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Mujeres de Negro Martes 4/11/17 Capitulo 38: The Resignation; #39: Another Attempt

Tonight's episode is from Sandie; disfrutala!
(deleted scenes in blue; episode 39 added at 8AM 4/13/17)
Jackie and Jose walk into Natalia’s hospital room. Jose is saying that Eddy’s proposal sounds ok to him. Jackie says me too, any way you see it it’s a good proposal.
Jose goes over to Natalia and asks her how she feels; she says she feels dizzy, Jackie tells her it must be the anesthesia. Jackie gets ready to leave and tells Jose “Call me if you need anything”.

Natalia asks Jose, how did it all come out?
Jose tells her:
“I’m not going to lie to you, but I want the anesthesia to wear off before we talk”
Natalia suspects something is going on and insists that Jose talks.
“What happened Jose?”
“Things got complicated, and the doctor said they had to do a hysterectomy”
Natalia breaks down crying.
At the brothel Lorena is welcoming a client in to her bedroom. As she turns to face him, he removes his shirt and on his back she sees 2 large tattoos one of an eagle, and the other of a tiger. She becomes alarmed and leaves the room, tells the client she forgot something.
She hustles downstairs and tells Lascurain that the man in her room may be the man who murdered Emma. Lascurain is puzzled and says how do you know? She confides that Emma had told her that the mystery man who had come to see her before her murder had tattoos; one was a cobra on his chest the other a tiger slash on the back. Lascurain tells her not to go back to her room that he will handle the client. Lascurain goes upstairs and informs client that Lorena will not be coming back. This dialogue is not audible.
At the hospital, Jackie is in Julio’s room. She asks the nurse if there is anything new. She stares at Julio with annoyance in her eyes.
In Natalia’s hospital room, she is distraught and tells Jose to leave, that he does not have anything to do there. Jose pleads to her and tells her he wants to stay.
“Don’t you understand that I will not be able to have children?”
“Yes you will, the doctor said you could have children with a surrogate”
She will not hear it, she kicks him out of the room but he won’t leave.
Jackie arrives at Vanessa’s to take care of Diego while Vanessa goes to the hospital. Vanessa asks Jackie, how Jose and Natalia are doing. Jackie says not well.
Before Vanessa leaves Jackie shows her a picture of the “insurance agent” and asks her if she recognizes him. Vanessa doesn’t. Jackie tells her he may be the man who kidnapped Diego so if she sees him tell police or Bernal immediately. Vanessa says the patrol car outside the house guarding them works for Borgetti, and that does not inspire her any confidence. Jackie says she agrees because they report every move they make back to Borgetti.
At the station Bernal, Lascurain and Kuri are discussing the new clue about Emma’s murderer.
Bernal says:
“The man who hired Emma has a tattoo on his back and chest”
“That’s what Lorena says, a cobra on the chest and a tiger slash on the back”
When Kuri hears this she turns white as a ghost and she looks like she is about to pass out. Lascurain asks if they know if Borgetti has tattoos, Bernal says no, but it should be easy to find out. In the meantime he orders Lascurain to investigate the man with the tattoos from the brothel. Lascurain already has some info. Man is Ismael Quintana, married with children, with no priors; the only abnormal thing is that he cheats on his wife.   Bernal asks for Kuri’s opinion because she has been so quiet, like she is somewhere else. She says she is not feeling well and excuses herself, runs out of room.
Kuri runs to the bathroom where she loses her breakfast. She begins to recall when she and Borgetti had sex, and she clearly remembers the tattoos. She tells her self, “I can’t say anything”.
At Farmateca Andres hands over some files to Miriam, and walks out. Miriam calls Marcos (her IT) and asks him if he would be able to come check the computers at Farmateca to make sure nothing was deleted. She said to come at night when all the employees are gone.
At that moment Irene walks in with her resignation. Miriam doesn’t understand and Irene gives her a story about how it’s better this way because she gets the sense that Miriam doesn’t trust her, and that she also made a big mistake hiring Victor as her assistant, blah, blah, blah. Miriam agrees that she does not trust her especially after the way she got the Farmateca shares from the other shareholders. But no one can deny she was an excellent director at Farmateca. Irene wants it this way so she can leave with her head held high. Miriam says she will accept it but needs her to stick around until someone can take her place. Irene obliges.
Miriam says they will still see each other at board meetings since Irene still hold shares. Irene is not sure what she wants to do with the shares. She may sell them. Miriam asks her to let her know because she is interested in buying her shares.
At Borgetti’s office he is online checking the value of the Farmateca shares, and he sees how the value has skyrocketed. He is pleases and congratulates himself for doing such great business deals. His best ever.
At hospital Vanesa is in Julio’s room and tells him:
“Maybe you’ll wake up some day, but when that does I will not be your wife anymore. I can then go far away and forget this nightmare”
