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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/29/17 Chapter 30: Super Experience

Kuri stopped by the cells occupied by Bernal and Jackie. He asked her to stop by the ballistics department to compare Victor's gun to the bullet that hit Jackie. He looked suspiciously at Victor, who began feeling fear. He tried to hide this.

Julio got to a hotel and paid cash for a room for the night. The desk clerk noticed the blood stain on his shirt and asked if he was injured. “Just an accident; nothing serious,” Julio replied. The clerk handed him his key, but stared suspiciously at the blood stains. Julio looked out the door before going to the elevator to his room. He got into the shower and began washing the shirt while he still wore it, all the while thinking of how the blood got there. He laughed ironically at the situation as he sat under the running showerhead fully dressed.

Irene was at the warehouse. She wore an animal-print blouse, like the predator she was. Borgetti suggested to Irene that she assign Victor to surveillance duty, but she told him she wouldn't trust Victor again. Borgetti said that he was the only one available to keep an eye on Julio, so after warning him that he was taking a risk Irene tried to contact him on her cell; there was no reply for the nth time in a while. Borgetti looked at the small pool of Joel's blood on the warehouse floor.
What more do we do?” she asked.
He'll have to do what you ask. He wants the money. Or threaten him.”
Very well.” As she started texting again he suggested they leave. He escorted her out.

Katia and José were at the police station, concerned for Jackie. However, José called her out on her hypocrisy with regard to Vanessa for having cheated with Julio.
Vanessa came back with some food and a blanket for Jackie. Kuri inspected both, then allowed her to bring them to Jackie. Vanessa told her that her boss' husband, Arturo, would represent them legally and he was on his way. Jackie told them what a horrible place it was.

Borgetti arrived home slightly disheveled, which was out of character for him. Miriam noticed and asked whether he needed anything. He said he just wanted to shower. He kissed her and went to the bathroom and took a drink of water. Miriam opened the safe and put her ring inside. She noticed folders that likely were the information she got from the private investigator. Borgetti looked into the bathroom mirror, then threw the glass at it. The mirror cracked in two right down the middle.

Rico and Ramirez told Eddy not to leave town in case he was needed to testify. They let him leave. He told Victor to call if he needed anything. After he left Victor pulled out his cell and asked to look up Irene's number so she could get a lawyer for him. They advised that this would be his only allowable call. He was to use the desk phone and put all his personal effects into a plastic bag. He stood up and obeyed.

Arturo arrived at the police station and Vanessa thanked him for his help. Eddy saw her on his way out and wanted to talk to her. Arturo went inside as Vanessa explained to Eddy who he was, saying that Jackie was there as the result of a misunderstanding. Eddy said he missed her and wanted to out for coffee with her. She had also missed him and wanted to talk to him about a decision she had made.

Jackie told Bernal she didn't regret helping him. He was grateful and obviously more than that. He kissed her hand as they spoke.

Vanessa and Katia talked about Vanessa's decision. She was going to take the money and Diego, and run. She planned not to tell her boss or her mother-in-law, telling Katia not to tell anyone about her plans. Katia told her not to worry.

Rico escorted Kuri home. As she unlocked her door he told her he was thinking of asking her out for some time the next week. She thanked him but said she had to spend some time with her son. Rico sensed that she had a thing for Bernal but that obviously could not go anywhere since Bernal was involved with Jackie Acosta. She told him she didn't want to get involved with him either because of the rivalry between him and Bernal. She didn't like that. She wished him good night and closed the door.

Arturo escorted Vanessa home and told her that Jackie and Bernal would be freed by the next day. She thanked him for this and he thanked her for getting him involved after months of being uninvolved in cases while he was writing. He kissed her good night semi-chastely and said he would see her the next day at the station.
Isabella had been waiting up and was curious about Arturo. Vanessa explained that he was a lawyer who would get Jackie out of jail.
it always seems you have a man at your side.”
Vanessa saw that as a criticism and said so. Isabella insisted that this was a bad example for Diego. Vanessa was irritated by this, telling her that she was Diego's mother and he was her responsibility. If she was going to criticize her she could go home. She then went to her room.

José ate with Natalia. After feeding her some premium chocolates he began getting the action he – or she – was looking for.

The following morning Borgetti saw Victor in his cell and asked Ramirez what this was about. Ramirez told him that he had shot a man in self-defense but did not have a carry permit. Victor turned his back to this.
Borgetti called Irene after reading the ballistics report which matched the gun to the bullet that had been taken out of Jackie. She almost panicked, saying she had to get Victor out of there. Borgetti told her she had to do this before he had to forward the weapon and the report. She said she would be right there.

Katia was at Sandro's place and talking too much, saying that this situation was affecting Vanessa's plans for the beach house and all their plans. She was close to her friends, knew all their secrets, etc. She was closer to Jackie than to Vanessa; they both had had bad experiences with husbands. She had no idea she was dancing on the edge of a precipice.

Borgetti received a blackmail text stating that the sender had Joel's cell phone. He would be boiling in oil if his superiors could see that information. Borgetti slammed the phone down on his desk in frustration.

