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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 4/19/17 Chapter 48 & 49

As Friday is the finale, this is my last recap for this series.  This is now complete.  This has been a top-notch story and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Chapter 48: Watched

Giovanna was not happy at losing the competition to Eddy, who was apparently new to it. She was less than pleased when Arturo told her he wanted a divorce. At her question he admitted that Vanessa was the reason.

Vanessa went to see Katia at her job to tell her she was worried about Jackie. She had insisted on going to the hospital once she knew about Bernal's accident despite knowing that Borgetti would be there. The test results were very strange. Katia understood the concern, especially because of how Julio had died in a hospital. Vanessa herself was wanting to see her son but Isabella was making her very nervous. Katia said she would take care of a couple of things and leave with her.

Arturo told Giovanna that their lifestyle wasn't working for him anymore. Vanessa was not into the concept of open marriage and he was falling in love with her. Giovanna paused long enough to pour herself some wine and sit down on the couch. She told him she did not want a divorce but part of their arrangement was to respect each other's activities. They were to live apart and if Arturo's pursuit of Vanessa were successful, she would give him his divorce. He nodded in agreement.

Sandro was on the phone with Alberto when Katia entered his office requesting permission to leave early. She explained that she and Vanessa were going to meet Jackie and Sandro said it was alright as there was a business issue he needed to address. Nothing serious. He told her he would call her later and she left. He went back to his call.

Whatever that business issue was, it was brought up by a lawyer with Catalina. He reviewed that she was no longer investigating the possibility that Katia had killed Nicolas. Catalina, however, held her responsible for Nicolas' depression. What she was looking for instead was revenge against Sandro, whom she now regarded as a traitor. She said that he and his associates at the gym were doing dirty business and would pay dearly.

Jackie entered Bernal's hospital room. He was awake and she ran to the bed to embrace him. He stopped her from doing so, which she assumed was due to pain. He said that after such a nightmare it was good to wake up to the concern of a woman who was so “honest, good” and yet more. She told him she loved him excessively. They kissed and he said “Me, too.” He did not take his eyes off her. She asked whether he thought it was an accident or something else and he said he did not know. To her next question he said he was investigating something.
The most important thing is that you're here, you're alright, and we're together.”
He agreed and held her hand. Again, not letting her out of his sight.

Kuri and Lascurain were outside in the waiting room having coffee. She said Erick would be inviting him to dinner soon. Erick had beaten him at the latest game “but only because it's the new version,” he said. Kuri was pleased that he got on so well with her often difficult son.
Lascurain then changed the subject, telling her that he got a new clue in the case of the yacht explosion.

Miriam sat in her orange uniform in her motorized chair accompanied by Benjamin and the lawyer he engaged. She told the lawyer that she needed to get her medications so that she can benefit from her recent treatments. The lawyer warned her that the discovery that she was not fully non-ambulatory would have serious consequences in that her motorized chair could be taken away. Benjamin told her that she would have to suspend taking the medications until they could get her out of the prison. She agreed, but reluctantly. She was afraid that this would provoke a regression. The lawyer asked why she was keeping her recovery away from others. Benjamin got up and moved closer to her so he could speak sufficiently sotto voce for the guards not to hear. He told her to tell the lawyer everything. She told him he could not tell anyone including the judge and he agreed.

Borgetti chewed out Cortes, his departmental hit man because Bernal was alive and recovering. The man reiterated his order not to use firearms and said he did the best he could. It was more dangerous for him now than for Borgetti. However, he said he wouldn't fail a second time. “You better not,” was the reaction.

The child welfare worker tried to get Diego to talk, but he wouldn't. He nodded when he was casked whether he could. She then took out a tambourine and slapped it near his head and he cried out and got up. He ran to Isabella. They got him to talk.

Vanessa and Katia arrived and Jackie told them that Bernal had been in an accident. She further told them that he had gone to see Isabella about something that didn't concern them. She was sure that he would never learn their secret.

Isabella hugged Diego and told him they would celebrate by making a cake. He immediately requested chocolate. She agreed and the doorbell rang. She sent Diego into the kitchen and answered. Vanessa and Katia entered. Diego came back into the living room and would not talk to his mother or his “tia.” Isabella sent him to the kitchen and told the ladies that yes, he can talk but that now he did not want to talk to them. “He's angry with you and therefore will not speak to you.”
Then I will bring him home and eventually this will be over.”
No way. He will stay here. The danger is still there. The bad image his father had, he could still be hurt. Now go. Leave your selfishness behind and let the child live where he knows some peace.”
Yes, maybe it's selfishness but for me it's very hard to be far from my son and more so because of your attitude toward me.”
The therapist said that Diego didn't talk – couldn't – because he was very angry with you. And his refusal to talk was his way of getting back at you. Is that clear?”

