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PREMIOS TVyNOVELAS 2017: Stevey's Thoughts on the Upcoming March 26th Awards Show



Hi everybody, Stevey here!!       
Recently, while I was enjoying a martini over on the ECDLP patio, mention was made of the 'awards' that it had (or had not) won.  This led me to reflect that a lot of people up in the ‘Northern Parts’ might not have any idea what everybody was talking about.  Seeing as they are, sort of, a 'big thing' (like Mexico’s answer to the Emmy Awards), that this year’s awards ceremony is coming up on Sunday, March 26th, AND that you guys are just as much a part of this delightfully idiosyncratic Latin American television entertainment drama known as the telenovelas… I thought I'd do a little posting as to what’s going on, and about the nominees for this year’s big event.  I hope that you guys enjoy it, find it useful and/or interesting… and I really look forward to whatever discussion, conversation, supposition, or hypothesizing might result of it between everybody!!  Here goes...
The 'Premios TVyNovelas' are the big yearly awards show for all Televisa programming (which is where all of the programs that you all watch on Univision come from), and is the largest and most prestigious awards show in the country.  While there are a great number of awards given out, the greatest part of both the awards and of the show in general is devoted to the genre that has been the cornerstone of Latin American television since it’s inception- the telenovela.  This year's ceremony (the 35th) will be held at the Forum Imperial Mundial in Acapulco on March 27th, and most assuredly, any and every television actor or personality in the entire country will be there.  Hosted this year by Maite Perroni and Christian de la Fuente, there is the same amount of speculation, prestige, and general hoopla about these events as we would find with our own Emmy Awards, with tonnes of people predicting the winners leading up to the event, live-tweeting the results during, and then arguing over the both the deserving and not-so-deserving winners afterwards!  I just thought that considering you guys here are very much a part of this wonderful little slice of Mexican culture, you might like to be apprised of this, too!
There are a total of 27 categories in this years awards.  20 of these are telenovela related and then we have Best Series, Best Actor in a Series, Best Actress in a Series, Best Comedy Program, Best Entertainment Program, Best Unit Program, and Best Program of Restricted TV, to round out the 27.  In case you're wondering what defines a Telenovela from a Series, I at one point in time would have posited that I believe a 'Series' is something that continues into different seasons, and perhaps possibly also is of a much shorter length than the usual minimum 80 that we find in telenovelas.  However, now that this years nominees are out, I have to confess to you all that apparently… I really haven't got the slightest f**king clue!   Before we head into all of this year’s nominees, and because it’s a matter than does affect some of our patio-dwellers here, I'll try and shine some light onto things in regards to what I’m talking about...
For 'Best Series' this year, the four nominees are ‘Blue Demon’ (based on the life of the famous Mexican professional wrestler)‘, ‘Login’ (an ‘interactive’ series, the first season of which was called ‘Logout’), ‘Yago’ (recapped here), and Mujeres de Negro (currently being recapped here).  Now, Yago's presence here belies my original idea that a 'Series' was different from a 'Telenovela' in that a 'Series' can continue into it's next, new season as- people here who watched it, please correct me if I'm wrong- ALL of the major lead characters (Yago, Sara, Lucio, etc.)… they DID die, right??  So, even had it been a ratings bonanza (which, alas, it wasn’t, but not necessarily due to a lack of quality in any way), there isn't any way it could be continued into a 'Season 2', right?? From what I understand, ‘Blue Demon’ (about the, of course, VERY FINITE life of an actual person), is much the same way.  Seeing as ‘Blue Demon’ was only 40 capitulos, ‘Yago’ was 65, AND we have ‘Mujeres de Negro’ (with 50 capitulos) ALSO in this category… perhaps, then, my supposition that perhaps a ‘Series’ is differentiated from a ‘telenovela’ based on it’s LENGTH, is the way to go here….
But then I get confused upon the realization that 'La Candidata' only had 61 episodes (4 less than ‘Yago’) and, with the most nominations of anything ever in the history of these awards shows, it is most DEFINITELY in the 'Telenovela' side of things as far as these awards are concerned!  My  confusion is momentarily assuaged when I remembered that LC had ORIGINALLY been slated for more, but was apparently ordered to hasten it's ending so that the network could avoid becoming enmeshed in any scandal or political fallout (as had occasionally flared up both during it’s production, and once it began airing), due to the upcoming Mexican Presidential Election (where one of the candidates is the wife of an ex-President).  So it MUST be (I thought) that 'La Candidata' was allowed to compete in the 'Telenovela' category based on the original, intended number of episodes (and we won't even get into the fact that even this would still have put it a little below 80...)
Then I realized that 'Sin rastro de ti' (with 13 nominations ALSO, then, firmly ensconced on the ‘telenovela’ side of things) only had a total of 16 capitulos IN IT’S ENTIRETY, and that’s when I threw my hands up in the air, gave up, and opened another bottle of wine.
So, friends, I'm afraid I don't know why we have what we have, but I'll try and explain what there is as best as I can.  Without devoting too much time on them, but wanting to include them somewhat because one or perhaps even two of them might be on some of your radars, here are the nominees for the three 'Series' related categories.  Because I am personally unfamiliar with two of these productions, I’m afraid that I don’t really feel like I’m in any position to offer any sort of balanced analysis or opinion for you guys, but anyway, here they are:
Best Series
Mujeres de negro
Blue Demon
Best Actress in a Series (note- both acting categories for series’s allow for only one nominee per series):
Ana Brenda Contreras - Blue Demon
Laura Montijano - Login
Mayrin Villanueva - Mujeres de negro
Gabriela de la Garza - Yago

Best Actor in a Series
Tenoch Huerta - Blue Demon
Alan Alarcón - Login
Diego Olivera - Mujeres de negro
Iván Sánchez - Yago

Now …
Moving on, then, into somewhat more familiar territory, here are all of the contending telenovelas that have been nominated for any of this years 20 different awards categories...
Going from the most nominated to the least nominated, we have:
La candidata (20 nominations) **This sets a record for most nominations of any telenovela**
El hotel de los secretos (17 nominations)
Sin rastro de ti (13 nominations)
Tres veces Ana (11 nominations)
Vino el amor (9 nominations)
Corazon que miente (9 nominations)
Un camino hacia el destino (6 nominations)
Los amazonas (6 nominations)
Sueno de amor (6 nominations)
Simplemente Maria (2 nominations
Despertar contigo (2 nominations)
You should all please note that while the record-setting overall number of nominations for 'La candidata' IS impressive, it doesn't necessarily mean anything!  Historically, the voting academy has actually NOT rewarded the most nominated telenovela with a proportionate number of awards.  Before, LC with it's 20 nominations, the most nominated three telenovelas were 'Antes muerte que Lichita' last year (19 nominations. It won 3), 'Abismo de pasion' (18 nominations. It won 6), and 'La sombra del pasado' (which, with 17 nominations (it won 3) tied it with a telenovela back in 1986, 'Vivir un poco' which also had 17 nominations (of which it won 7), both of which are now joined by EHDLS with IT'S 17 nominations.  
The actual number of categories there are has also changed a little bit in the years since the awards inception (as I said, we're on the 35th year this year).  So, leaving aside the actual NUMBER of nominations, overall, the most prestigious honor of having being nominated in EVERY single category that is available that year is now shared between three telenovelas-'La Candidata' (20/20), 'Abismo de pasion' (18/18) and 'Vivir un poco' (17/17).
If we REALLY wanted to get nit-picky, it should also be noted that the number of nominations that LC, AMQL, and LSDP achieved could also be a reflection on the fact that the number of nominees has increased in the past three years, going in 2014 from four nominations for every category (except Best Telenovela. This was actually the first and ONLY year there were four final nominees per category- in all other years past there had been but three) to five.  So, then, back in 1986, there were 17 possible categories to a telenovela could be nominated for something in, but only three total nominees for each of those 17 categories.  Now, we have 20 possible categories and five total nominees.  Does this saturate the playing field?  Lower the standard of quality in the eventual nominees?  Award mediocrity?  Encourage competition? Make for a more exciting awards show?  Who knows?  WHO CARES?????  On to the nominees!!
We'll start with the acting awards, leading to the awards for best direction, camerawork, and song, and finally work our way through the big ones, with best story and best cast, and wrap it all up with the award for The Big One.  Sound good?
Here we go!
We'll start with the leads...

