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Juan Q 12/28 Where Nidia has lost her marbles and Delfina’s mustache is not bad.

Juan tells Morondon that he doesn’t love Herlinda and that he can’t marry her. Morondon is upset because Juan damaged Herlinda’s reputation and now doesn’t want to repair the irreparable damage he did to Herlinda, Juan asks him if he is in love with her, Morondon does’t want to admit it, but finally he accepts that he loves her. Juan tells him to talk to her and tell her how he feels. Morondon doesn’t want to do it because he is sure Herlinda only loves Juan. Juan explains to him that Herlinda was brought up under very strict rules, and the only reason she loves Juan is because he(Juan) showed her how was life outside the rules, since then she hasn’t have anybody that loved her, she did not have any other options. If Herlinda knows that somebody else loves her, she might accept him. Morondon doesn’t think her family will accept him. Juan has a plan (Oh no!) He says his middle name is cupid and he’ll make it happen.

Casimirio is yelling at Herlinda, because she went with Juan. He tells her that she has dishonored the family again. Herlinda is at her wits end, she doesn’t understand her father and brother. They told her to get Juan to marry her for any means possible and now when she did something to that end they yell at her. Casimiro tells her she is a “bruta” (dim wit). Mr. Chavez yells and tells him never to insult his sister again, and then he turns to Herlinda and tells her he doesn’t know what to do with her. She sadly replies that maybe she should be sent back to the convent.

Ana arrives to her house to find Paula waiting for her. She tells her that she has been to the hospital with Nidia. Paula wants to know what happened. Ana tells her that Nidia wasn’t pregnant. Impactada face from Paula.

Nidia is in the hospital, Yadi is brushing her hair. Delirio walks in and Nidia addresses him as Licenciado. Delirio is confused and doesn’t understand. He wants to know why she is calling him that. Is she mad at him? Nidia just laughs and asks him if he changed his title. Is he a Doctor or an Engineer? Why should she call him something else? She just tells him to give her a hug. he does and he tells her that he could do that all they long. Nidia looks confused.

Juan is with Juanito. He is teaching him how to say his prayers. Juanito wants to know if his uncle Morondon is not mad any more. Juan tells him that no, Morondon is not mad and pretty soon he will be very happy. Juanito smiles and asks Juan if he is getting a “novia” (girlfriend) for his uncle, because grown ups always get very happy when they get a girlfriend. Juan tells him to stop thinking about girlfriends and to go to sleep. He comes out of the room and finds Delfina. She looks very happy. Juan asks her if she has resigned to be by herself. She says that no, she was made to live with a man, and she has found the man of her life. She says he has the 3 Fs: Feo Fuerte y Formal. (He is ugly, strong and reliable :) Ed note I had to laugh at this. I don’t know if mothers still tell this to their daughters, but when I was growing up I remember been told that when I married I had to pick a man with this characteristics. This is the definition of a real man.) She describes him and says that he is a “fuereño” (foreigner) Juan thinks he knows the guy, and he tells her that he is his partner. Delfina says that this man is driving her crazy and she is going to marry him. Juan tells her that maybe she should slow down a bit. What if he doesn’t love her? Delfina tells him that she knows that at least he likes her. He even told her that she reminded him somebody else. Juan says that maybe so, but she should wait a little, she needs to be his girlfriend first. Delfina says that she is madly in love, have you not lost your senses for somebody? Juan remembers Paula and says he understands. Delfina says “No le busques ruido al chicharrón” (Do not make trouble where there is none. Lit. Don’t look for noise in the toasted pig skin, because you already know is crunchy.) Juan reminds her that she said the same thing of Mr. Akito. Delfina tells her that Mr. Akito belongs to the past. She starts to question Juan about Algarita. Juan decides not to mention Nidia.

At the cachon residence, Delirio enters Nidia’s room and takes his pillow while watching Nidia sleep. He looks like he is really worried about her.

Ana asks Paula how did it go with CL Paula tells her that they talked and decided they’ll see a therapist. Ana asks her if she loves her husband. Paula says that she is confused (So, what’s new) that up to this morning she was convinced she had to divorce CL, but after talking to him, well… he was so sincere (ha!) that she is not sure now. Ana says that the only foundation for a strong marriage is love, and she should be sure that she loves him otherwise no therapist or psychologist would be able to help.

Marely tells everybody not to tell Nidia about the baby. Nidia walks in and asks for Samuel. Every body is impactado.

CL is talking to Pastor. He wants to know what is happening with Yvonne, why is she not willing to continue the affair. Pastor tells him that Yvonne is in love with Fernando. CL can’t believe how unfair his life is, why is this happening to me? He cries. My woman is staring to go out with a scoundrel, my lover is interested in a low class and the woman I love is in love with a chauffer. (I hesitated a little when I was translating this part, because when a man introduces somebody as his woman usually is talking about his wife, however we know Monica is not CL’s wife anymore… Isn’t interesting how CL still considers Monica his woman? )

Nidia is still very confused it seems that she lost her memory from the time before Samuel died. The phone rings and Yadira answers is Juan, but he asked a girl to ask for him. Yadira is very upset. Kike answers and scolds Juan for getting him in trouble with Yadira. Juan apologizes. He says he called because he had had a bad feeling all day long and wants to make sure everything is ok. Kike tells him about Nidia and how she is acting weird.

At the office, Yvonne stops Fernando and tells him that she is sorry and wants him to know that she ended the affair. Fernando says that he doesn’t care and walks past her.

CL is still talking to Pastor. He wants Pastor to find him a therapist, but he wants somebody that would do whatever he (CL) tells him to do. He wants the therapist to tell Paula to go back to him. Pastor says he’ll do his best.

Fernando stops at Marely’s desk and invites her to lunch, she accepts. He thanks her and looks happy.

Yvonne walks into CL’s office. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. She says she is not in the mood. He stands up and walks to her, he embraces her and in his most seductive voice tells her that he is going to help her change her mood, right then Monica walks in and CL channeling Fernando Mendiola, tells Monica that Yvonne is helping him find something that he has in his eye. Monica thanks Yvonne and tells her she’ll help CL. Yvonne practically runs and leaves the office. Monica tells CL that she can’t see anything in his eye.

