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El Color de la Pasion #111 (Hulu/Uni #110), February 16, 2017: Tha Crossroads

In this episode, it's wedding day! Maybe. It's fighting day! Definitely. It's going crazy day! Oh yes. And even Nora realizes how crazy she is after she receives a special delivery package. If only medical professionals and her mother did. Things are coming to a crossroads as we go through ultimas semanas...

  • Repeated scenes: Rebeca and Swag Daddy argue over how trustworthy Rebeca is. Marcelo calls Lucia from Puebla, where he is going to have his dad's body exhumed. He promises Lucia he'll make their wedding tomorrow. Nora overhears this news and realizes they are getting married. She runs to her room and locks herself in. Then Marcelo fights with Momster about having his father's body exhumed.
  • Marcelo turns to leave. Over her dead body will this exhumation happen, Momster proclaims!
  • Lucia wants to know why Rebeca met with Clara in a park. Rebeca claims that she just ran into Clara and Clara was letting her know that she didn't kill Trini. Lucia doesn't buy that for a second. She remembers Clara telling her not to trust Rebeca. Rebeca tells her to think what she wants.
  • Rebeca goes into Nora's room and finds her upset. Nora tells her about the impending nuptials. Nora is upset to have lost Marcelo (who she never had, but I digress) for good. She blames herself and calls herself "crap." She tells Rebeca that she deserves nothing good. Rebeca tells her that's not true, and Nora says it is true, why she even killed a person. Rebeca says that was accidental. Nora says she'll never be able to forget doing it and Rebeca tells her that it will be hard work, but she must forget it or it will ruin her life.
  • Leti looks at the bracelet that dead daddy Ricardo gave her. It's all she has left of him, she tells Sara, who is checking on her. They wonder who killed Ric and go over the list of his many scorned women. Rebeca jumps to the top of their suspect list.
  • Rafi greets a returning Momster who enters her home cussing up a storm and goes straight to her room. Momster remembers plot gun is in her purse. She fishes it out and puts it in a drawer, which she locks up tight with a secret key.
  • Mags goes to a pastry shop and buys pastries for the group of patients she helps with. This scene felt kind of like an ad for them. The recommended pastry of the day was a cake de salsa queso (a cheesecake with a blackberry sauce), which sounds kind of good but looked like the basic yellow cake with white frosting you can buy in your supermarket. FF>>
  • Dani is moping in bed. Marcelo comes in (Momster had told him where she was). Dani whines that she doesn't want to live without Marcelo and she needs him. Marcelo says they have been over this and it's just not going to happen. Dani says now she knows how Fede must have felt. Ugh! Marcelo tells her not to do anything stupid. Dani gets mad at him and orders him out.
  • Swag Daddy is approaching as Marcelo leaves. He is not happy to see Marcelo there. Marcelo fills him in on Dani and her failed gun scare. Swag Daddy is D.O.N.E. with Marcelo and tells him not to come back. Marcelo is D.O.N.E. too and agrees.
  • A messenger that Tere knows delivers a mysterious envelope. I'm just happy to see a smile on Tere's face.
  • Dani refuses to let Swag Daddy in at first, but relents. He questions the sincerity of her latest breakdown and asks where plot gun is. It is more relevant than Dani after all. Dani tells him Momster took it for safekeeping. Swag Daddy asks if this whole thing was Dani's idea or hers. Dani tells him she's desperate. He tells her that Marcelo is D.O.N.E. - he's prohibiting him! Dani says he can't do that.
  • At the bookstore, Momster has arrived and immediately starts trashing it while cussing up a storm.
  • Momster tells Aida that she took her husband and now she's trying to take her son. Aida tells her to get out of there if that's all she wanted to say. Momster threatens Aida to not approach Marcelo again or else, and then leaves. Rosaura starts to say something but Aida cuts her off and tells her to help clean up Momster's mess.
  • Mags brings the aforementioned pastries to the patient group, who is excited. One of them knitted her a cute baby blanket. Obviously this upsets Mags, but she graciously thanks the lady for the gift and excuses herself. The patients attack the pastries, lol. 
  • Mags runs into Sara and explains about the baby gift. Then she asks Sara how Leti is doing. They start speculating about the killer, but Mags doesn't take it well when Sara offers up the theory that it might have been Rebeca. Mags says they can't blame Rebeca every time someon is offed. LOL! Sara comments about Adriana dying due to Rebeca and Mags really gets upset and stomps off, telling Sara to leave her in peace.
  • Nora has emerged from the bedroom and comes down the Staircase of Doom. Tere is super sweet to her and then mentions the envelope that was delivered was addressed to her and hands it to her. I'm guessing it's not a valentine from Marcelo or Sergio or Rod and his rod...
  • Lucia dresses for her wedding (a short white dress and gaudy statement necklace, and way too much makeup IMO). Rebeca comes in to ask if that's what she's doing and if she even cares about how this will affect her sister. Lucia points out that Marcelo will never be into Nora even if they did cancel the wedding and wonders if Rebeca's real problem is seeing Lucia (anyone actually) be happy? Rebeca tells Lucia she's going to regret this.
  • Nora opens the envelope to find the O.G. MC Becky photo with the inscription!
  • Nora flashes back to the day that Ricardo showed her this note. This FREAKS Nora out and she starts screaming "MAMA" "MAMA" "MAMA" over and over like a banshee.

