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Mujeres de Negro Martes 4/18/17, Chapters 46 & 47

The following two episodes are provided in full by Sandie; deleted scenes in blue.
Episode 46 – The Great Truth
Katia and Sandro are in bed looking at traveling destinations for their honeymoon.
Bernal and Jackie are also in bed in at Jackie’s place. Jackie says wouldn’t it be great if we lived together. Bernal thinks about it and says that yes as soon as they can come out in the open about their relationship it would be great to live together. At that moment he gets a phone call from a penitentiary about his mother. The person on the other end says she is very ill and doesn’t have much time and has asked to see him. Bernal becomes engrossed in thought, Jackie asks what is wrong but Bernal says nothing.
Tania is at Catalina’s and they are discussing Julio and Nicolas. Catalina tells Tania that she will no longer be investigating the issue of Katia killing her son because the governor’s report makes it impossible for Katia to have killed her son. In addition she says if she continues investigating her son’s reputation may be put at risk.
Isabella is at her house discussing the custody of Diego with an attorney. She asks him “If I can prove his mom is a murderer would that make it easier for me to get custody?” the Attorney said it would be.
At Miriam’s house Benjamin comes over to visit. Officer Serna says that since he is not her attorney he only has 5 minutes.
Back at Catalina’s house she tells Tatiana that her son may have been involved in the Farmateca issue and this may prove that her son was murdered for those reasons.
“You can do whatever you want to do but I don’t want to see you anymore”
In the meantime at a law office Eddy, his attorney, Danna, Rebecca, Rebecca’s sugar daddy and her attorney are gathered with a judge.
The judge says “before I make a decision I want to talk to this pretty young lady” She asks Danna “who do you want to live with?” she says “my daddy because I love our house” but the judge presses her further and eventually she says that like any child she wants to be also live with her mom.
At station Borgetti is interviewing Andres and asks him who knew about the Dietrix issues and Andres says both Irene and Miriam knew.
Signature expert will prove if Miriam’s signature is a counterfeit or real. Says Bernal.
Back at the law office the judge takes Danna’s comments  to mean she prefers to be with her mother, and awards custody to Rebecca to Eddy’s dismay. He looks heartbroken and Rebecca smirks with delight and receives a hug from sugar daddy.
Later that day at Eddy’s house, he tells Danna that they should prepare her luggage so she can go live with her mom. Danna notices that Eddy is very depressed and hugs him, tells him not to be sad. He responds by saying “I am sad because I will miss you” she replies the judge said I can see you whenever I want to.
At Vanessa’s house Katia and Jackie tell Vanessa they will accompany her to the expo for support. Vanessa tells them that she loves them and is grateful.
Back at Eddy’s house, he is looking at one of Danna’s pictures, and breaks down crying.
Benjamin goes to Benitez to request help for Miriam. But Benitez says that if the signature proves that Miriam signed the documents, this will prove her guilt and he can’t help her then.
At the expo Roberta asks Eddy how the trial went and he tells her he lost custody, and if it wasn’t for the expo he would already be in Mexico looking for the evidence to prove that Rebecca lied.
At the expo still Catalina and Jimena show up to lend support to Giovanna, Catalina tells her that they are there for her and that she should consider the partnership with Jimena because she supports Jimena 100% as well.
There are some reporters at the expo so Giovanna grabs Arturo and plants a kiss on him so they can see it. That is the cue for the reporters to ask her about her husbands “affair” with Vanessa. The reporters spot Vanessa as well and ask about the affair. Arturo steps up to the plate and says that there is no affair he was just consoling Vanessa because of Julio’s situation.  The reporters won’t be satisfied so they continue to press Vanessa about Julio, when super Eddy comes in to the rescue and takes her away. Arturo looks jealous.
At station  Kuri and Lascurain are discussing Elisa Correa and the information she gave to them about Julio and Zacarias, she said that Julio was always in charge of the shipments to Ciudad Real. And of the experiments with animals and with humans.