Vanessa arrived at the police station; Arturo was already there. José and Natalia arrived immediately thereafter. Arturo went into the interrogation room and insisted that there was no concrete proof that Bernal was at the crime scene the night that Ema was killed, nor had the murder weapon been found. Therefore, his clients had to be released. Borgetti refused, saying that the investigation was not yet finished. Arturo said it would have to continue with his clients at liberty.

                  When Borgetti came out of the interrogation room Kuri told him that the governor was on the phone wanting to speak with him. He took the call in his office. The governor demanded an expedited re-investigation into the yacht explosion. Borgetti tried to fob him off with a report, but he didn't agree to this. The governor wanted a new investigation immediately.
Borgetti hung up and looked at his cell. There was a text from Irene that the fun was the one used to shoot Jackie. “You know what you have to do,” was its exit line.

                 Bernal and Jackie were released. Both wanted to go home, eat, bathe, and sleep.

                Miriam waited in the conference room at Farmateca for Irene, who arrived late. She made an excuse about an employee problem and told her not to worry. They went down to the lab where an inspection was in progress.

               Another cop handed a folder to Borgetti, saying “Here is the report you asked for.”
             “Thanks. No one else has this, correct?” Borgetti asked. The man nodded.  Kuri entered a second later with another report on the gun used by Victor Martinez. Borgetti was not pleased at her involvement and she told him she was in charge of such evidence [can someone provide more clarity on this?], particularly .38 caliber items. He implied he did not request this and she said she helped her colleagues with urgent matters like this. The result showed that the gun Victor fired at the thief was the same one used to shoot Jackie Acosta. Therefore, she said, Victor Martinez must be detained.
               Borgetti was being backed into a corner and he didn't like it.

Vanessa was packing when Julio rang the doorbell. She let him in.
What are you doing here?”
I've come for my son.”
Is it true what Katia said?”
Diego is in danger. I'm going out of the country. You are to hand over the money.”
No, I won't. And Diego stays with me.”
What? You are in no position to give orders, Vanessa. If Diego knew you tried to kill me and your friends are black widows he'd hate you and come with me immediately.”
You can't do that.”
Put that to a test. Tell him now and hide for the rest of your life.”
Think what you want. The one who has done everything possible to protect him is me. He knows perfectly well that I love him.”
I will never forgive you,” he said. He zipped up the bag containing Diego's clothes.
You were the one putting him at risk,” she said, grabbing the bag. “Leave it alone.”
I will not do that!” he shouted, grabbing it back. “I have to get away from Borgetti. I have to get out of the country before he traps me again. I can't leave my son and my mother in danger.”
What are you talking about?”
Bruno Borgetti, the chief of police. It was he who grabbed me, drove my car, and write those letters to you. This police chief is involved in the whole Farmateca mess. He also knows that you and your friends are responsible for the explosion.”
No, no, no. That can't be true. You told me you would not denouce us.”
That was before Bruno Borgetti got me. Because I was tortured. I was a prisoner.”
So why are you here?”
I escaped.” [need some help here] “Now give me Diego's passport because I have to take him with me.”

Sandro took Katia to her new apartment. It was fully furnished and spacious. The realtor left them alone. He said “If you don't want it, I'll take it.”

Where the devil is Diego's passport?”
How stupidly stubborn you are. I'm taking him out of Mexico. I'm in the process of selling everything I can to do that. Of course you're going to say I can't but I don't want you near him.”
No way. You are staying here to take the consequences. You tried to kill the father of your child! You didn't even hire a killer to do it. You're different. You had to learn how to place the bomb yourself.”
But you're alive and you can't prove I did it. If my son is in danger it was because of your stupidity, not anything I did.”
One more time: Give me that passport! You are the only one responsible for –”
No. You will not separate me from my son. If you want to try that the only solution is for us to leave together.”
That will not happen, good God!”
That's the only way I can see my son being safe.”

The apartment became a done deal with all parties agreeing to meet to sign papers. When they were alone Katia told Sandro about wanting to avoid the memories of when she lived with Nicolás.

Vanessa talked about changing money at the airport and Katia sending money from the sale of the houses. Julio refused to comply. He was going to take the money and leave because he wanted her out of his life. She also waned him out of hers. He had been unfaithful to her and barely touched her toward the end. Did he expect to leave her for Elena Lopez? They both had made mistakes and both owed Diego. He agreed, but said they would not leave together. She was to stay to sell the real estate and leave when ready.
No. You are trying to trick me into giving up my son.”
This is not a trick, Vanessa. It's a strategy. It won't be easy to find a place to live or a job in a foreign country. Money solves the problem. As to the money in this bag, I'll just take some to show that I'm not deceiving you.” He took some cash out, enough to carry in all his pockets. “Afterwards you take the rest of this and your friends will transfer the rest. Then we divide it and each can go on as he wants. I will never share custody of Diego.”
I think –”
This is the only way, Vanessa, to reconcile our interests. This is the only way to save Diego from these damned jackals.”
Vanessa did not look convinced.

