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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 4/5/17 Chapter 35: We Need Katia

Diego was still missing. Bernal said he could not have gone far and possibly was looking for help. There were fingerprints on the car so one of the Villa Bravo cops thought that would be the case. They told Vanessa they would contact other police, hospitals, etc. A gun was found near the car and they asked Vanessa whether it belonged to Julio. She didn't know and mentioned that they were separated. The investigation went on.

Irene arrived at Farmateca to find Miriam in the conference room. She had not expected her. She explained that she had been at the funeral of an employee. Miriam explained that she was getting bored at home and came in to see how things were going because she was the majority shareholder. She wanted to be more involved. Irene tried to deflect this by telling her that they didn't have an office that was adequate for her, but Miriam told her that this would not be a problem; the conference room would do.

Bernal apologized to Vanessa for pressing her in her current state but she needed to tell him everything she knew. She told him that there was a very dangerous man after Julio. Jackie finally said it was Borgetti.

Katia went “home”, telling Sandro she couldn't join him at his place for the time being. He was alright with that and handed her a small jewelry box. Her jaw almost hit the floor at the sight of a diamond solitaire.

Miriam tried to get Irene to sign documents regarding a five-year sale period on the diet pills. Irene was suspicious, thinking that Miriam didn't trust her. Miriam told her that this wasn't it; she was merely protecting her own interests.

Katia tried to decline, saying she wasn't ready. Sandro knelt in front of her and took the ring from the box. He put it on her finger and proposed.

Miriam requested that Victor help her and Irene told her he was dead. She had just come from his funeral. Miriam asked how he died and Irene told her that he committed suicide. Miriam asked “In prison?” and when Irene nodded she asked what he was accused of. Irene said it was attempted murder.
How is it possible that an employee of this company is a killer?” she asked.
It was a surprise to me, to everyone.”
Don't you investigate the people who come to work here? He was your assistant. Your right-hand man! It's inconceivable that this could happen!”
I know, I know. Calm down! It was very sad.”
Sad?” said Miriam. “Think of what this could do to the image of Farmateca!”
We're following up. We're doing everything possible so nobody finds out.”
That was careless! You need to put more effort in investigating people who work here!”
This will not happen again.”
I want to speak to the head of human resources. I want to personally review all pending hires. [ ??? ] This was the best decision of my life.”

Katia took off the ring, returned it to its case, and gave it back to Sandro, saying she could not accept. She wanted to make sure she was making the right decision when the time came. Sandro said he felt rejected; she told him not to because she wanted to be sure that they were on the same page. It was better for him, for her, etc.

Irene called Borgetti to tell him that Miriam intended to install herself in the Farmateca offices. He had not been aware of her intentions and told Irene he intended to find out more. However he warned her that if Miriam is this determined he may not be able to do anything about it and “Don't tell me what I have to do.”

Giovanna worked on her laptop at home, asking Arturo how things were. He told her about taking the case of one of Vanessa's friends. She mentioned that Katia was the widow of Nicolas Lombardi. His parents had been good friends of Giovanna's parents. Arturo said he knew nothing of this. Giovanna told him that Catalina detested Katia. As they drank some red wine he explained that he only took the case because of Vanessa. He drank down his wine and announced he was getting to work. Giovanna smiled to herself.

José and Natalia were running in the park and she slowed down to a halt, apparently in pain. He realized she wasn't close behind him and stopped. She apparently had trouble breathing. He got her to pause and take some deep breaths. Preparing for a marathon isn't easy.

Alberto thought Sandro was crazy when he told him about proposing to Katia.

Jackie and Vanessa explained that Borgetti had been looking for Julio's computer and whatever information was on it. He had been threatening Julio over it because of the double books at ZZ. Bernal commented on how they had not given it to him at the time and Vanessa said that was because they didn't know where it had been. But Borgetti had been looking for it and must have provoked what had just happened. Julio had refused to give up custody of Diego so Vanessa was going with them out of the country.
Bernal asked whether they knew that Borgetti's wife was the majority shareholder of Farmateca. Vanessa said no, but Bernal went on about Irene also owning major shares and she could also be responsible for this. What Bernal questioned was why Julio was cooking the books. Was there other business beyond what would have been normal? Jackie said she didn't know and found no records of anything irregular at ZZ. Which made Bernal conclude that all the information was on Julio's computer. This was also why Zacharías Zaldiviar was also after it. He excused himself to return to the accident scene. Jackie and Vanessa were getting nervous.

Julio had regained consciousness while on the gurney being wheeled into an examining room. He asked about his child and was told that he was found alone at the crash site. A doctor told him that he had been found alone. Julio went on as though he didn't hear him, saying that a man was after his child. The doctor tried to tell him that the police were investigating this as they took him in to be examined.

