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Mujeres de Negro Chapter 44 & 45 4.17.17

Sliced and diced but still incredibly delicious!

Chapter 44: Conflict of Interest

Eddy and Rebecca meet in a café to negotiate Danna’s custody. He warns that no matter how good a lie she cooked up regarding her illness, the truth always comes out but he is willing to negotiate because he’s always been upfront. He even has the money he promised for her interests in the house but Rebecca tells him she doesn’t need it anymore. Eddy is aware she doesn’t because Gustavo is rich but he would rather come to an agreement soon for Danna’s sake. She asks what he would do if she refused to negotiate and Eddy explains that it would take him a while to find the truth about her illness but he would though that route would hurt Danna a lot more in the long run. Rebecca admires how good of a father he is but reminds him that she would most likely win either way. Eddy knows she would but he wouldn’t rest until he the truth came out and then she would likely go to jail for perjury. Rebecca is quiet and then asks what his negotiation would consist of; Eddy asks that they let Danna decide whom she stays with and whom she spends the holidays with.

Katia blindfolds Sandro, who is anxious to receive his surprise, and places a ring box in his hands. He takes off the blindfold and asks if the ring inside is for him because he won’t reject her proposal. Katia asks him to let her finish and sits down in front of him. She asks him if he wants to marry her and Sandro kneels in front of her and accepts. She tells him that she wants to be the mother of his children and they kiss.

Bernal, Kuri and Lascurain race into the airport with Borgetti and other uniformed men in tow. They go to the guard at the terminal and inquire about Irene but find that she has gone missing. They spread out to look for her in the terminal, bathrooms and nearby shops. Borgetti notices Irene slowly making her way through the crowd but so does Bernal, who orders his men to follow her big tuff of bleach blonde hair. They make it a few steps before Irene disappears again…they find her outside the airport running through the parking lot. Bernal follows her as Borgetti stays behind a few steps and laughs at the whole spectacle.

Vanessa sits down with Jackie who asks her what Giovanna was calling her about. Vanessa explains that Giovanna’s event is going to be hosted by Eddy’s restaurant and Jackie shrugs, she knew it was only a matter of time before she saw him again. Vanessa thought it would be in neutral territory, not his restaurant. Jackie agrees but Eddy is also a gentleman and will treat her with the necessary respect; either way, she thinks it’s funny how much seeing Eddy affects her. Vanessa agrees.

Bernal, Lascurain and Kuri split up to look for Irene in the streets. She has managed to evade them again and hitch a ride on a bus. She looks back and sees Bernal through the glass of the backdoor but he sees her too. She curses her luck as the bus drives off and Bernal steals a motorcycle to try and chase it down. Irene begins to breath easily but Bernal jumps the meridian and stops in front of the bus. He runs inside, gun drawn, and tells the driver to lock all the doors. He obliges and Irene has nowhere to go…Later, Bernal leads Irene off the bus in handcuffs and takes her to Borgetti, Lascurain and Kuri. Borgetti himself opens the police car and puts her inside. Irene struggles against him but ultimately gives in. She doesn’t take her eyes off Borgetti as the car drives off.

At the station, Kuri leads Irene to an interrogation room. Outside the room, Bernal tells Borgetti that Miriam would need to come to the station as well to make a statement regarding Irene’s actions at Farmateca, as she is the main shareholder. In addition, she might have had some knowledge of what Irene did but Borgetti assures him she is not. Either way, Bernal needs her at the station ASAP and Borgetti calls her. When he’s hung up, Bernal tells him he can’t be in Irene’s interrogation because it would be a conflict of interest. Borgetti leaves ad Bernal smiles at Lascurain and go inside.

Inside the interrogation room, Bernal shows Irene the video evidence and she quietly watches. He then closes the computer and asks her what she has to say about that video; she confirms she has nothing to say until her lawyer is at her side. Bernal reminds her that no lawyer will be able to free her from her crimes, including all the dead bodies in Ciudad Real, but Irene wants to make her one phone call to tell her mother to find a good lawyer. Bernal hands her a phone and she asks if he can leave her alone but he cannot. She begins to dial and Bernal inquires about her cell, which wasn’t among her things when they arrested her. She finds it strange too but assumes it fell when she was running away from them.

At the other side of the two-way mirror, Kuri, Lascurain and Borgetti watch the whole show. Borgetti receives a call and steps out to answer it, explaining that it may be Miriam. Irene actually calls Borgetti and tells him to get her a good lawyer since she’s been arrested. He understands and hangs up.

Bernal then asks Kuri to take Irene to her cell so she can wait for her lawyer. Kuri handcuffs Irene and takes her away.

Lascurain asks Rico, with Ramirez present, what he intended to do with the video since he wasn’t going to give it to Kuri? Rico reminds him that he has no reason to explain anything to him and Lascurain is quiet.

Kuri leads Irene to the cell and gives her the jacket she had one before her arrest. Kuri tells her it’s going to get cold and leaves.

Later, Kuri goes into Bernal’s office, joyous that they finally have Irene behind bars. Lascurain tells her to keep her voice down as Bernal is talking with the Governor. He then tells her that now they must arrest Borgetti but his attitude about everything is strange. Kuri agrees because he’s too cooperative and calm. Lascurain tells her that Bernal thinks Borgetti warned Irene and Kuri thinks it was a coincidence Irene lost her phone when she did. Lascurain believes Borgetti told her to get rid of it. Either way, it was a stroke of luck that Kuri stopped Rico from giving the video to Borgetti or he would’ve taken the credit for her arrest. Bernal doesn’t think Borgetti would’ve turned the video in regardless because he’s in cahoots with Irene. Just then, the Governor gets on the phone and Bernal explains that they arrested the person responsible for the bodies in Ciudad Real: Irene Parazuelos, the ex-director of Farmateca. Governor Miguel is shocked and Bernal explains that the incriminating video was sent anonymously and to his co-worker, Kuri. Governor Miguel thinks they need the audit at Farmateca now more than ever. Bernal agrees and they hang up. Bernal asks Kuri to see if Miriam arrived and Kuri wonders if she knew what Irene was doing; Bernal thinks it’s the most logical thing.

