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Mujeres de Negro, Martes 4/4/17, Chapter 34: Disappearance

This episode brought to you by Sandie.
Irene continues talking to her mother about Victor. Irene blames her because she was never able to tell Victor she was his mother. Her mom had their maid raise Victor.
"Recognize that you only did it because you didn’t want anyone to ask who the father was, you didn’t want anyone to know that the father was your DISGUSTING HUSBAND!”
“No, I did it so you wouldn’t have to be a single mother”
“Stop lying! You had to protect ME mother; I was JUST A LITTLE GIRL mother!!!”
“Stop Irene I just want Peace”
“I doubt you will ever have it”
As Irene begins to leave she spews one last bit of Venom:
“Hope you die mommy!”
At a café Eddy and Rebecca are discussing Danna; Rebecca says that Danna has been calling her incessantly. She wants to see Danna but not at the hotel, would it be Ok to see her at Eddy’s house. Eddy flatly refuses to fall for this ploy. He tells her get your own place. As they talk Gustavo (Rebecca’s fling) walks in. He asks Rebecca to forgive him for thinking she had taken his money, he had no idea the accountant had done it. Rebecca is mad at him and told him he should not have come. Eddy promptly gets up and leaves the love birds to their quarrel.
Katia gets to Jackie’s and they discuss the status of their friendship. Katia is sad about situation with Vanessa; Jackie tells her it’s all her fault. Katia agrees and says things without Vanessa will never be the same.
Eddy gets a call from whiny Rebecca. Eddy is angry and warns her that if she leaves Danna again she can forget about her daughter.
Vanessa is on the road leaving Encino Blanco towards her mother-in-law’s house to pick up Diego.
At his job Eddy is complaining to his friend about the Rebecca situation, when he receives an invitation to a Food Expo. His culinary skills will be on display, and his friend urges that he attend. Also in attendance will be Chef Giovanna Barbosa.
Kuri and Lascurain are discussing the fact that Borgetti wants to close Emma’s murder case. Lascurain suggests they can continue investigating the murder on their own. Kuri likes that. He also asks Kuri about Erick and she finds it nice that he asks about her son.

