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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/22/17 Chapter 26: Escape Routes

My apologies for this bare bones approach; I'm having a crazy week.

A former girlfriend of Zacarías visited his mother. Tania was happy to see her. She had been trying to reach Julio but his cell didn't answer. She was eager to prove that her son was a good person.
They went to Vanessa's house and Isabella told them that they had received a farewell letter from Julio. Tania told them Julio had called her on the day of the fire about her son's reputation. She had tried to call him later but he didn't answer.
Vanessa apologised to Tania that they could not help her. The girlfriend said they should go to the police immediately.

Borgetti gave a new assignment to Rico and Rivera to observe an abandoned house that could be a secret laboratory. He told them to be discreet. They filed out of his office. Rico looked as though he suspected something.

Vanessa texted Jackie and Katia that Julio had told Tania he was going to reveal to the police who had really planted the bomb. Jackie told her to calm down. As long as Julio was missing there was nobody to corroborate anything she would say. They should not worry about the police. Tania also never had sensed bad vibes from them so this was not a big deal.

Katia opened the box and removed Julio's pistol. She stared into the mirror and aimed at her reflection. She then returned the pistol to the box and placed it in the bureau drawer. The next day she went to a shooting range for instruction. For a beginner, her aim was good.

Borgetti drove that night to a spot near the club and prepared his trap for Bernal. He wore black from head to toe, including a cover for the lower part of his face. It had been raining and the dark streets were wet and carried diffused reflections of headlights. Zulema came out into the street and watched as an approaching figure came closer, holding a flashlight at shoulder level. The light was aimed at her eyes.
Patricio Bernal?” she called out.
When the man got close enough she saw that it was not Bernal. When he pulled down the lower mask she saw it was Borgetti. Before she could scream he kissed her and stabbed her at the same time. He then slit her throat in one practiced motion for good measure, propped her up against the wall, closed her eyes, and kissed her forehead. He stole her wallet out of her handbag and left the scene just in time. He drove a short distance away and used the newly-acquired cell phone to make an anonymous call to his own precinct. He partially covered the phone with a handkerchief and reported that a couple was fighting in that spot and he was afraid the man would kill the woman.
Kuri took the call at the precinct. When Borgetti ended the call he took the memory card out of the phone before putting the phone back in his pocket. Kuri looked for Rico and ran out when she didn't find him.
Bernal arrived at the crime scene and found the dead woman. He called Kuri to tell her and she said she was on her way to the area. He knew he had walked into a trap. Another police vehicle arrived and Bernal got away before they found him. Jackie was also there. She had gotten a call and was on her way. Both of them ducked when they spotted police flashlights. When the coast looked almost clear he told her that the woman he was to meet had been murdered. He texted Kuri that he could not get back to his car. He and Jackie made it to her car and drove out. Out on the road they stopped and began making out in the front seat until the police cars passed them.
Borgetti and the other police arrived at the crime scene and he played his role as chief of police. He wasn't pleased to see Kuri at the scene but she apologized, saying there was no answer on the radio. He asked whether anyone was seen. Someone said that a tall, slender man was seen leaving the scene of the crime but no details were made out due to the darkness. There was the possibility of an accomplice but no sign of one. Borgetti gave orders to search the area. As the others walked away he stared at his victim for a moment, then checked his watch. He wiped the crystal clean with his crime scene glove.
Kuri told the others to disperse. Then she found a metal bar on the ground, put it in an evidence bag, and shoved it into her belt, covering it with her jacket. A few steps later she found Bernal's car.
The others went back, saying they had found nothing. Kuri returned with the same report. Borgetti went back to his car, frustrated that he had not trapped Bernal. He lit a cigarette and his normal cell phone rang.
What happened?” Irene asked. “You said you would be late but this is a bit much.”
Go home because I can't make it. Things didn't go as expected.”
What?” she mocked. “I can't believe that a perfect cop can't do such things well.”
I'm not up for your sarcasm, Irene.”
And I will not be put out of action. I want to celebrate the international distribution of Dietrix and I will wait for you.”
I'm sorry but this isn't possible.”
He ended the call, frustrating Irene. She threw her cell at the wall and it landed on the bed.

Katia was at Sandro's place, praising the food he had prepared as he poured her a glass of wine. He mentioned his ex and how she didn't appreciate his romantic efforts. She sipped her wine saying that her day hadn't been what she she expected. He did encourage her some more.

José was in the bar with Jimena and Natalia, telling them that Jackie had approved the deal. José talked up Jackie's business skills and Jimena said she wanted to meet with her as soon as possible to get things started. Natalia liked the idea of spending more time with José once they got the business going. Jimena suggested that this would be good revenge on Katia but José said that he wasn't a negative person. Katia would get hers eventually.

Katia may have had more than one glass of wine by the time Sandro asked about her marriage. She told him that Catalina had accused her of being a social climber. He said this was because Catalina didn't know her. “You are a spectacular woman,” he said. He piled on some more praise. Katia looked a little suspicious.

