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Mujeres de Negro, Martes 3/28/17 The Threat

Tonight we welcome a new team member, Sandra.  Please give her a gran bienvenido and dig in.

The Threat

Kuri and Bernal are talking near the station (away from the cameras). He tells her that he will follow Borgetti everywhere he goes. Conversation than turns to Jackie, Kuri presses Bernal and he confesses that they are together, he does not know how he fell for her but he is happy he did. Kuri’s face shows her disappointment, and says that it’s curious how the cop fell for a woman who used to be a murder suspect. Bernal asks Kuri to keep him informed if any information regarding Jackie’s assault surfaces. She will. They say good bye and Bernal kisses Kuri on the forehead, as an older brother would.

Kuri walks away heartbroken and begins to cry.

At Jackie’s house Jose and Jackie discuss going to Jimena’s to finalize the details of the new partnership but Jackie is having second thoughts. She is thinking of what Katia said about investigating the source of Jimena’s money. Jose tries to convince her that they have to move forward with the partnership because they can’t prove that their own share of the money is clean. Jackie reluctantly agrees and says we’ll see.

At the station a new detective Lascurain comes to the station to replace Bernal. He is an old colleague of Kuri’s and is friends with Bernal. Kuri warns him not to let Borgetti know he is Bernal’s friend because he may take it out on him since Bernal and Borgetti had an antagonistic relationship.
Meanwhile Borgetti is in his office on the phone with the detective from Ciudad Real telling him that he has no additional information about the labs, and their connection to the deaths, but at least there have been no more bodies found.

Detective Lascurain walks in and introduces himself to Borgetti.

At the bar Jose, Jackie, Jimena and Natalia meet about the partnership, Jackie tells them Eddy will be the executive chef of the new restaurant. Jimena agrees. Jackie also says they should sign contract with notary to do things right from the start. Jimena again agrees, and say she has her own rule about partnership, and that is that Katia not find out about the restaurant. Jose jumps in and says no problem. Natalia than asks when do they want her to begin decorating, she has brochures and the numbers for some vendors that can provide the furniture. Jackie asks why don’t they hire carpenters and upholsterers to make the furniture instead, it would be cheaper and they can even pay cash. At this comment Jimena becomes suspicious.

At a café Bernal meets detective Lascurain and says he is glad he is being replaced by him. Lascurain says he does not know Borgetti but he knows Bernal, and he is on his friend’s side.

Katia and Sandro are in his office when Katia gets a call from a potential buyer for Vanessa’s beach house. Buyer wants to see house tomorrow afternoon, Katia starts to say it will have to be Saturday and Sandro interjects and gives her the ok to miss work because he won’t be at work either. He will accompany Katia to Playa Coral (wink, wink).

Catalina enters Governor Miguel Velasco Moreno’s office to ask that he order her son’s murder investigation be reopened, the governor will oblige. Catalina says to concentrate the investigation on her daughter-in-law, this will speed things up. He promises to find the culprit.

At Giovanna’s house Vanessa is cooking one of the recipes, when she burns her hand with a pan. Arturo walks in and immediately renders aid.

At Eddy’s house, Eddy writes Rebecca a check to cover costs of renting her own place until he can pay her for her part of the house. He wants her out immediately, she says that’s fine but please let her stay the day so she can say goodbye to Dana at this he says:
One thing Rebecca, don’t you dare put my daughter against me, or you will never see her again."

Back at Giovanna’s house Arturo has things under control; he is tending to Vanessa’s burn very delicately. He comments that he has noticed that she is worried, and inquires what’s wrong. Vanessa shares that she does have problems one of them is Julio. She wants to finalize divorce. Arturo offers his office’s services since he is an attorney. However he is a criminal attorney, but a civil attorney from his office can handle divorce. She thanks him and goes back to try to make recipe again.

Katia gets a phone call from Julio, who has gone to the gym looking for her. He tells her he must see her urgently.

Flirting continues at Giovanna’s house, Arturo tries the pasta dish Vanessa has made, and compliments her on her cooking skills and adds that Giovanna better watch out because Vanessa will be a great “rival”.

Katia meets Julio in a parking lot. He demands to get the Irene video back.

If we give you that copy of the video it’s our last protection against Palazuelos and it will be worse for us”

I don’t give a rats patootie if you are protected against Palazuelos or not, you are a trio of murderers, I’m not and I need that video to save my self”

Julio grabs Katia’s arm and turns her over to see Joel come out from behind a column.
See that man, he is threatening me, I’m not afraid for me I’m afraid for Diego” Katia looks terrified and asks “who is he” Julio says it doesn’t matter who he is.