An auto body worker called the police station and asked for Lino Cortes. Serna had answered and she told him Cortes was out and she didn't know where. The repairman told her that he had been trying to reach him regarding his car. He explained that he needed to fix the lights but couldn't find the originals.  He needed authorization to put in the new ones he found and asked that he call him before coming over. Serna hung up the phone not sure what this meant. Cortes came in a second later. She told him his mechanic had called and wanted him to call back, but gave him no details. He did not appear suspicious.

Jackie tried feeding Bernal from the hospital tray but he turned it down. She offered to get him something from the hospital cafeteria but he said he wasn't hungry. He would be alright; there were nurses there. She told him nobody would care for him with the same love as she did. He told her he was just tired. She told him to get some rest and she would stay with him all night. He told her it was not necessary but she insisted.
Hours later he was still awake. She was curled up at the edge of the left side of the bed and he punched the mattress on the right side with his good arm, frustrated at not being able to get up.

Vanessa was home and she and Katia talked about Diego. Vanessa was certain that he didn't love er and Katia told her that Diego couldn't stay angry with her forever. Eventually they would go to therapy together and he would get over it.

The next morning Bernal was out of the hospital and back at the police station, his left arm still in a sling. Everyone looked happy to see him. The man who had attacked him gave him the high sign before picking up the phone. Rico looked over his shoulder as he spoke on his phone and Cortes continued to stare around the room.
Bernal entered the office he shared with Kuri and Lascurain who asked him what he was doing. He said he was investigating a case as he sat down. Lascurain handed him two shirtless photos of Borgetti that Serna had found. “They look to be about twenty years old,” he said.
So Rita said nothing in order to protect her son,” Bernal said.
Yes, but before we talk to Rita I have information about who could have dumped you in the river.”

Kuri was visiting Miriam in the prison. She had agreed to get the computer disk from the safe deposit box. She then showed Miriam a photo of Marcial Mendoza and asked whether she recognized him. Miriam remembered seeing him in the house and he had told her he worked with her husband. She couldn't remember the exact date but that it was probably about three weeks previously. Kuri told her that they had found his body shortly after the death of Julio Zamora. She further explained that because of this she believed that Borgetti may have killed Mendoza.

Bernal was telling Lascurain that they needed any pretext they could get to search Borgetti's house. They needed to know whether he was the one who planted the bomb on Julio Zamora's yacht. Or whether it was the three widows. Lascurain raised the issue of whether there had been two bombs. He then asked about Jackie. Bernal told him he was very angry with himself. He had initially suspected the widows, then changed his mind. Lascurain didn't see an issue, considering that there was evidence pointing to Palazuelos and now to Borgetti, who was certainly implicated. Bernal then asked whether he had acquired a wristwatch with a microphone in it. He handed him a red jeweler's presentation box containing a women's watch.

Kuri asked Miriam about a Tuesday evening. Was there anything unusual? Miriam thought about it and realized that her husband's wedding ring was missing. She had asked him about it and he said he wasn't sure where he had put it that morning.
Kuri went out to where Mendoza's corpse was found. After a little while and a minor injury to her right hand she found the ring where it had fallen in the reeds. She put on a latex glove as far as she could and placed the ring in an evidence bag, grinning in satisfaction.

Borgetti visited Miriam at the prison. He tried to play the solicitous husband but she wasn't having it. She told him that Irene had gloated at her that she (meaning herself) would be the one he would get released. She asked him what his game was. He said nothing. She called for the guard and asked to be taken out of the visiting room. The visit was over. He walked up to the gate, calling her “mi amor” but she did not even look back.

Katia went to the office and was in a good mood until Sandro took a call from Alberto. Their business – the entire chain of gymnasiums – was being shut down.

Jackie was in her robe when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to Bernal who entered with a kiss and a gift. He asked her to help him get it out of his pocket and she was surprised when she opened the box. He asked if she liked it and she said yes. She almost never wore a watch. He told her that his brush with death made him see the value of time so he was giving it to her as a symbol of their commitment.
Like a ring?” she asked, smiling.
Yes,” he said.
You are crazy!” she said, embracing and kissing him. He kissed her back. He looked at her for a moment with a pained expression. She might have interpreted that as him being in physical rather than psychological pain and kept on kissing.

