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Mujeres de Negro Chapter #33 4.3.17: Breakup

Vanessa doesn’t believe a word Jimena says but Jimena tells her it’s the truth and she can ask Katia. She then dares Katia to deny it and Katia warns her that she will have her revenge. Jimena tells her that she’s sure her friendship with Vanessa will never be the same because Vanessa now knows the kind of woman she is. Katia tries to leave but Jimena stops her and asks that she explain to everything to Vanessa. Vanessa asks Katia why she doesn’t defend herself but Katia prefers to talk when Jimena has left them alone. Jimena tells Vanessa that she should investigate if Katia denies everything because she has been leaving with her worst enemy. Jimena leaves and Vanessa asks if it’s true what Jimena said. Katia stays quiet but doesn’t deny it and Vanessa reminds her that she’s her best friend and the godmother of her child. Katia covers her face and shakes her head and Vanessa chides her for sleeping with Julio while she entrusted her family’s future to her. Katia begins to cry and defend herself but Vanessa slaps her and tells her that she doesn’t want to hear any excuses or explanations; she and Julio disgust her. Katia begs Vanessa for an opportunity to talk but Vanessa leaves.

Moments later, Vanessa walks down the street as Katia chases her. She explains that Julio instigated everything and she tried to resist but couldn’t. Vanessa wants to know how long she maintained the affair and Katia confesses that it was before she married Nicolas. Vanessa is shocked at how long they were together but Katia reminds her that she and Julio were going through a crisis because Diego was small and needed her. Katia explains that Julio felt alone and came to her for comfort. Vanessa laughs and thanks her for taking care of her husband but reminds her that no reason is strong enough to have betrayed their friendship. Katia tells her that falling in love with Julio was a punishment for her but Vanessa doesn’t care; Julio was her husband and he was married and Katia stepped all over their friendship. Katia finally relents and admits that she wasn’t right to do what she did but she’s paying for her mistakes. She promises Vanessa that she will never betray her again and begs Vanessa to forgive her like she forgave Jackie. Vanessa reminds her that what Jackie did was child’s play compared to her and she won’t betray her again because she is dead to her. Katia tries to stop her from leaving but Vanessa asks that she never looks for her again and storms off. Katia cries on the street.

In Mexico City, Commissioner Antonio congratulates Borgetti and Ernesto on a job well done in Ciudad Real. Antonio tells Ernesto that it has been an honor to worth with the Ciudad Real police and Ernesto agrees; he reminds Antonio that the person who caught Tomas though was Borgetti. Borgetti nods and Ernesto explains that he will continue to investigate the clandestine labs in Ciudad Real. Antonio asks Ernesto to keep him informed should any new information and Borgetti slightly frowns as Ernesto agrees. Ernesto then bids everyone goodbye and leaves as Antonio congratulates Borgetti on his glowing career. Borgetti just wants to serve and help his country and Antonio thanks him for his service.

In a café, Irene meets with Fonseca, her PI, and asks that he find out everything he can about Kuri. He agrees to start immediately and asks if there is any reason she needs her investigated. Irene shakes her head but wants the information ASAP.

As she walks home, Vanessa breaks down and begins to cry uncontrollably. She remembers all the times she caught Katia and Julio acting like a couple but shook it off as unfounded jealousy. She chides herself for never seeing the truth…Katia kicks herself for losing Vanessa’s friendship and cries as well.

Borgetti meets Irene in a hotel room. She pours him a glass of champagne and congratulates him on another job well done. Borgetti reminds her that they are free of Tomas but need to retrieve the video as soon as possible because he doesn’t like loose ends. Irene believes he will and then she reminds him of Victor. He tells her he’s working on it and they toast to things going the way they planned. He then receives a call from Marcial, the “insurance” broker, who confirms that Julio and Diego are at Isabela’s house.