Bernal told Kuri over the phone about the double accounting at Farmateca and that this was related to Borgetti being at Irene Palazuelo's house. He wants a wiretap on the phone at that house. At the same time Borgetti told someone else (Irene?) that the police don't have any incriminating videos and he didn't believe it existed and Zacarias only wanted to deceived her.
Kuri asked Bernal if he thought that Irene Palazuelos was involved in all that. He wasn't sure what to say to that. However, the fact that Miriam owned so much of Farmateca that Borgetti was eliminating anyone who could stand in her way although he screwed up on Julio. This all made sense to Kuri, who teased him about breaking the case open on his first day back.

Borgetti met Marcial, his henchman, in the warehouse and paid him. He told him he did a good job. He had, in fact, chloroformed Diego and carried him off. Like the psychopath he was he thanked Borgetti and would be glad to do other such things for Borgetti in the future.
They went to another area in the building and Marcial showed Borgetti the unconscious child. Borgetti took several pictures and sent them to Vanessa's cell phone with the following message:
If you want to see your son and thereby end this nightmare, give me the video and other copies if they exist.
Vanessa noted that this came from an unknown number. The message was followed by the photos of Diego. Both women were horrified. Another message followed.
If you say anything to anyone let alone the police your son will not get out of this alive.
Bernal came over to the car and asked if they had heard anything. Vanessa lied and said just her mother-in-law who was ill with a heart problem. This was bad enough but if she knew that Diego was missing – but she didn't know how much longer she could keep this from her.
Jackie told her firmly that they will recover Diego and before Isabella would find out. Bernal agreed that nothing good would come of telling her now. Vanessa began freaking out, demanding to know what they would do. He tried to get her to calm down while explaining that the Villa Bravo police will be redeployed.

Eddy tried to reason with Danna, who still wanted her parents to get back together. He told her that her mother was with her friend, Gustavo. Danna told him that she loved her mother but loved him more. She wanted to keep living with him. Their differences ended there.

Bernal told Vanessa and Jackie that he spoke to the right people and he would be informed as soon as there was information. Vanessa said that if there was nothing else they could do she wanted to go to the hospital and talk to Julio. Jackie suggested rest and they left for the hospital.
Once the two women were in the car Vanessa told Jackie to get that video to them because they needed to free Diego from Borgetti. Julio had told her that he was the one who threatened him with.
Vanessa was panicking and Jackie kept telling her to calm down. Bernal didn't know half of the story but all of them knew how heartless Borgetti really was. They aren't home free yet and getting this done meant being calm.
Jackie called Katia, who was with Sandro. When Katia ended the call she told Sandro some of the details and said she had to go. He wanted to go with her but she said that this would not be a good idea. He lent her is chauffeur and she thanked him. She put the disc in the back of a picture that she hung on the wall, took the gun, and left.
Vanessa, Jackie, and Bernal arrived at the hospital and Vanessa identified herself to the desk nurse. The nurse told her that Julio was in surgery. Vanessa sat in the reception area while Jackie and Bernal went for coffee. Vanessa sent the following message:
In a little while I will have the video with me. I ask you to please not to do anything to my son or no deal. If you touch a single hair of Diego's I don't care what I will have to do to make you pay even if it takes the rest of my life.

Isabella was trying to call Julio but got no reply. Her nurse tried to get her to take her pills, but she kept refusing. She knew something was wrong. She called Vanessa, who told her that she, Julio, and Diego would be away for a few days. Isabella didn't believe it since their passports were at her house. Vanessa told her that they were negotiating and that Julio lost his cell phone so she shouldn't call. Isabella accused her of hiding something. Vanessa signed off and ended the call. Isabella whined and the nurse told her she had to calm down.

Jackie and Bernal came back with coffee and noticed that Vanessa looked stressed. They asked if there was any news and she told them she had spoken to her mother-in-law. The doctor came out and told them that the operation was a little complicated because of some bruises and a small hemorrhage they were able to control. However, Julio went into a coma. It could last days, months, or years.

Borgetti was in his office with Rico and Ramirez. He passed around a flask to them. Ramirez tried to decline, but Borgetti poured some into his mouth. He sat down and told them he didn't want them sharing any information with Bernal. Rico said that if they needed help they'd ask others. Borgetti said he was getting some new personnel shortly. He then told Ramirez to leave them to talk. He left them alone. Borgetti told Rico he thought “You will go very far in this profession.” He handed him the flask and Rico took a large sip. Borgetti said that he thinks that Bernal is conducting his own investigations that benefit him and not the department. Rico was to spy on him and report back to Borgetti. He told him to think of his future. Rico didn't look like he liked even one second of this conversation.

Bernal said he would talk with Inspector Ferrer in Encino Blanco. He also suspected that Borgetti had the child. Diego hadn't turned up anywhere including in hospitals. It was probably that Borgetti had him and was going to negotiate. He told them to call if they hear or remember anything. Jackie tried to reassure Vanessa that they would soon have Diego back.