Arturo went to Vanessa's house to tell her he was getting a divorce so that they could be together. She told him to forget it. He didn't want excuses but she said there were none. He talked about their attraction becoming love eventually. She was not interested but didn't say so.

Bernal sat down on the couch and Jackie started talking about how she never thought she would find love after Lorenzo. Nor did her friends. She told Bernal that he was her true love. His expression reflected his conflicting emotions but she did not notice this. He told her he had to leave and she told him she would never take off the watch, even to sleep. She escorted him to the door, they kissed goodbye, and after closing the door behind him she smiled and kissed the watch.

Bernal entered what looked like a brand-new van where the tech expert waited. He listened to Jackie's half of a phone conversation. He passed the headphones to Bernal who listened in time to hear her say she loved him. He told the techie to record everything.

Vanessa served Arturo some coffee and told him to get the divorce if that was what he wanted but that her only concern now was her son. This meant that she could not be in a relationship with anyone including him. He knew about Eddy and said he was more patient than he was. Vanessa tried to get him to leave. Finally he did and she thought about Eddy.

Bernal went to the station and talked with Lascurain about the yacht case. The accusations were made but he needed evidence. Lascurain changed the subject and had him look at the photos of his car. The dents corresponded to damage to Cortes' car. Despite that this didn't prove that he acted for Borgetti. Lascurain said that they were watching him to make the connexion. He handed a file to Bernal, as he was leaving for Panama. He told Bernal to rest and be careful.

Danna was in a restaurant with Rebeca and Gustavo. She complained of being bored because she wasn't in school. Rebeca said they would take her to school early the next day, but “That's what you said yesterday.” Rebeca promised her all new clothes and a doll. Danna then said she didn't like playing by herself and why don't you play with me like my Daddy does? She also said that her father let her crawl into his bed when she was scared but she can't do that because Gustavo didn't like it. Rebeca and Gustavo both looked annoyed. She tried to tell Danna that she had to learn to sleep by herself and the new house will have a very big room for her.
I want to see my Papa. You said I could call him whenever I wanted. Can I, please?”

As Lascurain was about to open the office door Kuri arrived and told him he had to hear this. She showed the evidence bag with the wedding ring and explained where she found it and about her conversation with Miriam. There was nothing engraved in the ring, though. The governor had given him an address for delivery of the evidence so it would have to be taken there. He handed the evidence bag back to Kuri. She told them that Mendoza was at Borgetti's house the night before Diego Zamora went missing. The dots were beginning to be connected.

Eddy's lawyer and a detective met with him and handed him a file. They gave him evidence that another woman's medical information had been used by his ex. Her name was Veronica Fuentes. They had been told she had left on vacation a few days before. Eddy's cell rang. He checked it and excused himself. Danna called asking him to come and get her. She had not been at school and she wanted to be with him. He told her that he was in Encino Blanco and could not just yet. She said she wanted to live with him again. Rebeca heard this and chided her for it. The call ended shortly after that and Eddy must have had a very bad vibe.

Borgetti finished a call on his cell, talking about lawyers. Bernal came in and handed him a file. It was the search warrant for his house. Borgetti did not react, merely telling Bernal that Ramirez would accompany him there. He then handed Bernal a file with an order to extradite Irene Palazuelos to Cuidad Real that afternoon. Bernal did not agree with this. He said he would get a police car to accompany do this.
Don't you have more important things to do for Commissioner Lizarraga?” Borgetti asked.

Alberto and another associate entered Sandro's office to tell him that they were being shut down. There were accusations of trafficking of anabolic steroids in the gyms. They handed him some documents. Katia looked either scared or guilty.

Bernal talked on his cell with someone about insuring that a police car escorted the vehicle that was taking Irene Palazuelos to Ciudad Real. He couldn't prevent the extradition. Kuri said that as long as Palazuelos was behind bars it didn't matter where. She was arranging to take the wedding ring to be processed but told Bernal that first they needed to talk with Miriam's ex, Benjamin Ieastra. She sensed something in him and told him he could trust her. He showed her the photos that Serna had brought. She admitted to recognizing them but hoped he understood. He said he would see about that.

Chapter 49: Evidence

Jose and Natalia were in a restaurant listening to a pop band singing. Neither looked very happy, nor did anyone else in the establishment. The rest of the place applauded. Jose finally told Natalia that while he loved her it wasn't enough to go through with having a child. He apologized for possibly giving her false hopes. She concluded that their romance was over. He didn't agree, but didn't disagree. He apologized. She cried and left him alone at the table.

