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El Color De La Pasion #109 (Hulu #108) 2.14.2017: Who's Left and What Will Become of Them?

Rebeca tries to justify her actions by telling Alfredo that it would be what any parent would do for a child. Alfredo makes it clear that he’s not covering Ricardo’s murder because Nora is not his child but wait…Rebeca reveals that Nora is Alfredo’s child! Alfredo doesn’t believe her because Rebeca is a liar but Rebeca wants Alfredo to do a bit of mental math. Alfredo doesn’t care. He claims that she’s just trying to guilt him into not going to the police. Rebeca asks that he take a paternity test because Nora is his daughter and she needs his health. She argues that Ricardo’s murder was accidental and she’s doesn’t want to see Nora in jail, especially not because father. She leaves it up to his conscience and asks that he leave.

Lucia goes to visit Roman, who is most unhappy to see her since he’s supposed to be forgetting her. Lucia didn’t want to come but Nora tried to take her life again and she needs help. He starts to say that he’s not the family shrink anymore but Lucia just wants some guidance as to what to do to help Nora. Roman doesn’t think she’s the best person but Lucia insists that she trusts him and he will tell her how to help Nora. Roman thanks her but reiterates that Nora will only help herself when she wants to. Lucia agrees and Roman makes it clear that he doesn’t want to see her again. Lucia promises not to, apologizes and leaves.

Nora is calmer but she’s still scared of what might happen. Rebeca assures her that nothing will and she managed to get her purse from Ricardo’s apartment so there’s nothing to tie her to the scene of the crime. There might be nothing physical but Nora is sure that Alfredo will tell the police. Rebeca again assures her he won’t because she specifically asked him to. Nora freaks out, finally realizing that Rebeca and Alfredo have been doing the horizontal tango. Rebeca doesn’t see the relevance of her comments and warns her that the alternative is jail, should Alfredo talk, so it’s better if she doesn’t question her actions right now.

Nazario is discussing recent projects with Lalo and the other workers when Normita passes, trying to avoid him, and fails miserably. He tells her it’s a pleasure to see her but Normita is pissed that he hasn’t come to visit her since he got there or update her on Vinicio. She was very worried about the whole situation and she told Nazario so and she had to find out this morning when she saw Lalo with a bump on his head. She then chides him for not telling her about Vinicio’s involvement in Trini’s death and she’s now sure that he doesn’t care about her at all and storms off. Lalo has heard the whole fight and Nazario screams “chismoso!” across the courtyard (Guys this scene was so strange especially considering the timeline that Trini’s death was about 5 months ago, Normita, back it up a few notches!)

Clarita goes to look for Sara and asks that she please recommend a new doctor if she’s not going to take care of Benito’s case personally. Sara, however, apologizes for bringing Magdalena to her house, unannounced, and tells her that she will keep attending Benito because she’s doctor, not a judge. Clarita thanks her and reiterates that she told them all she knew. Sara understands but Magdalena has her doubts. They then go off to look at Benito’s tests.

Amador is looking for Rebeca but Normita informs him that she’s not coming in today and she doesn’t know why. One of the policemen then come in, looking for Amador. He tells him that he doesn’t know anything else about Vinicio but the police are there to talk about his other friend, Ricardo. They need his help to locate his loved ones because he was found dead in his apartment. Normita and Lucia gasp at the news and Amador wants to know what happens. The police explain that it looks like homicide but they’re investigating, either way, they need to locate his family. Lucia screams out that she’s his daughter’s best friend and tells them that she prefers to break the news to Leti herself. She runs off with the police behind her. Amador asks Normita if Rebeca was supposed to be in the office but Normita doesn’t know.

Sara confirms Benito’s disease and explains that it is usually misdiagnosed and previous doctors never finished the appropriate tests. Clarita doesn’t care too much about that; she wants to know if there’s a cure. Sara explains that there isn’t a magical pill and recovery could take years after various expensive treatments. Clarita is willing to pay whatever and money is no longer an issue because a family member is helping. Sara tells her that they can get started right away.

