Friday, February 10, 2017

El Color de la Pasion #106 (Uni/Hulu 105), February 9, 2017: Flava in Ya Ear

When the screencap above is the least of the plot developments, you know it was quite the eventful episode! A lot of serious stuff happened.

The recap is up now!
  • Repeated scenes: Amador tells Lucia he won't fight to retain Vinicio and Lucia tells him she thinks he's the one trying to defraud the pottery factory. Daniela tells Marcelo off and splashes him with water. Thought you might enjoy a screencap of that!
  • Also repeated but more important for this episode: Rebeca goes over to Clara's house and offers her help with Benito's medical bills - for a steep price and Clara's silence. Clara will think it over.
Now for this episode!
  • Amador gives Vinicio his severance pay. Vinicio is whiny about the amount, but Amador has a point, he didn't last long on the job. Amador tells him to get out of town ASAP. Vinicio balks and starts reminiscing loudly about the factory fire (that Amador paid him to set, that almost killed Naz). Then that scumbag fondly recalls killing poor beloved Trini or as he puts it, "the lady that died." Amador wants him to shut up too and tells him to scoot. Vinicio warns him to watch out for Lalo on the way out.
  • Clara brings Benito some water. He asks her who the lady was who visited them. Clara tells him it's a lady who lived in a house she used to work for. Benito asks how she knew he was sick and then comments they don't need her help because the doctor is going to cure him. A troubled Clara simply agrees, they don't need her help. Benito is having trouble swallowing the water and comments he has been having trouble swallowing that day. (Uh-oh!)
  • Normita gives Lalo authorization from Amador to buy some materials. Lalo snarks that if Naz was there, he'd have been working on the projects already. Lalo encourages Normita to go find Naz and get him to come back to the factory. They spot Vinicio and Lalo asks Normita why he's there. She says to get his severance, and thankfully this is the last we'll see of him. Lalo hopes that one day they can say the same of Amador.
  • Lucia and Marcelo in matching pink have a date. He tells her about his meet-up with Daniela going badly. Lucia offers to postpone the wedding until Daniela is feeling better about things. Marcelo is like are you serious? Luckily, Lucia is not really serious. Whew! They get down to wedding talk. Naz and Mags have agreed to be witnesses. They need one more, which Marcelo will take care of. Lucia is seeing Leti later and will ask her mom for the medical certificate needed. Lucia says there's one more person to fill in; Marcelo interjects that it better not be her mom or sister. Lucia says certainly not, that would be crazy of them. LOL! She means Roman. Ugh. Why. Marcelo has an "ugh why" look on his face but reasons that if he told Daniela, his girlfriend of 10 plus years, certainly Lucia should tell Roman, her "boyfriend" of 10 plus days. Marcelo is reminded to tell Lucia that Daniela mentioned to him that Rebeca and Swag Daddy Alfredo are sleeping together. Lucia isn't all that surprised, and reasons that her aunt is free to do what she wants with a man. Marcelo is worried for Swag Daddy's safety, given who he's getting into a relationship with.
  • Rebeca and Roman meet. He wants to refer Nora to another doctor because Nora thinks of him as her sister's suitor. Rebeca is bored by this and he calls her out on it. Rebeca balks at being referred elsewhere, because she doesn't want Nora going from doctor to doctor. Roman repeats that Rebeca is a fundamental part of Nora's emotional issues and if she doesn't change, Nora won't get better. Rebeca calls Roman mediocre and is glad he won't be Nora's doctor anymore. Uh, they're both correct?
  • Rebeca leaves Roman's office and gets a call from Ricardo summoning her to pick up that picture of her when she was MC Becky. You know the one.