  • Rebeca comes running and attends to Nora, but she's shocked to see her MC Becky photo on the floor and picks it up. Nora keeps repeating that she can't and Rebeca keeps repeating telling her to calm down. Lucia has heard the commotion and looks down at it from the top of the staircase, and she and Rebeca exchange a look. Rebeca hustles Nora to the study.
  • Once there, they sink to the floor. Nora thinks Ricardo is alive! What does he want with her? Rebeca reassures her he's dead and probably sent the photo before he died. Nora wants to know why, what did he want? Rebeca urges her to calm down and lower her voice, as she doesn't want Lucia to hear what Nora is saying. Nora is freaking out and Rebeca tells her to calm down. Rebeca tells her they are the same, so they will have the same destiny and everything will turn out OK. Then Rebeca leaves her alone for a few minutes to get her tea to calm down. Nora grabs the photo and tears it up.
RIP, Plot MC Becky Photo
  • Lucia asks Rebeca what is happening with Nora. Rebeca says, "What do you think?" and refuses to allow Lucia to go in the study to check on Nora. Rebeca tells her it will make things worse, and besides, she was just going to marry Marcelo anyway no matter how it affected her sister. Rebeca tells her to scram and go marry Marcelo. Lucia, feeling guilty, decides to depart and she takes one last look at the mansion before leaving. Then Marcelo sends her a nice yay-we-are-getting-married-today text which gets her moving.
  • Swag Daddy is paying a visit to Momster. He tells her to leave Dani alone as Momster is not good for her and to stop encouraging her to go after Marcelo. If Momster wants a daughter-in-law to manipulate, Swag Daddy continues, she will need to find another woman. Momster says not to worry, she'll never bother Dani again.
  • Rebeca returns with the tea to find Nora has left the room. Rebeca checks her bedroom; Nora has left without her phone or purse.
  • Nora is walking the streets of Puebla in a daze. She almost gets hit by a car.
  • Marcelo calls Rafi to ask her to look for plot gun. And to tell her he's having a civil wedding. He promises she can come to their big church wedding later. Rafi tells her to give Lucia a kiss for her. He reminds her to keep looking for the gun. Unfortunately, Momster was listening in on this call.

