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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 4/20/17--Chapter #50: Black is going to be the new Orange

Countdown to El Final
I’m substituting for Urban tonight. I wish my hearing and comprehension were better. What I need is one of those magic see-thru boards that Horatio or Patricio have to stick up all the characters’ names and sort out how they are interwoven with each other. It’s rather late for that, unfortunately. This was such a good “series,” that I wouldn’t mind watching it again soon and figure out who knew what, when, where and how.
I’ve been warned that this episode may have been squished with part of Epi #51, to make room in tomorrow’s schedule for a regular episode, rather than the original 90 min. final episode in Mexico. If that is true, the full version will be later. Alfredo has volunteered to help with deleted scenes.
On we go. Ok, where were we….
Miriam has been dragged into the Women’s Prison Director’s office. Borgetti is there to hear what she has to say about having lied about her inability to walk. Miriam begins to explain that she had been divorced from Benjamin for a few years when her brother and sister were killed in an accident and she stepped forward to care for her orphaned niece, Alexa. She loved her more than anything in the world. Aha, says Borgetti in an accusatory tone—she had a niece and never told him?
As Miriam reminisces, we see the hazy image of a young girl running down the steps of a nice-looking house, chasing her ball. It bounces into the street; she follows it and is hit by a car. The driver stops, gets out, sees what he’s done and is momentarily dazed and confused. In Miriam’s retelling, we are privileged to see the driver was Bruno Borgetti. The coward looks around, gets back in his car, backs up over the body and peels out of there as Miriam comes flying down the steps, only to cradle the lifeless body of her niece.

