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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 4/6/17 Chapter 36: Old Acquaintances

Katia volunteered to surrender the disc. Vanessa thought she was out of her mind. Katia argued that nobody would suspect her. Jackie was convinced and Vanessa decided there was no alternative. She left the other two.

Danna and Eddy talked while he chopped tomatoes for the evening meal. She asked to take a bath and he let her go. The doorbell rang; Jimena had come over to talk to him.

Kuri pointed out to her colleagues that Borgetti was in the office the entire day that Diego went missing. They would need to bring charges. He would have needed an accomplice to be guilty in this matter. Bernal said that they could not leave Diego at Borgetti's mercy. f the computer wasn't in Julio's car it had to be in his mother's house. They wondered about Borgetti's house and talked about calling, but since someone would recognize Kuri's voice it would have to be Lascurain calling from a pay phone on the street.

Jimena asked Eddy how much he wanted to come to work for her. It looked like she wanted to cut José out of the equation. Eddy didn't like this. She told him he could make much more money with her than with José and Jackie, but he said that didn't really matter. He had made a deal with Jackie and José and didn't want to break his word. She suggested he become a partner, but he declined definitively and said he was busy. She took the hint, got up, and left in a huff. Eddy exhaled in relief after she was out the door.

Lascurain escorted Kuri back to her place and she asked if he'd like to come in for a sandwich. He accepted, opened the door, and entered with her. Erick was on the couch with his laptop and headphones. She got his attention by sweeping his feet off the couch and he took off the headphones asking “How many?”
How many what?”
How many men are you bringing here?”
Erick, don't be rude,” she said.
And who is this whom you're bringing to your bed –”
Erick, I won't permit you to talk that way to your mother,” said Lascurain.
Who are you to tell me how to behave?” he asked. His voice was a low and as cold as his progenitor's was capable of being.
It's not that. It's how you talk to your mother. What I don't tolerate is for a brat like you to show such disrespect to a woman, least of all to your mother. Erick, if you want to be a man, you have to respect women. If you don't, next time you will have to deal with me.”
The boy answered with a rude facial expression that said he did not care, nor did he respect what had been said. He left the room, closing the door behind him. Kuri looked embarrassed and Lascurain realized he may have violated a boundary.
I'm sorry, but I had to say that,” he said.
No, no, no; don't apologize. On the contrary, thanks. He seems to confuse my friends with lovers. That's the kind of thing I'm dealing with.”
Forgive me for this, Rita, but what your son needs is limits. It's necessary that you impose that now or this is how he'll be for the rest of your life. What this is about is his adolescent angst, his dissatisfaction. In reality he needs to feel respect, love, and gratitude that you're his mother. Please start now with this, the right way or the hard way.”
He clasped her hand and she made an expression of agreement.

Katia drove in the rain to the specified location. She took out the disc, enclosed in a ziplock bag, and tossed it on the ground at the base of a road sign. The door signal sounded as she went back into her car. She closed the door and drove off. Marcial appeared from a darker spot and looked around before picking it up. He then took out his cell and called Borgetti.
Yes, I have it.”
Bring it to me immediately.”
What do we do with the boy?”
Do what we had planned with him. After I've checked the video we go to the next step.”
Perfect.” He ended the call.

Diego was still in the warehouse where he had been taken. He was asleep.

Jackie thanked Katia over the phone. She said she would send Borgetti a message and then they would wait. Vanessa immediately sent a text.
Now that I've turned over the video when will you return my son?

Marcial pulled up in front of Borgetti's home and rang the bell. He was admitted by the maid just as another car pulled up across the road. Bernal watched the door as he talked to Jackie on his cell. He told her that she should have told him about Borgetti earlier. They had to trust each other more. She told him he was right and he told her he was in front of Borgetti's house. He was waiting to find out if the man he had followed had Diego. He ended the call and kept an eye on the door.
Vanessa was nervous that there had been no answer from Borgetti. She asked about Bernal and Jackie said there was no new news. She did say that he had told her they should have told him sooner about the double books at ZZ. Jackie compared this to when Eddy saw Julio and Vanessa gave him the BS about “Tony,” except that this was much more dangerous. “That's the danger of being involved with a cop,” Vanessa said. Jackie knew all too well.

Borgetti played back the disc on his laptop in front of Marcial. Satisfied, he stopped the playback, ejected the disc, and handed Marcial his pay.
I'll be available whenever you look for me. What now?”
Continue with the plan, as we discussed.”
Perfect. Thanks again.”
He shook hands with Borgetti and left. Borgetti broke the disc in half.
Marcial passed Miriam on his way out. She asked who he was.
Marcial Mendoza,” he replied.
You work with my husband?”
Yes. Excuse me.”
He left the house as Borgetti entered the parlour. He had thought Miriam was upstairs in her room. She told him she had things left to do and was waiting for some tea. He said he'd bring her tea to her room after bringing her there. She agreed and he picked her up.
Marcial exited the house and made an inaudible phone call. Bernal took a photo of him on the phone and as he entered his car and drove off.

