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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/16/17 Chapter 22: Farewell Note

My apologies for this being late.  This is now complete.

Vanessa brought the children home from school. They were agitated and and Vanessa told Danna that she would stay with them until her father picked her up. Eddy arrived right on cue and asked about ZZ as soon as he came in. Vanessa said the police and insurance company were investigating the fire and would call her when they knew something. She then invited him and Danna to stay for dinner, which she would have to order because she had had no time to prepare anything. The children began campaigning for pizza.

Katia and Jackie talked about whether Irene Palazuelos had anything to do with the fire. Jackie wondered who else it might be if it wasn't. It had to be an enemy of Julio's. Katia implied it could be Saúl because he knew about the bomb, but Jackie ruled him out. Someone else had to know and if that person knew he or she was capable of denouncing them to the police. Katia avoided looking her in the eye. José returned and told them he quit his job at the club Jimena's family owned. He sensed that something was wrong and Katia told him about the fire.

Eddy and Vanessa talked about their situations while he made and kneaded pizza dough. He told her that he had made an agreement with Rebeca but still didn't trust her.

Katia and Jackie told him what happened at ZZ and that Borgetti was investigating. This seemed odd to José who wondered why Bernal wasn't on this case. Jackie changed the subject and asked why he had resigned his job. He said he needed time to look for locations for the bar they talked about opening and suggested that Katia be part of that.

Bernal and Rico returned to the station in Encino Blanco talking about widening the investigation to the pharmaceutical labs. They wanted to talk to Borgetti but Kuri told them that he had left early that morning and hadn't been back. Bernal thought that rather odd.

Borgetti went home and was about to dine with his wife. She started talking about taking Farmateca public. She had not been able to convince Irene to do this. Borgetti said that is probably isn't the right time. Miriam asked if he could convince Irene, but he said that it would be wiser to wait until Dietrix hit the US market. The stock market was unstable at the moment. Miriam thought this adequate reason for the moment but wanted no excuses when conditions improved.

Rico went home and Bernal said to Kuri that it was strange that Borgetti went alone to investigate the fire. She also thought so. Bernal thought it interesting that the fire was associated with one of the widows. He suggested that Kuri respect her new hours and go home. She left a little reluctantly. Bernal stared at Borgetti's closed office door.

Kuri went home and found Erik on the couch on his laptop and wearing his headphones, tuned out from the rest of the world. Sensing that he was asleep she shook him and he removed the headphones. They started arguing again about her work hours, as now it was past midnight. She suggested that he get involved in some activities after school He took her long hours to mean she didn't want to be with him. He asked why she didn't contact his father to help take care of him. This made her uneasy and she finally said that if he had been interested in doing so he would have been around since he was born.
Mother, I want to meet my father. I have every right to.”
This stopped Kuri cold for a second.
Your father is a very busy man and if you think I'm busy imagine him. That isn't possible.”
I want to meet my father.”
Well, that isn't going to happen. We better sit down and we'll eat.”
I'm not hungry.”
He left the room.

Bernal admitted to his psychiatrist that he had become attracted to one of the widows. He didn't like feeling this way and was annoyed with himself for doing so. He had major issues with his mother that he wasn't getting past and has been unable to have a proper relationship with a woman.

Two chicks met in for breakfast and one told her she saw José running in the park. They joked about conquering him.

Rico arrived at the police station and looked for Bernal. Kuri shrugged; he wasn't in yet.

Bernal was at Farmateca in Irene's office. He was continuing the investigation into the dead bodies. “There is a possibility that the cadavers were of people who were involved in illegal lab testing.”
You're insinuating that we have something to do with this, aren't you?”
I don't insinuate; I investigate.”
Look, the pharmaceutical industry is number 1 in the world. Farmateca is number 2 in my country. With the results of our new product, Dietrix, we will be number 1. As you can imagine I wouldn't risk my position for anything in the world.” She took out a cigarette. “Besides, if you will allow me, my ethics – personal and professional – impede me from acting in that manner to make that atrocity.”
As I asked, where are the experiments done?”
She took a long drag on her cigarette.
Here. If you want to go down to the lab to talk to our technicians and biochemists, you can do so.” She turned to Victor. “Victor, escort Agent Bernal down to the laboratory and give him all the help he needs.”
Yes, Senora.”
One more question. Are you clients of Transporte ZZ?”
There are registrations of regular trips for you crossing the border out of the country. To Ciudad Real, to be exact.”
ZZ had the contract to transport our products not just to Ciudad Real but to other countries. If you want to know more I'd be happy to show you the information or whatever you want.”
Victor was watching his reactions. Bernal maintained a poker face.

