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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/15/17 Chapter 21: Black Beginning

My apologies for this being late.

The three widows sat in Vanessa's living room talking about their current situation. They had agreed to keep the secret among the three of them. Jackie got nervous at the prospect of the three of them ending up in prison. Katia had the nerve to ask who could have told Julio that they set the bomb. Jackie began thinking.

She had met a man named Saúl in a bar. They had not seen each other in years. She had given him money; she was unsure that it was sufficient. He said she had save his life. Each had a secret about the other.
She said “No. Not for anything. Saúl wouldn't ever betray me.”
Are you sure?” Vanessa asked.
Yes. I knew him at university in California. I never mentioned your husbands' names.”*
Jackie, it would be too easy. All he would have to do is an internet search on 'yacht accident' and find the names. Then he'd see that Julio came back from the dead and he'd demand money.”
Jackie shook her head. “Saúl isn't like that.”
Vanessa looked at Katia.
And you? Aren't you going to say anything? Have you nothing to say to me or Jackie?”
I'm just in shock. I don't know what to think.”
Then it must be Saúl. I'm going to the bank to the safe deposit box and if any money is missing I will know I'm right.”
What are we going to do?” Katia asked. “Who told Julio isn't important. He did and knows it and could denounce us. He could be doing this at this very minute!”
Calm down. We're all getting very nervous.” Jackie looked at Vanessa. “You have to talk to Julio. You need to convince him not to talk.”
How can I get him to listen? It's not that easy. He wouldn't be convinced.”
Couldn't we say that for some strange reason Zacarías was responsible for the yacht explosion? Then Julio can't prove that we did it. It would be his word against ours.” said Katia.
Don't you remember that Patricio suspects us?” Jackie said. “He doubts that Zacarías committed suicide. He always suspected us in the deaths of our husbands. If Julio opens his mouth he'll reopen the case.”
Vanessa truly felt the pressure and the conflicting feelings about what happened. All she knew was that the love for her son was stronger than her fear of what she had done.

Julio sat outdoors in a park, smoking and drinking tequila directly from a bottle. He looked at his cell phone at multiple messages from Vanessa pleading him to talk with her for the good of their son. He cried as he put away the cell phone.

Later Vanessa removed some things from her closet and looked out the window. A police car pulled up outside. She went into Diego's room and found him fast asleep. “Forgive me, my love,” she whispered. “I don't know what is going to happen. Someday I will have to tell you the whole truth. You might hate me for this. I will say that when I did it it was to protect you. Forgive me. Forgive me, my love. I love you.” She kissed him.
Jackie smoked, unable to sleep. Katia sat on the sofa staring at her.

Julio called his mother and said “Mother, you must listen to me.”
After that conversation he drove toward Ciudad Real. He did not know that the strike leader was pouring kerosene all over the exterior of ZZ, leading into the parking lot. He then took out his cell phone and call.
Boss, it's all ready.”
So do it now.” Borgetti said from his car.
The bald man said “Done” and lit a match. He dropped it on the liquid trail and it quickly took its path toward the building, up its stairs, and toward the trucks in the lot. Borgetti could hear a few explosions because the phone connexion was still open. He smiled at the result.

Julio arrived in at the police station for a meeting with Bruno Borgetti. They introduced themselves and shook hands. Julio asked for Bernal, but Borgetti told him that he had been sent to Ciudad Real but that he would handle the situation. They went into Borgetti's office and Julio told him that it wasn't Zacarías Zaldiviar who planted the bomb. He had no motive to kill any of them. Borgetti took out a blue file that held the confession (most likely the e-mail he sent to Vanessa). Julio glanced at the document and said that he didn't know any motive, then said that he wanted assurance of immunity before he said any more.
Borgetti got up and stepped out of his office, closing the door. Julio looked at the document briefly. He was suddenly afraid.
Borgetti put on gloves and opened an electrical panel that was labeled Monetoreo. He cut some wires carefully before putting the panel back. He had to remove a glove before picking up the screw that held the panel in place. He then returned to his office.
In order to grant you immunity, Don Julio, my superiors want to talk to you,” he said. “It's very important that nobody [???] I will escort you to them myself.”
That sounds good,” Julio said.
It's good that you came to see me at the station. Wait for me in the parking lot for a minute.”
Of course, thanks.” Julio rose and they shook hands.
Borgetti rose and left his office right behind Julio. He told Julio to follow him.