  • Lalo confides in Nazario about how he's upset that Clara had lied. Nazario says that everyone deserves a second chance. They realize they need to get moving to the civil wedding.
  • Lucia is in Sara's office, picking up the medical certificates needed. Sara wishes her well. Sara notices that Lucia is anxious on a happy day. Lucia tells her she's worried about Nora's reaction. Sara encourages her to live her own life. Lucia realizes she's late and rushes out of there.
  • Rebeca drives around and searches for Nora and calls Tere, asking her to contact her if Nora returns home. Her phone is running out of battery, so hopefully Nora will come back soon.
  • Nora goes to Roman's office but he's not there. The receptionist won't give her Roman's home address, but Nora grabs her address book, shoves the receptionist out of her way, tears the page with his address out and takes off. She gets a taxi to take her for free to Roman's house. 
  • All have assembled for the wedding, but Lucia is not there yet. She's running late.
  • Nora shows up at Roman's house. She BEGS for help. He's not buying it and says she's not his patient anymore. THIS GUY. She tells him she killed someone. That gets the doctor's attention. Nora begs him once more for help and buries herself in his arms.
  • Apparently Lucia is not the world's worst driver, but she's close - look at this angle she's in! She's stuck in traffic after there was an accident, and calls Marcelo to let him know.

  • Lucia decides to just park illegally and block everyone and tells the policeman who tells her no to just tow her car because she has to get to the civil court on time (3 pm). She calls Marcelo and updates him.
  • Ugh of course, Roman calls her next. Roman tells her he can't find Rebeca and there's a problem with Nora - she's at his house and in very bad shape.
  • Marcelo doesn't understand why Lucia hasn't arrived as she didn't have far to walk. Marcelo decides to wait for her outside of the courtoom and asks Mags to stall the clerk. Lucia calls him, in tears and asks him to forgive her, because she's not coming...


thanks dy77 and a nice fond farewell to another plot device.

Boy we sure are getting the cliched plot twists lately aren't we. Now we have the stuck in traffic scenario. Gee, so original. Like we didn't see something coming that would bury the wedding until another day.

So, again, Roman. You have a woman who shows up on your doorstep needing some serious help and instead of going to a hospital ( and possibly the police since she admitted she killed someone), you call her sister to come to the house? Who writes this drivel? I want to see this guy's diploma.

I love these delusional women who somehow think they will win the love of their obsession by threatening. It's all about the game. For Dani, this borders on just being a spoiled brat. She is used to getting anything she wants, even if daddy was not around he paid and gave her everything she needed, and now she there is something that she can't have. So she thinks she stomps her foot hard enough and hold her breath, it will work. I give it to Aldredo to tell her NO, tell Marcelo stop come running anymore and Mili to lay off and find another future daughter in law pawn. The guy has his faults, but he has some brains there.

Say it again...all this attention to Marcelo's father and Mili and some deep dark secret. The pay off better be worth something because WHY???? Only thing I can suppose is as her anvil, truth of her complicity in hubby's death will come out and off to jail she goes. The only explanation for her dislike of her son all these years is that he was the walking reminder of that first husband and she took it out on him. The fact his father was willing to take him with him might also point to the fact that Mili wasn't much of a mother to her son period. But don't know, not sure I still care. She could just drive off and I'd be fine.

Thanks so much, dy77! Well, we knew this wedding wouldn't take place, and frankly, I still think it was the wrong time to have it (even if it weren't derailed by Nora having a breakdown and stalled traffic). The majority of their witnesses are going through major drama, and the bride and groom too, and not really in a festive mood.

Although Roman has been a less than stellar therapist, he has managed to build trust with Nora, otherwise she wouldn't have gone to him when she was at such a low point. Is he required to tell the police if a patient reveals something like this to him? I'm betting Nora didn't go into any details about who she killed and how.

Dy77, that was really fun to read. I ditto daisynjay's comments., so wilth that, please accept my thanks for such a beautifully crafted review.

Vivi, I agree with you that the timing of the wedding was really off especially with so much drama in full sway in the lives of just about most of the characters. I could have used a beanie to help me get through the way the writers wrote this episode. I'm just saying.

dy, you were in fine form this morning. Your screen shots and summary were marvelous.

"it's wedding day! Maybe. It's fighting day! Definitely. It's going crazy day! Oh yes" captured the essence of the day perfectly. "I'm guessing it's not a valentine from Marcelo or Sergio or Rod and his rod" had me laughing.

Nora tearing up Ricardo's parting party gift photo was achingly portrayed by Nora. Her quivering looked and felt all too real. She and her mother's acting has been stellar. Both were amazing. This clearly pushed Nora further toward the edge of sanity.

