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Mujeres de Negro Miercoles 2/15/17 Chapter 2: To Get to the Truth

Vanessa brought Diego home from school and told his his father was on a long business trip. The boy, young as he was, sensed he was being deceived in some way. He made his mother promise that she and his father were not getting divorced as the parents of one of his school friends. She promised.

Vanessa was up late that night scrubbing pots and pans. Jackie called her and in between a chain of cigarettes commented on her doing this nearly at midnight. While she didn't say so, Vanessa was symbolically cleansing herself of the Fourth Deadly Sin. Jackie asked about Diego and Vanessa began crying. She had lied to him because she could not say the words 'Your father is dead,” knowing that she had provoked the death.
Nonsense. He brought it on himself for putting your lives at risk.”
This did not help Vanessa, who also feared further police interrogation. More than that, she was afraid the police would want to talk to Diego.
All you have to do is calm down and everything will go well.”
Easier said than done.

While they talked about this Katia was busy disposing of Nicolás' medications. She poured them down the bathroom sink drain and disposed of the prescription bottles.

Jackie stared at Lorenzo's portrait thinking “I hope you are being roasted in hell. We were supposed to live happily in Los Angeles. All your promises were lies. You were supposed to satisfy me as a woman, you jerk; you did exactly the opposite. I curse the day I became your wife and bless the day I disposed of you forever.”
She spat on the portrait; it landed on the eye. It did not seem to have occurred to her that to maintain the lie she had told the police she would have to live with that portrait for the foreseeable future.

Later Vanessa woke up in the middle of the night to check on Diego. She silently asked his forgiveness for taking his father away from him but she did it because she loved him so much. She stared at the bed she had shared with Julio. It was likely she would have a sleepless night.

The following morning as she drove to the police station Vanessa spoke over her cell to her mother-in-law, Isabella, to deliver the news. She explained that no bodies had been recovered and that this situation often made recovery difficult. Isabella cried hysterically, first denying this could be true and then insisting upon seeing the body. Vanessa remained as calm as she could until she ended the call.

Detective Kuri was discussing the case with her colleague, Lt. Patricio Bernal. He was a tall, handsome dark-haired man with a fair complexion. The weekend was coming up but the investigation would continue at full speed.

Vanessa pulled into the parking lot and took a deep breath. She told herself to be calm so they wouldn't suspect anything. Then she got out and walked inside. Kuri and Bernal escorted her to the room and began asking questions immediately.
How are things going?”
Vanessa was a little confused. She had expected to see Borgetti but Kuri told her that there were more detectives assigned because they wanted to expedite the investigation. She escorted her to a room. Bernal followed them in and closed the door. He had a copy of her first statement, which he said they would review. He read out her name and age and those of Julio and Diego for confirmation, then began the interrogation.
Tell me, how was your relationship with your husband?”
What does that have to do with this?”
We're not here for conversation,” he said, leaning forward. He and Kuri nodded to each other and he took the seat opposite Vanessa. “Your husband boarded a yacht that exploded. You were a witness to a possible murder.”
You suspect he was murdered?”
We can't exclude any line of investigation.”
Of course. It's just that I'm not used to these things.”
How was your relationship with your husband? That's what I asked you.”
We were married for twelve years, almost thirteen.”
Have you noticed any sudden change of behavior?”
No, nothing. Everything was the same.”
Everything was the same?”
She briefly flashed back to the night Julio stood at the window with his pistol. She had removed flowers from the vase and carried it to Diego's room. The child was sound asleep there was no intruder.
We were a happy family. Julio and I rarely argued. We had few differences.”
She remembered but did not speak of an argument about how he often left her alone because he was always working. He went on about money and getting ahead and she argued that Zacharias could also be working harder. When he tried the old, typically male argument “You don't know anything about business” she countered with an accusation of adultery. He told her that this was insane.
Julio worked long hours like any other man of affairs, but that didn't affect us as a family.”
So, you and your husband never argued?”
No, but I was very annoyed with him. He would take long trips without me.”
We'll be in touch. Please don't leave town.”
Don't worry. Call me if there is anything.”
Yes, ma'am.”
Vanessa did not know that Commandant Borgetti was watching from the other side of a one-way window. She left.
What the hell was that about?” Kuri asked Bernal. “That woman is in mourning. Why did you treat her like this?”
She was lying. The questions were to prove it. Only that.”
Borgetti stopped his underlings from arguing. “You always make something out of nothing. If you have nothing concrete, treat these women with consideration and respect. Is that clear?”
I always try to probe for the truth.”
You have to learn to manage that.” He turned to Kuri. “When do we see the other two?”
In one hour we see Jackie Acosta de Rivera and in two hours Katia Millaán de Lombardo.”
Borgetti advised them to avoid the press because there was no official word to give them. When he left the room Kuri gave Bernal a look and a tap on the head for emphasis. She agreed with their boss.