At Expo…..taste tests going on of all of the very yummy looking desserts.
Over at Isabella there is a knock on the door and she says
“I thought you were not coming; you are the only one I can trust to tell you who is responsible for explosion of yacht”
It is Bernal and she tells him that she knows that the widows are the one that planted the bomb.
Isabella goes thru the entire story about the Kidnapping of Julio by Borgetti. She says that Katia confessed. That the 3 widows planted the bomb. How she confessed because Julio told her he would not be with her anymore. Also Isabella tells Bernal about:
The video, the contents of the video
That the widows knew about the video.
Bernal says that it was impossible that the widows planted the sophisticated bomb.
Bernal fighting the reality of the situation and tells her that the bomb was too sophisticated, is it possible? Yes it is possible.
At the food expo they declare that the winner of the completion is new chef Eduardo Quijano.
Back at Isabella’s house, Bernal begins to feel the weight of this reality. Isabella screams for justice.
“He is now dead, you guys have not been able to do him justice, and you have not been able to because Borgetti is a corrupt cop, he kidnapped my grandson because he wanted that video”
“Look lady the issue here is that everyone has a part in this, your son, the widows, Palazuelos, Borgetti, and to do justice I need evidence and honesty”
“I am honest, you find the evidence”
“I don’t want any more victims; I don’t want my grandson dead”
At expo Eddy is celebrating his victory.
At Isabella’s she goes to retrieve something, and she gives Bernal the phone that used to belong to Joel (Borgetti’s henchman)
“Do you know what happened to Joel?”
Yes, my son killed him in self-defense”
“I will look for all the evidence”
As he leaves he calls to get authorization to search Joel’s phone.
He becomes distracted as his mind goes to Jackie, he thinks of all of their moments together. When they first met, their training classes, when they first confessed, their love, and all of their rendezvous.
He is brought back to reality when the person on the other end talks to him, it is the Governor, and Bernal will send him the phone.
At Jackie’s, Natalia visits Jose and asks if he decided about having children. Jose is not ready; thinks they should wait. She is not happy about this; she is desperate to have children and gives him an ultimatum. Either have children soon or forget her.
At Sandro’s office they are discussing the fact that Jimena and Catalina did not bother Katia anymore at the expo. Sandro says they have finally realized she was not a murderer. Katia asks Sandro if he could still love her if she was a murderess. He says obviously not, I would think I would be your next victim.
Bernal is wondering the streets having numerous flashbacks about Jackie. He recalls one time when she told him if you are not guilty you don’t hide. Bernal is torn inside “Jackie you can’t be a murderer, a murderer like my mother!’
At station Lascurain calls Bernal, he doesn’t pick up. He tells Kuri he is fixing his passport to travel to Panama.
At the Borgetti household. Officer Serna begins searching the drawers in the room. She finds a picture of Borgetti with Tattoo. When Borgetti shows up. She immediately hides her latex gloves, and pretends to be on the phone. Borgetti asks her how things are and she says fine. He approaches her when Kuri walks in to replace her for the day. Borgetti asks her what is she doing there, she says I am replacing Serna. Borgetti tells her isn’t ironic that you are here in my house with my wife and me. They discuss Erick, and Kuri says she is pleased he want's nothing with her son. He doesn’t want anything with “Borgetti either. He chides her again for uploading the story about Erick, and she again denies it. She says only you and I knew he’s your son and anyone who may have read the e-mail I sent you when he runs away.
At station Rico gives Irene a sandwich, which she begins to it when she fines a not that tomorrow she will be transferred to prison, then extradited and that is when she will be freed.
Back at Borgetti’s he recalls that time when he went to the bathroom and left her phone, the message came in and Irene was there. He thinks she must have seen it.
End Episode 46