Vanessa was dining with Eddy. He was sure that his daughter was fantasizing that her motherh would be what she wanted her to be. He was not interested in a marital reunion with Rebeca, as he was now only interested in Vanessa.

Julio sat in his cage remembering Vanessa's confession about the bomb and why she had done it. He would have preferred to die rather than know this.

Jackie and Bernal went back to his place. He had preferred that to going to hers because he didn't want to bring his profession into her life. She said this had already happened. Kuri messaged him that the police had cleared the area and he should retrieve his car. He then remembered dropping the bar and that it had bloody fingerprints on it. He said he would have to see the commissioner the next day. He sent Jackie home and told her to call him when she got there, then picked up his cell to contact Kuri.

Kuri was at home and her son was still awake, claiming he was not tired. He was going to sit up watching television. She told him he needed to go to bed because he was starting in a new school the next day. Bernal called her cell. He asked if the crime had been a trap set by Borgetti. She whispered that she didn't know but it would be difficult to hide the car. He would have to retrieve it right away so it would not be found. He told her he would get the car and talk to Commissioner Lizárraga. Kuri told him he still needed her help. She kept speaking sotto voce because Erik was still in the room. She ended the call and ordered Erik to go to bed because she had to go out. He sarcastically replied that she was ordering him to go to bed so she could go out on a hot date with who knows who. When she started to scold him he said he didn't care and went to his room. She went out.

Bernal went to his car and found her waiting for him. She handed the bar back to him. Without it there would be nothing connecting him to the crime scene although other evidence would prove that the victim knew him. He noted that this would be the first instance of her perjuring herself. She confessed being conflicted about that but would do anything to bring Borgetti down. He had sent Rico and Rivera on another case to keep them away from this crime scene. It was pure luck that she had been in the office to answer the phone.
Bernal was sure that this was Borgetti's work because he got to the crime scene a little too fast. This could not have been coincidence. Borgetti wanted him out of the way. With the retrieval of the bar and removing the car it would not be so easy. Kuri said he could count on her.

At that moment Borgetti was in the warehouse drinking tequila directly from the bottle in front of his captive. He ripped open Julio's pant leg and poured some on the bullet wound.

Kuri suggested that Bernal take the card out of his cell phone just in case. He told her to go home to her son.
He hates me, Patricio,” she said.
We all hate our mothers.... at least during adolescence.”
He thanked her, saying she was more than a colleague. She was also a friend. He kissed her hands and they briefly hugged.

You are luckier than the woman I killed tonight,” Borgetti said. “It was divine.”
My wife? My mother?” Julio tried to conceal his anxiety.
At least it matters to you if I had killed your wife. Don't tell me to tell you whom I kill.”
My mother, my child –”
Borgetti quietly gloated.
Tell me. Tell me who you killed.”
Borgetti took a large sip of the tequila.
This stuff is good. Her name was Ema. She was a friend of Elena Lopez. You know Elena's mother.” He watched Julio's face. “Yes, you know her. She was the woman in Ciudad Real who took care of you when you couldn't remember anything. Was that how you met Elena? Answer me.”
Yes. That's how it was.”
How well did you know her? Your reaction says you knew her to the core.”
He allowed Julio some tequila.
No. At the least she was your lover.” He laughed. “Well, well, well, we finally get to it. Elena is dead.”
What do you want?” [???]
Borgetti allowed him another sip.
What we're going to do is to save your life.” He chuckled to himself as he left.

Jackie texted the others to meet her in the park. She sent the message and then received one from Bernal.
All is well; I'll tell you the details later. Sleep well. Kisses.

Borgettii went home and put on his stereo headphones. As he listened to the Summer conerto of Vivaldi's Four Seasons he replayed the details of the murder he had just committed. He conducted the music at the same time.

Ramirez and Rico delivered their report the following morning. Two women known to have been involved in prostitution and drugs were at the house in question but nothing unusual had happened. They didn't find the relevant weapon. Kuri raised the subject of the other murder case, but Borgetti said he wanted Rico on that. He told Rico to start checking cell phone records. Ramirez said they should be checking the bordello that the women had worked in, especially the clients from recent weeks. Borgetti paused for a moment and agreed.

Bernal went to the commissioner's office and was told he was out of the country for three or four days. He left his cell number with the secretary and requested a return call.

Kuri tried to get Borgetti to release her from paper pushing but he wouldn't, even without an immediate replacement for Bernal. Tania and her son's former girlfriend arrived and Kuri talked to them. Borgetti recognized Señora Zaldiviar and paused. The two women wanted to talk to Rico but they were willing to talk to Kuri when she told them that Rico was not immediately available.
Julio Zamora called Señora Zaldiviar and told her it wasn't Zacarias who put the bomb in the yacht.”
Borgetti insisted they come into his office.

Bernal called Señora Lopez and confirmed that her daughter didn't know the murder victim. However, Commandante Ogarte had visited and certainly passed the information to Borgetti. He thanked her and said he would call her back.

