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Mujeres de Negro 3.27.17 Chapter 28: The Alibi

Irene chides her mother for negating her responsibility to always protect her. Her mother tells her that she paid her debt and gave her all her money so she could buy the shares but Irene reminds her that it’s the least she could do. Her mother wants Irene to stop hating her though but Irene doesn’t want to. She reminds her mother that she taught her that all that matters is power and respect so they will go to the notary and transfer the shares into her name immediately. Her mother agrees if it’s the only thing that will makes her happy; Irene confirms it is.

Outside the station, Kuri chides Eric for coming to see her at the station. She asks that he let her know if he’s coming beforehand because her boss does not allow personal visits. Eric noticed Borgetti’s face when he told her he was her son and then proposes that she buy him a cell like Borgetti’s so he’s not bored enough to drop by. She will buy the cell that her budget allows and then asks him to go home. He asks if she will be home early today or go off with another one of her men and she goes to hit him but stops when Miriam comes with Borgetti and says hello. Eric says hello back and Kuri asks Miriam if she’s Borgetti’s wife. Miriam introduces herself and Kuri introduces her son. Miriam calls him cute and tells her it’s a blessing to be a mother and she’s lucky to have such a beautiful child.

Moments later, Kuri walks back to her desk with Borgetti in tow. Rico stops Borgetti and tells him that he was able to trace all the calls made by Emma Diaz, the prostitute that was murdered, and the last calls she received or were to Patricio Bernal. Kuri pretends to make a call from her call from her desk but hears everything.

Bernal is in his apartment hitting his punching bag while looking at his makeshift investigation board, which now includes Emma. The doorbell rings and he takes everything down. It’s Rico and Ramirez, who arrest him for being the prime suspect in the murder of Emma Diaz. They read him his rights and Ramirez laments that they must do this. He hesitates for a moment but opens the door and Rico escorts Bernal out in handcuffs.

In Eddy’s restaurant, Eddy chides Jackie hiding the fact that Julio was alive before he came back. She explains that she found out later but she doesn’t judge Vanessa so he shouldn’t either. Eddy reveals that he hates lies and can’t stand people that lie because of Rebeca. Jackie nods and she hopes that this rift doesn’t separate him and Vanessa permanently because Vanessa enjoys his company. He hopes so too but he didn’t call her to talk about that since he already spoke to Vanessa, he called her to tell her that he accepts the offer that she and Jose made him about the new restaurant. She is ecstatic that his problems with Vanessa didn’t affect his decision. They smile and toast with coffee.

Vanessa is in her room working on her translation but she can’t concrete, all she can think about is Julio. She cries and looks at the last gift he gave her: an emerald necklace. She then receives a text from Jackie, who laments what happened with Eddy and offers her support. She continues to cry.

Jose is running in the park with Natalia and they sit down on a bench and he lays his head on her lap. She asks him why he seems so distracted and he confesses that he found out today his father’s presumed murderer may be innocent and the real murderer may be free. Natalia thinks that’s rough and he confesses he can’t stop thinking about it even though Jackie doesn’t think it matters. He tells her that he will help Tania find the true murderer because it’s a matter of justice and Natalia agrees.

Julio and Joel arrive at Jackie’s house and see no one is home. They pick the lock and begin their search for Julio’s missing computer. They locate it in Jackie’s nightstand but the DVD is missing.

