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A Que No Me Dejas #131-- Thursday 3/16/17- Surprise..we're going to have a baby!

Osvaldo's attorney thinks he may have found a loophole to get Os out of the slammer. 

Deborah was able to be revived, but she's barely hanging on to life.  The doc wants Angelica and Monica to stop being pushy broads and scram, but Angie says no way Jose.  We're here so get used to it!

Gonzo gets the word from his banker that the bank has approved him and  he phones Leo.   I've got the money to buy you out slimeball!

Mau and Vale discuss how bad Raq is.  Mau says he always knew this day would come but he wasn't expecting it like this.  He's seen her lose sense of time and memories over the years and bounce back, but this time is severe.   Mica comes in and tells them that the Women's prison where Nuria is incarcerated is calling for their grandfather.  She informs them, that he was up very early, showering and then out the door and so did ILLeana.   Vale says she'll take the call.    She's shocked to hear that Nuria tried to commit suicide! 

Caro is boo hoo hoo-ing at the breakfast table alone, when her panty dropping mama comes waltzing in the door all happy!   I guess you had a good evening last night!  Oh boy did I ever!  Caro says well it's about to go bad, because Rene found out what kind of gold digging ho bags we are.   Illeana says it's no big thang and she'll handle Rene.  How do you plan to do that?  By blackmailing him with all of his dirty dealings.  If he loses we lose and like any gambler..he loves to win!    Caro says yeah…he loves to win, but not share!   Illeana says well then she'll get Leo to control Rene.  Leo will be happy because Illeana got Gonzo into bed last night!   Caro thinks her mom is sharing too much info.   Oh go on girl, don't act all shocked when you're doing the same thing with Rene!   She thinks she's going to have Gonzo eating out of her hand.  

Vale confides in Fer that she feels bad about Nuria, especially because it hurt her Grandfather when she told him.  Fer is sympathetic, he's been through so much.   They eventually get to why Fer came over which was to talk privately there instead of the hotel.  Val wonders what it is that requires privacy.   Fer comes clean that she and Alan made love last night..but it really was just sex.   She didn't really feel connected to him and she thinks he didn't feel connected to her.   There was no magic.  Could it be that she isn't in love with him and he isn't in love with her?  Or could he just sense that she wasn't really into it?   Meanwhile we see that Alan wasn’t thinking about Fer at all he was thinking of Almudena.  He can't go on like this! 

Gonzo comes to see Nuria and the Doc tells him she's sure Nuria would prefer to die than live and will most likely try it again.  Gonzo asks Nuria to blink once if this is true, twice if no.  She gives a firm single blink.    The doctor is certain that if Nuria could request an assisted suicide she would,  hopefully Gonzo can talk her out of trying to end her life.   We hear Nuria's thoughts as her eyes plead with her father to help her die. 

Fer feels bad because she knows that Alan is Vale's uncle but Vale says Fer is her sister and that's that.  One thing shouldn't interfere with the other.  You feel what you feel.  Fer is glad because she needs to be honest with Alan;  something died between them and she needs to come clean with him about it.    Vale wonders if there's someone else and Fer says yes, but it has nothing to do with what's wrong between her and Alan.  She cares deeply about him, but not the way she used to and it's not fair to either of them.  Vale wonders why Fer won't tell her who it is.  Fer says because she thought the person was interested in Vale and she didn't want to come in between them.   You're interested in Mau?   Umm…no….it's..Alexis!!

Gonzo asks again if Nuria wants to die and she blinks as tears roll down her face.  She wants this suffering to end ; and she rolls her head into the pillow and then to the other side.  Rubbing her face into the pillow with each pass.  You want me to do it with the pillow?   She nods firmly affirming that he has understood perfectly.  Gonzo gently raises her head and takes a pillow from under her neck and lays her gently back down.   Nuria closes her eyes and prepares herself.   Please Dad, kill me.  Please.   Gonzo holds the pillow and stares at his daughter, but then kisses her forehead.   I'm sorry honey, I can't do it.  He gently lifts her head and places the pillow back under her.   I gave you life and I can't take it from you.  When you were a little girl, you slept on a pillow just like this.  Please don't ask this of me, I can't do it.   Tears roll down both of their faces and as Nuria pleads,  Gonzo tells her that he would gladly change places and go to prison for her, if it would end her suffering.   Forgive me. 