Borgetti returned to the warehouse and tormented Julio some more. The opened a tin of tuna and fed him with a plastic fork. Three bites later he asked whether he wanted more. At the “yes” he said “You will have to write a letter.” When Julio tried asking questions Borgetti slapped him with a file folder. The letter was to be to Vanessa. When Borgetti untied Julio's hands Julio tried to fight, but Borgetti had the upper hand... or foot, as the case was. He held him at gunpoint as he dictated.

Victor escorted Bernal through a lab filled with technicians working in scrubs and masks. The supervisor talked about following the highest protocols and maintaining the highest standards. Bernal asked about experimenting on humans and was told that this was forbidden at Farmateca. Both Victor and the lab supervisor watched Bernal for reactions. Bernal maintained his professional poker face as he had in Irene's office.

Irene was complaining on her cell to Borgetti about Bernal coming to the company and poking his nose into everything. He promised that Bernal would not return there. She said “I hope not” and ended the call and Borgetti made a call to the department shrink to have Bernal meet him immediately in his office.

The insurance agent told Vanessa that the fire had been provoked and therefore the company would not pay anything. Julio is still the prime suspect.

Borgetti called Bernal into his office. The female shrink left his office with an apology to Bernal, who closed the door behind her. Borgetti started by accusing Bernal of making mental health appointments against his orders. Bernal said that his psych visits were about personal issues, not professional. Borgetti accused him of having problems with authority and that he would tolerate no more disciplinary infractions. He then went on about the visit to Farmateca and because of these things he was suspending him. Bernal countered that this was not happening over anything disciplinary or professional but for personal reasons. He accused Borgetti of not wanting him to make the connexion between the dead bodies and Farmateca because his wife is the majority shareholder of that company. All this was loud enough to be heard in the squad room. It got worse until Borgetti demanded Bernal's pistol. He drew it out and pointed it at Borgetti, who then did the same. After a second or two Bernal put his on the desk and turned in his badge. He then left Borgetti's office and took a transfile box.
Kuri told him to calm down. She asked what happened. As he began filling the box with his personal things Bernal told her that he was sick of Borgetti's throwing his weight around. She asked what he would do next. “What I always do. Seek justice.” She told him that Borgetti was unlikely to let him come back. That didn't matter to Bernal, as there were other precincts he could go to. Borgetti came out of his office and stared. Bernal looked back once before going out the door.

Part II

Jackie pointed out that they were all in danger and they need to make all decisions jointly. Katia said that if this was arson then Irene must have done it. Vanessa said then she also had to be behind Julio's disappearance. Katia said that this all had to be against Julio rather than them. Vanessa said then they needed to know what was in the video so they could negotiate for Julio's release. Jackie disagreed, saying that Vanessa could not do this due to her failure in the sale. Since Jackie was their target before that left Katia to be the one to do this negotiation. She didn't look very happy about this.

A financial expert named Osvaldo advised Irene that her mother just became the majority shareholder of Farmateca, and Miriam was now the second-highest shareholder. This had not been easy to accomplish, as other shareholders had to be bought out. Irene was pleased at this because when he told her that her mother would become immensely rich she said that in time she would get her mother to turn the shares over to her.

Katia did not want to do it. Vanessa's back was against the wall because she would need to get the company's books resolved, pay the workers, and she could not do this otherwise. Jackie suggested selling the beach house. The only alternative was for Vanessa to negotiate with Irene. That was where they left it as Katia and Jackie rose to leave.
Katia found an envelope that had been pushed under the door. The three of them looked around outside but saw no one. They went back inside and Vanessa read the note.

Vanessa, in the midst of my love and my pain I must do this but I can't denounce you and your friends for what you did to my friends and to me. What the deal is is that I can't remain at your side. I'm leaving. I don't know for how long, but I have to decide what to do about the future. Do what you have to about ZZ. All aspects of my life are destroyed and I have to rebuild. Tell Diego I love him, please. I can't be with him right now but I will return someday to explain it to him. Don't try to find me; it will be useless. Goodbye, Vanessa. Take care of my son. Julio.