At Victor’s burial, only Irene is in attendance. She recalls the last conversation they had (phone call from prison). She looks sad, throws a white rose on coffin –haunting music begins.
At station Borgetti informs his subordinates that he is closing the Victor Martinez case since he committed suicide. Bernal walks in and informs Borgetti that he has been reinstated by the governor. He reads a memorandum from the governor. It states that he is to be reinstated immediately, that he will be working independently and will be allowed to form his own task force, he then let’s Kuri and Lascurain know that they are on his team now. Borgetti not looking pleased, and neither is Rico who is also there. Oh and by the way he will require his own office as well (drops mic).
Borgetti on the phone with Lizaraga is complaining about the situation with Bernal…blah, blah, and blah, blah. Lizaraga can’t and won’t do anything about this.
“I understand you are upset, but I did not make this decision, the higher ups did. If you don’t like you know what you can do”
Kuri updates Bernal about Victor’s “suicide” and about Rico saying that the Tomas shooting was overkill.
At Miriam’s house she is on the phone talking to Benjamin, she wants to meet with him because she found out some information about Farmateca that can put her investment in jeopardy.
“I hope this will end soon with all of the evidence I’m collecting”
“That’s what will happen, Miriam”
Vanessa arrives at Isabela’s house and the nurse informs her that Julio and Diego are not there, they went fishing because Diego was bored.
Julio is on the road, it is raining, and Diego is sleeping in the back seat (no seatbelt). Julio notices the “creepy insurance agent” is following them and realizes that he is again in danger. He begins to speed up and starts yelling at Diego to put his seatbelt on. (Rolling my eyes, and shaking my head). The “insurance agent” starts firing at Julio’s car so Julio yells at Diego to duck. At that precise moment Vanessa calls Julio, and when Julio answers he tells her they are being chased. The chase ensues, and Julio can’t lose the “insurance agent” who keeps firing at the car. Vanessa is yelling on the other end of the line, she is losing control, and Julio loses control of the car and veers off road and hits a tree head-on. Julio is struck by the airbag, and loses consciousness. Vanessa hears everything on the other end and is panic stricken.
Vanessa calls Jackie screaming out of her mind that something has happened to Julio and Diego. Jackie tells her she has no choice but to call Bernal. Vanessa agrees.
Diego in the meantime, gets up from his position, with a head injury. Goes to the front of the car and tries to wake up Julio.
“Daddy, daddy what’s wrong with you? Wake up, are you ok? I’ll go get help daddy stay here”
He gets out of the car and leaves a shoe behind, he begins to walk and eventually walks onto a road with his barefoot, limping, crying and injured (poor baby)
Jackie calls Bernal and tells him what has happened with Julio and Diego.  Bernal can’t leave station right now but will assign someone to get in contact with the Villa Brava police.
Bernal assigns Kuri the task of contacting the Villa Brava police to inform them about what has happened with Julio and Diego. In addition he tells her that he wants her to start investigating the Victor Martinez “suicide” because he has a hunch that it was not a suicide but that someone had him killed. Kuri agrees about this speculation and will get on her tasks right away, and thanks him for getting her back out in the field away from Borgetti.
The police of the Villa Brava jurisdiction begin searching for Julio and Diego, when they come across Julio’s car.
Bernal walks into Borgetti’s office without knocking, comes to inform Borgetti he will be investigating the Emma Diaz murder. Borgetti not pleased about this.
Diego continues his futile, but valiant effort to go find help.
Bernal and Lascurain discuss the Emma murder case, and Bernal tells him that he needs to go to the brothel and go undercover; he will be the substitute accountant.
Katia is at Sandro’s office when she gets a court summons. She is being sued by Jimena.
Jackie arrives at Isabella’s house and tries to calm Vanessa down, in vain. At that moment she gets a call from Bernal, who tells Jackie that they found Julio’s car.
Katia and Sandro are discussing the court summons, and Katia says she is willing to assume her the consequences because she does not regret what she did.
At the station Bernal and Kuri discuss that they will be reopening the explosion of the yacht. Kuri also tells Bernal that Irene was at the Victor burial. Also Bernal wants to know if Rico will declare what he saw Borgetti do, Kuri says he won’t.
Rebecca and Gustavo are discussing their situation, and Rebecca tells him that she wants Danna. Gustavo agrees and will get her an apartment so she can be near Danna, and later they can all, including Danna, leave to be together.
At the school Eddy picks up Danna. Rebecca shows up, now with her “boyfriend” Gustavo and she tells Danna she is staying to be with her. She tells Eddy she will fight him for her custody. He tells her that he will take Danna now and will wait to see what court has to say. He tells Danna that for now she can’t see her mother.
Vanessa arrives at the scene of the accident, and runs to car only to discover that Diego is missing.
Jimena and Natalia are discussing Katia. Natalia tells Jimena she should leave the Katia issue in the past. At this advice Jimena scuffs and gives Natalia an ultimatum.
“Choose your little boyfriend or me!” (little boyfriend please)

Katia goes to Arturo’s house; she wants him to represent her in the Jimena Lawsuit. But he says he is currently on sabbatical while he writes his book. Katia says that since he represented Jackie and Patricio she thought he would represent her. He states he did it as a favor to Vanessa. He will look at the summons, and an attorney from his law firm can represent her.
Catalina having a conversation with Tania and Victor’s ex. Catalina is grateful to them and they can come by any time.
Lascurain is at brothel looking for Lorena, he is posing as the “accountant”.
Borgetti, on phone thanks someone on the other end. Possibly the “insurance agent”
Lascurain and Lorena making small talk when he nonchalantly asks about Emma, he says if he is going to work there, he wants the info about the murderer just to be on the safe side. Lorena is reluctant to say much, but tells Lascurain that Emma said that the man that came to see her only wanted a massage.
Lascurain calls Bernal to give him a report on his progress with Lorena thus far.
Bernal arrives at the accident scene and gets the Intel from detective Garuno Ferrer from the VBPD. He then walks over to Jackie and tells her that the car had been shot at, and wants to know everything she and Vanessa know.
Vanessa comes over to where Bernal and Jackie are, and is completely distraught over her son’s disappearance. She looks like she will faint.

