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A que no me dejas Episode 132 (3.17.17) Angelique et Monique went to see Débora at the clinique

Didn't see that coming!
We start this episode with Leonel showing surprise before Gonzalo's fair way to see things. Leonel adds that it will be a pleasure not to see anybody from the Murat family again and Gonzalo says that he is actually happier because now that the 100% of the shares are his, with just a signature he can withdraw all charges against Osvaldo and get him off jail.

"But why, why would you do such a thing" asks Leonel "We are ending on a high note here (cerrar con broche de oro), why spoil it?"
-I will because you're the one who should be behind bars, not him".

Empacho con patas
"René", says Carolina "we have a bun in the oven".
"I think you're mistaking me for my brother Alan", replies René, "who is the cook and baker. Maybe you have indigestion?"
"Maybe, the kind that will use a diaper..."
"Well, if that happen to be true, I am sure is not mine"
"Yes it is, I haven't been with anybody else"
"I wouldn't be too sure (No me consta), but anyway, that is your problem not mine"
"I am not carrying this alone, mister!" 
"You don't have to, its easy, abort it" René keeps saying "now go tell the real dad about it"
"I will have a DNA test to prove it! At least your mother didn't aborted you when your father decided he was not marrying her"
"Don't talk about my mother like this"

And things were escalating but thanks to Mauricio and Alexis, who intervene, they didn't get physical.

"Why are you crying?" asks Alexis
"What's going on here" asks Mauricio
"This is a private conversation" yells René, "Leave us alone, damn mute!"

Bluer earth day is near
Jaime instructs Almudena and the crew about the table distribution and the pictures of the diving go over there, and each table will have a tríptico (tri fold pamphlet) of the campaign and a button, and so on and so forth...

"Yes" she adds, "the table with the fountain over there and here, the ship"
"If anybody has a question" Jaime says, "please don't hesitate and come to Almudena or me.
"Mirna" tells Almudena to her assistant, "go to the kitchen and make sure everything is ready". Then after she is gone turns to Jaime and inquiries:

"How was everything last night"
"Bad, this is the first time we sleep in separate beds."
"All this stress is making you worse, talk to her"
"Nooo, not yet."

When things don't come up roses
Maite is really upset with Leonel, because nothing came out as she had planned it.

"How is that Osvaldo is going to get free? No way!"
"Yes" is his stark response, "Gonzalo outsmarted me, I didn't think about that option"
"But if he gets free, he will run straight into Angélíca arms!"
"Too late, pussycat, I am not loosing my business because of your sickening jealousy"
"This is not good for me, everything I did was in vain, I never cared about money! I want Osvaldo and if he is not for me he is for nobody! You knew that!"
"Osvaldo never loved you, don't romantisize it (don't be stupid)! And don't cry!"
"For romantic and idiot I believed in you and now I have nothing! It's all your fault!"
"I didn't force you, I didn't twist your arm and I never made you do anything against your will!"
"You're trash!" door slams
"You are too..." whispering while watching her leave.

Baby it's cold outside...
Gisela wants out and starts the divorce process. The lawyer says that this usually splits the couple's assets 50/50, but because of Fabricio, he recommends 70/30 because she should be getting more just to make sure Jaime won't be fooling with the support money he owes to his kid. This is only to protect the son of future inconveniences.

"No" replies Gisela, "that won't be fair" 
"I have heard that a lot, but there's always a lot of problems after the couples get divorced and sometimes it becomes a real nuisance to get manutention and support.
"He can keep the agency and I will keep the house. That way I will look for another job where I don't have to see him. That will be very painful to me"
"ok, as you want"

Ghosts of flashbacks past
Gonzalo visits the family crypt to talk to Alfonso.

"I feel responsible for everything that happened, comfather" he says. "I couldn't manage my daughter, I couldn't even end her life, granting her that wish. While he says this we see flashbacks of Nuria wanting to die in her father hands using a pillow to suffocate her.

