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Mujeres de Negro 3.17.17 Chapter 23: Reconciliations

Vanessa meets with her boss, Lourdes, to ask if she has any translation jobs lined up. Lourdes didn’t think she’d have time with all that is happening but she tells that she has a cook book translation lined. She had already given it to someone else but Chef Barbosa didn’t like that the translator knew nothing of cooking. She asks Vanessa to call the chef herself and it will be up to her. Vanessa thanks her.

Sometime later, Vanessa arrives home with groceries when she hears a knock on the door. It’s Isabela, who has not heard from Julio and is getting nervous. Vanessa thought he had left her a letter like he did with her but he did not. She asks her for some time to put away the groceries and she’ll explain.

In school, Danna tells Diego that her that is going to let her see her mother. She wishes she could come back and they could be a family again. Diego hopes his own father comes back soon; he even came back from the dead. Danna asks if he pretended to be dead and Diego confirms he did but they would talk. She finally understands why he said Julio wasn’t dead when everyone said he was. Diego explains that he’s hiding from some bad people and he’s scared they have taken him. Danna hugs him.

Vanessa reads the letter to Isabela where Julio tells him he needs time to think about everything and to tell Diego he loves him. He may return some day to explain everything but for now he bids them goodbye. Isabela goes to grab the letter but Vanessa holds it out of reach. She explains that there is some personal stuff there that she’d rather Isabela not read. Isabela understands but she can’t believe Julio would leave them like that. Someone must have forced him to write and it was probably Irene. Vanessa doesn’t think so but Isabela reiterates that it isn’t logical that he would leave them when they most need him. She is going to go to the police so they can investigate Julio’s disappearance and Irene’s possible involvement. Vanessa stops her and reveals that they have the video of Irene so she would not dare to do anything. If she goes to the police things may get worse and she will put everyone danger. Isabela reminds her that Julio called her to ask if she would take care of Diego but Vanessa reveals that Julio left his wedding in the envelope with the letter. Vanessa is sure that means their marriage is over but at least he’s alive. She reminds Isabela that Julio is no longer the man she knew because he put everyone in danger but getting involved with shady people and business practices. She begs Isabela to let it be and leave them alone.

Later, during dinner with Diego and Isabela, Vanessa tells him that Julio will be back but they just don’t know when. Isabela tells him that the time will pass by like nothing and she will take care of him if him while Vanessa works. Vanessa tells her that Katia can take care of him should she ever need help but Isabela reiterates that she’s the best person to take care of Diego. She asks Diego what he thinks and he hugs her. Isabela explains that Julio asked her to stay for a couples to look over Diego and hopes Vanessa doesn’t mind.

Bernal goes to see Kuri so she can return his figurine and she invites him to dinner. Eric comes and asks if his dinner is ready and Kuri chides him for not saying hello. Eric wants to know if he’s a lover or his dad but Bernal explains that he’s a co-worker. Eric asks if he’s also a police officer and Bernal confirms he is. The tension is palpable.

Later, Kuri has serves dinner but Eric grabs a plate and goes to his room despite her protests. Bernal asks that she let it go for now and Kuri explains that he still has not forgiven her for leaving him at boarding school when she moved to Encino Blanco so he finds any way to get back at her. Bernal knows Eric’s at a difficult age, and he’s no one to give her advice, but she should not allow him to disrespect her because it could escalate. Kuri tells him that was intense but thanks him. She then asks him to tell her more about what happened at the station. Bernal explains that he thinks Borgetti is involved in everything that has happened with ZZ and Farmateca but he doesn’t know how. Kuri asks if she can help him but Bernal shakes his head. She always followed Borgetti’s orders even if she didn’t agree with them but Kuri tells him that she knows he’s corrupt and would like to see him taken down either way. Bernal asks Kuri if she’s sure she wants to help him and Kuri confirms that she is. She does it for him and for her.

Kuri remembers when she asked him to help her find Eric since he has escaped from boarding school. Borgetti found no reason to but Kuri reminded him that he’s their son! Borgetti asks her to be quiet and reminds her that he asked her to have an abortion but Kuri refused. She was not going to get rid of her child just because he got in the way of Borgetti’s plans. Borgetti reminds her that she assumed all responsibility when she decided to have him and confesses that she was only a fling for a few months; if she tried to tie him down with a baby that’s her problem, not his. He warns to never mention Eric is his son again or he will close the department doors in her face and Eric will pay the consequences. HE also asks that she never call him by name again. He is the commander of the department and she is his subordinate.