Irene Azuela - El hotel de los secretos
Silvia Navarro - La candidata
Adriana Louvier - Sin rastro de ti
Angelique Boyer - Tres veces Ana
Claudia Álvarez - Simplemente María
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Angelique Boyer.
Why?  One word: 'triplets'.  
Whatever one may have thought of the novela (and it was, uh, ‘polarizing’, as most of Angelli Nesma Medina’s productions generally are), or her perfomances, to take on three very distinct roles in the same production at the same time is an almost Herculean feat.  She deserves this.
Other thoughts: Irene Azuela was wonderful in EHDLS, made even more impressive considering it was her debut with Televisa.  I really don't feel that Silvia Navarro will win this year for LC  (unless this is going to be a LC-sweep kind of year), but I am also frequently wrong about things!  I also don't believe that Adriana Louvier will win two in a row (as she won this award for her last project, YNCELH), and Claudia Alvarez, while acquitting herself perfectly respectably in the SM remake, did nothing that I feel will compete with Sra. Boyer and her three Ana L’s.  

Pablo Lyle - Corazón que miente
Erick Elías - El hotel de los secretos
Víctor González - La candidata
Andrés Palacios - Las amazonas
Sebastián Rulli - Tres veces Ana
My thoughts:
Award goes to Erick Elias.
Why?  While I would put him at almost even odds with Victor Gonzalez in LC, Sr. Elias Rabinovitz has done consistently solid work with Televisa since 2007 ('Tormento en el paraiso') and was very good in EHDLS.  These two factors combined I think give him the advantage over Sr. Gonzalez in his first role with the network in 10 years (‘Bajo las riendas del amor’ in 2007).  While I feel that Sr. Gonzalez’s ‘Gerardo’ was a much better, much more noble and ‘heroic’ character than that of Sr. Elias in EHDLS- very similar to the ‘Max’, the wonderful galan that Gabriel Soto played so well in YNCELH- the voting bodies overlooked Sr. Soto (Sebastian Rulli won for LQLVMR) that year, I see no reason why they would award it to Sr. Gonzalez this year, over someone who’s slogged his way up the provebial ladder.
Other thoughts- Pablo Lyle should NOT win it for CQM.  I don’t believe that he ought to have won it last year except that this was a category with an UNUSUALLY weak field of nominees (Arath de la Torre for AMQL, Jorge Salinas for his dreadful work in PyP, Juan Diego Covarrubias for ‘La vecina’ (he won this award in 2014 for DQTQTQ), and Osvaldo Benavides for his role in half of AQNMD).  Two in a row?  Ain’t gonna happen…  Sebastian Rulli and his dual personalities, neither one of them particularly engaging?  God, I hope not… And then we have Andres Palacios in ‘Las amazonas’
Next up, MY favourites!!

BEST ANTAGONIST ACTRESS (the best evil female of the year)
Diana Bracho - El hotel de los secretos
Nailea Norvind - La candidata
Ana Layevska - Sin rastro de ti
Sabine Moussier - Sueño de amor
Azela Robinson - Vino el amor
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Nailea Norvind.
Why?  Well, this year’s villana’s are noticeably shy (alas!) of a full-on murderous psychopath a la ENDA’s Carlota, CME’s Fina, TDA’s Bernarda, or AQNMD’s Nuria (all past winners).  This year seems to be more like the year that Chantal Andere won for Minerva in ‘Destilando amor’ (there were REEE-ally slim pickings that year- only a total of six novelas nominated for anything!), or Monika Sanchez’s Nadia in ‘Laberintos de pasion’, or Eugenia Cauduro’s Magdalena in ‘Alguna vez tendremos alas’, where we hate the villana not necessarily because of the insane body count she wracks up or the evil in the deeds that she commits, but in terms of how much of an ‘antagonista’ she is (for whatever reasons) towards those who stand for the forces of good in the story.  If, then, it is like this year… with no budding Catalina Creel’s coming out of the woodwork, then I think Sra. Norvind should get the top prize, as her Teresa is a real piece of work!  ALSO, with Teresa, Sra. Norvind was given what in many ways would be considered a typical telenovela papel ('the galan's nasty wife who's trying to impede the path of true love, etc.')… but (with, of course, due credit to the writers) turned it into something equally parts fascinating and hateful.  Her Teresa was a complex, warped, and thoroughly twisted little spitfire... but you couldn't take your eyes off her.  
There are two other actors that I also think are in the running, however, those being Azela Robinson and Diana Bracho.  Let me explain why...
Much like Sr. Elias (who is, as we’ve discussed, competing for Best Lead Actor this year), Azela Robinson has been one of Televisa's busiest and also most dependable actors for over 20 years, and has provided them with consistently great work, including SEVEN "main" antagonists (!!!).  She is also among their best go-to villains for her age bracket (much like Julian Gil), something which is important to the network, and as such the voting people may want to recognize this.  Lilian IS definitely one of her weaker villains, but this is mainly the fault of the writers (who don't give her much else to do but be bitter and sour whilst reading and drinking wine).  Yet she shows some really impressive acting chops towards the end of the novela (about which I will not say more, lest you break out the tar and feathers), and on those (very few) opportunities that they have given Lilian to try and be formidable, malevolent, or threatening (in this case, alas, just a few random scenes opposite Cynthia Klitbo), she still shows that she can point words menacingly and command a scene as good as anybody.  Another possible factor to consider is that the last time she was nominated (for her rabid, poisonous Josefa in YNCELH), though she lost out to Daniela Castro in LQLVMR (something which I STILL think was a sin as, though Sra. Castro chewed scenery all throughout the novela... Sra. Robinson was positively feral as Josefa.  I actually thought that one OTHER actress nominated in that category that year, ALSO was more deserving of the trophy, that being Claudia Ramirez in LCDLP, which is something that re-visiting that show with all of you recently only reinforced in me), Sra. Robinson DID win the award for 'Favorite Villain' AS VOTED BY THE PUBLIC, which was something that they did here for a few years (it stopped last year), wherein the audience could vote in their choices a la 'American Idol', and the winner would get a SEPARATE trophy.  Anyway, the voting bodies might also take that factor into consideration....   
Diana Bracho, well, it's Diana Bracho, and what more needs to be said about that?  She was- perhaps needless to say- marvelous as Teresa in EHDLS and, a she winds down this stage in her career (she turned 72 in December), voters may feel it's appropriate to give her a big hurrah to one of the true living legends of- not just telenovelas- but of Mexican film, television, and acting in general.  A win this year would also make her the only actress with three 'Best Villain' trophies (she previously won for her Eugenia in 'Capricho' (the telenovela ECDLP was based, where she was, of course, the 'Rebeca' role in ECDLP), and for her Gabriela in FELS), and that might also be considered a great way to say "thank you!" to someone who can still give the network- not just a great villain- but a great performance in general, as she has in her over-30 years with the network (her first role was the lead heroine role in 'Cuna de lobos' in 1986).
As to the others… Ana Layevska as the husband-coveting sister to Adriana Louvier’s heroina in SRdT was the kind of character you just really wanted to smack, but is that enough to win?  She also (not to flog a dead horse) only had 16 capitulos to bring on the evil… I just don’t think that’s enough to warrant competition against any of these other nasties.
And then we have Sabine Moussier.  Poor Sabine Moussier.  She deserved better than SdA… (who didn’t???).  And let’s just leave it at that, shall we?  
ONE question DOES beggar to be asked, however.... where the hell is Kimberley Dos Ramos in all of this????  Am I alone in thinking, as disappointed as I was in this novela, that she was at least worthy of some sort of recognition- even if just a nomination for SOMETHING- for bringing the murderous, obsessed, manipulative Graciela so vividly to life???   
Okay, now for the men…

Alejandro Tommasi - Corazón que miente
Jorge Poza - El hotel de los secretos
Juan Carlos Barreto - La candidata
José Elías Moreno - Sin rastro de ti
Julián Gil - Sueño de amor
My thoughts:
I put Juan Carlos Barreto at even odds with Jorge Poza.
Why?  Sr. Poza was quite simply, a perfect villain in EHDLS.  It was a towering performance.  Is this really the same actor that gave us the sensitive, gentle, blind, doomed, high-school teacher Sebastian in ‘Alma de hierro’???  How times have changed (along with hairlines… (lol))
Sr. Barreto in LC, on the other hand, rather than being towering, gave us a more sinister, more chilling, more diabolical performance in LC.  Totally different villains- one more aggressive and violent, the other more diabolical.  I put them, then, at even odds because I don't know which way the voters will be leaning.  
If... IF... I had to be asked to provide a possible spoiler for these two gentlemen, it would have to be Alejandro Tommasi in CQM, if for no other reason than the character (known as Demian in CQM, and Genaro in the original version, 'Laberintos de pasion', (where he was played by Manuel Ojeda) is one of those roles that could be almost be considered 'archetypal'.