Yvonne goes to Pastor’s office. She tells him that Monica saved her. Pastor tells her to talk to him clearly, to put him in his place. Yvonne is afraid that CL will fire her. Pastor tells her that CL is driving him crazy and now he asked him to find a psychologist. Yvonne has an idea, what if he finds him a psychologist that would do the opposite of what CL wants. Pastor is not that sure, CL would get really mad. Yvonne says that he can always apologize for a mistake. Pastor thinks about it.

Juan finds Angarita in the local eatering place. Angarita says that the badger sopes (picture to the left) he is eating are delicious. Juan says that Delfina’s are better. Angarita wants to know if Delfina is the same Delfina he met yesterday. Juan says yes, it is, and maybe he should go one of these days to the house to eat breakfast. Angarita has Juan number and asks him point blank what Juan’s game is. Juan confesses that Delfina likes him, and was asking about him. Angarita tells Juan that “La Señora no tiene malos bigotes”(The lady is not ugly. He likes her. Lit. The lady doesn’t have a bad moustache), but is not sure, since she reminds her of Nidia. Juan tells him that Nidia and Delfina are counsins and first cousins at that. Juan remembers about his phone call to the Cachon residence and tells Angarita about what happened to Nidia. Impactado face froma Angarita.

Delirio brings something to eat to Nidia. Nidia thanks him and tells him that he should leave because if her husband arrives he is going to be mad. Delirio tells her that he is her husband and tries to hug her. Nidia starts yelling for help. Yadi walks in and kicks Delirio out. She yells at him, how can he be so impatient? Can’t he see that he is making her mother feel worse?

Later we see Kike leaving for work. Yadira is still upset, she doesn’t believe him that it was Juan who called, and wants to know who is that “friend” Kike just tells her to calm down and not to make things worse. He kisses his daughter goodbye and since Yadira is not talking to him, tells the baby to take care of her jealous mother.

In Achichipico, Juan, Morondon and Angarita are seating at a table in the Patio of Delfina’s house. They are having a business meeting and Morondon is acting as secretary, he is taking notes and Juan is presiding the meeting. Juan says that it is time to start acting, since the people of Achichipico is waiting for them to proceed with the business. Since the 3 partners of the company are togehter, they should decide what to do. Angarita (always to the point) tells Juan just to tell him what to do next and he’ll do it, but he has a question, what does he mean 3 partners? Why is Morondon included as a partner? Juan says that Morondon will be the secretary; Angarita says that he could do that as an employee. They are interrupted by Delfina. She tells Juan that 2 beautiful women are asking for him. Juan smiles and answers the door. Susana and So Jeugn are at the door. They tell him that they are looking for Mr. Akito San Yamamoto. Juan is muy impactado and tells them that yes, he knew Mr. Akito and explains to them how they met. When Sung-ju asks him where her dad is, he has to tell her that he is dead. He takes them to the cemetery and shows them the place where Akito is buried. He tells them that he died a happy man and his was the biggest and the most beautiful funeral that they ever had in the town. Sung-ju closes her eyes and prays (I think) a little. After a few minutes she says that she knows now that her father is in a better place and he is happy. Juan agrees.

At the Cachon residence Ana comes to visit Nidia, Yadira tells her that she is acting very strangely, and maybe Ana’s visit will make her feel better, Yadi takes her to Nidia’s room. As soon as Nidia sees Ana she starts yelling at her. How she dares come to her house? She is the worst whore ever! Get out! Get out. Impactad face from Yadira and Ana.

I know there was a little more at the end, but my recorded stopped before the last segment. Sorry.

This is it!! Since I have the honor on being the last recaper of the year I want to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!!!


Amar Sin Limites - Fri.12/28/07 -Where Everyone is Mad at Silvana, Cry Me a River!

This will be my last Friday night recap of Amar. Next Friday I will be in Mexico. Happy New Year to You All! I will be dropping by as an avid reader and commenter while I am at Spanish School.

Opening scene, with GSD and Emilia repeat of baby talk and the pact our well being, your health and the baby. lets pray to San Gabriel Achangel. (Can prayers be regifted too??)
ceci and Mario cal me when you wnat to talk to someone, don't be lonely. Caty set a trap with you your resources I'll look for others.

Diego and Silvana do not get it on. He looks pained kisses but pushes back. I can't do this .dont ask me. If someday i do want to it won't be from instinct. She puts on slinky red robe and slams the door. WHEN Diego. I can't wait. Azul is alive expecting your baby. Ahh, I have another evil idea, I can have an hijo when Azul gives birth. I can take that baby. What a grand idea.

She walks into Azuc's room in her hotel and reads Azul's little diary.

Caty and Clemi talk about plans to have fun, Caty starts to complain that Ceci has been banned by Silvana. Clemi assures her with affection.

Azul wakes Silvana walks in with a giant Hola. My modelling job took longer than I thought. Azul brings up the coincidence and meaning of the bracelets. Lets go look for the place to buy them. Silvana says no it only means it was the start of our friendship. but when Azul wants to find where they are sold Silvana first says hers was a gift. She tosses off that they are too common. She baits Azul about ther baby. We would have to go to place where hippies make these bracelets. Azul still persists that the bracelet is only link to her past.

Clemi and Caty talk on the bed about the todo about Ceci. Did Silvana say something or did you suppose this. Silvana says it is because Ceci wants Diego I don't think so , she's in love with Luis Felipe, Caty says with the clear memory only a child has. Clemi tries to make light of it, No Silvana wasn't serious. Caty then coos so can i continue to see tia Ceci?l Sure. I love Ceci. Were really good friends. Let's eat breakfast and go to school, where is Silvana? Chonita says Silvana went to the gym early.

LuisFe and Mario are discussing that Azuc has psychological reasons for losing her memories. LuisFe recounts that he was in shock with her clothes a mess and bruises from some accident.

Silvana assures Azuc that if the baby is not LF's it will lead to trouble. What's that best way to help you you will have to be apart from LuisFe forever. -BREAK-

Azul questions why would I have to remove myself from LuisFe? Silvana warms to the subject, if the baby is someone else's he could come forward at any time and then you would realize who you loved but if you love LF too.,, The words are real drivel meant to confuse this child like Azuc/Azul while boring the rest of us to tears.