Katia got to the hospital and Vanessa was almost in full panic mode, threatening to call the police in five minutes and tell them everything. Her cell phone rang and it was Ferrer, telling her that they had received an anonymous call saying where a child matching Diego's description could be found. The three women got up and left.

Bernal followed Marcial as closely as he dared. Jackie called to update him. Something about this didn't sound right to him.

Miriam was doing her nails when her cell phone rang. She picked it up carefully so as not to ruin her manicure. It was Benjamin, her ex, asking how she was. She was about to answer when the phone slipped from her attempt at holding it to her ear with her shoulder, falling on the wood floor. She got close enough to just be able to stand while holding onto the armrest and pick up the phone. She told him to call her back later and just managed to resettle into the chair before Borgetti entered with the tea tray. He asked her if she needed help and she said she did not. He left the room with a folded robe in hand as she picked up the teacup.

The three women arrived at the location given to Vanessa and found Diego in the back of an EMT van. A detective told them that he slept like he had been drugged and had a few minor bruises but was otherwise alright. Vanessa was relieved as she touched her son. He opened his eyes briefly then closed them again, obviously needing time to sleep off whatever had been given to him.
Later in the same hospital waiting room Katia said something about the three of them being together in this crisis over Diego. Jackie told her not to fool herself, that despite this there was no possibility that she and Vanessa would reconcile. Vanessa came back saying that the doctors wanted Diego to stay in the hospital overnight for observation but he would likely be able to go home in the morning. Katia said that therefore Borgetti did nothing. Jackie reminded her that this wasn't over. Julio knew that they had killed their husband. There was also the issue of Irene Palazuelos and the dead bodies, which wasn't likely to be left alone. Jackie then told the others about Victor's death in prison. Both were shocked.

Borgetti had donned his pyjamas and put Miriam in bed. He commented about Miriam going to Farmateca and she said she needed to. When he kissed her goodnight she didn't kiss him back. He noticed the change before turning out the light.

Jackie told the others that Bernal was sure that Victor had been murdered. Katia said that they gave up the only protection they had. Vanessa said that if Borgetti were not a cop they would have options, but now they have none. Jackie said all they had was Bernal. They were stuck in Encino Blanco during the investigation. Katia said that Vanessa would need protection if she couldn't leave Encino Blanco. Katia took her leave, telling Vanesssa she was glad Diego was alright and that he was the only innocent in that whole mess. She kissed Vanessa on the cheek and got no response. Vanessa looked at Jackie and shook her head.
Katia went over to Intensive Care and looked into the large window into Julio's room. She looked down at the unconscious ulio and recalled him ending their affair, the affair that started because Vanessa was paying too much attention to Diego.
Vanessa asked directions to the ladies' room and the nurse told her it was at the end of the right corridor. She thanked her and the nurse went on her way. Vanessa looked up at the Intensive Care sign.

The following morning Vanessa had to explain to Diego that his father was in the hospital asleep and the doctors needed to help him. She asked him if he remembered what happened. He told her that his father was driving fast because someone was following them. The car crashed, he went out trying to get help, then he remembered nothing.
Not until you woke up?” asked Jackie.
The boy nodded.
It's better that way, love,” Vanessa told him. “It's better that way.”
Vanessa and Jackie exchanged meaningful looks.

Jackie repeated this to Bernal in the corridor and he told her that while this was better for the child it meant they had no clues. Jackie was sure the boy would remember this after he got over the shock of the accident. Bernal thought it was all too odd that this ended in the woods, as Ferrer and his men could find no sign of him that night. Jackie said that someone had to have taken him, but who returned him? Bernal said they didn't know. Ferrer and his men thought that this might be the fake insurance agent. Bernal was sure it was Borgetti. However if Borgetti had the computer why did he do this? It didn't make sense. He told her about having watched Borgetti's house and that according to the Villa Brava police the phone used by the man he was watching had belonged to someone who had died several months previously. Jackie asked whether that man was the one who had taken Diego from the woods and Bernal said he could also have been the one who left Diego to be found before he made that call. It could be that the child was returned because Borgetti had the computer and Julio was in a coma. Bernal had photos of the man and his team was going to try to identify him.

Which Kuri and Lascurain were working on at that moment. She set the computer to looking for matching features and it came up with Marcial Mendoza. He had been a cop in their precinct and was sent up for six years for corruption and abuse of authority. Kuri had never trusted him and now she understood why: Because he was close to Borgetti. Lascurain identified another thing, that the license plate on Marcial's car had belonged to another vehicle. Neither one knew that Rico was watching them. He seemed to be taking out his cell and texting as he watched.