Bernal arrives in handcuffs at the station and everyone looks at him. Borgetti goes into his office as Kuri follows Rico and Ramirez. She chides Ramirez and Rico for arresting him despite their recent talk of camaraderie. Ramirez explains that he’s only a suspect right now but he doesn’t think he did it. Kuri maintains that he didn’t and then asks Rico if the cuffs are necessary but Rico reminds her that it’s part of the protocol. They sit Bernal down in the interrogation room and Borgetti comes in and asks Bernal where he was between 8 and 10 pm last night but Bernal asks him where he was. Borgetti reminds him that he’s the only asking questions since it’s an interrogation and rolls up his sleeves. He explains that according to Bernal’s phone records, Emma’s final calls were to his cell phone. He then asks Bernal why he meet Emma in the underground tunnel leading to Ciudad Real and Bernal explains that she was going to give him information about Elena Lopez. Borgetti asks him why he killed her but Bernal maintains he didn’t. Borgetti tells him that the first responders at the scene confirmed they saw a man matching his description leaving the crime scene but Bernal tells him that there is someone taking the trouble to frame him. He finds it weird that the person who was going to give him information on one of the washed-up victims from Ciudad Real shows up dead. Borgetti sits down and tells him he finds it weird that Emma called him who isn’t a detective and he didn’t tell report it to the authorities. They both stand up and puff out their chest but Rico sits Bernal down. Bernal explains that he wanted to confirm the information was true first but he realized he wasn’t a detective and decided not to go to the meeting. Now, he is being framed for Emma’s murder. Borgetti wants to know who is framing him and Bernal tells him that it’s someone who has economic interests in the laboratory that experimented with the washed-up bodies and has a public charge that allows him to cover up any misdeeds by said laboratory. Bernal asks Borgetti if it sounds like anyone he knows. Borgetti asks that Bernal give him their name but warns him to not falsely accuse someone without proof. Bernal admits that he doesn’t have proof so he won’t say anything till he does. Borgetti then asks him where he was when they killed Emma Diaz and Bernal explains that he was at a friend’s house at that time. Borgetti wants to know who his friend is and tells him to be straightforward or he will lock him up. Bernal stays silent so Borgetti orders him locked up in a cell and leaves.

Sometime later, Rico and Ramirez along with Borgetti review the autopsy results that reveal they were no drugs or alcohol in the Emma’s system so she died from the knife wound that punctuated vital organs. Bernal hears everything in a cell nearby and Ramirez comments on the fact that the murderer was unnecessarily sanguinary. Kuri tells them that it could not have been Bernal because he’s not like that and it’s obvious. She also reminds him that they have no proof to keep him detained. Borgetti leaves and then Kuri stealthily asks if he talked with Emma’s friend. Bernal confirms he did but she couldn’t confirm who contracted Emma. She then reveals that she sent Jackie a text as Jackie appears and walks toward them. He shakes his at Kuri and leaves as Jackie grabs Bernal’s hand and asks him how he is. He chides her for coming but Jackie tells him she’s there to help. Borgetti comes out of his office and asks Jackie to follow him into an interrogation room. She gives Bernal one final look and follow Borgetti.

In the interrogation room, Borgetti comments on the fact that Jackie looks nervous and she admits the police station doesn’t bring her good memories. He understands and then reminds her of all that’s happened since they first met. He then reminds her that Bernal thought she and her friends were responsible for the explosion but it turns out he’s now a friend to her. She confirms that he told her that already. Borgetti thinks that she is awfully close to Bernal since he’s only her self-defense instructor but Jackie doesn’t think so. Borgetti then asks her where she was from 8 to 10 pm last night. She admits that she was home and Bernal came over for dinner to see how she was feeling after she was released from the hospital. She reminds him that they also haven’t found her shot her. Borgetti ignores her comment and asks if anyone can collaborate her but Jackie explains that her stepson wasn’t home, it was only Bernal and her; he left at might but she isn’t sure if a neighbor saw him. Borgetti asks if she knows telling the police false information is a crime and she nods.

Sometime later, Borgetti chides Rico and Ramirez for not finding the proof they need to keep Bernal detained. He asks that they release him and leaves. Rico and Ramirez do so and give Bernal his jacket. Rico reminds him that he can’t leave the state and he would prefer he didn’t leave Encino Blanco either. Bernal reminds him that knows the protocol and leaves but not before running into Kuri, who is sorry she couldn’t warn him sooner. Bernal tells her not to worry because she did enough but she hopes she could do more. She then asks him to take care of himself and he leaves with Jackie. Immediately, Borgetti comes and tells her that she works for the police of Encino Blanco, under his orders, and she shouldn’t cover a criminal because then she will be in jail and he doesn’t think her son would be very happy. She tells him it’s clear and he leaves.