Nora was clearly devastated by Ricardo's death and fully blames herself. This was indeed the one time she was not responsible for the outcome (his death was not intentional). She had no chance of surrendering. I don't think she would have but Rebecca would have made it impossible anyway. Rebecca refuses to realize her daughter did not inherit her almost incomprehensible ability to shirk blame or responsibility.

Most of the young adults in this have been traumatized by one (or both) of their parents (and/or other close relatives). Those that have been manipulated, mentally abused (and worse) include Luci, Marcelo, Dani, Rodrigo, Leti and of course, Nora. I feel for each and every one of them.

daisy, I agree that Mili has loathed her son as he reminded her of her husband. Sadly, this does occur in real life and I personally saw several instances of this myself.

I fell asleep and missed the last few pivotal scenes. From what I read, I cannot blame Lucia for running to her sister's side. It seemed as though Nora has taken a leap she might not recover from.

Thank you for all that you have added to this dy. Fantastic.


Honestly, Marcelo & Lucia should not have gotten married at this time. Leti just lost her dad, Lalo was just assaulted, Naz just found out who killed his wife. I think they could've postponed it for a week.

Lucia is also not being honest with Marcelo or herself. If she has these grave concerns about Nora's mental health, she should've told Marcelo, I want to marry you but Nora is in distress...can we put it off for a week or two? If you two are truly a committed pair it's not going to matter if you put off your Feb. 16 civil wedding until March 3.

Calling Marcelo at the last minute & saying "Sorry, I can't come" makes me question whether you REALLY want to get married*. Add the fact that Lucia personally went to Roman to announce she was getting married & then also came to his office again to talk about Nora ...I'm sorry but Lucia do you REALLY want to get married to Marcelo at this time? It's ok if you don't, but just be honest with yourself.

*Marcelo, if you really love and want to marry Lucia, support her in this time and wait to marry. Her sister is in distress and you know this.

Quite frankly, Marcelo & Lucia will never be able to marry peacefully in Puebla unless Nora is not around (institutionalized, dead, in jail, etc). Maybe they should've gone to Mexico or back to their beach paradise.

Anon207- Lucia DID have that honest conversation with Marcelo, and he gave her the speech about not sacrificing herself and him to her sister's emotional blackmail. That's when she asked him if he wouldn't have done the same to prevent his brother from taking his life. They've both made their feelings clear on this, and I think they have shown Lucia struggle with this, right up to the last second when she got that call from Roman. It's not an easy decision. Regardless of the Nora drama though, the timing was all off.

Dy77: Muchas Gracias!

Vivi: Once again, Lucia's incompetence SHOWS AGAIN as she falls under Nora's trick once again.... UGH!

Anon207: The ONLY way I see Lucia & Marcelo getting married is if Nora ends up dead or imprisoned.

Daisy: This is getting into generational: Aida vs. Milagros, The Becista vs. Adriana & Mags & Lucia including Nora vs. Lucia & Leticia, Daniela vs. Lucia.


Steve- I don't think this was a "trick" by Nora. She really is losing her mind, it's just that it has to do with Ric's death, not Lucia's marriage.

Thank you DY77 great twists, reveals and breakdowns.

Will Lucia ever learn, she always goes straight to Becky with the information she finds out about. The blood soaked dress, seeing her at the park, this always affords Becky time to come up with another lie. Lucia needs to take all of the info and do her own digging.

Alfie is finally doing something right, he is standing up for his delusional, bratty daughter. Keeping Mili away is what's best for Dani.

And I agree Nora is completely guilt ridden over Ric, her intention was not to stop the wedding. She lost it when she got picture from Ric. I don't see anyway that she would be able to survive in jail, they will have to put her in an asylum or she will have to die to finally be at peace.


Thanks dy77!!!

Firstly, I have to mention something that REALLY stood out to me in this episode. When Rebeca and Nora were talking Rebeca said something to the effect of that she and Nora are destined the same fate and I think that's very true. I said something similar in the Karmaggedon thread that Rebeca's fate will be determined by Nora's fate.