When Rico came out of Borgetti's office he evaded Ramirez' questions.

Irene was working at her laptop when a female employee entered and handed her a file. The girl told her that Miriam was asking for full access to all the computer files, including the archives. Should I do that? Irene told her that she could do so in the morning. She was to accommodate Miriam as the majority shareholder. She was also to keep her [Irene] informed of all requests, needs, complaints, etc. She asked about a replacement for Victor but Irene said that she would not require one. Then she told her to close the door on her way out. The girl left.
Irene crushed her cigarette and went to work purging computer files. She went to the safe and took out some documents, which she put through the shredder. She then took all the cash out of the safe and put it in her purse.

Jackie and Vanessa were in Julio's room. He was lying in bed with an oxygen mask. Vanessa was seething with anger and hatred for him over his betrayal with Katia and the fact that he was ultimately responsible for what is happening to Diego. She hated Katia intensely. Jackie asked where the two bullets in the car came from. Vanessa didn't know.
Inspector Ferrer came and said he needed to talk to them. There was no news of Diego but he said they wouldn't stop until they found him. He wanted to talk to them in the waiting room. There he told them that the gun didn't appear to belong to Julio because it wasn't registered. However, his fingerprints were on it. It was possible that he was dealing with an enemy. Vanessa did not take this well. Ferrer tried to ask more questions but Jackie stopped him and Vanessa said she didn't know anything else. He left them alone.

Borgetti was dining with Miriam. She told him she had been at Farmateca all day and would continue to do so. She needed to feel useful. She started on how careless they were about screening their personnel and asked if he had heard about the suicide. Of course he had. Miriam ranted about how employees like that could ruin the company's image. They almost argued. She ended by telling him that she would work there every day, in her own interests.

Vanessa got more and more anxious until Katia arrived with the disc. Vanessa began texting.

Borgetti was getting impatient with Miriam when Vanessa's text arrived. He looked at it and excused himself from the table.

Vanessa received a call from Marcial, who told her she was to follow his instructions to the letter. She was to leave the disc for him at a certain point on the highway. She would get Diego back once he authenticated the video. Vanessa would not accept that. She insisted on getting Diego back at the same time. Marcial became livid, telling her to be at the appointed place in twenty minutes or she could say goodbye to her brat. He then ended the call.


OMG! Diego is still missing ?


Thank you, Urban, for the enjoyable recap.

It really showed Borgetti's nasty character with how carelessly he treated the unconscious Diego: like a sack of potatoes.

I wanted to slap Jackie already with Vanessa in the car begging her to call Katia ASAP and Jackie telling her she needed to calm down. Not what one should hear with a child in a criminal's clutches.

I hope Miriam does not meet an untimely end since she is now confronting Irene and Borgetti and taking a more active role at Farmateca.

Unless she's actually faking it Miriam's paralysis makes her vulnerable. She is playing a dangerous game and I don't think she knows enough about Irene to realize how dangerous she is. She may know just enough about Borgetti but that isn't enough to protect her.

Jackie is someone who isn't prone to panic now that she is free of Lorenzo. This can be a positive thing and she has made it a core survival trait. It does make her sound callous, though, especially about Diego. I think her concern is that Vanessa will get careless and ay something Bernal should not hear.

Thanks, Urban.

Poor Vanessa. She's got to be wondering if Bernal could retrieve Diego sooner if she told him everything. But the answer is "nope."

Rico is a good guy, though not smart like Bernal. I don't see him going along with Borgetti.

I hope you're right. If he falls into Borgetti's trap they're all screwed.

Jarifa: I was thinking the exact same thing: Borgetti is a sadistic, evil, devil incarnate.

I've said this from the get-go: the man HATES kids!

If he whacks Diego, I swear the God......

Thanks so much, Urban!

I tend to think more like Jackie so I understand where she's coming. It definitely wasn't the best time when Diego's disappearance only happened two hours (give or take) beforehand but Vanessa's hysterics will definitely not help matters. They have two serious problems called Borgetti and Irene and they need to find a solution soon. I doubt that Borgetti will leave them be if they hand over the video. If anything, it makes them vulnerable.

As for Miriam, she could very well be a target so she needs to gather as much information as she can and send it to Benjamin in case something does happened. Since Irene and Borgetti don't know Miriam knows about the video, then she has the upper hand for now because they can feed her bs information when she demands anything.

Poor Julio, from yacht explosion to ZZ fires to kidnapping to coma. No. luck. whatsoever.

I don't feel any pity for Julio. He was an idiot who fooled around with his wife's best friend, then put his head in the sand about the danger he created for Vanessa and Diego and then threatened Vanessa with taking custody of Diego when she justifiably threatened him with divorce.

He deserved everything that's happened to him once he failed to protect his wife and child.

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