Outside the station, Jackie asks if there is any danger that he could be arrested again and Bernal confirms that with Borgetti they are never sure. He thanks her either way and she tells him it was no problem. He thinks it’s the first time anyone has risked themselves for him, just her and Kuri. Jackie is shocked and he confesses that he doesn’t like lies but she had to lie for him and he appreciates it. He tells her that he likes her and kisses her. Jackie smiles.

Tania and Zacharias’ ex go to talk to Catalina to let he know what Julio said and that they are looking to reopen the yacht explosion case. Catalina thought the case was resolved too easily. Ex-gf explains that Elisa told them that she thought the widows were behind it all. Tania tells Catalina that Julio didn’t say that but Catalina reminds her that he didn’t say that theory was wrong either. Catalina affirms will reopen the case and get to the bottom of everything but ex-gf explains that Borgetti wants concrete proof before he reopens the case. Catalina tells her that they need the police to find that proof so she will go to Borgetti’s supervisor and force them to reopen it. She reveals that she’s a friend of the Governor as well. Tania thanks her and Catalina thanks Tania for informing her of what Julio said and promises she won’t rest till their children’s murderers are behind bars.

Later, in Nicolas’ bedroom, Catalina kisses his photo and tells him that she knew she wasn’t wrong in thinking there was more to his death than the police thought or even knew. She looks at his ashes on the chest of drawers and all the lit candles. She vows to find out the truth, hugs his photo and cries.

Sandro and Katia come out of the gym and he asks if she prefers to walk. She does and he asks his chauffeur to take the car home. He obliges and leaves. She reminds him that visitors and dead people stink after 3 days and he asks that she not feel that way but, if she does, she can pay rent. Katia laughs and tells him that she can barely pay rent at a regular apartment, much less a house like his. He confirms he will charge her less but she should accept his offer so there is no problem. She does and asks him why he’s helping her so much because thanks aren’t enough anymore. He reminds her he’s a lonely man, who enjoys her company, and he doesn’t do it for her but for him. He laughs and reminds her they are also just friends despite how handsome and dashing he is. She agrees and reminds him that’s all she can offer because her heart is broken. He looks at her and tells her that he thought she was a superficial woman when they first met but he now sees she’s not. She laughs and tells him that she used to be fun too but that was a long time ago. She confesses that she like to go go-carting and he asks her to show him how much and they go. Sometime later, they go go-carting and they are all smiles.

In Jackie’s house, Jackie and Bernal are holding each other and she admits that she’s never felt anything like she’s feeling now and he confirms he hasn’t either even if Borgetti doesn’t let him demonstrate it fully. She asks if he knows how he’s going to prove that Borgetti set him up but Bernal doesn’t. He explains that Emma’s friend didn’t help so he must investigate things a little more. He kisses her and she asks to call her tonight and he leaves. Jackie then goes to her room and finds it ransacked. She runs to her nightstand and realizes that Julio’s computer has been stolen. She kicks the drawer and curses her luck.

In a restaurant, Miriam meets her ex-husband, who was shocked to hear from her but she reminds him that he was always there when she needed him. She wonders how he got there so quick and he admits that he took the helicopter to get there ASAP. He is worried about what Borgetti would think since it’s late but Miriam tells him Borgetti thinks she’s at a fundraising dinner and will be late. He comments on how beautiful she looks and how he remembers when they first got married. He’s not sure if he made the right decision in divorcing her but she tells him that it’s in the past and he was generous in the divorce settlement. He laughs and tells her that no one will hurt her, not while he’s around, and thinks what Irene did was a low blow.

