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A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #133. Monday March 20, 2017. The Calm Before The Pukestorm

The human popsicle stashed in Julieta's freezer has begun to thaw, unbeknownst to our obsessive loon who was too consumed by debilitating angst over the prospect of losing her Corazón 2.0. Here's a preemptive toast to the "unintentional" bullet that will get that skanky brat right between her lying horse teeth! ¡Salud!

Carolina puts her foot down as regards her accidental pregnancy: She will raise her baby as a single mother with dignity. As much as she loves René, she refuses to use her child as a bargaining chip to force a romantic commitment. She also threatens her mother that she would cut all ties with her if any blabbing about the baby to Gonzalo takes place. Carolina doesn't consider her baby a meal ticket to live off the Murats' wealth.

René loses a fortune (un dineral) at the illegal poker table. He retires to the bar to lick his wounds and freak out over his unwanted paternity.

Valentina informs Chelo, Beto and Mica about Raquel's terrible prognosis. Beto informs her that he saw Adriana and Julieta arguing outside highschool. When confronted, Adriana denies arranging to meet up with Julieta or even telling her where her highschool was. She insinuates that Julieta has been stalking her. Come on, bullet!

Ileana, the zorra ofrecida, offers her comforting services to The Gonz after the awful news Raquel's doctor gave the family. Someone please bitchslap this vitch with her own fake boobs! The Gonz invents a series of excuses to avoid seeing her. When Ileana finishes the phone call with a forceful: "Good night, my love!", The Gonz throws up in his mouth a little.

Karen confides to Gastón that she is positive Valentina is in love with Mau.

Gisela tells Jaime she is in a hurry to settle the financial particulars of their divorce. Jaime says he'll sign anything she wants. After all, everything he owns belongs to Gisela and Fabricio.

Each angle of the love rectangle sends yearning vibes to his/her respective silent love. Alexis-Fernanda, Fernanda-Alexis, Alan-Almudena then Almudena-Alan. A dizzying flash round of flashback ping-pong.

Leonel gives Mirna an advance on her bribe to poison the guests of Mau's event.

Break out a fresh pack of kleenex, there's some major onion-cutting going on in this scene. Raquel can't recognize Mau when he visits her room to greet her. She doesn't even recall that she knows sign language. Mau is moved to tears. He kneels in front of her and shapes a heart with his hands, miming that he loves her very very much. Raquel says she can feel his love, even though she doesn't recognize him. She also tells him that his eyes remind her of a little boy. She can't remember who the little boy was but she instinctively knows that she loved him very much. She asks Mau not to cry, as tears stream down her own face. She says although she doesn't have a clue who he is, she can feel deep down that there is a great deal of love and affection that unite the two of them. She cups his face in her hands and smiles, urging him to stop crying and start smiling. "You are gorgeous! ¡Eres un niño con ojos de mar! You're a little boy with eyes of the sea!"

Vale and Mau commiserate about Raquel's deteriorating health. Mau has an idea that the family can participate in to make Raquel feel their love, even if she loses her memories of her loved ones.

Mónica returns from "Paris". Alan helps her unpack and admits to her his love for Almu. Mónica informs him that the Córdovas are getting a divorce because of that young woman. Surely, if Jaime is leaving his wife, it's only a matter of time before he and Almu make things official.

At breakfast, the Murat family and guest congratulate Mau for the launch of his ecological campaign. Adriana and Tobías are invited to attend the event.

Mónica visits Osvaldo in jail and tells him that Angélica stayed behind in "Paris" to help Gonzalo out. Cuddle Bear is disappointed that Angélica hasn't rushed back to the fatherland to lose herself in a tender embrace with that hunk of burning love. Fuzzy Ozzy thanks Mónica for her help and for being such a great friend. In spite of being brutally friendzoned, Mónica can't help but make googly eyes at Osito. She thoughtbubbles that, once again, she has fallen in love with a man who belongs to another woman. She decides to stay away from Osvaldo for Angélica's sake.