A man in a flat grey cap and a brown jacket tried to keep a low profile in the hospital corridor as he waited for the desk nurse to leave the desk. He looked at the patient information on the screen.

Jackie helped Diego get dressed and gave him a soccer ball as a gift. He was a happy child, hugging her and calling her “Auntie.” The doctor gave Vanessa instructions for Diego's care, saying he should be back to normal shortly. As for Julio the doctor was waiting for him to be authorized for transfer to the hospital in Encino Blanco via ambulance. Julio would be needed for the investigation. Vanessa thanked him, saying she would address this immediately. Diego wanted to see his father, but Vanessa told him this wouldn't be possible until he was transferred. Vanessa called Ferrer.

Rico and Borgetti had a person of interest (to Bernal and Kuri) in the interrogation room. Borgetti said to just leave him there.

Kuri was sure that Marcial was impersonating the insurance agent. Lascurain took out his cell to call Bernal.

Marcial was in the hospital. He sneaked into Intensive Care. Borgetti called him just as he arrived at Julio's room. Marcial told him where he was and that he was waiting for an opportune moment to kill Julio. Borgetti told him he would have to wait because he had been identified. It was possible that the Villa Brava police also knew who he was. It was too risky. He was to get out of there immediately. Marcial was annoyed, but he obeyed.
Lascurain was unable to reach Bernal due to the usual cell phone issues. He asked Kuri how her son was and she told him she was sending him to a special school. When he walked away Rico went to the coffee machine and commented to Kuri that she was getting chummy very fast with the new guy. She let him know that she might have done so with him if he hadn't been so determined to know everything that went on around him and rat it out to the boss. Or if he had told the superiors everything that happened in Tomás' home. He had nothing to say to that and walked away. Kuri looked as though her suspicions had been confirmed.

Borgetti spoke via Skype with Orugate regarding the security being placed at the Zamora home and around Julio himself. This was obviously for the family's protection. He asked Borgetti for his help. He said yes and asked for the details. “Didn't Bernal tell you?”
He's been assigned to another division,” Borgetti said, not betraying his anger at what this meant. Orugate said that this might be a personal thing because the child's mother and her friend are friends of Bernal's. Borgetti knew that Jackie had attended Bernal's self-defense class but claimed to know no more than that. Borgetti told him he would take charge of this and asked him to keep him informed. He ended the call determined to get Bernal for this.

Vanessa took care of the checkout documents for Diego and Jackie commented that it was a good thing they had medical insurance. Diego needed to go to the restroom and they escorted him there and waited outside. Vanessa's cell signaled a message and she took it out:
Your child was returned to you. As you can see, I'm a man of my word. Therefore don't open your mouth and stay away from Bernal.
Both women realized that Borgetti was closer than they thought.

Sandro's chauffeur obviously was reporting back to him, based on what he said to Katia. She told him she took the other car to do something to help Vanessa and wondered why his chauffeur was watching her. He told her he was just watching out for her. He asked about Vanessa and Katia said she was not accustomed to the distance between them. He asked about Julio and she said she didn't like to see him in that condition, but nothing else. He asked whether she was sure and she said yes. He was satisfied. He had the air of a calculating man who was looking for any reason to control.

Bernal asked Kuri to sign off on the security for the Zamoras and she told him that Borgetti said that was urgent. Borgetti knew that he was interested in the case and there was nothing they could do about it.

Irene addressed a meeting at Farmateca, telling board members and lab department heads that she was getting favorable reports on sales in Mexico and the US. She expected that they would have the leading weight loss product. Andres said they had also just been authorized to sell in Europe. Miriam wanted to see his reports on the experiments. This caused Irene to clear her throat and Miriam to react by telling him that he didn't need Irene's permission to show her the reports. She was the majority shareholder and had the right to see them. He agreed to give them to her. She then addressed the secretary to set up a cocktail party for their biggest clients. Irene said she always did such things herself bit Miriam reminded her she had made a big mistake with Victor Martinez. That caught Irene off guard.

Katia told Sandro she had nightmares. He thought that normal considering what had happened to Julio and his son. She said that her nightmares had mostly been about Nicolás and remembered going to the hospital multiple times after his suicide attempts. She told him about the last one when he had turned on the gas jets before going to bed and tried to kill her along with himself. This was after someone wouldn't lend money to him. He looked shocked.

Irene left the conference room angry. She called Borgetti and told him he had to keep Miriam out of the office. She could not tolerate her presence. He told her he couldn't do anything about it. She told him that Miriam was challenging her authority and power in the company. Borgetti told her to be patient; this would all blow over. She needed to have Miriam on her side. Irene didn't buy this. Borgetti told her not to be childish about this. He said he had to see her in person right away and she told him she was not in the mood. He apologized (though not sincerely) and said that this was very important.

