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Mujeres de Negro Chapter 40 (Untitled) & Chapter 41 (Reliving Death) (Uni #40) 4.12.17

Cut scenes are in blue and italicized. 

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(------------) Unedited as my DVR started recording 5 minutes late. 

Episode 40: Untitled

In Miriam’s office, Irene confirms that she gave Miriam everything and is leaving the company if she needs nothing else from her. Miriam asks her what she is going to do now and Irene confirms that she has no idea, but she will be around for a long time. Miriam wishes her luck and Irene does too, not just with Farmateca, but also because of the scandal with Borgetti and Kuri. Miriam tells her not to worry but Irene laughs and reminds her that the only one who should be worried is her because Borgetti may have had other affairs and children. Miriam reminds Irene that she was one of those women and Irene is floored. Miriam asks if she thought she didn’t know about the affair and reminds her that she have her plenty of opportunities to confess the truth but she didn’t. Irene asks her why she didn’t come out and tell her she knew but Miriam explains that she is aware of her limitations as a woman and knows Borgetti has needs that he satisfied with Irene. Irene assures her that Borgetti is only using her too and the only thing he cares about is her money. Miriam wishes her a good afternoon and asks her to leave. Irene asks her to please not get up to walk her out and leaves, laughing.

In the interrogation room, Bernal and Kuri interrogate Katia as Ramirez and Rico observe from behind the double-sided mirror. Katia, with Arturo at her side, tells them everything happened too quickly so she can’t really explain how everything happened. Bernal asks if she knew the man and Katia confirms she didn’t. Kuri asks if she could identify the man by looking at a photo but Katia isn’t sure, she only saw a man trying to kill her friends and took out her gun and fired. Kuri shows her some pictures as Bernal asks her where she got the gun. Katia explains that she found it among her husband’s things when he died and has had it on her person since Victor tried to kill Jackie. Kuri reminds her that the gun is not registered in her husband’s name and Katia explains she only found this out today when she went to register it at the shooting range. Arturo tells them they can collaborate everything with the shooting instructor but reminds them that Katia only used the gun in self-defense and since they can’t locate the victim, then Katia is free to go. Bernal reminds them that still had an illegal firearm in her possession so she will have to pay a fine. Arturo agrees and Bernal reminds them that the investigation will remain open even if Katia goes free. Either way, the gun will be taken away and Katia will be on an arms watch list. Katia is shocked.

Miriam is with Marco when her secretary comes in to announce Benjamin. Miriam asks her to let him through and Benjamin comes in as Marco and the secretary leave. He wishes her a good afternoon but she stops him and shows him how much strength she has regained in her legs by standing up and holding herself against the desk. He tries to help her walk but Miriam takes a few steps by herself and Benjamin smiles. They both celebrate.

Arturo brings Jackie a coffee at the station as Vanessa comes and asks for details on Katia’s case. Jackie reveals that they are putting her on a watch list and Vanessa is surprised since she only tried to help them. Arturo explains that she was carrying an illegal firearm but it’s minor compared to everything else; they already paid the fine and she’ll be right out. Vanessa thanks him and Arturo tells her that it’s no problem. He then explains that he got the call from his office and the divorce decree is ready, all she has to do is sign it. Jackie tells her that she told Arturo Julio was back at home and out of the coma. Arturo explains that he asked his office to accelerate the separation of property documents as well as the custody papers for Diego. Vanessa thanks him and Jackie notices something between them but is quiet.

Miriam sits back down and explains that she has Guillain-Barre syndrome*, which was activated after what happened to her, and that’s what has caused the paralysis. Benjamin laments the fact that he was on his honeymoon and not with her to stop the person responsible for activating the disease in the first place. Miriam tells him there’s no use crying over spilled milk because she finally found the person responsible, Bruno, and she has planned her vengeance carefully. Benjamin asks if she’s going to let him think he has the upper hand for now and Miriam nods; only them two know that she has begun to walk again until it’s necessary.

Bernal brings Katia over to Jackie and Vanessa and laments the fact that she’s now on a watch list. Katia tells them that she would do it again, no matter the consequences, and Vanessa hugs her and thanks her for everything. Katia tells her that she loves them and would risk everything for them. Jackie tells them that they should leave now and Bernal accompanies them outside.

Miriam tells Benjamin that she tried to retain Irene as much as possible with the excuse that she needed all her documents in order before she left but Irene didn’t want to and left. Benjamin thinks her resignation was too sudden and suspicious but makes sense because he bought her shares. Miriam doesn’t know what happened between them but she’s sure they are no longer together. Benjamin thinks Borgetti is blackmailing her with the video she found and asks if there are any more copies. Miriam doesn’t know but she found it strange that Bruno had a computer in his desk so she asked Marco to get everything he could find off the computer and returned it to the safe. Benjamin thinks she did the right thing so Borgetti doesn’t suspect anything. Miriam nods and tells him that she had to show him the video in person but she’s still worried about the future of Farmateca. Benjamin is too and offers to investigate the consequences of Irene’s actions on the company and on her. Miriam tells him that if Irene did it behind her back then she should not be implicated and they need to find proof. Benjamin reminds her that finding proof is exactly the problem. Either way, he wants to investigate the legal ramifications first before using the video. Miriam agrees.

Bernal tells the widows that he will keep them updated and they get into the elevator with Arturo. Jackie and Bernal share a secret smile and then Jackie hugs her friends as the doors close.