BEST LEADING ACTRESS (formerly called ‘Best First Actress’, by ‘leading’ they mean leading by experience.  This is award for the old pro’s, who may not be ‘heronias’ anymore due to their age, but are still an integral part of the story they are in)
Daniela Romo - El hotel de los secretos
Helena Rojo - La candidata
Blanca Guerra - Tres veces Ana
Patricia Reyes Spíndola - Un camino hacia el destino
Cynthia Klitbo - Vino el amor
My thoughts:
Award goes to Helena Rojo.
Why? As Nailea Norvind did with her performance, Sra. Rojo was given a stock telenovela role (the villain's long-suffering mother, with a beast for a husband and a a**hole for a son), but with a huge twist that's totally unlike anything any similar 'aged long-suffering mother' roles have ever had.  I’m afraid I can not say more as this novela hasn’t aired up there yet, but the end result was that Sra. Rojo created a truly wonderful and memorable character.  Her performance as Natalia reminded us that Sra. Rojo (who has worked with the likes of Peter O'toole, Werner Herzog, Max Von Sydow, and pretty much every important Mexican director of note) has been one of the most important actresses of her generation , and still is.
The other possible contender that I have for this category would be Daniela Romo in EHDLS for showing us that Daniela Romo does not NEED to be in the 'lead' or have the 'showiest' role to totally command every scene that she is in.
I don’t believe that she SHOULD win for this in the least, but I'm not sure what the judges use in their determination of a winner, and so as such it should probably bear mentioning that Cynthia Klitbo (who I did NOT like in VeA, either her OR her sanctimonious, 'sufrida' hypocrite) DOES have a couple of really kick-ass scenes in this novela (again, I will not say more).  If she DOES win, it would be something of a miscarriage of justice if one looks at her entire body of work throughout the novela in addition to just a few scenes, but if that’s what the voting bodies base their decisions on then it will be an understandable one, and I just hope that if she does win that Sra. Klitbo buys the person who was responsible for piecing together and putting forth her submission to the voting academy (or however it is they do it) a pie or a box of cigars or something along those lines, for obviously the picked the right, few, scenes...  
Neither of the other two ladies- while acquitting themselves very well, both of them- I do not feel are quite on par with the aforementioned.

BEST LEADING ACTOR (again, formerly ‘Best First Actor’, these nominees may no longer be the ‘galan’ due to their lack of youth, but the production would not exist without their characters)  
Alexis Ayala- Corazón que miente
Jesús Ochoa - El hotel de los secretos
Patricio Castillo - La candidata
César Évora - Las amazonas
Eric del Castillo - Tres veces Ana
My thoughts:
Award goes to Jesus Ochoa.   
Why?  This is the one category that I should think should be considered almost a sure thing.  He was simply wonderful as Detective Serapio Ayala is EHDLS, creating an absolutely delightful character.  It is no coincidence that he was chosen to be the leading man (in 'El bienamado'- his first telenovela lead role) so soon after his wonderful work in EHDLS
Possible spoiler: Eric del Castillo
Why? He made Evaristo into someone incredibly memorable and reminded us that- at age 86- he's still got every bit of the presence and the gravitas that he's always had.
I must say that I am surprised at... no nomination for Gustavo Rojo in UCHED.  Camino peeps, back me up here!  Sr. Rojo's Don Fernando- tortured by Alzheimer's- was a wonderful creation.  For Sr. Rojo to do this so masterfully at the ripe old age of 93 is simply incredible.  For that alone, he deserves something!
(Forgive me, I’m going to try and be a little bit more on the side of brevity, as I recognize how shockingly long this is, already…)

BEST CO-LEAD ACTRESS (this category would be what WE would consider ‘Best Supporting Actress’- not necessarily top-billed, but an equally important character as the heroina or galan)
Leticia Huijara - Despertar contigo
Ilse Salas - El hotel de los secretos
Susana González - La candidata
Grettell Valdez - Las amazonas
Eugenia Cauduro - Un camino hacia el destino
My thoughts:  
Award goes to Ilse Salas. With reservations…
Why?  Sra. Salas- also in her first telenovela role- made Belen a compelling character that was always fascinating to watch.  This was one role and one character that was in every way better than her counterpart in the original ('Gran Hotel').  And while some might have expected this with the likes of Diana Bracho and Daniela Romo in the their roles, I think it is safe to say that Sra. Salas doing the same was the one that really blew our socks off.  
One other actor I think also has a very real and serious possibility to take the trophy home would be Eugenia Cauduro in ECHED, who gave an aching, touching, beautiful performance as Marissa.  This was one of the few examples where a character is etched and portrayed so well, that they audience deeply cares about her, and I defy ANYBODY to show me someone who followed this series that wasn't profoundly moved, even heartbroken, at her death.  (Camino peeps!  Am I right???)  
A final, darkhorse, candidate would be Susana Gonzalez for LC.  Anything this fine actress does has to be considered a viable candidate for an award (well okay, maybe not Julia in PyP.  I don’t understand HOW the producer and writers of that novela managed to make even this most magnetic and dynamic actress become such a damn bore…).  But here, with her Cecilia, it is her complexities and how, really, tortured she was (the poor thing has more issues than ‘National Geographic’), were what made her an incredibly interesting character (I found her to be a very worthy successor to her phenomenal Roberta in LSDP, and can’t help but wonder if that was a motivating factor in casting this actress for this role).  I did find, however, that throughout the novela Cecilia was often somewhat overshadowed by a lot of the full-on malevolence perpetrated by some of the other characters around her (I was quite surprised upon watching this novela to find that Sra. Gonzalez’s Cecilia (given top billing) seemed to take a back seat in the villana category to Nailea Norvind’s unhinged Teresa, to site but one example), and perhaps the voting bodies will feel the same way but, again, anything this talented actress does must always be considered in contention, and she was terrific here in LC, even incredible towards the end.  The thing that I feel is really what may make her the ‘darkhorse’ contender would be that she won this very award both in 2014 (for ‘Amores Verdaderos’) AND last year (for LSDP), and I just can’t see them giving the same award to the same actress 3 years out of 4 (even though I feel she would deserve it more for her work in LC than her work in AV, but perhaps that’s just me!).

