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Weekend Discussion 2/10/17: Karmageddon – El Color de la Pasión

Puebla is the site of the next round of Karmageddon. We have some excellent prospects for a very hot place. The Master awaits!  As usual we will ask the following two questions:

What do you think the writers will do to them?
What do you think they really deserve?

Let's start with the Evil Queen and her Mini-Me:

Rebeca / Michelle Renaud and Claudia Ramirez

Guilty of lusting after Alonso, accidental death of Adriana, attempted hijacking of all Magdalena's suitors, including being the cause of Magdalena being jilted on her wedding day, stealing cash from Alonso's safe, cheating on Alonso, pursuing Marcelo (who rightfully belongs to Lucia), neglect of Nora's mental health, stabbing of Ricardo Marquez, killing of Alonso (with emotional damage and withholding his heart meds), attempted swindling of Lucia's inheritance, attempt at covert abortion (Lucia, who wasn't actually pregnant), complicity in framing Marcelo for fraud, attempt to cover up a possible murder committed by Nora, and thinking she is The Ultimate Woman.

Nora / Ximena Romo

Guilty of lusting after all Lucia's suitors, blackmail (Rodrigo), emotional blackmail (Lucia), one genuine suicide attempt, two suicide attempts with the purpose of guilt-tripping family members, attempting to frame Lucia for attempted murder (second suicide attempt), lying to her shrink, injuring Rebeca (knife to her hand), attempting to manipulate relationship between Lucia and Román, fake attempted suicide with the purpose of guilt-tripping Marcelo, attempt to steal Sergio from Lety (under the pretense of helping Gloria), forcing Gloria into aiding and abetting latest attempt to ruin Lucia's relationship, capital murder of Ricardo Marquez, and thinking she is The Ultimate Woman.

Amador Zuñiga / Moises Arizmendi

Guilty of snobbery, envy, domestic violence (multiple counts), business fraud (multiple counts), paying Vinicio to commit arson with the intent of murdering Nazario, murder of Ligia, attempted swindling of Lucia's inheritance, attempted framing of Marcelo for business fraud, and for hubris in believing that he is above all rules (including the law), and of being a general putz.

Ricardo Marquez / Luis Gattica

Guilty of cheating on Magdalena prior to the wedding and jilting her the morning of, and various business shenanigans, attempted rape (Rebeca), perjury (providing alibi for Amador), accomplice to Amador in attempt to frame Marcelo.

Karmageddon:  Fatal wound to the jugular vein (from broken glass, caused by a blow from Nora)

Rodrigo Zuñiga / Mariano Palacios

Guilty of cheating on Lucia prior to the wedding where he jilted her in public and of rank stupidity in knocking up Nora in the process.

Daniela Suárez / Natalia Guerrero

Guilty of snobbery, defamation of character, stalking, squatting (moving into Marcelo's apartment without invitation), enabling of Milagros, faking paralysis in order to guilt-trip Marcelo into staying with her, faking suicide to stop Marcelo leaving DF, and annoying the hell out of viewers.

Milagros Fuentes / Helena Rojo

Guilty of snobbery, defamation of character, squatting (moving into Marcelo's apartment without invitation), assault, murder of Marcelo's father, attempted murder, and inappropriate helicopter parenting.

Vinicio / Arturo Vázquez

Guilty of arson, murder (Trini), assault (Marcelo), stalking and and rape (Teresa), and felony assault of Lalo.

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Thanks, Urban! I'm sure these characters will add to the list before the gran finale. You forgot to add that Amador contracted Vini to attempt to murder Naz and Trini (via arson), which resulted in Vini killing Trini when she caught him. And Rebeca robbed Alonso's safe and gave the money to Rutilio in order to blackmail him and Clara to keep quiet about her fight with Adriana and leave town.

Vivi: Big question is will Lalo get whacked by Vini tonight ?

UA: AmaDiva cooking up one last sinister plot before the authorities FINALLY catch this DIVA!

No question that there will be more to add to most of these rap sheets before the end. Crime is a gift that keeps on giving... I'll update this again after tonight's episode airs and maybe through next week. I hope others will put the jump breaks high so this can stay on the main page as long as possible.

Was Clara's felon BF named Rutilio? I don't remember but that would be a bizarre coincidence vis a vis AQNMD.

I would love for Rebeca to end up alone in prison. Orange may not look bad on her as she loses her beauty. In fact, for her to lose her beauty would be a good beginning.

Nora should end up in a manicomio. Short of death, that would be the only way everyone would be safe from her.

Amador should also end up in prison. Rodrigo doesn't deserve a father like him and Brigiduh will become the subject of gossip of the kind she spread about others. I have almost zero sympathy for her.