Diego and MM on phone, I have a favor to ask big problem that is very delicate, it needs to be discussed in person. He will go right away.

Azul is speaking and rubbing her belly all loving toward the baby she is carrying who ever it is or who's his daddy. Silvana begins this double double talk trick of saying that baby will be looking for its real father all the time. Azul still childlike asks what to do. Silvana's solution this time is that she should accept nothing from LF and stay away from him to avoid a relationship she can't get out of. I'm here to help you find your way.(orientarte) I have a casita in Guadalajara . My uncle is going there today He can take you there. I will use all my influences, I know a journalist who can do a piece and some research to help you discover who you are.

Diego and and his Mom Clemencia, what are you doing here? It is a good excuse to see Caty in the morning. and fix the house after the party last night, Chonita will clean everything, He discovers Caty's backpack and asks why Silvana hasn't taken her to school yet, She's at the gym. Clemi and Caty will ride with Diego to school and Clemi's work, Clemi goes to check on Caty's teeth washing. Chonita appears with the morning paper and Diego discovers in it that the irresponsible journalist has printed that he and Silvana are engaged to be married. Caty appears at the doorway and looks like she swallowed a frog upon hearing this news.

LouisFe and Mario continue LF has agreed to wait for the baby to be born to formalize their relationship. So for the moment they cannot live together. But living in a hotel will be very expensive, but LF says no it's not my expense but her friend Silvana. Well what do you know about this woman and why are you leaving her to deal with Azul. Oh we met her in the orphanage. Besides she is a world famous model in New York and Japan, Ceci ought to know her.... Mario chimes in ahh yes, she's the one that is hanging out with the widower, Diego, Toscano's son-in-law.

Diego, Clemi and Caty meet at the table while Diego claims, no the paper is a lie, it's not ethical. I wouldn't marry anyone without consulting you. Caty says she hopes he is not going to marry Silvana because she doesn't love her like Mommy Azul did, she doesn't like spending time with her and didn't pay any attention to her at the party. Diego hugs the moppet.

Silvana is reading with sarcasm from Azul's diary about how she loves LF and feels good by his side but she can't be with him until the baby is born but he has promised to marry her if no one else shows up by them. Silvana smirks her "I've got a red wig on and I'm cooler than you" smirk. She's not sure about the due date but is sure she can completely disillusion Azul about LF by then.

LF and Mario Yea, that Silvana was at Diego's house yesterday at a dinner. This Silvana is unsympathetic (antipatica). This woman is a harpy, you should check her out. The divinely innocent trusting LuisFe retorts, perhaps are talking about two different Silvana's the one he knows has been such a good friend to Azuc. Mario launches off about Cecl and his second time being around her. He really, really likes her.

Azul, dressed in her country bumpkin best is looking very uncoordinated with her little bag, says, I don't feel good about disappearing without giving LuisFe a letter, You can write one on the way. Where is my diary? Silvana will get it to her later.

Ceci and Clemi says I am very worried and sorry about paining you. You warned me but I did not listen. It's about Silvana. What did she do? She told Caty something terrible about you.

Azul is handing Silvana her little letter to LF She begs Silvana to give it to him.

Clemi goes on to say that Caty doesn't love Silvana and is upset about what she is doing. Ceci says, rightly, Caty is more intelligent than many of the adults around her. Clemi goes on about the notice in the paper that Silvana must have told her journalist friend that the famous model Silvana Lombardi is giving up her fabulous international career to stay in Mexico for her engagement and wedding to Diego Moran. Ceci goes wild, wanting to prevent Silvana from what she is doing to Diego [if she only knew the half of it]. Clemi hates to condemn Silvana's actions in front of everyone, especially Diego since he is just coming out of his depression and taking back his career life. Right, but Ceci points out they will regret it later if they remain silent now. Since Azul died Silvana is a different person. Ceci realizes these personality traits were forshadowed when they learned she had been in an psychiatric institution after Nico's death only showed themselves again when she wanted to kill Mauricio but now she is using them to get close to Diego to replace Azul in his life.

Manuel shows up leaning into the car Azul and Silvana are in. Azul looks scared but seems to have no recall of who he is. He leans in intimately, in his special greasy way, and Azul says she has a very strange sensation but can't remember what she should. He even taunts her with perhaps she knows him from another life. The music is very menacing here. Silvana assures her it's just because she needs to recognize someone, anyone... But Silvana has been saying such lovely things about you, I feel like I have known you for years. Silvana breaks in with, he is going to take you to Guadalajara to stay until you find yourself..[right, in a place you have never been and where no one will possibly recognize you.] Manuel smiles that particularly diabolical smile he is best at. -BREAK-

Silvana looks at what Azul has written and tells Azul she isn't going to send this letter to LuisFe because it will only invite him to come looking for her. She needs to break with him and maintain a distance because they would only end up kissing like they did at the mission when Madre Maria found them. This trip will be for her own good and safety. You need to tell LuisFe to forget about you then you can be free to look for your family and not involve him in a shameful infidelity with your real husband (if we should find out that there is one or ever has been). Silvana ends up making Azul feel selfish for wanting to stay close to LuisFe even as friends.

At Anibal and Clemencia's office, Anibal and Lidia enter where Ceci and Clemi are still talking. Anibal and Clemi leave the two young women to talk about guy stuff and disappear. Lidia questions Ceci about how great Mario seemed last night. Ceci admits he is wonderful but she is still in love with his best friend who loves someone else. Ceci lists he is great, he is handsome, he has a prestigious career as a famous doctor, he has family and money and Lidia counters with what's not to love here, you should enjoy this. BUT, just in the shadows comes Tavo with his built in paranoid radar turned on high...

LuisFe and Mario show up at the desk at Azul's hotel asking for Silvana's room. The desk clerk tells him Silvana settled her account and checked out. Didn't she leave me a message?
Nope! How strange. Let's call her cell phone. I don't know the number, but we can get in touch with her at her boyfriend, Diego Moran's house.