Borgetti and Irene are in bed, post coitus, when he tells her that everything will be much easier now that Bernal is out of the department for the time being. She would have liked him fired long ago, before he caused so much trouble, but Borgetti couldn’t. Irene understands and thanks him for also stalling Miriam in her decision to take the company public. Borgetti explains that as soon as the problem of the washed-up bodies is resolved, they will be able to. Irene confesses that it was all worth, despite all the problems they’ve had, because she now feels on top of the world. Borgetti reminds her that she will also take home the big bucks once all their problems are over. Irene would love to be able to celebrate their success in the daylight but Borgetti thinks all their sneaking around all has its charms. Irene agrees and they kiss.

In the warehouse, a restrained Julio possibly thinks about how all his poor life decisions have led to this moment…

Once Bernal has left, Kuri sits down by her dining room table to think. She remembers the rest of the Eric conversation. She reminds Borgetti that it was not her decision to be transferred to Encino Blanco nor did she enjoy seeing his face every day. Borgetti explains that it was his supervisor’s decision to bring her there but she’s still on her own and she should pretend that he doesn’t exist. Kuri thinks she’s an idiot for thinking he would care about Eric so he gives her two days to look for Eric. She coldly thanked him and left. She sighs and curses her situation.

Vanessa opens the door for Katia, who suggests that she talk to Jackie and reconsider their differences, especially now that Julio is gone. Vanessa promises she will but congratulates her on her new job with Sandro. Katia is so thankful for the opportunity but Vanessa is still worried about who told Julio the truth. Katia thought that they agreed it was Saul but Vanessa explains that there is no money missing so Julio didn’t pay anyone for the information. She also reminds her that Jackie did Saul a big favor so she doubts he would betray her. Katia hugs her and shrugs.

The next day, Katia and Jose are in bed and he congratulates her on her new job with Sandro. Katia explains that he wanted to repay her somehow since he couldn’t keep his promise of making her the face of the gyms. Jose wonders if Sandro is interested in her and Katia asks if he’s jealous. Jose reminds her that she’s beautiful but Katia is with him and explains that Sandro is just trying to do right by her. Either way, Jimena doesn’t win and she’s happy about that.

Borgetti goes to visit Isabela and Vanessa and asks them about the letter Julio left. Vanessa tells him that she ripped up the letter in a fit of anger but provides him with the loose details. She asks Isabela to confirm what she said is true since she read the letter as well but Isabela states that she doesn’t believe Julio would make such a rash decision. Borgetti explains that Julio’s decision to leave makes him look even more guilty regarding the fire at ZZ but there was no crime committed since no one died and all the properties damaged were his.

Bernal talks to the Commissioner in Encino Blanco, who chides him for being suspended after only 8 months in the Encino Blanco department. He reminds him that he’s building creating a reputation for himself as a hot-head and rebellious detective but Bernal explains that he’s just trying to be a good police officer and Borgetti is preventing him from finding out the truth. The commissioner wants to know what he means and Bernal reveals that Borgetti has a vested interested in Farmateca. He was suspended because he stuck his nose in Borgetti’s wife’s business by asking about the washed up bodied in Ciudad Real. The commissioner asks if he has proof but Bernal confirms he does not. When he does though, he will bring them to him, no matter the cost. The supervisor reminds him that he won’t lift his suspension or relocate him until the case between him and Borgetti is resolved so he needs to wait. He then tells him that he needs all the proof he can find before he can proceed.

Vanessa knocks on Jackie’s door and asks to come in and talk. She tells Jackie that she has too many problems and doesn’t want to be in a fight with her anymore because there is a secret that will always unite them. Jackie reminds her that she cut her off, not the other way around and Vanessa agrees. She confesses that she has missed her all the days they’ve been apart and would like to try being her friend again. They hug and forgive each other.

Eddy’s assistant tells him that she knew Vanessa’s reconciliation with Julio wouldn’t last. He agrees and she thinks the problem now is Rebecca. She’s sure she didn’t just come back for Danna but for him as well but Eddy explains that they laid their cards on the table and she knows he doesn’t want anything to do with her. His assistant tells him that Rebeca may know that but she’s still going to try and win him over. Eddy reiterates that nothing is going to happen between them and his assistant hopes she has that clear.