Episode 47 – Double Game
Lascurain gets to Kuri’s House and brings sushi to Erick because Kuri has a night mission. Erick is somewhat pleasant. Lascurain borrows house phone to try to get in touch with Bernal. He gets voicemail and leaves a message telling Bernal he is beginning to worry. Erick comments that maybe he is out of battery. Lascurain agrees and asks Erick what video game he is playing, Erick challenges him to a match and Lascurain agrees to play.
At a hotel room Jackie is setting up for a romantic evening with Bernal.  Time passes and Jackie calls Patricio gets voicemail. She falls asleep and has a nightmare of Lorenzo beating her up. She wakes up and it’s daytime. She worries and calls Bernal gets voicemail again. Leaves a message. Calls his home phone number and no answer. Then calls the station looking for him and he is not there. She then calls Vanessa and Katia and says she knows something bad has happened.
Lascurain is on the phone with Kuri trying to figure out where Bernal is. Lascurain says that Bernal got a phone call from a woman and he left, and has not been seen since then.
“This is very strange Patricio always looks for a way to check in”
“I will continue to investigate and will let you know if I find out anything”
At command center Lascurain tells Serna that Borgetti is not there. Can she meet him at a café in 15 minutes? She tells him she will be there. Rico sees this and asks her what Lascurain said to her; she does not tell him and makes up a story. He tells her to keep him informed about anything that Lascurain or Kuri tell her because that’s what partners do.
At Borgetti’s house he tells Miriam that her situation will be resolved today. He then leaves. Kuri is there with Miriam and Miriam tells her “Rita I need to trust you, I swear I am not guilty, but I need to tell you something. I sent the video to the station”
“I saw the laptop, it wasn’t his, so I decided to look in it, and I saw the video and copied it and sent it in”
“So your husband knew everything?”
“Yes everything and he said nothing, that’s why I suspected that Irene and he were not just lovers, but also accomplices”
At café Lascurain tells Serna that he needed to talk to her in private.
“I am aware of situation, Bernal told me” she says
Then in a flash back, Bernal explains to Serna that the Governor sent her to work with him, but will pretend to work with Borgetti. Serna knows and she knows he asked for a woman because Borgetti has a weakness for a beautiful woman and vulnerable women. He also likes to be admired. Bernal goes onto say that they also want her to find out if he has tattoos.
“Yesterday I was looking around his house and found something.
Lascurain asks her if she has seen Bernal, she says she has not.
Borgetti gets a call from Irene’s mother “you need to get her out”
Back at Borgetti's house Miriam looked for the laptop in the safe to give to Rita but it was not in safe anymore. She allows Kuri to search the house to try to find it. But she can’t find it. Miriam says she has a copy of it in the bank, and she will give to Kuri. She also tells Kuri she wants to talk to Bernal, because she has a lot of things to tell him.
At the cell Irene’s m other tells her to listen to Borgetti because she has no choice.
“What if you tell Borgetti that t you told me everything and that if anything happens to you or me the information will go to his superiors.
“I don’t know if that will work, but do it” says Irene.
At Giovanna’s house she is arguing with Daniel, because she now wants to be partners with Jimena. Daniel tells her that she just wants to beat Vanessa at something, since Vanessa is beating her with Arturo.
At station Borgetti tells Lascurain that Bernal should be the one to move Irene to prison, but since he is not there Lascurain should do it, he also asks Rodriguez to accompany him. Irene gets up, the handcuff her and escort her out of the station.
Jackie and Katia are at Vanessa’s and. Jackie continues to worry and call Bernal. Her friends tell her she needs to remain calm.
At attorney’s office, Eddy is getting ready to go Mexico. Arturo shows up and Eddy warns him that Vanessa is not the type of woman to get into a relationship with a married man.