In jail, Victor runs into the bathroom and watches his face. When he looks in the mirror he sees that three prisoners have surrounded him and screams for the guards but the leader holds a knife to his neck and tells him it won’t hurt one bit before cutting his throat open. The leader tells the other prisoners to leave before wiping his prints off the knife and putting it in Victor’s hand. He licks some of the blood off Victor’s neck before leaving.

Borgetti and Irene are mid love making session when he receives a call. Irene begs him not to answer it but he does and smiles at his good fortune. Irene asks him what happened and Borgetti confirms that another one of their troubles have been resolved: Victor. She thinks it’s excellent that he got him out of jail because Victor called her before she got to Mexico City, begging for help. Borgetti confirms that he is getting out of jail, feet first, because he just committed suicide. This stops Irene cold and she pulls away from Borgetti. She’s shocked to hear he committed suicide but Borgetti confesses that he ordered Victor’s death. Irene stares at him and begins to freak out. She asks him why he did it when he promised to get Victor out but Borgetti preferred to eliminate Victor because he caused more trouble than he was worth. Irene begins to cry and Borgetti asks her why she’s freaking out over such a miserable bastard. Irene explains that she loved him despite everything but Borgetti doesn’t understand. Irene screams that she wanted him alive but thanks to Borgetti she will carry Victor’s death on her conscience all her life.

In the gym, Bernal trains to get out his frustrations. He finally gets knocked down and finds Lascurain waiting for him. He shakes his hand and Bernal confirms that his lease is being finalized. Lascurain thanks him and comments on how hard he’s training. Bernal explains that it’s a way to get out all his stress and Lascurain understands but knows Bernal won’t stay still and will do anything he can to unmask Borgetti. Bernal confesses that he thought of letting everything go but he can’t stop thinking about it. Lascurain offers his help again to bring down Borgetti and warns Bernal to be careful as Borgetti is dangerous. Bernal then receives a call from Lizarraga, who asks Bernal to meet him first thing tomorrow. He wonders what about and Lascurain shrugs.

Irene has gotten dressed much to Borgetti’s surprise. She ridicules her for giving Victor’s death priority over their relationship and Irene nods. He thought he knew her but she confirms that there’s a lot about her he doesn’t know. He asks her to tell him so he can understand why she’s so protective of Victor and why she got so emotional when she found out about his death but Irene doesn’t like to explain what she’s feeling. She then asks Borgetti to please make sure Victor’s body is ready for when she arrives in Encino Blanco because she wants to bury him tomorrow. He will take care of it and Irene leaves.

In Jackie’s house, Vanessa is freaking out about the Katia/Julio situation but realizes that Jackie knew the truth. Vanessa chides Jackie for not telling her the truth but Jackie confesses that she recently found out the day Katia got pissed about her association with Jimena. Vanessa remembers the day and wants to know why Jackie didn’t tell her. Jackie confesses that she was in shock and didn’t know how to tell her. Vanessa tells her to go to hell but Jackie asks if she would’ve rather not found out the truth. Vanessa doesn’t know because the thought that this could be happening hadn’t even crossed her mind. She begins to cry again.

Sometime later, Jackie brings Vanessa a tea and tells her that time heals all wounds but Vanessa doesn’t think so. She puts the tea on the table and tells Jackie that she’d rather see her tomorrow at the notary and gets up to leave. Katia asks her to wait and drink her tea because she doesn’t want her to be alone in her state. Vanessa explains that she’d rather be alone and runs into Bernal, who was waiting outside with a dozen red roses. Vanessa mumbles a hello and leaves as Jackie lets Bernal inside. He asks her if Vanessa is okay and Jackie explains that she’s having a hard time because she must move from Encino Blanco. Bernal nods and then tells her that he brought the roses for her and then tells Jackie that some people have a hard time dealing with change. Jackie asks if he’s one of those people but Bernal confirms that his jobs makes near impossible to settle down anymore. Jackie asks if he’d be willing to be something other than a detective outside of Mexico but Bernal confirms it’s the only thing he’s wanted to do and wonders what he will do outside of Mexico. He thinks he could be a PI and Jackie asks if he would move for her, so they could live peacefully. Bernal shakes his head and explains that she is starting various projects so he knows she wouldn’t ask him to move right now. Jackie tells him that she only asked to test the waters but Bernal admits that he never really thought about it. Jackie shrugs and goes to put the roses in water.