The policeman chases Lucia down and gives her his card then ask for her friend’s name. Lucia tells her that it’s Leti Ezquerra and even though she doesn’t have Ricardo’s last name, they’re sure she’s his daughter. The policeman thanks her and they part ways.

Sara gives Clarita the treatment regime and tells her to follow it and she will visit Benito when she can. Clarita thanks her again and leaves. Sara then receives a call from Lucia. Sara tells her that the prenuptial tests are ready but Lucia tells her that she’s going to visit Leti at work to tell her that her father died. Sara can’t believe the news.

Alfredo is at a bar, drowning his sorrows, and thinking about Rebeca’s latest revelation. He calls his house looking for Daniela but she isn’t in so he calls her cellphone, which she doesn’t answer either. He leaves her a voicemail saying that he loves her a lot.

Daniela arrives at Marcelo’s apartment to look for her wheelchair. Lorena, Marcelo’s old secretary, arranged it so that the superintendent let her in. Daniela then asks Lorena if Marcelo is coming back to Mexico and she informs him that he comes back tonight. Daniela then thanks her again and hangs up. She tells the superintendent that she also forgot a scarf in the bedroom and goes to look for it. Inside, she rummages through all his stuff until she finds what she was looking for: PLOT GUN.

Marcelo hugs Rafaela outside his house. She’s happy he’s there and wonders why he didn’t tell them he was coming. Marcelo explains it wasn’t planned but Milagros shows up and he can’t say anymore. She welcomes back her “prodigal son” and Rafaela excuses her. Milagros makes it clear she doesn’t approve of his plans but Marcelo waves his white flag: he asks that she support him in his decision to marry Lucia in the most amicable way possible. Milagros, however, will never approve of Lucia because she knows Federico’s murderer is part of her family. Marcelo argues that even if that were true, she didn’t kill Federico and she shouldn’t pay for the sins of her family. Milagros is happy he finally admitted the truth but Marcelo explains that it was only a hypothetical. He tells her that if he’s forced to choose between Lucia and her, she always knows the answer, and storms off.

Leti is having a good day, and asks Sergio where he’s taking her for lunch, when Lucia and Sara walk in and break the news about Ricardo. Leti is incredulous; she saw him yesterday and he was fine. Lucia explains that they found him this morning so something must’ve happened during the night. Sara goes to hug her as Lucia walks out and Sergio follows her. Sergio asks her what happened and Lucia reveals that he was possibly murdered but she didn’t want to tell Leti that; she found out from the cops who went to go look for Amador. Sergio is surprised by Lucia’s news and Lucia hands him the policeman’s card; since he’s a lawyer he may be able to help. Sergio thanks her and Lucia, who has managed to compose herself, goes back to offer her support to Leti, who cries in her arms.

Mario meets with Magdalena’s OBGYN who has his test results. Mario is dying to know what’s up and the doctor reveals that he is the one that has fertility problems, not Magdalena. Mario confesses that he didn’t expect it but he wants to know what he can do to remedy it. The doctor explains that his exam confirms that he’s sterile and there’s nothing they can do. Mario asks if he’s sure and the doctor confirms that he is but he should look for a second opinion. Mario confirms he will but asks the doctor to explain the results.

That night, Amador goes to visit Rebeca to break the news about Ricardo’s death. Rebeca feigns surprise (and fails) and Amador is surprised at her lack of surprise. Rebeca doesn’t know why she should be so affected and Amador explains that they were once very deeply involved so he thought she’d have more of reaction. Rebeca reiterates that those are lies Ricardo fabricated but either way it’s horrible how he ended up. Amador hasn’t told her anything about what happened so how does she know how he ended up. Rebeca explains that it’s not hard to imagine how he did because of who he was. Amador confirms that he was indeed murdered and that the police told him this morning because him and Ricardo used to be friends. Lucia found out by chance and went to tell Leti. He then tells her that he wanted to give her the news in person but he knows she could care less. Rebeca thanks him either way and he leaves but not before running into Nora, standing by the stairs, and spying on them. She slithers away and Amador leaves while Rebeca ponders her mess of a life in the living room.