The Prison Director wants to know if she reported it. She says she did. Borgetti, meanwhile, is steaming mad. He wants to know que the hell does this have to do with her lying about her incapacity? Miriam screams back, everything. She’s very agitated and Borgetti calls her a loca. She claims it was Borgetti in the car that killed Alexa. He denies it all. She continues, the shock was enough to bring on the chronic illness that put her in the wheelchair. Borgetti continues to deny. Miriam claims she’d never forget his face. Then she saw him on TV being touted as the exemplary police official. She came into his life to collect evidence, in memory of Alexa.
She knows he is implicated in all the deaths in Ciudad Real, he and his “woman,” Irene Palazuelos. Borg can only repeat, she’s crazy. Prison Director interrupts. These are serious allegations to make without proof. Miriam swears she’ll get the proof needed.
Borgetti gets in her face and says she’ll be sorry. In fact, he’s the one who will bring charges against her for defamation and a fraudulent marriage. He marches out and leaves her in the office in tears.
Meanwhile, at the Encino Blanco police station, Kuri is telling Bernal the hit and run story. She believes Miriam; she wants to help her. Bernal agrees to open an investigation to see if there is any truth to the story. Bernal directs Barbara to see if they can determine what kind of car Borgetti was driving then. Kuri is to go to the lab. The technician says he has some interesting information for them and Bernal only wants Kuri to get it. Bernal himself, has to go see the governor to tell him what Lascurain found out about the bomb in Panama and what happened to Irene.
On his way out, Bernal takes a call from Isabella. She heard the report that Irene Palazuelos was dead. He replies, so it is. She thinks the three widows should be locked up by now. She wants him to hurry because Vanessa wants to take Diego back to Encino Blanco and it is important for Vanessa to be in prison so she can be assured of custody. He tells Isabella to be patient.
Arturo is in lawyer mode. He’s with Katia and Sandro. Katia thanks him for helping them. It’s not his specialty, but he will keep an eye on the proceedings, which will be long and drawn out and expensive.
Jimena gossips with Giovanna about Katia [what else is new] and wanting to ruin the image of Eddy’s restaurant. After she heard that Jackie and Vanessa were going to be associated with the restaurant, she knows exactly what she wants to do—expose the three widows publicly as suspicious of being involved in the yacht explosion that killed their husbands.
Kuri gets an in-person report from the lab technician. First, the governor authorized revising Joel’s phone. He has captured all the calls and messages on it. Second, the blood on the boot belongs to the dead prostitute, Emma. More interesting is that Borgetti’s fingerprints are on the boot, supposedly only used by the gardener. He found also found Borgetti’s fingerprints on the ring, along with some blood belonging to Marcial Mendoza. Kuri is ecstatic. She quickly calls Bernal.
Bernal is in the governor’s office. He takes Kuri’s call. He relates the findings regarding the lab's tests. Emma’s blood on the boot proves Bernal cannot be guilty of her murder. He then goes on to tell the governor about the bomb. It originated in the Middle East, but was acquired on the black market by Marcial Mendoza, the ex-cop who was allegedly working for Borgetti on the side. Mendoza brought the bomb to Playa Coral. He most likely also acquired the chemicals used in the Ciudad Real experiments. The governor thinks there is enough evidence to hold Borgetti, but Bernal wants to delay a bit while he investigates the possibility there was a 2d bomb.  The governor indicates surprise. Bernal explains that there seem to be two groups who wanted those three men eliminated. The time and place coincided, but not the motives.
Giovanna is now telling Arturo the gossip about the yacht explosion. He doesn’t believe the three women could be guilty of such a deed. She says even the police suspected them. Arturo says there’s a big difference between being a murderer and being suspected of murder. Besides, the real suspect was Julio Zamora’s business partner. Gio has that “well don’t say I didn’t tell you” look on her face.
Vanessa calls Isabella to try to talk to Diego, but Issy says he still doesn’t want to talk to her. Van asks that she put the phone on speaker next to Diego. She woos him with a trip to an amusement park with Danna the next day. He gets pretty excited about the prospect. Issy takes the phone away and essentially tells Van to get lost.
Lascurain returns to the office from Panama and Kuri greets him with a hug and a very friendly kiss. He fills Kuri in on everything he learned in Panama. Kuri tells him the Bernal has 24 hours to get the goods on the widows. Las feels sorry for Bernal since he’s so in love with Jackie.
Bernal is at the hospital. He’s talking to a doctor and they are both looking in on a patient who might or might not recover. [We can’t see the patient, but we can guess who it is by the other-worldly music. It’s probably somebody who is supposed to be dead].
Next day at her house, Giovanna gives Vanessa her walking papers. Van is happy to go as long as her reputation is in tact and her resume isn’t corrupted. Gio doesn’t want to ever see her again—and she knows why [hint, hint, it has something to do with Arturo and a divorce].
Jackie and Bernal are in her place talking about the bomb and how Marcial Mendoza obtained it. He tells her the bomb was planted on orders of Borgetti, not Zacarías. He assures Jackie that even if Borgetti denies it, there is no doubt about it. Bernal seems very loving and sincere with Jackie and they kiss as he leaves. As soon as he leaves, Jackie texts the other two widows to celebrate. Van says to come on over to her house, she’ll have the tequila ready.
Once together, they lift a few shots of tequila to their luck and discuss the near miss they had and how now they are home free, clearly implicating themselves. Meanwhile, inside the panel truck, Lascurain, Kuri and Bernal listen in disbelief, disappointment and despair. The widows continue their celebration.
The doorbell rings. It’s Lascurain and Kuri at the door. They are invited in to join the women in a drink. They decline as they are on duty. They announce the three widows are being placed under arrest for the yacht explosion that killed Lorenzo and Nicolas and the attempted murder of Julio. All three think it is a joke. When it turns serious, Jackie says she’s going to call Patricio—as he walks in. He tells them he gave the orders. The women protest. There is nothing to link them to the yacht explosion. Bernal himself said it was Borgetti. Bernal, with a heavy heart, says he does have evidence—the watch he gave Jackie had a microphone in it and all their conversations were recorded, including this one. Katia and Van are taken out to a patrol car.
Jackie and Bernal have a painful conversation in the house before being taken out. Jackie can’t believe he trapped her. Patricio says once he had information pointing to them, he gave her every opportunity to tell the truth and she didn’t. She deceived him. She accuses him of treachery. He responds he’d rather be a traitor than an assassin, like she is.   He wants to know WHY? He’s astonished that it was Lorenzo that gave her the idea in the first place and she’s the one that introduced it to Katia and Vanessa.