The fire department was at ZZ.

Borgetti drove to the park where he held his secret meetings with Irene. He stopped suddenly and got out of his car and looked around. Julio stopped and got out of his. Borgetti behaved as though there was something wrong with his car. He asked Julio to open the rear and he did so. Borgetti tasered him in the back until he was unconscious, then frisked him before putting him inside the back of the van. He tasered him again until Julio was foaming at the mouth. Then Borgetti closed the back He used the sensors on the vehicle to make a sound, then got behind the wheel of Julio's car. He thought back to their previous conversation.
Julio had told him how he had reacted to Zacarías' death. “Many things came to light after the case was closed. Things I couldn't imagine. I fell into something where I could be accused of a crime I didn't commit. Now he's dead. That the man wasn't a saint but that his mother has the right to her sense of calm.”
I agree, Don Julio. Therefore, who would wish you and him and his friends dead. Who would try to kill you?”
His reply was “Their widows. Jackie Acosta, Katia Millan, and my wife, Vanessa.”
Borgetti thought about this for a moment, then pulled out. A short while later he walked back to his van in the rain and made a call.
I'll need you to do another job.”

Bernal and Rico went to Ciudad Real with a list of the Mexicans who disappeared. They handed it to a uniformed officer who said he would compare it to a list they had of people who had crossed the border in the last six months. Rico's cell phone rang and he looked at the screen. He then excused himself to go out of the office to take the call.
Bernal asked the officer to check the names Irene Palazuelos and Bruno Borgetti. As the officer looked at his computer, Bernal tensed. It looked like he wanted to get this done while Rico was out of the room.

Borgetti drove his van into a parking lot. He tasered Julio again before taking him out of the back.

The Ciudad Real officer printed out a list and told Benal that those two people are not on the list. Rico returned just as he had finished saying this. He handed the list to Rico and they agreed that the people on their list probably met the same fate as the cadavers in the river.

Borgetti returned to his office. Kuri entered behind him and told him that he was wanted in the surveillance room because something went wrong with the cameras. He said he wold be right there. He took a deep breath before following Kuri to the room.
The tech expert said it was probably an electrical problem. He got up to check that, leaving Borgetti and Kuri in the room. She sat down at the keyboard to check it herself. Borgetti said something about the maintenance crew. He said something to stop her and she left. He sat down at the desk, found a video showing himself and Julio in the parking lot and deleted it. He then left the control room.

Vanessa was at the bank with the safe deposit box. She texted the others that she was at the bank. There was no change in the amount of cash. Julio had not answered her messages.
She sent the message but was apprehensive about something.

Katia went to work, but upon arrival she was immediately harassed by Jimena and two other women who angrily demanded to know “Why is this slut allowed in here to be the image of this gymnaium?”
We're not going to allow it,” said one of the others.
Who are you to permit me here or not? Who are you, one of the owners?”
Yes,” said Jimena. “When they know they have a slut here who steals husbands he'll help because I'll make sure everyone here knows you are a c*nt and I swear, I swear you'll throw her out of here.”
Wait a minute,” said Alberto. “You're exaggerating a bit.”
Jimena doesn't exaggerate,” said another. “She is a c*nt. We know. We've seen her.”
The only reason I'm here is to work,” Katia said. “I will not tolerate your falsehoods.”
Falsehoods? You stole my fiancé. I'm not going to let you steal theirs.” She indicated her two accomplices.
You know what? It's obvious to me that Nicolas ran to me from you. You are a resentful
Well, we'll see who the loser is now, little c*nt.”
She and the others yelled “Get out! Get out!” in unison. There were at least a half dozen other women joining in, possibly by pre-arrangement.

Elisa called Vanessa, who was in her car. She was at the ZZ parking lot where police crime scene tape marked off the area. There was an explosion that Vanessa could hear. Elisa told her that there was a fire. The fire department was there but thus far had been unable to put out the fire.

Katia was in Sandro's office. He told her that what those women were doing was horrible but they were shareholders. Katia said it was unfair, as Jimena was taking out a personal gripe on her. Sandro said that Jimena held considerable shares and he has to do what he has to do. Katia realized that this could mean that she would be unable to work in other similar places. Sandro said he would talk to Jimena and see if he could change her mind but didn't promise success. Katia got upset because she really liked her work. He would do whatever he could.