Outside the police station, Katia thanks Arturo, who asks her to be careful because luck is not on her side: first the Jimena thing and now this. Katia tells him she will be more careful from now on. Arturo then says goodbye to Jackie and Katia and tells Vanessa he will call her later to see about the divorce papers. Vanessa asks that they meet tomorrow because today is Diego’s birthday and he agrees before kissing her goodbye and leaving. Jackie tells Vanessa that Arturo likes her and Katia agrees but Vanessa asks them to be quiet. Vanessa tells them that she’s with already with Eddy and Arturo is married. Katia looks down and Vanessa tells her that she wasn’t talking about her but Katia shrugs off her comment. Vanessa thanks her again for saving their lives and for not mentioning the gun was Julio’s. Katia just wanted to avoid more problems but she fears their problems are not over.

Bernal informs Lascurain that they are analyzing the victim’s blood for now but they are sure it was Marcial because the widows confirmed it. Lascurain informs them that Marcial managed to escape and they assume Borgetti must be helping him because he’s not at the station. Lascurain tells them that he will leave some policemen in charge should Marcial appear and go back to the station and. Bernal agrees and they hang up. Kuri confesses to Bernal that she fears Erick will hate her more when he finds out his father is a criminal. Bernal reminds her that she is not responsible for Borgetti’s actions so she needs to stop torturing herself.

Jackie brings Katia and Vanessa some bottled water and Katia thanks her but has to go ASAP because she told Sandro that she was dropping off a gift for Diego and disappeared. Katia then wonders where she left the gift but tells Vanessa to wish Diego a happy birthday and goes to leave. Vanessa tells her that Diego doesn’t know of the problems between them and he will miss her at his birthday party. She invites her and Sandro to the party and Katia accepts, though it will be awkward.  Vanessa then goes to leave but Jackie stops her and confesses that Bernal told her that the bomb on the yacht was military grade. They all stop short and Jackie explains that Saul didn’t have access to that type of weaponry so Katia assumes that the bomb they placed on the yacht was not the one that killed their husbands. Jackie is only repeating what Bernal told her but she’s just as confused as they are. Vanessa assumes there were always two bombs like Julio said, one from them and one from Farmateca.  Katia thinks Jackie should ask Saul either way and Jackie agrees.

In a secluded area, Bernal blesses Marcial’s body before throwing him down a precipice. Borgetti then removes his gloves but doesn’t notice his wedding ring fall off his finger and in the grass by his feet. His phone rings and it is Lizarraga. Borgetti asks him about his ascension but Lizarraga reminds him of the scandal that appeared in the newspapers regarding him and Kuri. Borgetti tells him it is just gossip and he already asked Kuri to deny it but Lizarraga asks him to clean up his image first because the damage is done. Borgetti thinks his success should speak for itself but Lizarraga reminds him that image and reputation are everything. Borgetti tells him that he will take care of everything and Lizarraga informs him that Governor Miguel Velasco Moreno and Commissioner, Antonio Benitez, are investigating him. Borgetti asks him why they are doing so and Lizarraga assumes it has to do with his method of solving cases. He also thinks the investigation started because of Benjamin Riesta and asks Borgetti if he knows him. Borgetti is quiet.

Sandro brings Katia a drink and confesses he was worried for her. Katia explains that they took her cell phone and she couldn’t call him back. Sandro thinks she should’ve called him however she could so he could’ve been with her at the station; he should’ve been there for her now that they’re together. Katia agrees then Sandro tells her at least it served to bring her and Vanessa closer. Katia smiles and asks if he’s going to Diego’s party with her but Sandro doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Katia understands because Julio will be there but she wants to go with him and feel him at her side. Sandro hugs her and agrees to go.

Julio and Diego hug each other and Diego tells him that the best gift is to have him back safe and sound. Vanessa comes and tells Diego the party will have to be smaller than planned with only Eddy, Danna and her friends in attendance. Julio tells him that Isabella is also on her way with her nurse and Vanessa is shocked to hear she will be living with them again. Julio reminds her that she can invite whomever she wants so he can too. Vanessa asks Diego to change so they can eat and then have him blow out some candles. Diego agrees and leaves them alone. Julio warns Vanessa that he doesn’t want her friends telling him what happened that morning but Vanessa assures him they won’t. What they do need to tell Diego is they are getting a divorce and, when they sign the documents, she will formalize her relationship with Eddy. Julio is shocked at how quick Vanessa is moving but Vanessa warns him to let Isabella know she will only be able to stay the night because she doesn’t want her present when the sign the divorce papers because she can’t fake anything any longer. Julio can’t either.

Jackie gets home and Jose welcome her with open arms. He asks her if she’s all right and what happened with the shooter. Jackie admits she’s fine but the shooter disappeared. Jose then asks her to stay with Natalia for the time being because he needs to go see some documents about the restaurant and Jackie agrees but asks him to hurry since she has to go to Diego’s party. He goes to leave but stops and tells her that losing his father didn’t hurt as much as if he would’ve lost her. Jackie smiles and they hug before Jose leaves.

Jackie then goes to visit Natalia in Jose’s room. Natalia is happy to see her but Jackie is disappointed that she’ll still in bed; she reiterates that life changes in an instant but it’s too short. Jackie then asks her if she looks like a bitter woman and Natalia shakes her head so Jackie reminds her that she also didn’t have children but has managed to be happy because she didn’t base on her happiness on being a mother. Natalia is quiet and Jackie explains that there are plenty of ways of being a happy, fulfilled woman and she hopes her words help her see that. Natalia reminds her that she didn’t want kids and Jackie reminds her that she can still be a mother, it just won’t be as easy as most women. She then tells Natalia that a woman is more than being a mother and Jose has been there for her but her attitude is destroying their relationship. Natalia thinks it’s for the best that Jose leaves her but Jackie asks her why she decides for him when he has been nothing but good to her. Jackie understands that she is pushing him away, like she will push any man away, and then she will be a lonely, bitter woman. Natalia begins to cry and Jackie tells her to do so and then get up and face the world and prove her worth. Jackie then hugs her and lets her cry on her shoulder.