  • Daniela fully turns into Whinelia this episode with a call to Momster whining about how Marcelo has totally dumped her forever for Lucia. Momster encourages her to return to Mexico City and plot next steps. Daniela doesn't see the point as she has lost Marcelo forever and hangs up on Momster. Rod and his rod call Daniela next, and she ignores the call. He leaves a message for her to call him and talk about something important.
  • As Rod hangs up, Amador comes to his office. Rod tells him he was trying to call a lady friend. Amador wonders what happened with Lucia and all the other ladies he's been with. Rod tells him to shut it, as he doesn't want to end up with a farce of marriage and dead lovers like his dad.
  • Lucia swears Leti to secrecy. Good luck on that Lucia. Leti wants to be there when Lucia tells Nora. LOL. Well I found that funny, but Lucia doesn't and firmly tells Leti to not joke like that. Lucia gets a mysterious call from Gloria asking her to come see her in person...
  • Leti says to be careful, because Gloria and Nora are vipers.
  • Lalo and Tere meet up after work in the dark. Tere is hustling to get there and out of breath when she arrives. She starts to tells Lalo what she learned about Clara. Creepy Vinicio watches.
  • Marcelo and Swag Daddy Suarez meet up. Swag Daddy is not happy that Marcelo had let Daniela believe he was into her again. Marcelo is sorry about that. Swag Daddy is still not happy. Marcelo says well hey, you've gone back to Rebeca! Swag Daddy tells him not to worry, Rebeca won't drive him to suicide like she did Marcelo's brother. Marcelo ignores this cruel remark and continues to list Rebeca's other crimes, sins and victims. He mentions that Rebeca ruined Mags wedding by sleeping with the groom, who was none other than Ricardo. That gets Swag Daddy's attention. Marcelo tells Swag Daddy to talk to Ricardo and get more information, so that he doesn't end up like poor Alonso.
  • Rebeca and Ricardo are having their meet up. He returns the MC Becky photo to her. She notices her love note isn't on it, and demands the original photo. He wants to keep that as a memory before he leaves. He comments that she always gets away with everything bad she does, while the rest of the world must pay. He asks if they can part as friends and goes to shake her and then pulls her in for a kiss. They pull apart and it seems from the lusty look in Rebeca's eyes they might get busy...
  • But nope: SHE BITES HIS EAR to hurt him! 
I screamed when this happened. It was out of nowhere.
  • If you think the episode just took a turn for the worse, you are correct. The next scene is Tere walking down a dark, deserted street. (Ugh, Lalo should've walked her home!) She encounters that awful Vinicio who wants to stop and talk. She knows that's bad news and tries to get away, but he makes it hard.
  • He grabs Tere and drags her into an alley. She breaks free trying to get away but it's a dead end. He finds her hiding and grabs her from behind and begins to rape her.
I heard Univision cut the full scene and I'm glad; what they showed was hard to watch as is.
  • Instead of walking Tere home safely, Lalo went to visit Clara and ask why she withheld the fact that she worked for the Gaxiola's from him. Lalo lets her know he's disappointed in her and leaves.
  • After Lalo leaves, Benito collapses. He is struggling to breathe. Clara tries to get him to a taxi to go to the clinic.
  • Roman gets his visit from Lucia telling him about marrying Marcelo. He congratulates her. Lucia encourages him to support Nora but he tells her he's dropped Nora as a client and told Rebeca that. Roman tells Lucia he hopes she will be happy, but he needs to put distance between them. For once, I like Roman. Lucia realizes how selfish she was in this conversation and apologizes.
