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Mujeres de Negro Chapter 37 4.7.17: Tattoos

In a restaurant, Eddy discusses his separation from Rebecca and the upcoming custody battle for Danna. The lawyer thinks Eddy can realistically win but the justice system typically side with mothers and money can sometimes skew things. Eddy reminds him that Rebecca abandoned Danna and Danna told already told him she wants to live with him but the girl’s psychological stability is what’s most important. The lawyer reminds him to consider what Danna will go through throughout the trial and, while Eddy laments it, he is willing to do it so that Danna stays with him.

At the same, Rebecca and Gustavo confer with their lawyer about the situation. The lawyer can’t guarantee she will win the custody battle but he will try. Gustavo reiterates that Rebecca must win the trial and cost is not a factor. The lawyer nods and smiles.

Katia meets with Arturo and gives him a check for his help with her case. He thanks her and explains that a lawyer from his office will contact and help her with her case against Jimena. Katia thanks him and asks if she feels okay and Katia admits that she barely slept last night because of what happened with Julio and Diego. Arturo asks her what happened and Katia reveals that they had a car accident and Vanessa may not go to Argentina anymore.

Vanessa gets home with Jackie and takes Diego upstairs so he can rest. She comes back moments later and asks Jackie if she’s hungry. Jackie prefers to go home and shower beforehand and suggests she go rest up with Diego. Vanessa reminds her of all she has to do but Jackie asks that she rest up first and gives Jackie the keys to her truck so Jose can pick it up. Jackie then asks if Vanessa will tell Isabella the truth about what happened with Julio but Vanessa wants to talk to her doctor first to make sure Isabella can receive strong news. Jackie then says goodbye and goes.

Jimena meets with Giovanna at her house and they sit down to talk business. Jimena explains that she has a bar, Calypso, which will open up a new restaurant section soon and wants to feature her wonderful dishes. Giovanna thanks her but she’s not interested in being chained down to a restaurant when she gets to tour the world and cook her dishes now. Jimena explains that she won’t have to be there all the time; she just needs to create the menus and leave a chef in charge. Giovanna doesn’t know what to say and Jimena tells her that she’s open to having her as a partner as well so she will give her a couple of days to analyze and look over everything. Giovanna agrees.

Jackie arrives home and gives Jose the keys to Vanessa’s truck along with her thanks. She offers to write down the address of Isabella’s house. Jose thanks her and Jackie asks if Natalia is going with her. Jose confirms she is and will go pick up at the gym because they’re training for a marathon. Jackie asks if he’s falling for her and Jose nods; he would love for this relationship to work out because Natalia’s a great girl.

Vanessa calls Isabella’s nurse and asks that she be on the lookout because Jose is coming over in her car to pick up Diego’s things but not Julio’s. She then tells her that Isabella will hear from them in a week and thanks her. Vanessa then hears a knock and goes to answer. It’s Arturo, who explains that Katia told him what happened to Julio and Diego. Vanessa didn’t know they knew each other and Arturo explains that she helped Katia a few days ago. Vanessa admits that their relationship isn’t the best these days and offers Arturo a seat. He accepts and Vanessa explains that she isn’t sure if she’s staying because it all depends on Julio’s well being and the investigation into their car accident. Arturo suggests she get divorced from Julio while she waits because it would be the best thing. Vanessa reveals that Julio is in a coma and asks if she can still get divorced.

Bernal goes to visit Jackie, who just got out of the shower, and tells her that Borgetti knows they are in a relationship and that might complicate things for everyone. He explains that Detective Ferrer called Borgetti to ask for protection for Diego and Julio and also told him that he was with them in Villa Brava. Bernal suggests they come up with a plan to throw him off their trial and Jackie nods.

Arturo explains that she can request a unilateral divorce where Julio does not have to give his consent nor be present. Vanessa asks if Julio can do something when he wakes up but Arturo confirms her consent is sufficient and she would have custody as well. Vanessa thinks it’s a good idea and Arturo will ask a lawyer form his office to prepare all the documents. Vanessa nods and Arturo reiterates that if she chooses, he can talk to Giovanna so she can get her job back.

Jose meets Natalia outside the gym but asks her if she’s okay because she’s breathing heavily and has a pain in her stomach. She thinks she overdid it at the gym but suddenly doubles over in pain. Jose carries her to the car so they can go to the hospital.