Vanessa tells Jackie that Isabela is staying with her because she thinks Julio left because of Irene. Jackie thinks it makes sense since she doesn’t know Julio found out the truth about the yacht explosion. Vanessa agrees but she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with Isabela at home, spewing different theories about what happened. Jackie tells her it’s best to treat Isabela like nothing is wrong, like always, and soon she will leave. Vanessa doesn’t think she will and fears Isabela may let something slip to the wrong person. Jackie suggests she keep her occupied with Diego while Vanessa works with Chef Barbosa and Vanessa will but then reminds her that they must be careful where they meet and what they say around Isabela. Jackie offers her house and then asks if Vanessa has heard from Irene. Vanessa confirms she has not and she’s not even sure Irene set ZZ on fire. Vanessa then takes out ZZ’s accounting books and asks Jackie for her help with the employee’s layoff settlement. Jackie finally understands why she came to visit her but Vanessa reminds her that she’s good with numbers and Jackie agrees to help. Vanessa leaves to meet Chef Barbosa.

Rebecca shops for a brand-new outfit to impresses Eddy. She chooses some and goes to pay with them with her credit card but it’s cancelled. She gives her another but it’s also cancelled. She decides to pay with cash but she doesn’t have enough. She looks at the cashier distressed.

Vanessa meets with Chef Barbosa who explains that Lourdes, her boss, told her that cooking is one of her hobbies so she will consider her for the translation of her cook book but she is on a trial basis until she sees her first translation. Vanessa understands but she’s sure she will get the job. Barbosa explains that the translation will take place at her home as they cook and try out recipes and Vanessa agrees. They will meet tomorrow at 10 am. Just then, Barbosa’s husband, Arturo Castellanos, walks in and Barbosa introduces him. He shakes her hand and smiles.

At the station, Kuri goes to Borgetti’s office once he’s left and looks at the new list of missing persons. She reads the names and notices that some are from Ciudad Real but others are from Mexico. She takes a picture with her phone as Borgetti comes back with Rico in tow. She hides her phone and explains that she came to bring him his newspaper. He thanks her but asks that she not come into his office ever again. Kuri leaves and Borgetti asks Rico to only give him the list of the pharmaceutical companies that will be investigated. He then asks Rico to leave but Rico wants to know if Bernal will be back. Borgetti confirms he will not and asks Rico to tell him if he sees him. Rico leaves and Borgetti notices that the computer screen is opened to the list of the missing persons. He is fuming.

Jackie is in a bookstore and runs into Bernal when they both grab the same book. She suggests they ask for another copy but an employee confirms it’s the last copy. Bernal offers to pay for it and gives it to Jackie as a gift. Moments later, they walk down the street and Bernal explains that he is anxious to go back to work but can’t until his dispute with Borgetti is resolved. He will take his time off as a vacation and Jackie wishes she could do the same. She doesn’t notice a cat running by her legs and trips, landing on the grass in her front yard. Bernal goes to help her and Jackie notices that her wound is bleeding. Bernal carries her inside.

In Sandro’s office, Katia is proving to be an amazing assistant. He supposes that she has been wasted in menial jobs all her life and laughs at the irony that Jimena may have done her a favor. He knows the executive life may not be as glamourous as being a model but Katia doesn’t care about all that, she just wants to live good. Sandro asks if she likes the luxuries in life like money and Katia confirms she does but there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. Sandro thinks the same and tells her that he will help her get all she wants.

Bernal is attending Jackie’s wound and she confesses that she’s been scared of cats all her life. Bernal doesn’t know anyone that is but laughs at the fact that a woman with such a rough exterior could be scared of cats. She is also surprised that someone as devious as him can be so sweet and nurturing. He confirms that you never really know anymore and tells her that the wound was superficial so it will be fine in a couple of days and she commends his first aid skills. He offers to prop her pillow and they get closer…Bernal takes the opportunity to kiss her and they give into their passion…Later, he asks if she’s okay and Jackie confirms she is and she regrets nothing. Bernal doesn’t either and calls her beautiful. He then decides to go and asks that she take care of herself. He kisses her goodbye and leaves as Jackie smiles.

Outside, Bernal stops and smiles as well. There is a spring in his step.