Bernal and Julio talk outside Julio’s house; Julio wants to wait till Diego’s party is over, and Bernal understands, but prefers they talk now because Julio and his family are in danger. Julio tells him he thought better of and until he is guaranteed immunity and “real” protection, he is in a lot more danger talking than keeping quiet. Bernal reminds him that he needs to make a formal statement before he can guarantee immunity but Julio knows that’s not true. He tells Bernal that as soon as he feels safe, he will give him the proof he needs against Borgetti. Bernal agrees to talk to his superiors but will a police car outside his house either way because Marcial may attack again even though he’s disappeared. Julio agrees.

Tania goes to visit Catalina and Catalina tells her that she has proof from the Governor himself that the bomb used in the yacht explosion was military grade, therefore, Zacharias could not be responsible for putting it there. Tania agrees and Catalina is glad she’s able to confirm it. Tania then tells her that Julio lied to her when she saw him at the hospital recently and Catalina asks if Julio is back. Tania nods and tells her that Julio explained that she misunderstood him and Zacharias was responsible. Catalina thinks it’s strange that he went back on his word and assumes he knows things that he can’t confess and that’s why he’s lying. Tania agrees and tells her she will call Gina, the ex, to tell her the good news. Catalina begs her to tell Gina to keep quiet about the Governor’s investigation so no one disrupts the process. Tania nods.

Sandro and Katia walk to the toy store to pick up a toy for Diego and Sandro tells her that as soon as they come back from the party they will go to dinner to talk. Katia asks why he doesn’t just tell her and Sandro explains that he prefers to tell her when they’re home and relaxed. They cross the street and find Jimena waiting for them. Katia wonders how many times she has to tell her to leave her alone but Jimena tells that she’s there to talk to Sandro. Katia is quiet but looks from Jimena to Sandro, who tries to leave with her in a hurry. Jimena thinks he’s always in a hurry, especially when it comes to seducing Katia and then breaking the pact he had with her and Catalina for Katia. Sandro asks her to be quiet but Katia wants to know the truth. Jimena reveals that Sandro was Nicolas’ best friend and the only reason he seduced her was to avenge his death because he like her and Catalina think she killed Nicolas. Katia begs Sandro to tell her it’s not true but Sandro is quiet and she storms off. Sandro chases her as Jimena laughs.

Jackie arrives at Vanessa’s and goes to give Diego his gift. The doorbell rings and it is Eddy and Danna with a gift in hand. Danna runs to the kitchen to give it to Diego and Eddy is happy to see Vanessa after what happened this morning. Vanessa tells him that everything is fine now but Eddy wants to know why someone is trying to kill Julio again. Vanessa promises to talk to him later and hugs him close as Isabella comes and they separate. They offer each other a cold hello.

Sandro catches up to Katia and tells her that she wanted to tell her the whole truth tonight but Katia thinks that was a mere coincidence. Sandro explains that he did think she was responsible for Nicolas’ death in the beginning but now that he knows her, he has confirmed that she cannot be responsible. Katia asks him if he planned to kill her but Sandro only wanted to pressure her till she confessed but he now knows he’s not capable of doing what they accused her of. He apologizes and tells her that what he feels is free and asks for forgiveness but Katia is quiet.

Julio surprises Isabella in the backyard and gives her a kiss. They hug and she thanks her stars that he’s all right. Just then Eddy arrives and says a cold hello to Julio, responds in kind. Isabella is shocked that he allows Eddy to come to his house when Vanessa is still his wife and Julio admits that his blood is boiling but there is nothing he can do.

Inside the kitchen, Eddy offers to help Vanessa bring the cake outside. She obliges and Jackie helps her bring the decorations. Outside, Vanessa sets down the cake and tells then walks to a corner with Eddy and tells him she understands if he wants to leave since the situation is awkward. Eddy confesses he feels uncomfortable but he wants Julio to know he’s there for her.

Julio looks at them and then tells Isabella that he is going to take care of it and goes inside. He tells Diego to grab the candles and take them to Vanessa. Diego obliges and goes outside with Danna.

In their corner, Vanessa promises Eddy that this is the last time she will be with Julio as a couple and tomorrow she will talk with Diego to tell him the truth about her divorce. Eddy smiles and kisses Vanessa as Diego comes. He sees them and slams down the candles as Eddy and Vanessa look at each other. Diego screams and pushes Eddy, asking him to leave, as Julio comes outside and sits down next to Isabella. Isabella doesn’t think he was right to do what he did but Julio thinks it’s the only way. She shrugs as Jackie comes and asks what the commotion is all about. Julio asks her to sit down and goes to see what the problem is.

Eddy explains to Diego that he and Vanessa are together but Diego screams that his mother is Julio’s. Vanessa reveals that she is getting a divorce from Julio and Diego goes to Julio and asks him if it’s true. Julio tells him that they will talk about everything later but Diego tells them he doesn’t want them to get divorced. Julio takes Diego away as Jackie comes and Danna explains that she and Diego saw Eddy and Vanessa kissing. All the adults stress as Diego cries.

