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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 4/13/17 Capitulos 42 & 43

Again the cutting room floor eats up parts of our story. Now complete!

Chapter 42: For the Beyond

Eddie talked with Roberta about his problems with the custody battle over Danna. Rebeca lied about having been ill and was going to do whatever it took to take Danna away from him. He needed to prove that she had presented false documentation. He needed a better lawyer. Roberta suggested Arturo Castellanos. He remembered that Vanessa knew him.

Jackie arrived at Vanessa's house and told her that Julio was found dead in his hotel room of an overdose. She didn't believe it as Julio had no history of drug use. Her first concern was how to tell Diego. Jackie told her that they had to go there; Katia was waiting for them.

Bernal arrived at the hotel and was surprised to see Katia there. She told him she had had a fight with her boyfriend and had checked in. He and Lascurain introduced themselves to the manager and Lascurain went into the room. Katia told Bernal sotto voce that she was certain that Julio had been murdered. He said to let him handle this and got Lascurain to secure the area.
However, Borgetti arrived on the scene, which put Katia on the alert.
Time of death was estimated to have been shortly after 3AM but the examiner said that they would need an autopsy to determine the exact cause. The door had been open and it looked as though nothing had been stolen. It appeared that death resulted from a combination of alcohol and drugs. Bernal wanted to see the security cameras.
Katia was telling Lascurain that she had gotten up early to go to breakfast when she found out. Jackie and Vanessa arrived and Katia confirmed to them that Julio was dead. Vanessa almost collapsed. Jackie asked for Bernal and Lascurain went to look for him.

Eddy went to school to pick up Danna and was snubbed by Diego, Danna had been earlier that day. She knew that Vanessa must have been upset. Danna was upset about this and about the custody battle over her. She had said that she wanted to stay with him. Was that not important? “Of course it is,” he said. “It's just that sometimes we go through difficult things.”

Bernal and Lascurain tried to reconstruct the events of the previous night. After Julio had left Katia's room no one had entered it. Julio had been seen on the terrace. However, Bernal had discovered that the camera that faced the terrace had been without a signal; it had recorded nothing.

Diego sat alone on the steps of the school building. A teacher came out and found him. She had thought that Vanessa normally came for him. He said he would walk home, but the teacher would not let him. She had been told that only Vanessa herself or someone authorized by her was to pick him up. He said he wanted his father. She suggested that they go inside and try to make some calls.

Vanessa could not get over that there had been previous attempts on Julio's life. This had also been one of the worst moments in their nightmare. Jackie commented that this situation had been unsustainable. Vanessa's cell rang and it was the teacher. Vanessa explained that a horrible situation had taken place and she would pick him up. When she ended the call Jackie told her she could not go, as she was too shaken. She would call José and send him. Vanessa was alright with this.
Borgetti approached the widows in a very brusque tone, talking about how death had to have been an overdose. Jackie kept her cool as best as she could. Katia studied his face as he talked about how none of “us” could handle another scandal. “Is that clear?” he asked Vanessa twice. None of them said a word. Vanessa studied Borgetti's face and knew instinctively that he was involved.

Sandro was sitting at an outdoor café trying to reach Katia on his cell. He left a voicemail that he was waiting for her and to call him back.

The three widows had coffee together and Jackie speculated that this had to be Marcial, Borgetti, or Palazuelos. Vanessa was determined not to be sucked into their game. Bernal and Lascrain arrived and he told her that Julio's body could not be turned over yet for a funeral because of the investigation. She understood.
Bernal then pointed out that Katia and Julio had registered at the hotel within the same hour. He asked whether that was a coincidence. She said it was and she had had an argument with her boyfriend. Lascurain asked her about Julio entering her room and she told him that she and Julio had had a relationship a long time ago. He had wanted to revive it but she had refused, saying she wasn't going to betray Vanessa again. He had left and it had only been a few minutes. Lascurain confirmed that the security camera made this at ten minutes. Bernal told the widows to return to their homes and he would contact Vanessa when Julio's body was released.

José was playing with Diego on a laptop in Jackie's living room when the women arrived. He asked his mother why she didn't come for him at school and why José came instead of his father. José vacated his seat and Vanessa sat next to Diego. He asked where his father was. Jackie suggested to the others that they leave Vanessa alone with Diego. Diego didn't want to be alone with her and told Katia to stay with them. Vanessa explained that Julio had died in the night. Diego did not believe her. She had been wrong the first time. He ran into the next room and started crying. Vanessa followed him, but he would not allow her to touch him. Katia watched in shocked silence, not knowing what to say or do.