At Mau's campaign launch, guests are arriving. Vale tells Fer about her decision to meet her cyber-stalker on Monday. But really, it's just out of curiosity, because Vale only has eyes for Mau.

And Mau only has eyes for Vale. He confides to Gastón that Vale reciprocates his love. He suspects that the guy she says she has fallen for is him. If he weren't so, Vale would have revealed the guy's identity to him right away. Just like that time she started dating her uncle. Mau was the first to know.

Almu and Alan asks Mirna to add some orange juice to the ceviche. Orange juice and bowel liquifier! Har har har.

The Gonz welcomes Karen warmly. They bring up the past and he apologizes for not accepting Karen's offer to take Vale to Los Cabos to live with her for a while. Honey, that's mezcal under the bridge! Karen is glad that Vale is back in the family fold, a happy and healthy young woman surrounded by a loving and supportive family as well as a sister from another mother. Vale and Fer remind Karen of her and Paulina. All of a sudden, Ileana and her overinflated bazooms latch onto Gonzalo's arms. "Hello, my love!" The Gonz looks positively terrified! He lived a monk's life for nearly two decades and the one time he takes Little Gonzo for a walk he catches this walking STD. Ugh!

Vale gives Mau a bracelet (pulsera) to commemorate this special day. She also enquires about his mystery ladylove. Why isn't she invited? When will Vale finally meet her? Mau replies with a mischievous smile and a cryptic: "Soon. Very soon." He holds Vale's face in his hands and gives her a kiss on the cheek that went a little more south than a kiss on the cheek ought to go. Vale gets flustered.

Gonzalo, Jaime and Mau take turns to present Hotel Mauva and the conservationist environmental campaign (campaña de conservación ambiental) they have devised. Meanwhile, Leonel is on the balcony of his suite, toasting his genius and the sinister underworld forces that inspired his latest plan. The legal suits from the poisoned, and potentially dead, guests will ruin the Murats. Leonel will then swoop in and buy the entire hotel for chump change. Muahahahaha!

Thank you for visiting our patio. Please join us again for the next capítulo. We'll be saving you a seat!


Thank you, Nandicta! Wonderfully snarky and snappy. Here are a couple of my faves:

Someone please bitchslap this vitch with her own fake boobs!

The Gonz looks positively terrified! He lived a monk's life for nearly two decades and the one time he takes Little Gonzo for a walk he catches this walking STD. Ugh!

UUUUuuf! I wish he would shut that ho down! I can't stand her! And she is so going to tell Gonzo about the little Rene spawn Caro is carrying. Ill-leana gives whores a bad name!

Jaime continues to get on my nerves and I have absolutely no sympathy for him, the idiot! He appears so cold and unconcerned. All of this is supposed to be out of love for Gisela and not wanting her to suffer! Go ahead and die, Jaime!

Everything is set up for "The Pukestorm" -- that's hilarious! I hope that the young lady has a change of heart and refuses to put whatever it is in the food. Leo threatened her but I hope she takes refuge in Gonzo. The young lady doesn't know it but Leo is about to be brought down. I want to be around to see that!

The other thing I'm waiting to see is Adriana learning that she can't trust Julieta and lie to the people who have prove they care about her, honest, level-headed familial love, not the crazy possessive obsession Julieta feels toward Adriana. How long before the funk hits the fan.

Thank you, Nandicta! I'll be at a conference this week but I hope to catch up to you guys before the weekend!


O Nandicta this was snarkily funny. "She decides to stay away from Osvaldo for Angelica's sake". Why didn't she use that brain power 20+ years ago when it would have done some good? To
Late for that kind of sane thinkin.

Jaime is just to stupid for words. The
Marriage vows"in sickness & in health just went over his head I guess and
landed in the desert of his mind &
Gonz better start figuring on a way to
Get rid of that giant blond mole that
Has attached herself to him.
My heart goes out to Rachel. Her mind
Has lost all her precious memories but heart does remember. I really wants to
See that heffa get hers, especially for what she did to Rachel.Mica need to go Tell mau and Val what she heard since she Can't say nothing to the gonz.But he might Believe her, if nothing more than just To have an excuse to get detached from The giant moldy ho-digger.

