Tuesday, February 14, 2017

El Color de la Pasión, #108 (Uni/Hulu #107), 2/13/17: Congratulations! It’s Another (Crazy, Bratty) Girl!

The Old:
-Nora remembers Ricardo’s insinuations about her mother.
-Sara tells Alfredo to speak to Ric if he wants to learn more about Rebeca.
-Marcelo and Lucia catch each other up on Vinicio’s and Daniela’s shenanigans.
-Nora goes to Ric’s place to find out more about her mama, and freaks out when Ric implies her mother is a murderer. She smashes the wine glass in his hand with her purse, and Ric gets a shard to the jugular. He pulls the shard from his neck and swiftly begins to bleed out. With his last bit of strength, he grabs on to Nora, leaving bloody streaks down the front of her grey silk dress, before he drops dead to the hardwood floor.

The New:
Nora screams, and then runs to the door, forgetting her purse as she does. Alfredo is just about to knock on Ricardo’s door, when a blood-soaked Nora opens the door. Alfie is horrified by her state and asks what she’s doing there, but Nora is shaking like a leaf, still in shock. “I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything! I swear!”

Rebeca meets with Amador and tells him she doesn’t like the police poking around through their files (especially the ones they illegally changed to frame Marcelo). She also doesn’t like that an employee of the fábrica is involved in the murder of someone very beloved to the employees and town. Remembering how Amador tried to intercede in Vini’s firing, and that Alonso told her that Nazario suspected Amador of being behind Trini’s murder, she definitely knows Amador is up to his eyeballs in this mess. “I don’t like working with a murderer, much less having the police digging through fábrica business.” Amador assures her he’s got it all under control, but he’s sweating bullets.

As she leaves her secret meeting with Amador, Rebeca gets an urgent call from Alfie. “I need you to come to Ric’s apartment immediately. It’s about your daughter. She’s in big trouble!” Rebeca tries to call Nora and gets no answer. She calls the house phone and gets Lucia, who hasn’t seen Nora either. Her car is gone.

Leticia has turned in early and is crying in bed. She tells Sara it’s because her father is leaving Puebla for a job in Guadalajara. She can’t help but feel sad. That’s your papa-- a rolling stone! “I feel like I’m never going to see him again.” Sara tells her that if they want to see each other, they will. “Yes, Ricardo is a lout, but you’ve managed to bring out the best in him…I’m sure you’ll see him again, sooner than you think.”

Rebeca gets to the apartment and pushes past Alfie, who tries to shield her from the gruesome sight.

“I don’t know what happened here, but your daughter is in no condition to give a statement.” He tells Rebeca how he found Nora covered in blood at the door. “My daughter couldn’t have done this.” Well, she was the only one here, Alfie points out. He was waiting for Rebeca before calling the police. Rebeca begs him not to, then goes into the bedroom to see Nora. “I’m here my love. Everything’s going to be ok.” Nora is crying and shaking uncontrollably. Rebeca starts to walk her out of the apartment and Alfie wonders where she’s taking her? “Things don’t work this way!” Rebeca says she’ll take care of everything, and she’ll call him tomorrow. Alfie goes back into the apartment, sees Nora’s purse, and takes it with him before leaving.

Magdalena serves Mario dinner as she tells him about the Vinicio affair—she wants him to make sure Vini rots for his crimes. He’s lost in thought and tells her he’s thinking about the medical tests he’s taking tomorrow (the fertility test). He lies that it’s just a routine check-up.

Marcelo and Nazario put Trini’s birds to bed, as Marcelo says he’s checking in with his investigator tomorrow about the contract Amador pushed through. Naz intends to go back to work tomorrow, because he wants to see Amador’s face as the Vinicio crap hits the fan. He’s determined to fight Amador, Rebeca, and even Nora if she jumps into the fray. Marcelo’s not lumping Nora with the other two because he often feels sorry for her. Naz agrees.

Rebeca tries to sneak bloody Nora into the house without being seen. Lucia comes out of the office, and becomes alarmed when Nora won’t turn to face her or answer her questions about how she is. Rebeca barks that Nora is fine, and hustles her up the stairs before Lucia can see the blood stains.

