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Mujeres de Negro 3.31.17 Chapter #32: Targeted

The police take away Tomas’ body to the morgue for the autopsy, per Borgetti’s orders. Ramirez asks Rico what is wrong, because he has a sourpuss face, but Rico asks him to be quiet. Borgetti turns his attention to them and commends Rico’s pursuit skills, which allowed Borgetti to capture Tomas. Borgetti thinks it’s a shame he had to kill him but that’s how the cookie crumbles. He shakes both their hands and thanks them. Rico tries to leave but Borgetti needs their help to search through Tomas’ room.

Sometime later, they all search the room and Borgetti orders the men to tag and catalog all the evidence they find. He tells Rico that he is the in charge and leaves. Ramirez announces that another case has been solved by Borgetti and he should get a promotion soon. Rico tells Ramirez that Tomas shouldn’t have died but Ramirez reminds him that he had no other choice.

In the parking garage, Borgetti takes out Tomas phone, wipes his prints, smashes it, and throws it in a nearby trash can. He then receives a call and chides the man on the other end for taking so long in getting back to him. The man tells him that he was on vacation with the money Borgetti gave after the last job he did and Borgetti tells him he has another job and needs his undivided attention.

In Vanessa’s house, Jackie pours herself a drink and goes to sit with Vanessa. Jackie is disappointed that Bernal didn’t let her comfort him but Vanessa reminds her that men get really upset when they lose their jobs because it’s part of their identity. Jackie hopes he doesn’t get depressed like Nicolas but Vanessa is sure he won’t because he’s strong; he’s only frustrated for the time being. Vanessa is sure that, with some time, he will be able to pick himself up and get back to his life. In fact, it may be a good thing, because Jackie only wanted to stay for him; now, they can move elsewhere and Bernal can get another job that isn’t so dangerous. Jackie agrees but realizes that Bernal’s passion is being a detective but Vanessa thinks she should suggest leaving Encino Blanco. Jackie will ask him and see if he accepts. Vanessa then receives a call from Julio who tells her that they couldn’t leave for Argentina.

Borgetti is having dinner with Miriam, who compliments on how more pleasant demeanor. Borgetti explains that he caught the person responsible for dumping the bodies for the clandestine laboratory and it is a great achievement. He’s sure that everyone will talk about him in Encino Blanco and Ciudad Real and Miriam couldn’t agree more. She tells him that this changes his career path and toasts to his inevitable promotion. He confesses that he’s always wanted a better jurisdiction than his current position allows; his goal is to be boss of the federal police of Mexico. Miriam reveals that she chose him because of his passion and ambition and Borgetti admits that she was the one who approached him at the fundraising dinner where they meet with the clear goal of conquering his heart. Miriam laughs and tells him that when she saw him, she had no doubt that he was the man for her, though she worried her disability would be an impediment. Borgetti tells her that he fell in love with her eyes and it’s been a wonderful 5 years. She congratulates on him achievement again and hopes that they can now plan their trip so they can celebrate their next anniversary. He tells her to ask him for anything and she asks for a kiss. He stands up and kisses her, slowly.

In her house, Irene celebrates in a bubbly bath with champagne. She smiles and texts Borgetti that she’s happy Tomas will no longer be a problem. He calls Borgetti a genius and reminds him that the only thing missing is to retrieve the video from the widows. She has faith he will take care of them like he has taken care of everything else. She then takes a picture of herself, winking seductively, and sends it over to remind him of all he’s missing.

Borgetti receives the text and smiles. Miriam asks if he received more good news but Borgetti tells her that the best news is to be there with her, celebrating, and that’s how he hopes it will be always. Miriam slightly frowns because she knows the truth.

In the police station, Rico makes himself a coffee and notices Borgetti’s open office. He thinks about going in but shakes his head and remembers when he saw Borgetti shoot Tomas and Borgetti saw him…

That night, Katia and Sandro are in bed, post coitus, when he invites her to live with him. She’s surprised but he explains that if she lives with him as his girlfriend then she doesn’t have to pay rent. Katia confesses that she doesn’t want to make another mistake and Sandro asks if she thinks he’s a mistake. Katia shakes her head and tells her that he’s been honest and upfront with her so confesses that her sex life with Nicolas was nonexistent because of the anti-depressants. When Nicolas died, she found herself in the arms of an old love, who broke her heart again and then she found refuge in Jose’s arms but that didn’t work out either. Sandro asks if either of these men are in her life anymore and she confirms they are not but she didn’t want to be with anyone else for the time being and he came into her life. Sandro asks if she regrets it and Katia doesn’t but she’s scared because she doesn’t want to get into another relationship to fill the loneliness inside herself. All her past failed relationships have only left her with a void filled with jealousy because others can find love when she can’t. Sandro grabs her hand and tells her that he can see she has suffered but he can be that man who will love and protect her. He asks her to accept him but Katia is quiet.