Bernal tells Kuri and Lascurain that Jackie broke his heart and their relationship didn’t work out. Kuri asks if she really broke up with him but Bernal laughs and explains that’s what he wants everyone in the station to think. Kuri finally gets it and then Bernal asks her to please try and convince Rico to report Borgetti for Tomas. Kuri explains that she already did but her relationship with Rico isn’t the best right now because she rebuffed his advances. Bernal and Lascurain laugh at her honesty.

In the hospital, the doctor explains to Jose and Natalia that she has a ruptured ovarian cyst and they need to operate immediately. Jose agrees and asks if it’s dangerous; the doctor confirms that they will do all they can and then asks Jose to please sign a consent form so they can operate. Jose agrees and then goes to Natalia’s side. She admits she’s scared but Jose promises everything will be okay. He asks if she would like him to tell her parents but she doesn’t want to worry them. She then breaks down and tells him that she’s too young (barely 20) to have a missing ovary. Jose reiterates that everything will be okay and then the nurse comes to take her to the OR. They kiss and reaffirm their love for each other.

Jackie meets Eddy at his restaurant and proposes they open the bar at his restaurant; Jackie thinks it’s a great idea. Eddy asks about Jose and he confirms he went to Villa Brava for Vanessa’s truck but he would most likely accept his offer too. Eddy asks if Vanessa will be interested in selling her truck since he might have an interested party but Jackie reveals that Julio and Diego had an accident and Julio’s in a coma. Eddy asks her where Vanessa is and she confirms that Vanessa’s home. Eddy runs off to meet her.

Vanessa is talking with the nurse that will receive Julio in the Encino Blanco hospital. She confirms the arrival date and asks that she get back to her as soon as he arrives. She hangs up as the doorbell rings and Vanessa goes to answer it. It’s Eddy, who hugs her fiercely and tells her he won’t let her go again, no matter what she says. They kiss deeply.

Bernal asks Lascurain if Lorena has revealed anything new about the guy Emma dealt with before she died but he confirms she has been quiet. He should have new information soon because she has begun to trust him. Bernal thinks it’s ridiculous they are always one step behind Borgetti but Kuri reminds him that they would’ve caught him already if it was easy but he’s too smart. The three reiterate that they won’t give up, especially now that they are receiving help from more powerful people.

Borgetti meets with Irene in a secluded forest and asks if she is in a better mood since they last saw each other. Irene demands to know what they’re doing there and Borgetti reveals he retrieved the incriminating video from the widows. Irene is ecstatic and asks him where the video is. Borgetti confirms he destroyed the disc but there is one electronic copy on Julio’s computer, which is in his possession. Irene asks him to destroy the video and computer but Borgetti has other plans: he will destroy the only remaining copy of the video, if she gives him all her shares in Farmateca. Irene can’t believe he’s asking this but Borgetti reminds her that she blackmailed her mother to get the shares. Irene explains she had a moral debt with her mother but Borgetti reminds her she has a debt with him too because she would’ve never gotten anyway without his help. Irene doesn’t think she owes him anything because Miriam’s shares would be worthless without her hard work. Borgetti doesn’t care because his ideas, protection and intelligence got her to where she is. Irene reminds him that she knows the most about the pharmaceutical business but Borgetti reiterates that while everyone is necessary, no one is indispensible. Either way, he wants to her resign from her position at Farmateca tomorrow morning. Irene reminds him that if she falls, he will too, but Borgetti reminds her she doesn’t have proof. Irene then reminds him that if he releases the video, then Farmateca would be ruined, but Borgetti has thought of everything: she will go to jail alone and Farmateca will continue to be number one. Irene is silent and Borgetti explains that he’s always two steps ahead of the game. Irene pushes him and they have a stare down.

Vanessa and Eddy are cuddling on the couch and she confesses that she doesn’t know ho long she’ll stay. Eddy doesn’t think she has to leave no that she is going to be divorced but Vanessa reminds him that she was leaving for her son’s safety and her own. Eddy asks if he can come with and Vanessa is more than happy to go with him. They smile.

