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Mujeres de Negro, Martes 3/14/17 Chapter 20: Out of Control

This is rather rough due to time constraints.

Bernal and Rico made an arrest. The suspect, Rigoberto Guzman, was implicated in a murder and two million pesos were involved. Kuri said that Bernal had bagged him. Borgetti congratulated him and told the others to get back to work. When Borgetti left the squad room Bernal texted Soto in forensics to tell him that for the moment there wasn't enough money to pay the fees to analyze the bomb pieces. When he looked up Kuri said she missed him. Her son was home and she was looking for a new school for him. Bernal said she could count on him if she needed any help. She smiled.

Julio confronted Katia over her accusation. He grabbed her as she tried to leave.
I never thought you would be so jealous to go so far as to accuse Vanessa of something that serious. You are the worst woman I know.”
Let go of me,” she said, getting herself free. He grabbed again.
What you want is to make me doubt her, but that won't work.”
Let go of me” She struggled.
I will drag you in front of Vanessa,” he said, refusing to release her. “And you will say what you just said in front of her so I know you aren't changing your story.”
This will not work for you. If you do that I'll tell her that we were lovers.”
He released her, with reluctance and resentment.
I'm sick of your threats. Besides, if you tell her that we were lovers I'll find a way to get revenge, don't you think?”
Yes, you'd do that for two of you. But I don't think you'd want Diego to know that his father deceived his mother with his godmother.”
You can't handle that I won't get back together with you after I returned. You can't go back to being friends. What you're looking for is to destroy my relationship with Vanessa.”
Look, think what you want. But the better thing would be for you to take your things and get the hell out of here. I never want to see you again.”
She walked out. He wasn't sure, couldn't be sure what she would do next.

Eddy was trying to make cupcakes but had trouble concentrating. His colleague realized that he was having trouble accepting that Julio had come back from the dead to claim Vanessa. She felt bad for him. Then a woman named Rebeca came in. Eddy's ex-wife.

Jackie was released from the hospital and went home. José brought Jackie her medications and coffee while she relaxed on the sofa. She was happy he was staying with her. He knew something serious had happened with Vanessa and Jackie was still upset about it. They had been through so much together. The loss was like a death. He tried to encourage her to meet new people. She said he was right. He made a joke and she laughed, then stopped herself because it still hurt. She then raised the subject of finding work and he suggested that they open a bar together. She would manage it and he would o whatever he could. She said they didn't have enough money to do that with and he said he could find people to invest. He thought the time was right for this.

Eddy told Rebeca to leave, but she insisted on seeing Danna. They argued. He said she had given up her right to see her when she left for Europe with a wealthy lover. When she said she was there to correct her mistake, he said it was way too late for that. He was adamant that she not disturb the stability of Danna's life. Rebeca didn't care. She said she would see Danna no matter what. He was about to lose his temper, but stopped himself. He just told her to leave. She did.
Julio drove to the office, shaken by his confrontation. Katia sat on a park bench and thought about Vanessa. Forgive me, Vanessa. Forgive me for all the stupid things I've done. She started crying.

Eddy and Vanessa met at the school when they picked up their children. She was shocked at the news of Rebeca's return. She was even more shocked when Rebeca herself came to see Danna, who did not look very pleased at the sight of her mother. Eddy was not pleased either, intercepting Rebeca and asking how she dared to come there.
Vanessa tried to calm Danna while Eddy spoke to the principal, telling her that his ex-wife did not have authorization to see his daughter. Rebeca tried the apology route, possibly for the principal's benefit. Eddy wasn't falling for it, considering that Rebeca had abandoned their child when she was only three years old. Vanessa took him aside and told him that if he didn't allow Rebeca to see Danna she would go on playing the victim. Eddy was just trying to protect his daughter from being hurt again. Rebeca started the “I just want to see her” song all over again and Vanessa tried to get him to agree. He told Rebeca that she had better keep her word. In the meantime, Diego was consoling Danna.
Danna asked Rebeca why she had gone away. She thought her mother had forgotten her. Rebeca gave the standard response, that there had not been a day when she hadn't thought of her. To her other questions Rebeca said she had been a fool. She asked her forgiveness. When Danna asked whether she would be returning home, Rebeca told her she would like to but “I don't think your father would allow it.” Eddy didn't like this one bit. A moment later he went over to Danna to get her to come home, but she said she wanted to stay with her mother. He told her that her mother and he had to talk and told her to go with Vanessa. Rebeca conceded and Danna left with Vanessa. Eddy looked at his ex and didn't like the expression on her face.