Rebeca takes Nora to her (Rebeca’s) room, and tells her shell-shocked daughter that she needs to take a bath. Nora neither says anything, nor moves. Rebeca has to undress her and guide her to the shower. She continues to reassure Nora that everything will be ok, while clearly not believing it herself. She puts Nora under the water, and then leaves her daughter there to sob alone, while she gets rid of the bloody evidence.

Alfie returns to the Puebla apartment looking for Daniela, but doesn’t find her in her room. He calls her and she informs him that she’s already back in Mexico City. She got tired of waiting for him. He says he’s not sure when he’ll be able to return. Dani’s over it. “Do whatever the hell you want, papa!”

Rebeca stuffs Nora’s bloody silk dress in a trash bag meant for leaves in the outside bins. I really don’t think that’s what they mean by “organic.”

The next morning, Milagros is over her hangover and back to her usual bitchy self. Rafaela wonders if she’s not worried about Aida Lugo looking up Marcelo, or Marcelo searching for her. Mili is certain that Marcelo is too caught up in his own drama (i.e. Lucia), as usual, to give a damn about anything else.

Meanwhile, Marcelo meets with the private detective. He hasn’t yet gotten the info on Provedora de Centro, but he’s close. And what about the woman I asked you to find? He has pictures of a few Aida Lugos that he found. Marcelo goes through a few of the pics, and bingo! He finds THE Aida Lugo. Her contact info is on the back of the photo.

Lucia brings juice to Tere in her room, and is not happy to find Tere has gotten out of bed. “How stubborn!” Tere has disobeyed Lucia’s order to rest, and is back in uniform, working, taking out the trash bins to the curb. She’s still obviously shaken and out of sorts, and she drops the organic trash bin on the walkway. The leaves Rebeca shook out of the bag fall out and Tere struggles to stuff them back in the bin. Lucia comes out and helps Tere, opening up the nearly empty trash bag to aid the process. Tere finds the blood-stained dress and identifies it as Nora’s. Lucia is visibly shaken, and goes inside with the dress to find out what’s going on. She approaches Rebeca, shows her the dress, and demands to know what’s going on.  She’ll asks Nora herself, if Rebeca won’t answer. Rebeca restrains her from entering the room, and tells Lucia that the blood was the result of Nora slitting her wrists once again. And the reason she did it, is Lucia getting back together with Marcelo! She forbids Lucia from entering, and says the doctor gave Nora a tranquilizer. Lucia can’t hold back tears, thinking of what her little sister tried to do.

Nora wakes just as Rebeca enters the room again. She begs Rebeca to tell her it was all a bad dream. Rebeca wants to know why she was in Ric’s apartment. She tells her mother how Dani and Ric said stuff about Rebeca, and she went to get more details from Ric. And when he started to say horrible things about Rebeca, she hit him with her purse. “There was so much blood! So much blood! No one will believe it was an accident. They’ll put me in jail! Daniela’s father saw me! He’ll tell the police!” Rebeca assures her she’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. She tells Nora that they have to make her sister believe she tried to commit suicide. She must NOT leave the room! Rebeca leaves a barely functioning Nora shaking in her pjs.

Downstairs, Lucia prepares to take Nora a tray of juice and food. Tere stops her to ask about the bloody dress, and Lucia tells her of the suicide attempt and asks for Tere’s discretion. Then Lucia asks Tere to take Nora the tray, since Nora doesn’t want to see her, and she would likely just worsen Nora’s emotional/mental state.

Ric’s landlady moves quick. She’s already showing a young couple the place, assuming that Ric moved out last night as agreed. She literally stumbles over Ric’s body. Much screaming ensues. Guess she doesn’t have to give him back that security deposit…

Nazario is welcomed back by Lalo and a few of the employees. They discuss Vini—no news yet on his whereabouts from the police. Amador sarcastically welcomes Naz back, from across the courtyard, and heaps some more bad karma on himself by hypocritically saying he hopes the police soon catch his wife’s murderer, Vini. Naz does too, because he’s sure when Vini’s caught, he’ll have a LOT to say. Amador nods, plasters a tight smile on his face, and tries not to hyperventilate as he walks away.

Commander Juarez and Detective Ramos discuss the Vini case. Looks like he’s ditched his cell phone, so they can’t track him that way. As they look through the small mountain of paperwork, Ramos notes that while Amador claims he had no relationship to Vini, he’s listed as Vini’s reference in his work application. A clerk comes up and tells the detectives that a lady just called about a dead body found in an apartment-- Ricardo Marquez. “The same one we know?” Juarez finds it suspicious that yet another person connected to Amador Zúñiga is dead. They’ll take on this case too.