BEST CO-LEAD ACTOR (as with ‘Best Co-Lead Actress’)
Diego Olivera - Corazón que miente
Carlos Rivera - El hotel de los secretos
Rafael Sánchez Navarro - La candidata
Ferdinando Valencia - Simplemente María
Juan Pablo Medina - Sin rastro de ti
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Carlos Rivera.
In spite of all the hype over LC, I don't believe that this statue is Rafael Sanchez Navarro's to take home for, though he was the catalyst for all of the action (being Silvia Navarro's corrupt and cheating, lying, scumbag politician husband), really, he didn't do much (apart from banging the odd bimbo) other than glower, frown, and look evil.  Considering that Sr. Sanchez Navarro and Susana Gonzalez were billed as the antagonists, I know I wasn’t the only one that was completely surprised when the villains that totally walked away with our well-deserved and well-warranted hatred were Juan Carlos Barreto's Mario and (as mentioned above) Nailea Norvind's Teresa.  Compared to pretty much every single other character in that novela, Sr. Sanchez Navarro's Alonso was also rather one-dimensional, so I don't think this award will be his to take home.  I also don't believe that Ferdinando Valencia will be the winner, either.  There was certainly nothing WRONG with the SM remake, there just wasn't anything really spectacular about it to elevate it above the fray, something which really, could also be said for Sr. Valencia's performance, too.  Likewise, Diego Olivera's work in CQM was indeed good, but wasn't anything earth-shatteringly spectacular.  IF Sr. Olivera does manage to win, I personally believe it will partially be to reward him for the fine work he did in MdN which, what with it being considered a 'Series' (more on that later), he is ineligible to be nominated for.
This leaves us with two.  If there was any actor in SRdT that was deserving of the award (and all of them were quite good), there is no argument why it shouldn’t be Juan Pablo Medina for his 'Tomas', but this just could be because of the papel he was given- the devoted best friend/co-worker of Adriana Louvier's 'Julia', who risks everything he has- his money, his marriage, his reputation, his life, whatever- to try and find his missing friend (who, of course, he is really deeply in love with).  And this isn't even the galan!  Who could possibly miss with that???  It was a great Televisa telenovela debut for this actor but, again, we come down to the same problem I've had with this production all along... it's only 16 capitulos long.  Can a supporting role in a telenovela that short really FAIRLY be considered viable competition?  This is why, for me, I think the award will go home with Carlos Rivera, who gave us a wonderful character to root for with his charming and sensitive Andres.        

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (this category would be given for performances in a role that isn’t lead or even necessarily vital or crucial to the plot or storyline, but where the actor/actress still made their mark, and impressed with their performance)
María Sorté - Corazón que miente
Pilar Mata - La candidata
Laisha Wilkins - Tres veces Ana
Arcelia Ramírez - Un camino hacia el destino
Verónica Jaspeado - Vino el amor
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Veronica Jaspeado.  Absolutely.
Why?  Sonia.  
Anyone that is watching the show will agree with me that- having said that- I don't really need to say anything else.
For anybody not watching the show, Sra. Jaspeado has given us one a truly outstanding, scene-stealing performance as the uh, shall we say 'eccentric' 'ama de llaves' of the house.  It is a delightful, incredible, truly hilarious performance that I think should firmly place Sra. Jaspeado at the front of the line when it comes to telenovela comedic actresses (alongside Ingrid Martz)- and this is in a novela that isn't even a comedy!  The character's counterpart in the original was nowhere NEAR what Sra. Jaspeado has given us with her Sonia, and she should rightfully be honoured for this.
If... again, IF... I had to be asked for an alternative, I'd say either Pilar Mata in LC, a hitherto comparative unknown who was really great as Susana Gonzalez's totally unscrupulous mother, or perhaps Laisha Wilkins in TvA for giving us, in Jenny, one of the few roles in that telenovela that was high quality, for being UNDERstated.  The latter could also be a case of awarding an actress for her fine work in two simultaneous productions of the same year, for Sra. Wilkins (an actress I always really enjoy- she was, I think, one of the few really GREAT things in QTPD) was also excellent as Lorena (not an insignificant role in any way, which is why I’m quite frankly surprised not to see her in any category here), in LC.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (as with ‘Best Supporting Actress’)
Eduardo España - El hotel de los secretos
Ari Telch - La candidata
Pablo Perroni - Sin rastro de ti
Otto Sirgo - Tres veces Ana
Juan Vidal - Vino el amor
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Juan Vidal… I think…
Why?  Sr. Vidal showed us true 'leading galan' qualities in VdA.  I shall, again, not say anything further regarding this, as the show is still airing up in the Northern Parts.   But this one is a toughie.  The fact that Sr. Vidal basically speaks English throughout the entire novela could be a factor against him (or a factor FOR him... who knows?).  Can one win an acting award based on presence, 'guapo-ness', and being able to actually SHOW emotions (show me a lady who didn't think it was actually kinda reeee-ally sexy when Sr. Vidal showed that he, too, could actually cry on cue)??  
Ari Telch was fantastic as, basically, one of the few decent operatives in the dirty world of LC, so he's an viable alternative here.  And Eduardo Espana as Jesus Ochoa's partner-in-solving-crime in EHDLS was also terrific.  Likewise, Pablo Perroni (previously Ivana’s wonderful gay BFF in YNCELH) also offered a great supporting performance in SRdT.  Otto Sirgo… meh.  I’d pretty much put them in the order I’ve talked about them in here, but it could go anybody's way...

BEST YOUNG LEAD ACTRESS (ahhhh… youth!)   
Karla Farfán - La candidata
Mariluz Bermúdez - Las amazonas
Renata Notni - Sueño de amor
Sachi Tamashiro - Tres veces Ana
Sofía Castro - Vino el amor
My thoughts:
Award goes to Sofia Castro.
Why?- Her father has given her tonnes of stuff to do in VeA, making her (whatever one's opinions of nepotism may be...  ) a viable and worthy recipient of the award.
Karla Farfan (an actress hitherto unknown to me) was provided with a similar papel of a young girl in the bud of adulthood, product of a broken home (in this case, a young girl tortured because she was stuck living with her sick, twisted, and destructive mother and away from her stable, sensitive father), and was absolutely terrific WITHOUT the histrionics.  Whereas Srta. Castro's Fernanda commanded our attention because of the extreme things she was called upon to do, acting wise, Srta. Farfan made us really FEEL for Ximena, and really made us care for her, and for all of this I personally would rather see her get the award, although I feel that Srta. Castro is equally deserving.  Karla Farfan’s work, I found, was just a much more 'human' performance, but it remains to be seen whether or not that resonated equally with the voters, or at least resonated with them enough for them to feel it warrants the award.    
If they’re going to give any award to SdA, it would probably be to Renata Notni.  Not because she deserves it, in my opinion, but just because she’s quietly become one of the most dependable young leading ladies that they have (terrific- especially considering it was her first starring role- in ‘Amor de barrio’, and now doing very well in her second leading role in the currently airing ‘Mi adorable maldicion’), and they might want to reward her for this by giving her an award for a role in a horrible telenovela that she came out of not looking too horrible (unlike this year’s host- Christian de la Fuente, to name but one…)

Josh Gutiérrez - El hotel de los secretos
Federico Ayos - La candidata
Juan Pablo Gil - Las amazonas
José Pablo Minor - Sin rastro de ti
Polo Morín - Sueño de amor
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Federico Ayos.
Why?  Jose Pablo Minor was great in SRdT, but won the same award last year (for PyP), and this voting academy (or whatever they are) are not generally the type to award the same person the same award two years in a row.   Juan Pablo Gil was good in Las amazonas, but I think that telenovela is destined (in some ways justifiably) to be an also-ran in pretty much every way this year.  Jose Gutierrez did great work as Jacinto in EHDLS, but his was one of many, many, many great performances in that large cast.  Sr. Ayos, however, WAS pretty much the lone representative of the 'youth' cast in the very grown-up LC and, considering he is nominated in ANOTHER category for his good work on ANOTHER series this year (CQM), I think he's pretty much a shoe-in to win one of them, and this one, I believe, is the one that he is more worthy of.  
With all due respect to Polo Morin (as with Sabine Moussier), I just can't believe that anything associated with SdA could ever win anything.  As I said before, I think if anybody’s going to get an award for their work in SdA it will be their new young leading-lady, Renata Notni (simply BECAUSE, as I mentioned above, she IS their new young leading-lady…).