Katia was upset that her wedding would be a casualty to what was going on with Sandro's business. Vanessa knew she had to make changes for herself, as now she was not going to Argentina. She decided that moving would help erase the bad memories. Katia thought that was a good idea. She promised to help her find an apartment.

Borgetti talked to Irene's mother about their plan. She didn't care that she would be risking her life so that Irene could escape. “Irene has many things to do in life,” she said, possibly in the ignorance of the things her daughter had already done. She talked about her grandson dying in prison and Borgetii said he didn't know about this. “You mean you don't know what happened to Victor?” the old woman asked.
Victor?” he asked. “Are you referring to Victor Martinez?”
Yes. Who else?”
He then realized what he had never known about Irene... and what he had done.”
Irene and her son were the only ones I had in this life. I'll risk my life for her freedom so she can get out of this accursed place.”

Sandro stepped outside with the others and looked at the documents. He asked whether they called a lawyer and wondered who could have brought the charges against them. Three clients approached wanting to know what was happening. A female client said that if he didn't know when it would be resolved she insisted on the return of her payments. He agreed.

Irene was let out of her cell to visit with her mother. She was not thrilled at the prospect. Aurora made a sarcastic comment about how most prisoners are happy to have visitors, which she knew her daughter wouldn't like. She then told her she was smart to sell her shares because now all Farmateca shares are being confiscated. She told her she had enough money for the two of them to leave the country together, which did not thrill Irene. She told Irene that she had met with Borgetti who would help them. Irene wasn't ready to believe that. She trusted no one. She asked a guard for pen and paper so she could write a letter for her mother to take with her. When the guard left she told her mother that if anything were to happen to her that letter was to go to Bernal.
After her mother left Irene found Miriam and taunted her about Borgetti helping her to get out. She would be out in a few hours. Miriam didn't believe that; only that Irene would end up in another prison. Irene wasn't bothered about any of this, continuing to taunt Miriam until someone called her over the loudspeaker to have her come to the office.
Irene was led out of the facility in cuffs by two male guards. She was given a black jacket to wear over her orange uniform.

Kuri and Ramirez were searching Borgetti's home. They found nothing in the house. Kuri began searching his car. She found nothing in the car. She noticed a pair of black boots with some mud caked on them. The maid – who had been watching her all along – told her that the boots belonged to the gardener. Kuri wasn't too sure about that. She used a Q-Tip to take samples of a reddish substance on the vamp of the left boot.

The two guards who were escorting Irene drove along the road, followed by the other police car. They were stopped by what looked like a border guard or state policeman. A man was lying in the road behind another car, apparently unconscious. Someone reported this. The driver stopped and got out of the car. He was shot by the man who stopped the car and the one posing as the hit-and-run victim. Others came out of the woodwork and the stopped car, all masked and all with machine guns.
Irene ducked down on the back seat until the shooting stopped. The denim-clad man got her out and unlocked her cuffs as another man in uniform with a helmet arrived on a motorcycle. He had Irene climb on the cycle behind its driver and they were off.
One of the shooting victims was still alive and strong enough to call the Encino Blanco station to report the attack and the escape. Serna answered the phone.
The motorcycle – which was a police vehicle – stopped at the appointed place where a car was waiting. Irene ran to the car and got in. Her mother was sitting on the passenger side. Irene saw no keys in the ignition and none on the seat. “The keys, the keys!” she said, almost in panic. She nudged her mother who not only did not respond, she fell toward the passenger side door. Irene realized that she was dead. She leaped out of the car, not knowing what to do. She started walking and then spotted Borgetti watching her from behind a tree.

Back at the Encino Blanco precinct Bernal was furious. Serna told him that she thought that this had been planned. There had been a shootout and two policemen were dead. There was an ambulance on the way to get the wounded one. Borgetti hadn't been seen for several hours. Bernal picked up his cell and left the office.

