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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/23/17 Chapter 27: Last Opportunity

The former girlfriend told Borgetti that Señora Zaldiviar suffered from dementia. She was trying to explain that her son was not an evil person. Borgetti told them the problem was that Julio Zamora has disappeared right after the fire at ZZ. The department doesn't have sufficient reason to search for him. Therefore the case was closed unless someone can present adequate proof.
Señora Zaldiviar continued to insist that Zacarías was innocent. Borgetti understood this but said that the department couldn't help her for the moment. The lady then said she would investigate this herself to get proof. Borgetti sent Kuri out of the room. Señora Zaldiviar started talking again but Borgetti left the office. She was still talking all the way out of the building.

                 The three widows talked with the conclusion that Katia decided to stay at Sandro's place. Jackie said that the one thing hanging over them was the possible discovery that the dead bodies came from Farmateca. If this connexion was made they were finished.

Borgetti, dressed in the black of a cat burglar, went back to Julio and told him they were going for a walk. He took him to a medical office where his wound was treated and bandaged. The doctor told him to wait a few minutes before getting up. When the doctor left the room Borgetti told him they wre going to a place where he could see that he really wanted.

Bernal and Kuri met secretly in the park and she passed a note to him through the mesh fence. He stood with his back to her while she sat on the bench. The dead woman had been a prostitute in that area. He said he would look into it right away. Kuri warned him that this would be difficult. She then told him about Zacarías' mother snooping around. She had no real evidence of who planted the bomb and a lot of this sounded like hearsay. He would have to watch his back.

Señora Zaldiviar and her son's former girlfriend talked to Elisa, Julio's secretary from ZZ. She minded her own business and knew nothing about the private lives of her previous bosses. She suggested they ask questions about Katia and her mother-in-law who openly accused her at the memorial service. She gave them the contact information.

Jackie and Bernal went to his place where he began the “We've got to stop meeting like this” conversation because he was sure she was putting herself in danger. She asked about his visit to the commissioner but he said the man was out of the country for a few days. Jackie went over Kuri's notion that Borgetti was mixed up in this. Bernal told her “yes” and thanked her for her help. They kissed.

Katia was at Sandro's place. They were looking at an art book when Luis Callejas, Nicolás' uncle, barged in past the maid to demand that Katia pay him what she owed. Sandro pretended not to know him and asked what Katia owed.
Later Katia described what happened when she and Nicolas were married. His entire family had convinced themselves that she was a social climber and gold-digger, but denied that these charges were true. Nicolas fell into a deep depression he never got out of. She worked to pay the bills. The rent on the house was the only thing Nicolas was supposed to pay and his uncle claimed he hadn't. Nor did he pay the premium on his life insurance policy. When Nicolas died he left her in debt. She felt ashamed to admit this. Sandro said many reassuring things.

José and Jackie talked about Señora Zaldiviar. She explained about the dementia and her visit to the police. José felt that the woman seriously wanted the truth. The police weren't paying attention to her so she told José to forget it. They had things to do.

Giovanna and Vanessa were talking about the book. The agent told Vanessa she was not to change a recipe without autorization. Vanessa explained she never would. The other two left to go into Giovanna's office, leaving Vanessa alone in the kitchen. She got up to pour some coffee and Giovanna's husband entered.
Is there some coffee for me?” he asked.
I didn't know you were here,” Vanessa said. “Of course.”
I've been going over some things in my first book.”
Have you ever thought of writing a novel? That would be fascinating. It's like being a god. You get to decide who lives, who dies, who betrays, and who falls in love.”
He laughed.
We writers live in the pages of our books. Sometimes more than in real life.” He sipped the coffee. “Very good.”
Yes. It is delicious.”
No other of Giovanna's assistants was as good with me as you.”
He was flirting with her and she knew it. It made her nervous.