Fer tells Vale she plans on telling Alan the truth.  Vale is supportive and says no matter what they'll always be besties.

Karen and Gaston dine and discuss Mau and Vale.  Karen picked up on a new vibe between the kids and wonders if Gaston can confirm it…are those two in love?   Gaston says she should have been a psychologist.   Karen is happy that her perception was right!  Gaston tells her that Mau is in love with Vale, but they aren't sure if Vale feels the same way.  Karen thinks that Vale was acting different.   Gaston says it could be because according to Mau Vale is jealous of his new mystery woman; though Vale has no clue it's her.   Karen and Gaston celebrate and toast to Mau and Vale,  May God hear us!

Meanwhile Mau writes another goofy entry in his online blog.  As the words flow, so do his tears and he daydreams of he and Vale running into each other's arms and then falling into the sea.   He hopes with this entry, it will be clear to Vale that it's Mau who has always loved her and always will.

Gaston tells Karen that Mau and Vale are kissing cousins…literally!  Whaaaa?  Yeah but Vale told Mau to forget about that kiss.  Karen says you don't forget about a kiss, so it's either Vale was very affected by it or she can't return Mau's feelings.  Karen thinks it's the first  and she plans to find out.

Gonzo gets a call from Os's attorney who confirms that with the loophole he found,  Os is going to be a free man soon.  

Tobias comes home and Mica gives him a hug even though he's lukewarm on her.  She's happy that her grandson is alive and hopes he learned his lesson.  He did but it's going to be a pity that he won't be able to drink when his friends can.  Beto says you don't have to drink to have a good time.   Yeah well you don't drink.   He asks for his family and Mica tells him they are all out.  He says he's bummed and thought they would all be there to receive him.  Mica reminds him that even if he doesn't think so,  they (Beto, Chelo, Mica) are his family and have been with him since the beginning. 

Fer and Vale talk about the blog.   They should know by now that it's Mau, but the best they come up with, is that for certain it's not Alexis.  He has a sister.    Fer leaves to go talk to Alan and Karen comes to talk to Vale.  They decide to have a drink near the water. 
Jaime and Almudena are busy setting up for the campaign gala .

Leo meanwhile can't wait to be done with Gonzo and his family, but first he wants to even things up with Mau and it will all go down at the campaign party! 

Nuria gets harassed by some fellow inmates; but a guard breaks it up.  She tells Nuria her Dad is paying her to protect Nuria, but Nuria is going to also need to learn to protect herself.    The inmates continue taunting her!   Where's your daddy now? 

Julieta is blowing up Adri's phone with calls in the middle of class.  Adri gets scolded by the teacher and puts her phone on silent.  It's no use because then Julieta blows up her phone with text messages.  Corazon!  Why don't you answer me?  I want to see you!   Adri is stressed by the constant buzzing and sends one message.  Look Tia, I'm taking a text..I'm at school.  You understand?    One text is all it takes for Julieta to go full court press.   Okay well even if it's just for a little while..I really want to see you okay?    Adri can't concentrate and she attempts to stop Julieta's pleas and texts, but the teacher has had enough.  I told you already no phones, so I'm taking it away from you for good! 

Fer and Alan run into each other. It turns out they each wanted to talk with the other.  Okay lets go down to the beach and talk! 

Karen meanwhile tries to get info from Vale on how she feels about Mau.   Vale tells her how special Mau and how he's made her feel love again… love for the sea that is.   Karen says her Mau has always been a little angel ever since he was a little boy, even with all of the horrible things life has dealt him.  Vale agrees, he's very special.   Karen  suspects Vale is not too keen on his mystery lady.  Well I just don't know her..or if they've even kissed.  Karen talks about the impact of a first kiss between two people and what it can awaken and mean.  We can't always forget them.   Vale secretly remembers her first kiss with Mau.  Karen asks Vale if she could ever forget a first kiss.  Vale says no, a  first kiss stays tattooed on your soul and especially if it makes you feel things.

Alexis tells Mau his blog is a hit and has more readers and lots of likes.   Mau says he's happy to just have Vale read it.  He loves writing to Vale about love, because the world is already full of bad news.  His letters to her a a about love sort of bring some balance.    Alexis agrees.  Mau asks Alexis to help him with something else; this time it's about Leo and Illeana.   Mau needs to find out if those two are partners in crime.