At Sandro’s office he is on the phone saying, are you completely sure that the man that called Katia was Julio Zamora, he looks upset and throws phone on desk.

Shirtless Jose is at the park working out with Natalia and begins to give her the third degree about Jimena’s family and the source of their money. Natalia sings like a canary and tells Jose that Jimena’s granpapi used to be an unscrupulous lender and would lend people money at very high interest rate, and when they could not pay back the money with the interest he would confiscate their properties which often times was worth more than the debt.

At the station Borgetti is on the phone with Irene, he tells her that it appears that the investigation into the lab deaths is stalled, and may possibly never be resolved. In the meantime at the top of his to do list is Bernal, he wants to finish him off no matter what.

Outside Borgetti’s office Rico and his partner are looking at a video of the area surrounding the tunnel where Ema was murdered, when they spot Bernal’s car. They summon Borgetti to show it to him. Kuri is there as well and tries to divert suspicion, but Borgetti won’t hear it and tells Rico to go arrest Bernal.

Kuri runs to the bathroom to warn Bernal that Rico is on his way to arrest him.

Miriam is still at the restaurant having a conversation with her ex-husband. He informs her that he saw the chief of police Lizaraga but he did not inspire confidence so instead he will go see the Chief of the Federal police Benites, because they are old friends. He tells Miriam to stay calm and she said as long as he is on her side she will remain calm.

Bernal is taken to the station where he is shown the video of his car near murder scene. He admits he drove to the area, but never saw Ema because it made no sense. Borgetti gets upset and says “I don’t believe anything you say; you are the murderer of that woman.” He tells detectives to lock him up and give him his one call. He also orders the arrest of Jackie for lying to the police. Bernal becomes infuriated at this.

Vanessa and the widows are discussing their options, now that Julio has reappeared and the imminent danger that he represents. Vanessa wants to turn over video and run away with Diego. Jackie wants to stay now that she has Patricio. Katia has no options because she is broke.

Irene becomes startled when Tomas barges into her car. She yells at him because she had asked him to disappear. Tomas will not be the only one that falls. If Irene doesn’t give him double the amount of money she already gave him he will talk about her involvement with the lab deaths.

Eddy meets friends at the tennis courts, but one of their friends didn’t make it. Victor Martinez (Irene’s Farmateca assistant) happens to be at the courts and offers to play with them.

At Sandro’s house Katia gets to her room and retrieves video from its hiding place behind a painting.

Eddy now done with his tennis match is leaving, when Victor offers him a ride. As Eddy is about to get in to the passenger’s side a burglar attempts to rob him at gun point, Victor instinctively reaches for gun under his car seat and shoots the assailant.

At the Zamora household Vanessa is preparing for her getaway, is looking at passports and tosses Julio’s aside.

At the park the police have cordoned off the scene of the shooting and Rico is interrogating Eddy and Victor. They ask Victor about the gun and he tells them it’s a family gun. They collect it to verify his story. He fittingly looks concerned.

Kuri gets home, gives Erik a new phone and he in return quite sarcastically, says thanks but this is not like your bosses phone. She says take it or leave it. He’ll take it. Additionally he shares that he now knows what he wants to become when he grows up. To Kuri’s dismay he wants to be a police chief like dear old dad. Erik shows an internet profile of his old man to Kuri and she looks stunned.

At Jackie’s she is arrested by Rico.

Loyal Jose runs to Vanessa’s to ask for help getting an attorney for Jackie.

Reunion begins at the station:
Jackie is thrown in a cell next to Bernal. Bernal apologizes to Jackie for putting her thru this.
At the warehouse Joel is putting Julio back in his cage. Julio pretends to have a stomach ache and asks Joel to let him go use the bathroom. Joel grudgingly obliges as he is pointing gun at Julio, Julio ceases the opportunity and begins to fight for gun. They both fall down and gun goes off, Joel is shot dead!

Julio checks Joel’s pulse confirms he is dead, gets keys and runs away.

Borgetti arrives at warehouse to find his henchman dead. Borgetti’s face shows some anguish, but quickly goes on the hunt. Borgetti gets into his car drives a small distance, and intuitively stops to hunt his prey. He walks some distance closing in on Julio; he gets very close to where Julio is cowardly hiding behind a tree. Borgetti instinctively sniffs the air but misses finding Julio.

I must say the music in this scene is as much part of the story as the actors are.

Borgetti gives up, goes back to the warehouse where he receives a call from Irene.
It’s imperative that I see you, Tomas is in Encino Blanco and wants more money or else he will turn me in.”
We can talk about this later, now I need you to pay attention about what I am going to ask you. Bring me a shovel and a pick immediately. I will send you my location” In frustration Borgetti delivers one final kick to Joel’s corpse.