  • Swag Daddy checks on his morose daughter Dani. He comforts her. Then he asks her if Ricardo is still in town. She doesn't know.
  • Momster lectures the heck out of Marcelo over the phone about returning to Lucia. She asks if he will stay in Puebla. He says they plan to leave ASAP. Momster tells him never to come back again.
  • Naz overheard part of that conversation and asks Marcelo if he will be telling Momster about the wedding. That's a big N-O! Marcelo explains how complicated things with his mom are and how he understands now why his dad didn't stay married to her. Naz thought his dad had died and Momster had remarried. Marcelo affirms this and says he doesn't know the full story - yet. The doorbell rings. It's Normita with some food for Naz. He invites her in to say hi to Marcelo.
  • Lucia finds poor shattered Tere sitting outside their mansion.
  • Tere tells Lucia about Vinicio's attack. Lucia wants to report it to the police immediately.  Tere is embarrassed and wants to keep it quiet. The very idea upsets her and Lucia gently takes her inside to rest.
  • The nurses tell Clara to let them treat her son and they'll let her know when they know something. She's distraught.
  • Rebeca destroys the picture of MC Becky. 
  • Clara calls Rebeca at that moment and accepts her proposal. Rebeca says they'll meet tomorrow but Clara says no, you need to come to the hospital now.
  • Mario and Mags baby-making talk in their satin pajamas. FF>>>>>
  • The nurse says that Benito is stabilized but must stay the night. Clara needs to settle up. First she needs some air (and to meet up with Rebeca).
  • Outside, Rebeca finds Clara sitting on a bench. Rebeca assures Clara that they'll find the best care for Benito. Clara says he needs some expensive testing. Rebeca hands her some money and tells her to contact her if she needs more. Rebeca then tells her to drop Sara as Benito's doctor. Clara balks, as Sara is the doctor she trusts. She is firm enough that Rebeca backs off this demand but warns her not to tell Sara anything or the support will end and her real misfortunes will begin.
  • The next day, Marcelo visits Lalo at the factory. Lalo is sad that Marcelo disappeared without a proper goodbye but all is forgiven when Marcelo asks him to be the third witness. Lalo is thrilled. We need a happy screencap today, especially because it's about to get dark again, so here is Lalo's face when he's asked:  
  • The happiness is short-lived, as Lucia calls Marcelo and tells him about Tere and Vinicio. Tere won't go to the hospital and Lucia is not sure what to do. Marcelo tells her he's coming over. Lalo overhears and knows something is up.
  • Lucia brings Tere some juice in her bed. Tere is so upset. Lucia insists that Tere report what happened. Tere doesn't want anyone, especially Lalo, to know. Lucia says that Lalo will support her more than anyone. Lucia calms her down and says she won't say anything and that she told Rebeca Tere was too sick to work today.
  • Lucia leaves the house and encounters Lalo, who has clearly been informed of what happened. Lalo says he loves Tere, he needs to see her and he will be with her through this. Lucia insists that he can't see her today, she needs a day to recover. Lalo is reluctant but Lucia directs him to go to work. Lalo says that the animal who did this needs to pay and suddenly bolts off. Uh-oh.
  • Vinicio is packing up to skip town, with plot cross in the background.
  • Lalo bursts into Vinicio's trashy apartment with a baseball bat and the men get into an intense fight. Unfortunately Vinicio gains control of the bat and is about to swat Lalo, who has been forced to the ground. Lalo sees the cross and has a flashback.
  • It hits Lalo and he exclaims, "You killed her! You killed Dona Trini!"
No avances. Someone on Twitter said the next episode is DO NOT MISS so...


