Thursday, February 16, 2017

El Color Dela Pasion #110 Wednesday 2/15/17 - DNA aka in Puebla as Do Not Admit anything test!

As Aida's friend Rosaura prods her to tell Marcelo the truth, he begs her to tell him no matter what it is. Marcelo tells Aida that he's suspected for a very long time that there was something strange regarding his father's death; something his mother has been hiding and now he's certain Aida is too.  She says she doesn't know anything, all she knows is that his father died of a heart attack.  Well then what does my mother's second husband have to do with all of this?  Aida tells him his mother's second husband was a doctor who proclaimed the cause of death and signed the certificate.   Aida insists again that this is all she knows, but Marcelo says no because a short time later that man married his mother. Rosaura still not content with how much tea has been spilled decides to pour a bit more:  Aida forgot to tell you that  Ramiro Valdivia was also your father's best friend, isn't that strange?  Aida tells her to shut it and tells Marcelo to scram.  He tries again to get more but Aida is firm,  she's very busy and has a lot of work to do.  He will not be getting any more information from her or her big mouthed friend Rosaura who is also very busy.  Please leave!   Aida walks away and Rosaura shrugs helplessly.

Lucia comes into the Gax house to find Tere sitting down and crying, but quickly the maid rises knowing she is supposed to be working.   Lucia kindly tells her to sit down and kneels before her.  How are you doing?  Tere says not so well, but she saw Lalo last night and she's decided not to hide from him anymore.  Lucia's glad and tells Tere that Lalo is who is going to help Tere get through this because he loves her very much.   Tere knows this and says she loves him too very much and she's decided to file a formal accusation against the pig Vinicio.  Lucia is in complete agreement and support, stating that they cant let someone like him get away without being punished.   Tere tells Lucia that Lalo told her Vini was also Trini's killer.  What an evil man!   Lucia asks Tere if Lalo will go with her to file the complaint but Tere is too embarrassed to have him hear the details.  Lucia says then she'll go with her.  Really?  Lucia says yes, as soon as she returns from Lety's father's funeral.  Tere didn't know that Lety had a father, but Lucia explains that it was only discovered recently.  Lety only had the pleasure of being with her father for a short time.   How sad, Tere says.  Lucia says as soon as she returns they'll go file that complaint.  Tere's  grateful and overwhelmed with emotion; begins sobbing again. 

At the Ministerio Publico,  Ramos tells Detective Juarez that he has the list of contacts pulled from Ricardo Marquez phone and Vinicio Garrido was one of them.  Detective J says that proves that Marquez and Zuniga both knew that man.  Ramos says yup and then suddenly Vinicio disappears the day Marquez is killed.  Detective J says but he still doesn't see what one has to do with the other; Trini's murderer escaped in the morning and Marquez was killed at night.  Detective J needs more, you got anything else?  Ramos says he's checked the bank account of the deceased and a few days before he died there were two huge transactions, one involving a check from Amador Zuniga and then a very important  transfer of money from Rebecca Murillo.  This gets Juarez attention and he tells Ramos they'll have to pay her a visit, especially because Marquez told them she once tried to kill him.  

Magdalena hurriedly comes down the stairs dressed in black and asks Mario if he's still going to Ricardo's funeral.  He tells her he was just about to leave because he'll barely have time to make it.  She's decided to go after all,  but only to support Lety.  Mario thinks that's fine.  You really don't mind?  Mario says nope, but they need to leave right now or they'll be late. 

At the book store Rosaura defends her position to Aida;  Marcelo has a right to know the truth.  Aida says what truth?  You know perfectly well that all I have regarding Cristobal's death are suppositions, I don't have any proof.   Rosaura says maybe not but if you weren't so convinced that Milagros Fuentes was complicit in murdering her husband with the help of the man she later married, you wouldn't have gone to confront her.  Aida tries to wiggle out of it, saying she needed to see her…  For what?  Rosaura challenges knowing it's all bull.  Frustrated, Aida says she needs to step out and get some air.

Ricardo Marquez is laid to rest in a very quick and simple ceremony.   There are only seven in attendance, and of those people only his daughter loved him and grieves for him.  Rest in peace Ricardo, I will miss you too.

Marcelo has made the drive back to his mother's and calls for her before he has even hit the front door.  Rafi who is out in the courtyard watering plants wonders what all the yell is about.    He wants to see his mother, where is she?   Rafi says she went to the beauty salon and she'll be a while because she just left.  Marcelo says he just saw Aida Lugo and he just found out some very important things.  Rafi stammers well..what things?  Marcelo says things that he already suspected, that there were some shady things surrounding his father's death.  Rafi tries to squash it by walking away and telling Marcelo that he's got some silly ideas in his head.  Marcelo says nope and he follows on her heels insisting that he's sure she (Rafi) can help him.  Oh no, don't put me in the middle of your inquiries.   Marcelo tells her that this isn't the first time they've talked about this and he's not going to let up until she tells him what she knows.  Rafi insists she doesn't know anything and she wasn't even here when it  happened.  When she got  here it had already happened.   Marcelo tells Rafi he's always trusted her and he doesn't want her to disappoint him now all he wants is the truth.  Rafi tells him he already know the truth,  Cristobal died of heart failure the way so many people died.  Just like Lucia's father.   Marcelo says well Lucia's father had a history of heart problems and besides he's not so convinced he died of …  What? Rafi wonders what he was going to say, but Marcelo cuts her off and says they were talking about something else.   He has to go because he has something important to do with Lucia and can't wait for his mother. He warns Rafi that he will be back to talk to his mother and she is not to say anything about him coming by.  After he leaves, a rattled Rafi prays to God to help them.