The three widows met in the park. Jackie and Katia asked about Eddy and she said all was going well. Neither Diego nor Isabella was asking about Julio, which had made her feel suffocated. She felt good with Eddy; she was taking it slow. Jackie told the others about the murder and that Bernal was being set up as the perpetrator.


Thank you so much, Urban! I have to say I love Borgetti. Most villains would have tried to kill him but blaming Bernal for the murder of Zulema was genius!

I need to stop rooting for villains but when they're as good as this I can't help it.

I cheered when Jackie popped out and saved her man. If she wasn't responsible for the yacht explosion I would hope they'd get out unscathed but this is a morality tale at the end and they have to pay somehow for all they did.

I forget when it was mentioned, but will Sandro really take Katia to the alter just to dumb her? That seems so excessive as she's not even part of the creme de la creme so her public humiliation would be small.

UA: Borgetti is a SADIST.... a freaking sadist! He carved that woman up like a turkey!

1.) Lorenzo

2.) Nicolas

3.) Zacarias

4.) Elena Lopez

5.) 9 test subjects from Farmateca

6.) Ema Zulema: That was GORY watching her die like that.

Not surprised the sadist corrupt Police Commissioner has framed Bernal for Zulema's violent death.

Alfredo: I cringed watching that murder scene: I almost vomited.


Also, your approacj is anything but bare. Thank you so much for all the detail and dialogue your provide :)

I believe Julio asked why he didn't just kill him why Borgetti gave him water and Borgetti told him they were going to save his life. There's still plenty of things Borgetti needs Julio for and he's proven to be anything but dumb.

Katia with a gun...this cannot end well but I hope she gets rid of annoying ass Jimena and Catalina.

Borgetti is probably the most intelligent villain I've seen to date in novelas. Obviously because of his position. He hasn't framed Bernal for this murder but he will probably try it again.

As to whether Sandro will take it all the way to the altar to humiliate Katia, I'm not sure. He's in cahoots with Catalina so if that's what she wants he may just give it to her unless Katia catches on before that. The irony of it is that this action would be as declassé as she wants to think Katia is.

Alfredo: We'll see if you're right about Katia getting rid of Jimena & Catalina.

UA: I still don't feel sorry for Katia. If Sandro & Co., plot to destroy her, I say GOOD!


Before reading the recap, which by the way I thank you, Urban immensely, and even and before getting to any of your comments I want to say:

Why Do Bad Guys, Evil Guys, Torture-loving Guys always like CLASSICAL MUSIC????
I think it's a travesty and an insult to classical music-lovers everywhere. We certainly don't get to see Gonzalo listening to classical music, not Dahhvid listening to classical music. Ya Basta. Even Dave Mejia doesn't listen to classical music--although he's been very busy saving his own life lately.

Ah, yes, the well-practiced Sendel-cell-throwing was beautifully executed.

Anita, I would love to know if there is a connexion between that trope and the decline in appreciation of classical music; I'm more inclined to believe that it's due to music appreciation no longer being taught in so many schools. We will not get into the politics of that here.

The articles I've seen on this subject point to the designation of such villains as Evil Geniuses. If he loves classical music -- or opera -- he must be very well-educated and intelligent. He could also be well-connected since (as we both know) this can be an expensive addiction.

I've seen at least two novelas in which Enrique Rocha's characters were opera lovers. One was Las Vias del Amor where he is a mob boss who courts the virtuous widow (Daniela Romo) and explains opera to her. I don't remember what the other novela was but I have never seen him portray any character that wasn't at least close to filthy rich. My gut also tells me that Senor Rocha is an opera fan.

There is a Belgian-born actor named Ronald Gutman who has been in various episodes of the three Law & Order series as suspects with professions such as art gallery owner and symphony conductor... and I've seen him at the Met.

The other reason is that there is so much great dramatic classical music that can be used for emphasis in a scene's music and there are no royalties to pay.

Cavalleria Rusticana is referenced in all three of The Godfather films. Think of how many times you've heard Also Spracht Zarathustra, Carmina Burana, and Ride of the Valkyries used for dramatic effect.

And is there any composer today who can outdo Beethoven?

Thank you Urban for the wonderful, and totally not bare recap. I'm commenting late I was out and about all day, and just got thru reading recap.

Excellent episode, man my heart stopped when I saw Borgetti show up and knew that Ema was a gonner. I agree with you Alfredo Borgetti is an excellent character.

And yes Jackie came to the rescue, this couple is my favorite and Jackie is a super smart character.

Now the fact that Borgetti's plan was foiled is amazing, but that will just make him salivate more for Bernal's blood.


Sandie: What if Borgetti goes after Jackie ? I mean he is a twisted psychopathic serial killer.

1.) He HATES kids.

2.) He loves killing people, even close friends.

3.) Corrupt Police Commissioner.

4.) He's got more tricks up his sleeve.

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