Bernal was angry with himself for failing to protect Julio. His death put the investigation down the drain because his testimony was now lost. Kuri told him he had done his best, but he would not accept this. Lascurain said that if Borgetti didn't do the deed himself it was either Marcial or some other hired thug. Regardless of who it was they had no way of knowing because of the camera that did not record the event. They had nothing.

Vanessa was depressed because Diego rejected her. Jackie told her to give him time. They would all need it. Jackie was sure that Julio's death would alleviate the nightmare for them. Vanessa reminded her that for Diego the nightmare was only beginning. Jackie told her that she had to give him all the time he needed.
Eddie came to Vanessa's house just as she was arriving. He told her he needed her help because Rebecca was trying to take Danna away from him. She told him what happened. She started crying and he embraced her.
Diego was with Katia and Jackie, also crying. They tried to tell him that his father would always be with him in his thoughts and in his heart. While Diego was too young to understand this he hugged both women who held him as though he were a fragile thing.
Vanessa spoke with Isabella's nurse and explained the situation. Isabella was to receive a tranquilizer before being told the news due to her own health condition. The nurse left the room to get water and the pill, which she gave to Isabella before handing her the phone. She took the pill and then the phone. Vanessa told her that Julio had been found dead, apparently of an overdose. Isabella said nothing. She touched her chest and silently gasped in shock.

Sandro came to Jackie's house to see Katia. She told him that Diego hadn't stopped crying. He reminded her that the child has experienced his father's death twice. She had to understand. He tried to persuade her to come home with him.
Jackie and Vanessa talked on the phone. Vanessa wanted Diego home with her but Jackie said it would be better for him to stay with her for the moment. After ending the call Vanessa remembered the last weekend and all the memories, good and bad. The night that Julio stood at the door, pistol in hand. Pushing Diego in the swing. Making love in the middle of the night.

The following morning Vanessa received a text from Eddy asking how she was. She did not answer it. Diego remained home from school. A nanny (or pediatric nurse) stayed with him while he drew. He would not talk to Vanessa. Jackie and Katia came for her and they went to the morgue, where they met Bernal. They all entered the room wearing surgical masks. Vanessa pulled back the sheet. There were various tattoos on Julio's body, but what stood out was a huge bruise in the crook of his left arm and two large puncture wounds, almost the configuration of a vampire's fangs.

A few nights later Bernal and Jackie has an assignation at a hotel where they talked in bed about the situation. He told her that he could not prove Borgetti's involvement. He was told to remove the surveillance on Vanessa's house because with Julio dead she was unlikely to be in danger. Jackie said that this would not bring back their husbands. She knew that Bernal was looking for justice, but sometimes things remain unsolved. She said she was worried about his rivalry with Borgetti. He old her he didn't seek the truth at his convenience. She would need to be patient, very patient. He was determined to find out who had killed her husband and the others. She may have been grateful that he could not see her face at that moment. His phone rang. He asked “Where? How long ago was he found?”

The social worker who had previously paid calls on Vanessa was at her home again to observe and talk about Diego. She was not concerned about his behavior. He was sitting at the dining table drawing. Vanessa was concerned because he was still not speaking to her. The social worker told her that Diego seems to blame her for his father's death. He would need time and therapy to realize that she had nothing to do with it.

Sandro and Katia talked about how Julio's death brought about the reconciliation between her and Vanessa. She talked about how Vanessa was a good mother and she was concerned about Diego.

Isabella went to see her doctor, who told her that she needed to be careful. She told him she had every motive to do so because she needed to live many years for her grandson.

Danna and Eddy talked about Rebeca having told the child that she had been ill. She still seemed unaware that her mother lied like a rug.

Lascurain and Kuri were at the ditch where Borgetti had dumped Marcial Mendoza's body. Bernal arrived and they filled him in. They had taken note of the gunshot wound and speculated that he had bed to death. They did not know whether Borgetti knew of this yet. This was another potential witness against him. Kuri made a comment about Borgetti's expertise at making things look like suicide as in the Zacharias Zaldiviar example. They knelt around the body. A short distance away in some dry reeds was Borgetti's missing wedding ring.

