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A Que No Me Dejas #130: Don't Forget I Love(d) You...

Leonel meets Mirna, Almudena’s assistant, in the parking garage and offers her a deal: pour a bottle of ammonia into the food that will be served in Mauricio’s presentation and he gives her the money she needs for her mother’s bone marrow transplant. She’s hesitant but he tells her that with the money he will give her she can relocate to the US permanently. It’s up to her but he answers an answer now.

Angelica calls Gisela and tells her that Deborah refused to exonerate Osvaldo. She apologizes but she must stay a couple of more days to try again. Gisela tells her not to worry, she understands, but asks her to do her best to save Osvaldo. When she comes back, they will get everything up to speed. Angelica then asks her about Jaime and Gisela reveals that she asked him for a divorce because she caught Jaime making plans to go away with Almudena. She told Jaime she didn’t love him anymore and doesn’t care about their marriage but she would rather he believe that. Either way, she has her dignity and she’d rather be divorced than stay in a loveless marriage.

At the hotel, Almudena suggests that Gisela wants a divorce because she thinks there’s something between them but Jaime knows her, she would’ve told him if she thought that. Almudena thinks it’s strangely that she would suddenly ask for a divorce though but Jaime thinks it’s logical because of all the times he acted strange. He asked for some time though and he will use that time to see if his new treatment works. If it doesn’t, he’d rather let her go and leave things as they are. Almudena hugs him and Alan sees them.

Angelica doesn’t think Gisela should be responsible for her divorce with Jaime since he’s the one who cheated but Gisela thinks it would be easier this way. Angelica asks her about Fabrizio and Gisela reiterates that it’s better this way so he never finds out that Jaime cheated and possibly distances himself from him. Angelica cautions that Fabrizio can also find out that she doesn’t love Jaime anymore and blame her for everything. Gisela knows Fabrizio will understand but ultimately Fabrizio will understand it’s for the best. She laments that Jaime wasn’t upfront with her and liked like he did. She thanks Angelica for her unconditional support.

Alan is in his room fuming about Almudena and Jaime; he hates seeing them together. He receives a text from Fernanda, inviting him to have dinner with her at her villa and he accepts. He promises himself to concentrate on his relationship with Fernanda and forget Almudena.

Angelica tells Monica what happened and Monica laments the whole situation, especially Almudena because she was in her spot years ago. She also thinks it’s ridiculous to lie to Fabrizio so that he doesn’t lose the image he has of his father because it’s not healthy. Angelica will talk to Gisela again. She may not be doing things the best way but she admires her strength and assurance.

In her office, Gisela cries about the whole situation. She looks at her wedding ring and takes it off. She puts it on her desk and looks up at the sky, asking for a sign.

Jaime is at the beach, contemplating his own ring and removes it. He looks at it and places it back on his finger.

That night, Rene confronts Leonel. He wants to know why he’s selling his shares and what he’s planning. Leonel explains that he just wants to make a change in his life. He was planning to stay but that was before he knew Tobias was his son. He realizes that no one in the hotel respects Tobias because he grew up as the son of servants so he’d rather invest elsewhere. Rene isn’t sure if that’s true or not but they had plans to ruin the hotel’s reputation and then buy it at a cheap price. Leonel agrees but he changed his mind. Rene chides for leaving him in the dark hut Leonel doesn’t care. He tells Rene that his plans must wait for another time.

At Casa Murat, Gonzalo and Ileana are dining by themselves because Valentina and Mauricio are dining with Gaston. Ileana is happy that she gets to dine with him and take care of Raquel; it was a stroke of genius on her part to stay the night. Gonzalo thanks her but he and Micaela could have taken care of Raquel. Ileana explains that Micaela is already an older woman and she has a lot on her plate since Chelo is taking care of Tobias. Gonzalo agrees and compliments her ability to think of everything. Ileana tells him that she tries to be empathetic toward others and then asks if Gaston used to be with Ines when she was alive. Gonzalo asks her how she knows since that was years ago and Ileana explains that when Carolina started working at Mauva, they went to Gaston’s clinic to learn sign language and Gaston’s co-workers let them know. Gonzalo understands but wants to know why they learned sign language. Ileana explains that Carolina wanted to communicate with Mauricio using his language and she learned by proxy. Gonzalo now understands why she could understand him and Ileana tells Gonzalo that Mauricio is a great man, just like him. She grabs his hands but Micaela comes and she lets it go. Micaela asks if they would like anything else but both are good. Gonzalo sends her to rest and Ileana asks that he invite her for a digestif. He asks her what she prefers and Ileana smiles.