Wow! That screenshot is chilling! I just got back to D.C. late last night, so I haven't seen this episode, or the previous two yet, but now I can't wait! Looking forward to the recap.

Perfect screen shot, dy77! I would have tried to photoshop it to add fangs. This shows exactly what Rebeca really is.

Will comment later.

You are correct! I don't want to ruin it for Vivi, but last night was crazy!

I didn't care for Vini but as a slimy villain - I liked that part of it.

However, what he did last night had me so angry. (good job writers)

I actually missed Nora last night because they showed too much Dani. Now she wants to die. I thought the scene with her and her dad was sweet and it almost made me feel bad for her - almost.

As bad as Ricardo is...I believe he is actually a decent dad to Leti. He went after Nora for messing with his daughter (dad's do this) I think he gave her some good advice. You're too young and pretty and it's not too late for you. I think in reality we don't want grown men approaching young women like this, but he did it for his daughter and I don't know too many dads that wouldn't do that - and not as nicely. A young Ricardo probably wouldn't have wanted this responsibility, but so far he has done anything in my opinion to show he is only using her - but trying to get to know her. Everyone else is using their child in some way shape or form. Now him saying nothing is keeping him in Puebla last night - that one has me questioning.

Damnit Clara! I almost had hope for you.

Glad Mario talked some since into Mags and gave her the Naz/Trini love example.

Lalo, Lalo, Lalo - do you ever learn? I fear for Lalo opening his big mouth! You just got beat with your own bat...should you really be calling out a killer on his killing someone? when he has a bat in his hand that he just beat you with? uh!

LMAO @ Flava in ya ear!

People who should've been talking kept quiet and people who should've been keeping quiet were talking. I'm primarily looking at YOU, Lucia. Lucia shouldn't have been telling Roman her marriage plans; that's none of his business. All she needed to say was their relationship was over because she was with Marcelo again. That's it.

LOL @ Alfredo getting clued in to Rebeca.

I did question Slic Ric saying nothing was keeping him in Puebla, especially when he's trying to get to know Leti. However, he's involved in shady activities with Amador and he knows Amador won't hesitate to turn on him, and neither will Rebeca. So one way or the other Ric will be leaving, whether it's voluntarily, in handcuffs or in a bodybag. Ric might feel it's best for LETI for him to leave town and not in a bodybag or handcuffs.

Leti is the only person in town who thinks of Ric in a good light.

Daniela will be continuing her reign of pathetic-ness and I wonder what Nora & Gloria are up to? Gloria, another pathetic hag...she needs a comeuppance, too.

Kendra, I just really hate that poor Tere had to get raped so that Lalo could attack Vini and spot the cross. There had to be another way to go plotwise to get to the spotting of the cross.

That said, I'm glad Vini is busted but I hope Lalo lives to tell on him.

UA, I love screencapping but I have zero photoshop skills! What Rebeca did made me think of a vampire though. Rebeca is certainly an emotional one!


Thank so much, dy77!

And to reiterate...y'all DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT want to miss tonight's episode. Major cliffhanger tonight.

I'm glad Uni cut the rape scene. I agree that even what they did show was hard to watch. I hope Lucia can convince Tere to go to the police, but if not I hope someone sees/hears the fight between Lalo and Vini and calls.

Clara officially sold her soul to the devil. I don't know what Rebeca's game is yet but clearly she's not sincere. I hope Clara doesn't regret asking for her help later on. Clara trusts the wrong people.

I'm interested to see what Nora and Gloria cooked up to stop a LuciMarc wedding. I too agree with both of the subtle insults that Roman and Rebeca threw at each other

Thanks for a great recap, Dy77. It was indeed an unsettling episode for me. I don't like that Momster is still willing to help Guppy lips plot to win Marcelo back. She must really dislike her son to wish that fate on him. I can't believe her arrogance toward "the only son she has left". Maybe she subconsciously hates him because every time she sees him he reminds her of Cris who was about to leave her sorry butt. She is beyond insufferable to me. I hope Aida pays her another visit soon. Nasty heifer.
I am also annoyed that Lucia thought Roman deserved a face to face explanation about her wedding plans. So stupid. I agree with Kendra in being exasperated with Lalo's behavior in dealing with Vinicio with a bat, especially since Vini had previously given him a beat down before using just his hands. He's sweet but obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


Thanks for the notice about tonight's show TF.

Helen, I was so annoyed by Lucia thinking she owed Roman anything. (OTOH, I did think Daniela, though most of us dislike her, did deserve an explanation from Marcelo given all his promises made and their long history.)

Do you guys think Roman is going to tell Nora/Rebeca about the wedding, or try to stop it himself? Doesn't sound like he's trying to get in the way, or is there something I'm missing from not seeing the episode?

Thanks for the recap, dy77! Tonight, I'll be binge watching the show!