Silvana and Manuel are plotting that while Azul rewrites her letter to LuisFe which Silvana insists will keep him from trying to find her. Manuel does his famous squeeze for more money, that little casita in Guadalajara cost more than I expected. Silvana's cell phone rings. She babbles about just getting out of the gym and not feeling well, but he wants to talk about the bomb in the newspaper. What news? Ah, Silvana you know. She says she is off to the pharmacy to get pills, she just doesn't know what is causing this, NAUSEA....He is with Madre Maria talking about something very important. Silvana looks alarmed and quickly offers to come straight to the orphanage, but he relents a bit that if she isn't well, they can meet at the house. Silvana panics that Diego will find out about the framing of little Frijolito. She demands that Manuel drive Azul to the casita in Guadalajara alone. He really is allergic to physical movement of any kind it seems. He thinks that is too much work to do. Azul is afraid. Even with no memory, Azul senses how slimy this guy is. Silvana says she can call her or anyone else from her cell phone. She gives her money for maternity clothes. Manuel grabs the money and counts it while he tells Silvana and Azul all the things she can buy with it. [Oh sure, she's going to see all of it later. - BREAK -

Diego listens to Madre Maria tell him that Frijolito has taken off and it is so unlike him. She has discovered he is in "juvie" detention (tutelar para menores). Diego exclaims, he's in jail? He had told them he lived in the street, I don't know why he lied. He is accused of stealing, it's unjust, something really bad must have happened to make him act like this. Diego promises to get him a good lawyer and get him out of this frightening (espantoso) place right away.

Lidia greets Tavo who comes around the corner, isn't she glad to see him? He came to see Anibal about some things about the wedding. Ceci excuses herself as a bad third and exits. Anibal and Clemi are working on papers, They talk about Lidia reconciling with her father and Clemi hopes that Manuel actually reconciles with both of his children and that he merits their return. Lidia doesn't want to harbor grudges says Clemi but she isn't who worries her. Who worries her is Diego and Caty. She has no confidence in Silvana who has changed so much. She then tells that she saw Silvana talking privately with Manuel and then giving him money. That seems really bad. But she said it was only to help him. Clemi has a bad feeling of foreboding about this, because Silvana is pitting Caty against Cecelia. She wants to tell Diego all about this but she is afraid he be deceived and fall into another crisis. Anibal says it is clear that Diego doesn't feel the seme way about Silvana as he did about Azul. She brings up again the anonymous call to Diego's house with someone saying they knew where Azul is. Anibal agrees that this will bring up all kinds of bad feelings and memories. Clemi says this is exactly why she hasn't told Diego about the call.

Silvana talks to herself about the growing animosity with Clemencia but that just means that she will have to further alienate her from her son Diego.

Arnaldo, Julio and Gaspar are talking at the boutique. Julio is sorry he missed the big engagement announcement for Diego and Silvana like the paper reported. Gaspar is incensed that the party wasn't for them at all. Diego only said she was living there. They too are on to Silvana's game.

Silvana shows up at the hotel where LuisFe and Mario are having tea and waiting for her. They stand up and say it is urgent that they talk with her. Where is Azul. Silvana insists that she left this morning and left this note.... LuisFe tries to get her to tell more but she has to go off for an important meeting with Diego. LuisFe doesn't think anything is as important as discovering why Azul disappeared. LuisFe is handed the letter from Azul.

Azul and Manuel chat in the car about about her feeling bad to leave LuisFe without talking to him and leaving without being able to talk to Frijolito who couldn't be found before she left the orphanage. Manuel makes up a story about hiding from his family when he was little. She asks if he has children. He answers two and one is about to be married but to a laborer who doesn't have much promise. Azul thinks love is the most important thing to have. Nothing else matters much.

Tavo and Lidia show up at a jewelry store he says snidely that the cost isn't important even if she wants the most expensive one. She should just pick the one she likes best. She looks guilty [run girl, run, stinginess only grows.]

LuisFe is reading the letter with Azul's voice reading it to him. She loved him when it started and she knew nothing of her life but now she knows she has to find her husband. But she loved him...He crumples the paper. Let's go Mario, Azucena doesn't want to be found. Silvana is snidely thinking that she has now put LuisFe and Mario off the track, Ceci is demoted as a threat and she proudly applauds herself that only she and Manuel know that Azucena is actually Azul Toscano. [What's that old saying, "Pride goeth before a fall?]

Lidia turns down the big pretty ring and picks the little one that the store clerk says is sooo econmical (not pretty). Lidia takes the high road for a change and says her love for him is the only thing that matters not money or a big ring, but she loves him with all her heart whether there is money or not. Tavo ends up looking sheepish at his trick.

Diego arrives home to find the journalist, Bruno, lurking by the garage. He gets out to confront him about his second lie in the paper and shouts about defamation. The journalist defends himself. Diego goes in the yard to find Silvana and begins to rant about the journalist and finds it a strange co-incidence that Silvana has been close by both times that these stories have been leaked into the paper. She acts all offended, he wants an explanation. She goes out to confront Bruno, he is offended that Diego threatened him. Bruno demands that Silvana confirm the information she gave him or Diego is correct that a retraction is in order. When she tries to blow him off that this is just a small matter. He counters with his story and the pictures he has prepared to use in the case of the robbery by Frijolito!
-Adios, Amigos...


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Pasion Friday Dec 28 - Camila has a steady stream of visitors

I’m not sure what the deal is, since captions are working fine on regular TV, including Univision, but the captions aren’t working on my recording of this week’s show. I guess after a year of cheating I have to put up or shut up and see how my Spanish comprehension has improved. Please add any corrections/additions that I may have missed in the comments. Here we go –

Santiago and his wife Rita have yet another argument about him spending so much time around Camila, so predictably Santiago heads straight over to Camila’s house where they start making out. Way to prove that you are a stand up guy there Saintly. At this point I think he SHOULD go have an affair with Camila, Rita offers nothing. Camila is way hotter, she’s rich, she is the one he really loves anyway, even the parents think “gosh too bad he married Rita.” He could just bail on her, move into Camila’s house, and Rita would be the only one upset about it. And who cares what she thinks anymore anyway, really? I know I don’t. She is a big whiner/crybaby. Jeez I’m sorry you’re horribly evil plan to take away your sister’s fiancé, even when you knew she was alive, didn’t work out. Too bad for you. Anyway, they break the makeout session and confess that their pants are on fire for each other, but oh well nothing to be done. Camila changes the subject and asks for a favor. He of course breathlessly says yes, before hearing what the favor is.