Sandro admits that Katia has enough reasons to cut him out of her life but he begs her not to do it. Katia doesn’t know what she will do because she was living in a fantasy world until now but Sandro assures her his feelings are real. He tells her that he loves her and asks that she doesn’t push him away. Katia needs time to think if she wants to be with him but Sandro reminds her that true love is hard to find. Katia shakes her head and asks if the ring he gave her was part of his plan. Sandro reveals that Catalina forced him to ask her to marry him and then leave her but he realized that she is not the selfish and materialistic woman they painted to her be. Katia asks him to leave her alone and walks away.

Once alone, Vanessa and Julio sit down with Diego and tell him that they were going to tell him about the divorce after the party but Diego knows she wanted to be with Eddy long ago and Julio even told him to run away when the social worker came. Vanessa is shocked to hear this and thinks it’s incredible Julio would do such a thing. Vanessa explains to Diego that she and Eddy began their relationship when they came back from Villa Brava but Diego reminds her that she ruined his birthday and doesn’t want to talk to her. Diego runs off and Vanessa asks Julio to take Diego to his room so they can talk.

Outside, Danna asks Eddy why he didn’t tell her he had a girlfriend and Eddy confesses that they recently began their relationship. He asks her if it bothers her that he’s with Vanessa but Danna shakes her head. She likes Vanessa but is worried that Diego won’t want to be her friend anymore because he’s mad.  Eddy reminds her that Diego likes her a lot and she has nothing to worry about.

Jackie asks Vanessa to call her as soon as she can and Vanessa bids her goodbye. When she closes the door, Julio comes down the steps and waits for her. Vanessa asks Isabella to leave them alone and Julio asks her to please go take care of Diego. Isabella obliges and, as soon as they’re alone, Vanessa slaps Julio across the face. She tells him she’s sure he sent Diego over so he could see her kissing Eddy because he was able to call the social worker and to try and ruin her reputation and since that didn’t work, he tried to screw her over now. Julio reminds her that they’re even since she tried to kill him but Vanessa tells him that he will always be in her debt and asks him to leave. Julio tells her that Bernal wants them to stay together but Vanessa doesn’t care; she wants him out ASAP. Isabella hears everything from the top of the stairs.

Outside Vanessa’s house, Jackie fills in Katia on what happened with Diego and then asks her where Sandro is. Katia asks her if they can grab a drink and talk about what happened with Sandro. Jackie agrees and they go.

Sandro drinks at home, alone, and remembers when he first met Katia and how he fell in love with her and eventually proposed. He then thinks of what Catalina told him about Katia and how he wasn’t in love. He takes another swig of his drink and thinks.

Diego tells Julio that he doesn’t want him to go but Julio explains that Vanessa wants him and Isabella out of the house ASAP. Vanessa rolls her eyes and Diego begs her to please let them stay but Vanessa shakes her head. Diego asks to go with Julio but Vanessa won’t allow it so he warns her that he will run away if she doesn’t let him go with his father. Vanessa asks him to not blackmail her but Diego reminds her that she hates him. Vanessa is quiet and then asks Julio to please come with her so they can talk. When they’ve left, Isabella hugs Diego.

In the police station, Rico informs Bernal that the person who tried to shoot Julio has disappeared but they were able to identify based on the blood samples they analyzed from the abandoned car and they were from an ex-detective of the station, Marcial Mendoza. Kuri asks Borgetti if he reminds Marcial and Borgetti admits he does; Bernal finds it strange that an ex-detective will try to shoot Julio and his family. Borgetti offers to interrogate Julio but Bernal tells him he already did and Julio didn’t recognize him or have any idea why he tried to kill him but he assumes this was the man that was following Julio in Villa Brava. Borgetti offers to take care of the case but Bernal reiterates that he is already on the case. Borgetti tells him that this isn’t a special case so there’s no reason for him to do so but Bernal reminds him that it is a special case because this is the second attempt on Julio’s life. Lascurain comes and tells Borgetti that it is of vital importance they talk to Marcial and find out the truth. Borgetti screams that they are talking crazy but Bernal doesn’t think so. He warns Borgetti that he will get to the bottom of the case, no matter what. Borgetti screams that the case is his and asks Rico to call Julio so he can come in the morning to declare what happened. Bernal tells Rico to tell him to come in the afternoon so he can be present and warns Borgetti that it better be this way or there will be more serious problems. Bernal storms off as Borgetti stares at him.

Downstairs, Vanessa tells Julio that he will march upstairs and tell Diego that he already knew about her relationship with Eddy and the divorce has been a long time coming. Julio doesn’t know why he would say those things but Vanessa warns him that she will tell Diego that he used to sleep with Katia in their house when they were married. Julio wonders if she would hurt her child this way and thinks Diego will hate her even more but Vanessa tells him that Diego will end up hating him and, while she doesn’t want to hurt Diego, she will do it to ensure he doesn’t leave her. Julio is quiet and Vanessa asks him to choose…

*Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many instances the symmetrical weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and upper body. These symptoms can increase in intensity until certain muscles cannot be used at all and, when severe, the person is almost totally paralyzed.

Episode 41: Reliving Death

Bernal and Kuri meet in their office and Kuri hopes that Borgetti realizes it that he can’t control them anymore. Bernal nods and tells her that Borgetti will be more careful of when and how to attack because they put him on alert. Either way, he is watching Julio’s house closely. Kuri thinks Borgetti is too, and may have even threatened Julio, but Bernal explains that he is going to meet with the Governor tomorrow to negotiate what Julio is asking for. After that, the investigation will be his. Kuri nods and Bernal asks her if when she was with Borgetti, he had the tattoos Lorena is talking about. Kuri is quiet but Bernal reminds her that he only asked because it’s necessary. Kuri tells him that he didn’t have any tattoos when they were together and assumes he got them afterward. Bernal asks her if she’s protecting Borgetti because it came out that he’s Erick’s father. Kuri is quiet so Bernal reminds her that it’s her duty to catch criminals. Kuri agrees but she already answered his question and leaves.