In their hotel room, Borgetti tries to explain to Irene what happened that prevented him from coming last night but Irene forbids him from ditching her ever again. He begs her to forgive him and asks that they celebrate now since they have accomplished all their goals with Farmateca. He reminds her that she now owns 30% because of her mother’s generosity and his help. She thanks him for telling her when to buy and thinks Miriam bought her story that he wasn’t involved in the sales of the Farmateca shares. She praises his skills as a master strategist and financial specials and he reminds her that those qualities help him be a good detective and lover. He then opens a box and inside is an emerald necklace. He tells her that it’s his apology for yesterday and to celebrate Farmateca’s continued success and asks that she wear it and nothing else. She smiles and turns around so Borgetti can put on the necklace. He then begs to undress and slowly kiss her.

Miriam’s ex-husband asks if Borgetti knew about the sale of the shares but Miriam isn’t sure but thinks it’s a coincidence that the only owners are her, his wife, and his lover, Irene, especially now that the laboratory is going to profit immensely from the international launch of Dietrix. Her ex reminds her that when that happens, Borgetti will regret having been born. She confirms that she’s been waiting for years for her revenge and she’s close to achieving it. Her hate for what Borgetti did to her family has kept her strong and laughs are the fact that her wonderful to him was a trap so he could pay for all he did to her family.

Eddy is at home, drinking tequila, when Rebeca comes and pours herself a cup. He asks her what she’s doing and she tells him she wanted to be with him. He screams for her to do whatever she wants and leave him alone. He storms out and Rebeca is rendered speechless.

Giovanna apologizes to Vanessa for making her come to her house so late but tomorrow she must leave for a presentation Daniel booked months ago but she forgot. Vanessa tells her not to worry because she left Diego with her mother in law and Giovanna thinks it’s good she has help. She then tells Vanessa that she needs her to translate all the recipes that will be in her book and asks that she do it at her house since she has all the ingredients she may need. She also suggests Vanessa use Arturo as a guinea pig since he knows her seasoning and will know if she’s successful. Vanessa tells her she can’t do that but Giovanna tells her she must and will because he will be the best judge. Giovanna then explains that Arturo usually doesn’t like to get involved but he has told her he enjoys her company. Vanessa tells her they get along well and she hopes to make her proud. Giovanna believes she will and then Arturo comes and Giovanna leaves to put on her rings since they are going out. She wishes Vanessa luck and leave. Arturo smiles and Vanessa smiles back.

In his room, Eddy comes out of his shower to find Rebeca in lingerie and waiting on his bed. He asks her to leave but she feels bad he rejected her because she still love shim. He tells her that he doesn’t and explains that he was clear and wants her out tomorrow. She asks him to forgive her but he wants her to go and he will give her a check tomorrow so she can live elsewhere while he buys her out of the house. He tells her that he will leave the house to Danna and asks that she stop stalling the process. She admits that she hoped her return would heal his wounds but he admits that nothing will repair their broken relationship. He reiterates that he doesn’t feel anything for her, gives her the robe she left on the bed and asks her to leave.

Sandro and Katia get home, laughing smiling. Katia didn’t think she’d have so much fun but thanks Sandro for taking her because she forgot about all her problems for a few hours. She then receives a text and frowns. He asks her if everything’s okay and she tells him she must go out. He reminds her it’s late but she tells him that she’s not used to explaining where she goes to anyone. He understands, gives her a copy of his house keys, and asks her to let herself in when she gets back. She smiles and leaves.