Speaking of God helping us, will he help remove Whinenelia from my screen?  A depressed whiney hiney reflects on her last meeting with Marcelo and she remembers him telling her that she will meet someone else.  She tells herself that the problem is she has no interest in being with anyone else.  She gets up out of bed and goes to her dresser drawer where she's placed the gun.  She's just about to grab it when..knock-knock!  Startled she yanks  her hand back and shuts the drawer.  Who is it?  It's the maid Lydia who has kindly come to check on Whiney because she hasn't gotten out of bed for several days. Daniela snaps that she's fine, but Lydia wonders if maybe they should call the doctor?  No! The only thing I want is to be left alone? Okay?  She slams the door in Lydia's face.  As you wish miss.   Lydia, give thanks and be glad. You can do your work without this harpy behind you whining all day.

Back in Puebla, Lety and Sara accompanied by Sergio; arrive back home.  Lety is sad that so few people came to her father's funeral.  Sara tries to comfort her daughter by telling her that her father wasn't from Puebla and so very few people knew him.  Lety says that may be but she senses that the people that did know him didn’t like him.   There are no words for that and Sara simply says she's going to have to go back to work, will Lety be alright?   Lety says yes, she has Sergio.  Sara tells him to take care of  her.  He says of course.  Right then Lety asks Sergio if the results of the autopsy came in, do they know what the cause of death was?  Yes.  Sara's pain filled face says everything and she knows she won't be going anywhere once Sergio tells Lety the truth.   Well tell me.  Sergio looks helplessly at Sara before telling Lety gently that it appears her father was murdered.   Lety is once again grief stricken and Sara tells her that they didn't want to tell her because it hadn't been confirmed and they knew it was going to upset her.  Heart broken Lety asks who would want to do such a thing?  Sergio tells her they don't know yet, but the police are investigating.   Lety collapses and sobs against her mother.  Who mom?  Who could have killed him?   Sara knows that with Ricardo's dealings, there could be several suspects but she says nothing and only holds her daughter.

Meanwhile the culprit gets her hair brushed as she's lectured by her mother on why she should get dressed and pretty herself up.   sNora says she can't because she feels like everyone will stare at her and realize it.  Rebecca says on the contrary if she doesn't go out people will be suspicious and talk.  She continues to aggressively brush sNora's  hair.  Ouch! You're hurting me.   Lucia comes in and announces that the police are downstairs, causing sNora to lurch forward and up, ready to flee.  Rebecca coolly keeps a firm hand on her daughter's shoulder even as Lucia notices the awkward behavior.   They want to talk with you Tia.  Rebecca keeps both hands on sNora who has now turned white as a ghost.  Rebecca asks if they said what it was about, to which Lucia says no but she assumes it has to do with the death of Lety's father.  sNora twitches and begins to breathe heavily and Lucia watches her as Rebecca tells Lucia to tell them she will be down shortly.   After Lucia leaves sNora bolts up out of the chair and grabs desperately at her mother.  Don't let them take me!  Don't let them take me!  Rebecca shushes her daughter down and tells her that the police came to see  her and not sNora.  She doesn't want her daughter to leave her room and go peeking. She's to stay there and wait for her mother.  Rebecca hands the comb to her and instructs her to keep fixing her hair.   Yup, pull those Dna strands out sNora.

Marcelo brushes away the leaves on his father's tombstone and we see that he was only thirty five when he died.  Suddenly a thunderstorm begins to drench Marcelo who remains rooted at the grave as the storm washes over his grief.

Rebecca leads the detectives out to the courtyard as they question her.  When was the last time you saw him?   Rebecca says she has no idea, as they already know she didn’t have a good relationship with him.  Detective J says, Oh really? Well you made a deposit to one of his accounts a few days ago.  For someone who didn't have a good relationship with him, that sure was a generous amount.   Rebecca is rattled but she has her back to them so it's hardly noticed by the detectives.  She recovers and tells them that she gave Ricardo that money for her own peace of mind, because he'd been bothering her.   Well with the way things ended, it looks like he won't be bothering you again right?  Rebecca knows exactly what the implication is in that statement and she makes it clear that they're wrong.  The night that man died she was having dinner with Amador Zuniga and they can confirm it with the waiter who attended to them.  Detective J says he may just do that.  They're about to leave when Ramos reminds Detective J about the phone list.  Oh yeah…we went through Mr. Marquez contacts and of course we found your number in there, but we also found your daughter's.  Can you confirm that's her number?  Rebecca continues to keep her composure merely confirming that it's her daughter's number but she has no idea why he would have had it.  She asks the detective to please not bother her daughter because she hasn't been feeling well and she's resting now.    Detective J says not to worry they don't need to talk to her yet.   Meanwhile inside Lucia waits ready to question her Aunt as soon as she sets foot inside.  Did they interrogate you about Ricardo Marquez?  No they just asked me some questions.  Well why you tia?  Because they're questioning everyone who knew him.   Lucia's phone rings, giving Rebecca the chance to end the second  interrogation of the day but not before exchanging glances with a suspicious Lucia.   A drenched Marcelo tells Lucia he's just been through a rainstorm but he managed to pick up all of his things and he's on his way back to Puebla.  So tomorrow come  hell or high water..with no excuses they'll marry!  Lucia is giddy with excitement but tells Marcelo she's not sure if Lety will be able to be a witness because of her grief.  Marcelo understands and suggests she ask Tere since Lalo is standing up for Marcelo.  Lucia gives him the good new about Tere's decision to file charges against Vini and then asks Marcelo if he was able to find the person he was looking for.  Marcelo says yes and he'll tell her all about it when he sees her.  Lucia tells him to drive carefully.  After they hang up, she looks around the corner making sure no one was lurking.