She then recalls Katia and Jackie telling her that it may be best to get rid of him. Because he may find out she tried to kill him and take Diego away from her. She approaches Julio, and her hand hovers over his breathing tube.  As if she is considering removing it, but she can’t and runs out of the room.
In the hallway she runs into Julio’s doctor and she says “I can’t see him like that”. The doctor says that the families of patients in a comma have to be patient.
“I don’t plan to be part of his recovery; I’m in the process of divorcing him”
The doctor is taken by surprise, and Vanessa runs off.
At Eddy’s restaurant he is showing Roberta where the bar will go. She is excited for him. He says that if he leaves with Vanessa she can be in charge. She doesn’t want to hear that, and he says he means it.
“I know you are able and skilled”
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s try your new dishes instead”
She goes to try Eddy’s new appetizers, and she loves them. He calls them the “Vane appetizers”
Roberta can’t believe how happy she makes him and he says.
“Roberta I have no doubt, I love her”
Vanessa is at Arturo and Giovanna’s house. He is telling her he is glad she is back. Vanessa is glad to help Giovanna with the expo, and the money will be good too. Arturo can help Vanessa with anything just say the word. At that moment Giovanna walks in and sees them, and says she is happy to see Vanessa as well. And that they will take advantage of the time they have her. Arturo smirks at this comment, as if he knows he will take advantage of the time with Vanessa.
At Miriam’s house, she is on the phone with Benjamin. She says she does not trust Irene’s reasons for leaving Farmateca. Something must be up. Benjamin suggests he find out if something happened between Irene and Borgetti. He will try to hurry to be with her.
At Catalina’s house Sandro breaks the news to her that he refuses to continue with the farce with Katia. Because she is not like Catalina has made her out to be. Catalina becomes infuriated and tells him that he has fallen in love with Katia, he is an idiot. She will never forgive him for this. Sandro’s mind is made up.
Jimena barges into Katia’s office, furious, and tells her don’t even think because you hired an attorney you are going to get away with what you did to me. You will not come out on top.
“Just know that the higher you go the harder you will fall”
“Sandro is not who you think he is”
“I will not believe any of the lies you tell me about Sandro, especially because you say them”
She tells Jimena to get out, and Jimena storms out.
Outside the building Jimena gets a call from Catalina. Jimena finds out about what Sandro told Catalina, she is shocked.
Outside of the station Lascurain and Kuri are talking, he asks her if she feels better, she says no and wants to go home. Lascurain tells her to go he will cover for her.
As Kuri leaves station, someone is spying on her.
Near Kuri’s house Erick approaches her from the back and scares her. They go into to the house as Irene spies on them.  
Borgetti and Miriam at their home are discussing Irene’s resignation. Borgetti thinks this is a great opportunity for Miriam; she can become the new director. She disagrees she does not have the qualifications and knowhow and does not feel she can do it. Borgetti tells her she wanted to feel useful she should go for it.
Later that day Kuri and Erick come out of the house and go their separate ways. Irene manages to take a picture of them.
At gym Erick is practicing self-defense. Irene walks into Gym and pretends that she wants info about the classes being offered there. The instructor tells her that the current class is mostly amateurs and it’s an easy class. She sees Erick and asks about him, she says he looks like he is doing a good job. The instructor invites her to stay and watch and she does. When class is over she strikes up a conversation with Erick tells him he looked like he was doing a good job, he thanks her and walks away throwing a water bottle he had been drinking from in the trash. Irene PI picks up the bottle and takes it with her.
Irene takes the bottle to a lab for DNA testing. She gives them the bottle and a comb. She says she needs the results urgently.
Days later:
Borgetti is on the phone with Lizaraga demanding to know about his promotion. Especially because he has done so well at the EBPD. Lizaraga knows about this but the opportunity hasn’t presented and he will keep it in mind. Borgetti continues complaining about how deserving he is and that his current position is too small for his big head….blah, blah, blah.
Kuri at the station is approached by Lascurain; he has something important to show her. It is an internet “news” article that exposes that Kuri and Borgetti have a son together. “What else is the EBPD hiding?” the article asks. Kuri is floored.  Lascurain asks her “Are you OK” and she replies “how am I going to be OK”
“Who the hell uploaded that information to the internet?”
“We don’t know, but what’s important is whether it is true or not because this is a public domain and Erick could see it, it it’s not true you have to deny the allegation”
At the same time the Rico and Rodriguez team sees the same article, and Rico decides he needs to let Borgetti know pronto.
Borgetti is shown the article and he explodes, he runs out to confront Kuri
“Why did you upload that information to the internet?”
“What information?”