Over coffee, Katia tells Jackie what happened with Sandro and confesses that she felt something real with him but can’t expect him to be honest if she’s not being honest about the fact that she did kill Nicolas. On the other hand, if she accepts him back but doesn’t tell him the truth, it will weight on her but she can’t tell him anything because she’s scared he may report her to the police. Jackie admits that she feels the same way about Bernal but she’s sucking it up to be with him. Jackie then warns her to not confess anything because she will put them all at risk. Katia tells her that she needs to learn to live with their secret and Jackie reminds her that she’s managed to do it all this time unless she told someone. Katia shares her head and Jackie tells her that it’s a secret she will have to keep no matter who she’s with but the benefit with Sandro is that he already doubt it her once so she has the advantage. Katia agrees.

Julio goes upstairs and tells Diego exactly what Vanessa asked him to and Diego asks if he knew about Eddy. Julio confirms he did and tells him that tomorrow they will talk in detail about it. Diego asks if he’s telling him the truth and Julio confirms he is but asks Diego to please stay with his mother while they work through some things and they move elsewhere together even if they don’t live together. Either way, Julio wants Diego to know that he loves him and he should never forget it and promises to keep seeing him. Diego nods.

Jose sits with Natalia, who tells him that Jackie’s words made her rethink her attitude and realize she has a lot more to offer than just being a mother.  Jose is happy to hear it but Natalia does want to investigate alternative ways of having a baby. Jose agrees and Natalia thinks it’s time that she return home and to her regular life. Jose asks if she’s sure and Natalia agrees. She feels better and asks Jose to take her home. Jose will and reminds her he is there for her no matter what. They kiss.

Isabella comes to Diego’s room and tells Julio she’s ready to go. Diego begins to cry and Julio tells him that everything will go by quickly and asks him to say goodbye to his grandmother. Isabella hugs Diego and tells him he will continue to see his father. She then leaves and Diego continues to cry as Vanessa comes in and asks him to look at her. He screams that he wants to be alone and puts his head on his pillow.

Outside, Julio tells Isabella that he can’t return with her to Villa Brava because he still has things to solve in Encino Blanco and he can’t keep running and exposing himself or his family to any more danger. Julio thinks Bernal will be able to help him and Isabella agrees but asks Julio to keep her informed should anything new come up. She then asks him to promise to visit her once everything is resolved and he agrees but reminds her he may go to jail. Isabella shakes her head and tells him that he will be able to prove Borgetti and Irene were blackmailing him. Julio grabs her hands and admits that he has done things that may land him in jail and those things may come out in an investigation. Isabella asks him to tell her what he did and, after some hesitation, he asks her to take him to the hotel he will be staying at so they can talk. Isabella agrees and then asks him to tell her what he meant when he told Vanessa that she tried to send him to his grave. Julio is quiet.

That night, Katia goes to rent a room at a hotel with Jackie. She gives the front desk a credit card and they give her a key. Jackie reminds her that she’s available 24/7 and then leaves. In the elevator, Katia runs into Julio, who asks her how she knew he was staying there. Katia confesses that she broke up with her boyfriend and doesn’t have anywhere else to stay; Julio tells her that they are in the same boat. Katia nods.

Some time later, Julio knocks on Katia’s door and asks her to invite him for a nightcap so they can discuss their relationship. Katia doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Julio comes in anyway and grabs a drink from the mini bar. He chugs down a bottle of vodka and Katia reminds him that he made it clear they didn’t have a relationship. Julio laughs and tells her that when he told her that he didn’t know what he knows now; he reminds her that his life has been hell and he has had a chance to reflect and think about her and the love she offered him. Katia is quiet so Julio tells her they have an opportunity to start anew now that Vanessa knows about them. Katia wonders if he really wants to be in a relationship with her or if he’s just being selfish now that Vanessa is with Eddy and there can be nothing between them. Julio admits that it’s part of the reason but his marriage is now over and he needs to think about his priorities, one of which is her. He caresses her face and tells her she still feels something for him. He then kisses her and Katia gives into his kiss.

Vanessa goes to Diego’s room to see how he’s doing but he has finally fallen asleep. She goes over to him and tucks him into bed. She then cries over him and begs for forgiveness.

Katia separates from Julio wipes her mouth before telling him that she wants nothing to do with him anymore, no matter how much love she may feel for him. She has finally learned to love herself and there is no space for him in her life. Julio tells him that he’s her only chance at love because she doesn’t have to hide who she really is: a murderer. Katia is shocked and then laughs at his audacity. She tells him that on top of using her for revenge, he now makes it seem like he’s doing her a favor. Julio thinks their relationship can work and goes to kiss her but she pushes him away. Katia tells him she won’t betray Vanessa again even if she doesn’t care about him any more. Either way, she’s fallen in love with someone else but Julio doesn’t believe her. Katia tells him that’s his problem and opens the door for him to leave. Julio reminds her that she confessed to him that they planned the yacht explosion but Katia thinks he would be doing her favor as she won’t have to hide the truth any more. She opens the door wider and Julio tells her to think about it before leaving. Katia closes the door and shakes her head.

Erick asks Kuri if she looked into military school and she confirms that she has so she will revisit the topic with him a month before school ends in case he’s changed his mind. Erick doesn’t think he will because he doesn’t want to live with her anymore. Kuri reminds him that she had her reasons for keeping him in the dark about his father and all she did was for his benefit. Erick thinks she should’ve aborted him then and Kuri is taken aback. She admits that she chose the wrong man to fall in love with but, since he was born, there has been no other man in her life but him. Erick doesn’t believe her now and never will. He gets up to leave and Kuri stops him. She tells him that this is the last time he disrespects her or judges her for her actions; she can’t force him to love her but he will respect her or else. She storms out.