Valentina and Mauricio are waiting for Gaston but wonder why he’s late and why the reservation is for four. Valentina wonders if his wife is coming with him but Mauricio confirms that he came alone. Gaston comes and hugs them both. He confesses that he has a mystery woman coming and in comes KAREN! Mauricio wraps Karen and Valentina in a big bear hug and they welcome her. They comment on how beautiful she looks, despite her years, and on her always positive attitude. Karen tells them that she always looks on the bright side and then tells them that Ariel sends them his love but couldn’t come because he’s taking care of their 2-year old, Paulina. Valentina thanks her and they smile.

The table now cleared, Ileana and Gonzalo drink their degestif and discuss Carolina and Rene. He’s surprised to know that Carolina loves Rene and chides Ileana for not telling him. Ileana tells him that they never had a chance to have a heart to heart but she’s worried for Carolina because Rene could be a bit of a playboy. Gonzalo agrees and Ileana confesses that it was Carolina’s idea that Rene seek a reconciliation with him because she thought it was best for Rene to have his father in his life. She clarifies that Carolina only have Rene advice but Rene took the initiative to talk to him. Gonzalo congratulates her on having a daughter as wonderful as her and Ileana tells him that she always showed her to care for others. Gonzalo tells her that she’s full of surprises and Ileana grabs his arm and asks if they are good or bad surprises. Gonzalo confirms that they are good surprises and they toast. Ileana pours more alcohol in his cup.

At her villa, Alan gives Fernanda the clothes his brought of her LA apartment. She tells him that she needed them and Alan asks if that’s all she needed. Fernanda teases that she needed him and his kisses and love and they kiss. They fall onto the couch for a romantic evening.

Jaime sits down in bed and Gisela comes and tells him that she would prefer to sleep in the guest bedroom. Jaime offers to sleep there instead and bids her good night.

Rene storms into Carolina’s house and asks Carolina what game they are playing. Carolina doesn’t know what he’s talking about but Rene finds it strange that Ileana is with Gonzalo tonight, under the excuse of taking care of Raquel, and then Carolina wanted to first seduce Mauricio and then him. Carolina explains that it was a coincidence but Rene doesn’t believe her; he knows that she wanted Mauricio because of what he represented and the only reason she’s with him is because she found out he was a Murat. He realizes that they are gold diggers and Carolina screams that he shouldn’t insult her but Rene is only telling her the truth. They will go with anyone who can give them the life they want. Carolina asks him to leave before he says something he’ll regret but Rene doesn’t think so. He thinks it’s best that they never see each other again and leaves.

Karen is shocked to know that neither Valentina nor Mauricio are in a relationship because they are beautiful but Valentina reminds her of what happened with Rene. Karen laments the whole situation as he was such a sweet boy when her and Paulina meet him. Gaston reminds them that his resentment about all that happened made him cruel. Karen agrees but then tells Valentina that true love will find her. Valentina thinks the hardest part is finding someone who will love her back because an unrequited love is worse than no love at all. Karen agrees but she should fight for the person she loves and then asks Mauricio if he has anyone. Valentina tells her that a girl named Carolina liked him but now he has a mystery woman. Karen wants to know who it is, immediately, and so does Valentina but Gaston asks them to wait until Mauricio is ready.

Jaime lays down on the bed in the guest room as Fabrizio comes and asks him why he’s sleeping there. Jaime confesses he isn’t feeling well and would prefer to not disturb Gisela. Fabrizio then asks when he restarts his treatment and Jaime tells him next week but he may have to be hospitalized. Fabrizio wants to be with him but Jaime doesn’t want him to miss school; he prefers that he stay with Gisela and support her. Either way, they can’t justify his absence from school and Fabrizio agrees. He then hugs Jaime and tells him he loves him.

In prison, Nuria takes out the pair of scissors from her shoe and slices her veins. She prefers to die than to live this way.

Gonzalo comes out of his room and finds Ileana in the hallway. He can’t sleep because the alcohol went to his head so he needs a glass of water. She does too and offers to go with him but suddenly faints and Gonzalo catches her. They look at each other and kiss. Moments later, they fall into bed and sleep together.

Nuria has bled out in her cell when a guard passes by and notices. They open the cell and take her to the infirmary immediately.