"Comfather, in other news, I met a woman who is in love with me and her name is Ileana. Sadly, I can not love her, I don't want to hurt her as I have done to the other two women who have loved me. That's the story of my life. Is it not sad? I don't know how to tell her. I love Angélica and can only be with her but she is not for me because she loves Osvaldo! Tell me if it's right for me to put myself on the side so she can be happy!

In Jail everybody is innocent
Osvaldo tells Félix that there is hope that he can prove his innocence.

"That's my dream too" replies Félix, "Sadly, I am actually not innocent and I feel sorry for my dog. I will never see Bobby again. Can you imagine how much is 15 years in dog years?"
"I will go back to the love of my life, Angélica! I will propose to her as soon as I get free"
"So you are getting out of one jail to enter another one?"
"You don't understand."

I see Paris, I see France, I see Débora's caleçons
Mónica Grippe is ready to go back to América and seems puzzled by Angélica, who has decided to stay a few days longer until she talks to Débora. She feels torn between Gonzalo and Osvaldo, but Angélica is torner, because if Mónica only wants to help, Angélica only wants to love! Many times lately we had caught her thinking about Gonzalo or Osvaldo, Osvaldo or Gonzalo. De tín marín de do pingué...

"I will wait here" said Angélica, "because I feel like I have a pending task. Osvaldo will surely get free, but I need to repay my debt to Gonzalo, who has done so much for me and my daughter. I feel fire inside, I feel alive."
"Well, I will go back" said Mónica, "I will go back to support Osvaldo". 

In their minds, only one thought dominates, such a hard question, why am I here, for Gonzalo or Osvaldo? When Mónica asks herself the same question, there's no doubt. Why am I here, Osvaldo or Gonzalo? What am I saying, Osvaldo of course! seems to be thinking.

"I hope you will convince Debora" said Mónica
"I won't lose faith"
"Want me to give a message to Gonzalo?" asks Mónica
"And Osvaldo?
"No, just tell him that I am happy he is getting free. I am glad I have a new friend in you"
"So do I"
"Thanks, take care!" 
"Take care U2"

I see beaches, I see sand, I see the mexican flag!
Valentina and Fernanda exchange love secrets.

"I talked to Alan and everything is fine" said Fernanda, "We split (tronamos) but we took it very well. We will stay as friends. You know? He was also looking to end our relationship, so I feel a lot better now!"

Somewhere at the beach, Mauricio and Alexis are still trying to figure out what they saw between Carolina and René.

"They looked like boyfriend and girlfriend" said Alexis.
"Yes, and they're up to something" replied Mauricio, "He is still a creep, but they were very suspicious!"

Outside the school, Beto is waiting by the car to pick Adriana up, but seeing that she is not coming out, he ventures in, and is surprised but what he sees... Julieta and Adriana together! Arguing!

"It is your fault that my teacher took my phone" said Adriana, "you shouldn't keep texting me all the time, you are not the only thing I care about. I don't spend the whole day thinking about you"
"Don't say that precious" replies Julieta nervous, "don't make me feel useless, unwanted, like your father did" 

Beto is still watching
They are still arguing

"If you keep suffocating me" said Adriana, "the Spain plans will change"
"Nooo, those plans won't change, you won't leave me like your father did."
"My mother told me you were obsessive, but I never imagined how much"
"The Murats have changed your mind and are stealing you from me!"
"No auntie, you are doing it yourself, with your behaviour"
Adriana leaves.

Beto greets her around the building.

"Good afternoon, I will help you and take you home"

Good grief Snooping, is not allowed!
Meanwhile, in the looney cave, someone is looking for Silvia. Since Julieta is not home, the maid feels the need to answer with what she knows. 

"Did you actually see Silvia when I came last time?" asks the woman. 
"No, I heard the tv but didn't see Ms Silvia"
"Do you mind if I come inside and take a look?"
"No, you can't. It is forbidden. Come back when Ms Julieta is home, I don't want to get in trouble"
"You know who are you talking to? I am an authority and I will come inside regardless, you don't want to become an accomplice, do you?"