Brigida comes home to find Amadiva sitting at the guessed it..drinking!   The burial is over so quickly?  Yes there were barely any people, but Magdalena Murillo was there.   Brigida can't believe, but she also doesn't understand why Amadiva went.  What do you mean?  Despite everything Ricardo Marques was my friend and it's the decent thing to go and say goodbye.  Oh please, Amadiva, you're not decent .. you murdered Ligia Cervantes.   Amadiva loses it and yells at Brigi to shut up and stop rubbing his face in it every chance she gets.  Well I'm going to keep doing it until you fulfill the contract and since you haven't moved a single finger I made an appointment with the notary to see us tomorrow morning.  Amadiva tells her to cancel it because there will be no contract.   Brigi warns him not to provoke her because he has no idea what she's capable of.  She's ready to go to the police right now.  Oh really?  Yes.  Amadiva says well you're forgetting one thing, dear; with Ricardo dead it would be your word against mine on a very stupid accusation because you have no evidence. So there.   Amadiva leaves her dulled down but not completely because she pulls out another weapon…Rodrigo.  Don't play with me, because if the police won't believe then I'll go to Rodrigo and tell him everything. This stops Amadiva in n his tracks and he whirls back and charges Brigi grabbing her by the throat.  You're not going to tell Rodrigo anything.   Brigi grabs at his hands and tells him to let her go.  Or do you want the same thing that happened to Ligia to happen to you?  Amadiva asks chillingly as he tosses Brigi to the ground.   You've been warned he says walking away and leaving a stunned and choking Brigi on the ground.   Right then Amadiva has all but confessed and displayed to Brigi what he did to Ligia and will do to her. Will she be smart enough to get up right then and go turn his unrepentant behind in?  I hope so.   

Rebecca still trying to find a way to wiggle her daughter out of this situation grills her on why she would give her number to Ricardo Marquez.  sNora assures her mother she never gave it to him, he must have kept it after she called him.   Rebecca can't believe the things her daughter does, but sNora says she more than anyone wishes she'd never spoken to that man.  sNora doesn't want her mother scolding her.  Rebecca says she's done and wants her daughter to calm down, she doubts that her number being in Ricardo's contacts is cause for them to come questioning her.   They'll have other people to interrogate…like Daniela SoreAss.  Why her?   Rebecca tells her daughter that what she doesn't know is that Whiney at one time had an intimate relationship with Ricardo.  sNora is shocked, but Rebecca says it was most likely a rebound after being dumped by Marcelo.  Well what bad taste sNora says.  Rebecca  comments thoughtfully, most likely thinking of herself, that us women do stupid things when we're desperate.   Or men,  sNora adds, like Marcelo's brother who shot himself over a woman.  The comment strikes Rebecca and she asks her daughter why she said that.  sNora says no reason she just remembered it.  Rebecca says let's forget it, because I don't think we care who Daniela dated right?   sNora agrees.   Rebecca tells her daughter that now she's going to get in the shower so she can get herself dressed and pretty.  sNora agrees but she's not going anywhere.   Once sNora is in the bathroom Rebecca gets the comb and pulls a small clump of sNora's hair from the teeth.

As Marcelo drives he gets a call from a tearful whiney.  I'm just calling to say goodbye.  Are you going on a vacation?  No but it's the last time we'll speak.  Forgive me Marcelo, but I can't live without  you.   Suddenly there is a gunshot and Marcelo screams into the phone.  Daniela! Daniela!   Marcelo pulls over and tries Daniela's phone but it goes straight to voicemail.  Meanwhile Lydia who has heard the gunshot races up the stairs and knocks on Daniela's door asking if she's alright and begging her to open the door.   The house phone rings and she races down to answer it; it's Marcelo asking if Daniela is home.  Lydia tells him about the gunshot she's heard and that Daniela won't open her door.  Marcelo asks about Alfredo and Lydia tells him he's traveling.   Marcelo says he'll be there but it will take awhile, in the meantime Lydia is to locate Alfredo and continue trying to get into the room.    Well I guess there isn't going to be a wedding.  Thanks Whinenelia SoreAss.

Alfredo who is in Puebla meets Sara Lansbury in the hospital courtyard.  She knows he must be wondering how she got his number and she explains that she got it from his daughter's hospital record.  Okay well what can I do for you?  Sara gets right to it, she wants to know if he went to see Ricardo Marquez the night before yesterday.  Ricardo Marquez?  Sara refreshes his memory on when he asked for information on Rebecca Murillo and she told him to go see Ricardo.  Alfredo says he didn't go see him why?  Sara says because he was murdered.  Alfredo does a good job of acting surprised but cool.  Do they know who killed him?  No but it turns out he was killed the night you were going to see him.  Alfredo says just because you suggested I go see him mean I did.  So excuse me lady.   Sara calls after him, is that the truth?  Alfredo doesn't take kindly to what she's suggesting and he tells her that on his daughter's life that he didn’t touch that man and he doesn't have any reason to hurt that man much less kill him.   Sara apologizes but she just wanted to know if  he went to see him and saw anything strange or talked to him.   I'm sorry but I can't help you, I never saw him.   Sara apologizes again for questioning him this way and for making him come here.  She leaves and Alfredo is visibly bothered by the lies he just told. 

Rebecca studies her daughters zip locked baggied locks when her phone rings.  It's Clara who wants more money.  Her son had the tests and the results are in so now it's medicine and treatment time.  Rebecca says she knows Clara wants her money and Clara reminds her that Rebecca promised.  Yes, I'll give it to you tomorrow.  Clara says nope, it's gotta be today.  Rebecca agrees to meet in one hour but not at Clara's house.  Okay fine, tell me where.