Leo shows up to meet with the Gonzo.  The receptionist tells him Gonzo hasn't arrived yet, but the notary is waiting in his office if he'd like to go on in.  As she leads the way, he takes the opportunity to ogle her backside.   Leo has money, but no class.

Gonzo calls to check on Tobias and apologizes for not being the one to bring his grandson home.  There was a lot going on and he plans to tell Tobias about it later.  After they hang up, Tobias realizes what Mica said was true.  Whether he want's to accept it or not, the ones who raised him and accepted him are the only ones that really care about him. 

Alan goes first and tells Fer she's a great girl, but he's not in love with her.  He doesn't want to hurt her.  Fer says he's the best guy and shouldn't feel bad because she feels the same way.  She sees him just as a friend.  Alan is glad.  Fer knows it's hard to go from being a couple to friends but she doesn't want to lose him because he's become like a best friend to her.  Alan agrees and they hug it out.

Monica and Angelica call Gonzo and tell him Debora is going to recover and so they'll try again.  Gonzo is glad but doubts they'll need her testimony.  He tells them the good news that buying the hotel and removing Leo as partner gives him the authority to remove the charges from Osvaldo.  He wishes they could have gotten testimony from Deborah so they could press charges again Leo, but oh well.  Gonzo is just glad he can get Osvaldo free.   The ladies say they'll be home soon!  Gonzo tells them to have a safe trip back and to let him know when they arrive so he can pick them up.   After he hangs up he says he wishes it had been her that he'd made love with the night before.   Was he referring to Monica? Or Angie?  Hmmm.   Monica plans to call and arrange for their flight home, but Angie tells her she's going to stay and see if she can get Deborah to give testimony against Leo.  She wants to see if she can get Gonzo his justice.  Monica wants the truth.. Angie didn't just come to help Osvaldo but also to help Gonzo,  right?

Leo is happy with the deal and they plan to both sign, but Leo wants to look at the check to make sure it's certified.  Gonzo shows it to him.  Leo is satisfied.  Thank you my dear ex boss, ex father in law, and now ex partner!   Oh how I love those zeros.  The notary leaves to process the paperwork and Gonzo tells Leo in private that now with Leo removed as a partner, Osvaldo will be free.   I know you were behind those fraudulent actions and not Osvaldo.

Rune is making time with the ladies on the beach when Caro tells him they need to talk.    Rune tells the gals to beat it and then asks Caro what she wants.  He thought they had already finished their relationship.  Caro says yes, but she has something to tell him.  Okay well spit it out.   Caro says it's the last thing she expected and doesn't know how to tell him this, but….she's pregnant and you are the father!  


Thanks for the recap!

Wow, Tobias has finally realized that Chelo, Beto, and Mica are his will this affect his behavior? Hmmm.

So I guess Carolina might be one of those minor villains who changes their ways towards the end of the telenovela. That seems most likely and honestly it's not weird at all because she is a golddigger but she isn't really evil, so I'll be fine with her being redeemed if it does happen. Her mother, on the other!

Rene is probably going to kick Caro to the curb so hard. But maybe he'll want to take advantage of the baby because that will be someone else who can be cut in to Gonzalo's money...hmmm.

I also wondered who Gonzalo was referring to when he hung up the phone. I'm tempted to say Angelica because I think she was the last one who spoke (I don't remember though), plus, there haven't been any clues as to Gonzo still having feelings for Monica. But, with this show, I'm never quite sure.

So glad that Fernanda and Alan finally called it quits. It was just getting awkward. And I'm glad it was mutual and oh so friendly!

Gracias, Delilah. Good job.

I hate the idea of more money going into Leonel's pocket, especially if Deborah won't say anything to help Gonzalo get his original money back. If he ends up dead they can petition the court to get it into Tobias' hands due to the DNA but this kid is completely feckless.

Carolina's heart was never into gold-digging but Rene won't stick around. He is far less honorable than Gonzalo was at his worst. She will learn a very hard lesson.

More later.

Delilah: Loved your "Where's your daddy now ?" in reference to Nuria.