Borgetti was back at the station. Kuri told him that the cameras were being put to rights. He asked her if there was anything about a fire at ZZ and she said they were aware of it but no details yet. He asked whether Cardenas had been investigating or found a cause, but Kuri said no. Rico was elsewhere with Bernal, where Kuri could have been. Borgetti reminded her that she had requested desk duty and to let him be in charge. He handed her a document and returned to his office.
Kuri took out her cell and texted Bernal that there was a fire at ZZ and that Borgetti was going out to investigate.

Bernal was still in Ciudad Real talking to the detective about the missing people. He gave his heory about the cadavers having been victims of experimentation. He said that they needed to expand the investigation to pharmaceutical labs. During this he read Kuri's text. The Ciudad Real detective [can someone recall his name?] paid full attention to that statement as Bernal talked about how the cadavers had been human test subjects.
Yes, that could be,” said the detective. “We can't eliminate the possibility that this is a new commercial drug or something synthetic.”
The conversation continued which included the word “homicide.”

Vanessa arrived at ZZ and saw that the fire was very serious. The insurance inspector introduced himself and asked for Julio; Vanessa replied that she hasn't been able to reach him. Julio's lawyer was there. The insurance man asked whether there was a reason for the fire or whether it was an accident, but Vanessa did not know. Elisa explained that she had arrived early. There were no dead but a few injuries, none serious.
Joel, the bald man who set the fire arrived and accused Julio of having set the fire. Vanessa's expression said she did not believe this but Borgetti arrived before she could say anything. The other “striking” drivers joined in the accusation.
It doesn't surprise me he did this. He wouldn't pay us, claiming bankruptcy. How easy was that?”
That's absurd. My husband was proud of this business and put a lot of work into it. He would never do anything like this.”
The lady is right,” said Julio's lawyer. “You and some of your coworkers didn't like the decision he made and set this fire as an act of reprisal.”
The strikers made the usual individual protests, Borgetti raised his hands to call for order and the lawyer embellished his accusation.
It was you who assaulted Señor Zamora yesterday in front of witnesses.”
Señora, where is your husband?” Borgetti asked.
I don't know. I've not heard from him since yesterday.”
Joel picked up on this in a manner that implied Vanessa's complicity.
How convenient!” he said.
How convenient? No.” Vanessa said. “ But speaking of convenience, this is much more convenient for you that ZZ went up in flames than it is for Julio. It's much more so for you to destroy it. Wouldn't it be a good idea to investigate that, Commandante?”
Of course I will,” Borgetti said. “But I also need you to tell me why your husband has been missing since yesterday and why we can't locate him.”
Vanessa shook her head and tried hard to conceal her fear as Borgetti walked past her ostensibly to look around.
I will look over this area myself and when your husband appears I want to see him in my office. Do you agree?”
Vanessa nodded.
I agree,” she said.
You will take the statements of these men?” he asked the insurance man.
Yes,” said the man.
Joel looked at Vanessa.
Don't think that we're going to leave this alone,” he said. He was directed back along with the other men. Vanessa watched and yessed them condescendingly. Jackie arrived at the scene. Elisa had called her, too. She wanted to find out if the papers were still there.

Katia went back to Jackie's house and told José what had happened at the gym. He was angry on her behalf, saying that Jimena was sick for being resentful about something that happened a long time ago. He had seen that before. He kissed her head and took his car keys. She asked where he was going and he told her not to worry about it as he went out the door.
Katia called one of the others (probably Jackie) and found out what happened. She said she would be right there.

Alberto spoke with Sandro about the incident. Sandro told him that all the women had said that Katia chased their men. Alberto told him that Katia was a good teacher and her classes were well-attended. Not all the shareholders had complaints. If Sandro wanted to dismiss her he would have to show cause.
I know, Alberto. I have to think very well what to do with her.”