Julio sat at his desk as his lawyer tried to talk about settling the strike. Julio was distracted by thoughts of the yacht explosion. The lawyer asked him if he would like him to take over the situation and keep him informed. He agreed to this and asked whether this can be settled quickly. The lawyer said it was likely and he was not to worry. He then asked whether Julio had anything else on his mind that he could help with. Julio said there was nothing. He had been distracted all through their meeting.

Vanessa brought the children home with her and served them ice cream. Danna pushed hers aside, saying she didn't want it. She was sure that her parents were fighting about her. Vanessa tried to assure her that they were discussing cosas de adultos that had nothing to do with her. Danna wanted her parents back together as Vanessa and Julio were. Vanessa told her that this was going to be her parents' decision but she would help if she could. Diego offered her his ice cream but she told him it was his. Elisa phoned Vanessa and told her about the strike. She was looking for Julio. Vanessa had not heard about the strike and looked as though she would panic.
Vanessa texted Julio's cell. He was alone outside when he looked at her message. He was annoyed but then he remembered what Vanessa said only days before the explosion: “I swear if you put Diego's or my life at risk, Julio, I will kill you.”
He leaned against the tree and remembered a conversation with Zacarías when he accused him of trying to kill him:
No, no, no. I swear on my mother that I didn't want to kill you. Julio, if it wasn't me then who in hell was it?”
He remembered Vanessa's screams when he entered the house for the first time in his hoodie and dark glasses. The look on her face was of shock. And there was a man's voice.
You are a slut!”
Don't you talk to me like that. You can't treat me like this. I will call the police. It doesn't matter what happened!”
You are not my widow! You are my wife! I don't ever want to see this idiot here again.”
Of course I'm a widow. I'm a widow before the eyes of the world. Now you're here saying what I can and can't do? No, Your Majesty. To me you are dead! Dead!”
The last word echoed in his mind. Then there was the meeting with Bernal.
We have various lines of investigation but one of them is that one of the widows – or all three – is responsible.”
Julio had laughed.
That's ridiculous. How could any of them...why would you think my wife wanted to kill me?”
You would be surprised at how many cases come to this station in which apparent automobile accidents happen.”
Julio took a deep breath. He didn't want to believe this.

Amanda Lopez went to the police in Ciudad Real with a man named Benito Suarez. This was a missing persons matter and he was looking for the inspector who was there enquiring about the cadavers that turned up. A lot of money changed hands. Suarez was concerned that one of the bodies was that of a the sister of his friend Fulgencio. The detective told him he would look into it, gave instructions to a female assistant, and walked away. Suarez tried to assure Amanda that they would get to the bottom of this. Amanda had been worrying that this had been her daughter Elena's fate.

José was doing online research on bars and pointed one out to Jackie. She told him that it wouldn't do because it wasn't well-located. They teased each other a little with him telling her that he had come to care for and respect her since he arrived. He continued surfing the internet. He then found the news story about the cadavers in Ciudad Real. He started reading “Police in two countries are working together to find out what happened.” Jackie looked sickened at this. José mentioned “your friend, Bernal” and Jackie said he wasn't a friend, just an acquaintance from her self-defense class. José said that it looked like he was interested in her. She scoffed at this idea but José remembered all the details he observed, such as him bookmarking her wake-up time on his cell phone. In time both laughed at the idea, but only Jackie knew the irony of the situation.

Bernal and Rico heard Borgetti talk to the Ciudad Real department, saying they were to count on his collaboration. They were to send lists of missing persons so they could check if they tried to cross the border illegally. When he ended the call Rico and Bernal entered the office to tell their boss that there were three people waiting to report missing persons. When Borgetti asked why they were there, Bernal said that they were concerned that the people they were reporting had been among the cadavers.
Borgetti told them to get all the information. He looked a little nervous when he said that this would probably need more manpower.

Katia arrived at Jackie's house putting on the best mood she could. José offered to make drinks for them. Jackie could see there was something wrong and José asked what it was. Katia suggested he make the drinks first. He kissed her and her response was cooler than what he had been accustomed to.

Eddy arrived at Vanessa's house to pick up Danna. He had never considered the possibility that she would return. He didn't trust her and had not ruled out the likelihood that his ex would try to take her away from him. He said she was not a good example for her. Vanessa told him to count on her for help if he needed it.