In his office, Borgetti asks Rico if the exterior cameras show who turned in the incriminating video but Rico confirms that it was a little boy who sells gum in the street that gave the video to the cleaning woman. Rico then asks if he has any idea who sent the video but Borgetti shakes his head. Rico assumes it’s a copy of the same video Tania brought a while ago that Bernal and Kuri were looking for but never found. Borgetti asks how long ago that happened and Rico confirms it was a few days after Zacharias’ death. Rico is sure Tania had no idea what the video contained either way.

Vanessa and Jackie meet Katia at a restaurant to tell them she’s engaged to Sandro. Both women are ecstatic and they congratulate her. Katia asks for a bottle of champagne and ask her friends to be her witnesses. They agree and toast to the good news. Just then, they see the video of Irene on the TV and a report explaining that Irene and Farmateca were the masterminds behind the Ciudad Real bodies along with Zacharias and Julio, both of who are now dead. None of the widows leaked the video so Jackie calls Bernal and tells him what she just saw on TV. Bernal is shocked to learn the video was leaked because another copy came to the station but, if that’s the case, he will need to see Vanessa as soon as he gets out of the station. Jackie will let her know and reminds him that she had nothing to do with what happened at Farmateca. Bernal agrees but he needs to ask her some questions either way. They hang up and the widows worries that Borgetti will think they leaked the video.

Bernal informs Kuri and Lascurain that the video was leaked but that’s that. 

Some time later, Bernal shows Miriam the video and she closes the laptop in disgust and tells him she had no idea what was happening. Bernal asks if she’s sure she doesn’t need her lawyer present but Miriam has nothing to hide. Bernal then informs her the video was also leaked to, at least, the TV stations and Miriam explains that Irene acted alone and betrayed the confidence she gave her. Bernal asks why Irene turned in her resignation and Miriam tells him they had problems because she found out Victor Martinez, whom Irene hired, went to jail for murder and Irene also bought 30% of the Farmateca shares in secret. Miriam then confirms that Irene is no longer a shareholder because Borgetti bought her shares as an anniversary gift. Bernal, who knows Borgetti has been listening to them, asks him to come into the room, not as the police commander, but as a Farmateca shareholder. He obliges.

Once inside the interrogation room, Bernal asks Borgetti to sit down and reiterates that both he and Miriam own 100% of Farmateca. Miriam confesses she recently sold her shares and Bernal asks her why. Miriam explains that she received a really good offer and didn’t want to pass it up but Borgetti is still a shareholder and only found out that morning that Miriam had sold her shares. Miriam tells Bernal that she is no longer the owner of Farmateca so she should not be held accountable for Irene’s actions. Bernal reminds her that she was when Irene committed her crimes but Miriam maintains her innocence. In fact, Miriam can prove she knew nothing about the clandestine labs and even wants to help the families of the missing. Bernal agrees but they will need to collaborate everything first so he asks her to not leave the country while the investigation is underway. Miriam shakes her head and reminds him her conscience is clear and Irene acted without her knowledge. Borgetti is quiet.

Later, they wheel Miriam pass Irene’s cell and Miriam begins to scream insults at Irene. Irene picks at a nail and barely looks at her. Miriam vows to put her in jail for her gross abuse of power and for murdering all those people. Bernal and Borgetti tell her it’s not worth and wheel her away. Borgetti secretly smiles at Irene, who barely acknowledges him either.

In her house, Vanessa and Isabella discuss the Julio situation. Isabella hates that Julio’s reputation will be destroyed because of that video and worries about the effect it will have on Diego if he finds out. Vanessa tells her that Diego can never find out because he will be even more traumatized than he is now and begs Isabella to take him to live with her; she agrees. Isabella then asks if Borgetti has called her. Vanessa shakes her head and Isabella tells her that she will not allow any harm to come to Diego as they already lost Julio. Vanessa agrees and Isabella warns her that she will be taking Diego, not just for the time being, but forever and leaves. Just then, Vanessa receives a call from Borgetti who has her how the video arrived at the station. Vanessa swears on her son’s life that she and her friends had nothing to do with it. Borgetti doesn’t believe her so she reminds that they had made a deal and wouldn’t expose themselves to his wrath and a bigger scandal. Borgetti thought there were no more copies and Vanessa explains that they only had one copy and there was another one on Julio’s computer, which disappeared the day of the accident. Borgetti is quiet.

At home, Kuri tells Erick that she will bring him the printed military school application tomorrow. Erick nods and Kuri gives him the DNA test between him and Borgetti, proving she told him the truth. Erick looks at them and then confirms that he doesn’t want anything from Borgetti. Kuri then explains that pretty soon some horrible things about Borgetti will come out and she won’t be able to protect him. Erick tells her he doesn’t care because Borgetti will never register him so he has nothing to worry about. Kuri reminds him about the article that came out on her and Borgetti but Erick reminds her that they didn’t make the change official so people will think it was all gossip. The doorbell rings and Kuri goes to answer. It’s Lascurain, who’s come to see how seeing doing after the DNA tests. Erick grumbles a hello and goes to his room as Kuri and Lascurain sit down to talk. Kuri assumes that Erick always knew she was telling the truth but it still hurts him to know Borgetti wants nothing to do with him. Lascurain thinks she did the right thing either way because hiding the truth would’ve been worse. Kuri isn’t sure but only time will tell. Lascurain then tells her he brought some food so she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking tonight and goes to leave but Kuri asks him to stay as it looks like she will be eating alone. Lascurain agrees and they set the table.