Outside Jimena’s club, Katia takes pictures of two boys tagging the walls with obscenities. She calls them over and gives them the money promised and they leave. She texts someone the pictures and smiles at her handy work.

At Catalina’s house, Sandro, Jimena, and Catalina discuss the most recent development in their conspiracy against Katia: she is finally his girlfriend. He tells them that Katia doesn’t seem as frivolous as they originally thought but Catalina warns him to be careful because, during the dating phase, everyone hides their true self. Either way, Jimena has managed to divide the widows and now Katia will feel lonelier than ever so he should take the initiative and position her exactly where they need her. Jimena is ecstatic but Sandro doesn’t look very happy. He then receives a text, asks Jimena what is going on at her bar and shows her the photos of the graffiti on the exterior walls. Jimena curses her luck and hands the phone to Catalina who is shocked to see how far Katia can go for revenge. Jimena reminds her that Katia is angry because of what she said to Vanessa but she will be livid when she’s through with her.

That night, Jackie puts Bernal’s red roses in water and thanks him. Bernal admits that he’s never given flowers to any woman before and Jackie is surprised. Bernal admits that it’s his way of apologizing for shutting her out yesterday when she tried to help him. Jackie tells Bernal that it hurt her when he spoke to her like he did and Bernal explains that he’s not used to sharing his troubles with anyone. Since he was 18 he learned not to depend on anyone…until she came along. He then walks over to her, gets on his knees, and leaves a trail of kisses up her arm. He begs her to forgive him and she will, on one condition: he must share everything with her. He starts by telling her that the Governor Miguel Velasco Moreno wants to see him in his office tomorrow but he has no idea why because Commissioner Lizarraga gave him the news and Lizarraga is allied with Borgetti so he could be in trouble. Jackie hopes that isn’t the case but Bernal doesn’t want her involved. Jackie reminds him that they are a team in the good and bad times and they need to share everything with each other. She then offers to make him dinner but Bernal needs to leave for Mexico City ASAP, he just came back to give her the flowers and a kiss. Jackie reminds him that he hasn’t given her the kiss and he kisses her once. Jackie asks for another kiss and he obliges and carries her into the bedroom on his shoulder.

Jose and Natalia walk down the street on the way to Jimena’s club and kiss. They separate and notice the graffiti and Natalia calls Jimena to let her know.

In her bedroom, Vanessa takes out all the family pictures with Julio and wishes that he would’ve died because not even killing him again will take away all the disgust she feels him now that she knows he slept with Katia. She wonders when he even thought of getting involved with Katia and rips the photo.

Jose comes to Jackie’s house with Natalia and fills in Jackie and Eddy on what happened at the bar. He blames himself for getting drunk at Jimena’s bar and telling her everything about Julio and Katia when he found out about the affair. He then reveals that Jimena told Vanessa the truth and he thought there was a better way for the truth to come out. Jackie thinks she should’ve said it when she first found out and Eddy wonders how Vanessa must be feeling about everything. Jackie confesses that she’s devastated but there is nothing they can about that now. However, she tells Jose that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jimena and they should return to their original plan of opening a bar but they would need a partner with sufficient capital. Jackie asks Eddy if he would be interested but Eddy doesn’t have the funds to do so now because he just took out a loan. Jackie understands but he will be with them as their chef if they find a partner. Jose agrees and asks Natalia on who’s side she’s on because she can’t be on both. Natalia rather not chose right now, she needs time to think, and wouldn’t like Jimena to be alone. Jose understands and tells them that he will tell Jimena tomorrow that they are no longer interested in her business offer.