End episode 34


Thanks, Sandie.

What a shabby and creepy cemetery Victor was buried in. If Irene's mother doesn't die before this is over I will be disappointed.

Knowing what she knows now, Miriam should dump her shares in Farmateca before the sh&t hits the fan. When the truth comes out they will be worthless.

Rebeca is a total skank. Eddy should petition for full custody now.

Poor little Diego. Anything can happen to him now.

Thanks, Sandie, for the great recap of another good episode!

Bernal's return was very satisfying especially since Borgetti has been completely outmaneuvered and his wings clipped in pure public view. Ouch! Borgetti reminds me of a snake just waiting to strike.

It wasn't a very smart move for Julio to be out and about with his son unless it was to the airport and out of the country as originally planned.
What was he thinking? That all was forgiven? Too bad Diego had to be put at risk. They wouldn't kill Diego off, would they? I hope not.


You never know with a non-traditional novela. All I can say is if that poor child survives he'll be seeing shrinks for years.

Julio was never the brightest bulb in the chandelier. The dumbest thing he did was to object to Vanessa selling ZZ for double its value. I think they had found the video by then and Irene would have gotten nothing out of it. They could still tip off the law anonymously later, after getting out of the country and changing their identities.

Jarifa: Considering that Borgetti's cronies are everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised if Diego gets whacked!

Sandie: Victor buried in a HORRIBLE cemetery was disgusting.

UA: WTH was Julio thinking ? I want Karma to bite Katia very hard!


Plus, I'm happy Bernal is back with law enforcement in the DF!


Thank you so much, Sandie! I love your condensed style btw but you always hit all the important points.

I cheered when Bernal strolled into the office and told Borgetti where to stick it. Whoo!

As for Diego, this kid got no luck. He's an unwilling pun, as most children are, in an adult game with deadly consequences.

As Urban said though, with non-traditional novelas, you have to watch out, because they keep you on your toes in the best and worst ways. Victor already died without knowing the truth so, at this point, anything can happen.

Thank you Urban, Jarifa, Steve and Alfredo,

I agree that Miriam should sell her shares, but to whom? Irene? I guess that would be the greatest payback.

I think the fact that the TN is non-traditional is what I'm loving about it.

Alfredo: I try not to condense it too much, because as Urban said once there are many clues in all of the details.

Steve: I'm glad Bernal is back as well, and the way he came back was the best. It was the last thing Borgetti expected.

I see something happening with Kuri and Sebastian, I like them together. Although Rico may be able to redeem himself and get Kuri.



Thanks, Sandie. Oh and by the way he will require his own office as well (drops mic). - lol!

Poor Diego. Little fellow was too shocked to retrieve dad's cellphone and call 911. Come to think of it, considering all that's going on they should've given Diego his own phone. I'm sure he'll be okay though. I just hope he doesn't get kidnapped.

Yay, satisfying to see Bernal back and out from under Borgetti.

I haven't been interested in the Eddy's ex storyline, till now. She will try to prove she's the better parent, but how in heck could she do that?


Thanks Niecie,

I had not thought about the cell phone. Yes that would have been a great Idea, but with that whack in the head, he couldn't think straight. Poor Diego.

As far as the Ex story line, I can't stand Rebecca, her voice is so irritating, and she is such a user, all she cares about is the money. The fact she abandoned Danna should be sufficient to get her thrown out of court.


Body Count Update:

1.) Lorenzo Rivera

2.) Nicolas Lombardo

3.) Zacarias Zaldivar

4.) Elena Lopez

5.) The 9 Test Subjects from Farmateca

6.) Ema Zulema

7.) Borgetti's henchman

8.) Tomas

9.) Victor Martinez


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