Katia thinks about her discussion with Jackie regarding the yacht explosion and Sandro. She then thinks about what Julio told her and what Sandro promised.

In his room, Julio chugs another bottle of vodka and hears a knock on the door. He goes to answer but is disappointed to see it is Bernal, who chides him for leaving Vanessa’s house after he asked him to stay put. Julio explains that Vanessa kicked him out and asks Bernal to come inside. Julio apologizes and Bernal reminds him that he almost died today so he needs to be more considerate. Julio promises to keep him updated and then asks if he knows Borgetti asked him to come to the police station tomorrow. Bernal is aware and hopes to have an answer for him tomorrow regarding his immunity deal. Julio nods and Bernal warns him to please keep quiet and plead the fifth until further notice if he can’t get him the immunity deal. Julio agrees.

Bernal is eating dinner with Miriam, who asks him where his wedding ring is. Borgetti thinks it’s where it always is but finds it gone.  He remembers when he put it on that morning, and Miriam does too, so he goes to check the bedroom. Borgetti actually goes outside and searches his car but finds the ring has disappeared.

The next morning, he goes to check the site where he dumped Marcial’s body but also can’t locate the ring. He silently screams and curses his luck.

Outside the station, several detectives and police hold a wake for David Gutierrez, the policeman who Marcial killed. Bernal and Kuri give their condolences to the family and tell them Gutierrez was a wonderful and brave man. Borgetti goes up on the podium and commands Gutierrez for his honor and bravery when doing his job.

Some time later, Lascurain asks Bernal if he’s going to see the Governor and Bernal confirms he will so he can be back in time to interrogate Julio. While he’s out, Lascurain will keep investigating and Bernal asks Kuri to talk to any and all tattoo shops in the area to find out which one did the tattoos Loren a described. Kuri nods and Bernal goes to leave when he finds Borgetti looks at them. Bernal silently leaves and Kuri and Lascurain go about their business.

Benjamin meets with Miriam and suggests she sell Farmateca because he already talked to a lawyer and Irene can accuse her of complacency. Miriam doesn’t want to but Benjamin explains that she puts everything at risk if she keeps the company. She should sell and then they will leak the video anonymously and the new owners won’t be affected because it happened before she acquired the company but neither will she. Miriam thinks the new owners will still come after her but Benjamin tells her to say she didn’t know anything and then give them some hush money as well as pay damages to the families of the missing. Miriam is skeptical but she agrees that he’s right. Benjamin reminds her that to be a businesswoman, she needs to think with her head, not heart. Miriam nods but the laments the fact that she won’t be there to see Farmateca grow like she envisioned. Benjamin then asks her to give him the video for safekeeping but Miriam tells him she stored it in a safety deposit box until it’s time to leak it.

In her house, Irene looks at the share market and sees Farmateca’s success. She is livid but vows that Borgetti won’t stay with the fruits of her labor. She then calls Izaguirre, a reporter at a local newspaper, and tells him that she has an exclusive for him if he’s interested.

At her house, Vanessa informs Eddy of what happened with Diego and Julio after they left. Vanessa thinks the best thing to do is to separate for the time being until the divorce is settled and the custody battle has concluded. Eddy asks if everything is a priority but their relationship but Vanessa reminds him that they are talking about her son. Eddy wants to win Diego by co-habiting more and doesn’t think breaking off their relationship is good for their long term plans. Vanessa doesn’t think so and suggests they give their children time to assimilate but Eddy reminds her that she always needs more time. Vanessa agrees and Eddy tells her that he waited for her, like she asked, but she needs to decide what she wants. He storms out.

In her hotel room, Katia receives a call from Sandro, who thought she would at least come into work. Katia reminds him that they are sorting out some issues between them but Sandro doesn’t think their personal lives should affect their professional ones.  He then reiterates that he’s sorry for what he did and Katia reminds him that she’s still hurt by his betrayal. Sandro sighs and tells that he mainly did what he did because he felt guilty and confesses that he was the last person Nicolas came to for money before he tried to kill himself. Sandro asks for an opportunity to talk to her but Sandro is too shocked to answer.

Bernal meets with Governor Miguel and informs him that Julio is a key witness in their investigation but he’s scared to talk so they need protection for him and his family. Governor Miguel agrees to the protection but will need to discuss the immunity deal with Commissioner Antonio Benitez. Bernal agrees and Governor Miguel explains that Julio’s testimony is a little too late because a lot more deaths could’ve been avoided if he had spoken up sooner. Bernal thinks Julio would be dead if he would’ve spoken sooner because he’s sure Borgetti was behind both attempts on his life. Either way, Governor Miguel needs a couple of days to talk it over. Bernal agrees and then asks him to please authorize an audit at Farmateca so he can investigate the double accounting and recent transactions. Governor Miguel agrees and then they bid each other goodbye.

Vanessa meets with Arturo, who gives her the divorce papers for her and Julio to sign. Vanessa doesn’t know when she’ll get to it as she kicked Julio out; Arturo asks her why because that could be another reason they can add to the divorce settlement. Vanessa explains that she kicked him out when he caused her son to see her kissing her boyfriend. Arturo didn’t know she had one and Vanessa isn’t sure either because she’s asked for too much time and he’s not willing to wait. Because of her complicated situation, Arturo thinks she needs a man that comprehends her, not demands things from her, and Vanessa asks if men like that exist. Arturo confirms they do and smiles.