Once inside the house, the woman found all of Silvia's belongings, her purse, and many other things, everything, but where in the world is Silvia San Diego?

"I dunno" said the maid, "when I started working here, she was not here already"
"Don't tell Julieta I came in and snooped around will you?"
"Ni loca!"

Gold diggers also cry
Ileana finds Carolina crying and asks what is the reason.

"How are you, what happened?"
"Mom, something really bad happened. Something that I swear was unexpected. I didn't count on that, but René impregnated me." Then adds sorry with her littlest voice.
"Eh?" reacts Ileana furious. "How could you be so careless, so stupid? That spoils everything!"
"Yes I know, but now he is reluctant to support me and he said the baby is not his, he wants to get rid of him."
"No, no way you're getting rid a grandson of Gonzalo Murat, let me think... We'll see if René responds or not!"

And speaking of the devil, René is fooling with the oxygen tanks to kill Mauricio, for being so "nosy" (metiche), let this be a lesson for him!

In México, Gonzalo went to see Osvaldo with good news.

"On monday will you be free"
"Thanks! I will prove I didn't steal all that money!"

Débora needs a speech synthesizer

Back in France, Débora struggles to speak to no avail. No, her french is not that bad, her crooked mouth is not helping.

"!Mmmghhn, mhgjj, mhhgmmmk", (where are those women from México)
"mggmht, lmffmr", (Pardon. Ou sont les femmes du Mexique)
"Frau? Femme? Quoi? I didn't buy bread" (no compré pan) "Je ne comprend pas!"
"Angelique, Monique, where are they?"

Un peu plus tard...

"Je les ai cherchéz... Ne pas ici."
"Mmmhmmgmg., mshhsm, (I need to talk to Angelique, Monique)
"Pe ne fu, madame" (leave me alone, I am done for today)
"Mmggfmfsnmm,., mangg, (Please look for them, suddenly I have a conscience)
"Maybe they went to the boutique"

Clash of Titans

Back in México. Luckily, by the time Ileana comes up to René, he has finished messing the oxygen tank valves up so nobody suspects he is up to no good. 

"Madam, please, spare me the shame (evíteme la pena) of telling you what I told your daughter. I AM NOT THE DADDY!"
"Well, you surely scared her, but I am not afraid, you will be, if you don't get married, your father will know everything, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING!!"
"That everything includes that you both are gold diggers?" sasquatsh! In your face Ileana! "what truth are you talking about? You're nothing but a gold digger!"
"Don't you dare call that your mother in law!" yells the woman, "your father is de-ligh-ted with me, so if you don't behave properly, I will spill the beans about the casinos, the Leonel liaisons, the fake repentance, now you tell me!"

Back in Looneytown
In another side of town, Julieta finally made it home and asks her maid if something came up.

"No, nothing"
"Then go home because I want to be alone"

Once alone, she starts texting frantically, stopping all of a sudden.

"No, no, I don't want you far from me, if the Murats had done something, they will pay"

Meanwhile, in the Murat residence, when Adriana gets home, is confronted by Tobías, who demands an explanation.

"Why are you not talking to me?" asks the boy.
"Why you ask? You stood me up to go drink with some hos"
"What, are you jealous?"
"No (yes I am), to be jealous first I had to be in love. Keep your new friends, and don't come looking for me anymore!"

Back in the 90s people used to chat

Inside the house, Valentina is reading the blog.