“The information that states that I am the father of your son, when you know that is a blatant lie”
“I did not upload that information”
“If you did not uploaded, than who did?”
“Pick up your things of here, and you better clarify that this is a lie, because I am not the father of your dammed son”
Bernal intercedes and says “you can’t fire Rita because she works for me”
“I don’t give a rat’s pat, if she works for you”
“Or she lives, or I will sue her for defamation”
“First you have to prove that she is the one that is spreading that information”
“Rita do you want to say something? Only if you want to”
“I wish I could deny it but I can’t, I never wanted this to be known”
“So it’s true?”
Borgetti shuts up, and if looks could kill Kuri would be dead. Walks away, not defeated but at a loss of further BS.
Bernal hugs Kuri to comfort her. Rico hears all of this and looks disappointed.
At Hospital Julio comes out of comma and is asking for Vanessa. Doctor informs Vanessa of this, Jackie is there so tries to reach Bernal to let him know Julio is out of comma.
Vanessa goes to see Julio. He asks about Diego, Vanessa says he is ok, and as a matter of fact started school today. What about the man that was chasing us.  She doesn’t know, but they had to tell Bernal part of the truth. Julio becomes upset and says why? She shows Julio picture of “insurance agent” and asks if that was the guy that was chasing him. He says yes that’s him. She tells him that he was working for Borgetti. She tells him also that he kidnapped Diego. So listen up to exactly what we told Bernal, so you can give him the same version.
“You should have not told him anything”
“Hell Julio don’t come to me with any reprimands, if Diego and I continue to be in danger it’s because of you, and the only one that can put the brakes on Borgetti is Patricio.”
Julio nods in agreement.
At Jackie’s house Jose is taking care of Natalia, but Natalia just wants to feel sorry for herself. Jose tells her doctor said to take care of herself and she says what for. I don’t need to take care of my body anymore since I can’t have children. Life is not fair why did this have to happen to me? Jose says that is the way life is and she needs to just accept it. Everyone has things happen to them that are not fair, like his dad dying in the explosion. But you have to have a better attitude and accept it. Natalia yells at him and says thanks a lot Jose for understanding me.
At hospital Vanessa says are you clear Julio in what we told Patricio. He says yes.
“Are you going to return to your plan of leaving?”
“I wish I could but I can’t until investigation is finalized”
“I had to postpone my trip with Diego”
OUR trip with Diego”
“No, no Julio no, you and I will never make plans together nor separately, because I have no interest in anything having to do with you”
“You and I have an agreement”
“Yes, yes but that was before I found out that Katia and you were lovers”
“don’t try to deny it Julio, you got involved with one of my best friends, and that I will never forgive”
“you can’t leave me, don’t forget you tried to kill me”
“no, no I don’t forget it, I wish I had had the same luck that Jackie and Katia had, but noooo you are still alive, so the last thing I will do for you is to get you out of this hospital”
“and if you want to tell people that I tried to kill you, do it because no one will believe you”
She walks out of the room and Julio is left, feeling defeated unable to say or do anything.
At shooting range Katia continues to improve her accuracy, and trainer tells her so. She asks if she can register a gun and he tells her if she has proof of purchase she can. She doesn’t. So he says he can help her buy one so she can own it legally.
At Giovanna’s house Jimena gets the good news that Giovanna will accept her proposal to be the chef at her bar. Jimena is ecstatic at Giovanna’s house; she has agreed to work with her. Jimena leaves in a cheerful, gleeful, mood. Daniel (Gio’s lover) will prepare contract. He asks Giovanna why she is excited about this partnership. She says because I want to outshine everyone. “Who is everyone” she admits that she has noticed that Arturo looks at Vanessa the way he used to look at her and wants that back. Daniel understands they have an open relationship and did not think she cared. Giovanna says Arturo has had many women, but he is falling in love with Vanessa and that was not part of the agreement.
At a park Bernal and Kuri discuss her situation, and he exclaims he now understands why she did not want to say who Erick’s father was. He advises that she should let Erick know before he finds out on the internet.
At Farmateca Irene is being very “helpful “ showing Miriam how to do things on the computer, where to find files and then she goes to show her something on the internet and just happens to bring up the article about Borgetti and Kuri.
Miriam remembers having met Erick and wants to get to the bottom of the information.
At hospital Julio runs into Tania who asks him where has he been, and why hasn’t he helped prove that Zacarias is innocent. Julio backs away from the story and says he never told her that Zacarias was innocent. To just accept that case is closed.
Catalina is with the Governor who tells her that the bomb was too sophisticated to have been planted by Katia. Because it was impossible that she had access to the materials. He promises to continue to research.
End Episode 38