You killed my mother?” Irene asked in disbelief.
Don't tell me you care about what I do,” Borgetti answered. “You never cared about her. You just used her, just like Victor Martinez.” He came out from behind the tree. “Your son! Now I understand why you tolerated that idiot. He was useless.”
Shut up!”
Lower your voice. Why didn't you ever tell me?”
I didn't have to. Give me the keys. I have to go, Bruno!”
You're a traitor. You know that.”
Look who's talking. It was you who put a knife in my back.”
No, no, no. Don't play the victim because it doesn't suit you. Did you believe I wouldn't discover it was you who revealed the truth about the affair with Rita and the son we had? You think I wouldn't figure that out? Don't try to deny it. I suspected it before but now I know. It was also you who leaked the information to that journalist Lizárraga.”
No,” she laughed. “You're losing your mind. Why would I do that?”
For revenge. To put my shares in the trash. But I have a surprise for you, my dear Irene.” He took out his pistol and prepped it. “As I've said before whoever betrays me doesn't live to talk about it.”
Bruno, no. Don't kill me. Let me go. I swear I will never see you again! Please, please, Bruno, listen to me. If you kill me there is a letter that will reveal all your crimes.”
He mocked her begging while holding the pistol to his own head.
I swear.”
Do you think I believe you? You think I'm going to believe you? Think of the ones at the prison and now your mother. You have nobody! You have nobody except –” He moved the run away from his temple. “Give me an opportunity and we'll see if luck is on your side, Irene. Run. Run.”
Bruno –”
I'll give you to the countdown from ten. Ten –”
Bruno, wait!” She started running and he continued counting.
During his countdown he thought about the murder of the prostitute. When he hit five he began to follow her. He fired the pistol in the air and away from her on the counts of five and four and hit her high on the left shoulder on the count of three. He closed in behind her, close enough for a kiss, then backed off and shot her in the back. She fell face down in the grass and the weeds. He tried to fire again, then somehow couldn't, and backed off in frustration.

Kuri and Ramirez were outside the Borgetti house, having found nothing incriminating. Her cell rang and she found out about the escape. They headed for the cars.

A fight broke out in the exercise room of the women's prison. Miriam punched the controls on her chair but it did not move. She stood up with great effort and collapsed on the floor as the fight migrated to another part of the room. A guard watched as she struggled to her feet and made it back to the chair.
So, you can walk after all!”
Why were you pretending to be disabled?”
No, I can't.”
You don't think we believe in miracles, do you?”
The guard began pulling Miriam out of the chair. Miriam tried to fight back. A second guard came to aid the first one.
The fight seemed to have stopped and the other inmates sat on the benches to watch as the two guards pulled Miriam out of the chair and she collapsed to her knees. The guards began dragging her away from the chair.

Borgetti arrived at the commissioner's office. They shook hands and sat at the commissioner's desk where Borgetti started talking about Miriam being in prison. The commissioner said he would be unable to help him get her out. He advised him to divorce her to save his public image. Borgetti asked “What if she presents me as cruel and controlling and the world's worst husband?”
Neither of them had noticed the bald man with the five o'clock shadow beard who entered behind Borgetti.

Miriam had been dragged to the warden's office.
Since when have you been able to walk?”
Today is the first time I've tried since being in the wheelchair. I haven't tried before. My legs gave out.” She was nervous and almost crying.
We'll see if this is the truth.” She looked at the guards. “Bring her to the infirmary and tell the doctor to make an evaluation.”
I have Guillain-Barré Syndrome. I have attacks of pain. They can pass in a moment or go on. Ask any doctor.”
After you see our doctor, we'll talk.”
She directed the two guards to take Miriam to the infirmary.

Kuri went to the scene of the escape where she met up with Lascurain and Bernal. There were two bodybags. Bernal said they needed to find Palazuelos and he began giving orders to the others. The cop who called the precinct was still alive and placed in the ambulance.

People are fed up with all this wrongdoing in this country,” said the commissioner. “One more and that's final unless you can manage these things.” He poured a glass of water at the sideboard and gave it to Borgetti. “You'll have to say that your wife deceived you as she was looking to enjoy the privilege of being married to a chief of police.”
I see. Then I will have to file the divorce papers immediately.  Part of me laments that I have to divorce her.  Miriam had been a great companion in all the years we've been married. In my way I came to love her.” [querer]
The commissioner chuckled quietly.
Don't come in with sentiments you don't feel.”
No, no.”
Marrying a woman who's in a wheelchair makes you look like a man with compassion and much humanity,” said the commissioner with some irony. “But things change. You must do what most benefits you of course, if you want a better image.”

The phone rang on the desk of Antonio Benítez, the Federal Police Chief. His agent, Barrientos, was calling on his cell to report that Borgetti was in the commissioner's office. Benitez told him to find out everything that happened. He agreed and ended the call just as Borgetti walked out toward the elevator.
Benitez then call Benjamín on another line to update him. He was going to see Lizárraga personally to find out what was going on. Benjamín advised him to talk first to Bernal or Kuri who were close enough to Borgetti. Benitez said he'd do this and make a decision. He ended the call.