Bernal's cell rang and it was Kuri, telling him he was right about the gun. He thanked her and said he would call Jackie. Before he could the commissioner's secretary called and asked if it was a good time. He said it was.

Isabella brought Diego home and he was happy to see his father. Isabella was confused because of the call he made just before he had disappeared. He told her he would explain later, with a facial expression that said this was not to be discussed in front of Diego. He told her to pack a suitcase and they would go to the airport. Vanessa came in and Diego asked if she was coming. She said that she wasn't going with them but would be joining them in a few days. Diego didn't like this because he wanted for all of them to be together. Isabella was even more confused and once more Julio put her off until later. They were going to Argentina.

Rebeca sat in an outdoor café talking on her cell. She demanded to know why Gustavo called her.

Vanessa said goodbye to Diego at the airport. She made him promise tat no one would turn him against her. Julio and Isabella came back from exchanging money and she began leading Diego to the boarding area. Julio said a cold goodbye to Vanessa who told him to take good care of their son. He walked past her and they started walking toward the boarding area when he asked his mother to take out the passports. She looked tired, saying it was the stress. He admitted it was his car that almost hit them but he was powerless to stop it at the time.
Isabella collapsed and Julio began yelling for a doctor.


1.) Will Bernal be eventually reinstated into law enforcement once the truth is revealed ? I mean he's innocent.

2.) Jose getting his freak on: Katia Who ?

3.) Victor trying to cover his tracks. Good luck with that!


Thank you so much, Urban!

Is it just me or was everyone overstepping their bounds this episode? Isabella with Vanessa, Rico with Kuri. I don’t have in-laws but as far as Isabella knows, she Julio has left his wife and child two times and she’s still waiting up for her to see what man she comes with. None of your business lady!

How cute were Bernal and Jackie though :) Man, they are becoming the OTP of this thing. I’m glad Arturo got them out. HA!

Julio blackmailing Borgetti is a horrible idea but telling Vanessa the truth about Borgetti was genius as was telling Isabella. I love how secrets don’t stay buried for long. What all the “good” guys should do is take Borgetti and Irene out ASAP instead of playing a game of chicken with people they know are unscrupulous. I’m still curious as to how the public launch will ruin Borgetti but I can’t wait. Julio told Vanessa that he managed to blackmail Borgetti with what he knew but he isn't sure if that will stop him so he needs to leave the country ASAP.

I’m loving this new, rebellious Kuri. She got the proof she needed and ran with it. Let’s see how Borgetti gets out of this one. Speaking of rebellious Kuri, Borgetti was mad at the fact that she was handling the ballistics evidence in the Victor case because he didn't assign it to her, Rico and Ramirez were on it, but she said that he told her to help her coworkers any way she could and saw they were understaffed and very busy and helped. Of course, we know she did it to get the evidence before Borgetti changed it and Borgetti was pissed because now they'd have to arrest Victor who would sing like a canary if pressured.

I agree that Isabella was waaaaay out of line there. She knows that Julio cheated on Vanessa and that he got involved in something dangerous enough that their lives were at risk. He also failed to protect his family both before and after the yacht explosion.

Had he not prevented Vanessa from selling Farmateca to Irene at double its value they could be rich, out of the country, and safe now. The only issue beyond that would be whether Vanessa could keep her humongous secret for the rest of her life. That would mean a completely different story, of course.

I'm still wondering where Rico's head really is. Is he on Borgetti's side or not? I doubt that he knows much.

I do hope that Bernal survives this.

Thanks so much, Urban! I have still not seen any of the episodes from the last two weeks, but hoping this weekend I can binge.

Alfredo- "Julio has left his wife and child two times and she’s still waiting up for her to see what man she comes with. None of your business lady!" Amen! What right has she to criticize Vanessa, when she knows her son has cheated on her and left her. Back off.

Katia falls further into the trap, and can't seem to keep her mouth shut. She'll drag them all down with her.

Love that things are falling apart for the Borg and Irene.

Thank you Urban,

Kuri has just jumped to the top of most likeable in this show. She is out to destroy Borgetti, and she is not intimidated by him. Also putting Rico in his place was brilliant. Rico needs to grow up.

Katia, same old same old....dumb, dumb.

Glad Jose moved on, not happy that it was with Natalia, but better than Katia.

I think Vanessa and Julio are making a mistake by not turning Borgetti in, but who do you go to? The comissioner Lizaraga may be dirty too.

I can't wait to see what happens with Farmateca, I just feel bad that Miriam will lose all her money too.

I'm glad Eddy has forgiven Vanessa.

Also what is up with Rebecca, and this Gustavo character? Hope he takes her away. Far far away.

Thanks Urban, this episode was full of discoveries, and new beginnings.


Vivi: I agree with you, Katia & her big expletive mouth will be the downfall of the Black Widows!


The next one is very exciting but will be a little late. I had to write longhand again, which means two hours of typing first thing in the AM. Sorry 'bout that.

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