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Mujeres de Negro 3.20.17 Chapter 24: Discoveries

Danna is playing with Rebecca and getting along fabulously. Danna wants to dance another song but Eddy tells her that she needs to shower and so they can eat. Rebecca asks her to listen to her and she goes off but not before giving Rebecca a hug and telling her she loves her. Eddy is not too happy to hear this.

Julio has fallen a sleep in the warehouse but Borgetti comes and drags him into a sitting position. Borgetti tells him that the letter worked so he brought him more food. Julio asks what else he needs to do to regain his freedom and Borgetti tells him he needs more information. For example, why the widows tried to kill him and their husbands. Julio doesn’t know but Borgetti wonders if he does and is unwilling to tell him. Julio confesses that he wanted to tell the police everything when he first found out about the attempt on his life but that’s when Borgetti kidnapped him and burned down ZZ. Borgetti asks if he already knows what he’s capable of, why doesn’t he cooperate.

Eddy tells Rebecca that he is asking for a loan to buy her out of the house since half of it is hers. Rebecca doesn’t want to and asks that he put the house in Danna’s name. She knows it won’t make up for all the time she spent away from her but it will help. Eddy agrees and offers to take care of her expenses for the time being so she can stay at a hotel. Rebecca asks if it is that much of a bother to have her there and Eddy confesses he doesn’t like that he blackmailed him with Danna. Rebecca asks if he’s ever seen her so happy and Eddy confesses he has not and Rebecca reminds him that he used to laugh with her too. Eddy confesses that he loved her free spirit, once, but then that same free spirit caused him plenty of pain. He cell phone rings and it is Vanessa, who asks him if everything is going food. He confirms it is and invites her for coffee tomorrow after she drops off Diego. Vanessa agrees and they hang up. Rebecca thought Vanessa was married but Eddy explains that she’s not with Julio so there’s nothing wrong with them seeing each other. He then goes to check on Danna as Rebecca sets the table.

Vanessa is setting her own dining room table when Isabella comes, having heard the whole conversation, and reminds her that Julio didn’t like her relationship with Eddy so she shouldn’t see him. Vanessa asks her in the nicest way possible to mind her business since Julio left her. Isabella asks if she’s going to move on that quickly but Vanessa finds no reason to be faithful. Isabella reminds her that she’s married and Vanessa tells her that it’s just a piece of paper and she can ask for a divorce because Julio abandoned his home. Isabella thinks her actions are cold and spiteful but Vanessa wonders if she should wait for Julio to return, whenever he feels like it, despite all the problems she has on her plate, including ZZ. She doesn’t think it’s fair Julio gets to reinvent himself and she doesn’t; in fact, he could be with someone else right now too since he has cheated on her before. And no one tells her that he isn’t with someone else too like he cheated on her all those years before. Isabella tells her Julio can’t be with anyone else right now because that woman disappeared. Vanessa is shocked.

Borgetti tells Julio that he was in his house with his mother and wife and Vanessa is very pretty. Julio looks away but Borgetti wants to know why he wanted immunity and who he is scared off since it’s not his wife because she would’ve gone to jail. Julio says silent so Borgetti steps on his hands and puts a gun to his head. He asks Julio what he has to do with Irene Parazuelos and Julio confesses she was a client of ZZ but they have nothing to do with each other anymore since their contract is over.

Vanessa wants to know what woman Isabella is talking about right now since Diego can’t hear them. Isabella tries to tell it her was a mistake but Vanessa can find out on her own and it will be way worse for everyone. Isabella confesses that it was nothing important, she was just a woman that participated in the Farmateca experiments and he took pity on her and she misinterpreted things. Vanessa doesn’t pity Julio since no one forced him to cheat and asks Isabella who that woman is. Isabella explains that she’s the daughter of the woman Julio paid to say she took care of him when he was missing. Vanessa asks her again what the woman’s name is and Isabella tells her it was Elena Lopez.

Borgetti tells Julio thinks it’s strange that this morning he received an anonymous call stating that Irene could be behind the fire at ZZ when they both know that he was the responsible one. The caller they also mentioned there is a video that proves Irene caused of her test subjects during the Farmateca experiments. Borgetti wants to know what he knows about that. Julio is quiet so Borgetti tells him to think about it overnight and to tell him everything tomorrow if not he promises that something bad can happen to his family. Julio drops his head.