Vanessa felt the envelope and found Julio's wedding ring. She looked at it.
Now it's over.” She took off her own wedding and engagement rings. “Irene Palazuelos had nothing to do with Julio's disappearance.”
Are you sure that's Julio's handwriting?” asked Katia.
Yes.” She wiped away a tear. “And this also is his ring. It was expensive and matches mine.”
At least you have Diego,” said Jackie.
Is there any chance he will change his mind?” asked Katia.
Yes, but only for Diego.”
If the money is still in the safe deposit box and Julio doesn't take it, how are you going to live?” asked Katia.
That's not her problem,” said Jackie. “If Irene doesn't have Julio then she isn't behind the fire.”
That would be most probably, but this letter was written by Julio. That means he's alive and he's out of our lives like you wanted.”
Jackie nodded. Katia said nothing.

Julio was still being held in the warehouse. He struggled to free himself and began crying in frustration as he remembered Borgetti holding him at gunpoint and talking.

Did you set the fire at ZZ?” he asked him.
Yes. The fire was provoked for –”
For what? Why?” He began crying. “Why? I didn't do anything.”
That fire,” Borgetti began, then tried lifting Julio's face. “Look at me! That fire was a demonstration that we will do whatever it takes to make you do as we say.”
What have I done? What else?”
Borgetti paused a moment. “Well, there is your son. Your wife. Your mother.”
Julio reached up and tried to grab the gun, but he was at a severe disadvantage with his feet tied. Borgetti grabbed his arm, twisted his body until he was facing away from him, and held the point of the gun to the nape of his neck. He had a pair of handcuffs he was waiting to use.
Shut up! You're crying like a baby. Do you want to will suffer the consequences? Believe me, I can be very cruel when I need to. Believe it! Do you want to be free? Will you do as I say? I will give you my word. Is that clear?”
Julio was backed down on the floor. He nodded in submission and said “Yes.”

Rico came into the squad room with two cups of coffee. He gave one to Kuri, saying it was just as she liked it. As she thanked him he told her that Bernal knew this was coming. She thought he was gloating but he denied it, saying that Bernal was very thorough and efficient. Kuri thought for a moment and put the coffee back on the styrofoam tray still in Rico's hands.

Bernal looked at photos on the corkboard at home while he called for an appointment with the general police commissioner. He was given an appointment for first thing in the morning.

Katia was applying makeup as she thought back to the last time she had boinked Julio. She started to cry and dabbed at the tears in a manner to not disturb her foundation. José came in and asked why she was crying. She told him she was thinking of Diego who has just lost his father. José tried to kiss her, but she said she had to go out. She gently pushed him back, took her handbag, and left. Jackie started asking him about the locations he just found. They were about to sit down to work on it when the doorbell rang. José opened the door to Bernal and let him in.
At Jackie's question Bernal told her that there was no news and he wasn't there on official business. In fact, he was no longer in the force. José excused himself, saying he had to go out. He kissed his stepmother despite an expression that asked him to stay. He patted Bernal's shoulder saying to make himself at home before he went out the door. Jackie invited him to sit down and said she wasn't sure when she would be able to return to class. Then she asked why he was no longer with the force.

Katia met Sandro in his office. What happened was what she expected before. He gave her his scripted comments about thinking she had a great future with the company and offered her a temporary position as his personal assistant. She asked when he wanted her to begin.

Bernal told Jackie that he hoped to find another precinct to work from. This was inevitable because of his differences with Borgetti. This was because Borgetti was always obstructing his investigations and because he always thought himself in the right. Except now.
He then said that he (himself) thought the three ladies guilty of placing the bomb and Borgetti made him see that they didn't. This surprised Jackie who asked “And now you don't distrust us?”
No,” he said with a smile. He listed the subsequent events that pointed to someone else's guilt and finally said that Jackie and her friends were all in danger. After the fire at ZZ he found the connexion between ZZ and Farmateca and became sure that Farmateca was connected to the dead bodies that had been turning up.

Catalina was having coffee with Jimena. She talked about everything going according to plan with regard to Katia. Jimena told her that it was more difficult than she had anticipated to get enough signatures to get Katia fired. Catalina said that the gymnasium was only the beginning. She will only be satisfied with Katia's death.