Amadiva comes into Rod's office unannounced and Rod who was on the laptop slams it shut.  What were you doing?  Rod says he was writing an email to a client.  Amadiva wants to see it and Rod tries to dissuade him but Amadiva lifts the laptop open to see Whinenelia's name.   Amadiva says he didn't know Whinenelia was a client of theirs.  Rod says he wanted to inform her of Ricardo Marquez death since she dated him.  You knew that right?   Amadiva says yes, but he doesn't know why Rod would try to hide it from him.  Because I'm tired of you inspecting everything I do as if I were five years old.   Well don't act like one.   Rod says he doesn't want to fight and begins to leave.  Wait, answer me one thing, you were talking with her the other day and you went out with her so that means you're dating her right?   Rod asks and if I am?   Amadiva says it's just strange to him that he's dating Marcelo Escalante's ex, he certainly never appreciated her and now it's like Rodrigo is picking up his leftover's.  Rod looks his father square in the eyes and says well maybe there's something to admire about him, especially because he never had a better example.  Ouch!  Watch it Rod, he might choke you.

Poor Marcelo arrives breathless to Daniela's.   Lydia greets him and assures him that Whinenelia is fine.  Darn.   Marcelo though is relieved and asks what happened.  Lydia says no one explained anything to her but after they hung up his mother arrived and Whiney opened her bedroom door for her.   My mom is here?  Lydia says yes, but she wasn't able to locate Alfredo because Milagros told her not to call him.  Marcelo says he's going up to see Whiney.   He meets Milagros who is on her way down.  Oh well finally you arrive.   Marcelo wants to see Whiney but Mili says she resting and it's not a good time.  I just want to see if she's fine.  Mili says she's obviously not if she just tried to kill herself but thankfully she couldn't.  Fortunately Mili says I arrived in time to prevent her from trying again. What I'm wondering is if she faked it, or is it that  she's just got nothing but air between her skull and it passed right through?  Well anyway she's a fail and Marcelo tells Mili he was talking to her when he heard a gunshot.  Where did she get a gun?  Mili says well where do you think?  It was the same gun your brother used to kill himself, she got it from your apartment.   Marcelo asks where it is and Mili says she has it and has no intention of returning it to him, she'd already told him to get rid of it many times but he never listened to her.  That gun has caused enough tragedies.  Marcelo agrees but they'll talk about that later right now he just wants to see Whiney but Mili says no besides she already gave her one of her pills so she's probably sleeping by now.  Mili lays it on thick telling Marcelo this was provoked by what he did.   Gee mom, thanks for making me feel worse than I already do.  Mili doesn't care.  Well why didn't you call her father?  Because she didn't want me to and I'm not going to do anything else that might upset her.  Marcelo says fine but when she wakes up tell her I'll be by tomorrow to talk to her and you and I also need to talk.  Marcelo tells her he went by her house earlier but she wasn't home.  Mili asks what it's about.  Marcelo tells her now is not the time but tomorrow they'll discuss it.  He leaves Mili probably thinking she should take a pill herself.  That's right…karma's coming for you too Mili.

Lucia and Tere leave the Ministerio Publico and Lucia asks Tere how she feels after filing her complaint.  Tere says good and bad;  it was embarrassing having to give the details of what happened to those men that I barely know.   Lucia says she's proud of Tere for what she did.  Do you think they'll catch that wretched pig?  Hopefully, because that man has to pay or what he did.  Tere says she hopes GOD allows them to catch him.   Lucia takes her hand and they cross the street to where he car is parked.

Back in the neighborhood Lalo walks unaware that Benito is watching him from his balcony.  The boy calls out and Lalo looks surprised but also concerned.  What are you doing up there? Don't you know you could fall?  Benito says he was waiting for Lalo so he could share the news that he's in a new treatment that will cure him.  Lalo is happy for his young friend and optimistic that soon Benito will be better.   The boy tells him that the doctors says it will take time but he's going to work very hard.  Benito asks why he hasn't seen Lalo much lately.  Well I've had a lot of work.  Benito says he's always had a lot of work but that never stopped him before, aren't we friends anymore?  Lalo assures him they are.  Benito says then come visit him; because he loves talking with Lalo even if he doesn't take him to fairs.   Lalo is touched and promises that he will come visit him, but right now he has to get inside because if his mother sees him she's going to get upset.  Benito tells Lalo not to exaggerate besides his mom left to get some papers for the treatment.

Rebecca and Clara meet in a park.  Here is what you asked for says Rebecca handing Clara a check, but don't make a habit of calling and asking me for money.  Clara says she's only going to ask for what she needs.  Rebecca says she better because she won't be taken advantage of.  You think I like accepting your money? Well I don't especially when I know you're paying me so that I won't open my mouth.  Rebecca says oh please, not that again! Why don't you think that maybe I'm a person who just wants to help you with your son and that's it.  Clara looks skeptical.    Unbeknownst to them Tere and Lucia have come to a stoplight at the corner of their meeting place.  Tere is looking out the passenger window and notices the two women.  Hey isn't that your tia Rebecca talking to that woman?  Oh wow it's Clara!   Who? Lucia asks now looking over to where Tere is staring.   Who?  Tere clams up a bit and brushes it off as no one important; but Lucia insists on knowing.   Tere tells her that it's Clara the mother of Benito, Lalo's neighbor… the boy who is sick.  Lucia knows there's more to this and presses further.  Tere blesses herself for what she's about to spill.  It turns out that Dona Clara worked at your mom's house years ago when she was still alive and supposedly she stole some things on the day your mother died.  A light bulb goes on for Lucia and she realizes this is the Clara she knows and she gave her money once to help her son.  How did I not realize it's the same person?    Tere is surprised that Lucia knows her and that she stole from her family.  She tells Lucia what Rebecca told her which is not to say anything to Lucia or she would prevent Sara from helping Benito.   Lucia is just as confused but wants to find out for sure and furthermore why she's meeting Clara in this park.  Tere says well just don't tell your tia that I told you anything. 