Bernal is in his apartment, having a drink, when someone knocks. He pulls down all the photos from his makeshift investigation board and goes to answer. It’s Kuri, who asks him how he’s doing. He is surprised to see her there so she asks if he thought it was someone else. He’s quiet so she compliments him on his place. He asks if she had never been over but she never had the chance to. She then gives him a folder with the pictures she took from Borgetti’s computer about the list of missing persons. He reads Elena Lopez’s name and Kuri asks if he knows her. He doesn’t but her mother is the one that took care of Julio when he was disappeared. Kuri smiles and Bernal tells her that its good information. She agrees but tells him she won’t be able to get more. He understands and then asks if she wants tequila and she accepts.

In her bedroom, Jackie is wondering what she is going to do with her secret if her relationship with Bernal works. She thinks about the irony that a policeman has fallen in love with a criminal.

Bernal asks Kuri, now that they trust each other more, why she never told her son who his father is. She confesses she didn’t want to because she fell in love with his father like an idiot and he only saw her as a fling. When she told him she was pregnant and he told her that she would take full responsibility for the child’s upbringing if she decided to have it. He asks if that’s why she left Encino Blanco the first time and she confesses it was. He then asks her if the father knows she’s back and she confesses he does but it’s like he didn’t know. He then asks if that man is the reason that she hasn’t tried to have a relationship but Kuri tells him it isn’t. Bernal asks if there’s anyone she likes right now and she confesses there is but he only sees her as friend and she has to accept it. Bernal laments her situation, and she does too, but what can you do. She asks if he wants another tequila but Bernal taps out.

In their regular hotel room, Irene pours two glasses of champagne and gives one to a Borgetti, who is lying naked on the bed. She’s shocked to learn that he caused the fire at ZZ but is even more surprised to learn that he has Julio. She congratulates him on a job well done and thanks her stars that she has him on her side. She then asks how he trapped Julio and Borgetti tells her it was a stroke of luck but he’s not going to bored her with the details though and asks that she pamper him. She obliges and goes to give him a massage. She wonders how Miriam can think that he doesn’t have needs but Borgetti stops her and tells her that he will not talk about Miriam with her. She agrees and he asks her to have some respect. She agrees, tells him to relax and kisses him softly. After some attempts, he finally gives in. She kisses him softly and he seems to give in.

Alma brings Marco, a technological wiz, to Miriam and then leaves them. Miriam understands that he’s a technological genius at his young age, especially in cells phones. He smiles shyly and she tells that she will pay him well for his services. He asks her what she wants and she wants to know all about her husband’s communications: whom he calls, texts, etc.; she wants complete control of his cell phone. She then gives him a wad of cash and tells him she can be very generous. He asks her to give him the cell phone and he will have information tomorrow.

Vanessa cleans her closet of Julio’s clothes and things. She finds his gun and remembers he told her where it stashed.

The next morning, Borgetti continues to torture Julio by slapping and punching him. Borgetti tells him that if the whole night wasn’t enough to get him to talk maybe this will help and grabs his testicles. Julio tells him he will talk and Borgetti likes that. Julio confesses he has the video of Irene is in a safety deposit box in the bank and he has to let him go if he wants the video. Borgetti agrees but they will go to the bank together. Julio tells him that he has to go alone because the key is in his house and reminds him that he has to go alone or they will discover he is behind everything. Borgetti tells him that he’s always one step ahead and asks that he listen closely to his instructions.

At the restaurant and over coffee, Eddy confesses that he’s conflicted about Rebecca being close to Danna. Vanessa thinks it’s logical since Rebecca is her mother and Eddy agrees that Rebecca is still that fun loving mother and she is good with Danna but he can’t forget that she left with another man without bating an eyes, despite all the good times they had. Vanessa agrees that the good times are hard to forget but so are the bad; she thought she had been unfair to Julio but yesterday she found out he had a lover in Ciudad Real. Eddy asked how she found out and Vanessa confesses that Isabella revealed it by mistake but she can stop seeing him as victim. Eddy tells her that the same thing happened with Rebecca and thinks this could be good so she can start to get Julio out of her heart, if she wants. Vanessa confesses she does because she can’t be with him and she won’t be. Eddy grabs her hand and reminds her of his love for her; they can try to be together now since Julio wasn’t killed and he has left her. He asks her again if they can try to have a relationship but she’s silent.