In Vanessa’s house, Katia and Jackie ask her if Borgetti believed her but Vanessa isn’t sure. The doorbell rings and Vanessa goes to answer. It’s Bernal who is there to talk to them about the Irene video. They all deny having known about it and Bernal assumes that the double accounting proof and video were the reasons Borgetti wanted the computer in the first place. He also now knows that it’s the same video Tania took to the station when Zacharias died but now that extra copy has disappeared. He is now sure Borgetti and Irene wanted anyone who knew about the video dead but Vanessa reminds him that Zacharias confessed to the yacht explosion. Bernal thinks he was forced to do so and then they killed him. Vanessa remembers when she saw a man on the balcony after Zacharias had fallen to his death in front of her. Bernal explains that Borgetti and Irene are the only ones responsible for the explosion and asks Jackie is Lorenzo ever received money for allowing Farmateca trucks to pass through the border unnoticed. Jackie doesn’t know and Bernal asks if he ever found money or a strange bank account. Jackie shakes her head and Bernal confirms he doesn’t know where the money is but he’s sure Lorenzo received it.

Aurora, Irene’s mother, calls Arturo as Borgetti watches her, silently. She asks him to please defend her daughter, Irene, and asks if he saw the news. Arturo did not but he will look it up immediately. Aurora thanks him and tells him Irene needs someone like him to help her ASAP. Aurora then looks at Borgetti who nods.

Some time later, Borgetti goes to his study and puts Julio’s computer back in the safe.

The next day, Vanessa says goodbye to Diego and Isabella and asks that they please call when they arrive at Villa Brava. Isabella confirms she will and that Diego will be very happy to live where his father grew up. Vanessa tries to hug Diego goodbye but he shies away from her touch. She promises everything will be back to normal soon and he will be able to return. Diego is silent so Isabella takes him away as her nurse grabs his bag. Vanessa is silent as they leave.

At the station, Bernal welcomes Aurora and Arturo, who explains he’s there to defend Irene and would like to see the incriminating video. Bernal agrees and he personally takes them. Irene observes the three of them from her cell.

In Farmateca, the new director, Gerardo Alvarez, introduces himself to the staff. He knows many of them may have seen the incriminating video of Irene Parazuelos and now know what she did. Andres confirms he saw it and he is very disappointed but wants to know if Farmateca would be in trouble. Gerardo assures them they wouldn’t be directly involved but they will be monitored very closely and the sale of their products may take a hit. Just then, two auditors walk in and announce that Farmateca is currently under investigation and no one may retrieve or change anything, without their say so, until they’re done. They ask everyone to put their cell phones on the table and get to work.

In the interrogation room, Arturo, Irene and Aurora discuss the incriminating video while Borgetti and Bernal watch from behind the two-way mirror. Arturo asks if that is Julio with her in the video and Irene confirms that it is. Arturo tells her he cannot take her case then because it would be a conflict of interest with another client his office is currently handling. He gets up and leaves as Irene asks her mother what happened. Outside the room, Arturo tells Bernal that he is leaving and Irene knows his reasons. He goes as Borgetti and Bernal look at each other.

In the room, Aurora asks Irene what else she can do and Irene screams that she needs a lawyer that will actually take her case. Aurora tells her she will ask the person that is helping them for advice and helped her contact Arturo. She vows to help her but the man also mentioned a Plan B in case they can’t get her out legally. Irene tells Aurora to help her before she goes to jail or the person helping them will find himself in another one.

Rico apologizes to Kuri for opening her mail and tells her he doesn’t even know why he did. Kuri doesn’t know either but is worried by how close he is to Borgetti because it’s doing nothing but harm. Rico is quiet so Kuri asks if he needs anything else. Rico leaves and Kuri sits down to drink her coffee.

Alma brings Miriam her orange juice at the table as Miriam reads about the incriminating video and about the side effects of Dietrix: addiction, depression and severe damage to the immune system. She is shocked and calls Benjamin but only gets his voice mail. She shakes her head and calls Borgetti and asks if he read the news about Dietrix. He hasn’t but picks up the newspaper on his desk and does so. He asks Miriam if it’s true but she doesn’t know but she is going to contract a lawyer because it’s clear she will be in legal trouble. Borgetti reminds her that his shares are also in trouble because they won’t be worth a damn now.

Kuri brings Lascurain and Bernal the newspaper and tells them about he Dietrix side effects. Bernal reads the paper and passes it to Lascurain. They are both surprised.

Eddy goes to visit Vanessa after watching the news; he now understands why Julio was behaving so erratically and why Vanessa had to keep secrets. Vanessa nods and Eddy wonders what hell she must have lived with Julio. Vanessa then asks him to not say anything to the police because she already told them she was unaware of Julio’s criminal activities. Eddy agrees, despite some reservations, and asks how long ago she knew. Vanessa confesses that she found out when Julio first disappeared and decided to keep quiet. Eddy asks if Julio died of an overdose or if he was killed and Vanessa confesses that she thinks he was killed. Just then, the doorbell rings and it is Arturo, asking to speak to her. Eddy is not too happy to see him.