Another Attempt
Episode 39
At station Bernal and Lascurain are discussing Kuri’s relationship with Borgetti. She must know about the tattoos that’s why she did not say anything. Lascurain suggests asking her about it but Bernal said right now is not the right time. They discuss the other guy with the tattoos, Ismael Quintana, but he has an alibi so everything points to Borgetti. Lascurain says so when Kuri can confirm the tattoos they will advance case. Bernal is headed to interview Julio Zamora since he is not in comma anymore.
Rico let’s Borgetti know that Julio is out of his comma. Borgetti will go interview him. Miriam arrives at his office. She demands to know about the internet note. Borgetti calmly tells her that their relationship happened long time ago before he met Miriam and it did not mean anything. Miriam is outraged, “what do you mean it means nothing, there is a son”, Borgetti says that he is not sure that it is his son. He just found out with the internet news. If he had known about a son he would not have left him. Miriam insists that she wants a DNA test to prove if Erick is his son. If Borgetti refuses their marriage will be in danger says Miriam.
Borgetti says “what happens if it turns out that he is my son?”
“Then you have to assume your responsibility”, at this suggestion Borgetti slams his hand on the desk.
Erick came home early from school, Kuri called the school to let him go home early. Erick is suspicious about the reason and tells Kuri to talk. Kuri tells Erick that Borgetti is his dad. She said he did not want him to be born that’s why she left Encino Blanco.  Erick becomes emotional and Kuri hugs him.
At the hospital Vanessa tells Bernal that Julio recognized the Marcial as the man who chased him but does not know him. He does not want to tell the police only Bernal.
Erick runs into the station looking for Borgetti. Erick says so you are my father, “chief Borgetti” in search of justice. Borgetti tells Erick that he is not sure he is his father even if Kuri affirms it.
“Oh so I’m not your son, and you asked my mom to abort me”
“stop it kid”
“I was not the only man in your mother’s life so don’t ask me for answers you should be asking her for”
Erick tells Kuri “you should have told me when I first asked you” he bolts out of the station, Kuri tries to go after him but Lascurain tells her give him some space. Let me take you home.
Katia gets text that Julio woke up from his comma. Sandro is with her and asks her what she is going to do. She says nothing because she never wants to see him again.
Lascurain takes Kuri to her apartment, and they find that Miriam is waiting for her there. She wants to talk
“Please Rita tell me all the truth”
“Why you won’t believe me, you will believe your husband”
“Not necessarily, I want both sides”
Kuri tells her how they met, how she fell in love with him and that when he found out she was pregnant he asked her to have an abortion. But she wanted to have her child and had to leave to Mexico City.
At Farmateca Irene is looking at the story she uploaded of Borgetti. A secretary walks in and tells her the appointment with notary is confirmed. She continues looking at internet and says “this is just the beginning Chief Borgetti”
Miriam asks Kuri her for a toothbrush or something so she can do a DNA test. Kuri tells her that she does not want Bruno in her son’s life. Miriam says that Bruno will continue to call her a liar and so will Erick.
Bernal interviewing Julio and asks about the computer. Julio lies and tells him that he had it in Diego’s backpack. So Bernal assumes the man that kidnapped Diego must have found it and that’s why he returned Diego. Then Bernal asks about the accounting discrepancies with the Farmateca account. He again lies and puts the blame on Zacarias, saying that Farmateca was his client and did not say anything because they threatened him and that’s how Julio’s life was turned into a nightmare.
“Tell me what was in your computer if you want this nightmare to end”
“You have to trust me Julio”
“I wanted to get out when I discovered that innocent people were dying, but I was already in too deep because of Zacarias”
In the waiting room Borgetti and Rico show up, Vanessa and Jackie tell Borgetti that Julio did wake up from his comma, but they will have to wait because Bernal is interviewing him now.
Julio begins to tell Bernal that the accounting information was there and a video about what he is telling him now.
“So they must have killed Zacarias to silence him, and they wanted to silence you as well”
“So if Zacarias didn’t try to kill you maybe Borgetti and Palazuelos did?”
“I did not know of the relationship between Borgetti and Palazuelos until later”
“When Borgetti kidnapped me”