Sofia and Fortunata walk and talk, Sofia gripes more about Ursula wanting to marry Ric.

Camila tells Santiago about her whole story and inheritance, then asks him to consult a lawyer. She says she doesn’t care about the money, though it has helped so many people already. She just doesn’t want to lose her freedom if she gives up the money. Santiago even suggests the “just get pregnant by whoever” plan to prove that the marriage was legit. He agrees to consult a lawyer. Santiago asks what kind of person Ric is, Camila says he’s all right. As she walks him out to the outer door, a servant is cleaning the fountain and is obviously the biggest gossip in the world, she doesn’t try to even hide her eavesdropping.

Sofia interrupts Jorge listening to a violinist. He asks if she has to deprive him of all pleasure, she says she doesn’t see any of his dumb friends or his whores here. Ha ha burn! Jorge says he likes nicer things too. Sofia says whatever. She says she just figured out that Camila is the widow that Ric is here for. Jorge dryly answers “oh really.” He wants to tell her she’s slow but resists. Sofia goes on to say that she imagines that Lis and Fran are staying at the palace so that Jorge can stay on top of the progress of everything and somehow will use it all to get Camila back into bed. Jorge says good idea, he’s going to do that. Sofia says he isn’t going to do it, she won’t allow it. He says he is the boss, so he can do what he wants, and what can she do? She says she could poison him or kill him in bed. He says fine, I could do the same. She says no you can’t, because you are a coward! Wow she better hope she’s right after insulting him like that. Jorge does a ‘whatever’ shrug and calls the violinist back in.

Jimena and Camila go for a walk, Jimena goes on and on about that she should get Santiago to knock her up (I think). They see some kids dancing and laugh at how cute they are. Camila says she wanted to have Santiago’s baby, but not like this. Yawn. Yes we get it he was the love of your life. Point taken.

Ric tells Mario that Jorge es un infeliz because he takes women by force. Mario says we aren’t much better, but Ric says sure but they are pirates and Jorge is a “Senor.”

Justo visits Camila to discuss everything. She says she isn’t pregnant, Jimena just said so. Camila tells him that she can’t just give up the money or she loses her freedom.

Ric and Mario chat some more on the way to the bar, I’m not sure of the details. Mario says something to Ric about having to pay a price for being guapo, maybe referring to Ursula throwing herself at him.

Vasco is still getting drunk about Ursula dumping him, Santiago is trying to reason with him about accepting facts. He is the last one who should be talking about that. Vasco reminds him of that. Santiago grabs him by the collar before they both cool off and apologize. Mario and Ric are at the bar, Mario calls Santiago over to meet Ric. Vasco butts in and yells at Ric for being the one who took Ursula away. Ric tries to remain cool, but Vasco attacks him and Ric puts him down on the table in one swift move. I would say that this shows what a badass Ric is, but Vasco could barely stand up. He would have put himself on the table if Ric hadn’t done it. Again, cooler heads prevail and Santiago takes Vasco home. Ric finds out who Vasco is (Camila’s brother) from the waiter.

Santiago stumbles home. I notice that half of the house is outdoors and unprotected. Nobody steals anything around here? There is furniture, food, all sorts of things just out on the street. Santiago tells his mom about Vasco being drunk. She also reproaches him for using any pretext to go visit Camila. It’s true, as much as they both insist it isn’t. They keep looking for each other for whatever reason. Santiago admits thinking about her but says it doesn’t mean anything (what?). He goes to his room, Rita is lying awake but facing away. He lays down facing away from her, not saying anything. Reminds me of going to bed after a nasty argument with the wife. I guess basically that’s what it is, huh?

Santiago, the next day, finds his lawyer friend Castulo to ask about Camila’s problem. Later he tells Camila that it would be difficult to prove whether Camila consummated her marriage with Tim, what with everyone knowing about the thing with Don Jorge. He said basically she needs a lawyer to go fight with Lis’s lawyer. Santiago says maybe she can offer Lis money to remain free. Jimena says she should just get pregnant and be done with it.

Ascanio and Claudio are back in Claudio’s town. They argue about Ascanio going ahead, Claudio finally agrees, after once again insisting that he needs to see his mother. Are you getting echoes of Camila missing Santiago here? Claudio has mentioned his mother so much I have a bad feeling about this.

Jimena tries to convince Camila to just let Santiago impregnate her. Camila is writing a card and tries to ignore Jimena. She asks the servant to deliver the card to Ric. The gossipy servant is sticking her head from behind a pillar to check it all out. Camila wants no more baby talk, Jimena won’t stop.

Ric has his brunch date with Ursula, the other girl is there too. Is she her cousin? I don’t remember her name or anything. Ric is telling stories of being out at sea, Ursula is eating it up. He is telling them as if he were just a business man of course, not a pirate. He confesses to being in love with the sea. Ursula wants to see the sea like he does. Ursula hints strongly that Ric should take her sailing somewhere. Ric excuses himself to go to a meeting, Ursula wants to know who but Ric won’t tell. She asks him then about his family, if he has one, is he married? Engaged? Ric doesn’t answer.

Fran and Lis discuss how to keep Ric away from Camila, or something. Lis apparently says something dumb because Fran rolls her eyes. I’m sure it was something about Ric being with another woman. Finally Fran says that Ursula can help them. Lis again protests because she wants Ric for herself. Fran tells her to drop it already. Jorge and LaFont arrive, Jorge introduces him to the women. He stares long and hard at Lis, who drops her cane. Alberto gives it back to her, using it as an excuse to get a closer look. The ladies excuse themselves, Alberto doesn’t stop staring. Jorge says the blind one is pretty, no? He says he hopes Alberto isn’t thinking dirty thoughts. Alberto laughs, letting us know that he certainly was.

The servant from Camila’s house finds Mario and gives him the card to give to Ric. He also sees Jimena walking by and takes time to check her out, stroking his beard. He meets up with Ric and says that he has found a house that would be good for them, then gives him the card. Ric seems a little excited about the fact that Camila wants to see him, Mario teases him about it.