Patricio wonders if it was the dirty business or the money? No, her life was at risk, all three were victims of their husbands’ violence and domestic abuse.  Jackie claims it was “them or us.” Bernal doesn’t believe her. She reminds him of the violence she suffered at Lorenzo’s hands and showed him the scar on the back of her neck as proof. They were afraid of their husbands and took the matters into their own hands. They truly believed that would be all there was to it. They had no idea what hell they were going to go through with the dirty dealings with Zacarías, Farmateca, Palazuelos and Borgetti. Jackie goes through their hell step by step for Bernal’s benefit—to give him a timeline of when they learned what they know now. Zack was the first to threaten them, then he died. Then it was Irene Palazuelos, followed by Borgetti. Those three thought they knew all about Transporte ZZ and the tie-in to Farmateca.
They were constantly in danger. Jackie was shot, Van’s car’s brake line was cut, someone followed Katia, surely with the intention of killing her. They were terrified. Patricio asks if Borgetti blackmailed them for the video. She answers yes and he learns where that video came from—the box of things Zack’s mother left at the police station. They had to retrieve it to protect Van’s family.
Vanessa and Katia talk in the back of the police car. They wonder if Jackie is snitching on them. They wonder how long Patricio suspected them and how he found out. [Katia conveniently leaves out the part that she told Julio and we know Julio told his Momma before he was OD’d and she told Patricio.]  They blame it on the microphone cum gift watch.
Still in the house, Patricio tells Jackie how he came to suspect them [see pp. above, leaving out the Katia part].
Meanwhile at the Borgetti manor house, Bruno Borgetti is ripping up any and all photos he has of Miriam.
At the station, Barbara finds the report on Alexa’s hit and run death. It was filed in Playa Linda [shades of AQNMD] and not Encino Blanco. She does a search on the description of the car and bingo, finds the kind of car Borgetti had at the tinme of the accident.
Patricio finally says it’s time to go. Jackie begs him to not do this, in the name of their love. He gently puts his hands over her mouth and ask her not to talk of love—it was all a farce. She swears it wasn’t—she had no intention of falling in love again, much less with a policeman. She does love him and she’s sure he loves her. They are close enough to kiss each other, but Patricio can’t quite do it. It’s night before they finally take the widows to jail.
Back at the hospital, the nurse is reporting to the doctor that the patient is doing so-so and should she let Bernal know—he seems to be some sort of relative. [We learn the patient is a she. It can't be Aurora. Hmmm, could it be....?]
José is at Jackie’s knocking on her bedroom door to remind her about tomorrow’s appointment at the bank. When there is no answer he phones her and leaves the message. At the very same time, Sandro is wondering where Katia is. He checks all the rooms and he also calls her and leaves a message.
The three Musketeers are dead tired, but glad to have a job well done. Barbara comes in to tell them not only did Borgetti have a car with the same description as the hit and run vehicle, but he also had a place in Playa Linda, where the accident took place.
Benjamin, Miriam’s IT guy, and her lawyer are having a restaurant meeting al fresco. They are discussing what all he found on the Farmateca lap top and Irene Palazuelos. Hers was pretty much wiped clean, but he did find the double entries involving Transporte ZZ and e-mails referring to chemicals being shipped to Ciudad Real. The contact was Tomás Aguirre, the one who ran the Ciudad Real lab.
And someone seems to be listening to them from the bar, but IT guy continues. He tells them Andres, the head of the lab at Farmateca is a relative of his girlfriend’s. He would like to talk to Benjamin and the lawyer. Oh, the guy at the bar listening is Andres. They know he provided the testimony that basically sealed Miriam’s fate. He’s had a reversal of conscience and is willing to testify that only Irene knew about the danger of using Dietrix long-term. Miriam had no knowledge. He admits that he was compelled by Borgetti to say only Miriam was implicated because Borg threatened harm to his family if he didn’t.
Borgetti has called an outdoor press conference. Only the flags, bunting and larger-than-life podium are missing. As a substitute, he stands on the landing of the split stairway—way above everybody. He has to eat some crow, but does it willingly, nay proudly. In his position, he is charged with seeking justice and upholding the law, even when it involves someone close to him. He has to admit that he was a victim of his own wife, who used him as a shield to evade justice. She gets no special privileges, as any other who transgresses the laws.
The press conference is over and the reporters are about to scatter when the governor of the state shows up with the chief of the federal police at his side. Borgetti welcomes them, thinking it’s all about him and they go inside the station. In front of his staff, Bernal has the privilege of arresting him for endangering the public health, fraud, extortion and homicide. Uncomprehending at first, he whips out his gun and points it at Bernal, then hands it to him. He gets pretty upset at having the tables turned on him and resists getting handcuffed. He shouts that they’ll all be sorry, as they take him away. Lino Cortez (the guy that gave Bernal the beating of his life) is left behind by the rest of the squad and looks worried.
A TV reporter attending the press conference turns around to the cameras and reports all the juicy details of an “honest” cop getting caught, live on TV. Guess who is watching the breaking news: Benjamin, along with Andres and the lawyer, Isabella and last, but not least, the prison director.
The governor commends the Encino Blanco police force for their work and sends them back to their duties. The governor pulls Bernal aside and asks him about the other bomb and the three widows. Bernal is silent for the time being.
The widows are being kept isolated in a small room at the station. They are wondering what’s next.
After the gov and the chief have left, Ramirez comments on who would have thought they had a criminal at the head of the unit. Rico guessed that Barbara was an undercover agent. She addresses Limo Cortez. He has nothing to say. She asks, rhetorically, is he sure? She thinks he should consider telling all the things Borgetti had him do and explain what his car was doing in a body shop the same day Patricio’s car was found abandoned along the river bank. As for Rico, she leans in, he should explain what really happened when Borgetti shot Tomás.
The governor of the state and the chief of the federal police enter the room with the widows. The gov tells them they were kept separate so as not to get mixed up in Borgetti’s arrest for various crimes, including the bomb that blew up the yacht. However, he knows they are also implicated in the explosion and Bernal has to formally arrest them. Bernal marshals them through the flock of reporters and transports them to the prison gates. Jackie is the last one through and she looks back at Bernal with longing, as the gate slams shut. He takes a long look at Jackie and turns away.
The airwaves are full of the Borgetti story. José watches astounded as the reporter leads with the breaking news on the Black Widows—the Women in Black. Sandro and Alberto watch transfixed. Catalina and Jimena look on incredulous. Arturo shakes his head as Giovanna just watches. Benjamin, Andres and the lawyer are watching. The Prison Director is soaking up the additional news. Isabella is not stunned. Diego can’t believe they are talking about his mother.