Carolina's MIC Drop to Rene with the Maury Povich Baby Daddy bombshell.

Great recap, Delilah!

How refreshing so see sure a mature breakup. Good job Fer and Alan! They didn't even beat around the bush. We never got to the point where they were jealous of the time the other was spending with their potential new love interests. Well, I'm sure Alexis won't wait long to make his move now that Fer is single. But Alan still thinks Almudena is in love with married Jaime. Time for that whole thing to be revealed to all involved.

I was actually quite moved by the scene between Gonzo and Nuria-- more for him than for her. No matter what, no parent wants to see their child in pain.

I think the "her" Gonzo was referring to was Angie. But he's not going to make a move because he thinks Angie and Os want to rekindle their old romance.

Our two resident brats, Adriana and Tobias, are finally having their eyes opened, ever so slowly. I'm not sure what Adriana expected, when everything she has ever been told about Juli is that she's an obsessive, murderous nutcase. What was so hard to understand about that? Well, she'll soon feel the wrath of loony Juli when she starts trying to pull away. NO ONE takes away Juli's Corazon. Not even the Corazon, if s/he tries to get away.

Delilah! YAAAY! Love it, girl! Thank you! Crack up phrase of the recap: "panty dropping mama"! I agree that Caro could be turning a page. She is, after all, just a ho in training and expecting a baby may get her out of the skank business for good. Plus, unfortunately for her, she loves the useless Rene! I can't see him having a change of heart knowing that Caro is carrying his baby: he'll probably deny it's his UNLESS he does some quick thinking and sees little jr. in the oven as a meal ticket! I kinda hope she loses it because Caro having a Murat baby will mean Professor HO will get into the Murat family by association! No!!

Agree, Vivi, the mature break up is a breath of fresh air and almost unbelieveable!

I think Gonzo meant Angelica because he had that heart to heart with Osito in prison when he told him Angelica meant nothing to him and he, Osito, should pursue her and rekindle their relationship.

I'll just say ditto to Vivi's last paragraph about "our two resident brats." Tobi is lucky. His brick-headedness almost cost him his life and Adri's can as well! Juli is getting ramped up into obsessive freak-out mode and while I don't think she'd intentionally hurt Adri, well, we've seen what she does when she freaks out! Hard lessons for our young dummies!

Thank you, Delilah!

I also wanted to say that when Gonzalo was handling the pillow I was almost yelling "Don't do it! Don't do it!"

I'm glad he didn't. Not only would he have had to live with that memory for the rest of his life he would have ended up in prison himself over it, which would have been so not worth it. Besides, it would have given Nuria an easy way out. She deserves the torture of her condition. That guard will probably catch her in future suicide attempts and see that she lives.

Thanks so much, Delilah! Rip roaring and spectacularly snarky as always ;)

"Meanwhile Mau writes another goofy entry in his online blog." Poor Mauricio sure knows about secretly romancing someone to our collective blehs. I wonder what I would do if someone would write a mysterious blog about me and calls me by name...Probably report him lol!

Ugh how do you solve a problem like Tobias and Adriana...throw them off a cliff and hope the bump clears things up? I'm wondering how scared Adriana is about Julieta after all that's happened...she obviously knows no bounds and that girl better run for the hills.

ITA about Fernanda's and Alan's breakup. Their whole story was worth it if only to see two people breakup amicably and try to at least remain friends. Now to straddle Alexis, Fernanda :D! Does this mean Almudena will finally reveals what she feels when she finds out about the break up?


Good recap Delilah. Tobias is such a little ungrateful ingrate (I think I spelled that right. O well y'all get it), anyway that's how I feel about the boy. When is he gonna learn?

Delilah-"Leo has money, but no class".
Yeah but the money he got are not really His, he stole it. So he's really got nothing. Jerk!!!
Glad to see ylby knows who his FAMILY
IS. Gonzo loves him I'm sure and the
Others, but chemo and Vero! That's mom
And dad right there.And mica is grams.

I certainly hope that Angie has a tape recorder so she can tape the last word confession of this poor woman. Another
Victim of leo' s greed, and also hers
Too. When are people going to learn that greed as lasting consequences? And Sometime fatal consequences? Well
Hopefully before this gn is over. And
Jaime is leArning a hard lesson. Silly

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