Nazario offers Normita a ride but she’s still angry at him. He asks why she’s being like that since he already apologized and Normita tells that she accepted his apology but she wants a line drawn in the sand. Nazario confesses that he wanted to tell her something about Trini but over dinner. Normita softens and accepts his invitation. She confesses that she has something to tell him as well but she prefers to tell him over dinner. They go off, arm in arm.

Nora is having her own freak-out because the police have gotten involved but Rebeca assures her they are only doing their job and they have no reason to worry; Nora just needs to trust her. Nora calms down and Rebeca tells her she’s going out for a few to meet Alfredo and make sure he will keep their secret. Nora asks if Rebeca is going to have to sleep with him so he does but Rebeca won’t stay the night. The only reason she’s telling her is so she doesn’t call her a liar later. Nora begs her to not take long and Rebeca asks if she wants to stay in her room for the time being. Nora prefers to stay in hers and Rebeca tells her she won’t be long and leaves.

Mario meets Samuel after mass for a chat. Samuel asks him what’s going on because he always has a problem when he visits him. Mario confesses that he’s the one who’s sterile but Samuel wants more details. Mario tells him the details don’t matter because him and Magdalena will never be parents. Samuel goes in for some hard truth: when Mario thought Magdalena was the one with the problem, he wasn’t worried, but now he is because he’s the one with the problem. Mario explains that Magdalena is dying to be a mother and it feels horrible to disappoint like that. Samuel explains that God works in mysterious ways and then asks if he’s told Magdalena. Mario hasn’t but he isn’t planning to hide it, he just wants a second opinion first. Samuel begs that he tell her as quick as possible so she doesn’t get her hopes up even more.

Sara brings Leti home and asks if she can make her anything. Leti is good for now so she asks Sara about the cause of death. Sara tells her that they are waiting for the autopsy and she shouldn’t worry as Sergio is taking care of everything. Leti asks if they can bury him in Puebla and Sara agrees to do whatever she prefers. Leti starts to cry and understands that while he hurt a lot of people, he was a great father to her for the short time she knew him. Sara tells her to keep that memory alive and hugs her.

Lucia arrives home and frantically opens Nora’s bedroom door because she hears noises. Nora is rummaging around her room looking for her pills for a headache. She finds them and drinks a couple when Lucia asks her why she tried to kill herself again. Nora doesn’t want to talk about it but Lucia holds her and confesses that despite everything, she loves her. She gives her a kiss on the forehead and asks that if she needs anything, she look for her. Lucia leaves and Nora drinks a couple more pills to calm her guilt.

Rebeca arrives at Alfredo’s apartment and he chides her for being late. He then tells her that he can’t stop thinking about what she said and wants to know if Nora and Alonso knew the truth. Rebeca confesses they didn’t and he shouldn’t tell Nora because her father was everything to her. Regardless, Alfredo wants a paternity test to confirm Rebeca is telling the truth. Rebeca doesn’t see the point of it as they’d both still have their daughters but Alfredo wants to make sure Rebeca isn’t lying to protect Nora and prevent him from going to the police. Rebeca caves and tells him that they need to find a way to get blood tests without Nora suspecting. Alfredo tells her that he’s in a hurry and either way blood isn’t necessary to do paternity tests anymore. Rebeca asks that he give her some time and tries to leave but warns her to not take long.

Magdalena welcomes Mario and she comments on how late he has been coming home lately. Mario tells her that he went to visit Samuel since he’s always saying that they never talk anymore. She then asks about his tests and Mario tells her that he may receive them tomorrow. Magdalena asks if he’s hiding something from her but Mario assures her that as soon as he knows what’s going on, she’ll know. Magdalena is sure everything will be okay. Just then the bell rings and Mario goes to answer it as Magdalena goes to answer the phone. It’s Sara who tells her the news about Ricardo.

Lucia is on the phone with Marcelo telling her what happened with Leti. Lucia confesses that the news reminded her of her own father’s death so she hasn’t been feeling good either. Marcelo wishes he could be there with her and Leti. He then asks how Nora is and Lucia confesses that she’s been strange lately. She then asks when he’s coming back and Marcelo tells her he will be back after he talks to the person he was looking for. Lucia begs him to come back quick and they reiterate their love.