Borgetti took Julio to the bank. A clerk unlocked the safe deposit box and left them alone. Julio removed the box inside and put it on the table. Borgetti shoved him aside and warned him not to move. He opened the bag and saw the money. Julio said the money belonged to his wife; Borgetti did not believe him. He wasn't interested in the money anyway; all he wanted was the video. It was nowhere in the bag or the box.
Have you lied to me?” Borgetti asked.
No, no.”
It went back and forth with Borgetti slapping Julio's face at every “No.”
Who else knew about this?”
Nobody. Nobody.”
Then where is the video? Your house?”
No. No.”
Borgetti shoved Julio's face into the money pile and began slapping it with a wad of bills.
Later he held Julio at gunpoint in his own car, asking if there was a copy of the video on his computer. Julio said there had been, adding that Zacarías had made the video on his cell phone, put it on their computers, and made two disc copies. But it had been removed from his computer behind his back.
It better be,” Borgetti said.
Borgetti watched the house until Isabella left, then released Julio from the cuff holding him in theh car. He dragged him into the house and held onto the back of his shirt while forcing him to search. Periodically he would force him down face first and lean on him hard to show he was under his control.
Borgetti looked into bedroom drawers and closets, and emptied out boxes that had sat on shelves. Nothing he was looking for was found.

Katia arrived at the shooting range for her midday lesson.

When nothing turned up Borgetti kept demanding to know where the computer was. He reduced Julio to tears before coming back to threatening his family again. Once outside in the car he demanded to know who else knew about the video. Julio denied knowing anything and Borgetti would not believe him. He pointed the muzzle of the pistol at Julio's forehead, again threatening his mother and his son.
A moment later Diego appeared, holding Isabella's hand. They were crossing the street on the way back to the house.
I'm going to demonstrate that I'm not playing games,” Borgetti said.
He started the car, shifted the clutch, aimed at the child and his grandmother, and floored the accelerator. Julio begged him not to but was unable to stop him. Isabella saw the car in time, got Diego to the front lawn of the house, and barely escaped being hit herself. Diego appeard unconscious for a moment but she got him up and hugged him.
Borgetti stopped the car a block or two away. Julio was breathing hard.
Now you see I don't make idle threats. I'm going to give you one last opportunity.”
I'll do anything, but please don't hurt my family.”
Very well. I see you learn quickly.”
He went on to tell him he would be watched at all times by someone he trusted. He suspected that the computer was in Jackie Acosta's home. The threat was real. He restarted the car.

Vanessa pulled up as Isabella was trying to calm Diego down. They described what had just happened.

Bernal entered the seedy, smoky club. He showed a photo of the murder victim to the manager who asked if he was a cop. Bernal answered in the negative. The manager didn't want any problems. Bernal showed a photo of Borgetti on his cell phone and asked if he had ever been there to see Ema. The manager claimed not to know him, so Bernal asked to speak to Ema's co-workers. The manager pointed to the stairs and said he could, but he would have to wait. After this he was never to return. Bernal accepted his condition and said he would wait.

José and Jackie went to see Eddy to make him a business proposition related to their new venture. He seemed interested.

Bernal spoke to a cat-eyed brunette in an aqua-colored sequined dress. She was reluctant to talk. He showed her the photo of Borgetti and asked her the same questions as he asked the manager. She said she wasn't sure but there was one man who paid very well for her services. The last time he was there she was requested to pretend to know someone. That was all she could tell him. End of meeting and acquaintance because she didn't want to end up like Ema. She got up and left him there.

Eddy tried explaining his new offer to Danna, but Rebeca saw this as an opening. She talked about getting an apartment and a job but Danna wanted her to stay. Rebeca told her she couldn't because her father had a girlfriend. This had exactly the effect she intended. Eddy had to tell his daughter “Yes, I love your mother, but not as my wife. When you're older you'll understand.”
He looked searchingly at his ex when she hugged their child.

Julio was again locked in the warehouse cage. Joel, the bald man, arrived. Julio was horrified. This was the same man who had led the strike at his company.

Vanessa bandaged Diego's foot. He said he had recognized his father's car. She told him that nobody had his father's car and asked if he wanted ice cream. He loved that and asked if he could watch television. “Anything you want,” she said.

Danna didn't like the idea of her father with Vanessa. She called her a liar. She said that Diego told her his father had always been alive so Vanessa must always have known. She was sure and told her father that he thought he had met a brother named Tony but Diego's father didn't have a brother. Eddy was shocked. Rebeca – who had been in the room all along – smirked.