Sandro asks Katia if she ever suspected that Julio was involved in illegal activities but Katia confesses she didn’t and would prefer to never talk about Julio again. Sandro agrees and then asks her about the wedding. They look at wedding dresses and decide on which one is the best for Katia.

Sans Eddy, Arturo tells Vanessa that he denied Irene’s defense to protect her and Diego. If he had taken the job, he would have had to direct the judge’s attention to Julio and his associate so they carry take the blame for everything. Since they are both dead, this would’ve been easier but he didn’t want to put her in danger. Vanessa thanks him but Arturo warns her that another lawyer may take the job even if they don’t have the resources he has. Vanessa agrees and then Arturo asks that they talk about what happened between them yesterday. Vanessa sighs.

Bernal slams down the newspaper in front of Irene and asks if she knew about the side effects of Dietrix. Irene confesses that she did and Kuri asks how she allowed such a product into the market. Irene explains that Miriam signed the authorization to sell the product, not her, and failed to acknowledge those small side effects. If she had not authorized the sale of Dietrix though, Farmateca would have lost a lot of money. Bernal asks if money is more important than human life and Irene reminds him that it was Miriam’s decision to release Dietrix to the public. Bernal asks if she has proof and Irene explains that the signed authorization is at Farmateca and only Miriam signed it. Bernal asks Kuri to call the auditors to confirm if what Irene said was true. She obliges as Borgetti smiles from behind the two-way mirror…

Chapter 45: Repercussions

Arturo confesses to Vanessa that no one has made him feel what she has in a long time. Vanessa reminds him that he is married so their relationship, romantic or otherwise, is not something she wants to talk about. Arturo reveals that Giovanna sustains a relationship with Daniel and Vanessa is shocked to learn he accepts this. Arturo tells her that he and Giovanna had an open relationship, like she did with Julio. Vanessa shakes her head but Arturo reminds her that she had a relationship with Eddy whilst married to Julio. Vanessa explains that she was in the process of divorcing Julio when she began that relationship and Arturo agrees to divorce Giovanna if that’s what it would take for them to be together.

In Ciudad Real, Borgetti fills in Ernesto on the investigation against Irene. He explains that Irene has not said one word about the washed up bodies and Ernesto assumes that she’s protecting other people. Either way, the video was sent anonymously so they can’t trace who sent it. Borgetti tells him his people are trying to look for whoever sent it, including Farmateca and ZZ personnel. Ernesto thinks it’s a great idea and Borgetti asks if he will extradite Irene to Ciudad Real since the crimes were committed there. Ernesto confirms he will and Borgetti explains that Governor Miguel has assigned Bernal to the case as well but he and Ernesto did the heavy lifting so he would prefer to deal with Ernesto directly regarding the extradition. Ernesto thanks him for his help and will begin the extradition process immediately.

At a bar, Rebecca and Gustavo converse over Eddy’s offer regarding Danna’s custody. Gustavo thinks he’s bluffing but Rebecca fears he may retaliate should he lose custody. Gustavo reminds her that Eddy wanted full custody first but will now accept shared custody because he fears he will lose but he’s sure that if Eddy had even a chance to win, he would not offer shared custody. Rebecca thinks he may be right and Gustavo reminds her how expensive it was to buy the doctor and the patient records so she needs to stay firm. Rebecca nods and they toast. She then calls Eddy and tells him that she will let the judge decide who Danna stays with. Eddy doesn’t care what the judge says because he will demonstrate she lied and hangs up.

In the station, the new shareholders of Farmateca go see Bernal and Kuri because they want to sue Miriam for the pre-mediated and malicious intent behind the sale of Farmateca. Just a few days after they buy her shares, the true culprit of the clandestine and washed up bodies is found and the side effects of Dietrix are revealed. They should understand that all these factors would cause Farmateca great losses and Bernal nods. The shareholders then show Bernal the contract of the sale and Bernal tells them Kuri will take their statements.

Isabella calls Elisa, who laments what happened to Julio and the recent news, and reveals that they were blackmailing Julio to do all those terrible things. Elisa asks what with but Isabella tells her that she needs to locate Tania ASAP so she can help clear Julio’s name. Elisa offers her Tania’s number and Isabella writes it down.

Jackie shows Jose the recent news on Farmateca and confesses that Lorenzo probably took bribes to let his friends pass unnoticed. Jose thinks it makes sense because they always thought his dad was involved in something illegal and now they know what it was. He then asks her about the video she had in the safety deposit box when Victor shot her was the same one but she tells him it was about the double accounting at ZZ. Jose confirms that Katia said the same thing but Farmateca and ZZ were working together and Victor worked for Farmateca. Jackie confirms he’s right about all that but they only had a video about the double accounting and that’s it. Jose asks her what Bernal thinks about it all and Jackie explains that he knows about the double accounting and a little of what Lorenzo did but she didn’t want to confirm anything, especially regarding the money they found. She knows she was wrong to hide the truth from Bernal but Jose understands her reasons. He suggests she tell Bernal the truth though because Irene was probably Lorenzo’s murderer and she may have an accomplice. Jackie prefers to stay out of it and let Bernal handle everything but Jose wants to join Tania and Catalina in their search for the truth. Jackie begs him to leave well enough alone because Bernal thinks Irene’s partner is someone powerful and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Jose is quiet.

As two men put up “closed” signs outside Farmateca, Lascurain calls Bernal to confirm Irene was telling the truth and Miriam alone did sign the authorization to release of Dietrix to the public despite all the side effects. Bernal nods.