Mario comes back and tells Magdalena that it was Sergio who just told him Ricardo died. Magdalena knows and she was surprised aback by the news, despite everything. Mario explains that Ricardo’s body is being released to Leti since she’s his only family but Sergio told him that she’s inconsolable. Magdalena understands; he was her father even if she didn’t know him. Mario never thought he’d be at Ricardo’s funeral but he wants to be there for Leti. He would also understand if she wanted to be there too. Magdalena asks if he can eat alone and Mario nods. She leaves but he doesn’t eat either.

Lalo is waiting for Tere outside of Casa Gaxiola. She goes down the stairs tries to sneak away but Lalo calls out to her. She comes back and he chides her for not wanting to see or talk to him. Tere tells her she’s ashamed but Lalo tells her that only Vinicio should be ashamed. Tere doesn’t want to talk about that and tries to go in the house but Lalo tells her that he feels horrible for not being able to protect her. He’s sure if he would’ve walked her home, none of this would’ve happened; even worse, he knows Vinicio only did it because he hates him and wanted to get revenge. Tere tells him it’s not his fault and Lalo confesses that he’d give his life for hers and begs her to please not to push him away because no one will ever love her like he does. He holds her hands and cradles her face as Tere nods, knowing this to be true.

Sergio is catching up Rodrigo on the latest news. He’s worried about telling Leti the truth, that Ricardo was murdered. Rodrigo is also worried about Daniela since they went out. Sergio asks if he’s talked to her since they slept together and Rodrigo confirms they haven’t. Sergio proposes that Rodrigo look for her but he doesn’t know where to start. Sergio suggests the internet or anything else because where there’s a will there’s a way. Rodrigo tells him it doesn’t matter because their encounter meant nothing to her.

The next day, Marcelo finds Aida Lugo’s bookstore and asks an attendant where she is. She’s on the second floor, showing a client around, when Marcelo goes upstairs and finds her. He asks if she remembers him and she does because he looks a lot like his father. She tells her that it’s a big coincidence they found each other again but Marcelo confesses that he found her this time to talk about his father. She was an important person in his life and he was going to divorce his mom to be with her. Aida explains that his parent’s marriage was already over when she came into his dad’s life and she had nothing to do with their divorce. She tries to leave but Marcelo follows her and reiterates that he’s not there to blame her for everything, he just wants to know how his father died. Aida’s friend walks in and tells Aida to confess everything, especially what role Milagro’s husband played in Cristobal’s death. Marcelo looks at Aida, waiting for her to confess what she knows…


Thanks so much, Alfredo! This was an aftermath episode, seeing the fallout from Ric's death and people's reactions. When Lucia finds out the bloody manner of Ric's death, will she start to suspect Nora?

I know Roman is hurting, but damn, couldn't he give Lucia a bit more advice? Like recommend a hotline, a support group for family members, a book about how to live with someone with mental illness, SOMETHING! Just telling Lucia, sorry, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do, either for your sister or for your own mental/emotional well-being while dealing with her, just seemed like a cop out, and not something a professional should have said.

I'm so glad Mario has Samuel to get advice from. He was right to point out how Mario was all chilled out, when they thought the one with fertility problems was Magda. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, he's depressed.

When Alfie left that loving message for Dani, I got worried for him. Dad's in this tn do live too long after making loving declarations to their daughters.

Oh, and we got confirmation of Nora's age from Rebeca-- 22.

Alfredo, what an intriguing, perfectly detailed summary. You are an excellent writer.

"She slithers away and Amador leaves while Rebeca ponders her mess of a life in the living room" made my day and was my favorite line of many.

Nora is calming down a bit as Beca's agitation grows.

Vivi, I got a little lump in my throat when Alfredo left that message for Dani. I think he does see her for who she is. Yet, he is her father. And he loves her. I am not sure to be worried more for him or for Dani.