Lucia tells Marcelo about Nora’s bloody dress, her supposed suicide attempt, and that she feels impotent and guilty. Marcelo tries to convince her not to feel guilty about all the crazy crap her sister does. Lucia is terrified that one day one of her suicide attempts will be successful. Marcelo urges her to speak to Roman. Lucia says he’s no longer treating Nora…for many reasons. It’s the only solution Marcelo can think of, but he’s for sure not going to let Nora’s craziness get in the way of their plans. Is Lucia? Lucia tearfully asks him if he would have done anything it took to prevent Federico from committing suicide. Marcelo has to admit he would have done anything. But then he gets huffy and asks Lucia if she’s willing to sacrifice herself and him, just to keep Nora calm? Lucia doesn’t want to do that, but she feels like she has no other option. “I just want Nora to be like she was before. A woman with lots of moods swings, sure. But, normal.” Marcelo reminds her that that’s not up to her, or Rebeca, or anyone. “It’s totally dependent on her (Nora).”

Nora is still in bed, as Rebeca tries to convince her to eat. She reminds Nora to not take off the bandages on her wrists. Nora thinks that sooner or later they’ll figure out she’s lying (about the suicide attempt). Rebeca assures her that won’t happen. Plus, she already has old scars there (from her actual suicide attempt). “Mama, I’m not a murderer. I swear it was an accident.” Rebeca hugs her broken baby bird, and tells her, “I know. Sometimes things happen that we don’t want to happen. Without wanting to, you end up hurting someone.” Rebeca tells Nora she has to leave her alone for a while, to go get Nora’s car that’s parked outside of Ric’s house. “Where are your car keys?” Nora hops out of bed and starts to freak out as she realizes that her keys are in her purse, which is in Ric’s apartment! “How are you going to get my purse out of there?!” Rebeca will get Nora’s spare car key, and find a way to take care of the rest. She leaves a panicking Nora crouched on the floor.

As she leaves, Rebeca gives Tere orders to neither disturb Nora, nor to let anyone else into the room. She then gets a call from a very agitated Alfie, demanding to know if she called the police as she promised she would. “Nope. Not yet. I need more time.” Click!

Mili and Dani have tea in Dani’s house. Lucia, Lucia, Lucia! Bitch and whine. Whine and bitch. Mili tells Dani that if she got Marcelo back with emotional blackmail before, she can make that ploy work for her again, this time with something that will have Marcelo shaking in his boots!

Rebeca starts shaking in her own boots, or stilettos, when her taxi pulls up to Ric’s place and she sees it’s surrounded by police tape, police cars, and the coroner's van. And there’s Nora’s bright red VW Beetle, parked right in front of all the madness. She tries to stealthily cross the police tape and gets stopped by a cop. She insists that she’s just trying to get to her car, and the cop lets her through. In response to her question about what’s going on, he tells her about the body, which then gets wheeled out right in front of her. She shakily gets in the car, and quickly drives away.

Inside, Ramos and Juarez (who would have surely stopped her, had they seen Rebeca), question the landlady, who knows nothing about any visitors Ric might have had. They let her go. Juarez thinks they need to speak to Amador to find out if Ric had any family. He tells Ramos to search through Ric’s phone contacts too.

Dani calls up Marcelo, who’s reluctant to answer. Lucia encourages him to pick up. Dani wants to get her wheelchair from his place. Like, NOW. She doesn’t want to wait until he’s back in D.F. later that afternoon. Marcelo says he’ll call his ex-assistant Lorena to leave the keys for her. (Hasn’t he learned anything about giving crazy stalkers access to his keys?) Lucia’s surprised he’s going to D.F. that day, but he says he has some stuff to take care of, including talking to his mama, and to Aida Lugo, his daddy’s mistress. He has some doubts and questions that he hopes she can clear up.

In another round of “Tere is not paid enough for this sh*t”, she really doesn’t need Rebeca berating her for letting someone wait for her in the den, when she’s dealing with her own trauma. She tells Rebeca that Alfredo said he wanted to bring back the purse Rebeca left in his place last night (hint, hint). Rebeca sends Tere away, and goes into the office/den. Instead of being grateful that Alfie got the incriminating purse, and has so far kept his mouth shut, she immediately scolds him for coming to her house and not waiting for her call.