Later, Eddy goes to visit Vanessa at her house to ask her how she’s feeling about everything with Julio and Katia. Eddy hugs her and she cries on his shoulder.

The next day, Kuri, Rico and Ramirez welcome Lascurain to the station and offers him a coffee. He accepts and they leave Ramirez and Rico to their business. Once alone, Kuri asks Lascurain if he knows anything about Bernal because he wasn’t at home this morning and has stopped answering her calls. Lascurain confirms that Bernal is okay but he will let Bernal explain where he is when he’s ready. Kuri asks if Bernal calls him to please let him know she wants to talk to him. Lascurain agrees but they are both quiet as Borgetti arrives and bids Lascurain good morning. Borgetti explains that Lascurain should occupy the desk that belonged to Bernal and he will assign him a partner as soon as he can. Borgetti then asks Rico and Ramirez how their cases are progressing. Rico answers that everything is going good while Ramirez admits that his case of the dead prostitute has come to a standstill. Borgetti asks him to continue investigating until something new comes up.

Katia confesses her affair with Julio to Sandro. She admits that she lost herself in the passion and love she felt for Julio and she was wrong to do so. Sandro reminds her that he asked if she felt anything for Julio and she lied to him. Katia explains that she couldn’t tell him the truth then but she knows all her apologizes don’t erase the fact that she made a huge mistake. She starts to cry and confesses that the hatred in Vanessa’s eyes was the worst part and Sandro goes to her side to comfort her. He asks that she stop talking about it if it hurts her but Katia wants to tell him so he can know everything about her, the good and the bad.

Governor Miguel is in his office when he hears a knock on his door. It’s Bernal, who introduces himself and sits down. Miguel explains that he needs to get to the bottom of a case and he thinks he can help; Bernal will help any way he can. Miguel wants him to explain all the discrepancies he found in the Encino Blanco police station since he’s been there, including the procedures and policies utilized by Bruno Borgetti. Bernal is shocked.

Katia tells Sandro that she has decided to pack her bags and leave but thanks him for all he did for her. Sandro asks her to wait and confesses that, while he doesn’t like what she did, she is brave to admit it to his face. Katia admits that there was nothing brave about it, she just wanted him to hear it from her before he found out elsewhere. He asks if she has nothing else to hide but she confesses that there are some secrets she will never be able to confess because there are not her secrets alone. Sandro begs her to stay because he’s no one to judge her. Katia asks him if he’s sure and he is. She hugs him and cries.

Irene goes to the morgue to identify Victor’s body. The mortician tells him that she was the only family member in the registry and asks if she will take care of the body. She tells him she will and explains that he had no family, only her. The mortician is happy to hear it as he would end up in a common grave otherwise. He goes to cover the body but Irene stops him and continues to stare at Victor, lying dead and cold on the slab.

Kuri welcomes Lascurain to his desk when Rico comes and tells them that Victor Martinez committed suicide in jail. Kuri tells him that they must let Bernal know, catches herself, and tells them they must tell Jackie since she was going to testify against him. Rico reminds her that Jackie won’t have to anymore.

Vanessa and Jackie are the notary, signing the POA so Jackie can make financial transactions on behalf of Vanessa now that Katia is on the outs. The notary confirms that the one Katia signed is null and void and goes to make copies. Once alone, Vanessa explains that Eddy came to see her when he found out about Katia and Jackie apologizes for being imprudent but she had to explain why they no longer wanted to do business with Jimena. Vanessa understands and thanks her for her solidarity and reiterates that Jimena is not as bad as Katia but she is not a good woman either. Jackie tells her that Eddy was worried and thinks his love is sincere; Vanessa agrees and confesses that they could’ve had a good relationship if she stayed but she’s leaving today. Jackie asks that she give her the bank account in Argentina so she can transfer the money from the sale of the beach house. She also asks for her address so she can ship the rest of her clothes and things. Vanessa will and apologizes for leaving her with everything but she can only trust her. She then explains that she is going to leave the money from the sale of the houses as an inheritance for Diego and Julio will have to make do with the cash from the bag. Jackie agrees and Vanessa tells her that she will take Diego and Julio will never see them. Jackie warns that Julio won’t let them go that easily and reminds her that, while she’s hurt over his infidelity, he’s hurt that they tried to kill him in the yacht explosion.