Mario got the news we had expected. Although I do not have children, I realize that many people want children of their own. I completely understand and respect that decision. I always think though of all the wonderful children in the world, longing for a home. Perhaps adoption might be an option for them. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

It's so nice to see such a positive portrayal of a priest here. I would love to have Samuel as a friend. He never fails to dispense kind, thoughtful and positive advice.

I wonder if Amador thinks Beca killed Ric. He and she could easily bury each other with what they know of each other (real and perceived).

Normita. Who cares??? Sorry.

Poor Roman cannot catch a break. I strongly suggest he move and try and start his life over again. This is not the venue for him I'm afraid.

What is Dani up to now? I'm sure we will see soon enough.

Alfredo, this was spectacular! Thank you.


Thank you, Vivi! :)

I agree. Roman is hurt but he's also a professional and his first priority should be his patient's safety, especially a recent ex-patient. Roman has been the worse professional since that doctor who revealed Luzma's pregnancy to a room full of people in AB.

I hope Alfredo doesn't die too :( It'd be way too much. I'm dying to see the DNA tests though, Rebeca is so good a liar that I'm not even sure if he is the baby daddy or not. Rebeca is right about one thing though, this reveal would send Nora over an edge.

I felt so bad for Leti. She never had a father, got him back and he wasn't horrible with her, and now he's dead. And they haven't even told him he was murdered. Oh boy, if that doesn't backfire, I don't know what will.

Thank you, Diana! It was my pleasure :)

Mario and Magdalena are trying to process this, especially Mario who now knows he's the problem. Adoption could eventually be an option but not something he's thinking of now. I think it's finally that even though Mario is not machista, he still thought Magdalena was the problem or agreed with her by default that she must be the one with the issue.

Normita in this episode was insufferable! I usually don't mind her antics but my god woman, no you're a coworker and you've had some dinners, but your not the first thing Nazario thinks about. And I'm sorry, going to dinner to talk about Trini also won't help your case unless you're trying to be his FRIEND, which she's not.

Thank you Alfredo! Well done!

Vivi, I agree, I'm worried for Swag Daddy.

I'm glad Sara was there for Leti, and that Lalo got through to Tere.

Interested to see what Dani will do with plot gun in hand!


You're welcome, Dy77!

I loved the Tere/Lalo scene. I'm also glad she isn't going to push him away but embrace his help and support. This couple is the best in this novela and I'm glad they'll be okay, at least in the future.


Thanks Alfredo that was probably the most endearing episode that I've seen in a while.

Leti made me ache for her.

Tere/Lalo made me ache for them.

Lucy reaching out tenderly to her sister who is in shock, pain, and freaking out right now. (I don't have much hope for her acceptance when she probably gets out of this mess, but it was sorta sweet anyway)

Norma - ugh! That was truly a game she was attempting to play. He didn't notice her so she backed up and started again stomping even louder. You are correct. His wife just died so back up. My experience is that he will marry either her or someone soon because usually men who have been married a long time and their wife dies - marry or relationship up within a year.

My theory of why Alfie called Dani with that ominous "I love you" was 1. one of them is probably not going to see the end of this tn and 2. if Nora is his daughter then he sees obsession over Marcelo with both of his daughters and the crazy that that has brought out.

Marcelo telling his mother - If I have to choose, it won't be you! Was the best thing that I have heard. If that's who he wants, agree or not, you are just going to have to suck it up.

Becky sure does get away with a lot of stuff. Her exposer is no longer exposing her. Everyone knows or either thinks they know her dastardly deeds. No matter how you slice it, the only provable thing that she admitted to was stabbing Ric - well he's dead now, so unless she's framed for that (she did admit to trying to kill him before) the rest is circumstantial at best and not even that good at being that.

Thanks so much, Alfredo!

I felt so bad for Leti. Very unfair that she got to spend so little time with her father. But at least it changed him for the better.

I think Rebeca realizes that she has no way out of this situation and does need Alfredo's help. I bet he will be shocked when he does the DNA test and gets the results back. Like I said before, unfortunately for Rebeca, she can't afford to lie this time.

Somehow I knew that Mario was going to be sterile. I was kinda hoping it wouldn't be true but obviously if Mags is perfectly healthy then it had to be him that was delaying the pregnancy.