Apparently Sandro was the man from whom Nicolás tried to borrow. He remembered his last encounter with Nicolás when he had tried to convince him to get a job and live in a dignified manner. He told him “You speak English and your family has contacts,” so there was a solution there. Nicolás telling him that he owed Catalina for all the help she had given him. Sandro told him that he was grateful to Catalina but everything had its limits and here they were. Nicolás got up and went to the door. “Very well. But I'll make this clear to you. If I kill myself it's on your conscience,” was his exit line.
Sandro followed to the door and yelled at him “Okay, kill yourself. But do it fast because I have an engagement this weekend.”
Katia contined saying that in the beginning she had compassion for Nicolás because of the depression but eventually she couldn't take it anymore. She had to go to meet Arturo to discuss her case. She excused herself and left.
Alone Sandro realized he had told Nicolás to commit suicide.


Thanks so much, Urban!

I was not expecting the Sandro reveal but I honestly could care less. If anything, I want to see Catalina's face when the truth comes out. Add that to Sandro really falling for Katia and you have a recipe for disaster.

Speaking of recipes, can Jimena go away? She seems so desperate that its almost pathetic. Katia may be a gold digger or social climber but at least she has frienda that are willing to help her out.

Eric is such a little sh**. Where does he get those ideas from???

Oh, who knows? Remember who his sperm donor is.

I wasn't expecting the Sandro reveal either. I suspected that there had been previous suicide attempts but that flashback scene with Nicolas threatening him with it was over the top for this series.

And if he actually does fall for Katia he's a fool and will deserve all the grief he gets. We don't know who actually initiated the affair she had with Julio but that answer doesn't matter. She had no business accepting his advances or making any toward him with Vanessa being her "best friend." As for Jimena, I agree with you. If she was this pathetic however long ago Nicolas might have walked out on her anyway, Katia or no Katia.

OMG! Katia is still an idiot.

Bold Prediction: her big mouth is likely going to be the downfall of the Black Widows!

Glad to see Diego is Ok.


Thanks, Urban! I really needed this: a phone call interrupted the show and the tape ran out.

Alfredo, ITA about Eric. Any scene with him just irritates me. To be honest, the whole Kuri subplot could go and I wouldn't miss it. All I needed to know was about Kuri's liaison with Borgetti and Eric existing, nothing else. The rest seems like a waste of time.

I wonder how patient Irene is going to be with Miriam visible and asserting herself at Farmateca. It seems like she does not have much of a choice with Borgetti seemingly willing to let Miriam do her thing. I wonder how much Irene's inherent bitchiness will leak out anyway. This should be fun to watch. Not good that Borgetti noticed that Miriam did not kiss him back. At least Miriam has her ex.

Steve, yes, Katia is still an idiot. Funny how guys keep falling for the idiot.


Thanks Urban

I tried posting earlier but nothing happened.
Anyway this TN has been very good with not too much filler. I however could do without Erick being an ass to his mom. And I could also do without Rebecca and the Danna plot.

Rico will not be able to redeem himself. He has now turned to the dark side. Talk about idiots who fall for the wrong person. He is all about pleasing Borgetti, because he brainwashes him with the possibility of being his right hand man. Rico will deserve any pain he gets for being a gutless, peon.

Lastly Miriam needs to be careful if she doesn't want to end up dead. She is pussing off Irene and if Borgetti finds out what she's up to. She won't live to tell about it


Thanks, Urban. Great job.

I've been sympathetic to Rico and always wondered why Kuri turned him down. He is hot after all and she was getting no action from Bernal. But now I presume she always knew he was a suck-up.

Still not a Katia fan, but it was nice of her to visit Julio in the ICU. Maybe she really did love him. If he wakes up and wants her since Vanessa will never take him back, would she run off with him? She's flaky.

Erick is a pain for sure, but Kuri seems to have handed him off to a boarding school to raise and has had no support system, like parents, sisters, or friends, to help her nurture her son. So I get his pissy anger. But he still needs a big wallop across the chops.

I agree that Kuri was very wrong to throw her child into boarding school but Eric is still such a brat. Im surprised she has slapped him once, probably guilty for the boarding school.

Lascurain proves that hes the right man for Kuri and she should leave Bernal to jackie and stop silently pining.

Since the Victor thing, Im wondering if this will end without Erick finding out the truth about his dad.

BTW recap for Friday will be posted later today. Talk soon :)

Per Niecie's comment, Kuri has no family support system. She had no choice beyond putting Erik in a boarding school. If he were a normal kid this might not be such a big deal at his present age, but if sociopaths are born rather than made he has some really bad genes.

I think he should be grateful then if thatd the case. She sacrficied a lot for and every time she brings hope a friend he asks if thats her new lover. Bro.

As for Julio, he deserved a lot for what he did but I fell the rest of the men got off easy compared to what he has endured.

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