“As far as I know you are not with Vanessa anymore”
“She and I are in love with each other, and you can’t change that”
Irene arrives at prison and is processed and given her orange threads. She is the recipient of cat calls at as she arrives at her cell. She looks defeated.
At Vanessa she gets a delivery from Arturo, and she sends it back.
At Vanessa’s house Jackie gets a call from Lascurain
“Please tell me Patricio is Ok”
“Oh so you have not seen him either “ Lascurain confirms he does not know what has happened to Bernal.
At Miriam’s house, she tells Benjamin he can trust Kuri. Benjamin tells her that he has hired the best attorney.
At station a smug Borgetti tells Lascurain that the signatures are authentic.
“I have to accept that my wife did what she did” Lascurain says they have to go arrest her.
Back at Miriam’s she tells  Benjamin that it is time to talk about everything that Borgetti did to her and about her revenge plot.
“What revenge?” said Kuri, at that moment Lascurain, Borgetti and the other officers walk into the house? Borgetti says he has bad news. He looks pleased.
“I am sorry but the signature has been authenticated” Lascurain proceeds to tell her rights and then places her under arrest.
At a river we see Bernal, injured and unconscious. Kids playing nearby find him and can’t wake him up.
Kuri places Miriam in the back of a squad car. Borgetti comes over to tell her that he will ask for special treatment due to her handicap. Miriam does not acknowledge him. Benjamin comes over on the other side and said he will get her out. Miriam says I only trust you.
When the squad car leaves, so do the other officers. Leaving only Borgetti and Benjamin.
“I don’t believe that being Palazuelos’ lover you did not know anything of her dealings at Farmateca.”
“Neither one nor the other” says Borgetti
“I know you are lying, I will see you again.
Benjamin leaves and Borgetti begins to curse Irene.
At station Lascurain discusses Miriam’s situation with Kuri, and they are also becoming very concerned about Bernal’s disappearance.
Miriam arrives at prison she is processed an id given her orange threads.
At the river police cars arrive and find an unconscious Bernal. The Villa Brava chief arrives and recognizes Bernal.
In the prison Miriam is in her wheel chair, Irene sees her and taunts her
At station they receive a call from Ferrer who asks to speak to Borgetti. He informs him that Bernal has been found.
At the prison Miriam and Irene argue. She tells Irene that they were never friends.
“You wanted everything that was mine; you wanted my education, money, company, and my Husband.
“You are not as dumb as I thought you were” says Irene
Irene tells her we will see who Bruno takes out of prison.
At Giovanna’s Vanessa tells her she wants to quit because she does not like the situation with her husband. Vanessa does not want to play their game.
At hospital Bernal is being examined. He has not woken up.
Borgetti, Lascurain, and Kuri arrive at hospital, where Ferrer gives them an update. He says Bernal was found in the river on the verge of drowning.  Kuri says so it must have been an attempt on his life. Borgetti, chides Kuri and tells her not to make assumptions.
At Eddy’s restaurant Jose and Roberta are discussing arrangements, Jackie is nearby pacing when she gets a phone call from Lascurain telling her that Bernal has been found. She wants to go but Lascurain reminds her that they are supposed to be broken up.
Jackie decides to go anyway.
At hospital Bernal wakes up but can’t remember too much. He just knows he got into a car accident. He tries to remember but can’t, he just knows he was beaten up and thrown in the river.
At station Serna is looking into Borgetti’s computer behind closed doors.
At hospital Lascurain and Kuri bring Bernal up to date about what has happened with Irene and Miriam. They tell him what Miriam confessed about the video tape.
Kuri gets a call so Lascurain is left alone with Bernal. He tells him Jackie wants to visit him but could not because of Borgetti.  Bernal tells Lascurain he visited Isabella and about what she said to him. He thinks the may have been two bombs, one planted by Irene and Borgetti and Irene the other by the Widows.