In the police station, Rico brings Kurri a coffee and she thanks him but asks that he not trouble himself. He tells her it is no trouble since he goes for one in the morning and thought she might need it. She confesses she does and he asks how Eric is adapting to his new life. She tells him that he’s an adolescent so it’s not going too smoothly and he agrees. She then pours the coffee in her cup and tells him she’s going to add milk. He looks disappointed in the whole situation.

Vanessa doesn’t want Eddy to be a rebound and he would be if she jumped into a relationship with him. Eddy knows this but he would still like to try. Vanessa likes his optimism but she doesn’t have the same love for him as he does for her. He agrees but reminds her that she does like him and those feelings may change with time. She asks if he minds that she still has feelings for Julio but he doesn’t. Vanessa tells him that she can only offer friendship for the time being and he agrees and tells her that they can try it out and see what happens. They smile.

In Ciudad Real, Ernesto meets with his agent, who informs him that a new body washed up in the same condition as the others. He explains that it was a redheaded woman with a tattoo and it corresponds to the description of Elena Lopez from Encino Blanco.

Bernal goes to see Amanda and tells her that he with the Encino Blanco police. Amanda asks her granddaughter go to her room for a few minutes while she talks to Bernal. She asked if he has some news of Elena but he does not. Instead, he explains that he has some questions for her and reiterates that she told the police she didn’t know Julio until she found him and she confirms she didn’t. He asks if she knew he came to Ciudad Real often to deliver merchandise with his company and she isn’t sure but he could’ve mentioned it when he came to visit with his mother. Bernal then asks if Elena and Julio knew each other but Amanda’s also not sure. Bernal thinks it’s a coincidence she found Julio when she’s the mother of one of the missing persons. Amanda tells him that Ciudad Real is a small town and Bernal confesses Julio has disappeared and no one has any idea where he is. She’s shocked and he tells her that Elena and Julio could be together but Amanda doesn’t believe it because her daughter has been gone for too long. Her granddaughter walks in and Bernal asks what her name is. She tells him it’s Maria and then takes out his phone and shows her a picture of Julio. She tells him that she knows him because he gave her a bicycle and points to it outside. Amanda asks her to go back to her room and Bernal asks Amanda how long ago Julio gave Maria the bike.

Moments later, outside the house, Amanda explains to Bernal that Julio gave her money because he was thankful and she bought the bike. He confirms that it’s new but still a few months old. Amanda explains that she told him all she knew and it’s better he leaves but Bernal isn’t going anywhere. She asks him to promise that she won’t get in trouble because she’s all her granddaughter has and he agrees but asks that she tell him the whole truth so he can make sense of her daughter’s disappearance. Amanda confirms that Julio and Elena knew, in fact, they were lovers. She then reminds him to protect her and let her know if he finds out anything else. He asks that she do the same and leaves. From his car, Ernesto and his agent see and hear everything.

Rico gives Borgetti the list of pharmaceutical companies that have been currently experimenting in the border cities but they have all their permits in order. He then tells him that Ramirez is investigating any possible clandestine labs. Borgetti thinks it’s perfect and they should investigate any possible leads in their territory like he promised to the Ciudad Real police force. He asks Rico to keep investigating and Rico asks if there is going to be a replacement for Bernal since they are undermanned. Borgetti tells him there will be and Rico leaves.

Ernesto talks to Amanda and asks why Bernal was there. She ask him that Bernal came to ask if there was any news on Elena and Ernesto confesses that they found a body that could be Elena’s based on the description. They ask her to go claim the body and Amanda agrees.