Daniela should check into a convent unless she commits something from this point on that she can go to prison for.

More later.

UA: You can bet the Body Count will increase before this TN finally ends.

Thanks for this post, Urban. You definitely have a way with words. My favorites included: "and of being a general putz"(Amador), "rank stupidity" (Rodrigo), "inappropriate helicopter parenting" (Milagros). I also laughed at your inclusion of "lying to her shrink" as one of Nora's transgressions.

Leti definitely deserves her place among this pantheon of ne'er-do-wells (or at least annoying-very-wells).


Daniel: Leticia's Karma would be losing her mother, Sara in a violent way.

Nora needs to be put in a mental institution.


I get it. Leti doesn't deserve an anvil like the rest of them, but I do find her annoying. Sergio is in for a long (or short) marriage. No, actually they'll do well together in telenovela-land.

And you know Magdalena will be pregant when Marcelo and Lucia have their church wedding. But I really can't predict very well what will happen to each of the bad guys.

I think Nora's fate will ultimately determine Rebeca's fate. Nora is the only thing Rebeca has and if something happens to Nora its obvious that it will greatly affect Rebeca.

UA, Clara's BF's name is Ruperto. I agree that Amador will most likely end up in prison. As much as she might deserve it I don't think Rebeca will step foot in a jail cell.

This was too good. There was also another fake attempt by Nora to add when she pretended to overdose on pills.

Rebeca: I would wish a similar punishment as Ursula from YNCELH where she become peniless

Nora: in a manicomio

Amador: PRISON. That's the only suitable punishment for him. Also I would like to add a nice punch to the face from Naz

Daniela: for her I'd give her a similar punishment of Daphne from PSMA where she ends up poor. (Part of her ending being a serventa is optional)

Milagros: Miserable and Alone

Vinicio: Same as Amador

Ricardo: Welp too late for him I just finished tonight's episode

Leti: I think learning about what happened to Ricardo is more than enough punishment

Anyone else I'm missing?


Jeffrie, I still think that the fate of Ursula Santibanez in YNCELH was the ONE thing that was wrong with a novela that, I think, was pretty much perfect.

Sure, she witnessed Maleny's suicide (in front of her), which she goaded her into, and in regards to which she had pretty much played a game of chicken with her into doing (Maleny 'won'), and accidentally killed her beloved degenerate rapist son Daniel by her own hand, and sure, we knew that MD was going to wind up with all that precious Santibanez money but, still, considering that she was the 'Apex' villain of the piece, the PRIME evil, if you will, to see her just sobbing over the body of the son she just murdered... and leaving it up to the audience to deduce what *probably* became of her, I found deeply unsatisfying, for such a masterfully loathesome and horrible villain.

In the ideal world that exists solely in my head, I would have LOVED if they had redone a similar Karmageddon as that which awaited the evil Warden Norton in that modern classic 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Something along the lines of- Mama Bear has just shot Danny-Boy (in front of witnesses), she is distraught and sobbing over his body. She hears in the background the approaching sirens coming to arrest her (and dead Danny-Boy) for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Max (to start with), Maria Dolores is in the room. She realizes that all is lost, so she picks up the gun that she has just used to kill Danny-Boy (and which Maleny had previously used to kill herself), puts the gun in her mouth... and the camera perhaps pans to a window outside showing the police cars coming as we hear a gunshot.

THAT, I think, would have been PERFECT! Any other YNCELH out there that care to chip in their two cents??

And, Urban, THANK YOU for providing us with another one of your fabulous 'Karmageddon' pages. They're an absolutely wonderful idea, and I've loved every single one of them. This one is no exception, and I thank you once again. :-)

Best wishes to all on this fine patio!

Thank you, Urban for this post. Id rather not even think of punishments as Im always disappointed. Wheb I dont think about it it alwas goes smoother.

Stevey, I loved YNCELH. It was perfectly perfect in every aspect and the more I think abput the things that pissed me off the first time I saw it the more Ive come to appreciate it.

Specifically, audiences are always disappointed, for the most part, by karmaggedons so YNCELH left it up to audience interpretation what exactly happened to Ursula after she killed Daniel and I think a lot of them came to the same conclusion: she committed suicide. She had nothing left so there was nothing to live for.

I have no doubt that if Daniel were alive and MD took the money she wouldve fought tooth and nail for it. Without Daniel it would all be pointless because shes been protecting molding and working toward a goal to share with him.

Even if they didnt show it, everyone knows what she would most likely do and the ending showed MD and Max at peace and that only means Ursula is no longer in their lives.

Many here have predicted that Rebecas ultimate fate is tied to Noras and O thonk Ursula and Daniel pretty much worked the same way.

Brigida needs big anvils too!