In the police station, Rico goes over the evidence found. They found no cell phone on Tomas’ person nor in his hotel room from where they can trace calls but they did find evidence linking to a clandestine lab in Ciudad Real. Rico explains that they found various folders describing how TX35 was administered to various people over various periods of time. Ramirez confirms that the names of the people found in the folders match the names of the washed-up bodies and the currently missing. Kuri thinks they’re all probably dead even if they haven’t found all the bodies. Commander Ernesto agrees but explains that he is sure Tomas had an accomplice that was interested in the results of the tests and knew the danger they were exposed to should the tests go south like they did. Kuri suggests that the goal was to see if the chemical was to see if TX35 was a viable option to launch a new product into the market that could combat a specific symptom. Borgetti reminds them that it will be hard to find out the truth now that Tomas is dead but Ernesto thinks it won’t be impossible because a lot of money was invested in the Ciudad Real lab and Tomas must’ve been conspiring with someone who had contacts out of state. Borgetti thinks there are no more lines of investigation and the real culprits may very well have left the country already. Ernesto agrees it’s a possibility but he is going to try because the labs and murders took place in Ciudad Real. Ernesto’s partner tells Borgetti that Encino Blanco’s investigation has concluded with Tomas’ death but Ciudad Real’s hasn’t. Borgetti agrees and tells them that he will let his supervisors know that their investigation has concluded.

Bernal wakes up from his drunken stupor with a start. He gets up and gets a beer from his fridge before receiving a text from Jackie, asking him how he is feeling and reminding him that she loves him.

Rico comes back to the office from getting coffee and is stopped by Kuri, who thought he’d be happier that the investigation is closed, and he and Borgetti are the heroes of the station. Rico isn’t so sure there are any heroes in the station and asks if he can confide in her. Kuri chides him for his distrust and Rico confesses that Borgetti could’ve prevented Tomas’ death. He explains that Borgetti shot him once in the back and Tomas had no way to defend him so he would’ve surrendered but Borgetti shot him a second time, causing his death. Kuri asks if he’s sure and Rico confirms he is but he can’t report Borgetti because his power and reach goes far beyond their police station. Borgetti even managed to have Bernal kicked off the force and he can’t risk his career like that.

Bernal is still at home when he receives a call from Kuri who chides him for not letting her they kicked him off the force but that’s neither here or there as she finally has something he can use against Borgetti. Bernal asks her to stop because he’s not interested anymore but Kuri knows his sense of justice is greater than his pain. He’s glad she knows because he doesn’t and hangs up.

In Giovanna’s house, Vanessa talks to Diego and tells him she misses him a lot. He does too and asks her to come live with them but she tells him she will come soon and asks to talk to Julio. She asks him about Isabella and Julio explains that she’s better but they don’t know when she can travel yet. Vanessa tells him that the sale of the beach house is almost finished and she is going to give Katia power of attorney so she can sell the rest of their properties when they leave Encino Blanco. Vanessa wants to take Diego since Julio can’t travel right now but he doesn’t agree. Vanessa proposes that she meet up with them in Argentina or get someone to take care of Isabella so he can leave because she’s anxious about the Borgetti situation. She will take Diego if he can’t and that’s final. She hangs up and Arturo comes and she gives him Jackie’s check as payment for his services. He thanks her and asks if she’s feeling better but Vanessa only slightly nods. He laments the fact that she’s leaving because he was enjoying her company and hopes to see her soon. Just then, Giovanna arrives with Daniel and tells them that the tour was success. She kisses Arturo hello and brings him a gift: his favorite wine. They all take a seat and Giovanna hopes Vanessa is there to tell her she will be staying in Encino Blanco after all. Arturo tells her that Vanessa’s decision is final and Vanessa apologizes for leaving her job like this. She asks if there is a way she can send her the translation by email, etc. but Giovanna reiterates that that’s not possible. Vanessa hands her a folder with her work until that point and Giovanna asks Daniel to pay her for the work she completed. Vanessa doesn’t want to be paid because of how she’s leaving and Giovanna also laments the fact that she’s leaving them since they got along so well. Arturo agrees and Giovanna notices the spark in his eyes when talks about her.
At Eddy’s restaurant, Jose and Jimena try Eddy’s tapas and they are both floored by how good it tastes. Jose then asks about Victor and Eddy confesses he was shocked to learn he was the one that shot Jackie. Jimena thinks it’s crazy to have a killer close and not know it but Eddy imagines that’s how it is sometimes. Jackie arrives and announces that she received call and must testify against Victor in court. Eddy offers his testimony as well and Jackie is sure they will call him because he saved her from certain death. She’s sure that he wanted to kill her even if she says that he only wanted to frighten her. Eddy thought he was completely and Jimena reiterates that no one ever really knows who they are cohabiting with. She then warns Jackie to be careful because Catalina thinks that Katia killed her son but Jackie asks that she never repeat that again. Eddy agrees and Jimena tells them that she approves the menu and is going to see the notary now to confirm what they are missing to make their partnership official.