R: I told you that I would call you later.
A: And I told you that we shouldn’t hide what happened.
R: The police already know. I went to get Nora’s car…and I saw them bringing out the body.
A: What do you intend to do, Rebeca? Keep quiet?!
R: Yes! And I ask you to do exactly the same!
A: Of course not! We agreed to wait a day, and like an idiot, I agreed! But you know what? The deal is off!
R: Please, Alfredo. I beg you to support me in this.
A: I can’t, nor do I want to. I’m not inclined to become Nora’s accomplice. I don’t know what happened, but it’s obvious that Nora needs help.
R: That’s exactly what I’m doing! Helping her! I’m doing what any other mother or father would do for their daughter.
A: Yes, but Nora ISN’T my daughter! And right now, I’m going to the police…
R: Yes, she IS!
A: What are you saying?
R: You can’t turn Nora in. Because she is also YOUR DAUGHTER!

-End of episode.


Thank you bunches, Vivi! You did a marvelous job covering the aftermath of Tricky Ricky's death by bolsazo. Now that Alfredo got officially Povitched, we can look forward to Nora diving head first into a bottomless pit of insanity when she finds out the truth about her origin.

¡Feliz día del amor y la amistad! Have a great day, everyone! :)

BAM! There it is!

Thanks Vivi. Wonderful recap. Had to giggle at " I really don’t think that’s what they mean by “organic.” [

Nora is unraveling, Becs is panicking and Amador needs a super strength deodorant from all the sweating. Guess we have officially turned the corner to the downfall of the bad guys.
That said, I still wouldn't put it past Becs or Amador to try and pin things on someone else. Of course Becs played the guilt card with Nora, but hopefully when she hears of Ric's demise, just MAYBE she will start putting two and two together.

In all this crazy, why we have to listen to Dani whining. C'mon. She better have some purporse besides that for the remaining episodes

Gracias, Vivi. This was masterful.

I'm sure a blood spatter expert could tell someone that the stains on Nora's dress couldn't have come from her slashing her wrists. Not to mention the healed scars and the serious possibility that Slick Ric didn't have the same blood type.

And another lesson about Entitlement is taught to Nora.

Considering the circumstances under which Rebeca told Alfredo that Nora is his, should we suspect she did this in order to get him to help her help Nora escape psychiatric help? I don't think he's really Poviched until the DNA test comes back positive. I've long suspected that Nora wasn't Alonso's but Alfredo should insist on a DNA test before being coerced into taking on any responsibility for her.

Marcelo is absolutely right in reminding Lucia that Nora'a moods should not dictate her life. Meanwhile tonight we should be finding out whether Daniela is going to off herself in Marcelo's DF abode.

What a wonderful recap! Thanks so much! I just had a wild thought. For a long time I thought that Nora was the daughter of Alfredo, but now I'm starting to wonder if something more sinister is behind this, eg that in fact Lety is her half sister.

Stellar Vivi.

Vivi, you so perfectly capture the mood and the essence of every scene in mesmerizing, vivid detail. “With his last bit of strength, he grabs on to Nora, leaving bloody streaks down the front of her grey silk dress, before he drops dead to the hardwood floor” is but one example.

Rebeca stuffs Nora’s bloody silk dress in a trash bag meant for leaves in the outside bins. I really don’t think that’s what they mean by “organic” was also one of my many favorites.

“She continues to reassure Nora that everything will be ok, while clearly not believing it herself”. Rebecca is clearly scared to death. She actually looked (dare I say it?? Vulnerable). But that image vanished quickly when she returned home and spun another vicious lie about what happened.

UA, I'm no detective but I didn't think the slit wrists explanation fit with the blood stains on the dress.

In theory, Marcelo is right in that he and Lucia should proceed with their plans. Yet...I can't blame Lucia for hesitating. Nora is her sister (for all intent and purpose) and by telling her Nora slashed her wrists (again), Rebecca has laid yet another almost insurmountable guilt trip for Lucia to overcome.

I loved the freaked out, sweating Amador. All roads lead to him. The detectives have his number. He really should consider scurrying away like the rat that he is. His days of freedom are coming to an end.