I also agree that Nora's original plan of separating Marcelo and Lucia took an interesting turn. Her breakdown had nothing to do with the least not completely. Receiving the anonymous package with the picture of Rebeca obviously sent her over the edge. I wonder who sent it? What I don't agree with is how Roman handled hearing the revelation. Naturally, I'm not surprised that Lucia chose Nora over Marcelo. I still think Lucia is too forgiving.

I think it was about damn time that Alfredo started acting like a real father. I can't believe Daniela still wants Marcelo back so I hope that Alfredo stands firm and knocks some sense into her. Marcelo doesn't deserve to be emotionally blackmailed. And keeping Daniela away from Milly is also a good decision.

dy - I know I've said this so many times, but I can't help it - your ability to pack so much into those brief paragraphs is something I aspire to. I remember recapping's a task and all of the recappers deserve such praise because that stuff is hard especially commenting, being snarky (or is that just me and Delilah?), and getting all of the pertinent scenes in there.

Daddy Al made me proud. I loved it...he pulled Dani's card and realized her attempt was fake and coerced by that crazy lady without a cat. Telling Marc to not come back I don't care what she does. Telling the crazy cat lady w/o a cat to stay on her side of the fence or she will get the boot. Best Al I've seen. Let's keep him that way.

Nora - lawd have mercy! She looked tortured. Ramon proved why I don't like him at all. Instead of yelling at her, you know she needs serious help, try to explain why this was not appropriate. Then he yells at her about the fake suicide attempt to bother her, yeah. Please admit this girl into a hospital. This cannot go on.

Lucy and Marc's wedding not happening. I agree the timing was off, but even if it wasn't - don't care. I just really don't. I don't like them with other people (I like them as a couple), but I'm so unmoved by their relationship anymore and this just added to it. I'm over it...where's Tere and Lalo?

Poncho! Where has he been the entire show? Oh that scene with him and Tere was so light and bright, best part last night!

Milli - did you hurt someone throwing books on the floor? No? Okay, wasted energy.

I wish this plot point about Marc's dad had come when Rafi hinted and Milli confirmed the pending divorce, but as everyone says - late to the game, next!

Are any of these murders going to be solved? Abbott and Costello need to do better. They know something's up, but they aren't really being that active. Maybe they have too many cases (Adriana, Alonso, Trini, Ligia, and now Ricardo) not to mention the fraud case - which I don't think they are handling.

My guess is that Rebecca sent the picture knowing how Nora would react to influence Luicia's decision. She was given that picture back by Ric and she promised to stop the wedding. There is no question she would even use her daughter in any way to get what she wants.

Alfredo hasn't been around, so he hasn't seen how Milagros has been egging Daniela's obsession with Marcelo on. Now that he sees it, he's putting a stop to it. I'm glad he called out Milagros on egging on Daniela and I'm glad he told Marcelo to stop coming around. You don't want to be with my daughter, you got her hopes up and dumped her AGAIN and everytime you come around you get her hopes up. Since you don't want to be with my daughter, stop coming around. You're with this other girl now, stop coming around my daughter, stop pretending to care, stop pretending to support because at the end of the day you're just going to go running back to this other girl's arms. Stop it.

Rebeca knows that if Alfredo gets confirmation that Nora is his daughter, he's going to put a stop to the foolishness that's been going on and he will seek to have Nora hospitalized and she's not having it. I think Alfredo seeing what a mess Nora is makes him want to do better by Daniela.

Daniela doesn't love Marcelo the person. She loves the idea of Marcelo the person choosing HER because it proves she is worthy. Every time Marcelo rejects her, she feels unworthy. IMO Marcelo is a stand-in for Alfredo.

Although Lucia & Marcelo had discussed Nora's mental state before, Nora had a breakdown that morning in front of Lucia. Lucia should've picked up the phone and told Marcelo they would have to postpone the wedding because Nora was undergoing a crisis and it wasn't just a tantrum this time. Doing it how she did it? Not cool.

And no, Nora is not playing tricks and games. Her mental health has been steadily deteriorating since Alonso died.