Bernal calls Kuri and tells her that Julio lied about his amnesia and went to go ask for him from his long-term lover’s mother. Kuri thinks it’s a good discovery but he can’t say anything because they still don’t know how it relates to the Farmateca experiments and all the washed-up bodies. Bernal thinks it helps because Elena knew Julio, who had dealings with Farmateca, so he may know she was part of the Farmateca experiments and where their clandestine lab was in Ciudad Real. Kuri thinks it makes sense but Irene must have someone else doing the dirty work since she never crossed the border. Bernal thinks that the only piece that doesn’t fit is Borgetti since they have no idea how he’s involved. Bernal knows Borgetti knew but they don’t know why he’s covering for Farmateca. Kuri suggests that maybe he did it for Miriam’s, and therefore his, financial interests and Bernal thinks that why he visited Irene. Kuri asks him to take care of himself because this is getting dangerous and Bernal tells her he will but he knows he’s close to the truth and won’t stop now.

Jackie is working on the ZZ employee liquidation when she thinks about her love making session with Bernal. She smiles and sends him a text message asking him how he is and that she wants to see him in the afternoon. In his car, Bernal reads the message and smiles.

The agent gives Ernesto the results of the lab tests on the bodies. He explains that some substances found are perfectly legal except for one that was banned because it causes a biological break down but accelerates the individual’s metabolism so they lose weight. This leads to sporadic cardiac arrests until death. Ernesto nods.

Marco gives Miriam his findings and she confirms that Borgetti and Irene are lovers. Marco laments to have brought her bad news but it’s what she asked for. Miriam breaks down and confirms that the truth hurts but Marco tells her that the truth is better than a lie and she knows that because she asked for the report She thanks him and asks that he be discreet about what he found out. He promises and leaves.

Ernesto calls Borgetti and tells him that they found a prohibited and illegal substance in the washed-up bodies. He explains that six months ago, the Panamanian police force repossessed a shipment but he called Commissioner Valdes, who confirmed that some of the shipment was missing when it went back to the police station. Ernesto hypothesizes that this is the shipment that ended up in the black market and was used for human testing. Ernesto supposes that they haven’t even found all the bodies that were used and asks Borgetti for his help to find the culprits. Borgetti confirms that he received a report about all the pharmaceutical companies operating on the border and they are all clean. Ernesto then reveals that they found a new body but they haven’t told the mass so as not to create a wide spread panic but it looks like it’s Elena Lopez. Borgetti looks at his list and sees she’s from Ciudad Real. Ernesto confirms she is and then tells Borgetti that he thought they weren’t going to cross each other’s borders. Borgetti doesn’t know what he means so Ernesto explains that today he saw Bernal talking to Elena Lopez’s mother. Borgetti is pissed.

In his apartment, Bernal is looking at his investigation board when his doorbell rings. He takes down the pictures and answers. It’s Jackie who’s come to visit him. They awkwardly say hello and he asks if she wants something to drink. She doesn’t and asks him how everything is and he confesses he’s been thinking about what happened and she confesses she has to and asks if it meant the same to him as it did to her. He asks her what she wants to hear…if this feeling is so strong it scares him...but all she wants is for him to tell her the truth. Bernal approaches her and she tells him that if it was nothing more than a fling he can say so but he gives her a few kisses and tells her he’s scared because he never expected to feel this way and now he doesn’t know how to react but he doesn’t want to lose her. They kiss and Jackie confesses that she’s also scared because it’s greater than what she expected to feel but she thinks the risk is worth it. He agrees and they begin undressing each other. He carries her off to the bedroom and they fall into bed.

Borgetti is in his office, pacing. He grabs his phone and keys and leaves. Some time later, he arrives at an underground bar, dressed in dark clothes, a hat and glasses. A woman approaches him and asks show she should take care of him. They dance and kiss and he asks her to sit down and tells her to do everything he asks and he will pay her double whatever she makes. She agrees and asks him what he wants.