Miriam spoke with Benjamin about the buying and selling of Farmateca shares. They had to keep Borgetti from finding out about this. Her shares were going into his name and she absolutely trusted him to handle this. [If anyone can provide better detail, please do.]

Irene met in the woods with the journalist she had called. She told him that she resigned from Farmateca upon discovery that the diet pills were deadly if used too long. She claimed to have communicated this to Miriam but she chose not to know this. She had a confidentiality clause in her contract that would put her in prison if she violated it so this had to be an anonymous discloser.

Julio's funeral was that morning. The three widows, all dressed in modest black, stood with Diego near the coffin. Each was holding a white rose. José and Natalia stood behind them; Isabella was off to the right of them. There were some former employees present along with Eddy, Danna, Sandro, Bernal, Arturo, and Giovanna. Vanessa told Isabella that perhaps she should not have come. She answered that her doctor had given her permission but she would not be absent for her son's funeral. The second one. Vanessa told her that “Nobody expected this to happen.”
No. This time nobody expected this.”
Vanessa gave her a searching look as she stooped down and called Diego to her. He went to his grandmother and cried. She embraced him as the priest began.
The coffin was lowered into the grave and the roses thrown in. Giovanna noticed Eddy exchanging looks to acknowledge Arturo. Giovanna was surprised they knew each other. Arturo told her that his firm was representing Eddy in a child custody case. Giovanna said that he is a great chef and he seemed to be very interested in Vanessa. He asked whether there was a relationship and she said she thought so. “They are just as modern or more than we are.”
They went to pay their condolences and watched Eddy do the same. Eddy whispered to Vanessa that they could begin again. Danna and Diego hugged; they had at last reconciled.
Sandro suggested to Katia that they go to Mexico City but she said that now was not the time. Sshe needed to be around for Diego's sake. He told her she would make a good mother for his children.

Borgetti told Miriam that it was a mistake for her to renounce the presidency of Farmateca. She told him it was a mistake to take it on. He said “I only want you to be happy” and kissed her, saying he would see her that night.

She made her resignation speech at a meeting the following morning saying she didn't have adequate experience. At the same time Borgetti met Benjamin in a bar. Borgetti had been aware that Benjamin was having him investigated. He made the assumption that Miriam asked him to and Benjamin denied this, saying he didn't know what he was talking about. Borgetti talked about watching his stock tradings and talking with his accountant. Benjamin watched him with suspicion. Borgetti opened a folder and made a blackmail threat to reveal the contents. He wrote his Swiss bank account number on a piece of paper and demanded a transfer. The amount looked like $73,000. Benjamin did it and Borgetti watched the transfer on his smartphone. Borgetti gave him the folder and he destroyed the documents. Borgetti had wanted to get him for fraud.

Chapter 43: Cornered

Borgetti made another threat if Benjamin continued his investigation. He then paid him the final insult of saying that he had invited him for drinks and left the money on the table. [more details, please, if anyone knows them]

Kuri handed the autopsy report to Bernal and it said that Julio died of asphyxiation. Lascurain was certain that Borgetti was responsible for this. He had a report that Marcial had been in Panama for six months until recently. Bernal said he needed all the details even if it involved a trip there. He didn't want another murder of Borgetti's to happen.

Borgetti introduced two new members of the force – Lino Cortes and Barbara Serna – and paired them with Rico and Ramirez. He stated which cases they were to work on. She talked about it being an honor to work under his command after the cases involving the cadavers and the serial killer La Abuela. Borgetti looked a little nervous but recovered quickly.
Bernal spoke to Governor Moreno and explained that things would be more difficult in view of the murder of Julio Zamora. It was going to take time. The next day Farmateca was going to be audited.

The three widows drank mimosas and looked like they thought they were home free. Jackie knew they were not because Bernal would not give up on capturing Borgetti.

Miriam paid Borgetti a visit at the office. She looked a little depressed and he asked what was wrong. She told him she was selling her shares at Farmateca because she saw a new opportunity. He acted surprised. He asked why she didn't tell him before and she told him it was because he would not have agreed with her decision. “This was after I bought those shares for you. And what else have you hidden from me?”