BEST FEMALE REVELATION (who was the surprise in the telenovela that nobody saw coming?)
Jessica Segura - Corazón que miente
Regina Blandón - El hotel de los secretos
Michelle González - La candidata
Alejandra Robles Gil - Sin rastro de ti
Bárbara López - Vino el amor
My thoughts:  
Oooo... this one is interesting.  Michelle Gonzalez- hitherto unknown to me- was a great presence in La Candidata, as perhaps the one really, genuinely GOOD person, representing the hope and idealism of youth as it begins it's career, that all democracy needs if it is to survive.  However.... Alejandra Robles Gil, in the admittedly (not to flog a dead horse or anything…) reeee-ally short SRdT gave us another good performance.  In the four short years she has been with Televisa, Sra. Robles Gil has been in no less than SEVEN telenovelas, PLUS two series'.  She was also one of the ONLY consistently good things in the dreadful 'La Gata' (where she played Inez).  I can't help but think that this makes her deserving of SOMETHING!  Then we have Regina Blandon who was quietly wonderful in EHDLS and whose Matilde gave us- together with Jesus Ochoa's Serapio Ayala- gave us the couple that we all TRULY wanted to see have a 'Feliz para siempre'.  I would say either Srta. Robles Gil or Srta. Blandon, but would not be surprised if Srta. Gonzalez is the one at the podium, either....  

BEST MALE REVELATION (as with, of course, ‘Best Female Revelation’)
Federico Ayos - Corazón que miente
Carlos Rivera - El hotel de los secretos
Juan Martín Jáuregui - La candidata
Juan Martín Jáuregui - Sin rastro de ti
Santiago Ramundo - Sueño de amor
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Juan Martin Jauregui.
Why?  Because he's nominated- justifiably- for his roles in two separate productions in the same year!!!  This is why I believe that Federico Ayos will win the award for Best Young Male Lead, and Sr. Jauregui will win for either one of his performances in LC or SRdT.

BEST DIRECTION (who made the actors and scenes come off best?)
Francisco Franco y Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos - El hotel de los secretos
Eric Morales and Juan Pablo Blanco - La candidata
Walter Doehner and Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos - Sin rastro de ti
Claudio Reyes Rubio and Sergio Cataño - Tres veces Ana
Salvador Sánchez and Santiago Barbosa - Vino el amor
My two cents:
I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about direction, so I'm afraid I can't even hazard a guess here... namely because I have no idea what the criteria are that I'm supposed to be looking at!  Your guesses are as good as mine, folks! :-)

Marco Vinicio, Óscar Morales and Bernardo Nájera - Corazón que miente
Vivian Sánchez Ross, Manuel Barajas and Daniel Ferrer - El hotel de los secretos
Armando Zafra and Luis Rodríguez - La candidata
Walter Doehner and Luis Rodríguez - Sin rastro de ti
Manuel Barajas and Armando Zafra - Tres veces Ana
My thoughts: 
Award goes to Tres veces Ana.
Why?  Admittedly, I know nothing about direction or camerawork, but I think I can go out on a limb here and make a prediction in favour of TVA.  I’m only thinking this because I image it's a lot harder to shoot a scene with three people in it, if only ONE of those people is actually, physically there!!  But there’re the comments of an ignoramous if ever I’ve heard one! :-)

"Instrumental" - La candidata
"Que lo nuestro se quede nuestro" - Carlos Rivera- Sin rastro de ti
"Mi verdad" - Maná and Shakira - Sueño de amor
"Se puede amar" - Pablo Alborán - Tres veces Ana
"Mi camino eres tú" - Paulina Goto - Un camino hacia el destino
Now, here, i'm afraid… I’ll have to rely on you guys, as I must confess that the musical themes of ANY novela are the one thing that- without exception, i always >>FF>> through ('peppiness' nauseates me, and I can’t stand listening about luuuuurve (lol), so I really haven't a bloody clue about any of these.  But here are your choices, everybody... what do you think???

BEST ORIGINAL STORY OR ADAPTATION (this is the award for the writing, and the writers)
El hotel de los secretos
La candidata
Sin rastro de ti
Un camino hacia el destino
Vino el amor
My thoughts:  
At the risk of seeming totally wishy-washy and non-committal, I feel that this  could go two ways… rather like how awarding the prize for "Best Fruit" could be justified being given to either the apple or the orange, depending on what one's defining criteria are (I personally wouldn't award it to either fruit, but that's another story...).  I think that LC would win because it's a totally NEW story, and was a terrific one.  But, likewise, I think that EHDLS could win because it was a terrific adaptation, and was also a terrific one.  
Me, personally, I think LC will take this award, because the producer and writers of LC started from scratch.  EHDLS had great material to start with, rendered it faithfully, and even improved on it somewhat... but those 'somewhat's in many cases were as a result of the strength of it's cast.  For this reason, I give LC this award, and EHDLS the award for Best Cast (that we'll talk about below).  The two other productions beneath it, are like Jan Brady’s to the aforementioned’s Marcia’s.  SRdT was- like LC- a totally new script and story and very good… and while definitely more, uh, ‘daring’ in terms of being ‘out there’ (it involves a woman who was one minute happily engaged, then seemingly the next finds her fiancee MARRIED to her sister (which she soon realizes is easily explained by the fact that she vanished without a trace for four years.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens???))  I don’t feel was at the (admittedly very high) level of LC, (and by saying that I mean to take nothing away from it).  I guess it remains to be seen whether their criteria for determining what is the ‘best’ original story or adaptation is more based on the creativity of the story (SRdT), or the profundity of the story (LC).  There’s also the point to be made that the Powers That Be apparently believe that- 16 capitulos in total or not- Silvia Cano’s first foray as Executive Producer was good enough to warrant a whopping 13 nominations, and if there was one category I could see it winning, it would probably be this one, as opposed to ‘Best Telenovela’ or ‘Best Cast’.  But who knows?  They could be thinking of pulling an “it’s an honour just being nominated” on Sra. Cano and her crew.  I guess we’ll find out…
That’s things on the ‘Original story’ side of things…
Now, as to the “Adaptation” side of the coin, UCHED- like EHDLS- was a terrific adaptation of an original, but perhaps because with ‘Gran Hotel’ (one of the most successful Spanish novelas in memory), EHDLS had bigger shoes to fill, I simply feel that it has a better shot of winning this award than ‘Camino’ does.
Vino el amor was in no way a good adaptation of the original.  There were a few things that were better- performances, mostly.  The change in setting, and the subsequent incorporating into the story the plight of the illegal immigrant was a great one- new and bold and daring.  But that’s it.  I don’t feel that in any way he honored the potential that these new ideas that were incorporated into the story really had, nor did he do much to better the general script of the original Chilean production (whose production standards I just could not stand.  It was like watching a something a high-school theatre troupe would come up with).  I have to admit that I despise producer Jose Alberto Castro’s tendency to change his characters motivations and entire storyline based on audience reaction, with the end result being a production that had neither any real continuity, flow, or depth.  PyP, for as much as it was loved by a lot of people here (I think) was the most egregious example of this.  A despotic martinet who emotional and sexually abuses his wife to the point where she feels so trapped and imprisoned she keeps caged birds that she can nurture and relate to, as she gazes at them sadly and wistfully.  BUT… it’s Fernando Colunga with that clenched jaw!  And everybody remembers HIM so fondly as the dashing and heroic (), that he CAN’T be the evil villain!  SO… enter the psychotherapy, enter… enter…. enter a big, f**king mess, and at the end you have Fernando Colunga living ‘feliz para siempre’ with our hitherto raped, abused, and tormented heroina, his wife.  (Anybody that’s wondering, the original PyP ended with everybody celebrating in the church the wedding of the Jorge Salinas and Susana Gonzalez characters in the remake, and the (hitherto thought of as ‘thwarted’) Fernando Colunga character (Eladio) being driven off by his chauffer, smiling like Mephistophiles to himself, as we then go back to scenes of the celebration going on in the church… and then the camera pans down to the huge bomb that Eladio has hidden in the church, as it ticks down to nothing… (before it got to zero, the story ended).  VeA is the same.  I’m not saying that he should stick verbatim to any original story… but if you’re GOING to make changes, they ought to be for the better!  (I just can’t with this producer… )   

BEST CAST (This goes to the best ensemble. If you look at a telenovela as the sum of all of it’s parts, which of the parts, when put together, made the best complete whole?)
Despertar contigo
El hotel de los secretos
La candidata
Las amazonas
Tres veces Ana
My thoughts:
Award goes to El hotel de los secretos.
Why?  A huge cast, a lot of different things going on... and everything pretty much worked.  The cast in EHDLS had some big shoes to fill, what with the original 'Gran Hotel' being held in the esteem that it is.  That they did, not just a credible job, but a TERRIFIC job, tells me that there is no cast worthier of this award than this one.  The only real competition I see here is with La Candidata, but I still see it taking home the award for Best Telenovela, and see the great cast of EHDLS get this as a consolation, and an acknowledgement of what a great job they all did together.  