Post coitus, Jackie tells Bernal that they come from different worlds and Bernal agrees. He confesses that most people in a relationship with a police officer don’t last because they are always stressing about their spouse’s safety, the general danger of the job, the long hours, etc. He then tells her that she still has time to decide if she wants to be with him and she confesses that she wants to be with him, no matter what. He wants to be with her too and promises to try to keep his professional and personal relationship separate. He then notices the scar on her back and she confesses that it was a gift from Lorenzo. He tells her that he hates men who hit women and Jackie agrees that they are scum but she doesn’t want to talk about it though. Either way, she knows he’s not like that. Bernal’s phone rings and he tries not to answer but Jackie wonders if it’s important from his work. She tells him that he should answer and then goes to the bathroom. Bernal picks up and it’s the girl from the bar who tells him that she knows what happened with Elena. She explains that she was Elena’s friend and Amanda gave her his number. She wanted to call him because she knows who killed Elena. He asks her did it but she prefers to talk in person and will text him the place and time that they should meet. She asks that he please not leave her waiting, as she doesn’t want to run with the same luck as Elena. He promises she won’t because he will trap the person responsible. From the bathroom door, Jackie hears everything…


Gracias, Alfredo.

I'll bet that phone call is a trap being set by the Borg. He is above nothing and he knows by now that Bernal won't give up.

On to smaller vermin. I don't trust Rebeca. She lied to Eddy about the credit cards and she wants to weasel her way back into his life.

More later.

Thanks for the great recap, Alfredo. Pleasant surprise: OnDemand had this episode posted this a.m.

So, it looks like Alexis Ayala is going to spend most of this novela looking like a truck ran him over. Too funny! More serious: does not Julio get the message? Why not just skip the torture, tell Borgetti everything and try to manage things if Borgetti lets him out alive. It seems like his best chance to me. He cannot do anything if he is dead or incapacitated. Did he really not think Borgetti would go there?

I am so glad that Miriam now knows that Borgetti has been cheating on her with Irene. It should give her some power in her situation. Borgetti in the bar made my skin crawl. What a slime ball!

I wonder how Borgetti is going to deal with Bernal.

Jarifa: I've been thinking about the same thing on Julio, who we don't expect to be around.

Borgetti getting more & more sadistic & he knows that Bernal is still snooping around. Start getting worried about Bernal.

UA: I don't trust Rebeca either. She's SLIME!


Thanks again for the great thorough recap Alfredo.

As soon as Julio gives Borgetti everything he wants Borgetti will kill him regardless. So the only way to save himself is to not hand over that dvd. That is the only reason Borgetti has not disposed of him yet. So Julio is caught between a rock and a hard place, because once he is useless to Borgetti he is dead, and if he doesn't cooperate he is beaten to a pulp.

Agreed everyone, Rebecca is slime, she is using her daughter to get Eddy back, but I think it's not even Eddy, just money and a place to live.

I have a feeling that Rico is in danger too, why does Borgetti have him investigating labs? I think he wants to control the investigation and when Rico finds something that links Farmateca to the deaths, he will silence Rico....I just don't understand why he would have him investigate otherwise.

As for Miriam I don't think she can do anything to that pair, they may even be willing to kill her off if she becomes a problem. At least Irene would.

And yes Borgetti is one crazy, sadistic, wicked SOB, he reminds me of Becky from ECDLP in the sense that everything falls into place for him, and he is quick on his feet. He comes up with his next ghastly move almost instantaneously.

I've said it before, I love the fast pace of this TN.



I agree; Borgetti will kill Julio as soon as he gets everything he wants. The thing is that there still could be an unknown number of copies of that video. Jackie should also have one in a safe deposit box.

I think Rico is operating somewhat in the dark. Bernal wasn't completely sure he could trust him and I'm not either. I don't think he knows what the Borg is all about but he may find out and not be able to turn back.

You're welcome Urban, Jarifa, Steve and Sandie!

The pace is indeed good and intelligent characters too ;)

I fear for Miriam if she does anything against Irene or Borgetti head on.

Brogetti does think quickly but I dont think everything falls unto place for him or Rebeca. Its heir quick thinking that gets them both out of a jam.

Julio el pobre is going to look like crao. If theu kill him hes going to look worse :/

Also, I think, like Jose, Rico is trustworthy, they just need to let him in on things. Kuri wasnt anti Borgetti till hr told her to go fly a kite about Eric but she followed orders. Rico does too but we need to see how he'll react by helping Bernal.

Speaking of Bernal that phone call is definitely a trap. Borgetti need Bernal gone yesterday

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