Borgetti kept up his false front by calling Rico and asking how Irene Palazuelos could have escaped. Rico said that Bernal and Kuri were out looking for her and Borgetti said he wanted to be notified when she was found, dead or alive. Rico said he would. Serna was standing over the desk listening to Rico's half of the exchange.

Bernal and Kuri found the car with Irene's mother inside. Irene was found nearby in the grass.

The prison doctor confirmed Guillain-Barré Syndrome. However, he said that the condition of her legs indicated that she had been getting rehabilitative therapy so this was not the first time she had gotten up on her feet. That was his final word. Miriam tried to deny this. The doctor left the office and the warden asked Miriam why she didn't tell them any of this. She didn't know she had to. The warden concluded that Miriam had done this for the convenience that being handicapped would provide her and said she was going to call Borgetti. Miriam tried to stop her by telling her that he didn't know about this. She was threatened with the punishment cell. Then another guard entered to tell the warden that Irene Palazuelos had escaped. Miriam looked scared.
The warden called Borgetti and the first thing they talked about was the escape. He claimed to have just been informed and was beginning the investigation. She wanted to be informed if anyone from the prison was involved. It was obvious she had accomplices. She made him promise to update her. She then told him that they had discovered that his wife could walk. Which caused him to stop walking.

Miriam was locked in the punishment cell. She was left standing against a wall. As a guard watched through the wired window she made her way to the corner before collapsing onto the floor.

No, you have to be mistaken,” Borgetti said to the warden. “I'm not aware of any special treatments given to my wife. I will talk to her doctor this morning and ask if you can let her out of her cell to talk to him.” The warden must have agreed because he thanked her before ending the call. He then wondered who his wife really was.

Later that evening he was in his office at the precinct where hetalked with the Cuidad Real police chief to tell him that Irene died on Mexican turf so they would take care of the investigation. The issue of accomplices came up and Borgetti was a cold as ice, as though he himself had not been involved. He did not admit to ordering the extradition. Ciudad Real had evidence of the clandestine laboratories and wanted to finish the case. Borgetti told them he would keep his word and find the accomplices.

Bernal and Kuri returned to the precinct followed by the press asking about the death of Irene Palazuelos. Bernal carefully told them that there were no details yet and no suspects. When he saw Borgetti leave his office he suggested they talk to him. All of the reporters swarmed Borgetti who waived them off with standard lines everyone is used to saying. He did not anticipate questions about Miriam. He made the speech about his job being to seek justice and Miriam would not benefit from his position. He would seek justice in that case no matter what it was. Bernal and Kuri watched in satisfaction.

Jackie was at the gym where the self-defense classes were held. Bernal arrived to tell her about Irene. When he told her that Irene was dead she asked whether it was Borgetti who killed her. Bernal said he thought so, or it was someone he hired. Jackie looked a little shaken.

Later she told the other widows. They talked about this, realizing that they were probably no better off. The truth could still come out if Borgetti was alive. They had no way of knowing that their conversation was being recorded in a van parked in the neighborhood and that Bernal was also listening.

The following morning the guard with the bangs entered the punishment cell to tell Miriam to get up. She was unable to. The guard taunted her by holding out her nightstick for Miriam to grab. She still could not get up.
In the visiting lounge Benjamín and Kuri waited. They talked about the escape. He was certain tha Borgetti was the accomplice, but there was no proof. One of the guards came out to tell them that the prisoner could not have visitors because she was in the punishment cell for having lied about being disabled. When she went back to work Kuri wondered how they found this out.

Sandro was watching his business fall apart around him. He had talked to Arturo but there was nothing to do for this right now. Katia was still willing to marry him. She asked if there was any chance that Catalina was behind this. She had hated her for so long. Sandro looked like he was looking for the light switch.

Catalina was in a café having some blood-red wine with Jimena. It was clear from their conversation that they had colluded in the charges against Sandro's business. Catalina was certain that Sandro would not suspect her because she had always helped him in the past.

The guard forced Miriam to walk to the warden's office where she dropped her in a chair in front of Borgetti and the doctor who had treated her previously. Both demanded to know why she had lied. She refused to talk without her lawyer being present. The doctor excused himself and left. Borgetti sat down, grabbed Miriam, and shook her. He was furious at what he said made him feel stupid. He was hurting her until she almost cried. The warden only watched.
Kuri and Benjamín sat in the visiting area, clearly having discussed the situation. Kuri mentioned that faking paralysis was going to hurt Miriam's credibility, as nobody was likely to believe anything she said after that. Or before. He asked how they could help her. This led to him revealing Miriam's motive for marrying Borgetti. It was revenge for the death of her niece.

