the beginning of the end for him. Vinicio ain't going down by himself.

Milagros is a mess and so is Rafaela if she covered what ever it was Milagros did. She doesn't seem mean or spiteful in that way so covering up for Milagros seems out of character. Unless Rafaela has more skin in the game than she let on.

I like Sara and Alfredo a lot. Alfredo has been a hoot as his image of Rebeca slowly breaks as well the more he talks to everyone in her orbit.

Gloria and Nora ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. Man can Gloria get annoying when she's not even that important.

And finally, Ricardo. Poor sap. I can't help but think karma but it still sucks because he, as many have said, kickstarted Rebeca's own demise but will be unable to see it come to fruition. May his death knock the whole house of cards down.

Side note: Ricardo's death reminded me of one of the most original (albeit horrific) deaths I've seen in a telenovela: Marissa in Laberintos de Pasion circa 1999, produced by Ernesto Alonso and starring Leticia Calderon and Francisco Gattorno. I don't know how long some of you have been watching novelas or saw a rerun but this one is one of the best at its time.

Here is the scene for those who are interested:

Thanks again, Cathy and everyone. Here's to an even better next week.

I did predict that Ricardo was NOT going to be among the living, so I'm not surprised he got whacked.

Surprised Nora was the one, who whacked him.


Alfredo: You're right about Ricardo kick-starting the Becista's downfall, but I agree with you that Karma was going to BITE his arrogant expletive due to all of his illegal activities, etc.,


This is a late comment, and I still have to read the recap, but Kathy I know you did a good job.
A murder accidentally, but still a murder, this is going to get juicy.
Thank you Cathyx.

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