Thank you very much, dy77 for your excellent recap. I liked the bullet point technique. Very efficient. And that opening screenshot! As others have said, WOW! Nosferatu wishes he looked so good. And this time, I called that Rebeca move. As she was making her first move toward Ricardo, I yell out, "She's going to bite him!" Well, even a broken clock is right once a day (as Ric Perry has said).

I am pissed that Lucía is not insistent that Tere go to a hospital and to the police. Tere could have been given the HIV virus, she could have been impregnated (too early to tell yet on that, I'm guessing), she could have internal bleeding, and there's no doubt she has suffered considerable emotional pain. She needs counseling and NOW! How is she supposed to carry that burden around with her? She's by herself at the moment with no one to comfort or advise her. Also to not report the crime is to allow the same thing to possibly happen to someone else. Vinicio needs to be off the streets. And yes, Lalo is an idiot for telling Vinicio that he knows what Vini did, thus giving the guy every reason to kill him, but in the midst of a scene like that, I don't think most people would think that clearly.

Also, I believe that Lucía was upset with Leti's joke about Nora because Leti said Nora would probably cut her veins (or something similar) when she found out about Lucía marrying Marcelo. Nora has tried to kill herself on multiple occasions; not a good subject for humor (in Lucía's eyes).

Thanks again, dy77 for your recap. I'm looking forward to tonight's show. They wouldn't kill off Lalo, I don't think. Lalo and Tere make for a cute couple and they deserve to be married in the finale. Having Lalo knock out Vinicio with the cross would be a nice touch.

Vivi: I'm betting Roman STOPS the wedding since he's obsessed about Lucia.

Dy77: Good recap!

TF: The Becista trying to be a vampire when she almost bit Ricardo's ear off ROFLOL.

Much like how you can't force a person to get mental help (Nora), you can't force a person who was raped to report it and get help. If you push too hard, you make the other person shut down completely. Even though it seems that Lalo's reaction was stupid/rash, I'm glad Lucia didn't listen to Tere and keep it quiet, and instead enlisted Marcelo's help to think through how to best help Tere. I'm so upset to read that this happened to Tere, but she will need Lalo's love and support to recover, and it's best that he knows. As for Vini, it seems his days are numbered. The murder has been discovered. The rape is really just the final nail in his coffin.

Great work on a pivotal episode.

Rebeca had no qualms about killing her own sister and her husband so Clara would be small stuff to her. That this would leave Benito without a mother wouldn't mean a thing.

I saw the entire rape scene and want Vinicio boiled in oil. I hope someone comes along to help Lalo.

Doesn't Alfredo realize what a whiny brat Daniela is? Marcelo was foolish to try to get back together with her but Alfredo needs to realize that she is poison to any man who would get involved with her. She is much too needy.

Rebeca doesn't want to face that Nora's mental illness is her fault. Had she not raised Nora to hate Lucia we wouldn't have a story.

Thank you DY77, great recap and screen shots.
I'm so afraid for Lalo at this point, he cannot be killed that would be the death of Tere who really needs him now.
As wrong as Clara is to have made a deal with the devil herself, her child is dying,any mother would do anything to save her child. She is stuck between a rock on top of a rock and a hard place.
Now the problem I have is this. We have all of these amateur CSI looking for Clara, all these close calls almost finding her, and then Becky just has this info land on her lap without trying....ughhh!!! All she will have to do now is say that Clara is inventing the story because she stopped giving her money, she has the check to prove it. Why was she giving her money? well out of the kindness of her heart of course, to help her child.
I need some bad dudes and dudettes to start getting what's coming to them, just saying. What Vini did to Tere deserves more than just jail.

Alfredo does indeed realize what a whiny brat Daniela is. Why do you think he leaves her alone to her own devices?

Once Lucia couldn't have sex with Roman because she was still in love with Marcelo, that was all the explanation Roman needed. Daniela DID deserve an explanation because Marcelo told her and her father he was going to make their relationship work and then he ditched her and ran to Lucia.