Later, Jose is vacuuming while Jackie smokes and he explains that lawyer called him to pass by his office and sign the documents for the inheritance. Jackie comments on how fast everything was resolved but Jose is glad it’s soon. Jackie asks if he’d be okay with selling the house and going their separate ways and Jose agrees but she explains that no matter where she goes, he will always have a home. Jose tells her that she will too and then sends her to the kitchen to clean.

Vanessa arrives at Eddy’s restaurant and sits down with him to talk. Eddy asks if Diego’s okay because Danna told him he hasn’t been at school and Vanessa confesses that he won’t go back because they will be leaving Mexico soon. In fact, Julio and Diego were supposed to leave for Argentina yesterday but Isabella had a heart attack and they had to stay. Eddy asks if she’s back with Julio but she confirms she’s not but neither of them what to lose Diego so they are going together and will share custody in Argentina. Eddy asks why she’s leaving and Vanessa explains that it will be easier to start anew in another country where no one knows them. Eddy grabs her hands and begs her to stay with him.

At Jackie’s house, Jackie hands Elisa her severance check and Elisa thanks her and asks that she thank Vanessa as well. She then asks if they know anything about Julio but Jackie shakes her head. Elisa hopes they find out what really happened with the ZZ fire one day as well as Zacharias’s death and the yacht explosion. Jackie takes the opportunity to ask Elisa for a favor: to please ask Tania to let her investigation go. Jackie explains that both her and Julio can’t accept Zacharias was behind the yacht explosion but no one confesses to a crime they didn’t commit. Elisa nods and Jackie reminds her that Julio wound Tania up with his wild theories and then disappeared so they should leave everything as is and not open old wounds. Elisa agrees.

Vanessa explains that she must leave for the sake of her child but he wants to know what is going to happen with them because he doubts they will maintain a long-distance relationship. Vanessa nods and suggests he and Danna come visit them in Argentina and Eddy agrees but it hurts him to see her so far because he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. Vanessa reiterates that he is someone very important in her life and will never forget what they lived together. She’s sure she would’ve fallen in love with him if she stayed but she, sadly, must go. She thanks him for all he did for her and they kiss one final time. She asks him to tell Danna that she will miss her and he asks her to send him her address when she gets to Argentina so they can get together. Vanessa agrees and they hug.

Benjamin meets with Antonio Benitez, the commissioner of federal police force, in his office to discuss Borgetti. Antonio realizes that Borgetti must be dangerous for Benjamin to come and ask him for a favor as he’s never taken advantage of their friendship. Benjamin confirms that he wants to protect Miriam since he behaved like a lady during their divorce and Antonio agrees to take on the investigation, not just for Benjamin, but because he will not permit any police corruption in his ranks. Benjamin knows Antonio is a fierce and loyal public servant or he wouldn’t have come to see him and Antonio explains that he will handle the case will all the required discretion.

Later, Antonio calls Governor Miguel Velasco Moreno to ask for his cooperation and Miguel agrees to keep him informed. Miguel hangs up but immediately receives another call from Lizarraga, the commander of the police force in Encino Blanco. Miguel assumes that Lizarraga is calling him to let him know about Borgetti’s success with his recent case but on his desk, he has a case that Borgetti investigated: the yacht explosion at Playa Coral where two men died and another appeared alive and well later. Lizarraga was under the impression that the case was closed when they found the culprit, and Miguel confirms it was, but he wanted to look it over and needed his help. Miguel thinks it’s strange that even though they found the bomb, they never had a specialist analyze it but Lizarraga was under the impression that they never found the bomb. Miguel explains that they did find fragments and that evidence could have led to new lines of investigation. Lizarraga agrees and confirms that he will look over the case. Miguel is happy to hear it but asks for absolute discretion. Miguel then asks Lizarraga if he trusts Borgetti but Lizarraga can only vouch for his achievements including capturing those responsible for the Ciudad Real lab and capturing La Abuela among others. Miguel asks if there have been any complaints lodged against him but Lizarraga can’t remember any, though one of his subordinates accused him of impeding his investigation a few days ago. Specifically, regarding the yacht explosion case and the suspicious activity of Farmateca, where Borgetti’s wife is a shareholder. Miguel would like to talk to the detective that accused Borgetti but Lizarraga explains that he was kicked off the force for his disobedient attitude. Miguel wants him located either way and brought to his office so he can talk to him.