Jose is running in the park when Natalia stops him. He’s happy to see her up and about but chides her for coming to see him run a marathon that she wanted to run as well. Natalia confesses that she originally wanted to run the marathon to get close to him but that changed the more she trained and now she’s sad she’s missing it. Jose tells her there will be other marathons and gives her a kiss. Natalia then asks if he talked to Jackie about their surrogacy offer and Jose confirms they did but she also had some questions for him, specifically why he was doing it, and he realized that he was only going along with their plans to have a baby for her. Natalia is silent.

Bernal and Kuri go to Miriam’s house tell her she will have to come with them because the new Farmateca shareholders have sued her over the sale of her shares, which they believe was done with pre-mediated and malicious intent. Miriam is shocked and Bernal tells her that there is also proof she authorized the release of Dietrix despite knowing its side effects. Miriam continues to shake her head and Bernal explains that she is being arrested for fraud and public health endangerment.

Borgetti is having a drink at a bar when Rico calls him to tell him Miriam has been arrested.

Jose explains to Natalia that he is always thinking about her well being above his own and that’s not right. He tells her it’s the same thing he did with Katia but Natalia makes it clear their relationship is different because his and Katia’s was destined to fail because of their age difference and asks that he not compare them. Jose doesn’t want to compare them; he’s just trying to explain what he’s feeling. Natalia asks if he doesn’t want to have a kid with her and Jose asks for some time to think it through. He begs her to think it over too because both of them may not be ready to have a kid just yet. He suggests she freeze her ovaries for the future, when they are ready and their relationship is more stable. Natalia quietly looks at him.

Jackie opens her door to leave when Vanessa comes in and begs for five minutes to talk. Jackie agrees but it has to be quick since she has a meeting with Eddy. Vanessa tells her she talked to Arturo. He confessed to having an open relationship with Giovanna, knowing about her affair with Daniel and even suggested he get a divorce so they can be together. Jackie asks if she’s going to resign from her job but Vanessa can’t because she already quit once and her reputation would be at stake. She feels uncomfortable about the whole situation though so Jackie suggests she talk to them both and define her boundaries until the book translation and event are done. Vanessa agrees.

Bernal wheels Miriam into the cell adjacent while they wait for an interrogation room. Irene laughs and tells Miriam that she wanted to destroy her but ended up implicating herself as well. She smiles and welcomes Miriam to the police station.

Jackie meets Eddy and apologizes for being late as she was with Vanessa. Eddy understands and whishes he could help her more but tomorrow is Danna’s custody hearing and Rebecca doesn’t need any more ammo. Jackie hopes that everything is good after tomorrow and Eddy does too as he would have to leave to Mexico City ASAP to find the proof that Rebecca was lying, if he loses the custody battle. He then asks Jackie to supervise the restaurant’s remodeling, while Roberta helps him with the food preparation, should he have to leave. Jackie agrees and Eddy confirms that Danna is his top priority now.

Vanessa is working with Giovanna but she’s distracted. Giovanna asks if she’s nervous because of the news about Julio or because she went out with Arturo yesterday. Vanessa turns her back on Giovanna, who confirms that Arturo told her everything about their trip. Vanessa is silent so Giovanna tells her not to worry because he does it all the time and if she decided to come to work all dollied up like nothing happened, then she has accepted Arturo’s offer. Vanessa tells her she didn’t but Giovanna doesn’t let her finish. She asks that they focus on the recipes because she doesn’t have a lot of time.

Katia meets with Sandro to air out the details of their wedding, including the reception, and she tells him that she feels like a princess. He kisses her and she tells him that the wedding will be small and most of the guests will be his, as she doesn’t have many friends or family. Sandro tells her that his social circle is huge and a magazine may want to have the exclusive of the wedding. Katia thinks about how much her life has changed and Sandro kisses her again to confirm she’s not dreaming.

Bernal tells Ramirez and Rico that he will put Miriam and Irene face to face to find out the truth. Rico tells him they must wait for Borgetti, who is also investigating the case, to arrive but Bernal explains that Miriam can’t have any special treatment. Either way, Borgetti can’t be in the confrontation because he would be a conflict of interest. Rico suggests they use the cameras in the interrogation room because Borgetti went to Ciudad Real but Bernal tells him that he could’ve called so he will respect his decision like he hopes Borgetti will respect his. Rico insists on being in the interrogation room as Borgetti’s representative and Bernal agrees. Kuri gives Rico the case file and they leave. Once alone, Ramirez tells Rico that he thinks he’s crossing the line but Rico slams down his fist and tells him that whenever Borgetti isn’t at the station, he’s in charge. He storms off as everyone stares.

Jimena and Catalina meet for drinks. Jimena thinks it was a bad idea to go talk to Katia’s friends but Catalina had to do it. She admits it has become an obsession and Jimena admits it has for her too. They both reiterate that they hate Katia and would love to see her in jail but the Governor’s report derailed her plans. Either way, she won’t give up till she proves Katia had something to do with the explosion. Jimena also hopes Katia’s friend’s restaurant fails and asks for Catalina’s help to convince Giovanna to side with them. Catalina agrees and Jimena tells her that Giovanna’s event will be in Eddy’s restaurant so they will get a bunch of free publicity. Jimena is sure Giovanna will accept her offer either way but she has not given her a definite yes or no answer. Catalina again vows to help her.