Julio begins to panic and asks Bernal, what will happen to me when Borgetti finds out I am telling you all this. Bernal tries to calm him and just tells him, you will tell Borgetti you did not recognize the guy that was chasing you.
Borgetti goes in and threatens him. Julio begins to breathe heavily.
When Borgetti comes out of Julio’s room he asks Rico if he noticed anything and Rico said he noticed that Jackie was cold towards Bernal, but Bernal still has a thing for Jackie.
Irene and Borgetti meet at a notary to transfer the shares to Borgetti, and Irene gets a check.
When the notary walks out Borgetti asks for the check back, he says do I rip it or do you rip it. Irene crumbles the check.
Irene makes a comment about having discovered the news about his paternity of Rita’s son. Then it dawns on Borgetti that Irene was the one responsible for uploading the story.
“It was you right?”
“me? I don’t know what you are talking about”
“you uploaded the information to the internet”
“How was I supposed to know that information?”
“I don’t know but I’m sure it was you to hurt me for taking your shares”
Irene laughs and says “Bruno don’t think you are that important”
“Look Irene if I find out you did it; you better prepare yourself because I will make you pay”
“Don’t threaten me; your personal life does not matter to me, so look for someone else to blame 'guero'”
At his home Borgetti shows Miriam the shares that he bought and tells her he bought them for her. He was going to give them to her when they make their anniversary trip.
Conversation than turns to Erick, Miriam says she is upset about it and if Erick is his son he will become part of their present not their past. Miriam insists on the paternity test.
At Vanessa’s Danna tells her dad that tomorrow she wants to come to Diego’s party. Diego shares that his dad will be there too. Eddy asks if Julio will live there, Vanessa says yes because of the police protection. But it’s temporary.
Jackie and Bernal are discussing how close he is to closing his case. Then he says he got results of bomb. It is very sophisticated, and only Borgetti had access to that type of bomb.
At Vanessa’s Julio arrives, and Jackie is there as they meet in the front yard, Katia is walking nearby and notices a car approach, she sees Marcial point a gun at Vanessa, Julio and Jackie, and Katia takes out her gun and shoots the him in the abdomen, he manages to drive off, with police chasing him. One of the police officer takes Katia’s gun.
At station Bernal shares all of his findings related to the Farmateca case and the yacht explosion. They tie Nicolas, Zacarias, and Julio’s involvement to the transportation of the illegal chemicals. And determine that is the reason why Borgetti and Palazuelos wanted them gone, and are probably responsible for the explosion, Zacarias’ death and the lab deaths.
Katia is being arrested for shooting a gun. Jackie arguing that Katia saved their lives, but officer says she shot the man.
Jackie calls Bernal to let him know about the attempted shooting.
Borgetti calls insurance man and asks him where is he at? Insurance man is bleeding profusely.
Marcial finds one of the officers that is looking for him, and shoots him in the back of the head.
At station Rico finds Kuri and tells her he now understands why she wanted him to declare against Borgetti, it was for vengeance.
“You are wrong Rico I told you to declare against Borgetti because it is our duty to do justice not to cover up criminals”
At Vanessa’s a police officer tells Bernal they found Officer Gutierrez dead. Lascurain says he will go find that murderer that killed the officer in the line of duty.
At Giovanna’s she asks Arturo why he never mentioned that Jimena was suing Katia, when she mentioned that she was considering becoming Jimena’s partner. Arturo said he never put 2 and 2 together.
Giovanna says “It was always assumed that the Larriva money was dirty money but now Jimena is other a microscope and this may affect my reputation”
Jimena is at Catalina’s complaining about Katia getting away with the graffiti crime against her bar. Catalina then says she may also get away with bombing the yacht because the Governor said it was not possible she had access to bomb. Jimena does not like this and tells her that if she won’t do anything, she will. Catalina wants to know what she is planning.
At Vanessa’s she gives Julio his pills, and says she is going to see Katia. Julio asks her to help her and Vanessa says she will. The gun she used was Julio’s but said it belonged to Nicola’s so Julio will be OK.
At the warehouse Borgetti gets there, Marcial is bleeding and wants to go to hospital ASAP. Borgetti can’t and won’t take him and instead decides to expedite his departure. RIP Marcial.
End Episode 39