At the offices of Transportadora ZZ, Zacharias Salivar was waiting for Julio Zamora. He was becoming increasingly impatient. Julio's secretary said there was no answer at her boss's home or his cell phone. He yelled that he didn't want to see her until she located him.

Jackie and Vanessa met in the wood near the bridge on the border of Encino Blanco. Jackie drove up in Lorenzo's garish yellow car. He had never allowed her to drive it so doing so now was part of her victory over him.
He was a jerk, so what can you expect?” Vanessa said to her. “He called you ugly and fat. Forget it all.”
That's how I feel. I swear I'll get over it.”
Katia arrived on her bicycle. Vanessa advised them that Bernal suspected all of them.
How do you know he suspects us?” Katia asked.
I don't know but I sense it. We have to keep a low profile. I got nervous because I was lying. I hope he believed what I said.”
Why didn't you tell him Julio was a neurotic jerk? If they investigate enough they'll know it's true.”
How?” Katia asked. “Did you tell them everything about Lorenzo?”
They knew he hit me. It would have pleased me to tell them that he threatened to kill me if I tried to divorce him...” [not sure of the rest of this]
Jackie, just say only what's strictly necessary.”
I agree. We know nothing, we heard nothing about the explosion.”
Right. It will be alright,” Jackie said. “I'll go back to work. I'll travel. We can do whatever we want.”
I want to do something for me,” said Katia. She touched her long black hair. “At least change my look.”
If you want to look better,” said Jackie. “And sell our houses.”
But now is not the time for all that,” Vanessa said.

Kuri questioned Bernal about his aggressive interrogation style. She wanted to make sure they could work together properly in this investigation. He considered his confrontational style to be effective in the past. Rico, another detective with a fine physique and thick hair, told him that it didn't fail until their boss observed him.

Jackie was selling her husband's expensive Rolex watches and some of her jewelry, including her wedding and engagement rings. The jeweler said he would pay well for them. This haste was not well considered on her part.