At the park, Jose is running shirtless, when he stops to stretch and get some watcher. One of the catty club girls bids him hello and tells him that she wanted to apologize for the scene she made the other day but she was very drunk. Jose is hesitant to believe her but does and then asks her what she really wants. She admits that she was looking for a trainer because she’s thinking of doing a marathon and Jose confesses he always wanted to do one. She tells him that they should train and do one together and Jose agrees. She then asks if it’s true he left his job at the bar because of problems with Jimena and his girlfriend and he confirms he did but is looking to open a new bar soon. She asks him to let her know as soon as it’s opened and he will so she challenges him to a run but gets a head start.

Eddy goes to pick up Danna and she asks about her mother. Eddy tells her that they will see her soon as Vanessa runs up, glad to have made it in time. Danna tells Vanessa that Diego is sad about his father and she goes to comfort him as Rebecca comes, flustered. She explains that she went to buy Danna clothes and toys but a man stole her bag. They ask if she reported it to the police but she didn’t because she won’t get anything back. She has cancelled all her credit cards though and asks if she can stay with him because she doesn’t have money for the hotel either. Eddy tells her that he can lend her money instead but Danna wants her to live with them. She begs Eddy and Rebecca tells him that it will just be for a couple of days. She reminds him that they bought the house together so it will be the fair thing to do.

Jackie is in bed, thinking about her romantic afternoon with Bernal. She smiles to herself as Katia comes and calls her. She asks Jackie what’s wrong because she looks like she’s up in space. Jackie is silent so Katia asks why she’s in bed and Jackie explains that she hurt her wound so she’s resting. She then confesses that something happened with Bernal: they slept together in her bed. Katia gasps.

Bernal goes to see his psychiatrist, who is sorry for making him wait but his call caught him off guard. Bernal tells him it’s okay but he had to tell him about this wonderful, confusing thing that happened that afternoon with Jackie. He hasn’t been able to completely process it but he doesn’t know if it’s love or infatuation. Either way, he’s worried about his feelings. The psychiatrist asks him why he’s worried and Bernal confesses that it’s a new emotion and he’s scared of losing control and being vulnerable.

Jackie confesses to Katia that she has never felt this way before, complete, loved and so, so happy. Katia is happy for her but Jackie is worried that she is in love with a detective. Katia reminds her that he isn’t a detective anymore but Jackie knows he will eventually go back to work because it’s his passion and a criminal and a detective can’t be together. Katia tells her that Bernal doesn’t know she’s a criminal and he could never know but Jackie wants to come clean. She wishes she could tell Bernal the truth but Katia tells her that she can’t and suggest she figure out if her relationship with Bernal works before revealing anything…


Borgetti being a vicious sadistic expletive when Kudri said Daniel is his kid.

I'm guessing that the corrupt Police Commissioner doesn't like kids either!


Yup , Steve. Borgetti treated Kuri like dirt and all she was asking for was some help to locate their kid. She wasnt asking him to be a father or anything else.

At least now she knows where she stands with him.

Its not that he doesnt like kids. We dont know that but he has to keep a certain control in his police force. He will thankfully invesiage instead of taking Borgettis word for it.

Gracias, Alfredo.

That paternity reveal didn't come as a complete surprise. As soon as we heard that Rita is a single mother I figured that they'd Povich somebody and why not Borgetti? I hope that poor kid never finds out.

Could she have put Erik in the boarding school to keep him from meeting Borgetti even unexpectedly? It can't be a coincidence that this happened when she had to report to that lying hyena.

Now we also have to worry about whether the commissioner is corrupt.

More later.

Hi to our little Patio Peeps. I guess one table is enough and we have room left over. Too bad. This story is so well written and acted.

I loved seeing Borgetti and Bernal go head to head in Bo's office.

We all know Julio has to be gone in order for Edy and Vanessa's attraction to bloom. I just don't like how it is happening. For Borgetti's absolute security, he's better off killing Julio. I can't imagine why he's holding back. Of what use to him is Julio now and there's always the danger he'll show up, with a feeling of remorse and wanting to come clean. Of course, if he does, Julio will just end up in jail, so maybe that's Borgetti's ace up the sleeve. Have to wait and see, darn it.

In truth, Borgetti being the bio-dad did take me by surprise, but no surprise that he offered to help her get an abortion and when she didn't--he absolved all his responsibilities for the kid. Of course, we know that's not how it works in the U.S. Haven't we had cases where someone is the result of the mother being artificially inseminated and goes looking for the dad and he gets slapped with back paternity support? Not fair, IMHO.