Anita: your recap was awesome!

1.) Downfall of the Black Widows was epic & obvious from the get-go because of dumb-ass Katia, who couldn't keep her damn mouth shut.

2.) Giovanna gets what she wanted: keeping Arturo as she fired Vanessa (I'm guessing Jimena told Gio about the boat explosion).

3.) Mama Zamora likely getting custody of her grandson, Diego!

4.) Jose was astounded & stunned when he found about Jackie, Katia & Vanessa.

5.) Borgetti's downfall was AWESOME! Getting the badge & Encino Blanco Police Department lapel pin getting taken away from him by Bernal was sweet.

6.) Rico & Lino better be worried because they've been Borgetti's cronies for so long.


Thanks, Anita. The recap was excellent!

1st highlight: Finally, we had the whole Alexa story and what sent Miriam around the bend. It was so "Borgetti" to back up over Alexa just to make sure she was dead. Maybe Miriam will get more humane treatment at the jail due to the fact that the warden has seen her story on the news. At least she should be exonerated by Andrés' testimony now that Borgetti is out of the way.

2nd highlight: The governor telling Bernal he had earned the right to arrest Borgetti and Bernal reading Borgetti his rights.

3rd highlight: The widows letting it all fly thinking they were home free, Bernal arresting all of them, and the widows doing the "perp walk."

So, how long will the widiws spend in the big house? Will they get off on a technicality? Will they all get different sentences depending on their situations? Will they serve their time together? Will we have a time jump at he end to freedom and happiness?

Production complaint: I wish they would let older actors appear with their grey/white hair in non-age sensitive roles. Here it was Manuel Ojeda as the governor. He always does such a great job in his roles but in this case I was unable to enjoy him because I found his overly "brown" hair a distraction.

That is all for now.


Steve, your comment about Katia said it all.

Gracias, Anita, for this and for switching nights with me.

A major omission from #50 is Eddy asking Vanessa to see Danna at her school and to find out what she could. Danna spoke very freely to Vanessa, telling her that she was frequently left alone in the hotel room, that her mother didn't play with her, and that she had been kept out of school. Also that she missed Diego.

The madness continues.

Isabella was very irresponsible to even allow the possibility of Diego finding out about this the way he did. That child will be traumatized for life.

Thanks, Urban for the omission. As soon as Xfinity gets the whole episode up, I'll add the omissions. Can't promise blue italics--you know black is always in style--but it should be the full episode.