Jimena meets with Giovanna at her house to discuss their partnership. Giovanna confesses that she thinks her reputation will suffer if she associates with Jimena after the graffiti incident and the rumors about her family fortune. Jimena asks her not to worry about all that but Giovanna tells her she can’t risk her reputation until her image and her family’s is free of any misunderstandings or gossip.

Eddy and Rebecca, and their respective lawyers, meet with the judge in charge of Danna’s custody battle. Eddy’s judge argues that Eddy has taken care of Danna since Rebecca left and has managed to grow professionally while still providing for Danna. The judge asks Rebecca why she left and she explains that she left because she was sick. Eddy calls her a liar and tells the judge that Rebecca left with her lover but Rebecca confesses that she thought she was going to die so she preferred to have them forget about her. Rebecca’s lawyer gives the judge medical documents that prove and coordinate Rebecca’s story but Eddy wonders how much he and to pay for the documents. Eddy explains to the judge that Rebecca’s lover is a rich and powerful man who would have no trouble buying documents to prove an illness. Rebecca reveals that she had lupus and the doctors told her the treatment and recovery time would be very painful and they couldn’t guarantee that she’d live. Eddy stands up and calls her a liar but the judge warns him that will have to ask him to leave and if he doesn’t control himself. Eddy sits down and Rebecca’s lawyer tells the judge that there are documents that prove she’s better and he can even speak to the doctor himself. Eddy’s lawyer tells him that if Rebecca proves she left because of an illness, she will probably win the custody battle. Rebecca is quiet.

Bernal arrives at the station and Lascurain asks how his meeting win. Bernal confirms he didn’t get all he wanted and then asks him out his investigation is going. Lascurain explains that he’s tracing Marcial’s trips outside of Mexico and Bernal thinks he’s the key between Borgetti and the bomb on the yacht. He explains that if Marcial was in Panama and in Playa Coral at the time of the yacht explosion, then they’re one step closer to proving Borgetti was behind it all. Kuri comes and tells Bernal everything is ready for when Julio arrives. Borgetti then comes and they have a stare down.

At home, Jackie emails Saul and tells him she’s been trying to call him but he hasn’t answered so she hopes he sees this email and calls her back ASAP. She then remembers the yacht explosion as well as what Bernal said about the bomb and asks Saul if he told Julio Zamora anything about the favor he did for her. She sends the email and shakes her head.

Bernal calls Julio, who is late to their meeting, but he doesn’t answer. Bernal then calls the agent he has watching the hotel and confirms that Julio hasn’t left the hotel. Bernal asks the agent to go to Julio’s room and check on him then ask Julio to call him back. The agent nods and then grabs a manager and asks him for help.

Bernal hangs up and Borgetti asks him what happened. Bernal is silent.

The agent knocks on Julio’s room but he doesn’t answer. He demands the manager open the door and the manager obliges, after some hesitation, but finds the master key doesn’t work. The agent kicks open the door, gun drawn, and they walk inside. The agent sees various alcohol and pill bottles on a table by the bed and then sees needles and various medicines by the nightstand. Julio is on the bed, eyes closed, with a tourniquet wrapped around his arm and needle pricks on various veins. The agent calls Bernal to inform him Julio is dead as Katia comes into the room and sees his body. The agent confirms he died of an overdose and Katia is shocked. The agent then notices her and asks who she is. Katia explains that Julio is her friend’s husband and wipes away a tear. The agent asks the manager to escort her out and he obliges. Katia looks at Julio one last time and leaves.

At the station, Bernal tells everyone that someone killed Julio because he didn’t take drugs. Borgetti doesn’t think he knew Julio well enough to confirm that but Bernal tells him that you can spot a drug addict. Borgetti reminds him Julio was under a lot of stress and he wouldn’t find it strange if Julio used drugs to dull his pain.

Borgetti remembers last night when Julio was on his balcony, drowning himself in alcohol, while Borgetti secretly watched him from an adjacent balcony. As soon as Julio went back inside, Borgetti covered the video camera by the room and made his way to Julio’s balcony through the bushes. Borgetti poured some chloroform on a rag and waited for Julio to go back out on the balcony. He then knocked him out with the rag and dragged Julio back inside the room before staging the drug and alcohol bender. He then injected Julio with the drug overdose and left.

Bernal is sure Julio was murdered and Kuri asks if he thinks Marcial came back to kill him. Bernal thinks it was either Marcial or the man who was paying him but Borgetti thinks the idea is ridiculous because the men guarding Julio’s room would have seen whoever killed Julio. Bernal reiterates that he will get to the bottom of Julio’s murder with his team and storms out with Kuri and Lascurain in tow.

In the hallway, the manager asks Katia if she needs anything but she shakes her head and walks away. She looks back at Julio’s room and calls Jackie to tell her that Julio is dead of an apparent drug overdose; Jackie is floored by the news. Katia explains that she was staying at the same hotel as Julio and they just found his body. Katia can’t believe Julio is dead…


Hello, everyone! Please bear with us as we ruffle through the confetti to find a coherent episode.

I can't believe they have deleted whole subplots as well as chopping up important dialogue and character moments.

Natalia practically nonexistent as his Jose and Catalina and Tania have all but disappeared even though they're investigating the explosion that kicked this whole thing off -.-

On to the actual (uncut) episodes:

I can't believe after all that Julio is dead. Wow.

And Jimena once again hit Katia with the truth. Jimena is a harpy but the only saying the truth in this thing is hurt, even if it is out of spite.