Alfredo lost the lottery in terms of having sweet and loving daughters, didn't he? He is a very strong man though and if Nora survives, if anyone can help her, I would put my money on him. Dani is hopeless.

Vivi, thank you, thank you!


Thank you so much, Vivi! Ths episode was the perfect aftermath and your recap was masterful.

I love the imagery of Noras dress soaked in blood. Idk it was out of place in the Gaxiola house that it was mesmerizing and horrifying.

That poor apartement owner. Cant get any worse for your business than that.

Rebeca is for sure scared to death of what may come because this is stretxhing an already taut situation and there are way too many peiple involved already, starting with daddy dearest. By proxy Tere and Lucia and Gloria who got the suicide watch stsrted in the first place. Even marcelo. Oh boy...

Happy Day of Love and Friendship, amigos!

Nora, Amador and Rebeca continue to unravel, with Nora losing it faster than anyone else. Rebeca telling Lucia that Nora slit her wrists because of her and Marcelo, is just so diabolical and typical of her. But we know that each time Nora has had a really major crisis, it was because of Rebeca and her dirt, just like this time. But Lucia always ends up getting blamed.

Marcelo is right that Lucia shouldn't feel guilty or let Nora's craziness affect her life. But this is coming from the man who has his own unresolved guilt about his brother's suicide-- which is what prompted him to start his whole stupid revenge plan in the first place. He can't really talk. Lucia needs to see a therapist about how to move on with her life, guilt-free, regardless of what Nora does-- even if that's a successful suicide attempt.

Mili helping Dani to plan some kind of emotional blackmail on Marcelo, just shows what a horrible mother she is. She doesn't give one bit about Marcelo's happiness and emotional well-being. No wonder Fede was such a wreck.

I'm guessing that this time, Rebeca has burned that dress, so that no one else can find it and link it to Ric's death.

Sandydoc- "but now I'm starting to wonder if something more sinister is behind this, eg that in fact Lety is her half sister" Are you thinking that Ricardo was Nora's dad, and not Alfredo or Alonso? I think the timing is off. Ric was long out of town by the time Rebeca got pregnant with Nora. Although it would be very much like a Greek tragedy if Nora had killed her own father. Nora's braids, hair, and the drape of that dress is reminiscent of ancient Greece.

Thank you Vivi (and also Alfredo for Friday, I'm catching up).

Swag daddy is now a daddy of two!

Just like Candela's braids in LSDP.

In terms of Nora's unraveling it may not matter. Just finding out that Alonso wasn't her father will set her off yet again. That outburst will be so intense I doubt Rebeca would tell her anything more. If Slick Rick was, yes that would be insane. However, since Nora is at least two years younger than Lucia (and I'm guessing it's more like 3 or 4) I'd say that Alfredo is the one who will be Povitched (love that one, Nandicta!) since Rick was out of their lives from the night he left town after jilting Magdalena.

Vivi, that was simply outstanding and was everything we've come to expect in your recaps and then some. !Gol¡. So much happened in this episode that my thoughts haven't completely settled yet. How you manage to post in narrative detail so quickly after the episode ends continues to amaze. In fact, I'm beginning to think that this recap team must be writers on their "day job ". Anita, I know you are retired but my comment still applies to your skills as well.
I am left thinking that some while ago when Rebby said "it's her father", many of us thought she was talking about Nora. Now it remains to be seen but I think it's highly likely that Alfredo is Nora's dad. I feel sorry for Letty when she learns of her father's death.
I think the scene in which the realtor was showing the apartment to prospective renters was somewhat contrived as what company does not do a walk-through to be sure the unit is showable?
All in all, I am delighted to see that the events are making Rebecca and Amador sweat and panic. Bring it on!
Thanks, amiga.


Nandicta: I laughed at the title of the recap from Monday night :)

I'm awaiting for Leticia to find out about Ricardo's death any moment now!

UA: Maury Povich is coming to a nearby Baby Daddy reveal!


Thank you Vivi for a great recap. My favorite lines: "..Guess she doesn’t have to give him back that security deposit…", and "Bitch and whine. Whine and bitch." I actually hoped for a mother-son reunion but Milli is mommy dearest on steroids, just like Becs. Joan Crawford's got nothing on these two! I know that we don't discuss avances here and I couldn't tell what Dani was up to anyway, but it is so horrifying to think that Milli has put her up to something. I can't wait for Marc to get in touch with Aida and get the dirt on Milli.