Isabella paced. Vanessa asked her why. She had her close the door so Diego would not hear them. She told Vanessa that the driver of the car was trying to hit them. She saw the faces of the two men and one of them was Julio. It was Julio's car, which Diego had also recognized, but Julio was not in the driver's seat. She asked how Julio could do this and Vanessa replied that she did not know.

Eddy went to Vanessa's house the next morning to confront her about her lie about “Tony.” She told him that Julio had just reappeared and she did not know how to manage the situation because Julio's life was in danger. Eddy realized that this situation had to have been difficult but didn't like lies or half-truths. He said it would be best to keep his distance and said goodbye.

Miriam and Irene talked about the future of Dietrix and eventually Irene told her that a Señora Mondragón bought up shares and was now the principle shareholder. She revealed that this was her mother.
Miriam didn't like this game of dirty pool. Irene spun it in her own favor by saying “Someday those shares will be mind and we'll run the company together.” Her grin was broad, but cold.

Erick went to the police station and stared at the door for a minute. He turned to go and bumped into Borgetti. He apologized.
Don't worry,” said Borgetti, who was texting on his cell. He did not look up.
Your cell phone is cool,” said the boy.
Thanks. What are you doing outside the police station? Is there a problem?”
No, none. I came to look for my mother.”
Are there charges against her?”
No, sir. She works here.”
Who is your mother?”
Her name is Rita Kuri.”
Borgetti was caught off-guard but only someone who knew him well would have noticed. Such a person probably didn't exist.
Wait here. It should occur to you that a police station is no place for a child. Is that clear?”
Borgetti went inside and called Kuri away from her desk. She met him at the door and he coldly lit into her sotto voce about allowing her son near the station. When he finally allowed her to get a work in edgewise she said she had no idea he would come to the station. Borgetti told her she had to keep “your damned son” away from the station. He was not his, only hers. When he made a threatening move she told him he would pay someday. He arrogantly denied this.
He entered his office and found Miriam there. He did not expect this. She complained to him that Irene allowed the sale of shares of Farmateca that removed her status as principle shareholder without giving her a chance to buy them. He had no answer for her.

Irene was in her mother's room talking about the shares. She told her mother she wanted her out of her house the day she sells her product in the US. Her mother replied that she wouldn't be able to because of her emphysema. Irene told her she wanted her out. She had told Miriam she was heir to those shares.
Nobody knows the day of their death, daughter. It could be years.”
You're absolutely right. It would be better if I inherit while you're still alive.” She quickly removed the breathing tube. “It's the least you can do after all the pain you caused me.”
Her mother stared in shock.
Don't look at me like that,” Irene said. “It should not surprise you that money is the only interest I have in you.”
I begged your pardon many times, daughter, but it never did any good.”
You begged my pardon? You never change. You made me live in hell every time my stepfather came into my room. He laughed at that.” She saw that her mother had covered her ears, just as she had once covered her eyes. “Does this addle your brain? Neither is this proof that living with this is okay.”
I never reported this because nobody would believe me.”
You know very well I don't believe you.”


Borgetti becoming more dictatorial with his threats towards Julio & Kudri when he slandered her kid.


We had to know that Borgetti and Erick would eventually encounter each other. This will not end well either.

I think the actress playing the hooker in the sequined dress is the one who played Mirna in AQNMD.

If Irene's accusation against her mother is true and she wants to kill her, I'd look the other way.


Thank you Urban.

Many a plots thicken. The new plot line with Irene is an explanation why she is so cold, heartless towards the testing lab deaths.

Sandro paying for Katia's debt, that girl has no shame, but I guess she has no choice. She will continue to dig a bigger hole for herself, making it ready for Catalina just to throw her in when she is done with her.

I dislike Katia, but the new number 1 on my list is Rebecca, she is scum just using her daughter to get Eddy back. She probably doesn't even love her daughter and if a new Galan appeared in her life she would not look back. A close second is Jimena, and I am on the fence about Sandra.