Thank you, Alfredo, for going to all of the trouble of including the cut parts in blue and for a double episode recap yet. The show started a couple of minutes before 8:00 CST so it wasn't your DVR.

Finally, little by little we are learning Miriam's backstory. About time!

Eddy and Vanessa kissing at the party was pure stupidity on their part.

Julio sure proved himself to still be a dog approaching Katia at the hotel. Unbelievable! So glad that she sent him on his way before Borgetti arrived.

Julio's death by "overdose" was a surprise. Borgetti is still on the loose operating with impunity! But for how long? At this double episode rate, not too much longer. ; )



So, they have chosen to put another novela I have been waiting for (besides "La candidata") "El bienamado" on Unimás rather an Univision. Why are these novelas being relegated to Unimás? Their placement here sort of insures a smaller audience because not everyone gets Unimás. LC did very well in México and EB seems to be running in the middle of the pack. I guess I am just frustrated from all of the other network antics as of late and seeing the avances for EB destined for Unimás was like rubbing salt in the wound.

As annoying as it all is, I'm glad these novelas are seeing the light of day but I'm wondering if Univision is just trying to grow Unimas (which used to be predominantly movies) into something greater and putting more narco stuff and competition shows on Univision to compete.

Alfredo, thanks for the background info and point of view.


1.) Lorenzo Rivera

2.) Nicolas Lombardo

3.) Zacarias Zaldivar

4.) Elena Lopez

5.) The 9 Test Subjects from Famateca

6.) Ema Zulema

7.) Borgetti's Henchmen #1

8.) Tomas

9.) Victor Martinez

10.) Borgetti Henchmen #2 Marcial

11.) OFC. David Gutierrez

12.) Julio Zamora


You're very welcome, Jarifa! And thank you for the DVR explanation, I guess it's another thing they are getting wrong as we enter the final weeks. :)

Thank you Alfredo, what an amazing two episodes, the uncut version that is.

I saw what Unimas had to offer, and oh boy talk about missing the mark. Man so many good scenes and dialogue left out. This TN up until last week was incredibly rich, insightful, thorough, nothing left to the imagination. It is a well written TN.
But Unimas with their slicing and dicing has created a nightmare for the viewers. There is no flow, things are being left out, oh well. There were at least two key scenes cut. One of them is Sandro confessing to Katia that Nicolas asked him for money the day he attempted suicide. I think this is important, no? Another scene that I think was significant is the last scene of Julio and his mother. That will be the last time she saw him.

Enough of my rant.

Now on to the real episodes. Talk about a scum bag, what Julio did to Diego is reaching new lows on his part, did not think that was possible. So now I hate to say it, but I am glad he is gone.

Katia kissing Julio back is also sleazy. And who the hell does she think she is pretending to be all high and mighty with Sandro, she KILLED her husband, or at least thinks she did, and at the very least she tried to kill him.

Now I am somewhat disappointed in Miriam and Benjamin, they have evidence that Irene, and by extension Borgetti caused the lab deaths, and what do they do. Uhm nothing, they look to see what the revelation will do to Miriam and her shares!!!! People people there were innocent victims here, families were destroyed with these deaths, and you are worried about your money. I still think they will do the right thing, but oh boy when?

One more thing, I think the writers will pin the explosion on Irene and Borgetti, since the bomb was "sophisticated", I think key here will be Saul.

As much as I hate what Uni is doing with the episodes. I am glad to have this forum to get the real deal.

Thank you Alfredo, you did an excellent job capturing all.



Thank you, Sandie for your great job yesterday as well.

I did the recap and was shocked at how much blue there was on the page. They cut the funniest part of the whole episode when Julio tried to blackmail Katia but she blew him off and opened her hotel room even wider. It was a small moment but hilarious and well done.

This is the problem with editing, you miss key characters moments that enrich the experience, not to mention some big reveals like Sandro's. About the last Isabella scene with Julio, it's also crucial because she heard him tell Vanessa that she tried to send him to an early grave. Considering that explosion started this whole novela, it's a pretty big deal.

As for Jose, it was sad to see such a nice moment between him and Jackie that I was so mad it got cut. Not to mention, Natalia and her lesson in self worth and female empowerment. I feel a rant coming on so I'll stop.

Gracias, Alfredo. Great job.

Just a warning that mine might be late because I was out today getting my taxes done, followed by celebrating such a Lobsterworthy moment.

Vanessa and Eddy should not have kissed in front of Julio and Isabella. I suspect that Eddy was marking his territory and Julio was looking to fight back. Now that Julio is dead I think Isabella might try to fight for custody of Diego whom we can predict will blame Vanessa for Julio's death by having rejected him.

Julio's death also means that Katia will have to out herself as the one who ratted Vanessa out to him, which should rile Vanessa big time.

There were four explosions that destroyed the yacht, so two bombs sounds like it makes a lot of sense.

The way Miriam interacts with Benjamin makes me wonder why they got divorced in the first place.

Alfredo: I was not surprised that Julio got whacked by Borgetti. It was bound to happen sooner or later!

UA: Katia just cannot seem to keep HER GOD DAMN MOUTH SHUT!


I wasn't surprised either. He was too stupid to survive.

Thanks, Alfredo.

So Julio is gone. Borgetti has to know that nobody (Vanessa, Bernal, etc.) will believe Julio committed suicide, especially by needle injection. In my view he wants Bernal to know he killed him. Na-nana-naa-nah! I'm smarted than you!

Oh, well. Vanessa is free. A shame about Diego losing his father, and on his birthday.

My favorite moment was Borgetti realizing his ring was missing, and being stupid enough to go back and look for it.

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