At Palacio Salvatierra, where Claudio is from, Ascanio pumps the guards and servants for information. He doesn’t look too excited about what he found out, he leaves to go back and meet up with Claudio. Claudio is desperate for news of his mother, Ascanio says he didn’t talk to her, Claudio won’t shut up. Ascanio says first he needs to know if there is anyone they can trust. Claudio says yes, a woman that was his mother’s nanny and then his. Does she live in the palace? No. Can you find her? Yes. Ascanio starts to walk, Claudio screams at him, “What happened?” Ascanio tells him that his mother died soon after he was kidnapped. Claudio slumps down and has a good cry.

Mario fills Ric in on more of Camila’s story, such as the part where she had to wait 4 years for Santiago to return when he went missing. They are riding horses out to the mill. Ric says something about the people being normal with normal problems and it being different than the pirate scene.

Sofia prohibits Ursula from having a party while there are still people without a place to live or anything to eat after the earthquake. They argue for a while. Finally Ursula asks if she can just have an intimate dinner, Sofia asks, how intimate? She doesn’t look happy about this either.

Ascanio and Claudio find “Nana” out in a field. They have a happy reunion. Claudio has to tell her that Angel died, they cry about that for a while.

Fortunata shuffles over to Camila’s house. The gossipy servant is beside herself, surely thinking of all the good eavesdropping she is about to do. The ladies manage to gossip a bit before Camila comes out to retrieve Fortunata. Fortunata says Ofelia misses Camila, they arrange for Camila to visit her. Fortunata wants to gossip about Saintly and Rita, but Camila doesn’t want to. Fortunata has weddings on the brain, remember how she giggled around with the idea of Ursula getting married? She says surely Camila will get married soon, being so pretty and rich.

Outside the house, Jimena chastises gossipy servant for leaving Ric waiting outside the gate like some nobody. Gossipy servant says Camila already had a visitor. Jimena sure didn’t waste any time putting on airs, huh? She was a slave not too long ago, now she is already bossing around others and being mean to them. How quickly we forget. She lets Ric in, insulting the gossipy servant again in the process. Jimena goes in and meets Fortunata, then tells Camila that Ric is here for their meeting. They all walk outside to meet Ric. Fortunata finally leaves, after telling Ric that Lis is so nice. Camila wants to know how Fortunata knows Lis, Ric explains that the ladies are staying at the palace. Camila and Ric go inside. They remain across the room from each other, Camila looks very uncomfortable. Ric asks if they can use their first names with each other. She says fine. Ric says that he doesn’t want to make trouble for her, the ladies don’t even need the money. They surely can work something out. He says Camila can give the money back to Lis, then Ric will give her the same amount to make her even. She asks why he would do that, he said he heard her whole story and thinks she deserves to be happy now. She says that sounds great, but she can’t accept that from a stranger. Ric says who’s gonna know, she doesn’t tell anyone and he won’t tell anyone. She calls him Don Ricardo, he corrects her to say “Ricardo.” She says fine, but here’s the deal – the will won’t allow her to simply return the money. Ric is impactado. I don’t know why, didn’t they all know about that part? Wouldn’t Lis readily agree to just set Camila free in exchange for the inheritance? This is all way more complicated than it needs to be.

Wednesday – Rita tries to make trouble by telling Santiago that Ric is interested in Camila. Since Santiago is half an idiot, he runs right to Camila to give her a hard time about it, as if she weren’t free to see whoever she pleases. Camila tries to brush it off, then Santiago asks if she knows that Ric is engaged to Ursula. We are far enough into the show now, apparently, where the web of lies grows thicker and we will see a couple months of people making ill-informed decisions based on that.

Special note to Jardinera and Beckie – since for the second week in a row next week there won’t be any episode on your days, do either of you want to take my Friday spot for one week only? You can e-mail me or simply respond in the comments.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amar Sin Limites-Thursday December 27, 2008: "Silvana's schemes fall to an all new low & Mario's charms reach an all new high"

As usual the episode begins with the last 10 minutes of last night’s show. So we see again, Silvana eavesdropping as Azulcena and Luis discuss the baby & Ceci and Mario are discussing Luis and his feelings for Azulcena.

Luis leaves to find Frijolito and Silvana enters and offers to help Azulcena. Azulcena spills the beans that the baby isn’t Luis’s. Silvana is properly impactada. Luis returns and Silvana offers to give Azulcena a place to stay since she’s being kicked out of the Home. Luis (displaying some common sense) says thanks but no thanks, we don’t know you that well. Silvana takes offense, she is, after all, a famous model. That seems to do the trick in convincing him (Luis’s common sense quickly flew out the window). Silvana takes Azulcena to a hotel and offers to help her find the baby daddy.

Mario tells Ceci that she needs to forget Luis and give him a chance. I say, she should try to get to know him better because he seems like a really nice guy---not an abuelo killer or an amnesiac lover. Ceci says she thinks it’s not a good idea for Mario to go out with her since he knows that she’s got feelings for his best friend. Mario says it doesn’t bother him and all he wants is for her to get to know him better. Once she does, she’ll realize that he’s a lot better than Luis (Mario said this, not me, but I do agree).

Frijolito is still hanging around Diego’s. He runs into Bruno (the paparazzi dude). Little Bean says that there is a party going on at Diego’s. He fills Bruno in on all the good things that Diego’s done for the orphanage. He mentions Azulcena, but I didn’t catch if he said that Azul is Azucena. Diego arrives shortly there after, opens the gate and pulls into his compund. Bruno snaps lots of pictures.

Silvana and Manuel are headed to Diego’s. Manuel is going to crash the party, with Silvana’s help. They are just outside the house and Silva spots Little Bean. Manuel grabs him and hauls him in the car. Bruno catches it all on film. Silvana scolds Frijolito for making a call to Diego’s house and for inventing a lie. Frijolito tells her that she knows it is the truth and he’s going to prove it. Silvana says “we’ll see about that.”

Meanwhile, back at the orphanage, the search is on for Frijolito as the nuns realize he’s gone missing.

Silvana has Manuel fork over his wallet and cell phone. She plants them on Frijolito and calls the police. The cops come and believe that Frijolito stole the items from Manuel. Silvana has stooped to a new low, setting up the little orphan boy as a thief. Frijolito gets taken into the cop shop and Manuel goes there to make a declaration against the boy.