Sometime later, Jackie fills in Vanessa and Katia on the stolen computer debacle. She apologizes to them for calling so late but she had to tell them. Vanessa asks if she’s sure and Jackie confirms she is and she already talked to Jose and he doesn’t have it. Jackie then pours them a tequila shot and Katia wonders who stole it since Irene doesn’t know about the computer, the double accounting between ZZ and Farmateca or that the disc was in the computer. Vanessa confirms that Julio came back and he knew about the computer. She explains that his car almost tried to run Isabella and Diego over that afternoon and he asked her for the safety deposit box key yesterday. Katia doesn’t think he would try to kill Diego and his mother and Vanessa agrees but then explains that someone else driving the car and that person could be blackmailing Julio. It would also explain the near hit and run as well as the stolen computer. Katia and Jackie wonder who is doing this if not Irene and Vanessa asks Jackie if she spoke to Saul. Jackie doesn’t think it was him since she paid him for his services. Either way, he wouldn’t know about the computer and Vanessa agrees. She admits that she’s trying to find whoever was responsible anywhere. She then drinks her shot and Katia gives her the key to the safety deposit box and suggests she go to the bank and see if Julio passed by and took the money. Vanessa takes out the disc from her purse and asks them what they should do with it. Katia suggests she keep it at Sandro’s house since Julio doesn’t know she lives there now, and even if he did, it has security guards and surveillance cameras. They all agree and give her the disc.

In the warehouse, Joel eats his sandwich and asks if Julio is going to eat his because he’s starving but Julio tells him he won’t. Joel explains that he needs fuel for the heavy work they’re doing sand opens the cage to get the sandwich. Julio begs Joel to let him go because he can pay him well. Joel asks if he will pay him more than Borgetti does and Julio confirms he will but Joel doesn’t want any trouble. Julio suggests they simulate a fight so Borgetti doesn’t suggest he let him go but Joel doesn’t agree. He tells him that Borgetti is capable of anything and helping Julio would put him and his family in danger. He closes the cage as Borgetti comes and asks if they found the disc but Joel confirms they did not and gives him the computer. Borgetti asks Joel to wait outside and he obliges. Borgetti opens the cage and sits down next to Julio. He tells him that he will search the computer regardless but asks him to think where the disc could be. Julio swears he doesn’t know but Borgetti suspects that it could be with the only person they haven’t searched: Katia. Julio doesn’t know where she lives though so Borgetti asks him to investigate and reminds him that it’s his last chance to come out of this unscathed. Borgetti leaves as Julio shivers.

Jackie thinks it’s horrible Eddy found out the truth about Julio and has distanced himself from Vanessa. Vanessa confesses she was thinking of him as more than a friend and laments it happened. Jose comes, to Katia’s chagrin, and is glad to see them reunited. Vanessa tells him that they’re leaving and gets up with Katia. Jose tells Jackie that Jimena wants to meet with him tomorrow at 11am so they can go over the budget for the restaurant. He kisses Vanessa and Jackie goodbye and goes upstairs. Vanessa offers to give Katia a ride but Katia wants to know about Jose’s and Jackie’s deals with Jimena. Jackie explains that Jimena offered to collaborate with them so they could open a restaurant in her bar. She explains that that’s why she contacted Eddy and found out what happened with Vanessa in the first place. Katia is shocked that her best friend and her ex are going to be working with Jimena. Jackie tells her she won’t reject a good business opportunity and reminds her that she and Jose broke up and didn’t move forward with their idea so they had to accept Jimena’s offer. Katia tells her that she understands and knows why she’s making that decision but suggests that they investigation how Jimena and her family made their fortune first so they aren’t surprised later. Jackie asks Vanessa for time to talk to Katia alone and Vanessa goes in the kitchen to make a coffee. When she’s gone, Jackie tells Katia to stop making scenes, especially after she found out about her betrayal with Julio. Katia nods but she’s not going to stay quiet because of it and asks Jackie if she wants to tell Vanessa everything, she can do it now. Jackie thinks it’s a bad time but Katia reminds her that it will always be a bad time and challenges Jackie to tell Vanessa or stay quiet. Jackie stays quiet so Katia calls Vanessa back into the living room and explains her that she would have preferred not to tell her anything because she’s ashamed but Jackie intercedes and explains that Katia wanted to end their friendship over her dealings with Jimena. Vanessa thinks that Katia’s exaggerating and Katia tells her that her and Jackie talked about it and she will respect her decision. Vanessa is glad to hear it but Jackie and Katia look at each other, knowingly…


Here comes Jackie to Bernal's rescue :)



Jackie and Bernal are the best couple on this thing despite the fact that lies will eventually drive them apart.