Irene can’t believe she fell for Borgetti’s charms when he only used her to get rich. He reminds her that she has a pretty good resume and will find employment soon but Irene only sees how he’s betrayed her. Borgetti knows her and she will do the same thing in his position. He then gives her a resignation letter to give to Miriam, which she rips up in his face. He tells her that if she decides to not do as he says, he will make sure she’s buried next to her faithful dog, Victor. She throws the ripped up letter in her face and he confesses that he had a great time in bed with her. She slaps him and Borgetti asks that she think about it and leaves.

Eddy reminds Vanessa that she once told him she could fall in love with him if they had an opportunity and she agrees. He promises to defend her with his life and she hugs him.

Arturo tells Giovanna that Vanessa is back and asks if she can offer Vanessa her old job back. Giovanna is surprised he knows more about Vanessa’s life than her but Arturo explains that he learned what happened when she asked him to help her with her divorce. Giovanna agrees and Arturo suggests she employ Vanessa for her upcoming show, if anything. Giovanna then tells him that Jimena offered to make her the chef of her new restaurant and she said no but Vanessa could help her. Arturo agrees and they kiss.

Ramirez informs Borgetti of his results on a recent case and Rico confirms that the investigation into the death of Emma Diaz has dried up because no one will talk. Borgetti asks that they focus on the first case and Bernal will focus on the case of Emma. Rico tries to say something but Borgetti confirms that Bernal is wasting his time and will only disappoint those who put their faith in him. He then goes off to make a call.

In his car, Bernal shows Jackie a picture of Marcial but Jackie confirms she doesn’t know him. He offers to show Katia and Vanessa but, if they don’t know anything, he will have to send it to Tania. He didn’t want to because of her illness but he has run out of options. Jackie understands and then asks where they will see each other since they’re officially “broken up.” Bernal suggests the outskirts of the city since they can’t go to each other’s houses. Jackie agrees and wonders if they will have to hide for a long time. Bernal doesn’t know; he hoped he did, but Jackie hopes they get to live out their love ASAP. Bernal tells her that he does too and they hug and kiss. Jackie then offers to have sex in the car but Bernal chides her. Jackie doesn’t care though and kisses him, despite being uncomfortable.

In the station, Lascurain tells Kuri that Borgetti is coming and she announces, in a loud voice, that Bernal was really upset because Jackie called him this morning to break off their relationship. Lascurain thinks that was too sudden and Kuri agrees but asks that Lascurain not ask anything if he sees Bernal because he doesn’t like to talk about his private life. Borgetti hears everything, while pretending to look at his phone, then goes upstairs. Kuri and Lascurain secretly fist pump.

Irene gets home in a rage…she thought she had the upper hand the whole time but Borgetti had other plans. She screams that she hates Borgetti and hopes he dies.

Kuri goes to ask Rico if he thought about her suggestion to report Borgetti but Rico asks her to be quiet. Kuri is quiet for a second and then Rico explains that he was thinking about it and maybe he didn’t see what he thought he saw. He thinks someone like Borgetti, with his reputation and years of service, would never to that. Kuri asks him if he’s willing to let a man’s murder go unpunished but Rico tells her that she’s taking as fact something that he thought he saw but isn’t sure. Kuri wants to know how much he sold his honor for but Rico tells her he didn’t sell anything. Kuri think he’s scared of talking but Rico asks that she not mention what he told her ever again. Kuri nods and reminds him that whatever he chooses to do, he will have to live with the consequences.

Katia tells Sandro that regardless of her answer to his marriage proposal, she would rather not continue living at his house so that he doesn’t think she’s taking advantage of him. Sandro tells her that she will accept his proposal; in fact, she may end up proposing to him. Katia asks if she will have to give him a ring and Sandro confirms it will have to be an expensive one. They laugh and Sandro admits that her lack of his response to his proposal hurt but he’s not giving up and he would rather she never mention leaving his house again. Katia nods and they kiss. Katia then leaves and Sandro calls Catalina because he needs to talk to her.

Jackie arrives at the hospital and asks Jose how Natalia is feeling. Jose confirms that she is in the OR and he’s waiting for the doctor to tell him how things went. Jackie apologizes for not coming immediately because her cell battery died but Jose asks her to forget and apologizes for not going to pick up Vanessa’s truck. The doctor comes and confirms everything went smoothly but they had to do a hysterectomy. Jose asks if she will be able to have children but the doctor explains that she doesn’t have a uterus but still has one ovary so there is hope should they use a surrogate. The doctor then asks how they want to break the news to her and Jose confirms he wants to tell her personally. The doctor agrees and then thanks them and leaves. Jose hugs Jackie while they wait.