Reunions continue at the station:
Jose and Vanessa rush in to station, Kuri stops them. At that moment Arturo arrives, Vanessa asks him to represent Jackie and Patricio.
Almost immediately Eddy and Victor arrive handcuffed at the station as well. Vanessa becomes concerned and asks Eddy what happened, he asks her to call Rebecca to let her know he will be delayed in coming home. As they go into interrogation, Jose tells Vanessa that the guy arrested with Eddy is Victor from Farmateca.

Elevator door opens at station and Natalia arrives to lend support to Jose and on the very next elevator, Katia rushes in.

Victor is being interrogated about the gun and is told that his big problem now is not the shooting but having an unregistered gun.

Borgetti is digging a large hole, big enough for Joel. He is complaining about Joel’s incompetence in letting Julio escape. Irene stands over watching, and says we all make mistakes sometimes. Borgetti rolls Joel into the Hole.

At station Arturo gives Vanessa and Katia some promising news, but Jackie and Patricio have to wait for Borgetti and may have to spend the night.

Bernal, the ever so skilled detective, from the vantage point of his cell sees Eddy and Victor and finds it curious that Victor, the suspect in Jackie’s attack and Eddy the guy who reported the attack are together at the station. He calls Kuri over and asks her to find out everything about their case.

End of Episode 29


Felicidades, Sandra, on such a great debut.

I checked IMDb and discovered that Miriam's ex is named Benjamin. He is played by Marco Uriel and will be in future episodes.

I'm starting to worry that Bernal won't make it to the end of the story. Before that happens I want to see the ballistics department match Victor's gun to the bullet taken out of Jackie. That will be had to explain for him if Rico and Ramirez (who sound like a US TV show) question him first. Of course that would set Borgetti off....

And how could Borgetti dig such a professional-looking grave and still remain as well-pressed and presentable as Pierce Brosnan in a James Bond movie?

More later. Welcome to the team!

Whoo! Thank you so much, Sandra and welcome to the team!

This episode was a perfect first outing as things get even more complicated. Every episode I think "this can't get any worse" and somehow they do. And that's only the things that are actually happening like Jackie's and Bernal's arrest and Victor shooting the petty thief. I love how this novela uses the mundane events and coincidences in life to get to the truth. I wonder how Victor would get out of this one.

The Borgetti-Julio stalk scene ws amazing. I thought he was going to get caught again because Borgetti looked like a wild animal, sniffing out the scent. Urban, regarding the grave, years of practice??? lol At least now Irene is also involved in he dirty underbelly of what their doing and not just barking orders. Tomas was stupid for blackmailing Irene, he should definitely know better.

Poor Julio, now he has another death on his conscience, which is not what I think he was hoping for.

Can I just say how much of a d**k, Eric was? So they get you a brand new phone and what you do is complain? Also, like father like son regarding his career and with the same mean genes.

Thanks for the heads up on Benjamin and Governor Miguel Velasco Moreno! This will make recapping easier.

Alfredo: What's the Body Count update now ?


Yay! Sandra, how wonderful that you joined this recapping team. Your first recap was just brilliant, and you had SO much plot to convey. I didn't see this episode yet, but you really helped keep all the new complications straight in my mind.

Was Victor at the tennis court by coincidence, or was he stalking Eddy, since Eddy was the only witness to him fleeing the scene of Jackie's assault?

Thank you everyone. Yes, I've said it before a mile a minute. This TN is just chuck full of wonderful.

Vivi: Victor was there by coincidence, and just happened to overhear that Eddy's group was short 1 player. "Coincidences" are perfect for setting up the climax of a plot line, as this one has.

Urban: Thanks on the heads up about Benjamin, this plot line has me salivating to get the back story to Miriam's family, and what she is up to. It's going to be a doozy when Borgetti finds out.

Alfredo: Yes Erik needs a good "chancletaso".

Sandie (Sandra)


Sandie--Great beginnings. I have just enough time to thank you for this wonderful recap. Thank you for joining the MdN team. I'll be reading, but not commenting (my on-line minutes count overseas) for the next two weeks. Sorry to leave this small, but fiercely loyal patio for awhile, but hey, it's Paris.

Body Count Update:

1.) Lorenzo Rivera

2.) Nicolas Lombardo

3.) Zacarias Zaldivar

4.) Elena Lopez

5.) 9 Test Subjects from Farmateca

6.) Ema Zulema

7.) Borgetti's henchman

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