BEST TELENOVELA (the biggie, this is also the award for the best Executive Producer)
Corazón que miente
El hotel de los secretos
La candidata
Sin rastro de ti
Un camino hacia el destino
Vino el amor
My thoughts:  
For me, it could go three ways.  
La Candidata could win because it's a truly excellent production, innovative, daring, and totally different from the norm.  It is, I believe, the very first really 'cerebral' telenovela that I have seen come out of Mexico.  Love and happiness, and the whole notion of 'feliz para siempre' in the typical sense are decidedly not even a factor worth considering in this world here.  Instead, this is about right and wrong, and corruption, and justice, and about the venality that can exist in we human beings- how deep and profound it can go, how really inhuman it can make us, and how it can manifest within us for so many different reasons, too.  And it’s then also about how important it is, to fight against this venality however we possibly can, to prevent it from spreading, from infecting other people, or to draw into it others who might help it to sustain and spread itself further, and in so-doing taking over the few things that we can still cling to that make us decent, civilized beings in a good and healthy society.  I will argue that, with this production, Giselle Gonzalez did NOT 'raise the bar' at all when it comes to telenovela standards (I believe that she did that with her last production, YNCELH), but has done something even more praiseworthy- she has instead set up a totally new bar altogether to stand BESIDE the original one, and the genre- and certainly we viewers- will all be much better served should in the future there come to be other productions that will try and come up to the level of this new bar that now exists alongside of the traditional one.  For all of this, I think it could win.  ANOTHER factor that is POSSIBLY in it's favour is the fact that it is rather widely considered that the voting bodies two years ago majorly screwed up by not awarding Giselle Gonzalez's last production (the aforementinoed YNCELH) the top award... this in spite of it having swept literally EVERY SINGLE category in EVERY OTHER awards shows that were given out that year (I.e.-Premios ACE, Premios Bravo,…), ALSO swept even TvyNovela's OWN 'Favoritos del Publico' awards (where the winners are determined based on voting by the general public), AND won the most of the REST of the TvyNovela awards given out that year (it won 7. The 'Best Telenovela' award that year went to 'Mi corazon es tuyo', which only won two other awards AT ALL that year, plus the award for Best Song), which is something that the voters might be wanting to rectify that (I don’t know, as I’m not them).  But put all of this together, and I think you've got a strong argument pushing La Candidata towards the winners podium.
Likewise, El Hotel de los secretos could win it, too… and I believe it has just as just as valid argument in it's favour as well.  Like with LC, this was an excellent production.  It was also in many ways both a ‘safer’ as well as a 'grander' production- it was a return to the 'telenovela de epoca' that everyone loves so much, yet that require a hell of a lot more detail, care, and attention to be able to effectively come to life.  It was a 'grander' production in other ways, too- it had a huge ensemble cast, grand and exotic setting and costumes, music, mood, and generally speaking just on the PRODUCTION side of it (we'll leave aside the innovative and creative aspect of things, for which LC wins hands-down), it was a much more AMBITIOUS project than any others on offer this year, with everything done on a much larger scale.  For that alone, for harkening back to the grand telenovelas of yore that everyone remembers so fondly (that’s where the ‘safe’ part of my argument comes into the picture), for bringing it off so splendidly, as well as for being, in that way, a credit to the genre AS IT STANDS RIGHT NOW, EHDLS, could also be- justifiably- considered deserving of the trophy.  Interestingly also, the 'extenuating factor' that I mentioned above in regards to Giselle Gonzalez... also applies here as well with producer Roberto Gomez Fernandez.  Because, for HIS last production, ECDLP (which was, generally speaking, a pretty great production)… when the awards came around, ECDLP was nominated for 13 awards, the second most nominated telenovela of the nine that year!  And can you believe.... that it did NOT... EVEN... WIN.... ONE.  That, sadly for it, beat the ignominious record for the most nominations without a win in the 30-plus years these awards have been around (the telenovela that previously held that dubious distinction was 'Heridas de amor' in 2007, which was nominated for 12 awards without a win).  So... again, could the notion of wanting to honour a producer whilst also making amends for a prior injustice factor into this at all, in Sr. Gomez Fernandez’s favour?  Whatever the case, if you put all of these together, it could be argued that EHDLS also has a viable shot.  
I suppose one could get somewhat grandiose in theory and argue that to award LC would be sending a validation to the new, bold, and different- even controversial.  Whereas to award EHDLS would send a message that the highest praise should be given to those who most closely adhere to a more typical standard of what the telenovela has always been like and about… but only if it is done right, and meets the highest possible of standards.  Both sides, I believe, have merit.  So it’s a toss-up, for me.  
The third possibility on my list would be 'Un camino hacia el destino', and this is only if I were asked to choose one that I could see being a 'sleeper' kind of victor, for this would be it.  I say this because, really, the whole PRODUCTION was kind-of the sleeper hit that I don’t think ANYBODY saw coming!  The producer (Nathalie Lartilleux) had just come from two critical failures (though they may have been successes in terms of viewers, nobody- even it’s own viewers- really thought that they were in any way good), those being the disasters that were Corazon Indomable and La Gata (which became known in these parts as TSTSNBN (or “the show that shall not be named”), It also had a young actor in his first ever true 'galan' role (Sr. Pancheri's role in LSDP was more a 'co-lead'), a heroina in her very first leading role EVER, and elevated back to leading roles veteran actors that had ONCE been leads but now had been relegated to character or supporting roles.  Christ, when one looks at the cast list and sees the names of Ana Patricia Rojo, Rene Strickler, Gustavo Rojo, Rocio Banquells, Harry Geithner, and Manuel Landeta, one would easily be forgiven for thinking that one had stumbled back into the early oughts or late 90's!  But they all, to the last player, brought their A game.  Sra. Rojo showed she can still be just as imperious and evil a villain as she ever was (which says something, her telenovela pedigree is second to none), Rene Strickler at his age was playing very much the same kind of scoundrel role he last did over 10 years ago in 'Amar sin limites', and I could go on.  For all of her (numerous) faults, Producer Nathallie Lartilleux should be commended for having a vision and for having faith in her cast- the young, the old, the inexperienced, the forgotten, whatever- and for giving them a chance to shine.  And they, likewise, should be commended for shining upon having been given the chance that they were.  I think EVERYBODY was surprised that it was both the critical and rating success that it was (both critics and audience LOVED it), and it's refreshing to recognize that this was because it was a real, quality, old-school style novela.  Even more so than EHDLS, it was, then, a validation that the old ways- without anything really grand or spectacular- if done right, CAN still work.  And for all of these reasons,  the voters might choose to award IT the top prize, and to reward it for honouring in many ways so many of the SIMPLE things with which the classic telenovela was based on.
As to the rest...
I do not believe that VeA has a chance at winning.  While popular, it isn't actually a very good novela.  It succeeds NOT on the strength of the producer, writers, and director, but on the strength of (some of) the actors' performances, and for this reason it is THEY (if anybody) that should be individually heralded, NOT anybody in the production team (LEAST of all the producer himself).  Producer Jose Alberto Castro also won the top prize last year, which was also considered something of a miscarriage of justice (to explain- both his PyP and the novela that won the most awards that year (AQNMD)- were adaptations of classic Televisa telenovelas.  How is it, then, that one could win (as did AQNMD) the award for best script, best adaptation, best direction, and more acting awards than the other... and STILL lose the award for Best Telenovela?  How can one be considered the best of all of the things that MAKE a telenovela... and still lose the Best Telenovela award???  It just doesn't make any sense, especially considering that PyP had a hell of a lot more ‘star power’ as well as heavier promoting by the network on it’s side.  Anyway, because Sr. Castro won the award last year when it's still debated whether or not he should have... I don't believe he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning this year.  Nor, if you ask me, should he.  
Sin Rastro de Ti was a really cool production.  This was director Silvia Cano’s first ever production as Executive Producer, she was previously associate producer for both of Roberto Gomez Fernandez’s last productions (EHDLS and ECDLP) and he has championed her to the network as someone he feels is worthy of them giving a shot, and she did not let him or the network down… giving us a production that was very unique in style, in look, in direction and production.  Generally speaking, then- it worked!  It was also however, as I mentioned above, a grand total of 16 capitulos and... I don't know, maybe it's just me, but.... that in and of itself I think does not make it worthy competition to the work of performers- cast, and crew- who had to do pretty much the exact same thing (at least!) 5 times more and 5 times longer.  But again, maybe that's just me.  Couple in another factor, then, which is that the LAST time an Executive Producer was awarded the top prize for their very first production as Executive Producer, was in 1989 (Salvador Mejia’s ‘Esmerelda’, which is the reason he is still sometimes heralded as being ‘genius’ or ‘revolutionary, in spite of everything that he has done in the years since to convince us of the contrary), and I just do not believe that it’s at all likely to happen.  
Corazon que miente was a decent adaptation of a telenovela classic ('Laberintos de pasion').  It was in no way an improvement on the original, in spite of a few things that actually WERE, but in pretty much every way was decent.  Again, maybe it’s just me, but I just don't believe that 'decent' is worthy of the prize for best telenovela production of the year!  
What do you all think??