José went to see Jimena at the bar and he got right to the point. He demanded to know what her obsession about Katia was all about.
Because I'm paying her back.”
You know what that says? That this drama is about ego. You've got a huge ego and it's been hurt real bad.”
That's not true.”
And let's just say you couldn't take it when your lover left you for someone else.”
Look, Katia was a wretched friend and that is what I won't forgive. I thought she was very different. Besides, I don't owe you want explanations. Why don't you just work like a good employee instead of passing judgment?”
Yes, I'll comport myself as I am. I'm resigning.”
You're going to lose your job over her?”
Yes. You don't give my girlfriend her proper place and I don't like working for such negative people as you, Jimena. Thanks a lot for the opportunity but as of now I'm gone.”
He started walking out.
You don't see Katia as she really is. You are all so blind and stupid. You'll be back. You'll be back and you'll see that I'm right. Katia is worthless!” she shouted after him.
Yeah. Never going to happen.”
José was out the door.

Eddy and Rebeca sat down with his lawyer who pointed out that they originally had shared custody but Rebeca lost that when she abandoned their daughter. He had seen this before and it usually turns ugly. He said they needed to come to an agreement. He took his leave.
Rebeca started telling Eddy she knew she had done wrong and she was sorry. She said he held this against her not just because of abandoning Danna but for abandoning him for another man. He told hr he was only interested in protecting his daughter. She accused him of being interested in Vanessa. Eddy refused to be sucked into an argument over Vanessa, whom he pointed out was married. He said he was going to court to petition for full custody. She could either cooperate or fight. She decided to concede but begged to be allowed to see Danna. Eddy looked like he didn't trust her.

Katia went over to ZZ. She refused to believe that Julio provoked the fire since he had been planning to move the business to another location. Jackie didn't believe it either. Vanessa concluded that Irene Palazuelos was behind it because of the threats Julio made directed at her. Jackie was sure it was Irene's revenge. Katia asked why don't they wait until the results of the investigation before making a decision.
Vanessa borrowed Katia's cell phone to call Julio in case he was specifically avoiding her, but there was no answer. Jackie asked whether Julio was with his mother so Vanessa called her from her own cell. She answered amiably, asking how everyone was. Vanessa asked whether Julio was there and she said he wasn't but had called her that morning. As she said that she remembered the conversation with him.
Will you soon be able to take custody of Diego?” Julio had said.
Yes, of course, but why do you ask? Has something happened?”
I only want to make sure. Diego couldn't be in better hands than yours.”
What happened? Tell me, son. This sounds bad.”
Nothing. I just want things to be in order from here on in. I'll call you.”

But what things had to be done right?” Vanessa asked.
I don't know. He didn't say anything else. What's going on, Vanessa? I'm very worried.”
There's been a fire at ZZ and I can't reach Julio to tell him.”
What? A fire at ZZ? How? Why?”
Isabella, I'm sorry but Commandant Borgetti is here. I'll call you back in a moment.”
She ended the all, which distressed Isabella.
Any news of your husband?”
No, none.”
Senora, this has me worried. I hope the driver doesn't have reason for his hypothesis, but the disappearance of your husband under these conditions is very strange, isn't it? Very strange.”
He walked away, leaving the three women confused and concerned.

Julio regained consciousness tied up in a warehouse. His hands were tied behind his back and his feet together and then tied to an iron bar. Julio struggled and cried out. Borgetti sat near him.
Nobody will hear you and you can't escape,” he said to him.
What the hell? Why am I here? What have I done?”
I'll explain it to you. Would you like a little water?” When he didn't answer Borgetti shouted the question.
Borgetti gave him some water from a freshly opened bottle.
I wanted to bring charges. Why am I here?”
I want you to tell me where you got the idea that your wife and her friends are murderers. Do you have proof of what you say?”
No.” He continued to struggle.
Don't fight it.”
I wasn't the first to suspect it. Bernal first told me.”
Ah. Bernal told you.”
Tragically. He continued to struggle. He even wept. “Let me go. Let me out of here.”
You can't escape from here and nobody can hear you. You won't have the strength to untie yourself.” He put the bottle of water near Julio's head. “I'm leaving the water here. It's the only thing you will have.”
He then took his jacket and left, ignoring Julio's shouts and demands to be released. He turned out the light before closing the door.

*There was an editing glitch in the episode at this line.


Not that shocked Borgetti has Julio tied up in a warehouse.


Thank you, Urban! Always wonderful to read your recaps. I just finished this episode it cleared the action up a little.

Ernesto is the commander in Ciudad Real, which gets confirmed again is in another country. And Borgetti told Julio that he shouldn't tell anyone what he told him until he had his immunity. HE was going to escort him but we all know how that ended...