Rafi waits for Mili who arrives home after dark.  Finally where have you been all day?  Mili tells her that the salon as she said and then to Whiney's because she had a problem.  Rafi asks what problem.   Mili whips that salon blow out around and tells Rafi none of her business and to stop being nosy! Why did something happen here? No Rafi says realizing her place.   The phone rings and Mili decides to answer it herself and good thing because it's Aida asking if she's seen her son. Who's this?  Aida doesn't bother telling her but simply tells her that she must know by now, but just so Mili knows her son already came by to ask about how his father died.  She suggest that Mili be the one to tell him because if her son seeks her out again, Aida is not so sure she's going to stay quiet.   Mili hangs up on her and Rafi unable to help herself from being nosy, asks what the person said for Mili to get that way.   Mili sets her blazing eyes on Rafi and asks her what she told Marcelo and don’t say nothing because she knows he came here to see and she's certain he spoke to Mili about his father.  Rafi doesn't deny it, he did come to see you but I didn't tell him anything.  Mili says it's time to end this once and for all.  Where are you going?   Rafi asks as Mili heads out the door.

Rebecca is at Alfredo's apartment and she offers him the zip locked locks.  And you think it's enough with that?  Rebecca says she doesn't know but she hopes so.  Alfredo says okay he'll go back to Mexico tomorrow and have the test done there.  Rebecca leaves the baggie on the bar and then begins to leave saying she did what he asked.   Not so fast,  today someone asked me if I was at Ricardo Marquez apartment the night he was killed.  Who? Asks Rebecca who is suddenly not so anxious to leave.  Alfredo says it doesn't matter but it's someone who knew he had thought about going to see Ricardo.  Aren't you at least curious why your daughter was at his apartment?  Rebecca says she hadn't really thought about it.  Alfredo tells her that sNora wanted information about you.  Rebecca accuses him of once again not trusting her. He says he can't help it because everyday he realizes more that she's a woman who is very untrustworthy.  After all he just found out that they have a daughter together.   Rebecca didn’t tells him for obvious reasons.  Yeah, you were obviously so desperate to keep your husband that you let him think he was her father.  Rebecca says she doesn't want to keep discussing this with him.  So when he gets his damn dna test each person will go on their own way and that's it.  Alfredo may have other plans he says, like maybe getting to know his daughter. What then?  Rebecca says you don't go near sNora!   She leaves and Alfredo issues her a warning.  One day things are not going to go the way she wants and she's going to have a very bad time.

Marcelo tells Lucia what happened with Daniela and that he won't be back in Puebla until tomorrow.  Lucia is gracious and even goes so far as to ask if the drama queen is alright.  She offers to talk to the judge and switch dates for the wedding.  Marcelo insists they keep everything as planned he will be there no matter what.   Lucia says she'll see him tomorrow at the civil registration.  She's unaware that sNora has come into her room and is behind her listening to everything.  Lucia hangs up and is startled to see  her sister behind her.  You're marrying Marcelo tomorrow?  Yes.  sNora runs out of the room and back to hers with Lucia chasing her.  She slams the door refusing to open it to Lucia who asks her to open up so they can talk.  Inside her room a defeated sNora cries.

Mili shows up unexpectedly to Marcelo's and he assumes she's there to give him bad news about Whiney.  No the person who is about to explode is me, because you went to see that stupid women to ask her GOD only know what nonsense.  Mili says she's sick of him asking about his father's death and sick of him thinking badly of her.  So you really have nothing to hide?   What is it that you want to hear Marcelo? That I killed your father?  Do you think I'm capable of that? Cries Mili.  Marcelo advances on her and looks her in the face and tells her he has his doubts, but yes.  She responds by slapping him.  You have no idea, how it offends me that my own son would say that.  Well it hurts me to think it and say it  but I need to know the truth.  Mili says and how do you plan to do that when your father is not here and you only have my word against that damn snake that is poisoning your soul.   Marcelo says he knows he doesn't have much to hang on to so I'm going to ask for an exhumation of my father's body so I can have it analyzed.   Mili says that's ridiculous because his father died twenty eight years ago.   Marcelo says either way he's going to do it and if he finds out that his father died from something other than an heart attack as she's said all these years he swears he'll never forgive her or Fede's father even though he's dead now.   


Delilah, a powerful, mesmerizing summary of a pivotal episode. I fell asleep and sadly, missed all but the first few minutes.

“Suddenly a thunderstorm begins to drench Marcelo who remains rooted at the grave as the storm washes over his grief” was beautifully expressive.

"Rosaura still not content with how much tea has been spilled decides to pour a bit more" and "whiney hiney" were among many favorites.

"Rest in peace Ricardo, I will miss you too". Yes. Strangely, I will too.

The walls are closing in on Rebecca. Yet, as she has eluded the fallout from her nefarious deeds and lies lo these many years, I certainly do not see her as down for the count. Her imperious countenance and ability to instantly analyze and retort and react to any situation shows no signs of abating.

I am gravely concerned for Nora. After she heard about the wedding, I thought she looked stricken and resigned. I am fearful she will try and follow through on her threat.

A bit surprised Sara confronted Alfredo. Another adroit, adept liar. Perhaps he and Rebecca do belong together.

So many revelations. Ric's being murdered to Lety, Clara and Rebecca's covert meeting to Lucia, Lucia and Marcelo's marriage to Nora. The list is endless.

Alfredo should drop everything and go to the daughter who needs him. Dani. Not that Nora doesn't but Rebecca will prop her up and keep her moving until Ric's murder blows over. If it does.

I wish I cared about Marcelo's father, but I do not. Nor do I care about Mili.

The intent detectives seem competent, now let's see if they are able to put the puzzle pieces together.

Delilah, this was an extraordinary summary. Thank you.


Thank you so much, Delilah!

Speaking of God helping us, will he help remove Whinenelia from my screen?

Amen! God Daniela and plot gun had me rolling my eyes. I can't take her seriously; she's not damaged like Nora and has given no indication of being suicidal, she's just being a whiny brat. Ugh!