Katia is at lunch with Sandro but can only think about Vanessa’s phone call where she told her they were moving to Argentina and told her about the POA. Sandro calls her back to the present and asks her what she’s thinking about. She shakes her head and Sandro asks if she thought about his offer. Katia explains that she knows it’s too soon but she doesn’t want to reject his offer. She confirms that she will move in with him as his girlfriend and they kiss. He then receives a call from Catalina and Sandro asks if he can call her back because he’s with Katia. Catalina asks if she has fallen into his trap but he prefers to discuss it later and hangs up. He tells Katia that it was a client.

At Farmateca board meeting, Irene tells Andres, the head of the laboratory, that she wants the first shipment ready to go so that as soon as the certification from the US comes, they can ship it out. Miriam then asks Andres to also make sure all the processes are in place to take the company public soon. Irene asks if Farmateca will position itself among the most important pharmaceutical companies by going public and but Miriam only smiles. Andres congratulates Miriam and Irene on their success and Irene thanks him before announcing that she’s leaving for Mexico City on a personal matter and the plane won’t wait. Miriam tells her that Bruno is also on his way to Mexico because the commissioner wants to meet with him. She suggests that he and Irene may run into each other but Irene laughs it off and reminds her that Mexico City is huge and leaves.

Julio walks down the street and notices a man walking behind him. He stops and asks the man to not follow him but the man apologizes and explains that he sells insurance. Julio tells him that his technique for obtaining new clients leaves a lot to desire but the man asks if he or his family need insurance. Julio isn’t interested and the man thanks him and leaves. Once he’s out of sight, Julio reveals that he now carries a gun for protection.

Irene is picking up a few last-minute things at her office when her phone rings. She chides her secretary for bothering her but takes the call when she finds out it’s Victor from jail. Victor begs Irene to help him get out of jail soon because it’s hell and Irene explains that she’s on it but it will take some time. She will be in Mexico City tonight but tomorrow she will go visit him. Victor thanks her and reiterates that he trusts her to help him. He doesn’t notice a prisoner behind him, listening in on his conversation.

Jackie fills in Vanessa and Jackie on what happened with Tomas at Vanessa’s house. She explains that everyone now thinks Tomas was solely responsible but they know the truth: Irene Parazuelos is behind everything. Vanessa assumes that Tomas worked for Irene and she made sure Borgetti found Tomas responsible to close the case. Katia thinks the same thing and asks what they should do with the video now that the case is closed. Vanessa thinks they should keep it because she feels the danger has no passed but she is going to leave the country ASAP with Diego. Katia would leave with her but she now has Sandro and she doesn’t want to him let him. Vanessa understands; she wants everything she had with Julio and she thinks Katia deserves to be happy. Jackie smiles and agrees and Vanessa asks if they will come visit her and they both confirm they will.

In Mexico City, Borgetti and Ernesto are lauded for their hard work on the washed-up bodies case. Antonio reminds the reporters that there are still 4 people missing, and they are looking for them, but it’s likely they suffered the same fate as the rest of the dead.

In Isabella’s room, Julio and Isabella watch the same report on TV and Julio explains that Tomas was the one in charge of the lab in Ciudad Real. Isabella is shocked that Borgetti can appear on TV and be awarded for his work when he is a murderer. Julio reminds her that Borgetti is a hypocrite and Isabella asks him to come closer and tells him to leave the country ASAP with Vanessa and Diego. She gets worked up and Julio asks her if she feels well. She confirms she is and he gives her the number of his new cell. Isabella understands but she begs Julio to listen to her. Julio tells her that he will think about her suggestion.

In the press conference, Borgetti thanks everyone involved with the case and hopes the family members find peace now that the case has been resolved.

Miriam has been watching the report as well but turns the TV off after Borgetti is done and goes over to her desk where Julio’s computer sits open. She clicks on the video file and watches as Irene confesses everything that happened in Ciudad Real. She cries at the horror of the situation and Irene’s lack of remorse.