My first reaction whent he credits rolled: "WHAT A EFFFINNNG DISASTERRRRR...!"

Urban, I applaud your dediction skills as you were on the money about Joel working for Borgetti and IRene. THey played on the audience's general distrust of Zacharias and it paid off. I was pleasantly surprised.

Now the widows have a bigger financial burden on them (technically Vanessa) and she's probably kicking herself for not selling. They're all trapped in this whirlwind and Irene is becoming increasingly dangerous. Even when she's not on screen, she's effing stuff up.

Is it mean I don't feel bad for Katia? I am never for ruining a woman's reputation but she stole a fiancee, treated to steal a husband and betrayed her "best" friends in a crime they agreed to never mention again. She collecting notches in her betrayal stick or something??

Another AQNMD veteran is spotted: our dear Gisela as Rebecca, Eddy's wife. I agree that she lost any right when she left and shouldn't pressure Eddy to let her see Danna. What a witch.

Thanks, Urban!

It's actually hilarious that Julio thinks he's going to make this huge confession to the police, get immunity for the Farmateca mess, and put his murderous wife, lover, and their friend in jail, but instead ends up tasered and tied up in a warehouse. Bwahahaha! Little did he know that Borgetti, more than almost anyone else, doesn't want any of the dirt about Farmateca coming out. He put his trust in the wrong cop. Sorry, Julio.

Loved seeing Katia getting shamed in public. Too bad it's coming from a shrew like Ximena. I can totally understand why Nicolas left her for Katia. She needs to get over it already. She is, however, right about Katia.

The guy who was at the fire evaluating the situation was from the insurance company (seguros), not security. Since the fire was purposely set, and it looks like it was set by the owner, I'm betting there will be no insurance payout. All Vanessa has now is that money in the safe deposit box.


I don't feel bad for Katia, but Jimena (that's how IMDB spells it so I changed it) has to learn that nobody can "steal" a lover who doesn't want to be stolen. She is a shrew and Nicolas got tired of it. There is also circumstantial evidence that she had Mama's approval. She is also part of the plot that Catalina cooked up along with Sandro.

What makes Katia a c*unt (one of the definitions of zorra) is that she cheated with a best friend's husband. That is infinitely worse than stealing a fiance from a shrew. Unless we get a flashback to that we will never get an objective view of what really happened.

I think we need to go back to LSDP for the slut vocabulary.

It does sound like there will be no insurance payout, especially since it is possible to find the trails of accellerant laid down before the match was dropped.

Thanks Urban great recap, got all the twists, turns and paybacks.

Alfredo: I agree Irene is behind every derailment, and she can sure make Borgetti do all her dirty deeds "done dirt cheap".

I also agree that Katia is getting what she deserves, but Jimena gets on my nerves!!

As far as the whole insurance situation, that insurance agent is quite incompetent asking Vanessa was it deliberate? as the insurance agent he is supposed to do a thorough investigation, obtain police report, etc. etc. What person in their right mind will say to the insurance, "oh yes it was deliberate" please!

I may be alone in this but I feel sorry for Julio, he is pretty naïve for going with Borgetti, get an attorney dude, and then got to the police!!!

Jose, he melts my heart, he is so sweet Katia, and she does not deserve it. He is a man's man, I will be disappointed if he turns out to be a weasel.

Thanks again Urban.



Interesting how versatile Sandra Kai is. Here she's frustrating and bitchy while in La Sombra del Pasado she was one of the few very likeable characters left.

BTW, since Borgetti delivered at least three jolts of electricity into Julio I looked for info on the subject. Here is an article on the possible dangers.

Alfredo: Katia needs to be violently attacked similar to what's going on in "LA DONA".

Everytime I see Katia's face, I want to punch her!

UA: I see that Borgetti loves the thrill of torturing people.

Julio won't be among the living!

I was wondering the same thing about Julio. I was actually thinking that they may indirectly kill him because of too many jolts but it seems Julio is with us for now.

I don't wish any physical harm to come to Katia but she definitely has more bad karma coming to her after all she's done and perpetrated. She also got Julio kidnapped, indirectly, but still.

Is it weird that I appreciate that Borgetti can order someone to do his dirty work but he can also get his hands dirty? TOo many times, villains have someone doing their bidding so it's nice to see he has skin in the game.

Julio's own actions led him to the hole where he is now…only so much one can do...

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