In the Murat kitchen, Beto can’t believe that Ileana treated Micaela that way and suggests that she retire. Even if Gonzalo doesn’t buy them a home to live in with Tobias, he was thinking of asking him for a loan so they can buy a small restaurant where Chelo can cook while Micaela supervises and Beto can be a chauffeur. Micaela thinks it’s a good idea but she promised Ines that she would always care for her family. Beto reminds her that they don’t have to live in the same home to do so and tells her that he will ask Gonzalo for the loan after Mauricio’s campaign launch. Micaela doesn’t think she could leave the place that has been her home for years but Beto thinks it will be okay.

In the infirmary, the doctor has bandaged Nuria’s arms and explains to the guard that she stole the scissors from the infirmary when she was there earlier. The guard will watch her closely from now on to make sure she doesn’t endanger herself anymore. Nuria curses her luck: she’s still alive and in more pain. The doctor applies a sedative and tells the guard that she will sleep till morning. The guard leaves and the doctor asks her not to try to commit suicide because she won’t succeed.

Fernanda and Alan are in bed, post coitus, and Alan tells her that he’d rather go because he must get up early tomorrow. She doesn’t mind and he tells her to rest and leaves. Moments later, Fernanda looks at herself in her bathroom mirror and thinks about her situation.

In Paris, Angelica and Monica arrive at the hospital. Monica wonders if they will find it strange to see them here so often but Angelica reminds her that they can’t prohibit their entrance. Just then, an intercom announcement calls doctors to Deborah’s room immediately. The doctors find Deborah in heart failure and bring in a defibrillator to try and save her.

In Casa Murat, Gonzalo wakes up to find himself in bed with Ileana. She calls him my love but he is groggy and confused. Ileana confesses that she loves him and what happened between them last night confirms it. Gonzalo admits that he was drunk and what happened shouldn’t have. Ileana reminds him that actions speak louder than words but Gonzalo explains that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want to lie to her. Ileana thinks he might feel something because he doesn’t seem like the type of man to sleep around and Gonzalo agrees but he hadn’t been with a woman for a while. Ileana is glad to have gotten him out of his funk and tells him that he enjoyed their night a lot. Gonzalo thinks it was wrong of them to have sex where his grandchildren and Raquel sleep but Ileana promises that she won’t tell anyone. She suggests they go elsewhere next time but Gonzalo looks at her, slight disgusted and still immensely confused. He runs off to take a shower.

In Paris, one of the nurses explains to Angelica and Monica that Deborah went into heart failure and leaves to go help. Monica is scared that she will die before confessing what she knows but Angelica reminds her to have faith.

In the Murat kitchen, Micaela explains that Ileana slept over last night because Raquel had a crisis, which Micaela thinks Ileana caused herself, and it hurt her to see Gonzalo take Ileana’s side. Valentina is shocked to know she slept over and Micaela confesses that Florencia came this morning and found Raquel alone. Mauricio suggests that she was taking care of her but stepped out for a second. Micaela doesn’t trust Ileana though especially after she heard her mention Leonel’s name the other day on the phone. Valentina asks her why she mentioned him but Micaela doesn’t know. Either way, she’s glad she didn’t say anything because Gonzalo would have likely taken her side but wanted to let them know just in case.

In hospital, Beto suggests that the leave because they have already released Tobias and Gonzalo paid the bill. Tobias prefers to wait for Gonzalo or Leonel but Chelo tells him they haven’t seen him since he first was hospitalized. Beto explains that Gonzalo already put a restraining order against Leonel so he couldn’t get close to Tobias even if he wanted to and that was his grandfather’s decision, not theirs. Beto then offers to dress him but Tobias prefers the nurse and asks him to call her. Beto leaves with Chelo, defeated.

Valentina and Mauricio go to visit Raquel but she hasn’t bounced back as easily. Florencia fears that this last crisis was too great and she may never recover. Mauricio finds the photo album by Raquel’s desk and shows her pictures of their family but Raquel isn’t responsive. Valentina asks her to remember and shows her a letter she wrote to Alfonso when she was first diagnosed where she promised that even when she forgot him, he should remember that she loved him and always will, even when she couldn’t tell him. Raquel looks around, aimlessly, and Mauricio and Valentina fear the worst. Valentina lays down at Raquel’s feet as Mauricio looks on, crying, because Raquel is gone...


Gracias, Alfredo.

Ileana deserves a really major Karmageddon now. What she did to Raquel is unforgivable. She needs to be tossed out of the mansion on her animal-print ass.

I hope Fabrizio tells his mother what's going on. This can't go on much longer without a disaster hitting both his parents. The mental strain is horrible.