Borgetti's verbal abuse of Miriam continued, followed by his telling her he will divorce her. She told him she didn't care as she no longer wanted to be his wife. The warden stopped that line of conversation saying it was personal matters having nothing to do with the reason for him being there. His presence was only to uncover the truth about her condition. He didn't listen. He continued to demand to know why Miriam had deceived him all this time.

Bernal and Lascurain talked via cell phone. Lascurain was in Panama where he discovered that Marcial Mendoza had purchased a military-grade bomb within the relevant window of time. Bernal said that if they had witnesses to any meeting between Mendoza and Borgetti during that time they could prove that Borgetti was implicated in the yacht explosion.


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Kuri finding Borgetti's ring.
Borgetti wondering who exactly is Miriam his wife.
Finding out that Miriam married Borgetti as to take revenge on him for the death of her niece. ( Cannot we just get the whole story already? Guess we will in the next 2 episodes. Yay!)


The jail warden allowing Borgetti to grab at and physically threaten Miriam in her office.One would think that solitary would be enough of a punishment.

Cannot wait for tonight!

Urban- Sorry I have been away so long, but since I came back from my trip I've been storing up this show to binge watch at some point (along with La Piloto). I want to thank you, and rest of this small recapping team, for all the wonderful recaps, and all the work you put into the exciting series. I will be reading them as I slowly make my way through my dvr. :)

Urban thank you for the great recap. Especially for the detail on the deleted scenes.

I think it's way too late to be introducing a new plot line. The Sandro and his Gym's issue who cares, I guess they just wanted to give Catalina more air time. I'm sure she demanded it.

The Giovana and Arturo agreement, ridiculous. I hope Vanessa ends up with Eddy, not creepy Arturo.

As for Irene, man I thought Borgetti would kill her but I never imagined that would be her end. Hunting is his favorite hobby second only to the kill. His flashback to the murder of Emma was the epitome sickening. He salivates at the idea of killing his prey. I can't wait to see how he ends, I sure hope not dead, that would be too easy. He needs to be humiliated, embarrassed, and then imprisoned for life.

Isabella has every right to want to protect her grandson, Vanessa needs to understand that, and should be thankful for it.

The deleted scenes with Danna and Eddy really make me mad, that makes me think that they are not going to give Eddy too much time in the next two episodes, and that's a shame.

So many good story lines are being dropped along the way and it makes me think we won't get full closure. If I was the producer of this TN I would be livid. This needs to stop, they hurt the story, the viewer, and their own network.

Anyway despite my dislike of what Uni is doing, I still love this TN and am glad to have seen it along with this Patio.

Thank you to Urban and to Alfredo for their wonderful Recaps!


#49 is up at last. If there is any conversation detail I've left out that you think is important please e-mail me so I can add it for the benefit of future readers.

I normally don't like to watch child actors, as I've said a number of times. While the subplot of Eddy's custody battle isn't that important except for being a comparison case to Vanessa's it introduces an interesting conundrum: Rebeca may not have broken the letter of the law but she has broken the spirit of what parenthood is all about. She used falsified documents to get custody by proving she had been ill rather than a flighty irresponsible woman who should never have had a child. Vanessa tried to kill Julio but this was in the name of protecting her child. That scene with Danna in the restaurant demonstrated just how bad a mother Rebeca is and probably was before she abandoned her in the first place.

The whole thing about Catalina destroying Sandro's business is probably about how some people will go to any length to destroy someone else without caring about collateral damage. Catalina also doesn't much care how this affects Sandro because he disobeyed her by falling in love with Katia. I'm on the fence about this because I think that any man who falls for her is an idiot but this punishment is unwarranted. Catalina is severely delusional because she and not Katia is the cause of Nicolas' depression. Jimena probably also shares that responsibility to some degree, but we don't have flashbacks to provide any evidence of that.

Catalina may also be blaming Sandro for refusing to help Nicolas the last time he saw him.

Arturo is a creep. He and Giovanna can't expect everyone to live the way they do and Vanessa was their brick wall. He's delusional if he thinks Vanessa will change her mind.

I can't decide whether Irene or Borgetti is the coldest of them all. It doesn't seem to me that knowing that Victor was her son would have made any difference. He has no feeling for Erick so he is unlikely to understand most other people's feelings about their children.

If Irene is truly dead (we haven't seen her on a slab) I think her death was pretty much deserved. At least the public is safe from her.