Sandro remembers Catalina’s words about avenging the death of Nicolas by romancing Katia and then turning her life into a nightmare. He opens his phone and sees the picture of them go carting. He remembers when Catalina put her complete trust and faith in him and sighs, conflicted.

Outside the bar, Jimena screams at Jose that they can’t leave high and dry when everything is ready for them to commence her partnership; she thought she was dealing with serious business people. Jose reminds her that she’s the last person that should be calling them flakes because she used what he told her, in confidence, against Katia and ruined Vanessa’s life in the process. Jimena doesn’t think her problems with Katia should interfere with their business but Jose doesn’t want anything to do with her and neither does Jackie. He then tells her not to worry about the money she gave Natalia for the furniture because they are opening a bar and will repay every cent they owe her. Jimena asks if he thinks it’s that easy to open a bar and Jose admits he doesn’t but it will be up to the public to decide which bar they go to. He doesn’t want to keep talking to her because she doesn’t listen and leaves as she screams names at him.

As they walk through the notary, Vanessa explains that she wants to invest in Jackie’s and Jose’s bar so that Julio can’t have access to the money from the sale of the Encino Blanco house. Jackie smiles and thanks her for her investment; she promises to take care of her money and not let her down like last time. Vanessa admits that Jackie was right to hide the disc from Julio at that time but Jackie laments how bad things got between them. She then wishes Vanessa a safe trip and to please call her if anything. They hug and Jackie receives a text from Katia, asking if they can talk. Vanessa tells her that she can talk to Katia, no problem, but Jackie prefers to answer her text later because she doesn’t know how to deal with their new dynamic yet. Jackie hopes they can all be friends in the future but Vanessa reminds her that some things are unforgivable. Vanessa then realizes she must go soon and they hug again.

Irene fills in her mother on Victor’s untimely death. She’s shocked and Irene explains that he committed suicide before she could get him out of jail. Her mother always thought that he would learn the truth someday but Irene confesses that he died not knowing the truth. She thinks it was better this way because she was never going to tell Victor the truth, that he was…She stops herself but her mother asks her to, at least once, confess what relationship tied her to Victor. Irene looks at her mother, with eyes full of hatred, and reminds her that she took away any right she had over Victor but her mother tells her to confess everything so she can bury him in peace and finally say goodbye…to her son...


Good work, Alfredo. So one "secret" is finally out.

Once again, Irene's mother deserves a very hot place in hell. Her failure to protect her daughter is an unforgivable act. So is what Katia did to Vanessa.

More tomorrow; it's time to turn into a pumpkin.

Alfredo: Since Irene was Victor's Mommy, does this mean Borgetti the Sadist was the Baby Daddy ?

UA: I wasn't surprised Victor got whacked because he served his purpose & had to go.

Vanessa going beast-mode on Jackie was unnecessary.

Katia's Karma is coming!

I missed this last night with the end of "La fan" so I really enjoyed your recap this a.m., Alfredo. A perfect addition to my café today!

Katia sure is as much of a slime ball as infantile Julio when she tried to explain to Vanessa that Julio had come on to her ". . . because Diego was small and needed Vanessa." " Katia explains that Julio felt alone and came to her for comfort." Diego was his child, too, right?

Now we know who the creepy insurance man was on the street.

The understatement of the series with reference to Julio: "he's hurt that they tried to kill him in the yacht explosion."