Anon2:18- Ric gave Rebeca a copy of the picture. He lied and said he didn't still have the one she inscribed and that he had just been lying to Nora about the inscription. Rebeca burned the photo she thought was the only one, but was just a copy. Ric played one last practical joke on her by mailing the original to Nora before he was set to leave town.

How many episodes are left in this show?

GoBlueFan- 10-11 episodes are left, depending on if Univision splits the final 2-hour episode over two nights. There are a total of 121 episodes.

Thanks y77, thorough bullet points, and illustrated.

Looking at the situation from Marcelo's standpoint
Getting left standing by the fiancée on the wedding day hurts (just ask Lucía about that.)
The reason is some antics or tantrums by Nora, which he has doubts whether they are real or acted.
This shows, not for the first time, that he is a lower priority for Lucía.
Is it worth continuing with Lucía? She does not show a lot of loyalty and willingness to fight for their love.

It's not like she's dumping him. They just aren't going to get married that day. She was stuck in traffic anyway, and that judge didn't look like she was going to wait.

I mean, they haven't paid for a caterer, flowers, musicians, a church, etc. They don't even have a home to live in after they get married. They have four friends and a judge. It's not a big deal, especially when compared to a sister on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Yes, Vivi. Knowing what we know I actually agree with Lucía. I just think that for Marcelo it is a point of give it some thought.

Let's be honest, Marcelo and Lucia have successfully been manipulated all their lives to be the caregivers for the whiners, nutjobs and needy around them. As much as we all loved Alonso, drove me crazy the guilt trip he would lay on Lucia that she couldn't leave because she was the walking reminder of her mother. Marcelo's mother hated him, but where was Freddie staying? Not with mom, he was made to feel responsible for the brother. And for both Lucia and Marcelo, as it goes south with the siblings with issues, guess who is guilted into stepping into make things right again.
From a personal standpoint, I can tell you, been there, done that. It really takes an anvil up the head to stop the auto-response kick in to solve the latest problem and make everyone happy again. It can be a parent, a sibling, you do it long enough as the designated peace maker, it's hard to stop.

Marcelo got it whipped out of him by Alfredo over Dani though I still think he feels guilty over his bro;, but Lucia just can't stop running back to try and fix or save Nora because she thinks it's her job to do it.

Great work, dy77. I've been trying all day to catch up.

Nothing new to add re the characters or the plot points, but I agree that now was not the right time except for beating their enemies to the punch. What I'm not agreeing with is that Nora and her issues put yet one more roadblock in Lucia's quest for happiness.

BTW, that necklace is gorgeous but it's a little early in the day for it.

Milagros is probably looking to use the gun on Lucia at their wedding.

Thank you so much, Dy77!

I donnt even know how to feel abouut the whole wedding. It was the wrong time especially considering what everyone is going through but it was so fustrating to see Lucia fall into Noras trap.

If it was the first time, if Nora wouldnt have lied about her suicide once before, if Lucia hadnt caught her in various lies then maybe it would be understandable. But how long can you go dropping everything for someone who has never cared about you. Forgive them, be amicable but eventually you will be as unhappy as them if you let them.

Roaming plot gun is like a merry go round, whos going to get shot or die? Im glad Alfredo vanned Milagros from seeing Daniela. She is toxic to even people who aret related to her.

Dy77, this was really good. I knew it
Would not happen. There's always something to interfere with the joy of
Love. Especially when the viewers are
Anxious to see them together. Be we'll
Just have to suffer through the Nora
Show of insanity,rebecca's endless love of lying,mili's scheming a plan to just have everything her way. All kinds of interference.
Mario and mags can adopt, or they can have a miracle,y'all know it's gonna happen. Ok tonights gonna be a doozy.

Thanks dy77.

And why the hell won't aida spill the
The over seasoned beans on miligirl.
Marcelo's family kind mirrors lucy' s.
With the spouses killing to keep the
Husbands that don't love them to themselves. I'm now I'm done. Enjoy tonite.

Thanks all. I agree - it's actually for the better, for now, that the wedding didn't occur.

Hey, thank you dy77. Great screen shots. I need to learn how to do that.

I want to say that the actress playing Nora is so believable, so good in this episode, wow. Brava.

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