Katia and Vanessa arrive at the notary to sign over the deed to the beach house. Vanessa thanks her for all she did and hugs her. Just then, Jimena comes down the stairs and runs into them. Jimena begins to ridicule Katia, who grabs Vanessa and asks her to go. Jimena asks if this is the famous Vanessa and Vanessa is shocked to hear she’s famous. Katia asks Vanessa to not listen to anything Jimena says since she only sprays venom but Jimena tells her that not more venom than Katia. She then asks Vanessa if she knows that Katia was Julio’s lover and Katia tries to leave but Vanessa stays firm. Jimena apologizes for being the bearer of bad news but she confirms that Katia had more than one roll in the sack with Julio right under her nose. Vanessa looks over at Katia, shocked…


Borgetti the Sadist & corrupt Police Commissioner still wreaking havoc!


"La fan" ends on Monday so I am back and all caught up. From the " últimos capítulos" announcement, is this going into two seasons?

Thank you, Alfredo, for the great recap.

Steve, that is the perfect Borgetti description.

Anyway, it looks like Vanessa and Julio are getting nowhere fast.

I would like Vanessa to kick Katia to the curb but with their complicity in crime she may not be able to.

The "insurance man" following Julio was sure creepy.

Due to Miriam's ex and his connections, might we see a noose starting to form around Borgetti? I sure hope so.

Youre welcome, Jarifa!

Sad to hear La Fan is ending because of ratings but happy to hear the heavy editing hasnt ruined the story as muxh as it usually does. I hope they add it to Netflix so I check it out :)

As dor MdN, there is going to be no second season that I know of. Televisas seasonal experiment ia over and were back to regular programming. They used seasons in AQNMD but that was more etapas than anything.

Now that Miriam knows the truth about Farmateca Im sure the noose ia tightening quickly. Theres still the matter of Victor who I hope rats out Irene and a chase ensures. If he finda out hes her son after the fact the look on his face will be priceless.

Vanessa needs to rip out Katias extensions and then go rip iff Julios huevos. Those two are never, ever getting back together.

Thank you for the very thorough recap of yet another intense and unraveling episode.

Absolutely the noose is tightening, there are so many possibilities for this to go wrong for Borgetti and Irene. Let's see....Victor, Miriam, the Governor's investigation, Rico, oh yes the Widows turning the disk over to Bernal, and I must be missing something.

The relationship with Vanessa and Katia is done, and I think when Vanessa finds out Jackie knew, they will be done.

Again thanks Alfredo.



Gracias, Alfredo. Great job.

Borgetti is definitely going down and it will be interesting to see if he goes down before the widows do. We still don't know what he did to Miriam's family that she is getting revenge over.

Nicolas' dead sex drive is often a side effect of prescription anti-depressants. I wonder whether he cared about that.

The consequence of Katia being outed as having fooled around with Julio is probably the last thing before this all starts blowing up. By TN law Vanessa had to find out eventually and there couldn't be a worse time for it. This is going to provoke a major fight between Julio and Vanessa, who might finally figure out that Katia was the one who told Julio that she [Vanessa] planted the bomb. Then the dominoes will start falling.

I've finally caught up to the latest episode. Alfredo and Urban, thanks for all the recaps. They've been essential for keeping up with all the twist and turns. Sandra, your premiere recap was terrific.

Julio is no saint, but I'm rooting for him to make it till the end alive. He's paid in spades for his mistakes. Vanessa will never ever want him back, but I'm thinking she'll remain friends with Jackie while kicking Katia to the curb. After all, Jackie did not know about the Katia-Julio affair at the time.

I know Vanessa only meant to cheer up Jackie by saying Bernal wouldn't fall into depression like Nicolas because Bernal is strong, but the stigma that depressed people are weak is why those who should seek treatment don't.

Love that Miriam is out for revenge, instead of lovesick for Borgeti. It must be sickening to learn the company she partially owns treats humans worse than lab rats.

Ohhhh, Joseph Mengele would have loved Irene.

Bernal has seen a shrink but we haven't seen him go there lately. He needs it more than ever now. He will need it even more when he discovers that he was right in the first place about the three widows. That could send him to either the giggle jacket or a monastery.

Katia deserves to be kicked to the curb by Vanessa and Jackie. Jimena can go fly a kite as far as I'm concerned. Nicolas was no Ken doll to be stolen; he made the decision to ditch Jimena for Katia. If Katia had to pay for that it was Nicolas' suicide attempt that could have killed her. I doubt that she was responsible for his depression; that started long before he knew her and the responsible party was Mommy Direst first and the rest of her family after that.

It's hard to say now whether Katia was truly a gold-digger or a social climber. However, regardless of how the affair with Julio started this was the worst betrayal she could have paid to anyone.

What happened to this show on Hulu? We were about five episodes behind and all but Friday's episode disappeared from Hulu. Today, the whole series is gone! Anybody know?

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