And Deborah is one selfish bitch for not fessing up to incriminate Leonel. No court in the world would insist she spend what little time she has left in a prison.

As for Nuria, it should now be her Karmageddon to make repeated suicide attempts only to be rescued so she will live a long time in her condition.

Thanks for the recap!

I can't believe Gonzalo fell for the fainting trick. I really thought he wouldn't take the bait but now this crazy woman is about to hold this hook up over his head!

I felt so sad watching that scene with Raquel. That poor woman will probably never recover now. Valentina needs to go get Illeana and rip her a whole bunch of new ones!

Wow that scene between Alan and Fernanda was so awkward. I think him leaving the way he did was pretty telling. They need to just cut this off now.

It was nice to see Karen again. I kept wondering why she was still in the credits but had only shown up once in this second half of the show.

I laughed when Nuria was saved. Too bad for her!

Maybe Deborah's crisis will cause her to come clean about Leonel. Here's to hoping.

Thanks so much, Alfredo!

I was hoping that the prison would call Gonzo to tell him about Nuria, and interrupt the mating session with Ill-eana (Gonzo looked positively ill the morning after). And least with his reaction the next morning, we know he's not really falling for her. He just had a 17 year itch to scratch.

Alan and Fer also looked like they had buyer's remorse after their night of passion. Which is actually quite refreshing. Just because two nice people have sex, does not mean that it will be amazing or that they will be together forever-- which is the usual message from tns.

Thank you, Alfredo!

Even before the whore, Illeana, provoked Raquel's crisis, I hated her just for the plan to use that poor woman to get next to Gonzalo. I don't think I've ever seen a family suffer such cruelty and evil as the Fonseca's have! It's a long shot but I hope Rene will warn Gonzalo about Illeana, think about how untrustworthy Leonel is and realize he's going to get from Gonzalo what he wanted anyway: inheritance of the Murat empire. His stupid revenge plan blew up a long time ago, he needs to stop this stupid venganza game and see what riches are being laid before him without being a treacherous bastard! Gonzo knows what happened last night was icky, PLUS he will immediately suspect Leo is behind that tramp and Mica's information, especially delivered by Mau and Val, will be a major revelation.

I think Debora WILL come around. It may be her last act before she crosses over, maybe someone will record her or she'll have time to sign a statement. The testimony from Debora and learning that Leo sicced two sluts on him and his son may make him think even more critically about Leo's deal. I guess it would be too easy and damning for Rene to fess up. We'll see!

I may think of something later. Oh yeah, Nuria, Nanna Nanna Boo Boo, BITCH!

To Nuria: Boo f'ing hoo. No pity for the evil.

Rene has too many sins to pay for. I think he's beyond redemption.

Alfredo: Good recap & reading it PISSED ME OFF at what happened to the Gonz.

UA: GOLD DIGGER WHORE Ileana used her vagina to bang the Gonz (after she likely drugged him by probably putting something in his drink).

Lila: I'm also PISSED off on what Ileana did & provoking poor Raquel's crisis. I doubt Rene will tell the Gonz about Ileana.

Keeping fingers crossed that Deborah comes around before she passes on.

Vivi: The Gonz looked disgusted on what he did: cheating on Raquel like that.

I hope Mica tells Valentina & Mauricio about Ileana SOON!


Steve- Raquel isn't Gonzo's wife. He didn't cheat on anybody. He's been single for over 20 years at this point.

Hello! Everyone! Omg! This show is getting good! When are they going to reveille that Carolina is pregers with Rene baby? And hopefully Ileana will go down for what she did to raq! And when is Rene going to get it for working with Leo?
In the first Season didn't nuria loose a baby in the hospital? I've been wondering about that and was it leo's baby as well? I know it's a late question but as I said before my Spanish is really bad so I can only really get the gist of the show without reading the blog! I love this blog! Thanks everyone! Have a great day!

Welcome, Elaine! We're in final weeks now, so we will soon get an avalanche of revelations and anvils for the bad guys. This is the typical lull before the final episodes.

The first baby Nuria lost in the hospital was NOT Leonel's baby. It was the result of a one-night-stand with a stranger that Nuria tried to fool Leonel and everyone else into believing was his.

Welcome, Elaine! Hang with us til the end!

Elaine: I was PISSED off at what Ileana did to poor Raquel.

What kind of sick person does that ? Was she raised to be like that ?