If that young lady poison that food her mom's health ain't gonna be worth nothing. Suppose she does and then get
To America and there's no doner? There
Could be a problem, rejection. I hope conscience kicks in. I'm tired of the
Bad guys getting away with stuff. They
Destroy lives and still get to walk around like "Hey I'm just breathin like everybody else".No the hell they
Gonz looked like he stepped in dogpoo
When ickleana walked up and put her hand on his arm.

Thank you Nandicta lovely recap.

Good work, Nandicta. Too many good lines to quote.

The scene with Raquel and Mauricio was really heart-breaking. Kudos to both actors for how well that played.

If Myrna doesn't rat out the rata de dos patas she will not only cause damage, she will end her own career. He won't protect her when the merde hits the fan.

Nothing new to say about anyone else until later.

Nandicta: Your recap was awesome & right to the point: I laughed at your comments in reference to GOLD DIGGER Ileana.

UA: I don't see Carolina apologizing for treating Valentina like crap despite being preggers with Rene's baby.

Nina: Whatever happened to Karen's hubby ? Did they divorce ?

Florencia de Saracho (who portrays Karen in this TN) is smoking HOT! She needs a future leading role in a future TN someday :)


I thought they moved away after her
Sicko hubby #1 went obsessively nuts &
Kidnapped their son. I think they're still together. When she was talkin to gonz or somebody, she said hes watchin the kids while she's at the mauva shindig.

Nina: Wondering who would Gaston end up with ?


Nandicta--Your delivery is impeccable, as always. Thanks for the wonderfully literate turns of phrase you grace us with.

As close as the Fin is for this telenovela, I still don't see where it's going to end and with whom left standing. Of course, Mau can't die in the depths, but he'll probably have trouble getting to his "Beach Date" on time and Vale will assume it was all a sick joke on her.

If the electricity came back on, is there any reason not to think the freezer did too? Maybe someone else can explain. There was no storm, so it could have been a short circuit. I'll go along with everyone who thinks the Pops-icle is going to thaw into rotting meat. Somehow, I wish the new Prison Director Lady will come back with police in tow.

I'll bet Alejandra Barros is delighted with her new role over on MdN. She's be allowed to have to lovely "San Franciscos" with my personal hottie Santiago Diaz Herrera (aka Diego Olivera) from Montecristo twice.

Steve--Gaston will end up with his wife. I can't remember who mentioned it, maybe it was around the first dinner with Karen, Mau and Vale. They just kind of glossed over it--something about his wife not being with him/or didn't come.

I'm with you Lila. We only saw Myrna take the bottle out and contemplate. We didn't actually see her pour it in.

For as big an event this was advertised to be, this is a very small crowd--surely Carlos Moreno Laguillo could have had more of his staff join in the event.

Does the short circuit ruin the outlet, the freezer, or both?

Thank you so much, Nandicta! Was finally able to catch up and read your wonderful recap! I wish we could hea from you more often :)

As far as the freezer I think the outage short circuited the outlet so even if the freezer did work in another outlet, where it currenty is plugged in it wont work and Stealvia will begin to defrost.

As for the calm before the pukestorm (LOL!) I hope its just puking because it feels like something worse can and will happen.

I hope Mirna doesnt do it and trlls the good guys or doesnt and tells the good guys before the pukestorm.

Fingers crossed!

A short in a circuit would kill the electricity from going anywhere else at the outlet. If the freezer was plugged into that particular outlet, there'd be no juice. Different circuits for different parts of the house. Since the lights came back on again, I doubt Julie would stop to check the freezer. It might have been drawing too much current for an old building that hasn't been heavied-up. If she opens her refrigerator or runs the stove and it was on a different circuit, she wouldn't notice.

Hope our theory is right. I want her to suffocate from the odor. Remember Sortilegio? What's his name the guy Bruno killed and left in Raquel's no-tell-hideaway she got for Bruno? It's a pretty powerful odor.

Anita: Did Deborah finally tell Angelica what she wanted to tell her in Paris ?

Is Deborah still with us ?

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