The morning after a full moon some forensic divers returned saying they found very little evidence of the wreck. The currents were making the search difficult. However, there was just enough to make a report to the department that the explosion was due to a bomb. When this report was read in the station Kuri watched Bernal's expression.
You like that, don't you?” she asked.
No. It's just that this makes it a triple homicide. I like when my instincts are right. Borgetti doesn't believe in them. Rita, my job is to get to the truth and trap the ones responsible.”
The two of them called on Vanessa at her home later.
Ma'am, we have evidence that the explosion wasn't an accident.”
Vanessa's mouth hung open like that of a newly-caught fish on a hook. She became dizzy and the detectives led her to the hassock. Bernal sent Kuri to the kitchen for some water. He asked for Julio's computer and other electronic devices that could help the investigation.
Yes, of course, but whom do you suspect?”
We'll talk about that later after we have more information.”
Did your husband have a computer in the house?”
Yes, he had a laptop because he sometimes worked at home, but mostly he worked in his office.”
Naturally, Bernal and Kuri were going to follow up. Vanessa said she would hand over the cell phone. She also mentioned that Julio's secretary had called looking for him but she had said nothing. Kuri also bagged the address book from the table with gloved hands.
Did your husband have any enemies?” Bernal asked.
No, none that I know of.”
And the husbands of your friends?”
I don't know either.”
Very well.”
Both looked at her carefully. After they left Vanessa took her laptop outside with a cup of coffee and her cell phone. She texted the others “It's urgent we see each other. The police were at my house.”
Katia answered “I'll be there as soon as I've shown a house.”
Vanessa replied “I'll wait here.”
Hello, Vanessa,” said Zacharias, who was standing behind her.
Get out of my house,” she said, standing.
I want to see Julio.”
She started shoving him back as he repeated his demand.
I don't want to be rude to you,” he said.
Enough! I don't know what was going on with you and Julio but it's over. Julio is dead.”
Zacharias smiled. He was even uglier for that.
That's not true.”
He went inside the house and she followed.
Nothing is here. The police took everything.”
The laptop!”
Isn't that in the office?”
No, it's not in the office. The police would want that laptop.”
Yes, they would. But if it's not in the office neither is it here. What the hell is it with the computer?”
Stop playing your little game.”
What game?”
This game. Julio didn't need to tell you. Everything was arranged. There's no need for these histrionics. I'm not an idiot. Julio is alive.”
He is dead. So are Lorenzo and Nicolás. They all died on a yacht. You just found out later than I. You think there's a miracle? Julio was sure you would show up at the beach house.”
I know you're lying and I'm fed up. This whole trick of the explosion was so he could disappear.”
A trick? To cause three deaths?”
Lorenzo and Nicolás don't matter,” he shouted. “I need to speak to Julio and you're going to tell me where he is.”
I told you and if you don't believe me ask the police. Now get out of my house.”
Very well. I'm going to search your room.”
She stood in front of him.
You're not going anywhere else. Get out of my house or I will call the police.”
No. You're not doing anything. You're intelligent. You know this is very serious. If Julio returns from the dead his life isn't in danger but I can't say the same about yours and Diego's if you don't change your attitude. And you know what I'm capable of.”
Diego came home at that very moment. He was early. Vanessa suggested that he play in the garden.
Hello, Diego,” said Zacharias. “Do you know where your father is?”
He's on a business trip,” said the frightened child. “But we don't know when he's coming back.”
Thanks,” Zacharias said, ruffling the boy's hair. “We hope that will be soon. Right, Vanessa?”

As soon as Zacharias left Vanessa called Jackie, who was shopping and on her way to a travel agent to book a cruise.
You can't go anywhere until the investigation is over,” Vanessa told her.
Don't worry. There was a deal I couldn't resist. I'm not leaving for six months.”
Get here now and I'll explain. Quickly!”
When Jackie and Katia arrived Vanessa told them about Zacharias' visit. Jackie said to have the police take care of him and to forget about it. However, since the explosion was proven to not have been an accident this was not going to work. Katia suggested that Vanessa tell the police that Zacharias had been there with a pistol, which would not be a lie. She should have been more concerned with the discovery of the bomb. They had all been sure that it would not be detected.
Vanessa did call the police about Zacharias. Katia checked on Diego, who was playing in his room. Jackie gave her usual mantra to be calm. None of them had anything to do with Zacharias' crimes. Vanessa became more nervous. “A killer helping the police. Please!”
Don't use that word, please,” said Jackie.
We are all killers. We killed our husbands.”
That's the last time I want to hear that,” said Jackie. “We have to give up our feelings of guilt. It was them or us. They were swine. They made our lives hell. Get them out of your heads.”
Oh, it's that easy,” Vanessa said, sarcastically. “'It was them or us.'”
Calm down, you two. We're all moving on together.”
They joined hands in solidarity.

The police were meeting with Zacharias at eight the following morning. They also arranged to go to the other husbands' homes and offices. Kuri asked if anyone was up for a beer but none were so she decided to go home for the night. Just as she was out the door Bernal saw the group photo of the three couples on the internet. Kuri ran into Rico outside as he arrived at the station.