With José out of the room Jackie told Katia about the cadavers. This was a good thing because the police could trace this back to Farmateca and it would be all over. Only Julio would be worrying about this and Jackie speculated that he could find a way to blackmail himself out of it. Katia told Jackie that Vanessa mentioned they might leave Encino Blanco, which Jackie said would complete the distance between them. Once this was all over they could all breathe and rest more easily. José came back with three drinks that looked like strawberry milkshakes. [Didn't catch Katia's comments there]
Katia and José talked about the promotional tour and its possible affect on their relationship. He didn't want a long-distance relationship but looked like he was willing to share her with her work.

Eddy arrived to take Danna home. Vanessa advised him to do his best to negotiate the arrangements with Rebeca because that would be best for his daughter. Just as he was about to leave Julio pulled in. He was curt and trying to hide his anger. Diego complained that he was late and he was hungry. Eddy said to Julio that he was identical to his brother and he was glad he survived. Julio gave a short “Thanks” and Eddy left with Danna. Julio sent Diego inside so he could talk to Vanessa. As soon as the boy obeyed him he grabbed Vanessa and almost threw her to the side.
What's the matter with you?” she yelled. “You hurt me.”

Benito Suarez and two others talked to Rico and Bernal, telling them of missing relatives. They didn't think this was a coincidence. Bernal said that none of the found bodies are their relatives, but asked whether any of then had anything to do with drug trafficking. Suarez said no, but the work his daughter was doing had to do with something scientific and it paid well. She had been hard up for money. She had gone to Ciudad Real but never returned. They were not sure that all had disappeared in Ciudad Real. The man accompanying Suarez said they needed to know no matter what happened.

In his car Julio demanded the truth. “The truth! The truth! Did you have anything to do with the explosion on the yacht, yes or no? It the answer is No why are you acting like this?”
Vanessa cried.
Tell me the truth. Did you want to kill me?”
Who told you this?”
It's not important who told me this, Vanessa!” He was almost crying as he shouted. What is this?” He grabbed her arm roughly. “Did you want to see me dead? Did you try to kill me, damn it? Answer me!”
Let go of me, let go of me!” She shook her arm free and cried.
You don't know how you hurt me. And the danger you put me in. I swear to you, my love, I was happy to see you alive. Please forgive me, forgive me, Julio. You humiliated me with your attitude, your actions –”
None of that justifies killing another person.”
I had no alternative. It was your life or Diego's and mine.”
Julio leaned back for a second and took a deep breath.
And Nicolás? Lorenzo?” [mumbling]
No. I had no motive against them but Jackie's and Katia's lives were in danger.”
Julio, please understand. Understand me, please. We can follow through with our plans –”
Our plans? Dear God!”
Lorenzo and Nicolás would not have done anything for us,” she said. “We can rebuild our lives, please. Our family. Now without secrets, without lies. Please understand me.”
Do you think I can live with a killer? Can I be safe with my back to you?”
I swear on my life and Diego's I would never do this again. Never.” She cried behind praying hands.
I don't trust you.” He shoved her toward the passenger door. “I don't want you near me.”
So what's going to happen? What's going to happen to me? to Diego? to us?”
You? You will pay for what you did.”
No, no! Don't do this! Don't bring charges. If I go to prison you will be alone. I will have to deal with Farmateca. You can't do that. You can't do that.” She continued to cry about how she would have to reveal her motive and he would go to prison, which would leave Diego alone. “If you don't want to be with me just get a divorce. We don't have to talk about this. Please, please. I won't be a problem. Think of Diego.”
Julio began crying.
I don't know what I have to do. You killed me. Here!” He indicated his heart. “I'm dead here!”
Julio, I love you. I love you.”
But I don't love you. And whatever happens you and the others are killers for the rest of your lives.”
Julio, please understand –”
Get down, get down!” He shouted, shoving her at the door. “Get out! I don't want to see you!”
She continued to cry.
Get out or I will kill you.”
She got out of the car and cried as he drove away.

Two detectives from Ciudad Real found two more bodies. The odor indicated they were already decomposing. There were needle marks in the arms, indicating intravenous drugs. They said they needed to check against the list of missing persons.

Vanessa called Katia and said she needed to see both of them as soon as possible at her place.
Jackie, too? But you said you never –”
Never mind what I said! Julio has found out!”
How? Did he say how he knew?”
I don't know how he knows, just that he knows! Stop what you're doing and I have to see you here.”
Yes, very well,” Katia said, coolly. She ended the call.
What happened?” Jackie asked.

Julio drove, replaying the whole revelation in his head. He almost didn't see the car coming from the other direction. He swerved just in time to avoid it, then stopped. It was almost 7PM on his cell phone.