Gracias, Sandie.

We all knew that this secret couldn't stay buried. Who wants to bet that Erick will try to run away when he finds out?

Vanessa needs to get more badass. Julio messed up her life and Diego's.

Irene's resignation will not be the end of her. I can't wait to see Borgetti's face when he realizes that she planted that story.

UA: I had a feeling that the secret regarding Borgetti the Sadist being the Baby Daddy wasn't going to stay secret forever.

Kuri is very BRAVE.

Meanwhile, The Sadist & corrupt Police Commissioner visits Julio in the hospital & threatens him of course.

Plus, following a failed assassination attempt on Julio & Vanessa (when Katia shot the assassin), Borgetti kills the incompetent assassin.



I can't believe this but I've just been informed that Univision edited this episode along with the next one (or parts of it). I've just told my team that this should be addressed as we are addressing it for VEA, which is to retain the deleted scenes in the recap. This is in case anything of future importance was deleted and for the benefit of future readers.

It is astonishing that they would edit a series that has only 51 episodes.

THank you so much, Sandie!

Ugh, well this sucks for the readers, watchers, recappers, everyone! I can't believe on top of the shortness of this series, they also always edit at the end when everything starts to come together and the anvils start to drop.

I will say more later when I've calm down because I am too angry right now.

Sandie, thank you for the excellent recap. I wish I would have seen your episode because that would mean I was seeing the whole series. I wonder when they started the " slice and dice". I just went through this with "La fan" on Telemundo and it is happening again!: 0

This played very choppy last night. Some scenes were so short it became annoying to watch. Now I know why. It is no surprise. It always seems that at this point, Uni could care less about a show. It is always as if they just want to get rid of it ASAP and start a new one. BTW, we are done with "últimos capítulos": they kept announcing the gran final was just around the corner(so to speak) so who knows what is going on. With so much chopped out it looks like this could end up shorter than 51. Guess we will have to wait and see. They announced "La candidata" is starting 5/2.

Steve, thanks for adding the extra info. You and I saw the same episode.

I loved Katia with her gun taking out Borgetti's henchman Marcial. At least Borgetti had the decency to stay with him until he died eventhough he told him to get back to the warehouse on his own. Borgetti said the doctor was coming, I doubted that somehow. Just my suspicious nature with reference to that rat Borgetti. .