"Every time I see your eyes there's magic, seduction. When I am near you my heart beats stronger, I am in so much fire, that not even all seven seas will quench" 
"Hi, I don't know who you are and I want to know if your are talking to any Valentina, or you are actually talking to me, Valentina Murat" she writes.
"Hi, Valentina, yes, it is you I write about, nobody else."
"Mmmh, I thank your words. You have been a very important mirror in this moment of my life" she replies. "You have a way to put things down that transmits many things to me".
"It is what you transpires" Mauricio writes back.
"Thanks, ok, I have to be sincere with you. My heart is busy (I am seeing someone else), but your words make me imagine things that are not true".
"My intentions are good" 
"Well, even so, I prefer you don't keep writing about me"
"Please, you can not ask me that!"
"Yes I can, yes I can!! This is the first time and last, we chat together. I only wanted you to know that I am not available!"
"Please wait, aren't you curious about me and why I know you so well?"
"I can not lie telling that it is the same for me. Of course I want to know why you know some much about me! This is scary!"
"Don't be afraid! I will never harm you. Let's get together and reveal our identities. If after knowing me you still want me to stop, I will! What do you say?"
"Ok, ok, let's see each other"
"Yupi!! Mauricio jumps of happiness "You have no idea how happy I am"
"But it will be in the place I choose, ok?"
"Juaréver you say, set the day, the date, I will be there!"
"Monday, 5pm, beach Hotel Mauva"
"I will be there"
"Wait, wait! How will I recognize you?
"Don't worry, I KNOW YOU!!

I am my own grandpa

Not only for Mauricio things are coming up peachy, Alexis has great news for Almudena.

"I have news, sister. Fernanda and Alan are not together anymore! You know what I am talking about?"
"Yes, that you can get Alan and I Fernanda!"
"Maybe you can but not me. Alan hates me"
"Anyway, it will be awkward because they will be forced to keep seeing each other as long as we remain brother and sister!"

Meanwhile in the resort of the "Secrets" Leonel is abruptly surprised by René, who is furious because he is now in the wrong end of the blackmail chain. 

"You are a damn bastard man!"
"Hold your horses, whats going on?
"Ileana, Carolina's mother knows everything I have done in my life and only you could have told her! She is blackmailing me because Carolina is pregnant and I don't want the baby! That woman want to tie me down to them!"
"Clever, very clever, couldn't expect less from Ileana myself" said Leonel
"I have my doubts. The kid is surely not mine and I don't want it"
"Idiot, your best plan is that boy, do you know how much is worth to Gonzalo?"
"I don't want kids" 
"It is ok, but think about it... whether you want it or not, the first thing you need to do is to recognize him, be happy, pretend, fake it, that child is our treasure! It won't be the first time that a child will open your father's door to the never ending flow of cash!"
The vanishing woman
When Gonzalo gets home, is greeted by Valentina and Mauricio.

What a day you had, grandpa!" she said, "many things happened today, Nuria, Osvaldo, Leonel, you must be exhausted!"
"What about Osvaldo?" asks Mauricio
"The signature won't be a problem" Gonzalo wants to see Tobías.
"He is here"
"I am sorry I couldn't go to see you in the hospital"
"How is Nuria" asks her son.
"Better, but depressed, still in the jail"
"We are happy you are back", said Mauricio and Valentina.
"Look, the doctor is here to see Raquel, let's take him to her room"

Angélica's Consumer Cellular with AARP plan allows her to make phone calls internationally, so she calls her daughter.

"Fernanda, dear, how did everything went with Alan?"
"Better than I thought". 
"It was unexpected, but if you are not in love, there's no point in keeping up with that. Right? Precisely now that you and Alan broke up, Mónica and I are best friends, we feel identify with each other."
"Why are you there yet?"
"Because I am still trying to fix the debt I have with Gonzalo, and Leonel is going to jail! I will make sure to convince Débora to testify against him!"
"Where is your love with Osvaldo or with Gonzalo?" God not that question again!!! 
"I don't know daughter, is not clear to me, either"

Going, going gone!

Everyone in Raquel's room is concerned. The doctor have the worst news possible.

"This is the moment we always feared. I am afraid Raquel is not coming back. The best thing to do now is find a nursing home that suits her.
"No, she will stay here" assures Gonzalo with a tear in his eyes.