Vanessa meets Arturo in a restaurant because she needed to talk to him ASAP. She has no idea what kind of arrangement he has with Giovanna but she is not a part of it and she finds it incredible that he told Giovanna about what happened between them. Arturo didn’t tell Giovanna anything but Vanessa doesn’t care; he can have any arrangement he wants with his wife but she is not interested in being with him. Arturo asks if she’s sure and Vanessa confirms she is and asks that he divorce Giovanna because he wants to and not for her. She gets up to leave but Arturo grabs her and kisses her as someone behind them takes a picture with a cell phone. They separate and look at each other as the patron snaps a few more pictures. Arturo asks Vanessa to tell him again that she’s not interested but Vanessa leaves without another word and so does Arturo. The patron sends the pictures to an unknown party and confirms that Arturo was kissing someone who was not his wife.

In the interrogation room, and with Irene present, Bernal shows Miriam her signature at the bottom of the authorization to release Dietrix despite the side effects. Miriam confirms it is her signature and begins to read the documents over. Once finished, she reiterates that she had no idea about the side effects and assumes her signature was forged. Bernal reminds her that she confirmed it was her signature before reading the document and Miriam tells him Irene is responsible for everything, even forging her signature. Irene laughs and suggests they get a calligrapher that will easily determine if the signature was forged or not. Bernal agrees but Miriam stops him and vows that she didn’t sign those documents. Irene confirms she did and is lying.

Kuri, Ramirez and Lascurain observe through the two-way mirror. Kuri asks them whom they think is lying and Ramirez thought it was Miriam at first but now he’s not so sure.

Rico confirms that Andres Velasquez created the chemical composition of Dietrix and Bernal suggests they call him to testify. Once they have his statement, they will come back to talk to Irene and Miriam. Rico receives a call from Borgetti and confirms the confrontation is taking place as they speak.

At home, Arturo asks Giovanna why she told Vanessa that he told her about their trip together. Giovanna explains that she told Vanessa she knew, not that he told her. She found out when she asked the doorman where he was. Arturo is pissed either way and reminds her of their deal not keep out of each other’s lives. Giovanna reminds him that discretion was also part of the deal and shows him the picture of him and Vanessa kissing in the restaurant. She confirms that the offending picture has already gone viral and they even found out who Vanessa is. Giovanna thinks he has made a fool of himself and her and has even been called corrupt because everyone thinks Vanessa is exchanging favors for Arturo’s help. Arturo removes his sweater and looks at Giovanna.

Jackie fills in Vanessa on why Eddy is staying away from her but tells her she’s more than welcome to come to Giovanna’s event at his restaurant. Vanessa understands since she did the same thing for Diego but hopes Isabella can keep Diego far away for the time being. The doorbell rings and Vanessa goes to open the door. It’s Katia who is surprised to learn Vanessa is with Arturo. Vanessa looks at the picture on Katia’s cell phone and shows Jackie. They wonder who took the photo but it could’ve been anyone with a phone. Katia asks her how long she has been with Arturo but Vanessa reiterates she’s not, despite what the photo shows. Vanessa shakes her head because this was the last thing she needed.

Eddy meets with his lawyer, who asks him to be in the custody hearing tomorrow bright and early, at his restaurant. Eddy thanks him for his time and the man leaves as Roberta comes, cell phone in had. She tells him that she didn’t know if to show him but he will find out anyway…Roberta then shows Eddy the picture of Vanessa and Arturo and tells him it’s all over social media.

The widows drink a shot of tequila to calm Vanessa down. Katia tells Vanessa that what she did was worse because what she felt for Julio was stronger and deeper and Vanessa was her best friend. Vanessa is quiet but then rants about all the people who will talk about her because of Julio and now Arturo. Katia confirms that people always do that because they think they have a right to. Just then Arturo calls Vanessa to tell her about the photo and Vanessa confirms that she will resign from her job because the situation is too embarrassing. Arturo tells her she won’t have to resignation because he has a plan to handle the situation.

In the station, Borgetti tells Bernal that Rico filled him in on the confrontation. Bernal thought he would and Rico comes to confirm that Andres will come to make his statement tomorrow. Borgetti thanks him and Bernal confirms that they are handling the investigation for now but Borgetti doesn’t care and sends Rico to investigate some more. Bernal then asks Borgetti about his meeting with Ernesto and he confirms Irene will be extradited to Ciudad Real. Bernal understands the crimes were committed there but the bulk of the investigation happened in Encino Blanco so Irene should be tried for the correspondent crimes in their jurisdiction. Borgetti reminds him that the decision will be up to their supervisors but Bernal tells him that Irene can’t be in the station past 48 hrs so she will be transferred to prison while awaiting trial. Borgetti then tells them that he spoke to a judge and requested Miriam be put house arrest because of her disability. He would like to speak to her (as her husband) to explain what is happening. Bernal tells him he will have to record him on the interrogation room cameras because it is the law. Borgetti, visibly bothered, tells them “blah, blah, blah” before walking away. Kuri, Lascurain and Bernal share a laugh at Borgetti’s frustration.

Moments later, in the interrogation room, Borgetti tells Miriam that he trusts her completely and will help her get out of jail but Miriam reminds him that she no longer trusts him. Borgetti asks her to not say that but Miriam has opened the floodgates: she chides him and his lover, Irene, for leaving her to take the blame on Dietrix.

Kuri, Lascurain and Bernal watch and record everything from behind the two-way mirror. Kuri laughs at the fact that Miriam knew Borgetti had a lover while Bernal explains that Miriam confirmed what he suspected when he saw Borgetti leave Irene’s house in the wee hours of the night.

Borgetti begs her to stop saying lies but Miriam confesses that she asked Irene when she left Farmateca and she didn’t deny it. Borgetti reminds her that they are being recorded but Miriam doesn’t care. She’s aware of her limitations as a woman, and justified his actions, but when she confirmed it was Irene, she was shocked at how low he had fallen. She reiterates that Irene is lying and blaming her for things she didn’t do like signing the authorization release of Dietrix. Borgetti believes her but reaffirms that he and Irene were never lovers and she’s lying about that as well. Miriam doesn’t believe his word and Borgetti explains that Irene is jealous of their relationship but he won’t let her destroy them and promises to prove her innocence.