It is so good that Miriam is now involved with getting the DNA test done so the truth will be known to all. Finally, we got the backstory on Kuri and Borgetti and Miriam knowsthat Borgetti wanted her to abort the baby.

Interesting that Licenciado Moreno tells Catalina that due to the nature of the bomb, it is almost impossible that her daughter in law had anything to do with the bombing of the yacht.

Borgetti was a pig when he told Kuri's son that he was not sure he was his father or not because he was not the only man in her life.

I thought Julio was going to have a heart attack when Julio "visited" him in his hospital room after Bernal. His vital signs deteriorating so quickly sure brought the nurse in running.

I wonder what plans Borgetti has for Miriam if she heads up Farmateca as he has suggested. Hmmmmm

That is all for now. I need café.


Correction: I thought Julio was going to have a heart attack when "Borgetti" visited him.

I really do need that café!

His blood pressure certainly went up.

As for Marcial, I think Borgetti killed him. He had lost a lot of blood and was very weak by the time Borgetti got to him. If the scene was edited it may not have shown his handling of the gun when his upper body was off camera and Borgetti was close to him. Borgetti could have strangled him off camera with the same cold-bloodedness as when he murdered the prostitute.

Thanks for comments everyone.

I am sorry I only recapped episode 38. I had no Idea Unimas was going to combine two episodes.

The version Unimas showed was absolutely bad, it was so choppy, no fluidity. Many great conversations were missed. One of my favorites was the one with Kuri and Lascurain after she discovers the internet upload. and he asks her are you OK, her response made me chuckle.

Anyway, I think it's a mistake to do what Unimas is doing and I need to recuperate....lol this was baptism by fire for me.


Sandie, no need for apologies. You never know what Uni or any network is going to do.

Urban, yes, Borgetti could have easily put Marcial out of his misery: one less loose end.

Sandie, my worst nightmare was about a year and a half ago when Univision did two weeks of three episodes edited into two hours per night for Pasion y Poder, for which I had a more literary approach. This went on for two weeks at one point and a third week sometime later. We only lost about 9 minutes per episode but that meant losing the equivalent of about 4 episodes total from those. That was a nightmare.

In terms of lost content it wasn't that horrible because most of this was at the beginning. There was a three-hour finale from which a nasty character's Karmageddon was missing. I still can't forgive that one.

That does sound horrible, Urban, especially the missing Karmageddon. I remember we missed a few key scenes in La Malquerida also because as soon as they announced Ultimas Semanas, Univision took out it's scissors and chopped up important plot points that had been brewing for weeks and gave us weak reconciliations and left the fates of some characters up in the air (or on the cutting room floor). Just for this I definitely won't want Doble Vida because I am done investing months of my life for so little payoff if the show is unsuccessful. I miss good afternoon shows as the scissors are kept at bay there.

OT speaking of afternoon shows, anyone watching Mi Adorable Maldicion?

Thanks, Sandie. Great job.

A shame about the edits. Does not make me want to get Unimas. I watched the uncut version and things really moved, definitely no throwaway scenes and no snips needed (though I'm not into Jose's girlfriend's story -- who knows, maybe it will fit in somehow).

Squee, Irene’s revenge was swift!

I almost laughed when Vanessa blasted Julio for cheating with Katia. From the expression on Julio’s face, he had imagined milking his near-death by car to worm back into Vanessa's heart. Poor man [not!] looked pitiful when she lowered the boom.

So Vanessa's boss and her husband are kinky. The husband gets way too close to Vanessa when he talks to her. Vanessa, tell him you already have a new Mister.


Indeed. That's too creepy for words.

Julio is worse, though. Vanessa would never be able to trust him and she still doesn't know that it was Katia who ratted her out. I want that vitch to suffer.

As to Mi Adorable Maladicion I bailed after the second episode. It was obviously not going to maintain the tone of the opening one and I don't like the tone set by the title song.

UA: Katia just cannot keep her damn mouth shut!

From the get-go, we've all said Katia was likely going to be the downfall of the Black Widows!


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