Katia told the others that Sandro had asked her to accompany him to Argentina. The others were happy for her. Vanessa wanted to leave the country but could not do so yet; she still needed to put things right with Diego.

Miriam had handed him the DNA report and he was angry.
What gave you the right to order this test? What gives you the right to know the results?”
Being your wife gives me the right.”
What I did in the past is my problem. I will not permit anyone to interfere.”
Yes, but your past is now your present and you must recognize that boy as your son.”
This escalated into an argument about her not telling him about selling the shares. She then decided to leave. He said he would see her to the car, but she protested that she didn't need his help. They were just loud enough for Kuri to look up. Borgetti told everyone to get back to work. Kuri watched him as she followed Miriam. Borgetti shredded the test results.
However, Miriam handed another copy to Kuri, who knew that Borgetti would never have recognized Erick. She asked Miriam why she needed to know about this. This is the last thing most wives would want to find out. Miriam answered that she wanted to force him to be a father to the boy, possibly because she could not become a mother herself. “Perhaps it would be better if your son doesn't become a man like Bruno.”
Kuri went back inside and told the men she didn't think that Miriam had anything to do with Borgetti's actions because she is a decent woman who has suffered. She described the confrontation about Borgetti's paternity revelation and how he had never accepted this. Bernal agreed and suggested that they ask her about the tattoos. Kuri said that it was one thing to see her as a good person but another to ask such an intimate question. Bernal felt that they had nothing to lose by asking.

The three widows sat in Vanessa's garden and talked about the money that now would come into Vanessa's hands. She now considered it part of her inheritance. Jackie suggested considering investing in the restaurant. Katia returned a pay envelope with a wad of cash, but Vanessa told her to keep it. She would not take it back because of her new situation with Sandro. She was not without protection. The three women toasted their new situations and good fortune.

Eddy's fortune wheel was hitting rock bottom as his original lawyer told him there was nothing he could do. The proof Rebeca had provided was convincing. Eddy was livid, saying that she had never been ill. Arturo was listening to all this, finally saying that it would take time and money to prove that Rebeca was providing false information. She could go to prison if those documents were providing false testimony or were falsified.

The three widows then had some unpleasant visitors. Catalina and Tania arrived with the stupid ex-girlfriend and cutting remarks about false friends, specifically about Katia and her dalliance with Julio. Jackie grabbed Katia by the shoulders and told her not to take the bait. Vanessa ignored it.
May I know the reason for your visit?” she asked.
May I express my condolences on the death of your husband,” Catalina said. “I realize it's only a few days and this may hurt, but I need to know what Julio was hiding.”
I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about.”
Julio told Senora Tania that he knew who killed his two friends and it was not Zacharías. We are sure that you are hiding something. That's why we're here. We want to know the truth.”

While this was happening Isabella started working on Diego, telling him that once his father told her that he wanted her to take care of him. That they would all be far away from his mother because she had a boyfriend and other reasons. She said he would live with her in the house his father grew up in. She asked him if he would like to live with her. He did not answer; in fact he didn't even smile. He went to her and allowed her to hug him as she talked about him being protected and how his father would smile down on him from heaven.

Vanessa's unwelcome visitors insisted that she had to know something because Zacharias would not have committed suicide. Vanessa told them they had no idea about any of that. Jackie got fed up and calmly told them that they had no right to question Vanessa in view of the current situation. She insisted with all due respect that they leave. Catalina said they would leave, but that this will not end here. “I will learn the truth about you, especially about that one,” she said, pointing to Katia.
Get out of here!” Katia said to her.

Isabella heard voices from downstairs and released Diego, telling him she needed to see who had come into the house.

Your son has the right to know who killed his father,” Tania said to Vanessa. “I don't understand why none of you is looking for justice for your dead.” Catalina directed Tania toward the door and they took their leave. Isabella watched from the top of the stairs.

Benjamin met with Miriam in the same restaurant he met her husband in. He told her what happened and that someone had tipped him off to their investigation. He had paid the blackmail to avoid going to prison for stock fraud. This could also interfere with her revenge. She was upset about the money because her money was her best weapon against Borgetti. Benjamin apologized, telling her he will reimburse her and take care of any future blackmail attempts. When she asked whether Borgetti knew about the video he told her he did not. When that video is made public it will hurt Irene and she will go after Borgetti. That would be Miriam's revenge.