Will Vanessa actually leave or will circumstances prevent her again?

Can't wait for tonight!

Thanks, Alfredo.

I’m guessing without her two buddies, Katia will sink into depression, just like Nicolas did, when she realizes she’s been played by Sandro on behalf of Catalina. I don’t think Katia loved Julio so much as wanted to have what Vanessa had. If she truly had regrets, she wouldn’t have gone after him when he returned from the dead. And the friends still don’t know she's the one who told Julio their murder plot (deliberately to cut Julio’s love for Vanessa). Nope, I’m not a Katia fan.

At least Irene cared about Victor, in her own reptilian way. Victor would’ve done anything for her and was literally a part of her.

I feel bad for Vanessa being screwed over by her husband with her best friend and son's godmother, then I remember she committed first-degree murder. When Vanessa get's wounded and self-righteous, I think she too forgets she's a murderess.

I wonder what alternative Vanessa would have had. Julio was a complete idiot in denial prior to the explosion. Zacarias was threatening his family, always in creep mode around Vanessa and Diego, and Julio failed to do anything about it. Irene is a col-blooded cobra and after what we've seen she would not hesitate to threaten him in the same ways that Borgetti does.

She should have sold ZZ despite Julio's objection. They could all be in Argentina or the US by now. Whether she would have stayed married to him is another question.

Katia was a nasty bitch for telling Julio about the bomb, especially knowing her motive. She was also an idiot for not thinking about the domino effect that is having on everything. May Sandro humiliate her thoroughly.

Though I have to say that what she did to Jimena was well-deserved. Jimena is a hyena and this will make her rabid.

UA: Katia is not only an idiot, but a SKANK EXPLETIVE HO!


Niecie: I'm pulling for Sandro to destroy Katia BIGLY!

Karma for that little uppity SKANK EXPLETIVE HO & it would serve her right!

UA: Julio & Diego & Julio's mother still in serious danger because Borgetti the Sadist is on the rampage.

Kudri better watch her back too because Borgetti won't hesitate to carve her up like a turkey.


Thank you Alfredo, I say it all the time this episode was full of reveals, heart wrenching drama, and more plot lines.

Say what you will about Irene, she is a cold, heartless, b#$%&, but the scene where she found out about Victor's death was very telling of how damaged she is. Her stepfather's abuse and her mother's cowardliness and indifference at what that dirty man was doing to Irene has made her who she is. I am in no way excusing what Irene has done, but man Irene is sure in need of therapy.

I wonder why she is investigating Kuri?

I'm Glad that Jackie and Jose dumped Jimena.

The Katia Sandra relationship makes me sick. Sandro looks like he may fall for Katia, and that will just mean she does not get her anvil. She is the worst of all, she is a lying, cheating, murderer, who even when everyone knows she betrayed her friend she tried to blame it on Julio. No one, no one forced her to be with Julio, it was her choice to put herself first and betray Vanessa. She deserves all the bad that is coming her way.

Alfredo excellent recapping. This TN is only getting better and better.



You're welcome, Urban, Steve, Jarifa, Niecie and Sandie!

I can't tell you how far my jaw dropped when they killed off Victor. I haven't seen just a twisted tale in a while because these writers really don't want us to figure out where they may go.

I really felt for Irene during the Borgetti scene. No matter how tough she thinks she is, Victor's death hurt her, a lot, and to know he died without knowing the truth and by Borgetti's order makes it that much worse. I think I hate her mother more for permitting the constant rape of her daughter and probably just to keep a man at her side. -.- I will never understand.

As for Katia and Jimena, those two deserve all they are getting. Garbage both of them. I can't believe Jimena even had the gall to call Jose a flake when she was the one that through Katia and, by extension, him and Vanessa under the bus without batting an eye.

Could Sandro be falling for Katia??? Oh boy, Catalina will blow a gasket if this is true.

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