The warden was awfully cold, too. Did you recognize the actress? She was Michaela in AQNMD.

I'd like to see Kuri get with Lascurain. He's a decent man, not bad-looking, considerate of her, and good father material for Erick. She has the hots for Bernal, but he is damaged goods that needs at least another two years of therapy after realizing that Jackie and her friends conspired to kill their husbands.

Urban: I have to say that after reading your recap for Episode 49 I am convinced that the Uni staff with the scissors is daft. I cannot believe that the scene where Borgetti and Irene talk about Victor got cut out. A lot of the important reasons for Borgetti ending up killing Irene ended on the chopping block. Daft I tell you DAFT!!!

Also upset about Jose's plot line getting sidelined, WOW, WOW!!!!

I don't think Irene's letter to Bernal is going to make it to him, unless Aurora mailed it before she left...keeping fingers crossed for that one.

And the whole Miriam scene, stupid corrections officers, why are they treating her so bad. And that warden hope she ends up like the warden from "Shawshank Redemption". Talk about failure to perform your duties as an officer. Man all these dirty cops.

Another one that deserves an anvil is that commissioner Lizaraga, helping Borgetti with all his dirty work, I wonder what he owes Borgetti. He needs to be handcuffed and to be taken away to prison.

Well glad I get the scoop here, thank you.



Sandie: I'd like to see the look on Rico's face when Borgetti goes down HARD!


Thank you so much, Urban! These were definitely crucial episodes and I am sad to see how much stayed in the cutting room floor. The missing Victor reveal is like when Sandro confessed he was the one who didn't lend Nicolas the money and drove him to suicide and Unimas cut it out -.- wow!

While the subplots may seem extraneous, Urban made a good point. This is a story about three women who put a bomb in a yacht to rid themselves of their husbands but it is also a story about the darkness in everyone, the ability to hurt those who hurt us, corruption, envy, all those things that people see as evil but everyone has within them.

I don't see this having any sort of happy ending, it'd be too cliche at this point. If anything, Bernal wouldn't forgive Jackie, Katia wouldn't marry Sandro and Vanessa would stay alone to fight for Diego. No one wins because actions have consequences and that is the main point. We all wish to harm those who harm us but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it and these women chose the wrong way. Even if the Borgetti bomb killed the husbands, the widows still put a bomb on the yacht with that same purpose so they should pay of their crimes.

That is why there were four explosions when it happened. I wondered how that would be since bombs typically only have one spectacular blast. The military-grade bomb would have been the three strikes while the one Jackie acquired would have only exploded once.

If Katia hadn't opened her skanky mouth to Julio they would be getting off scot-free. As for their earlier alternatives:

-- Katia could have just filed for divorce and been rid of Nicolas.
-- Vanessa could have filed for divorce and not have to worry about custody. Motherhood is such a sacred cow in Mexico that she wouldn't have had to worry about it since nothing short of psychopathy in a mother gets the child awarded to the father.
-- Jackie would arguably have had a harder time. I don't recall ever hearing whether her mother and stepfather were still alive but if they were couldn't she have run to them in LA or gotten them to send her money if she needed it?

Thanks, Urban. Great job. I will miss the show and the recaps. Hard to believe it ends Friday. This is the shortest TN I've seen.

So Bernal is listening in on Jackie's gift watch. At least he knows she's really in love with him and didn't hook up to divert him from his investigation (well, not much anyway).

Since there were two bombs, the wives' homemade one and the military grade on by somebody else (Borgetti?), I'm wondering if that will help Bernal let the wives off the hook.

Borgetti setting up Irene was a surprise to me, but then evil, conniving, and backstabbing as she is it should've occurred to her. But then her ego at having Borgetti in her bed behind Miriam's back go the better of her. Irene, I think you liked Borgetti way more than he liked you. Farmateca and Borgetti were your only outlets, but he has plenty.

The treatment of Miriam by the guards and the warden is just horrible. She is disabled for pete's sake, with only some fledgling mobility that hopefully will increase. Downright dirty of the warden to just sit there and watch while Borgetti manhandled Miriam.

Vanessa let Arturo kiss her twice, so I do see why this freaky hombre is hanging in there for a hookup one day.

Can Vanessa not see the hate Isabella has for her?

Niecie, funny enough, novelas used to be this average length unless they were insanely successful and even then it wasn't more than 100 episodes instead of the usual 50-60.

If MdN isn't a case for shorter stories, then I don't know what is, because this thing is as tight as beating drum and quick moving. Even the "cliched" stories should be short because that makes the cliches less tedious.

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