Theres the ol’ awards show upcoming in a nutshell.  What do you all think???  Ask me any questions you like, both about this awards ceremony, or any of the ones past… Im happy to help out any way that I can, and ANXIOUSLY await any thoughts, comments, or observations that you may have.  Take care, everybody!! :-)

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Hey stevey! Always great to hear from you. Im only at the leadig actress category but the info youve provided thus far is amazing. A big big thamk you! :D

Thw women have sure been snubbed in the award categories. Alejandra Barros was not nominated for her excellent Jackie (thus far) nor was Thelma Madrigal for Mariela in CQM. If Pablo Lyle can get nominated for aubpar work then she can for her wxcellent work but its almost as if shes constantly ignored. Add that to Kimberly Dos ramos snub and younhave a recipe for ANGER.

I read briefly you part about Marissa and ITA. I recently saw Caminoand Eugenia was wonderful as was the character. She deserved ao much hapoiness...

Stevey, I totally agree with you regarding two actresses: Eugenia Cauduro and Verónica Jaspeado.

I have always been Eugenia's fan and I generally like her in all her roles, but after the award she got in 2003 for her character in Niña Amada Mia, I feel this is the second time she really deserves to win. Her classy, warm-hearted Marissa was really unforgettable and yes, I confess I cried like a baby with her death, in a way I hadn't done in years watching a telenovela! This woman just deserved to be happy!

As for Verónica´s Sonia, what can we say? Her strange, eccentric yet good-hearted and romantic "ama de llaves" was just superb and I believe that the hilariously cute/passionate couple she made with José Eduardo Derbez (an excellent young actor in my opinion), and how much the Mexican audience actually liked them together, also played an important role in her nomination. Who will ever forget Sonia tenderly calling León "mi lion cub"?

I just want these two wonderful ladies to win next Sunday, I don't really care much about the rest of the categories to be honest.

Livia Brito won two in a row with Abismo de Pasion and Triunfo del Amor so I'm hoping Adriana Louvier wins for SRDT. I'd root for Silvia but it's rumored she doesn't want to and I'm still bitter she didn't even get nominated for Amor Bravio.

An actress I would never personally give an award to though, is Sofía Castro. I think she is a... ehhmm... mediocre actress (to put it nicely), who overacted a lot in the part she was given, and only got tons of scenes to play because she was the producer's daughter. I will be very surprised if she actually wins, as her performance was severely criticized by the Mexican audience.

Also, regarding Un Camino Hacia El Destino, can someone please explain to me why Arcelia Ramirez was nominated? Was Maribel's part so important or interesting to deserve a nomination? I didn't think so.

Thank you Stevey for this wonderful analysis!

Unfortunately since last year TVyNovelas awards lost credibility (at least for me) because, even if a selected group of TV critics decide the nominees, the winners are selected by the audience vote, which means: the most popular actor/actress/director/producer is going to win.

The distintion between "telenovelas" and "series" is about how much they center the atention in the romantic part and the main couple story (telenovelas are commonly more romantic, and series are less); another point is the series were first presented in diferent platforms (Blim, Cable channels, etc.) and not in Televisa Open channels.

About "Blue Demon" (in my opinion, the best serie) has 65 chapters distributed in 3 seasons; only two seasons were release by now -40 chapters-, there is no date yet for season 3, but is already done.

I think A.Boyer or S.Navarro might win the Lead Actress. P.Goto should been nominated instead of C.Alvarez cos she did nothing impressive in Simplemente Maria. I hope at least P.Goto wins the Theme Music award.

I'm also vouching for E.Elias for the Best Lead Actor. he did an excellent job in EHDLS. Aww! H.Pancheri didn't get a nomination as well sniff! sniff!!

As for the Best TN is going to be EHDLS or 3xAna or La Candidata. I also hope Lartilleux' UCHED wins some award..I'm a big fan of that TN. Oh! speaking of N.Lartilleux I heard she's coming up with an original story called "El Vuelo de la Victoria"

I have a theory about what separates a telenovela from a series in Mexico, which is different than in the United States, but I don't want to go into a rant about it because it would be very boring. I do think it has to do more with content than lenght.

The only telenovela I watched completely out of those nominated was Sin Rastro de Ti. I thought it would get nothing or almost nothing, not due to it being only 16 episodes but because I think the producer is new and this was her first work ever and it was so cheap to make, they didn't give her much of a budget and it wasn't supposed to air on tv, it was planned for Televisa's digital platform (which is the reason I watched it, since I'm not watching much tv anymore).

That said, I'm pleasently surprised. I agree with all its nominations except Jose Pablo Minor, who was given a tremendously likeable character but I felt his acting one note, and he still sounded like a rich fresa when he was playing a public university student from a middle class family, struggling to pay the rent. The complete opposite of that was Ana Layevska, who had a very typical antagonistic role but she made her SO interesting to watch that I think after a few episodes they decided to explore her more because they knew Layevska would knock it out of the park, which she did.

My most surprising nomination for SRDT was Jose Pablo Gil though, I LOVED Tomás, that weird creep! Such a sad character and I felt so badly for him but he was also very creepy in his love/obsession with Louvier's character.

In terms of the other nominees, I find it odd that Laisha Wilkins is nominated for Tres Veces Ana, her character didn't have much to do and died early. She did have more to do in La Candidata but that one had a bigger cast so I can see her missing there, I guess they just wanted to nominate her in some way or form lol.

Sueño de Amor getting 6 nominations, yikes. That's just wrong. And I can't believe it got more nominations than Simplemente María, neither was really good but SdA was atrocious and insulting to all women on Earth while SM was just dumb. At least in SM their main character's story and growth was respected, the main couple was likeable and the main triangle was believable, and they had gorgeous dresses that deserved an award of some kind.

We don't have candidates for the presidency, but we all know Margarita Zabala will participate in the primaries for her party. Although I'm not sure she will be the candidate. Which is why this whole scandal with La Candidata is ridiculous but Mexicans have very little patience with any political message they feel might be sent from Televisa. But it's still nice to see their nominations.

I think El Hotel de los Secretos could be the big winner of the night. I feel like most people at Televisa loved that one.


I meant Juan Pablo Medina!! Not Jose Pablo Gil! My brain is not working right now. Ugh. It's just that I was talking about Jose Pablo Minor and there is an actor named Juan Pablo Gil, so I just merged the names and completely left out poor Juan Pablo Medina's real name.


Wow Stevey this is amazing, thank you!

Sounds like LC was a really good tn. Is it scheduled to air here or did I miss it?

Thanks, Stevey. I'm intrigued. I didn't see most of the series/TNs listed here. All I saw were Hotel, Yago, Tres Veces Ana, and Vino el Amor - and I agree with everything you've said about them.