Normita...ay díos mio. It's like she's having a midlife crisis or something. Clearly her hormones are still active lol. When she chided Naz about not telling her about the Lalo/Vini incident I was all like "Tell us how you really feel, Normita."

Great work, Alfredo. Gracias.

When the hell will we finally have a novela situation where the doctor insists on testing the man first? The test is simple and non-invasive. I saw this in US soaps years ago. I realize that Magdalena is over 40 (the actress is actually 49) but considering that the tests for women are invasive and more expensive it should be standard procedure to test the man first.

There are also issues about genetically related diseases and conditions associated with older sperm, but I guess some people don't want to face that. Either way Mario and Magdalena's situation is perfect for an adoption story.

Rebeca's days of getting away with murder are over. All the chickens are coming home to roost and she will have to face the music shortly.

It's been five months since Trini's murder and.... Normita isn't moving too fast. At Naz's age there will be competition from widows and other spinsters like Normita and it's not like Naz has all the time in the world, either. However, Norma has the home court advantage and she needs to be a little less aggressive.

I don't like seeing Daniela with a gun. Also, this is a writing fail as Marcelo had planned on getting rid of it after the incident with Nora. He should not have that in his possession.

Poor Leti. At least she has Sara, Sergio, and Lucia. They are her family.

Maybe more later. I need to catch up to VEA and hope to catch the next ep of MdN before going to a preview screening later.

UA: Mario & Mags are better off adopting kids. But damn, they can't have kids :(

You're right about the Becista's days of getting away with everything are likely coming to an end.

However, she did get Clarita bought off & getting out of town!

Alfredo; APB alerts still on Vinicio, who still hasn't gotten busted yet for Trini's murder.


Thank you Alfredo, excellent recap!

I loved the Lalo and Tere scene, I agree that they are the best part of this tn. Lalo made me cry. Love them.

As I have stated before Amador is very captivating as a villan, he immediately suspected Becky and went to get the 411. They each have dirt on each other so that's what keeps them as allies, but soon enough they will both break and turn on each other. I think Amador will sing like a canary as soon as he gets what's coming to him.

As far as Dani, I am fed up with her shenanigans, she is desperate. Marc can't be clearer to her, he does not love you girl..move on!! And Mili, is becoming annoying with her self-righteous, holier than thou attitude, she has a couple of secrets stashed away in the closet so she needs to shut up.

Again thank you for your recap.


Wow, Alfredo. Wonderful recap.

I read this early in the morning but had to dash to work, so enjoyed reading through the comments already here.

I agree, fathers don't fare well in this tale and seems we get those moments of bliss and love only to have that father get offed soon after. So yeah, worried on Alfredo. And Dani with a gun...good lord.

Normita should have been slapped silly by someone...anyone. The hissy fit was uncalled for. Naz owes her nothing when it comes to news about the death of his dear wife. I'm sure that was enough on his own to absorb and Normita would not be top of list to run to. Five months is hardly a span of time to not only get over someone you loved so dearly, but to be in a place where you give someone else that level of priority. I"m sure they will still hook that poor man up with her, but just a horrible portrayal by the writers.

I hold hope that Mario and Mags will land in a good place, but hopefully they will do so with grace and love and not portray the news of his sterility as some awful circumstance that could break them apart. Watching how my sister and her hubby worked through her endless miscarriages for years and finally realized adopting could make just as loving a family and I have the BEST three nieces and nephews ( and all my godchildren) who resulted from that decision, I would love to see that be shown for them to open their home to children needing a home.

Lalo and Tere...sigh

That police force needs to start making some progress and fast because the body counts are rising and they keep taking them all on. I don't think we're done yet, which worries me as to who is next?


There really were a lot of tender moments this episode, and I found myself tearing up more than once-- Lalo and Tere; Leti with Sara and Lucia; Lucia and Nora.

Ditto about being annoyed with Normita, and I've been sympathetic to her mostly. Naz didn't owe her a call. Lucia (goddaughter), Lalo (BFF), Magda (like a daughter), Marcelo (like a son)-- yes. Normita is just a co-worker, whom he's just recently started going on chaste dates with. Slow your roll, Normita. You're lucky that you're in his 2nd tier friends and family circle.