Yes, Urban, I heard Kuri saying that when she was transferred to Encino Blanco she had to put Eric in a boarding school where her last job was. She most likely didn't want him anywhere near Borgetti. I can see why. Borgetti, in one of the flashbacks said he didn't have kids and didn't want any. If that is how he felt, he should have stuck to expired egg donor women or made sure he used a condom. Men are so irresponsible sometimes.

Personally, I thought it was too early for Bernal and Jackie to sleep together. There should have been a dinner or two, some drinks, dancing, yeah, book club selection discussions, or a picnic, a walk in the park, something. I like it when the attraction is there, while the couple begins to slowly get closer and closer.

The Borg could also have taken Alejandro Fernandez' advice and gotten a vasectomy. No worries then about failure, carelessness, or attempted pregnancy entrapment.

As for a donor at a sperm bank getting slapped with child support obligations, that truly is wrong.

I think that Jackie and Bernal probably had to happen now at nearly the midpoint of the series. Who knows where that will go once he gets a new job or has to become a private eye. He'd be good at that.

Alfredo, muchas gracias! I'm glad I got to see Jackie and Bernal give in to their mutual attraction before missing next week's action.

I was surprised but not shocked by the revelation that the Borg is Kuri's baby-daddy. Now it makes sense why she put him in boarding school when she was transferred to Encino Blanco. I wouldn't want my kid anywhere near that jerk either. She'll for sure keep Bernal informed of everything going on in the precinct, but she better be more careful. The Borg would have no qualms about eliminating her.

Hasta next week, amigos!

Thank you, Alfredo! I finally got caught up this weekend. I was surprised by Borgetti being the father of Kuri's son. It sure explains her wanting to keep her son away from him. Kuri needs to come up with a really good lie to satisfy the kid's curiosity about his dad.


Thank you so much for stopping by Urban, Anita, Vivi and Jarifa! Our patio is small but it's so worth it.

I agree that I thought there'd be more people participating but it could be a combination of Unimas at 9 pm plus delayed viewing on Hulu or on demand. Either way, glad we can have these recaps available for future viewers or current even if they only lurk ;)

I will say that I was extremely surprised at Borgetti being the father of Kuri's child. As I was surprised that Joel, the union worker, was working with Borgetti and Irene. It makes sense after the fact but that scene was still impactful. Borgetti is such a disgusting pig though and I wonder if that's why he married Miriam, on top of other reasons, as she may not be able to have kids because of her sickness and so they can get rid of her easily when they have what they want.

It makes sense that Bernal and Jackie slept together, not just because we're almost halfway through, but also because there has been a building tension since they went to defense class together. I am all for it, despite the potential problems, because there were hot and Borgetti was a complete gentleman.

I am now waiting for the bomb to drop about Katia to be full content because that's when we'll see how far these women will stick together to keep their crimes hidden.

I half agree, some will get out alive once this thing is through, but most will have very deep wounds/scarring.

Alfredo, I am recapping my fourth novela "La fan" in the Telemundo section and have commented here 41/2 years. All of my recapping experiences have been with comedies and the patios has always been very small.IMHO it seems that unless the show is a major drama (most prefer the drama to comedy) in prime time (convenient during the work week) on Univision there is not a very large patio. I know network access is an issue. There are also a lot more lurkers than you think. I would stop by more often but am usually working on my own recaps and the shows are not posted in a timely manner OnDemand. I am really enjoying Mujeres and even more so reading what the patio has to say!

Ahh, that does make sense. I just always hate to see a good show go to waste, especially Mujeres and especially because the Carlos Moreno team is so good. All the novelas I'm watching now are good actually, including La Piloto and AQNMD with tight plotting and believable characterizations. I would watch more comedies but sometimes they are so long winded and fake thought I hear La Fan is good but being cut short? Ugh!

Las Telemundo novela I saw was La Patrona (so goooood!) Hope to see you around soon, Jarifa! :)

Thank you for the Recap Alfredo.

I was surprised by the the Borgetti reveal, now I'm afraid for Kuri because she's snooping around and Borgetti sensed it.

I'm curious what Sandro will be doing to Katia, I imagine he will continue to play her and then humiliate her. Can't say I feel for her.

As for Jackie and Bernal, I'm very happy it happened, can't see how it will last but they have great chemistry.

Thanks again Alfredo.


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