Neither Roman nor Daniela need to know about Lucia/Marcelo's future plans, if those plans don't include Roman or Daniela.

Lucia will probably end up calling Sara to come examine Tere.


The rape of Tere starts the downfall of Amador, because Vini will want extra help in getting out of town and Amador will not want to give it to him (because he just gave him money). Vini will threaten to bring Amador down by telling him Lalo knows he killed Trini and if Vini is caught, he's singing like a bird about Amador:

a) hiring him to burn down Gaxiola Inc

b) hiring him to blow up Nazario but killing Trini instead

c) hiring him to stab Marcelo

Amador isn't going to stand for this. I'm not sure if Vini also knows about Amador killing Ligia and he'll probably kill Vini. But then Amador will have had 2 murders on his hands and will start to crack up. I don't believe Amador is quite as cold as Rebeca. Rebeca hasn't given one thought to the love of her life Alonso since he died.


Anon207: Hold on just a second: Tere was RAPED ? WTH ?

I hope you're right about AmaDiva's downfall because we need dumb-ass Brigida to SPEAK UP & TELL THE TRUTH!

TF: I was NOT shocked about Clarita selling her soul to the Becista!

That ugly actress needs to be OFF MY SCREEN for good!

I don't believe Amador is quite as cold as Rebeca. Rebeca hasn't given one thought to the love of her life Alonso since he died.

This is absolutely true. However he almost allowed Rod to take the fall for Ligia's murder. When Amador falls he might drag Brigiduh down with him for harboring him for that crime.

Thank dy77. Took one for the team for sure last night.

Me, I shut it off as soon as the Tere scene started. I was furious at that tired old cliche that always has to be thrown into a TN. Damn writers.

I love Lalo's caring and positive reaction to Tere, but now this puts him in danger with the jerk Vinni. If he decks him, he winds up in jail, he Vinni loses, Lalo could be hurt. I swear, the writers go there in killing him off, I may kill off the TN.

Just someone put Dani on a bus and send her out of town. She's done, plot over and go away.

I know Leti is Lucia's go to, but so help me she is the one to slip up with her mouth about the wedding, she needs a good slap. No excuses anymore, everyone has pointed out to her in inability to shut it, so I pray she does. My guess is Marcelo's "other person" is Rafa?

daisynjay- Isn't Lalo Marcelo's other person? Naz, Magda, Leti, Lalo. Four witnesses.

Sensational dy. I hung on every single word.

Screen shots were amazing as were "Rod tells him to shut it, as he doesn't want to end up with a farce of marriage and dead lovers like his dad" and "Swag Daddy checks on his morose daughter" (among many others).

Agree dy, why on earth didn't Lalo walk Tere home?? We all knew Vin was going to seek retribution, but I had hoped it would be a foiled attempt against Lalo (rather than Tere). My heart aches for Tere. And while I heartily wish she had filed charges, I agree with Vivi in that she should not be pressured into doing so. She is emotionally fragile and on the edge. While I applaud Lucia for suggesting it, she was right to back off in view of Tere's agitated reaction. I am glad she told Marcelo. I am very worried for Lalo though but I don't think he will die Sandie. He will either need someone to intercede or find an inner strength fueled by outrage and anger to vanquish this hideous foe.

Becca brandishes her fearlessness like the lethal weapon that it is. When I thought about it, was the ear biting really unexpected? Not when you consider this is the same woman that savagely plunged a knife into Ric's side. On top of everything else she did - turned him against his fiancée, seduced and then dumped him, etc., etc. Did he really expect her to return the kiss? Fool. :)

Anon 207, loved your "Alfredo does indeed realize what a whiny brat Daniela is. Why do you think he leaves her alone to her own devices?" Exactly! I do not feel badly for Daniela. In the slightest. I wish I could say I cared about Leti, but I don't. Daniel, her "joke" was in very poor taste to say the least.