Lascurain confirms that Miriam doesn’t believe a word Borgetti is saying and Kuri agrees. She laments the fact that Miriam has been another victim of Borgetti. Bernal tells them that he still has doubts especially concerning the rapid sale of Miriam’s Farmateca shares. Kuri and Lascurain look at each other, quietly.

In New York, Benjamin calls Miriam but gets her voicemail. He tells her that he just got to NY and would like her to call him back as soon as she gets his message.

Later, Bernal interrogates Irene with her lawyer present and Rico observing quietly behind him. He asks Irene why Miriam authorized the release of Dietrix when Irene was the one in charge of Farmateca. Irene reiterates that Miriam was not a mere shareholder but she also made decisions about the company and she only followed Miriam’s orders. Bernal asks about her relationship with Borgetti and Irene confirms it was a normal relationship between the director of a company and the husband of the majority shareholder of said company. Bernal explains that Miriam thinks they were lovers but Irene laughs it off and reiterates that they were cordial and only saw each other at social gatherings in Miriam’s presence. Bernal asks if Borgetti ever met with her at home and, after a brief look from her lawyer, Irene confirms he did to gather Farmateca reports for his disabled wife. Borgetti blows her a kiss from behind the two-way mirror.

Later, Kuri, Lascurain and Bernal discuss the case in their office. Kuri understands that Irene would blame everything on Miriam because she’s jealous but why would she ruin Borgetti with Farmateca’s demise. Bernal assumes that they probably never expected the video and side effects of Dietrix to become public information. Lascurain thinks the three of them are eating the others up like dogs and Bernal reminds them that Irene is trying to make it seem that Miriam gave the orders when the video clearly shows that only she gave the orders to ZZ. There’s a knock and Borgetti comes in to tell them the judge granted house arrest for Miriam and he is taking her home immediately. Bernal tells him that will need to be watched 24 hrs a day and Borgetti tells them that Agent Serna will take care of it but he wanted to let them know. Borgetti leaves and Kuri asks if he would like her to help Serna but Bernal is okay with Borgetti’s orders.

That night, Borgetti is in the warehouse waiting when he hears a knock on the door. He opens to find Andres. Once inside, Borgetti warns Andres to tell the police exactly what he tells him tomorrow or someone from his family will get hurt.

Vanessa calls Diego and tells him she misses him but Diego puts the phone down next to Isabella and leaves. She picks up the phone and tells Vanessa that he doesn’t want to speak to her and hangs up. Vanessa puts down the phone and cries.

Eddy is working on his tablet when he receives a notification for FB on his phone. Someone in his friends list has uploaded the photos of Arturo and Vanessa kissing. He shakes his head and puts his phone down.

Arturo is working on his computer when he thinks about the two times he kissed Vanessa and smiles. He frowns when he sees Giovanna looking at him. She leaves and he smiles again. 

Miriam is in her room, with a detective watching her every move, when Borgetti comes and asks her how she’s doing. Miriam tells him she’s fine and Borgetti asks her to not be mad at him because he did everything he could to make sure she was on house arrest and not in a cell. She asks him to leave her be because she has to make a call. Borgetti asks her whom she needs to call but Miriam reminds him that he’s not there as a Commander but as her husband and she doesn’t have to explain anything to him but to Agent Serna. Borgetti agrees and asks Serna to please take good care of Miriam. He leaves and Miriam asks Serna to pass her the hone on the nightstand. Serna does so but Miriam will have to make the call in her presence. Miriam agrees but asks for some space and Serna obliges. Miriam then calls Benjamin, who is happy to hear from her but is shocked to learn she’s on house arrest. Miriam explains that they are blaming her for what Irene did in Ciudad Real and with Dietrix. Benjamin will help any way he can but will fly out tomorrow because he’s in NY right now. Miriam confesses that she’s scared because of what he already knows but she will wait for him. She hangs up and gives the phone back to Serna.

In his study, Borgetti opens the safe and takes out Julio’s computer. He takes it outside to his driveway, puts it in a plastic garbage bag and smashes it to pieces.

Later, Miriam is in bed when Serna comes and asks her for her tablet and cell phone, as all electronics must be kept out of her reach when she’s not in her presence. Miriam sighs, annoyed, but obliges. Serna reminds her she will be watching and turns off the lights before leaving. Miriam silently cries.

Serna then goes to see Borgetti in his study to tell him Miriam is sound asleep and Alma already gave her something to eat. Borgetti thanks her and then asks if she would like some wine. She reminds him she’s on duty and he agrees but also her to sit down next to him while he sips his own glass of wine. She obliges and he asks her how long she’s been with the police. Serna confirms it’s been more than 10 years and Encino Blanco is her third post in that time. Borgetti assumes she’s single and Serna confirms she is or she wouldn’t accept her transfer so easily. Borgetti understands and thinks it’s a win to have such smart, capable and beautiful women on his team. Serna thanks him and says that it’s also a pleasure to work in a police station with a commander as interesting as he is. Borgetti gets closer to Serna as she smiles at him…


Thank, Alfredo, for your wonderfully detailed recap.

On one hand, I cannot believe that Friday is the gran final but on the other hand, I am ready for them to wrap this up. It looks like Moisés will be ruling the evenings with the Blue Demon.