A boy ran up to the janitress at the police station and handed her a large brown envelope, telling her it was for Rita Kuri. He ran away before the woman could stop him or ask any questions. She went inside with it. However, Rico saw her before she could find Kuri and took it from her. He said he would give it to her. The janitress shrugged and went back to her work. Rico opened the envelop, which has letters taped to the outside, like blackmail notes in old movies. Inside the envelope was a flash drive.

Vanessa was at Giovanna's working on her book. Giovanna told her that she was happy to have her back because the person she saw when she thought Vanessa was leaving Mexico wasn't appropriate. Vanessa told her that what she really needed now was work. Giovanna brought up the subject of Eddy and that she didn't like the fact that they knew each other. She reminded Vanessa that she had signed a confidentiality agreement. Vanessa told her she knew that and would abide by it. Giovanna handed her a blue binder with the new material and left to go about her business.

Miriam was at the cemetery placing flowers on the grave of a 7-year-old girl named Alexa del Villar who died in 2011. Miriam had been in a plane crash with her and took care of her because her mother had died. Alexa later died in an accident. Miriam had her nurse put the flowers in a specific spot.

Vanessa was working when Arturo approached her from behind. They talked briefly about Giovanna and how particular she was about work, then he poured two shots of tequila. It took a little persuasion but Vanessa accepted one and they drank a toast.

Rico put the flash drive into his computer and put on his headphones. On his screen was the video damning Irene over the illegal human trials. Kuri came down the stairs and the janitress asked wehther she had received the envelope she had handed to Rico. Kuri looked at Rico sitting at his desk, but he got up before she could see what was on the screen. She stopped him before he could get to where he intended to go. He was headed for Borgetti's office with the envelope in hand. She took out the flash drive and asked him “You've seen this, haven't you?” He nodded.

Vanessa went outside with Arturo where he showed her his two-person open vehicle, telling her it was good for alleviating stress. He talked about defending accused murderers and she asked him how he could do that. He said it depended on things. A defendant who looked like her was no trouble. They got on the vehicle and took off.

Kuri went to her team with the flash drive and told them that Rico had looked at it and was about to turn it in to Borgetti. Bernal put it into his computer and played the video. They asked Kuri who sent it to her. She showed them the envelope, saying she had no idea. Bernal was satisfied anyway, saying that with that video they could get an immediate arrest warrant for Irene Palazuelos.

Rico reported the flash drive to Borgetti who asked what Kuri did with it. Rico told him that she took it to her office, which made him realize that Bernal would have seen it by that moment. He thanked Rico, who left his office and closed the door. Borgetti picked up a cell phone (not his usual one) and called Irene. He got her voicemail, then tried her land line. She picked up immediately and he told her that Bernal had the proof. She was to destroy her cell phone and leave the country. She asked why she should trust him and he told her she had no other options. He would protect her on her way.
She ended the call and removed some things from a drawer in the sideboard. She then took the memory card from her cell phone and flushed it down the toilet.
Borgetti left his office and called for Kuri, who was at an outside desk. Bernal came out of their team's office telling her that all the police cars were to be on their way to Farmateca.
I suppose you Rico told you about the video that was sent to Rita in which we found out that Irene Palazuelos was responsible for the clandestine laboratories from which the dead missing people came. I'm going right now to Farmateca.”
No. She won't be there. She had resigned and my wife took over as director until today and it now has no director. Therefore it's better to look for her at her house.”
Rita, send some of the cars to Farmateca and others to Las Palmas Ventirosos.”
You know the address of her house?”
Yes. I suppose you also do.”
Rita, go with the Lascurain to Farmateca. I will go to Irene Palazuelos' home.”
I'll go with you,” Borgetti said to Bernal.
You won't be needed.”
I want to make sure she doesn't escape.” He told Rico to get all forces ready. Everyone filed out.

The food expo's contract with a hotel was cancelled. Giovanna said she had a garden that could work. The manager said that a smaller place would probably work better.

Arturo and Vanessa were having a good time on the vehicle, finally pulling back into the garage. Vanessa was thrilled to pieces and Arturo took advantage of this and kissed her. When he tried the Valentino move she got free and protested that this was wrong. “You are married and I work for your wife! How ridiculous is that?”
Vanessa, let me explain! Wait!”
She didn't. She ran away immediately. Arturo looked appropriately foolish.