In her house, Julieta is not so happy either, nighttime is not the best time for her. Her mind get assaulted by the most terrifying flashbacks, including recent ones, like the one she had with Adriana. "My mother always told me you were obsessive but I never knew how much" echoes in the dark and dusty windmills of her mind. Then she sees Adrián saying good bye. Then she sees Adriana again saying: "Stop harassing me, please, don't make me regret I looked for you". And even when her fingers hurt with desires to text her niece, she won't- 
I won't call you because you will feel suffocated and I won't be able to stand it. The devil must have heard, because there is flickering like a circuit short, and the lights went out for a moment. God, I hope Silvia's corpse wont get thawed and get out of the freezer to haunt her!! (Yes I do)


Hola amigowz! Welcome to Dejaland, where we can enjoy love squares and love puzzles where people can move around as they please like the queen from chess! No problem!

Thanks for the recap!

I can't believe that it took Leonel convincing Rene to think of the baby as a meal ticket. I would think that Rene would consider that himself. But he's probably too freaked out about having a kid to think of that.

Um...I think we're all about to start smelling Silvia's body. Julieta looked so happy when the lights came back on...if only she knew, haha!

I liked that scene between Osvaldo and Felix...they seemed like old friends. I almost forgot that Felix is a creep!

The brother and sister duo were so ecstatic when talking about Alan and Fernanda's break up. I can't lie, Alexis is so fine that I would like to see him romance Fernanda. He is hot!



The only thing Felix wanted was Nuria's money and he got more than he bargained for!

Ah, Pablo, Angelique et Monique went to see Débora at the clinique est magnifique!

We're heading into the final countdown on this story and I'm going to miss it big time. What is this producer up to now?

Rene can't play because he made hay in the wrong way to get a good lay.... Love it. He is not in a good position now. I'm also wondering what is in that oxygen tank.

Julieta is going to be in major trouble when that body defrosts and starts decomposing. Will she end up in the slammer with Nuria?

Ileana needs an even bigger anvil for what she did to Raquel. If they can't send her to prison for this I wish for her to clean toilets in an office building at midnight for the rest of her life.

Thanks! I loved the René can't play word play too...

Even when Raquel was going down eventually, Ileana prompted this issue making Raquel's mind to fall into the abyss. It is sad, but she doesn't have a boyfriend! I guess she couldn't end up alone, LOL!

Thats so much, Pablo!

I love the Mongelica team in Paris. While they havent bee as effective yet as we'd hoped, I love their perserverance and resilience. Now it looks like deborah make talk though so yay!

Oh Silvia....finally you may ditch your frozen tundra to do one last job, reveal that Juli is still Juli no matter the time paased.

Rene is definitely freaking out more about the responaibility but Leonel has always been good at seeing thr value in children like scumbag he is.

It looks like Sunday has finally arrived at Hoel Mauva and the crazy ia just about to begin...everyone ready??? Two weeks left!

Btw, Urban, he recently produced MdN so he may be lookinng for a new story or taking a break. Televisa only has 4 new novelas right now so more material may be around the corner.

I hope so. This one should have definitely been in Prime Time just as MdN should have been the replacement for ECDLP.

Funny enough, Mdn appears as Univision and La Piloto appears a Unimas on Hulu the last time I checked. Upon doing some researech I also found that La piloto was cancelled and would not appears. Thos was late year so I wonder what changed that now we only have 2 at night, one of which is a narconovela. The commercials keep saying that La piloto will usher in a new era at Univision so I wonder that means...:/

Alfredo: I noticed Rene sabotaging Mauricio's air supply stuff at the beach. This guy is super sadistic!

UA: The Gonz talking to Alfonso's tomb while flashbacks showed him thinking about smothering Nuria with the pillow.


I also noticed the part where the electricity went out in the freezer, someone's going to figure out Silvia's body is in there.

How long has the body been there ? 7 months ?



I think I heard that Televisa rejected the idea of showing LA PILOTO for some reason, like they don't want anymore narconovelas or something, but aired it, or are going to, exclusively at BLIM, their new bargain Netflix counterpart. I am not interested. I am sure the real pilot was not as hot as Livia Brito, so, there it goes the "based on true events", LO!