At the party--- Efrain and Gasper are trying to tell Tavo that his plan to appear poor to Lidia is a terrible one. Tavo reminds Efrain that the idea was his. Gasper says that Lidia will never forgive Tavo when she learns the truth. Tavo just has to know if she’s marrying him for money or because she’s really in love with him.---Mario thanks Caty for playing cupid for him and Ceci.---Clemi spots Mario getting the flirt on with Ceci and she’s impressed by him.

Silvana goes to enter the house and Bruno (who's been following Silvana & Manuel, taking pictures throughout the whole ordeal w/ Frijolito) approaches her about an exclusive interview. She tells him now is not a good time. She mentions that it is an engagement party, leading Bruno to think that she and Diego will be getting married.

Azulcena has a conversation with her baby. It is obviously one-sided. It is the typical novela happy pregnant woman babble, with a few “who is your daddy?” comments thrown into the mix.

Back at the party, Diego announces to the crowd that Silvana is moving in with him and Caty. Someone proposes a toast. Ceci and Alfredo don’t join in on the well wishes. Tavo officially asks Anibal, Diego and Clemi for Lidia’s hand. Manuel picks this moment to crash and he’s angry that Tavo didn’t ask him for Lidia’s hand (I want to ask, is this the dark ages? do you really need permission?—no, you don’t, so shut your pie whole Manuel!). Manuel makes some rude comments and makes pretty much everyone uncomfortable. Diego tries to get his father to leave. Silvana steps in to save the day. She escorts Manuel outside. Someone makes a toast to Lidia and Tavo’s engagement. This time Ceci and Alfredo join in the well wishes.

Manuel’s peeved that his place in the family has been usurped and no one is showing him the proper respect. Silvana assures him that once she and Diego are married, she’ll make sure that he’s able to restore his proper place in the family. He tells Silvana that he needs money. Silva slips back into the house and grabs some money out of her purse. She tries to be all slick about it, but fails miserably. Her slinking around calls more attention to her actions than if she just walked in and grabbed her purse. Clemi is the only one who spots Silva’s covert operation. She follows Silvana and sees her paying off Manuel. Silvana and Manuel are having a conversation about taking care of Azul, but it seems that Clemi didn’t overhear what they were saying.

Bruno develops his pictures. He's got some good shots of Manuel toting Frijolito to the car. Bruno knows that there is a story behind all of this and he intends to find out what exactly it is.

Clemi confronts Silvana about why she was giving Manuel money. She lists off a long list of Manuel’s misdeeds and adds that Silvana should know how Manuel dupes people. Silvana thinks on her feet and tells Clemi that she paid Manuel off so he wouldn’t provoke more problems for Lidia.

Ceci’s in the kitchen, getting coffee ready for the guests. Silvana comes in, all bent out of shape because she is supposed to be the hostess and she feels that Ceci is treading on her territory. Silvana gives Ceci the “I’m the woman of the house” song and dance. Ceci is like “Whatever I’m getting the coffee to help Clemi (subtext-- the real hostess of tonight’s get together).” Speaking of the rey de roma, Clemi walks in and doesn’t like the exchange she witnesses between the two women. Silva leaves, but stays partially hidden behind a door so she can eavesdrop. Clemi and Ceci trash talk Silvana (just like my grandma used to say “if you are going to listen to others talking, be prepared to hear some things you don’t want to hear”). Clemi comments that it is the second time that day she’s seen Silvana behave poorly toward another person. She adds that Silvana is no longer the same sensible woman she met however long ago (I say, she’s always been a bit of a nut job, but in comparison to the other nuts running around at the beginning of this novela, she was small potatoes—now that Leonarda, Eva, Mo, & Andres are all six feet under, Silvana has free range to wreak havoc). Clemi tells Ceci that Silvana gave Manuel money. Ceci suggests that Clemi let Diego know what she’s witnessed out of Silvana. Clemi says she’s got nothing concrete to tell Diego, it is just woman’s intuition. Men only believe what they see. She’s going to keep her eye on Silvana and if she sees anything that could be harmful to her son or granddaughter, she’ll take action. Silvana is again, impactada. She knows that if yo man’s mama don’t like you, you’re in for some big trouble.

Caty and Diego give Emilia and Alfredo the ugly angel statue as a gift (I just realized that they are regifting). Diego makes some comment about how he and Azul were trying to have a baby. Silvana is once again, impactada. People are gathering to leave. Mario reminds Emilia that he’s going to make arrangements for her to help Azulcena, Luis’s girlfriend with the memory problems (let’s hope that this isn’t another freebee session---Emilia needs to be compensated for her work, she’s a professional for Pete’s sake). Now Silvana is extremely impactada, she’s got to be feeling like her goose is getting cooked, they’re coming at her from all directions.

Azulcena writes in her diary. She misses Luis and decides that if she can’t find baby-daddy, she’s going to marry Luis. That’s right, always have a back up plan.

Bruno interviews Mother Superior about Frijolito. She tells him that there is no way the boy is a thief, he’s just misunderstood.

After everyone else has left, Ceci and Caty are sitting on the steps talking with Mario. Silvana comes in and orders Caty to bed so she can get rid of Mario and Ceci. Silva really makes a scene, which truly displays what a witch she is. I guess the stress of juggling all these lies is finally making her crack. Caty obeys and heads upstairs. Mario & Ceci leave. Silvana follows Caty and tries to talk to her. Caty tells her that she’s mad at her. Silva tries to bribe Caty, who isn’t buying it. Then Silva tries to explain that she’s under stress, there are lots of problems. Caty says, well my tia and I are not to blame so you shouldn’t have taken it out on us (I see that the numerous therapy sessions this child has had must be paying off). Silvana says that tia Ceci is the problem. She tells Caty that Ceci wants to cause problems between Diego and Silvana, because Ceci wants Diego. Caty says “no way”. Silvana says that Azul told her before she died that Ceci was making moves on Diego. Caty says that isn’t true. My goodness, this woman sinks even lower---first framing the orphan and now telling the little moppet that her beloved tia has the hots for her dad. Is there nothing she won’t do in order to capture Diego?

Ceci fills Mario in on Silvana. She’s sure that Silvana is trying to keep her from Caty (if you only knew Ceci, if you only knew). Ceci swears she won’t allow that to happen. Ceci goes on and tells Mario how much she misses Azul. She fills him in on how wonderful her best friend was and how much she misses her. Ceci says she feels all alone and Mario offers her comfort, in his arms. Ceci doesn’t pull away. Yeah!