1.) Lorenzo Rivera

2.) Nicolas Lombardo

3.) Zacarias Zaldivar

4.) Elena Lopez

5.) The 9 Test Subjects from Famateca

6.) Emma Zulema

7.) Borgetti's Henchman #1

8.) Tomas Aguirre

9.) Victor Martinez

10.) Borgetti Henchman #2 Marcial Mendoza

11.) Officer David Gutierrez

12.) Julio Zamora

13.) Encino Blanco Police Department Backup

14.) Mama Paulazelos

15.) Irene Paulazelos

16.) Alexa Alcantara (Miriam's Niece)

Thank you Anita for a wonderful Recap.

All I can say is poor Diego, what's Isabella thinking letting him watch this. If she truly cared for him she would shield him. She's getting custody anyway so what's the point of letting him watch. He will be traumatized.

And Miriam, my god that poor woman, she will need some therapy as well. To be married to Borgetti simply to get evidence, makes no sense.

So what's left to resolve, I think all murders have been pinned to Borgetti. The only thing pending for him is Irene's mom's murder and Irene's murder....that is sure to bite him tonight.

As far as the widows, there was no evidence of a second bomb, it is just their statements thus far. Saul is still out there somewhere and he never replied to Jackie's e-mail. They are at the very least guilty of conspiring to murder their husbands so definitely doing some time in the slammer.

I want to see Rebecca get arrested still, and Danna with Eddy.
Not happy with Jimena getting the upper hand, but oh well.
I want to see Miriam out of jail, walking and getting some much needed therapy.
Kuri with Lascurain.
Catalina needs to get sued for messing with Sandro's businesses.

So many things to still get resolved, I don't think 1 hour is enough. We'll see tonight.



The original finale was in a two-hour slot and it's 91 minutes without ads. Something will be missing tonight, you know it.

Thanks, Anita. Terrific job. I laughed when I saw your title. I'd been thinking they could make a sequel to this TN, showing how the widows deal with prison life.

Tough to see Bernal so disappointed. Will he ever trust another woman again?

Hmmm, which, if any, of the guys will stand by their woman no matter what?

Isabella is not fit to raise Diego. Downright cruel to let him watch the news. Wondering if Vanessa could make Eddy his legal guardian.

Sandie: I'm betting Rebecca gets custody of Danna regardless despite what Eddy will try to do.

Niecie: I don't see Bernal being with another woman ever again! However, I do see Kuri & Lascurian together in all likelihood.

UA: I'm NOT a big fan of the 1-hour finale's. I prefer the 3-hour Gran Final's (see Univision's "Pasion Y Poder").


What if Saul never got the chance to place the bomb? What if he took the money and ran, and that's why he's been avoiding Jackie's calls? Maybe he'll see the news of their arrest and comes forward to redeem himself with the widows? Mere speculation on my part, but, what if?

Steve, two-hour finales are the norm now in Mexico. PyP's finale was three hours here because it was on a Friday night. I was OK with that except for the removal of Humberto's Karmageddon, the very fate I wanted for him.

Anonymous 3:32 You read my mind. That's why I keep wondering about Saul. Even in that case the fact that the widows intended to kill their husbands, hired someone to kill their husbands. That will not go unpunished. or will it?


Anon: I don't see the Black Widows ever being redeemed.

Sandie: I don't see them getting out of prison anytime soon!

UA: What's going to be Rico & Lino's respective Karma's ? Considering they were Borgetti apologists.


Thank you so much, Anita! Thank you for paving the way for the finale tonight! The slicing and dicing did make a lot more sense last night but it's shame this was done so close to the end. At least the final episode will be mostly complete but Unimas is on my sh** for this.

The Black Widows' faces when Bernal walked in was priceless but what did Jackie expect? I mean, you fell in love with an honorable cop. That's something you have to deal with.

As much as Jimena and Catalina have been annoying, they were not wrong to blame Katia for Nicolas' death but everything else was extremely delusional and superficial.

Even if Saul didn't place the bomb, and I know nothing in-depth about law, but isn't intent to kill still punishable? They paid Saul to place a bomb so even if he didn't they still thought he did so...It's the same as Miriam's case, no? She didn't participate in the clandestine labs but knew of it's intent to create shady pharmaceuticals (allegedly). All this law talk (novela or otherwise) makes my head spin.


Did Miriam actually know that Dietrix was shady? That would be difficult to prove and there are too many people in all this who can't be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

I hate the idea of Rebeca keeping Danna. She doesn't deserve her.

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