Really enjoyable recap, Alfredo. Thanks a bunch. I thought Lucia's visit to Roman for any reason at this point was excessive on Lucia's part, but that being said, she has behaved impetuously throughout the novela as far as I'm concerned. I sure hope Alfredo's phone message to Dani professing his love for her is not forcasting his death. I'd like to see him become a key player in taking Rebby down.
I'm can't wait for Momster to get her comeuppance, she get's zero sympathy from me. Add Dani to my list of characters I couldn't care less about.
Although I've enjoyed this soap, it hasn't come close to engendering enthusiasm for the protags for some reason. Not sure what to make of that.

Helen- I think Lucia was desperate. Her sister just tried to kill herself (as far as she knows), and she was desperate to get some advice, ANY advice, on how she can help her sister, from the only mental health professional she knows. It really shouldn't be so much drama for Roman. He's acting like they were married or something, and had a bitter divorce. They just went on a few dates and kissed a couple of times. Damn! Man up, and act like a professional, Roman!

I am thanking you in advance for this recap. Once again my DVR did not record last night. I am eternally greatful to you and the recapping team. Now off to read the recap.

Thanks again,
Hasta Pronto

Thank you Kendra, TF, Urban, Sandie, Steve, Daisynjay, Helen for stopping by and commenting!

Helen, Lucia and Marcelo haven't grabbed me either and I've seen worse couples with just as much chemistry but there is just something off about L & M. I have to say I like Lucia a lot more than Marcelo though.

Sandie, Oone thing can be said, the villains in this have been perfectly cast and written. A+++ I am loving Claudia Ramirez in this after seeing her as a good protagonista growing up like Leticia Calderon.

That's great to hear, Daisynjay! I'm glad they found an option that worked for them. For some adoption is not the best or even an adoption but I'm sure Magdalena and Mario will get over this hump. I'm looking forward to the inevitable moment where Mario finally tells her the truth. I also hope they don't pull a wild card and the second opinion says nothing is wrong. -.-

Urban, I don't know but for me it's too fast, especially because there was nothing there before and they do seem mismatched. I think Rafaela would have been a better fit if they were going to senior romance. She seems to know when he needed space and when to push better than Normita does.

TF, Rebeca can't get away from this one. Alfredo can open his mouth at any moment unless she's willing to actually kill him which so far she hasn't done. All the deaths in this novela, strangely, have been convenient and coincidental but never with the intent to do harm. We had two attempts but they didn't come to fruition so they don't count. Funny enough Amador ordered them, not Rebeca, she's more of a right place, right time type of girl.

Kendra, Daniela already has plot gun and we have an ominous ILY. Good figure all the things that can go wrong there.

Roman and Lucia just need to stop. He's been unprofessional this whole time and she needs to leave him be.

You're welcome, Aunty Ann! Glad to be of service :)

Hey Alfredo. This is delicious as always. I'm anxious to hear everything Ada has to say about his bitch of a mother and how she killed his father. she is so much like Rebecca if they fight they'd probably beat the crap out of each other they're just that much alike.
Now what is alfy gonna do with two crazy daughters. Nora finding that out
Would just push her on over. And all
They need is some hair or a toothbrush
Or a glass with nora's germs on it and
His hair, and a reliable lab. Poor guy He thought he was stuck before,he is now. He should have listened to people when they told him. But she is his kid.
She crazy like her sister(dani).

I think Mili hates marcelo, yes hate
Cuz he did what his dad did, he left
Mili jr(dani) for a woman he really loves. And those 2 b...witches don't
Like to loose. And how sick is it for a mother to tell her son's ex to do something that would shake her son to his core just because he don't want her anymore? really? what kind of nasty mother does something like that to heR child who she claims to love.
Well she claimed to love his dad too and look how that turned out.

Lalo & tere are the sweetest couple on this show, and they're also the most hurt right now. They are so sweet together. Their happiness will come.

Tonight's gonna be another good one.
Thank you Alfredo for another good one.

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