Borgetti and Irene met in the park. He told her about the additional cadavers, which now totaled nine. Borgetti did not want to follow her orders and put Tomas at the head of the operation. She said they did that or nothing. Without him they were unable to buy the property they would need. The payments were in cash and he was their face so that she was kept out of the transactions. He was supposed to be in Ciudad Real but could be hiding where he couldn't be found. He could be their scapegoat but it might be better for him to disappear. Borgetti decided that needed to be immediately. Irene was more worried about Julio and the widows. If the video appeared it would be the end of her and Farmateca. He told her not to worry; he would see to it. She told him to think of his wife and what the scandal would do to the value of her shares. They were now at major risk.

Julio arrived at ZZ where his lawyer warned him that he would have to sign the 8% pay raise immediately or with every day of the strike the demand would increase by another percentage point. Julio couldn't take this. He approached the strike leader and said no deal. Eventually he told them all they were fired and they were to collect their severance checks. They didn't accept this and said they would stay there until they got what they demanded.
Julio hit the strike leader, drawing blood. He had to be held back so he didn't go after Julio. Julio pulled down the sign indicating the strike. His lawyer was in shock.

Jackie and Katia arrived at Vanessa's house.
Where's Julio?” asked Katia.
I don't know.”
I don't understand why you wanted us here,” said Jackie.
The only ones who knew what was going on is the three of us,” Vanessa said. “And none of us talked. Or yes?”

Of course not,” said Jackie.


Thank you so much, Urban! Hope you are staying warm :)

So ZZ might be not salvageable at this point. With all the potential problems Zacharias left, Irene's current problems and any future legal troubles, I doubt it will make it. Add that to Julio's state of mind because of Katia's revelation and you have a recipe for trouble.

I'm glad we got an explanation for taking the company public and Anita was right, it would open up the books to any potential investors. I'm hoping Miriam does then even as Irene plans her demise. Oh boy.

Hopefully this latest snafu unites the widows again even if Katia's ultimate betrayal separates them. They need to be united against Borgetti and Irene because what's coming is rough.

Thanks, Urban! This wasn't rough at all.

Well, things certainly took an ugly turn with Vanessa and Julio. Although Vanessa has been devastated by this, at the same time she has to feel a small sense of relief that Julio now knows the truth. By the way, what she said to him is that Diego would be left all alone if Julio turned her in, because she would then tell the police her murder motive-- Julio's dirty dealings with Farmateca, which would mean HE would go to jail too.

How Katia even dares to ask God/the universe for forgiveness is beyond me. Ooh, I can't wait for Vanessa to find out about her and Julio and knock both Katia and Julio down a few pegs.

Can we all have a Jose in our lives? To make us laugh and make us milkshakes when we're recuperating. Considering how he felt about his abusive father, I wonder how he'll react once he learns Jackie and the others were behind his death?

The heat is really rising on Irene and Borgetti now, from both internal pressures (Miriam's desire to go public), and external (all those bodies washing up, that are bound to eventually be linked to Farmateca).

UA: This wasn't surprising.

Alfredo: The Black Widows better get ready because Borgetti & Irene are likely to upping the ante.

Vivi: Jose is likely to go on violent rampage when he finds out about Step Mommy Jackie & the others involved in his father's death.


There is nothing bad enough that I can wish on Katia at this point.

There would have been far fewer problems for the widows if Vanessa hadn't caved to Julio and sold ZZ to Farmateca when she had the chance. Of course, none of them knew about the video which was in the box that Tania gave to the police. If Bernal had looked at that disk he would have seen to it that there was an investigation into Farmateca and that would have brought Irene down. It would have bankrupted Miriam, but I'm sure Borgetti could find another scheme.

However, Vanessa would have either had to leave with poor little Diego -- who knew Julio was alive -- or gotten back with Julio and kept this ugly secret for the rest of their lives. All without knowing he cheated on her with Elena and with Katia. She would have found out about Katia sooner or later.

As to Jose, he's definitely a breath of fresh air among all the madness. Not sure how he would react if he knew that the three women set the bomb. His father abused him and his mother, so he might be understanding. Still, the more people who know this the worse it will get for the three. It's not just about trust, but about how evil Irene and Borgetti are. Anyone else who would know would be in danger.

Thank you Urban, I have finally caught up with this TN, and boy am I glad I decided to. I love the fast pace, every episode has twists, turns, and countless underhanded shenanigans, betrayals, knuckle head moves and jaw dropping tid bits of tantalizing flashbacks.
I tried keeping up with the recaps as well, and I could not help but feel that Jose gave the patio a bad first impression. We may still be surprised and he will turn out to be a weasel, but for now he is one my favorites, and it has nothing to do with that sexy bod of his.
Least favorite is for obvious reasons Katia, she has continued to stoop lower and lower, not that you can stoop lower than murder but she compounds on it.