Thank you so much for posting this UA! You did a great job with the screen shots and for noting insights into the character (and non character) of our not so beloved characters.

Ric has now met his end and somewhat fittingly at the hands of the daughter of his true nemesis.

“Leti doesn't deserve an anvil like the rest of them, but I do find her annoying”. Completely agree Daniel. I have my first bit of sympathy for her as she lost her father in such a brutal manner last night. She and Ric (two unlikeable characters) were only at their best with each other.

I think Rod has already paid the price for betraying Lucia. He knows what he lost. His father is a murderer, a smothering mother and little in his life to love. He has been a good friend to Sergio and kind to Leti. There is hope. Dani is now alone and unless she becomes caring and loses her selfishness, her punishment will also be to be alone and unloved. Brigida will end up shunned and alone, which is virtually how she lived the vast majority of her life anyway. Mili likely awaits a similar fate.

I really wish no physical harm to anyone. Vini and Amador should end up in jail. I suspect they will be adversaries when that occurs. Becca also deserves jail. Nora needs strong counseling and I hope she receives that.


Ok: vinicio, death is all over him, cuz he cold & blaclhearted. And he acquainted with amadumb.

Ok:Amadumb, he needs to be humiliated
And put in a coma in some kind of hospital for the remainder of his life
Bridge can devorce him and move on.

Om:Dani, I was going to say that she could probably find some happiness with Rodrigo but he doesn't deserve that kind of pain in the ass for the rest of his life, so maybe she can move in with momster and they can annoy the hell out of each other for the rest of their lives.

Ok:Nora,she will finally loose it, go
To an asylum, and this in her head for
The rest of her life " I'm going to take everything away from Lucia I'm going to marry Marcelo and Lucy will have nothing" because that's what's been put into her DNA by her twisted
Moma passed down from her obsession with wantin what Adriana had. Sad.

Ok:Milagros,milli,momster whatever. For the rest of her pompous life she'll talk herself into believing "I'm The victim Im was "the good wife"
In your dreams lady.

Ok:Rebecca, she'll become a bag lady.
Who thinks she's never done anything
Wrong. She's a head case like Nora. Or
DEATH! Or whatever the writers come up with, I'm sure it's going to be good and she will deserve it.

Based on last night's episode, Daniela is likely to do something nasty but I'm not sure what. I don't think she has the guts to commit murder or mayhem; I leave that to Milagros, who is already implicated in one and possibly a second.

Leti doesn't deserve anything resembling death. She didn't deserve the death of a parent. However, she will definitely go into shock when she finds out that Nora is responsible for it.

I also agree that Rebeca's fate will be tied to Nora's. If Nora commits suicide (which I think the writers finally will make her) then Rebeca might also.

As to Ursula of YNCELH, I think that she may have done just that and the writers robbed us of the satisfaction of seeing this. As amoral as she was I don't think she could have lived with herself after having killed her precious amoral son even if it was an accident.

Rod will get enough punishment with seeing his father in prison. He already knows that his father is a rotten egg, so it's time to cap it off.

Who is Ursula? And who is her son In This tn? I must have missed those characters.
I'm kinda sorry they killed off ricky.
I was hoping he'd be here a little longer for leti. But now there's nobody to mount a case against Marcelo
And That's a good thing.
This is gonna mess leti up specially
When she finds out it was Nora the nut
That killed daddydearest.

Ursula was the apex villana in Yo No Creo En Los Hombres which aired a little while ago. She was bone-chillingly cold and completely without any sense of humanity.

Nina- Amador had already fired Ric as their lawyer, and the case is still pending against Marcelo since Rebeca and Amador are the ones who filed the charges. However, Amador will need to find another lawyer before the trial date.

Ric was playing with fire, so it's not a shock that he got killed. It's a shock who ended up killing him. I would have put Rebeca, Amador, Vini, Dani, and even Alfie on the list of those on the list likely to off Ric, ahead of Nora.


When it came to Ursula's fate, I think it would have been enough knowing she's in jail by having her push Josefa's wheelchair in the 4th to last scene. I would NOT have minded seeing her get smacked unconscious either however.

Is Gloria anvil-worthy? I personally think she was teetering over the line of it but took several steps back when she showed concern in asking Nora if she was serious about her suicidal statements.

I was trying to figure Gloria out, too. However, I don't think she knows enough about Nora's issues to make a decent judgement call about it. She doesn't see what Lucia and we see. But I find her annoying as hell.

Thanks UA. I guess I'd add Brigida although I actually think she's kind of got karmageddon already just being married to Amadiva. But she is an accessory to murder and fraud now that she knows and hasn't turned in Amador.

She is, indeed. I think the shame and public humiliation will be plenty for her. She'd be getting a taste of her own medicine.

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