End Episode 47


Gracias, Sandie. You've done a great job in your first recap adventure with a very challenging series and dealing with the slicing and dicing.

Part of me has wanted the three widows to get away with murder in this. Their husbands ranged from pathetic to psychopathic and they were up against a wall. Vanessa also had to worry about Diego. I've changed my mind about Jackie in that I now see her as a survivor once she no longer had to worry about Lorenzo possibly killing her. She is also loyal to her friends.

However, Katia is a skank and I've recognized that if she falls first she will take the others with her. However, I doubt she would have killed Nicolas if she hadn't had to worry about him trying suicide again, since he was so determined to take her with him in the incident in the opening episode.

I hope Miriam can get out of prison.

I am still wondering why Kuri hasn't outed Borgetti. Would she have ID'd him as the man with those huge tattoos if Irene hadn't outed him as Erick's sperm donor? She will probably face legal consequences for withholding evidence.

Finally, with only 5 hours left to this story I hope we find out the full backstories about Bernal's parents and why Miriam wants revenge on Borgetti.

Thank you, Sandie, for another outstanding recap!

What a good episode last night! It seemed very well edited.

In spite of the beating and being left for dead, this was a very good episode for Bernal now that he has heard what Isabella had to tell him about the widows and their role in their husbands' death. Might we have to reserve three more of those perky orange prison outfits?

Urban, I also hope that Miriam is found innocent and exactly why she has dedicated herself to revenge on Borgetti.

I missed Borgetti's : "blah blah" last night.

I felt bad for Eddy because he is a good father. I firmly believe that Rebeca only wants to take Danna to hurt him and that once she becomes inconvenient to Gustavo Rebeca's true colors will come out.

However, I'm not sure that situation will be resolved in the finale when there is much more important stuff to deal with.

Thanks, Sandie. Terrific job. I can’t say enough how glad I am you, Urban, and Alfredo are recapping this top-flight show.

I like all the widows -- even Katia, though I’d never trust her again – but I’ve always felt they had alternatives to murder. They wanted to be free of their husbands AND maintain their current lifestyles. Katia could’ve left her depressed, suicidal husband and told his momma to come take him to a sanitorium. Vanessa could’ve left town with Diego and given Julio no forwarding address. On the other hand, Jackie probably would’ve wound up having to kill Lorenzo any way in self-defense, when he raised his hand against her again.

Don’t know how I feel about seeing them in orange suits. But I feel bad for Bernal and Eddy too if he finds out. Sandro is okay but I don't feel for him.

Thank you everyone.

I'm with you Niecie, I would like a happy ending to this Dark TN, and that would include the Widows with their respective beaus. Diego talking again, Rebecca in Jail, Jimena under a bus, Jose and Natalia with their babies, Borgetti hanging from a bridge, Irene in jail, oh yeah she's there already, stay there witch.
Miriam out of jail, walking and happy. Kuri with Lascurain, he gets along with Erick and actually made Erick act nice.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this TN, the characters are so well developed, and the twists and turns were well planned.


When Borghetti got the call about Bernal and said he was "malherido" rather than "muerto," it seemed to me that one of Borghetti's lackey cops (not Rico) grimaced. Then in Bernal's flashback to the "accident" (which he told no one about) the man dragging Bernal toward the river looked to me, in that quick glimpse, to be that same cop. I think Borghetti set him up to get killed. He always has a backup killer on hand. I think that call to Bernal about his mother was fake, designed to get him on that road. Borghetti is quick to cover his a$$ ... but he never once considered the possibility that Julio would tell his mother everything. Now instead of running the show he has to resort to putting out fires ... and, like a California brush fire, flare-ups are popping up all over the place!

I see that Bernal & Jackie got their sexual freak on!


Niecie, what you said hit it on the head: the widows all wanted to be free but were not willing to sacrifice their lifestyle. Jackie is the only one who gets a pass from me. Vanessa and Katia deserve a future dressed in orange.

Thank you so much, Sandie! I agree with Urban, you've been a trooper through this whole thing; thamks again for your help! :D

Is it weird that I hate this weird two bomb loop pole the writers have weaved into this tale? I was perfectly fine with all 3 going to jail if thats what the story was about...3 women killing their they really didnt and there was a second bomb? Idk. It reminds me of MPV where Alina didnt really shoot Gerardo. Half plot twist/half retcon for happy ending purposes.

Poor Miriam but she shouldve gotten rid of Irene a lot sooner than she did but as a boss she only cared about the bottom line and here they are. I wonder if Irene will be killed Borgetti during the "extraction" because shes too dangerous to go free, especially after the Erick leak.

Catalina sure left Tania in the dust when she ran out of ammo. Oh well.

Giovanna and Arturo are so twisted they cant let Vanessa go. I wouldve gotten out of that weird love pentagon so long ago.

Who knew Isabella ultimately would tuen in the widows. Mean on her part since Diego will now have a criminal oarent and one is already deax

Finally all caught up. Now to catch up tonights episode before I get even more behind.

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