To be fair, Benito's latest health issues would have scared anyone. I didn't think Clara was going to take Becca's offer but I would have weakened myself.

Cannot wait until tonight!

Thank you dy for another fabulous outing.


Delilah: Maybe AmaDiva should whack Leticia to SHUT HER UP. I can't stand her opening her big mouth either.

I've tried to like Leticia, but she's too uppity!

Brigida can always say she was afraid of Amador, since he killed Ligia and let their child go to jail for the crime.

Marcelo can't have Rafaela be one of the witnesses because then she'll have to leave Mexico City to come to Puebla. Which means Milagros will know about the wedding and could try to stop it.

Daniela's place in the plot is still important because she knows that Amador and Slic Ric framed Marcelo for the fraud at Gaxiola Inc.

Lucia shouldn't have told Leti or Roman about the wedding. Not in advance, anyway. Just tell Leti to show up Saturday at X time in a nice dress for a surprise party, then tell her on Saturday when she gets there.

Diana: I was wondering the same thing on why didn't Lalo walk Tere home too. All of this could've been avoided.

Might be right Vivi. Must have missed that. In which case, wedding tanks because he gets hurt then.

The whole Lalo didn't walk Tere home to me was plot point. It's actually out of character, but needed for this STUPID plot. Wish writers would get more creative.

Vini has been stalking Tere for weeks now. He would have found her alone (and has already) at some point.

dy...great recap as always. My morning comment was before your recap.

Oh how I hated that rape scene. I didn't see it coming at all. Now I'm glad I was spared what really happened. Those few moments were hard enough, I can't imagine having the entire scene paly out.

Leti has a big mouth and doesn't know how to use her inside voice. If you are telling secrets, shut the door and whisper...she is not capable.

I agree that this Vini tactic starts the beginning of the end for Amador. Well, I hope it does anyway. If Vini manages to be arrested he may look for a deal.

As I said before, I had hope for Clara and when she turned Becs down - I had a feeling it wouldn't last long because it just so happens to happen on a day that he is doing really bad. The near misses with discovering Clara are ridiculous. It's boring me way too much.

I also agree that Dani deserved a face to face because that relationship goes way back and she is basically family to him and his mother. Where as Roman is nothing to no one...not to Nora, not to Lucia, no one. He didn't even deserve a phone call, but if you need to be nice, ok.

I will be glued to the television tonight.

Totally off topic: I've been reading my "News in Slow Spanish," and they have this feature on Porfirio Rubirosa, a Dominican who might have been one of the inspirations for James Bond. He was also probably the original "Most Interesting Man in the World" (check out the original "poster" of him at Google Images). Linked with the most beautiful and richest women in the world: Barbara Hutton, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ava Gardner, Veronica Lake, Doris Duke, Eva Perón, Kim Novak, etc. Just look him up in Wikipedia. Unbelievable. I'd never heard of the guy. Antonio Banderas was supposed to play him in a movie, but I don't think it was ever finished.

I know so little Latino history!

Oh my what a recap! You got a good eppy for sure Dy and you did it justice.

I want to say I was surprised about Tere but I think we all saw something awful coming with regard to her. I thought for sure he would strangle her too. He's an animal and I feel so horrible for Tere. I wish she would listen to Lucia and go to the police.

Clara protesting that she didn't do anything to the Gax family just isn't true. I feel for the woman but she LET the man in to rob and steal the people who employed her and treated her well. It was a huge betrayal and I don't blame Lalo for being disappointed in her and calling off the friendship. He's a loyal person and honest.

We knew she'd take Bec's $$'s. She's desperate to save her son, but I don't think she should keep quiet about what she knows regarding Adriana. I'm hoping she'll do the right thing.

Can Daniela die already? Why must we continue to endure this screeching hyena? Ugh!

I can't wait for tonight..let's hope Lalo makes it out alive and Vini goes down hard for his crimes!