Detective Ramos, what a cutie, has a doppleganger here in northern california. Did I mention how cute he is? Like, really cute.... cupcake cute.

Thanks again Vivi!

Vivi awesome recap, you got a doozy!

You have a way of vividly describing a scene and it transports you back to it, I enjoyed it through and through.

I am always amazed at how Becky always has things work out for her, Lucia finds dress confronts her and she spins her web, and Lucia believes her and now feels guilty. Nora leaves purse, swag daddy finds and now brings to Becky. Never anything out of place. Always perfectly working out for her. Ric was right when he told her that things always worked out for her. Her luck should soon begin to run out, and I for one can't wait to see who is the one that pushes the first domino.

I can't wait for Mili's downfall as well, she is a demon of a mother just like Becs. Whatever she is planning with Danni is further proof that Marc means nothing to her.



Vivi, I echo everyone's comments about your brilliant and funny recap.

Milli and Dani - In the words of Bill Maher - Whiney little bitches! OMG! Is she really telling this girl to manipulate her son? Really? As much as I couldn't stand her meddling and trying to get her son to accept Dani (I let it go because I really wish one of my sons wasn't with the crazy chick he is with - ugh! but I keep quiet) this is just disturbing. She is the worst!

Well...so Alfie is the pappy! Glad he didn't have to be subjected to that reality.

Poor Nora. I've always felt more sympathetic than anger towards her. I can only imagine what kind of horror that had to have been. Like everyone else, I figured Ric would die, but by Nora's hands? WOW!!! It was truly an accident, but damn!

I may have to watch tonight's episode in the morning, but this is surely shaping up to be an enlightening end to this crazy story.

Left out...Glad Alonso didn't have to be subjected to that.

Kendra- I too am glad that that's one truth that Rebeca kept her mouth shut about, as she taunted Alonso into his final heart attack by revealing the blackness of her heart and soul.

When she told Sara she had a feeling she would never see Ric again, I couldn't help but feel so sad for Leti. Even Sara acknowledged that Leti brought out the best in Ric-- we saw that he showed her a tender, funny, protective side of himself. But we always knew that even though he was a freeloading, criminal lout, Ric had a soft side-- demonstrated when he took Adriana to the hospital and made sure she was taken care of.

Thanks for the recap, Vivi!

We all know that Rebeca will do anything to protect Nora and obviously she had no other choice but to reveal the truth to Alfredo. In this case she can't afford to lie anymore. Looks like she was smart enough to admit that to herself. I agree with UA that when Nora finds out this truth she may not be able to handle it. She should be upset when she finds out about the Federico thing but this other secret of Rebeca's directly involves her. It means her whole life has been a lie.

Ricardo's death only makes me sad because of Leti. Just when she had gotten her father back, he dies. I'm sure had he lived he would have continued to better himself for Leti.

Alfredo didn't seem like he fully believed Rebeca so I bet he will still get a DNA test.

Alfredo has been interesting because he's someone, outside of family and close friends, who knew Rebeca when she was young and he liked her a lot and then they stopped seeing each other. He has slowly peeled back the layers since he's been in Puebla and realized she is nowhere near the woman he "dreamed" of. He knows now for sure she's a liar, especially since the first thing he confirmed she lied about was her own name. You can't trust someone like that.

I'd like to point out that as many times as Mario has gotten upset at Magdalena for not telling him something, now it is he who is hiding something from her-- the fertility test and the fact that he's worried that he might be sterile.

I think he's trying to figure it out before he puts even more pressure on the situation. He's not sure but he doesn't want to throw that into the mix before he does any tests. He should probably tell her as soon as he has the results but it'd be another worry for nothing if the tests come back negative.

Thanks so much, Vivi, for your sterling summary of this, I thought, amazing episode. Just a couple of notes here. I really like the pairing of the two detectives. They never seem to really get anywhere, but they always have these suspicious looks and leanings that lead me to think they're always on the verge of a big discovery. When they appear, I always start to smile.

Also, did anyone else notice that when Rebeca got out of the cab when she was retrieving Nora's car, she pretended to put money in the driver's hand and he thanked her, but there was NOTHING in her hand?? WTH!! Is the director in such a hurry that he/she couldn't lend Claudia Ramirez (??) a couple $100 peso bills to give to the taxi driver. We went through the scene again to make sure we weren't being misled by our lying eyes. Nope, it was all pantomime. Talk about cheap! (I will be glad to get my lenses checked if I'm wrong on this.)