I'm glad Tere went to the police to report Vinicio. I hope they catch him soon and he spills the beans about everything. Ditto on Lucia catching Clara and Rebeca. Oh, it's about to go down!

Diana, I'm so bored with Marcelo's dad's mystery. It doesn't add up to anything in the mean plot and the clues have been subtle at best but I think they waited too long to reveal anything substantial so this late in the game it just seems extraneous.

Thanks so much, Delilah! I loved Alfie's warning to Rebeca, because it's what we all know about her-- everything always falls in place for her, but he luck is going to run out very soon.

Since she had no trouble giving him the hair she yanked out of Nora's poor head, I think we can be certain that Nora is indeed his kid. But he doesn't seem to want to just walk away after it's confirmed, and Rebeca is not going to accept that. Alfie better watch his back.

This gun ploy was what Mili planned with Dani. The fact that Mili would put Marcelo back into the horrible situation he faced with his brother, shows how little regard she has for him. That whole drama was not about Dani, but about Mili sinking to a new low to emotionally blackmail Marcelo.

I'm so glad Tere reported the rape to the police. I hope they also gave her info on a support group. Lucia can't be everywhere, comforting everyone. She could barely split herself between Tere and Leti, who both really needed support at the same time. Very glad that Tere also told Lucia what Rebeca said about Clara. Keep digging, Lucia.

If Brigida doesn't get out of that house, and go to the police, after what Amador said and did to her, that she's an even bigger idiot than I thought. She tried to make a power play with him, and I grudgingly gave her props for that. But it's over now. Amador will not allow her to hold any power over him. She needs to get out, while she can get out alive.

Brigida is so dumb. She still tried to play that hand but now that Amador has made it clear he has no qualms about killing again.

I had forgotten about Daniela's and Milagro's "plan." Now it just makes it even more cruel. She knews he found Federico's body and still did this. Dark af.

The "Marcelo's dad/Dani's suicide attempt" plot is to reiterate how terrible Milagros is and why Marcelo will eventually disown her. Cristobal (Marcelo) is leaving Milagros for Aida (Lucia) again and this time Cristobal will succeed.

I would be super offended if Sara confronted me & insinuated I killed Ricardo. What motive would Alfredo have to kill Ricardo? Daniela & Ricardo had already broken up and Daniela was in Mexico City. And why would Alfredo kill Ricardo over Rebeca? Does Sara know Alfie & Becs are FWB? I suspect Sara will run her mouth to the police, who will pick Alfredo up, who will tell the truth about Nora.

Brigida still doesn't comprehend how dangerous Amador is. She knows he killed Ligia but it's still not connecting that she's in danger. Amador doesn't care if she tells the police but he very much cares if she tells Rodrigo. Brigida needs to get out of the house ASAP and tell somebody about Amador.

Daniela needs to be given a read. She doesn't love Marcelo, because she never would've done what she did to Marcelo if she did love him. Marcelo is just a shiny toy she thinks she should have, that she doesn't even want, but just doesn't want Lucia to have. Daniela is still in the story because she knows the truth about Ricardo & Amador & Rebeca framing Marcelo.

Thanks so much for your recap, Delilah. 8:02 AM? You’re a champ, girl! I liked how you said, “Will she (Brigida) be smart enough to get up right then and go turn his (Amador’s) unrepentant behind in? I hope so.” Exactly. Amador tells his wife it’s only his word against hers. But now she has strangle marks on her neck, the same kind that were on Ligia. I bet the police might be willing to favor your side of the story now, Brigida.

I also liked your Sara Lansbury reference. I didn’t get it at first – Sara Lansbury?? -- but by the end of the paragraph, that little town in Maine came back to me. Funny!

And finally, “What I'm wondering is if she (Daniela) faked it, or is it that she's just got nothing but air between her skull and it passed right through?” Excellent, ! But tell me again – what winning traits has Milagros seen in Daniela for all this time?

And on I go.

What type of person keeps a loaded gun that has been used as a suicide weapon by his brother, that has been used to almost kill his finance and that has now been used as an almost-suicide (he believes) weapon by his ex-novia in his “nightstand” as a fond remembrance of his dad? There’s still some potential for that gun. Maybe it was used in his father’s death. Yes, I know that’s impossible but the irony would be too rich.

And no, Daniela was not in Marcelo’s nightstand, but I couldn’t figure out how to punctuate that sentence?

I’m intrigued that the twin tontos (aka Juarez and Ramos) are now pursuing a homicide investigation involving Rebeca and Amador. Actually the money transfers do look suspicious. But I’m amazed that the words la asesinaron and homicidio, are being thrown about so readily. I assume those words do not include accidental death or self-defense. The autopsy concluded that Ricardo was murdered? Based on what? He was found in a pool of blood with a shattered wine glass under and around him, some pieces of which were also covered with blood. We saw in real time Ricardo pull out the mortal sliver from his neck and the slash couldn’t have been more than a few inches wide, if that. If he was murdered in the first degree, that killer had NO PLAN with which to off the guy. There’s no huge knife slash across the front of the throat a la The Godfather, no bullet wounds, etc. What kind of killer would come in and know exactly where to precisely target Ric’s jugular vein or carotid artery? (They’re very close to each other. I looked it up.) I tell you who. A doctor. Dr. Sara should be a prime suspect in such a scenario. And she does have cause.

Despite my complaints/rants, I’m enjoying the show. It’s sailing along at a nice clip and there are some nice intersections of plots.

Finally, I admire the way you present your Milagros/Daniela theory, Vivi. Very clever. I was trying to figure out why the director gave the actress who plays Daniela the rest of the day off since the audience obviously wants to know what happened in that room.

Thanks again, Delilah. And sorry for being so long-winded.


Delilah, it was like watching that episode again in your words.

Daniel pulled out the two parts that were my favorite of your entire recap. I read Sara Lansbury and had to read it again and said...OMG! You are right! Her accusation was way off! Call the man and then basically accuse him of murdering someone he doesn't even know? Where do they do that at?