Steve, the body has been there 3 montha tops but its gon smelllll

OT: ahh that makes sense. But Televisa is crazy either way. Some years everything clicks and others its a mess. Lmfaooo she defintely was not ;)

Thanks, Pablo!

Indeed, the Silv-icle is about to thaw and make her presence known with quite a smell. Just in time for Juli to really start losing it, since her Corazon is becoming distant. Add to that the poisoned food at the event, and Mau's sabotaged oxygen tank-- it will be a chaotic last two weeks.

I laughed when Val told her secret admirer (Mau) to stop writing her/about her. Ha! In the real world, no sane person would even answer such a creepy blog. They'd call the police and report a stalker. They certainly wouldn't go meet the stalker alone!

Pablo and Alfredo- NO ONE is as hot as the movie/tv version of themselves.

I'm in the Dominican Republic all next week. I'll keep up via the recaps.

Vivi: Have a nice time over there!

I am sure México has enough with the real narcodrama to have to watch it again and again on tv, enhanced or not, or with hot girls or not. I still don't understand what's the appeal of all those series or why are people still watching them.

Just like there are varying qualities in typical telenovelas, there are also varying qualities in narco-novelas. I think shows like Reina del Sur and so far La Piloto, do a better job of showing the people involved on both sides as human, and also showing that there are real consequences for being involved in that life (to both the guilty and the innocent). Perhaps it's because both series focus on women as the central characters. Then there is another type of narco-novela that seems to glorify that world and lifestyle, have a hyper-masculine gaze (women are just props for the men to use or abuse), and try to make their male narco boss a Robin Hood type of hero (El Chema, El Senor de los Cielos), always making him a step ahead of the authorities and somehow "good" compared to the narco bosses they are competing with.

I do understand why Mexico in the last few years has been reluctant to show these narco-novelas, because you can't be sure if they'll glorify that life or show it for what it really is. I find it interesting that Colombia seems to have done just the opposite. They are constantly churning out narco-novelas. I wonder if anyone has done any studies on how/if these shows change public perception about narcos.

So... Narconovelas with female leads are just like any other novela but with guns and drugs?

In Mexico. Why turn on the tv when you can just open the window, right...? LOL

Pablo- Not like regular novelas. Just better at making the characters human instead of cartoon characters.

Mhg, I get it. Maybe when this trend fades, regular novelas will be as good as narconovelas only without the guns and the drugs, right?

Because regular novelas are more of the same, over and over and over...

Vivi, when you say "regular" novelas, you mean mexican, right?

I am sure that everywhere in the world novelas are taken seriously (and their audiences too) making the best they can.

I think that means dramas that are fueled by a main romance. That's what this traditionally means.

I'm ready for mysteries with sex, but not narco stories. When you lose a relative to drug addiction that's the last thing you want to see.

Thanks God that have not happened to me, I just don't feel any interest in the genre.

I always try to find interesting stuff to watch and I found out lately about Kuzey Guney, so I am starting to watch than now that AQNMD is ending. Seeing what Televisa and Univisión produce, and then Telemundo and TVazteca, I prefer novelas from everywhere else.

(I had to pass 5 picture captcha things with street signs) LOL! I am definitely not a robot!

Thanks, Pablo! I actually called this power outage in a wisecrack I made in an earlier comment section. YES! The funk is about to hit the fan! I want to see Adriana's face when she finds out about this!

Rene, Adriana and Tobias, three young twerps that have a lot to learn about life, chief thing they need to learn is that they're not as smart as they think.

I still would like Caro/Rene baby to be a little angel. Illeana sure thinks a lot of her "charms" doesn't she. She thinks one roll in skankdom has made Gonzo her puppet? I'm so ready for her to be busted which should be right about the time satan's little imp (Leo) is outed.

Two weeks? Yah, I'm gonna miss it. Have a good time in the DR, Vivi! I'm at a work conference part of next week so I'll have to catch up, too!