Gabriela de la Garza was fabulous in Yago, though. She kept us guessing and never let us down. I'd like to see her win for that.

Stevey - Thank you for this write-up. I had followed the nominations but obviously haven't seen most of the shows.

I'm a Camino fan and YES YES YES to what you said about Eugenia Caudero. Marissa was such a great character and she owned it. For Lisa, who asked about Arcelia Ramierez, that nomination is a head-scratcher. She played a kleptomaniac (and annoying) character who was supposed to be much younger and who Brandon Peniche's character ended up falling in love with. The patio here kind of made fun of that sub-plot. Their characters had zilch chemistry. I felt Horacio and Paulina got hosed with no nominations; hope that Paulina wins best theme song.

As for Camino the show itself, I hope your prediction is true that it might be a sleeper winner! I really loved it. As you said, an old-fashioned, lovely, quality show.

Now I'm watching Vino. I could be onboard with Azela and Cynthia getting awards. Really hoping the lady who plays Sonia wins, as you said, she steals the scenes she's in. As for Sofia Castro, her character is annoying and has been tantruming as of late. Maybe that's why Mexico didn't like her. I think she does OK acting-wise. The issues people with Vino go more towards bad writing, crazy plotting as if the writers had drunk too much vino, and the lead couple being a dud.

Dy, Arcelia's character in Camino was just indifferent to me. I didn't feel she stood out in any way and yes, that supposed "couple" with Brandon Peniche was just laughable. I will never get that nomination. On the other hand, I agree with you that both Horacio and Paulina should have been nominated. They deserved it.

People's problem with the leads of Vino in Mexico was that they felt they didn't really have a love story. I remember reading various comments like "Yeah, vino el amor... So where is that "amor" between Luciana and David?" The audience was just bored with them. I'm not surprised in the least that neither of the actors got a nomination.

Thank you Stevey,

I haven't seen LC nor Sin Rostro ( i doubt they will come our way, since one is too short to be considred a novela and another isnt much on the romance to be considered a novela also) so i cant really comment on those but I agree on Sra Boyer on her performance of the triplets. She deserves that. But since last year the fans are the ones voting and not the committee as it usually was. So Actors and producers with fanatic fans will likely sweeps these awards. (i have see some strong war on twitter especially on the best actress category between the fans of Boyer vs Silvia. I think one of these two will win, i dont see the other three winning especially with the huge following those two have on social media.

I just think there is no good outcome of this. Before fans got to vote for these awards the board of voters was being accused of favoring artists and producers and now fans are voting, and fans are accusing other fans especially the younger gen for voting for their favorites even when their favorites didnt produce a quality work.

Mmmm, Sofia C. should have been nominated for her role in EHDLS in another category.

Stevey--Thank you for all you work. Are you a professional TV critic in disguise? If not, you should be.

There are only a few tns I've been watching that lead up to this year's premios. I'm bummed that some of the ones nominated haven't been show here--yet.

I agree with dy that Camino's Horacio and Paulina should have been nominated in protag categories. Maybe they consider them too young to start earning big people's premios--and this being their first time out as leads.

Silvia N. is WAY OVERDUE. I would say just about every lead she's ever been (except MCET) she should have been nominated AND won. She's my favorite actress to watch. (Well, in MCET, she should have won best pole dancer ever. She was amazing and I understand she was already pregnant then.)

More later, as I think about it.

Gracias, Stevey. It's a shame we don't get this award program live.

I completely agree that Silvia Navarro is insanely overdue. I love that she is so natural and sincere and not overglammed like so many other actresses no matter the country we're talking about.

For direction I think that the criteria is about how to coordinate all the key elements of a program such as actor interaction, cinematography, and any sounds that enter whether they be music, sounds of nature, and sound effects.

I'll be very disappointed if EHDLS doesn't get major awards. It was the first novela de epoca in years and an excellent mystery story with great performances. We need more novelas like that.

Stevey, thanks for the complete run down.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts as unfortunately, I did not see many of the nominated shows.

I cannot see anyone surpassing Angelique Boyer's performance in TVA though. She was extraordinary. Verónica Jaspeado's performance elevated not only her character but is one of the best things about Vino. I have to give Sofía Castro credit as well. I think she deserves to win. She was given a lot of material but she executed it perfectly.

I agree with mi amigas dy and Anita that Camino's Horacio and Paulina should have been nominated. One of my favorites - ever.

UA, yes, what a shame we can't see this live.

Stevey, thank you for all the time and effort to provide all the nominations.


It's sad knowing that Silvia Navarro has never won for these awards. She has been amazing in all the things i have watched her in. I even enjoyed her on MCET in which most people didn't really like. (Havent seen her in La candidata but i can guess she was also amazing as always. Her fans are wrecking havoc on twitter wanting to bring this for her.

Vino just started here, but i hope Verónica Jaspeado wins this time for Vino. We loved her on LQLVMR especially my mom. She wouldnt stop talking about Josefina and when she saw that she was in Vino she said i'm going to watch this for her. she is overdue for this award.

Stevey, Thank you for this astute information.I think its great that you
Can process this stuff and have the
Patiences to type it out. It's a lot.Some I found Pretty interesting. I guess if someone Did this for the American Emmys&Oscars It'd be kinda cool. It takes a great Mind to do what you've done here.Most of these tn/series I haven't even seen But those I have I hope will win at least one.
I vote for vino but they probably wont
Just cuz I like it.The acting is good. I Really like the actress playing Sonia.
I got to liking her once she fell for Leo the lioncub and "her sr david".
Ok thanks Stevey.

Could someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me how I can watch the Premios tvynovelas on March 26th. It is not available on Univision -- I just checked my guide!!! Thanking you in advance

There was a time years ago and before the internet became of common use in Mexico when people voted for the winner filling out and sending ballots taken from the pages of TVyNovela magazine. Since feedback wasn't so quick to obtain and so available to the public most actors were surprised by the winner. While a "pannel of experts" did help in give the awards more respectability, the format of having them vote that day was not that great and some of the voters were obviously compromised before the award.

Nowadays, with the internet voting, audience awards are less significative. People easily vote 10 times from 10 different devices, so this is not just a popularity contest to see which actor has the most fans but also a contest of who has the most dedicated fans, willing to vote again and again for their favorite.

We don't really have a true prestigious award for TV because one like that would have to involve the other networks, not just Televisa. We do have one for film though, the Ariel (our Mexican version of the Oscar) so maybe one day they'll do these things right for tv.


It's a shame that Univision--or even Unimas--won't air this for at least a few weeks after it happens, but they're annoyingly consistent about that with most if not all of the awards shows occurring in Mexico. No idea why, either, unless it's some sort of weird dictate from Televisa itself (which still owns a piece of a piece of the network, if memory serves).

Oh, that is a shame we cannot see it, but I do believe that televisa has tremendous power, at least in Mexico and apparently figured it's just not worth it to them financially to broadcast it here. However thank you for providing that list. Maybe I can find this hugely popular La Candidata in my On Demand!! I will look for that especially since I think I'm giving up on La Piloto....too much violence and narco crap. Since Vino, which I do enjoy, is probably ending soon, I want to be sure I'm involved with something else. I always like to be watching 2 !
Is anyone else familiar with La Candidata? Or....does anyone have really good recommend for me

Angelique won best actress but you all know this was done by voting, Silvia Navarro had the highest I think but already said she wasn't interested in the award and does her work because she loves it and not to get recognized...Rulli won best Actor...Renata Notni won her category so did Polo Morin, Evora won his, Jaspeado won hers, Norvind hers,Carlos Rivera his...everything else went to LA candidata except TVA's theme song S3 puede amar by Pablo Alboran won best tema...when I mean LC won everything else I mean Susana, H. Rojo and co...I Am a big Navarro fan, she is Epic...better than Boyer,but triplets well...Navarro brings the best out of even her galans look at Victor Gonzalez,imagine her in a novela with Ivan, Erik or Rulli,she is outstanding...imagine if she played the lead in LA tempestad...well this is the last Boyer-Rulli pairing, so what next for them, think Rulli said he won't work with Nesma for a long while after TVA

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