That night Vanessa fell asleep on the couch and was awakened by Diego the following morning. Jackie awoke in the middle of her king-sized bed after having slept well, saying to the absent Lorenzo that she slept very well without him. She reflected on her interrogation appointment.
Lorenzo and I met in Los Angeles. My mother had married a Californian so we lived there. In the beginning it was very good until we were married for six months and moved here.”
And when did the problems begin? Because it says here that he abused you physically,” said Bernal.
And psychologically, but as I told Commandant Borgetti we decided to give it a second chance. If things didn't work out of course I wouldn't want him near me. But not dead.”
Was there a problem with his ex-wife or his son?” asked Kuri.
No. The divorce was a long time ago and we almost never saw her.”
How about the son?”
I had no relationship with him but thought that Lorenzo should visit him and e-mail him.”
Bernal slammed his hand on the desk and asked another question.
I'm sorry that Lorenzo ended up this way.”
Kuri offered her a glass of water, which she declined.
Jackie had pulled her hair back into a pony tail. At that memory she touched the ugly scar on the back of her neck. She took a photo out of the nightstand drawer and looked at it. Another person might have thought it was from happier times. She took out her lighter and burned it to send the memories to hell.

Vanessa was in the bathroom she had shared with Julio. She briefly smelled his favorite cologne.

While Borgetti watched from his favorite perch Bernal was questioning Zacharias, asking why he believed that Julio Zamora had faked his death. He said he could not believe that Zamora was dead. Kuri told him that despite there being no news in the media, it was true. Zacharias denied having threatened Vanessa and Diego. He had simply refused to believe that Julio Zamora was dead.
Where were you when the explosion happened?”
Working. Transporting merchandise out of the country.”
And because you were working you could not have set up the explosion?”
Do you suspect me?”
It seems very convenient that you were working rather than at the beach house. And nobody saw you?”
No. We don't have enough drivers and didn't have enough for that weekend. There are documents for the border crossing.”
I don't doubt that. Don't doubt that we will investigate that.”

Irene Palazuelos was sitting in her office waiting for information. She was an attractive, mature woman, rather like Marilyn Monroe would have looked had she reached her fifties, but a little harder. She was informed by Victor Martinez, her assistant, that Zacharias was not in his office. No official confirmation of the death of Julio Zamora. She told him they may have to make other plans but to continue to try reaching Zacharias.

Zacharias was tearing Julio's office apart looking for the laptop when he found a loose ceiling panel. He stood on the desk and lifted it to feel around, but found nothing. Julio's secretary knew what he was looking for but knew nothing of the laptop's normal whereabouts. She suggested that it could have been on the yacht but still couldn't believe that her boss was dead or that it happened in this manner. She told him that a pharmaceutical company was trying to reach him. The phone rang and she answered it. Zacharias dodged the call from Victor Martinez.

At CMA CGM an employee told Bernal and Kuri that Lorenzo had been honest and hard-working. At times there were occasional problems with drugs but he didn't connect it to Lorenzo. When Kuri mentioned allegations of violence the man said they had never had a problem with him. He suggested they go to the office to check records and archives.
Later when Bernal and Kuri left they talked about Lorenzo's apparent split personality. Kuri said this was nothing unique. However, they had seen a document for exported goods signed by Zacharias Zaldivar. Borgetti would now consider him a prime suspect.
But for you it's still the widows,” Kuri said.

The three black widows gathered again. This time it was because Katia had received a call regarding the remains. All that was found of Julio was a shoe. In order to get death certificates they would need to identify the remains. As difficult as this would be they would have to see this through to the end.

At the station Bernal slammed the evidence bagged shoe on the table in front of Vanessa. Kuri told them that the search for the body was continuing.
How much longer?” Vanessa asked.
You're eager to prove he's dead?”
Vanessa stood up.
Sit down, ma'am,” Kuri said.
I have a son who thinks his father is on a business trip and I can't keep that lie up for much longer. Do you think he will understand why I couldn't tell him what happened to his father?”
That's why our commander issued the press blackout until the whole family knew.”
I'm grateful that no one knew who would say anything but it will be very difficult when the press knows and publishes anything.”
I know. But for now we can only issue death certificates for the others when the bodies are identified.”
Bernal went on to explain that the bodies were burned. One would be identifiable from dental records and the other would need DNA testing. They had received both sets of dental records. This was necessary to start closing the investigation.
The three women were escorted into the morgue. Katia identified Nicolás and Jackie identified Lorenzo. Now they would officially be declared widows. However, Vanessa would not be due to lack of a corpse. Kuri suspected it would be unlikely to find a body that had been swept away by the tide.