The whole Eddy custody dilemma plot could have been and should have been axed as it is so totally extraneous to the bare bones story they have left us with after the slice and dice. There are so many more pertinent details that could have been included.

Vanessa had "lip" problems again with Arturo? Why did she let herself be kissed one more time? What an ass! She could gave kneed him or stepped on his foot but prefers to play the victim. Vanessa should have quit working for Giovanna by now. The fact that Giovanna was only upset with Arturo because he could not manage the "discretion" part of their "arrangement" was interesting.

Irene was so very obnoxious smirking as Miriam insisted she did not sign the release for Dietrix. Miriam was smart to quickly realize she was being framed.

Borgetti sure has not missed a beat as his sleazy self by putting the moves on officer Serna. Repulsive!


Jarifa: I cannot believe the Gran Final is this week. But I'm going to be torn between watching this TN or Telemundo's "LA DONA" on Friday night.


Youre welcome, Jarifa! As you can see, the blue left so many details on the cutting room floor. Things like Irenes arrest were important but they 9nly showed her at the station. Boo!

I wish they would cut the whole giovanna thing because this is getting weird and making Vannessa look so bad.

Im trying to remember of miriams signature was forged or if she did sign it but in between other documents so she didnt notice that she signed it.

And thats not the worse thinf because now they have added fraud to her case.

Jose may blow the lid off this whole thing too so who knows.

Alfredo: Katia is going to be the downfall of the Black Widows because of her big mouth & recklessness!

Did the Body Count increase yet ?


Thank you Alfredo for a complete recap, which can't be said about Uni's slicing and dicing.

Jeez my head is spinning, because it is hard to keep up with the story line with what they are leaving us with.

The whole Natalia and Jose scene seemed disconnected because they cut that from the previous episodes. They are leaving so many things on the cutting floor I rather see those then what they have left us with.

OK rant # 2 done.

Now I am truly feeling sorry for Miriam, Borgetti has her in his cross-hairs you can just see that. He now can connect that dots, and knows that Miriam released the tape. Or at least will suspect her, because that laptop was his undoing. He should have destroyed it when he could.

Katia and Sandro, eh could care less.

Vanessa and Arturo, don't like that plot line again what's the point? just for a second Galan.

And Rebecca getting custody of Danna, this is so ass backwards, the woman left her child 4 years, what judge in their right mind would give her custody. That truly is despicable, so I want her to end up in Jail, orange will look great with her stupid grin.

Rico is a pathetic peon and he thinks siding with Borgetti will take him to the top. He will fall hard when he finds out he has been the devil's pawn.

Jimena and Catalina story line, can't stand them. Jimena keeps wanting to hurt Katia. Why what's the point?

And I agree Alfredo, the whole arrest scene should have been left in. Irene is a main villain and the disgrace of trying to run away and then her arrest, is what the viewers want. Uni was so wrong in deleting that scene.

The same goes for the scene with Borgetti and Miriam in the interrogation room, they cut too much there as well.

This TN was so well written, there was really no filler to cut anywhere, so Uni should have just scheduled it for the time it required. The damage is done, but thank goodness for this patio.

Alfredo thanks for the recap of two key episodes.



Sandie: Has Jose already figure out that the Black Widows were involved in the boat explosion that killed his father ?

I agree with you on Rico: his Karma is coming BIG-TIME. The uppity brat doesn't even have any Goddamn clue that Borgetti is super corrupt & siding with the SADIST Police Commissioner is going to destroy his law enforcement career.

I'm getting worried for Miriam too. Will Borgetti whack his own wife ?

Alfredo: Rebecca AKA the Deadbeat Momma getting custody of Danna PISSED ME OFF! How much you want to bet the judge was bought off in some corrupt deal ?


Steve: No I don't think Jose has figured that out yet. Otherwise he would turn them in. Also Rebecca has not gotten the custody of Danna, she just wants to fight and thinks she can get the custody. That's why I think no judge in their right mind would give her custody. She left Danna for 4 years..


Steve, I can see your dilemma between this gran final and La doña. La doña seems to generate a lot of interest and excitement.

It is too bad that if they are into slicing and dicing that they do not do it with more care as far as main plot line details and secondary plot lines go.

Thanks, Alfredo. Great job. You are a champ to fill in the detail from deleted scenes.

Hmmm, so who sent the video to the police? Isabella, maybe? She once asked Julio to tell her everything even though he was ashamed. Maybe he did so off-camera and gave her a copy of the video? All of this is working to get Vanessa to let Diego live with his grandma.

Poor Miriam underestimated who she was dealing with. I feel sorry for her, but she should've publically denounced her own company when she first found out about the human guinea pigs.

Will Katia get to walk down the aisle? Is Arturo super smart enough to get Vanessa out of the mess she's in? Does Jose know more than he's saying about his dad's murder? Can't believe that all will be revealed this week.

Jarifa: That's the main problem: all of the 3 main TN's "Mujeres De Negro" of UniMas, Univision's "Vino El Amor" & Telemundo's "LA DONA" are on at the same time 8:00 PM CST.

If they had put this TN in the 9:00 PM CST time-slot, I would've been Ok with it, but...


Gracias, Alfredo. This one in on its way into the last loop on the coaster.

It looks like no one gets out of this clean. If I were doing a Karmageddon page for this it would have to almost have the whole cast listed.

Poor little Diego. When all this sh&t hits the fan he will be even more traumatized and if Isabella has a heart attack over the big reveal he will be truly alone.

As to Rebeca she doesn't deserve to take Danna. However, Mexico is one of those countries where custody bias favors the mother. A mother would have to be a psychopath like Irene in order to lose custody. I hate the idea of her getting that child.

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