I can't have any sympathy for Clara at all. You let your boyfriend rob the people who were good to you. Then you lie to Mag, (well she hasn't to Lucia who helped her first) who I believe was nice to you when she lived in the home, for this heffa who was never nice to you at no time at all - I understand why she is accepting the money and staying quiet, but if another tragedy falls down on you (besides having a son who needs medical help and the toll that life has taken on your youth) then I will not be sad.

Milli/Dani - Absolutely unapologetically pathetic b*tches! That birther (she doesn't deserve the title of mother) is the worst! I don't want to repeat what I already said yesterday, but DAMN! Of all the things you could come up with, you do this to your child?

Brigida - you waited too long, so you pretty much get what you asked for.

I will miss Ric causing trouble too!


Thanks for the detailed recap, Delilah!

Although we probably won't find out, Marcelo's comment about Federico's father got me wondering if maybe Milagros has not one but two deaths on her conscience. That one seems like a stretch though but who knows. My guess is that even though Milagros now has possession of plot gun it's likely that we will see plot gun again soon.

I was actually disappointed that the writers gave Ric such a quick send off. Although I think stripping the audio from the burial scene was poignant. It's true that not very many people knew Ric in Puebla.

I wonder if Lucia will try to talk to Clara again. She obviously wouldn't give away that she knows about Clara's meeting with Rebeca but maybe she will try and get some information out of her.

At first I was confused about the hair brushing thing but then I realized what Rebeca was doing. Smart plan. And I'm actually surprised she took care of the "issue" so quickly. Alfredo will hopefully be satisfied.

TF: I do NOT see Clarita being seen ever again!

Delilah: You did a heckuva job!

Kendra: Too bad Ricardo is not around to sit back & watch the Becista's downfall, but he all but kick-started it since he KNEW all of her secrets, etc.,

Daniel: APB Alerts still on Vinicio. The bastard needs to pay for Trini's death & his violent rape of Tere.

Anon207: Did Milagros kill Cristobal ?

Delightful Delilah!!

This darn cold I've been fighting had me down for the count after a long day in the office and never got to see this episode. Your wonderful detail though made it all so vivid I literally could see it play out in my head.

I sort of chuckled that Becs felt like she needed to yank a gob of Nora's hair out of her head for a DNA test. Doesn't take much for those nowadays. I had a feeling that Alfredo was not going to go quietly, and it is rather silly of Becs to think after laying the news on him he would take the test, get confirmation, shrug and go away quietly just because she said so. I see a revelation coming to Nora who is NOT going to be pleased she has a new daddy figure.

OMG- just make Whiney go away. She takes up space in this story we could use to focus on someone we care Tere and Lalo. Right now, those two have the sweetest and most interesting love story going. heck with the rest.

Reading that paragraph on what Amador did to Brigida...honestly if that woman doesn't go get her son and then head straight to the police she is a damned fool. Her son needs to know what his father did to her. He's smart enough to start putting details together too.

At this stage, is what happened to Marcelo's father really relevant? It seems like this random sub-plot that keeps cropping up that has nothing to do with the rest of the story flow. Maybe it will connect somehow, but I agree with others I don't care otherwise.

Thanks Delilah very good recap and commentary.
Loved the reference to Sara "Landsbury".

Of great significance in this episode is the further evidence that Mili is not worthy of a son like Marc, or any child for that matter. To plot with Dani to use the gun that her own son used to commit suicide is abominable, unforgivable. She absolutely detests Marc that is the only explanation for her actions

Nora bad mouthing people for doing stupid things, like "killing yourself over a woman" excuse you Nora you are the queen of doing stupid things. I know most everyone feels sorry for her because Becs is the reason she is the way she is, but at one point or another she needs to realize evil is as evil does, and she is evil. Becs is evil, so they deserve each other.

As far as Whiney, I doubt she tried to kill herself she just wants people to feel sorry for her especially Marc.

Now Brigiduh, I think she will be Amador's downfall, at least I hope. It will redeem her for being complicit. Yes I agree that she kept quiet for Rod's sake, but that's no excuse...send the murderer to jail regardless. You don't keep quiet about a crime and expect things to go well. Karma will get you.

Things are absolutely looking bleek for Becs, Nora, Amador, Whinella, Mili, and I would lump swag daddy there for being complicit. Even if Nora is his don't keep quiet about a murder, be it accidental or not. Nora did not intend to kill Ric so she may have been able to explain what happened and get less time or get off scot free because it was an accident...that train has passed however.

Again thank you Delilah



Daisy: If the Becista is so certain that Alfredo is the baby daddy, why didn't she secretly take a swab from Nora's mouth when she was sleeping ?

Sandie: Karma will likely get lazy Brigida sooner or later.


Daniela did NOT commit suicide, she did that just to taunt Marcelo.


Hola patio pals! Thank you all for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. This was a pivotal episode for sure, because we see what Mili is truly capable of and how far she's willing to go to keep her secret. Vivi you pieced it together beautifully and we see now that Mili indeed is a master manipulator and almost on par with Rebecca.

TF, I've had two theories about Mili and her husbands. It could be that Cristobal was going to leave her penniless and she had Ramiro come over and drug him to make it look like a heart attack, so then she was blackmailed into marrying Ramiro to keep the secret. The other is that Mili didn't really kill him, it was Ramiro who did it because he had been in love with Mili and getting Cristobal out of the way left it open for Ramiro to get Mili and all the wealth. Mili was aware of it, but Ramiro threatened to pin it all on her if she went to the police. Either way, like other's I don't really care about this story, it's gone past its shelf life as has Mili and Whinenelia.