In the self-defense class, Bernal trains Erick. Once the class is over, they sit down to have a couple of bottles of water and Bernal explains that he had promised Kuri he was going to train him but hadn’t had the time. Erick wonders why he does it since he’s not dating his mother but Bernal confirms they are just friends and he’s doing it as a favor. He then tells Erick that his life has been hard and hasn’t received all he’s wanted or asked for but he needs to appreciate what he does have, including his mother. Erick asks Bernal to find out who his father is and ask his mother to tell him because it’s horrible to not know who your father is. Bernal promises to try and Erick nods.

That night, Irene picks herself off the floor and grabs her cell phone. She calls her PI, Fonseca, and tells him that she is in a hurry to find out all she can about Kuri, even though she wasn’t before. Fonseca confirms that she used to work for the Encino Blanco PD 17 years ago, under Borgetti’s command, and asked for a transfer to Mexico City 15 years ago but returned a year ago. Irene asks about her personal life and Fonseca confirms that Kuri is currently single and only lives with her 15-year-old son, Erick, who was recently expelled from the boarding school. Irene asks for a photo of Erick and Fonseca confirms he will send it by email. Irene thanks him.

Bernal and Erick arrive at Kuri’s apartment and he explains that he saw Erick at the defense class and decided to bring him home. Erick goes to take a shower and Kuri wonders what he did that Erick is in such a good mood. Bernal tells her that if he finds out what Erick asked for, they may even be friends. Kuri asks him what Erick wanted and Bernal confesses that Erick wanted to know who his father is. Kuri furiously shakes her head and tells Bernal that she cannot tell him who he is. Bernal explains that he’s at a crucial stage in his life and needs to know who his father is so he can have a sense of identity. Kuri doesn’t think it will be a good idea because Erick’s father is a bad influence and he’s already married. Bernal asks her to calm down and sit. She obliges and Bernal suggests that he let Erick decide what he wants to do when she tells him because they don’t deserve to live hating each other. Either way, Erick’s father needs to be responsible for Erick because he is also his child. Kuri is quiet…


Hello everyone! Make note: No MdN on Monday :(

I calculated and our Gran Final should be Monday, May 1, with no edits as episode 51 is split into two 40 min episodes. We'll see but for now, enjoy! :D

Thanks for the wonderful recap, Alfredo, and the episode update.

Love it: Vanessa considering a divorce from comatose Julio.

It was such a pleasure seeing Irene getting blindsided by Borgetti's double cross. Now, what plans does he have for Miriam?

Kuri is between a rock and a hard place. If she were smart she would just lie and tell the brat that he was the result of a drunken one night stand and she never got his father's name. Problem solved. Maybe Borgetti will be dead and gone in a flurry of criminal charges by the end which would help explain her reticence if she were to tell the brat the truth in the end.


You're welcome, Jarifa! I was surprised about the unilateral divorce but its actually a thing. I wish more novelad woukd be as realistic as this one as far as divorce or separations go. Vanessa has plenty to use again Julio but then again so does he. If he wakes up from the coma and finds himself divorce...will he reveal what he knows?

I loved Irene and Borgetti his episode. Two titans going at it but I think all Borgetti did was awaken a sleeping beast. Irene is a lot more dangerous than Borgetti because he has a lot more to lose and keepa underestimating her. Oh boy bombs are gonna drop.

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Gracias, Alfredo.

No episode this Monday? Where did you source that from? I checked next Friday and there Univision's site says it's pre-empted for sports. Need to check again.


Borgetti is playing a dangerous game here. Irene will blindside him when she finds out about Erick and he does have a lot to lose. Cops who turn bad and end up in prison are no better off than paedophiles. What did he do to Miriam's family that she is out to get him? I can't wait to find that out.

Since there are only 14-15 episodes left we should be prepared for a lot of sh&t to be hitting multiple fans.

Glad to here that Vanessa can free herself from Julio, whom I'm not sure will make it out alive from this tale.

As for Alejandra Barros and Diego Olivera, I want to see them paired as protagonists someday. These two know how to turn up the heat.