Thanks again, everyone.

Daniel- That's hilarious! I wasn't paying enough attention to notice the non-payment. Maybe they were both so shocked by the scene of the police operation that neither noticed no money was changing hands. ;-)

Vivi: When are we're going to see AmaDiva's downfall ?

The law enforcement authorities are incompetent!


Daniel, that is hysterical. No hadn't noticed that. Budget cutting at it's finest.

UA, I am in agreement that if it slips to Nora ( I vote for the TN cliche of listening through a cracked open door) that Alfie is her true dad and not Alonso, the girl will lose any fragile amount of sanity she had left. Fault her what you will, but she loved her "father" and he was ALWAYS there for her, no matter how she perceived he favored Lucia. After he died, Nora hung her sanity on her mother being the only other person who cared and never lied to her. Well, that will go up in smoke.

Alfredo seems to me to be a smart cookie. I don't think he would take Bec's word for it about Nora. He may not be an Alonso, the hands on type dad with lots of hugs, but if Nora is his, he'll go to bat for her. Will he force the issue on Becs to get together and form a truly dysfunctional family? This all could be worth it to see Dani's head explode.


Unless Rebeca burned the dress off screen, she hasn't disposed of the dress yet. She tossed it to the side in her bedroom.

Nora is probably 2 years younger (MAX) than Lucia. Rebeca would've had to seal the deal fast to get Alonso to marry her. No way does she pose as the loving & caring sister in law for 3 years and then get Alonso to marry her. She slept with Alfredo, got pregnant, slept with Alonso and then told him she was pregnant and Alonso, racked with guilt over sleeping with his dead wife's baby sister married Rebeca in the throes of guilt and grief. No way is Nora 3 or 4 years younger than Lucia. Lucia is 24 and Nora is likely 22.

With Mario's little gun maybe shooting blanks, perhaps he can stop all the "if we don't have kids oh well we can just be like Trini & Naz" talk with Magdalena and really listen to her fears and truly be a source of comfort. Mario is freaking because he knows Magdalena will be deeply disappointed if she can never have children and that he would be the source of that disappointment. Well, that's how Magdalena is feeling...like a source of disappointment.


Anon207- You're right about Mario. This experience should make him more empathetic about what Magda was/is going through. Like the doctor said, couples don't often consider that the man is the one with the problem. Magda's uterus and eggs are healthy, all fired up, and ready to go. The assumption was that since Mario has no problem with take off and landing, he was also firing all cylinders. But not being impotent, doesn't mean that you're not sterile.

Daniel - I noticed there was no money exchanging hands. I often notice those stupid things that no one else was paying attention too. Any amount would have been sufficient.

I also noticed that the police let her go ahead and go through that crime scene just to come on the other side of the tape and get in the car. She could have easily walked in the street. They didn't have the entire street blocked off - that would have made more sense if you needed to get through - but no! She had to go on the sidewalk to get to a car that was in the street that she just crossed? LOL! Oh well

(Oops spell check - attention to not too!) Oh my I am messing up

Vivi: Did you post photographs from Monday's episode ? Including the one, where the couple & real estate relator found Ricardo's body ?

Daisy: I'm hoping Mags can have kids because her vagina is ready to go!


VIVI, somewhat yummy bloody recap. But
A good one. I'm glAd that messy cat is out of the bloody garbage can. Now he
Has 2 bitchy daughters. Sucks to be U
Daddy. Now he is going to see all that
Was said to him about rebe is true.she
Has a way of sucking everybody into her cesspool of swill. And Now there he goes. Diving in. Poor poor schlub.

I hope Mario is ok in the sperm River.
And it's like the doc said, she so so
Determined she's getting in her own way. Calm down mags, it'll happen.

Sara," you'll see your father sooner than you think", yeah at his funeral.
I'm kinda sorry they killed him off cuz Like Sara said leti did bring out the good in Him. What little there was.

Still don't like dani. She's annoying.
I don't think her dad likes her either Not surprised.
Still don't like Mili. She evil. I don't think she likes marcelo cuz he is too much like his father, and his father couldn't stand her, that's why I hope he talks to aida lugo she's got some imfo.

Thanks Vivi This was good.


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