Thank you so much, dy77! I haven't been able to watch this yet but I wanted to thank you for pulling through what seemed like a brutal but exciting episode. As we get closer to the end, it is finally heating up in Puebla. I'll make sure to catch up this weekend.

Kendra: I understand where Clarita was coming from, but her IQ is pretty DUMB!


Well thank you every one - couldn't have fun with this one like I do with Vino el Amor recaps for obvious reasons but that ear biting had to be addressed!

Vivi I don't think Roman will stop the wedding but I'd bet on some of their crazy characters, either a Dani/Momster combo or someone who hears about it at the last sec...

OK. I'm binge watched the last three episodes. Random thoughts...

The beach cabana Marcelo and Lucia stayed in was gorgeous! (I believe it's where Cristobal and Aldonza had their honeymoon in La Sombra del Pasado.) I would have stayed a few days, if I were them. Found the uncut shower scene and it was steamy. :) Lucia looked really lovely with no makeup in the bed scene that followed.

I can't believe none of you commented on the beach fashions Marcelo selected for himself and Lucia. First of all, he has really good taste when it comes to Lucia's clothes. That white dress was lovely. Plus, he bought her a purse, sandals AND earrings. What a great boyfriend.

Rod looked really good in just his chinos, with his shirt off. Daniela is silly for running off. I think it's cute that Sergio calls Rod Chinitos (Curly), as he did in the scene after Dani left.

dy77- OK. Glad to know the objection to Roman knowing about the wedding is not because he seems like he's about to go psycho stalker on Lucia. I haven't gotten to their scene yet. But why so much objection to Lucia telling him? It's more likely the villains will learn about it from one of the four witnesses accidentally, than from Roman. He doesn't run in their circles and he's not a motormouth, like some of our characters (Tere, Lalo, Leti...)

Thanks for informative and entertaining recap!

No spoiler here, but I was hoping that Ric was somehow recording Becs when she went to see him. Especially since Ric says nobody believes him. Just a thought. Anxiously waiting for tonights epi.

Hasta pronto

More random thoughts as I watch the episodes...

Drunk Mili is a hoot. Aida's visit really shook her to her core.

I know the consensus seemed to be that Naz was being a busybody with his advice to Marcelo, but I'm rather touched by the relationship that's developed between them. Marcelo wasn't offended, and seemed to really appreciate Naz's advice, even though he didn't agree and wasn't going to do things the way Naz suggested. The two men come from very different generations and experiences, but I saw real mutual respect. Also, I thought it was sweet of Naz to wash and iron Marcelo's clothes (so that he didn't have to run around in his beach wear), like a parent would when they give you extra pampering when you visit for the holidays.

Yay! I'm now caught up.

Clarification about the photo-- Ric told Rebeca that he does NOT have the photo with her dedication on the back. He said he just said some b.s. out loud to Nora to make her think he was reading the dedication, but she never actually saw any writing. So Rebeca believes she now has, and burned, the only photo Ric has of her. We know that's a lie.

Thank you dy. What a cliffhanger. I was wondering when that cross was going to show up again.
Here's hoping Hulu doesn't mess with the posting of tonight's episode tomorrow, I get the pleasure of recapping it.

dy77, good recap. Sad troubling episode.
I wish Lucy wont go see gloria, they r
Gonna do something to Lucy. Nora has
Snapped in half. This is one time she really should listen to leti, they're
Snakes. Nora is the next generation of
Crazy in that family, which means it will be worst.
O tere never go walking at night alone
Lalo should have walked her back,Oboy.
Lalo should not have gone over there
By himself. How did he get the bat away from him? Glad things are heat up. About time.

Thanks dy77.

Cathyx, having followed you guys from afar, I know what this next episode has in store for everyone and I gotta say... it couldn't be in better hands. :-)

Enjoy, everybody!!

I'm going to looking forward to seeing Friday's recap!


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