Bernal looked at photos on the end tables, photos of Jackie and Lorenzo. She came back from the kitchen with two glasses of orange juice. He asked her if she and her friends were becoming paranoid. She told him no because they had nothing to do with Farmateca. ZZ may have, but after the fire it is gone and there is no relationship between the two. He asked about whether they had any previous contact with Irene Palazuelos and Jackie told him about the purchase offer. When Julio reappeared Vanessa declined the offer to keep the business for him. Bernal thought that the fire could be revenge for the refusal to sell; Jackie said she didn't know and that it no longer mattered because Julio disappeared.


Excellent recap Urban, Thank you.

Thank you for clarifying the issue with Irene and the shares, I did not catch that now her mom is majority owner. I didn't see how that was possible if Miriam had majority of shares, but I guess if she had say 40% and Irene had 30% and other investors had 20% and Irene bought them out now Irene has more than Miriam.

Eddy and Vanessa sure move fast, Julio hasn't been gone for more than a day and they are moving on...

Katia is sure making me mad, Jose does not deserve her being so cold, I hope he finds someone better. He is such a ray of sunshine, always positive.

My favorite widow is Jackie, and pairing her up with Bernal is great. They make a good couple, rooting for them even though I know that it can't be because of the little murder thing. You never know though, Marcelo was able to forgive Mili in ECDLP.

Kuri is so blind for Bernal, that she can't see that Rico is after her bones.

Anyway great episode and great recap.


I guess my math is bad there is 10% missing. Anyway my point was that you clarified that now Irene is majority owner no matter how she was able to get the other investors' shares.


Thanks so much, Urban! Fabulous as always!

What the widows were debating before Julio's letter arrived was what to do with the video. Vanessa wanted to use it to pressure Irene to release Julio, since she was sure at that point that Julio had been kidnapped. Jackie wanted to release the video to the cops and let them take down Farmateca. Katia didn't like either option. For now, the video remains in the safe deposit box. As you noted, Vanessa did agree to sell the beach house so that she can at least pay the workers their last payments and take care of other immediate expenses.

Poor Julio. Borgetti can really be cruel when he wants to be. What does he eventually plan to do with Julio? Now that Bernal knows that Julio is missing, he just might track his location down. All he has to do is follow Boregetti.

By the way, the issue with the psychiatrist is that Bernal was supposed to be seeing the police shrink (the lady) and was instead seeing his personal shrink. Good move on his part, since Borgetti wanted to get his hands on those session notes and would have, had Bernal been seeng the department shrink.


Thank you, Urban!

Is Bernal supposed to be this grand, macho hot head that has a reputation for doing what he wants, when he wants? Borgetti seems to always accuse him of such but all I see is a detective trying to get to the bottom of an investigation.

IMHO, they should release the video and be done with it. Vivi, when you say release Julio, do you mean from captivity or culpability? I think the widows are sure he left them because of the revelation that she tried to kill him.

Irene's poker face during the Bernal ordeal was so good. She knows how to handle every situation, no matter how fustrating or surprising it may be. What surprised me was that she was now the majority shareholder. It works perfectly should Dietrix succeed but if it doesn't wouldn't that put her in as much trouble as Miriam for allowing the sale of a potentially hazardous product.

I still think the new formula may not be as safe as they think, as Vivi mentioned before.

Alfredo- After the letter arrived Vanessa became sure Julio left of his own free will, but before it arrived she was certain that he was being held captive by Irene (true). Vanessa wanted to blackmail Irene into releasing Julio, and swap the video for his release.

I don't understand Katia's attitude about what to do with the video unless she knows that Borgetti is corrupt. I think Bernal is honest, but I could still be proven wrong about that.

Anita, I think Bernal is probably their top detective in terms of closing cases. He's thorough and obsessed and the latter trait can work in a detective's favor. It has for him... so far.

Obviously the women haven't seen enough detective shows on TV to know that captives can be compelled to write notes like that or be killed.

I don't know whether police in Mexico ever make the kind of deals with people like Julio to not charge them in exchange for the kind of information that's in that video. However, who knows who is corrupt above Borgetti's level. There is nobody he can trust now.


Ahh, true, Vivi. It moved too quickly from one point to the other that I forgot.

It could go either way because Julio has plenty of reasons for disappearing but also for being kidnapped. I would leave toward kidnapping just because he did so much to try and rescue his family life that it would just be dumb for him to just leave.

But ITA, Borgetti is so savage when he wants to that his clean cut persona at home and sophisticated c**t at work just show how calculating he is. Irene, no matter what, always seems cold and distant and fake happy.

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