Another character that rubs me the wrong way is Kuri's son. He is so disrespectful. Understandable? not at all, his mom works her butt off to send him to a private school, and he has to respect her for that.

Thanks again Urban, this TN keeps me on the edge of my seat.

UA: I don't see the encounter between Erick & Borgetti ending well either: likely more bloody & gory.

Watching Julio being reduced to being treated like an animal crying was SHRUG considering Julio's wrongdoings, illegal deals, etc.,

When is Karma going to HIT Katia ?

Sandie: Let's hope Borgetti does us all a favor & carve Katia up like a Thanksgiving Turkey.


Urban--I just can't seem to read 4 recaps and comment on all of them cogently. I have to pick my way through and decide which ones need me to stick my foot into. Didn't have time today with MdN, but your recap is excellent. This and La Piloto are moving along at warp speed. I'm glad I can just keep up. I'm watching intently.

Thank you for the recap.

Thank you so much, Urban! For this and all the other recaps.

When Irene confronted her mother and said that there was living proof my heart sank. Can it be that Victor is actually the living proof?

Rebecca is so desperate, it's disgusting. Catch a hint dude. How can she ask him to forgive her when she's the very reason he can't. De pipi.

Erick, Kuri's son, is the worst. What. a. little. sh**. Kuri should not permit that attitude from him, no matter the excuse. When he finds out the truth about Borgetti, oh man.

Ex-gf and Tania are going to lift up a whole bunch of dusty evidence and it's going to get a lot worse.

Rebeca is scum. She left her husband and child and now doesn't give a damn how her reappearance will disrupt their lives.

Erick, sadly, is destined to learn the truth about Borgetti. In view of the circumstances Kuri should have told him she went to a sperm bank. That still, however, doesn't address the problem of a lack of child care and his feelings of neglect. I also have to wonder whether she has mixed feelings about him knowing what his sperm donor is like. I don't recall any scenes where she is showing him affection and he is displaying the same jealousy issues over Bernal although there is no romance between him and Kuri (not that she wouldn't want that).

I am curious as to why Irene's mother refused to protect her back in the day. I'm not buying what she said. That she covered her ears against Irene's near-rant was enough for me. That woman knows she did her daughter wrong. If Victor is Irene's son there's another Griselda Blanco data point. For this series that would mean she would have been insanely young when impregnated (the actor playing Victor is only five years younger than Leticia Calderon).

Since Victor seems to be sexually attracted to Irene he was either raised by someone else or he is just as perverted as she is.

The thing is actora actual dont mean they are the same age from a writing standpoint. In Nocturnal animals, they caat Laura Linney as Amy adams mom but theybare 9nly 9 to 10 uears apart but in the movie they were mother and daugter. Victor is a actually 5 years older doesnt mean in MdN he is.

But ai would say irene mustve been young when she was impregnated thats what sasly usually happens and she told him he was her nanas child so her nana couldve raised him too.

Irene could also not rwalize his attraction or has and kept her distance.

If any9ne hear saw camino the casting waa great based on acting chemistry etc but horrible based on the actual ages of the actors.

What is also getting me is that three of Griselda Blanco's sons were illiterate and Victor is a screw-up.

WTF??? How did Blanco's sons end up illiterate when they had to have been born starting around 1960?

What I am prepared to believe right now about Irene's situation is that her mother was probably a gold-digger and the evil, pervy stepfather had mucho dinero. Irene's nanny could have been very well-paid to take her child to raise.

What became of the stepfather? I'm sure he's dead now, but how? Did Irene kill him? I'd give her a pass on that one.

Is it weird that Irenes mom seemed like the one with the money and she married some pond scum low life? Either way, that man , whoever he was, is disgusting.

If hea dead and she offed him I'd give her a pass too. The only reason her mother is dead too and Irene needs her.

True, and we all know what Irene does with people who are no longer useful.

Actually that kind of perversion isn't limited to people born on the wrong side of the tracks. Pervs come in from all socio-economic levels.

We don't know if Irene's old nanny is still alive. If she is there is yet another person to out such a secret. If Victor is Irene's son (they should have darkened his hair) he will probably find out before all this is over. All hell breaks loose in every episode so that will only add to the mayhem.

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