Don't get me started on GOLD DIGGER #2 Carolina: I hope she suffers a miscarriage.


Vivi: I'm sticking with this TN until the very end too!

Lila: Keeping our fingers crossed that Valentina goes beast-mode on Ileana & kicks her out of the Murat Mansion!


Thank you Vivi, Lila and Steve! Today's show was even better! I can't wait for the recap! I hope Mau's campaign doesn't get ruined!

Thank you so much for stopping by, Urban, Meeks, Vivi, Lila and Steve!

And a big welcome to Elaine! So glad we cans till have new faces even in the final weeks! Please do stick with us because after all this set up comes the big pay off ;)

I can't believe Ileana has become just a witch as Carolina slowly starts to realize everything that is wrong with their "plans." Now Carolina is likely saddled with a baby from a daddy that for sure doesn't love anyone but himself and Ileana has actually molested Gonzalo and destroyed Raquel. It's not fair and I hope they rip her extensions off and burn all her tacky clothes so she can walk the streets in shame.

I couldn't help but smile at Nuria's giant FAIL! Life is like Julieta at this point, dragging her by her hair, forbidding her from leaving. Good, stay with us a little longer Nuria…we would love your company.

I love the Fernanda and Alan relationship (or lack there of). The writers are so good with their subplots and how refreshingly they handle them. Alan is a catch and Fernanda is amazing but the sex wasn't good and it happens. I agree about the positive message, Vivi. Another reason to love this show.

Alfredo, lovely recap. Sad golddihgin
Episode though. It seems that gonzo is
Still paying for his past mistakes,and
He has changed, but the past does come
Back to bite you in the ass.But rayray
Should not be suffering because of that skanky succubus. But she is. Why
Does this keep happening to the good guys?
Iam just totally disgusted with Jaime.
What is he trying to prove by keepin
His wife in the dark. You can't keep
Cancer in the dark. Well looks like he
Can, but really? Why? She a his wife,
What's he trying to prove? That he's a
Man protecting his woman? Stupid man destroyin you're marriage,for what? Is it pride or some man thing? Protect your wife from everything even if it breaks her heart and destroys her trust in you? I Think he's crazy. And totally unfair to his wife. Shes not suffering from Him Havin cancer she's suffering from Him being stupid. I thought he was smarter than that. And comparing her to being married to Jules The Nut Job, she should have thrown that drink in his face. Ok rant over.
Did I mention how much I can't stand the succubus golddigger.Its good gonz got up to wash her germs off. Soon it
And that overtanned jackass will get
Theirs. And their insufferable spawns.

Gracias Alfredo.


Hi everybody!! Wonderful recap, Alfredo! And what great comments from this little patio! Nice to see a great group enjoying a great telenovela. :-)

Steve, I'm sidling up right beside you here on the patio and join you in demanding a harsh and painful Karmageddon for Ill-eana (nice one, Vivi!) and her strumpet daughter, which you've been predicting for a while that by the end of this telenovela, they will fully deserve, for you were absolutely right. Ill-eana is reprehensible. She is the personification of materialism, and has absolutely ZERO regard for anything except the money, status, and fun & shiny, expensive things she wants, nor whatever she feels she has to do to get them. Even leaving aside the fact that Raquel- even in her 'salad' days was probably the coolest, sweetest person on this show, AND that she has suffered SO much (having had the closest thing to a daughter/daughter-in-law she ever had (Paulina) murdered by an insane woman, THEN losing her best friend (Ines), AND having had her ENTIRE family murdered... by her own Goddaughter), she is as vulnerable as a human being could possibly be right now, and for Ill-eana to exploit this by taking ADVANTAGE of her trusted position as caregiver (in Raquel's own home, no less) to provoke this last final crisis so that she can get her what she wants as far as I'm concerned is absolutely beneath contempt. It's almost standard telenovela that some vile slut will take advantage of a drugged-up/drunk/generally-speaking-intoxicated male hero in the bedroom for her own nefarious purposes, but taking into consideration what Ill-eana had to do to Raquel in order for her to achieve this puts this on a WHOLE other level that I've never encountered in any telenovela. Raquel was standing at the precipice of a cliff,and Ill-eana used that to her advantage to weasel her way into the household, and then pushed her off when she needed to. For that, she deserves no mercy.

Vivi, I hope it's alright, but I emailed you a posting that I've been working on regarding the big telenovela awards show that's upcoming, that I've (finally) completed. Is that okay?? (I hope I wasn't being too presumptuous!) Thanks. :-)

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