Giovanna approached Eddy commenting on the dish he had named for Vanessa. “It's a pity you've separated,” she said.
She told you? She works for you.”
No, my husband, Arturo, told me.”
I'll repeat, it's a pity it didn't work out for you. I like Vanessa very much.”
It wasn't for lack of love; it's about her son. He could not handle what had happened between us.”
I see. You loved her very much. When we name a dish for someone it's because they're special to us. If you want my advice, insist. Since her husband died, get closer to her, be with her. If you keep your distance someone else may get her. I know what I'm talking about.”
She excused herself and left him standing there. He looked as though he had a bad vibe from this encounter.

José and Natalia approached Jackie about being their surrogate. She was caught very much by surprise. She asked José if he wanted to be a father and he said he did.

The journalist who had met with Irene did some homework and saw a report on the chemicals used in Dietrix and their effect on brain chemistry.

Irene was at the bus station asking for departure times. The first answer did not please her so she asked for the first bus going to a city with an international airport. The computer came up with a bus in thirty minutes to Cancún. She paid the four hundred something pesos, the clerk entered the information, and she gave her real name when asked. The clerk told her where the departure gate was.

Despite Bernal's earlier statement, Borgetti managed to go to Irene's house. There was no answer at the front door. Bernal shouted into the intercom that if the door wasn't opened they would force it. At the silence all took out their pistols. Borgetti did as well.

When Natalia left Jackie told José she wanted to talk to him. She told him he wasn't thinking this situation through. He wanted to rescue Natalia but he had no clue what it would be to be responsible for a child. A child needed a family. She asked him what the real reason was for this.

The police entered Irene's mansion and looked around. Guns drawn, they split up and went into different rooms. Borgetti went into the room with the sideboard. The drawer that had contained the damning cell phone was still open, a red garment visible. Bernal called Lascurain and they exchanged information. Since she was neither at home nor at Farmateca Bernal said they needed to contact airports and bus stations. When he ended the call he said “Someone must have warned her.”
Borgetti agreed and said “Let's go.”
Bernal was frustrated again that Borgetti must have been two steps ahead of him.

Vanessa arrived at Jackie's house upset. She told her what had happened with Arturo. She told her that she had responded at first but realized in the moment that this was wrong. Jackie told her that these things happen and she should forget about it. Vanessa had been carried away in the moment. She was confused.

Irene waited at the bus station. She carefully threw away her cell phone in a trash receptacle. The intercom announced that the bus to Cancún was boarding. She took out her ticket and went directly to the gate. Two female cops were there; one was making a call on her cell while the other asked for her identification. She took out her passport. One took the passport and the ticket.
Is something wrong?” she asked.
No, just that your bus isn't ready. Have a seat and we'll talk in a moment.”
Ah, I see.”
She sat down. One of the cops showed the alert on her cell phone. The other made a call on the police line saying they had the suspect in room three. They were to send in all forces.


UA: Awesome recap with detailed information of events!

1.) The tattoos on Julio. Does this mean he was involved in some major syndicate considering that Borgetti also has similar tattoos ?

2.) Diego still hates his own mother & blames her for his father's death. If only he knew.....

3.) Julio being buried 6 FT Under wasn't surprising. Isabella made it to her son's funeral.

4.) Danna is a sinister piece of expletive! Lying about her daughter having a supposed illness UGH. Karma coming for her ass real soon!

5.) Bernal & Kuri still investigating. The Super Hero Cops!

6.) Miriam resigning her post as President of Famateca Inc.,

7.) Irene is on the run as APB Alerts are going everywhere.


Steve, Danna is the unfortunate child whom Rebeca is trying to take away from Eddy. It's Rebeca who is the nasty piece of work.

Arturo and Giovanna are creeping me out even more than before. Vanessa needs to get away fro them.

Thanks you, Urban for,your detailed recap of both episodes.

Yes, Urban, Vanessa needs to get away from Arturo and Giovanna ASAP but I I have NO sympathy for her. This is the second ill advised kiss in two episodes or is it three? She needs to keep her lips to herself. (So to speak) It sounds like she likes the "it just happened" defense. Give me a break! She is looking for trouble.

Steve, interesting comment about Julio's tattoos.