Pablo this was rather funny. And that French. I'm with Angie,what the heck was being said? Never mind.I hope Angi
Has a tape recorder. So she can get the goods on the tanned one.
I hate what that ho-digger did to ray.
That was just plain evil.All for $$$$.
Which she will never have.Im sorry for
That baby cari is havin,poor kid wont
Have a chance unless gonzo & Monica raises him or her. Or Alan & Almudene.
That's a strange name. What does it mean?(Almudene).
Angelica has her trusty AARP phone To
Call wherever she needs to, lol. That was funny. And she was happy about it too.
Somebody need to be happy on this show
I've never seen so much go so wrong for so many people in a tn/soap.And the bad guys got away with way to much. Poor Rachel, she has to live in that pain,the others got free of their
Pain by death. That's why I hate what the ho-digger did to her. Rachel
Is lost in her pain. Her son and her
Husband was murdered to by evil cold
Blooded bitches whose gonna deserve everything that they're about to get.I
Don't want to miss any of it.

Thanks Pablo.

Thanks NIna

Almudena is not a very common name in México. The first time I remember hearing it was because of Almudena Grandes, from the movie THE AGES OF LULU. And if the name was strange, imagine that last name, Grandes, that means BIG.

Seems that Almudena is the name of a city in Spain and there's a virgin too... What was the other spanish name they used, Adriana's mother? Triana? That is also not a popular name in mexican culture...

Thank you Pablo,you're so smart and
Knowledgeable: )

Oh Nina, you're making me blush! Thanks!

What I still don't understand is why they didn't threw Karens boys in the mix. It could have been interesting to see how they find soulmates and all that... making more than love squares, gordian knots! LOL!!

I didn't know karen had another baby. I just Remember that little boy she had when they got kid&momanapped by her wacky 1st husband. That must have happened after they moved away? Owell
They're all grown up like all the kids

Karen's kids are younger than Valentina so they'd be too young to mix with her and Mauricio. Not to mention that this would have increased the length of the series.

This is such a great example of what a novela can be. I just hope that nobody who has done evil gets away with it. I'm still angry about Milagros in ECDLP.

Urban--As I recall, Miguelito was around 2 when he was kidnapped and Val was close to 6--before she was shipped off to the Boston boarding school. So, the age difference isn't that great not to be incorporated in the story. He is, in fact, close in age to Fabricio and Tobias.

I have to go along with you about the writers not needing extra characters to have to write stories for. Same goes for Karen. Why was she and her hub sort of "written out." It seems to me they should have had some closure after determining Flavio was completely paralyzed. Hmmm, 3 paralytics in one show! And 4 if you count the current mental status of Raquel, who in effect is paralyzed.

UA: Florencia de Saracho, who portrays Karen in this TN, is smoking HOT :)

She needs a leading role in a future TN someday!


I think the writers preferred to invest creative energy in trying to force an amorous relationship between two characters who started out as siblings. It was a choice. Just as they could have chosen to have Val and Mau be super supportive siblings who applauded and supported each other's efforts to find love with Alexis and Almudena. I can't remember a more repugnant story line!

I couldn't stick with La Malquerida because of the girl having the hots for her stepfather. I had similar issues with Dona Barbara about the leading man going from mother to daughter, but that series had a much better lead actress.

Lila: Did Karen divorce her hubby ? Because we never saw him in Season 2.

Maybe Gaston can be the lucky guy in Karen's life.


Steve: I think She said that she left him taking care of her kids, so she could come over to the opening of this Bluer earth thing.

There was a story line in "days of our lives". This was way back in the day.
Julie fell in love with her mother's husband, douglas (doug). Hopes dad he had by Julie's mother. And if anybody raised eyebrows, I never heard about it. People were pulling for Doug and Julie. And they've been together ever
Since. They weren't blood related.But
Mau and Val are? Waaaaay down the line
Or is it 3rd or forth kissin cousins?
O well that's life.

Ewww, Urban. Hots for the Stepdad. Yah, no: I would've bailed on that too, if I ever even started. Mother and daughter sharing a man: that's just disgusting. There are enough love stories to explore without going down that dark alley.

Nasty is what nasty does. Thank you Mr. Gump.

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