I like Julio, Irene and Bruno's characters as well they have depth, no wonder these actors have been around for so long.

Again thank you to you Alfredo and to Urban for the recaps, I'm glad to be back in the patio :)



Gracias, Sandie.

I think we can safely begin discussing the Karmageddons of these characters in about two weeks or so. I didn't start a page on it but there is almost no episode in which we don't see a crime or a sin being committed and -- in the ironic words of Jim Morrison -- no one here gets out alive.

Just for the record on the ages and sun signs of the actors (most of whom are older than their characters):

Alexis Ayala: 48 (Leo)
Mayrin Villanueva: 46 (Libra)
Alejandra Barros: 46 (Leo)
Ximena Herrera: 37 (Libra)
Arturo Peniche: 54 (Taurus)
Leticia Calderon: 49 (Cancer)
Diego Olivera: 49 (Aquarius)
Lourdes Reyes: 45 (Gemini)
Marcelo Cordoba: 44 (either Scorpio or Sagittarius)
Ricardo Franco: 36 (Virgo)

BTW, couldn't find a DOB on Diego Escalona (the cherub) but his older brother Adrian (who is now 13) was the 12-year-old Mauricio on AQNMD.

Sandie- I'm so glad you joined us! I have to say the tns I'm watching now are very exciting-- La Dona (on Telemundo), Mujeres de Negro, and La Piloto. The last two especially are very action-packed and leave me wanting to find out what happens next after each episode. This one boasts an amazing cast too.

UA: Whatever happened to Elena ?

Now, I respect everyone's right to fight for their rights, but do the truck drivers REALLY think the best time to negotiate a pay raise is on the boss's FIRST day back from the dead? After his company had been on the brink of financial crisis? After his partner (who negotiated with them) has died, and was (as far as they know) the person who planned his murder? I'm just saying, they could have waited maybe a week before the strike, and given him a heads up about the prior negotiations. It was just really stupid on their part. Without even knowing that he just found out it was his wife who planned his murder, Julio blowing up like that at the strikers would be understandable.

Elena was the redhead who ended up dead from the Farmateca experiments.

What a perfect point, Vivi. However, I think that this may be part of Irene's revenge. The attempt on Jackie's life didn't work so they can't take another chance like that again anytime soon. I therefore suspect that she somehow had someone incite that strike to shut the company down and devalue it. Also, Irene knows that Julio is alive and might have figured out that this is why they didn't sell ZZ to her at her inflated offer. Had Julio never called her to make the threat this may not have happened.

Urban- Great thought that Irene could be behind the strike! I can totally see that.

Oh I like the Irene theory! It could go either way since we know Zacharias was a scumbag but Irene may be trying to discredit them another way to ensure they can't use anything they find out against her. Ernesto from Ciudad Real is going to cause real trouble though, regarding of what she does.

Coming down to the wire--time-wise, but I have to thank you over and over, Urban for giving us this forum to discuss Mujeres. Great recap.

Two little things that I consider important--in a very small way, was when Edy mentioned how identical Julio was to his brother....DOWN to his VOICE. I wonder if that will begin to be an earworm for Edy.

The other little thing was Diego looking up at Julio after Edy left and said to him, I didn't know you had a brother. If he ever says something like that to Bernal, Rico, Kuri or even accidentally to Borgetti, if they are smart, they will figure out Julio had come back from the dead long before he showed up in Ciudad Real.

Thanks, Alfredo, for clearing up the fact the action takes place in two different countries yesterday. Funny, that today they actually said it themselves. I wish they had done it before. It would have saved some head scratching.

Anyway, can't wait for tonight. Just about ready to make myself a cup of joe, mainly to warm my hands. I was out today in 29F. wind picking my way over icy parking lots and haven't warmed up yet.

Anita- Over the weekend I suggested that Ciudad Blanco is likely in either Belize (geographically correct) or a made up Central American country. I leaning towards made up country.

I mean Ciudad Real.

There are two Ciudad Reals that I found. One in Spain and the other in Mexico (Chiapas).

Note to all: Recap of tonight's episode will be late because I was interrupted with a phone call I had to take. Tomorrow's may be late because I have an evening concert to attend.

No surprise Vanessa turned out to be the weak link: getting back with a man you tried to kill? Stupid.

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