So, Miriam's niece Alexa (who was like a daughter to her) died in an accident. I sure want to know more about her niece's death. Was Borgetti involved somehow in the accident? Or was he involved in the plane crash that killed Miriam's brother and sister-in-law in the first place?

Well, Borgetti, seems to have gotten to just about everybody including Benjamín. Can Miriam keep herself safe from Borgetti and still operate in her revenge mode? Kuri got a gift by Borgetti not wanting to be a parent. Will Miriam testify to Borgetti's tattoos? I sure hope they ask her.

If Irene is apprehended, will Bernal finally have what he needs along with the video to get the goods on Borgetti? If Irene is apprehended will she talk? Will she survive her incarceration?

So, Isabella is going to try to get custody of Diego. I guess I did not expect less. She cannot leave the poor kid in peace.


Thanks you--LOL- thank you, Urban! Now that is much better.

If Irene is apprehended -- and she should be, as there are only 9 hours left to this -- she probably will turn on Borgetti immediately. I'm not sure she has anything on him because I don't know how much he told her -- if anything -- about what he did to Julio or what she knows of his other crimes beyond arranging for the death of Victor. Even if she knows, does she have any proof?

We don't yet know what Borgetti did that is provoking Miriam's revenge plan. I'm inclined to think that it was the road accident that killed Alexa. We know that Miriam has been married to him for five years. I have the feeling they never had sex because she was already in the motorized chair and if I'm right she may not know about those monstrous tattoos. Could the stress of Alexa's loss have provoked her condition? We haven't been told about this for no reason.

The one thing that could ultimately damn him is the missing wedding ring at the dump site of Marcial Mendoza's corpse. That would have an inscription and possibly some DNA on it. If someone else finds it or observes him looking for it... and eventually Miriam or someone in the precinct has to notice that he isn't wearing it anymore.

Btw, Urban. I just sent you an email. I can do Fridays for La candidata.

I just answered it. As soon as we can get a Thursday person we will have a full team. I will be able to breathe again!

Urban, I think you are right about the possible role of a Borgetti's lost ring being the thing that does him in. I wonder if there is an inscription on it. So many possibilities, so little time.

Thank you so much, Urban! These double episodes are killing me so I needed a bit of a break.

Vanessa sometimes digs herself into so much trouble for now reason…I get she needs the job and Giovanna is not the worst boss but she already knows about her cheating and Arturo is putting the moves on her behind Giovanna's back (as far as Vanessa knows) isn't this enough reason to run??? I mean you are essentially in a tornado of cheating and it's bound to destroy some things a long the way.

As for Borgetti, he was in such a hurry to kill and dispose of Marcial that he made a huge mistake and it will sure bite him in the butt. As long as he helps Irene, I don't think she will turn on him, but that ring definitely will. Borgetti has had amble time to think in a lot of the situations he's found himself in but he didn't expect Katia to have a gun so here we are.

Miriam's backstory is a little bit muddled at this point but I want to get a clear picture of what Borgetti is responsible for…I hope we don't have to wait until the very end for the big reveal. I wonder if the end will be a Widows vs. Borgetti battle?

OT But I am super excited for La Candidata. Two quality productions back to back. Score!

I hope that Borgetti does not just get killed in a gunfight in the end. I really want to see him realize he has been bested by Bernal and (I hope) Miriam and have time to ponder his failure.

Thanks, Urban. So sorry they're doubling up episodes and slicing, causing so much extra effort on the recappers' part. Your recap is terrific and I appreciate details on crucial conversations.

Jackie was sure that Julio's death would alleviate the nightmare for them.

Jackie, sorry but this time I think you're wrong. You're in love with a detective that is obsessed and principled about going after the truth wherever it lies. I predict that's going to become your nightmare.

Julio didn't seem like the type to have tattoos, but oh well, not important.

But why won't Kuri tell Bernal about Borgetti's tattoos? It's just a matter of time before Bernal finds out.

Borgetti told Irene to destroy her cellphone. From what I could see she merely dropped it in the trash without damaging it first. Are there no folks who rummage through public trash cans looking for valuables in that town?

So Vanessa kissed Arturo back, on impulse, really? I think she kissed him back on simple curiosity, but her running off like that probably made Arturo think it was his potent animal magnetism. Something tells me Arturo will find a way to let Eddy know they kissed.

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