However, it wasn't a corpse that had been swept away. On a shore somewhere Julio sat drinking from a green coconut. He had burns on his face, arms, and legs.  


Sorry this is so late, but tomorrow's will also be because I'm going to the opera tonight. Enjoy.

BTW, a word of warning not to google for images because you will run into major spoilers.

Hey Urban! Thank you so much for this, no worries about it being late.

I don't know how this would work or if you're building a team but let me know because I'd be happy to help you.

I love mystery action series and the intricate plotting of this one is exciting so far.

I'm so glad they didn't make us wait for the Julio reveal we knew was coming. Now that's it's out in the open for the viewers I wonder how long it will take for him to get back to civilization.

Leticia Calderon was only in one scene but she was menacing. Possible villain? I hope!

Thanks, Urban, that was fantastic. Unfortunately, Unimás is not posting episodes in a timely manner OnDemand so it looks like I will be watching this on my own. : (

Urban--You came through for us. Thank you.

This is one I'm definitely not going to miss. I'm simply amazed at your skill and ability to do so many recaps with such ease. I struggle. Once I catch up with AQNMD and Vino (thankfully) ends, I may join you for a recap or two.

I'll be following all the action closely.

Now we see how ill-thought out these mujeres were with their plot. They are unschooled in police procedures and one of them will break soon (or not--but with a short schedule, maybe so). They are already nervous.

I got a glimpse of Ricardo (yum yum) Franco. I hope he stays around and delivers a character worth following.

Yes, I noticed that he has been working out very intensely!

I will welcome any help on this series. This episode took me six hours to get from first view to posting but there was an extra 90 minutes for the dialogue. PyP took me 8 hours per one-hour episode because the dialogue in that series was so good I couldn't resist it.

Of the three women I am going to predict that Jackie is a a possible psycho. Not because of the actress's track record with novela psychos but because she seems divorced from reality in their situation. Katia and Vanessa worry and with good reason. Vanessa is now in the worst position of the three because she has to protect her son. She also has a suegra to think about. Jackie may soon have to deal with Lorenzo's son and his ex. We still don't know if Katia has relatives who will turn up.

Zacharias is a repulsive swine and it would be nice to see him bumped off. However, I don't think these black widows will try that considering what they're already dealing with.

I had a hunch that Julio was going to survive the boat explosion.


Yes, Julio not dead. The one shoe they found was a give-away, but I wish they had waited until Episode 3 before we got a look at his face. He wasted a lot of fresh coconut water there. I always wonder how the folks stranded on desert islands manage to crack them open without spilling all the water. Ah well, thank you Televisa for making it easy for Julio.

Anita: Big question is how long before someone starts finding Julio considering all of the enemies he's been making.


Thanks, Urban! I hope that Alfie and Anita can join you to recap this show.

Julio lives! Well, that's an interesting twist. Especially since he was already a marked man, before his wife decided to kill him. I wonder if he'll assume she tried to kill him, or suspect his enemies first?

Sounds like Vanessa isn't holding it together very well. She's the one with the most pressures, between her son, mother-in-law, and Zacarias.

I'm looking forward to watching this episode later.

I guess those peeps in the tropics use a couple of rocks to do this, with one being seriously hard and pointy.

There is probably a tiny island near Playa Coral and that's where Julio is. I hope we find out ASAP.

OK. Just watched. Little "Valentina" (wearing Princess Leia buns) made an appearance with little "Mau" (AQNMD). Aww!

Seems to me that Jackie is bringing a lot of attention to herself, selling off her husband's possessions and and buying a round the world cruise package, before her husband's remains have even been buried. She definitely has a screw loose, or was permanently broken by her husband's abuse, because she has not one bit of remorse. I wonder what he did to her that causes the scar on the back of her neck?

I hope they don't take long to tell us. I'm going to guess he burned her with something, like an iron.

O.M.G. Now Marcelo Cordoba--Be Still My Heart!

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