Gracias, Alfredo.

I was listening hard to get the name of Miriam's ex-husband so I could look up the actor. Why were they divorced in the first place?

What did Borgetti do to Miriam's family? Is she faking her paralysis? I somehow doubt it. However, I love that she had kind things to say to and about Erick in front of him. Serves him right.

Katia bringing that disk to Sandro's is dangerous. She should get another safe deposit box.

Thank you Alfredo,

Yes here we go yet another great plot line, Miriam not being the naïve crippled wife is awesome. She will have a part in Borgetti's downfall.

I don't know if any of you caught this but when Irene was screaming at her mother on the episode before last nights, she said that there was living proof of what she had gone thru with her stepfather. Did she mean she is the living proof or is there someone else?

Rico is starting to get on my nerves, doing all of Borgetti's dirty work without even questioning him, simply because he is jealous of Bernal.

And yes I agree that Miriam being nice to Erick was good, but Erick needs to stop being so rude to his mother. Kuri is such a good mom, all she wants is what's best for that kid. Her only mistake was getting involved with that monster.

Katia is such a b....she is in no position to be threatening people. She should just tell Vanessa and be done with it. Jackie is dumb for letting Katia get away with her sins. And Vanessa, she is so naïve, people are always feeding her lies and she buys them. She is not the strong, independent woman that she should be.

Thanks Again Alfredo, enjoyed the recap.



UA: Katia is just flat out STUPID & paraphrasing the words of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Katia is an IDIOT!

She getting uppity threatening people, I hope Borgetti carves her up like a Thanksgiving Turkey!


Sandie: I'm not surprised that Rico is involved with Borgetti because of the obvious you stated about the jealousy between him & Bernal.


Thanks so much, Alfredo! I have missed this show while I was away. I didn't watch this episode yet, but am very excited about the Miriam revenge plot. NONE of these characters are as they appear at first sight.

Gracias, Alfredo. You missed a real gem...."He begs her to wear his necklace and she obliges. They smile and being to kiss." Borgetti didn't beg. He said he wanted to see her in the necklace and nothing else--zowee. Then he promptly begins to undress her.

Now we have to wait to see what the "gobernador" will step up and do for Catalina. Lilia Aragon has been so typecast as a villana that it's hard to see her in any other light. However, I think that she really loved her son, thought it was a bad marriage, faulted Katia for his depression and tried to manipulate him and Katia to separate and come back to her. Cutting off the money didn't do it. I'll put my money on Catalina and the governor getting the case re-opened and Borgetti in a tight place, investigating himself without implicating himself. Good luck with that!

I wonder what Miriam and her ex will come up with.

All the people trying to bring them down (for personal and professional reasons), investigating/questioning the bomb, investigating Zac's death, and/or investigating the dead test subjects, is snowballing, and the widows and Borgetti/Irene can't put out the fires fast enough. It almost seems that at some point they would have to unite to try to save themselves. But we know that won't happen.

Thank you so much Steve, Urban, Sandie, Vivi, Anita!

Welcome back, Vivi, to the crazy that is Encino Blanco :)

Anita, I added that gem to the recap ;) thank you!

The biggest surprise was Miriam's revenge plot and maybe what he did to her family has to do with her paralysis? I don't know but Miriam's calculated plot has me salivating. I hope his downfall begins soon and Irene down with him.

As far as Lilia Aragon, she has always been a great villain, but I think, like Milagros from ECDLP, she always thinks she's doing what's best for Nicolas. Not was is actually best for him but what she thinks is best. Or it could just be the guilt from not doing anything to help him and she has to blame anyone but herself.

Katia just put a giant bullseye on her back. Dumb.

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