Daniel and Anon207, I'm gad I wasn't the only one who found Sara Lansbury very impertinent in her accusation. Alfredo may know what happened and is guilty in keeping quiet, but her going after him like that was so wrong and is one of the reason why Sara has always rubbed me wrong. The woman just doesn't think before she leaps. Daniel, you are so right she has more reason to want Ricardo dead, so why isn't anyone questioning her nosy behind. Didn't he ditch her and then come back to steal her daughter's attention? Sara seems to fly under the radar for a lot of things, but she's as tied to some of these people as anyone else. The police should have questioned her regarding Alonso and now Ricardo.

Stupid women run rampant on this show because then there's Rafi who has poked at Mili about what she knows but now that it's all coming down, Rafi is suddenly clamming up. Didn't she want Marcelo to know? I can't figure Rafi out and I wish she would have just stayed out of it all from the beginning.

Then there's Brigi who keeps threatening..but you don't simply threaten a person who actually DOES! I don't think Amador particularly loves her, but I do think in his own twisted way he loves Rod. He probably would prefer to just have her shut up and let their current arrangement stand.

Kendra, I don't have sympathy for Clara either. She is as guilty as the driver of the armed robbery. She let the man in and let him rob that family and on the most tragic day. She is no better than him and all her boo hoo hoo-ing doesn't wash with me. She had plenty of time to come forward and turn him in and to tell what happened the day Adriana died. If she had, perhaps so many things that have transpired since would not have happened. Her speaking up could have changed the course of many things in my opinion.

Sandie, indeed it's all tumbling down for many of these characters. You have to give props to Rebecca though, she's quick on her feet and stays swinging with every step of karma chasing her. I have really enjoyed CM's portrayal as Rebecca Murillo.


Delilah: here's the Body Count Update:

1.) Adriana Murillo de Gaxiola

2.) Federico Fuentes

3.) Trinidad de Trevino

4.) Daddy Fuentes

5.) Daddy Escalante

6.) Daddy & Mama Murillo

7.) Ligia Cerbantes

8.) Alonso Gaxiola: Look at it this way, at least Alonso & Adriana are reunited in Heaven.

9.) Lucia's unborn baby

10.) Ricardo Marquez


Stevey: The only thing we know about Cristobal's death is that it was shady, it likely wasn't a heart attack, Ramiro Valdivia (Federico's dad) was the doctor who signed off on the death certificate and Milagros married him shortly after Cristobal's death. The insinuation is that Cristobal did NOT die of a heart attack.

Much is being made of the fact Marcelo looks just like Cristobal so I am guessing young Aida looked just like Lucia.

Speculation but I think Plot Gun will be Milagros' third and final husband.

At any rate, this Cristobal plot is going to be used to explain why Marcelo will not have any dealings with Milagros after he marries Lucia.

That was some foreshadowing last night when they lingered on the picture of Nora and Alonso. I don't think Nora is evil; Rebeca is the one who is evil. Nora does these things because that's the way she was raised to be and she doesn't know any other way to be. Unfortunately, she's also very mentally ill and that illness is being spurred on and left unchecked by her mother. I think Nora & Lucia could get along, if not be sisters/cousins pleasant with each other, if Rebeca weren't egging Nora on.

Nora is a bad person but I don't think she is evil.

Nora has the same wavy black hair Alfredo does.

If Rebeca truly cared about Nora and not herself, this murder would be a good time to check Nora into a mental hospital in an undisclosed location for an indefinite amount of time. With Nora out of the way, Rebeca could do clean up duty and make sure neither she nor Nora go to jail. And everyone knows Nora is a nut job so it wouldn't be suspicious for Nora to make a sudden exit from the scene. Check Nora in under her grandmother's name (Lucia ________) for anonymity.

But Rebeca is all about Rebeca and bad things will happen.


Update on the body count list:

2) Federico's last name is Valdivia.

4) Federico's dad/Milagros' 2nd husband was named Dr. Ramiro Valdivia.

5) Cristobal Escalante

6) Daddy Murillo & Lucia __________ de Murillo (remember, Lucia was named after her grandmother)

9) Lucia was never pregnant; the doctor wanted to know why there were high levels of Abortion Juice in Lucia's bloodstream when she was never pregnant to begin with.

10) Add Mama de Suarez to the list; Daniela's mother is dead.


Gracias, Delilah. Sorry to be late to the party.

Can a person be arrested for a fake suicide attempt? Suicide is technically illegal in the US although it usually carries its own final penalty. However, since both Nora and now Daniela have dome it there needs to be a law...

As soon as The Whiny One called Marcelo I realized what she was up to. This was Milagros' plan.

As to why anything about Cristobal's death matters, it's all about how vile Milagros is. May she rot alone in a manicomio.

Delilah, thanks for the beautifully written recap.

Finally, with Amador's hands squeezing her neck, it dawns on Brigida that she could be in danger. Before, I think she still felt like an insider with her husband, that they would weather the storms (murder, fraud, extortion) together. Now who will she run to for help? Her good friend Rebeca?

Glad Tere went to the police, but sadly its only her word against his. No physical evidence now. But maybe she saved the clothes she was wearing and there's something there.

Rafa is getting on my nerves. For pete sake's, tell Marcelo the truth so we can get back to the main story.

Awesome recap, Delilah. It cleared up much of the dialogue struggled to understand. Coming so late to the party, I have little to add except to thank you for a really great review of the episode.

Delilah, I agree. We already know that Milly has a stamp on her forehead that reads "Asesina" but I doubt, just like I have doubts with Rebeca, that she'd ever step foot in a jail cell. As much as it will hurt Marcelo to learn the truth it's not like it should be a surprise and he can't do anything about it anymore. The crime happened 20+ years earlier so the case is closed. Exhuming the body seems pointless as well. I don't see how that'll give Marcelo closure.

Delilah, I missed this episode but thanks to your recap, I feel completely caught up! Thank you for being so thorough. Sounds like I missed a good one.

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