MDN this upcoming week will only air Tuesday, Wednesday n Friday. No episode on Monday due to a Moises airing 3hrs n on Friday they will air Jesus de Nazaret.

Will only air Tuesday, Wednesday n Thursday

I checked out an episode of Moises and it looked good. That Brazilian network's production values are top notch.

I understand that La Candidata will follow MdN. Who's in for that one? It sounds muc more interesting than what Univision will follow VEA with.

Thanks, Alfredo.

Borgetti's massive arrogance will be his doom. Does he think he can screw over Irene without fallout? She's a monster, but I'm looking forward to her giving him a taste of his own medicine.

There's something weird about Arturo. Of course, she needs to divorce Julio, but she didn't bring up the topic so why did he? Because he has a thing for her? Or could he have some connection to Julio?

I think Arturo has a thing for her and I think that Giovanna chose her for that purpose. She is cheating on him with her publisher and I'm sure she wants Arturo to get busy so he won't come after her for her infidelity.

There is a connexion between Giovanna and Jimena, which is already weird enough.

Thank you so much, Alex for the episode update!

You're welcome, Alex and Niecie! I'm kind of excited to see Borgetti go down because Irene looking for more info on Kuri and Erick will lead her to the truth and I can't wait.

ITA with Urban about Giovanna. She's looking for some entertainment for Arturo while she has her own with Daniel. Sick but not completely unintelligent.

I hope Miriam makes it to the end but if she doesn't she has Benjamin and Antonio to take down Borgetti. I'm wondering if Borgetti really loves Miriam since he took the shares away from Irene to keep the company in the family or maybe he's scared of what Irene could do to Miriam. Either way, he's back Irene into a corner, and that won't end well.

As far as Moises, I wish I could watch it but it's over a year long, maybe Netflix, because Brazilian novelas are always the best despite their length.

I know we say it enough but the length of this novela ensures every episode is perfection and I won't stop saying till it becomes reality in the novela world.

Urban, you can count me in on La candidata. I would be willing to recap a night.

Alfredo, ITA about the length of Mujeres de negro and wish more novelas were of a much shorter length. That is one reason I am looking forward to La candidata: 61 episodes.

Gracias, Jarifa. Click on my profile and e-mail me.

Thank you Alfredo,

What an amazing scene between Borgetti and Irene. ITA that this will not end well for Borgetti. Unfortunately for Kuri and Erick they are in the path of Hurricane Irene and they will be dragged into the eye of the storm. As much as Erick deserves a whack in the head for being disrespectful, he does not deserve Iren's furry.

BTW I am also watching La Candidata, so I can help recap if needed. Even if it's just as a sub once in a while.


Gracias, Sandie.

You're absolutely right. Kuri and Erick are going to be dragged into this and neither deserves what Irene might be planning. The irony of it is that Borgetti doesn't give a flying damn about either of them so anything Irene does would only serve to land herself in the slammer... or the morgue if it comes to a shoot-out involving other police personnel.

Yay! Thank you, Sandie and Jarifa! We almost have a full team, Urban :)))


I hope more and more peeps are getting Unimas and we can have more readers going forward for the programs that will be airing there.

Alfredo, it will be fun working on a team again. I have been looking forward to this one.

Urban, this did so well in ratings in Mexico, it is too bad that they could not have put it in the 9 o'clock slot on Univision.

Are they producing fewer novelas and/or fewer total episodes now? I know that younger generations don't have the attention span for this but we're not exactly chopped liver.


Televisa did a press release of some sort where they announced they would be producing newer novelas with lwoer episode count and fewer remakes or less remakes of the stories we already know, which explains MdN and La Candidata. I don't know if that's going to stick as MAM has a projected 120 and Enamorandome de Ramon has a projected 127 while Vino had 141 and Estela is projected to have 100 to 120. That's why saying it may have failed to Televisa's liking and they're back to their normal programming habits. 2016 also produced Las Amazonas at 61 and Corazon que Miente at 71.

**La Candidata was supposed to have more episodes but politics got in the way, like Stevey said, but it's a win because it means it is ultimately a tighter story.

Jarifa: Kuri might want to watch her back because Borgetti might get rid of her next.

Steve, ITA because she definitely is a loose end.

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