Silvana calls Manuel and tells him that he’s got to get Azul out of town, muy pronto. Manuel comments that he feels bad about framing the orphan (wow, all the terrible things this man does, and for this he shows remorse). Silvana says getting rid of Azul is crucial and then she tells Manuel that they’ll come out on top once this is over.

Silvana goes and has a conversation with the mirror. She tells herself she needs to get pregnant and then Diego will marry her for sure!

Alfredo is upset with the whole Silvana and Diego living together. He and Emilia have a spat. He throws her psychology background in her face and she makes a dig about him having an affair with his wife’s sister. That shuts him up. He says he doesn’t want to fight and she doesn’t want to fight either. They make up and promise each other that they’ll make sure that their relationship, Emilia’s health and their baby take priority over everything else.

Mario returns Ceci to her apartment. She thanks him for being there for her. He tells her she doesn’t have to feel alone anymore. They flirt some more. This could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship, which I might add poor Ceci deserves.

Silvana makes a move on Diego. He responds at first and then he tells her he can’t. He begs her to not ask him to make love to her. One day he’ll be able to do that because he wants to, but right now it wouldn’t be love-- it would just be instinct. Ouch! Silvana slips out of bed to go talk to her new best friend, the mirror. She asks the mirror “When?” She can’t wait, she’s got to get pregnant to nab her man. Then she thinks about Azul, if Diego finds out she’s alive and expecting his baby she’ll never get him. Then Silvana devises her lowest scheme of the episode---she decides she’s going to steal Azul’s baby once she gives birth (dar la luz). END OF EPISODE.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Pasion - Dec. 27, 2007 Rico leaves Ursula enchanted, Cami and Jimena impactado

Episode 16 - December 27, 2007:

* Ursula tells Vasco of her new conquest, the man, Ricardo Lopez de Carvajal, just arrived in town. She asks for her keys back. Vasco grunts "Slut", tosses the keys on the table and storms out. Ursula giggles as she returns to her book.

* Santo sits depressed at the table in the saloon, spinning his wedding ring. Vasco calls to Rafael (bartender) for a drink and joins Santo. Santo asks what's up? Vasco vents his anger over being dumped by Ursula. Santo wonders "before or after". Vasco vents his hostility and humiliation over how Ursula broke off the affair. Rafael brings over the drink for Vasco - Vasco continues to vent to Santo about Ricardo Lopez de Carvajal; Vasco makes a 'sour puss' face. Santo recognizes the name, he's doing business with his associate at the shop. Vasco doesn't think highly of the man, spouts about if Ursula is pregnant, he'll prove that the kid isn't Rico's. Santo leaves the table. Vasco grumbles about Ursula the tramp, and wonders about Rico's type of business.

* Watchman calls out 'a las once y todo es sereno' (11 p.m. and all's well). Santo starts to knock on Cami's front gate, but stops himself. He takes a deep breath and turns around. Watchman asks why he's out late at night. Santo makes up an excuse. Watchman returns to his rounds. Santo walks away.

* Mario and Rico at door of Rico's hotel room. Mario asks if Rico is going to tell Fran and Lis the information on Cami. Rico says no. Mario asks what he plans to do now? Rico doesn't know. Mario asks when will Rico meet with Cami? Rico says tomorrow when Ascanio and Claudio leave. They say good night. Alone in his room, Rico takes off his jacket and thinks to himself.

* In bedclothes in Cami's room, Jimena and Cami discuss Santo. Jimena wonders if Cami asks for Santo's advise is a pretext to see him. Cami says yes, why not? Jimena tells her if she wants to have him as her lover - go for it. Cami says she can't do that to her sister/his wife. Jimena talks about love and passion in life and gives Cami some advice about her love for Santo. Cami has doubts. Jimena says she has to do something, anything including finding a new husband. Cami can't find anyone new, she's only wanted to be married to Santo. Jimena tells her she's so stubborn and then leaves for the night.

* Vasco drags himself back home. Ines is in the kitchen, she runs over to him as he stands by the railing. He's totally drunk, and has a bottle in his hand. He vents to her about Ursula dumping him for another man. He feels totally humiliated to be dumped like this; he was so ignorant and stupid for getting involved with her. He looks at Ines. She is nervous. He gets up and back her to railing as he continues to babble and then he starts to kiss her. (Uh-Oh! this can't be good.) Ines breaks free and runs away to the house. Vasco laughs, goes back to sitting on stoop, drinking from his bottle and thought bubbling to himself about women.

* Cami and Jimena say good bye and hug Claudio and Ascanio in the courtyard. Ascanio promises Cami to take care of Claudio and get him home safely. Ascanio and Claudio leave. Cami and Jimena hug and cry.

* Mario walks outside the hotel to stretch. He watches as Ascanio and Claudio walk down the street and board the coach. Mario runs back inside.

* Rico puts on his jacket as Mario knocks. Rico whistles. Mario enters to tell him of the departures - is it too early for visiting? wonders Mario. No time like the present, Rico says. Rico and Mario leave.

* Rico knocks on the front gate of Cami's mansion. The very friendly, trusting maid Cleotilde answers the door. Rico asks to speak with Camila de Salamanca, and gives Cleotilde his "fake" name. Rico waits in the courtyard as Cleotilde goes inside the house.

* In private salon, Cami and Jimena are having their morning tea party. Cleotilde knocks on the door - Cami has a visitor. Cami opens the door and Cleo tells her about Ricardo Lopez de Carvajal is there to see her. Cami is surprised; too early for visitors; but agrees to meet with him in the formal salon. Cleo leaves. Cami asks Jimena to come with her and makes Jimena promise not to make a scandal. Jimena promises to remain quiet. They leave.

* In the formal salon, Rico waits patiently. As Cami and Jimena enter, Rico turns to greet them. They are impactado when they see him. Rico asks which of them is the widow de Salamanca? Cami says she is, and then presents Jimena to him. Rico apologizes for the early hour of the visit. He wishes to discuss mutual business with her. They sit down. He starts to explain about his protegee and her aunt (Lis and Fran) and then leads into the fact that Cami and Tim never consummated their marriage. Cami disputes that fact - they shared the same bed. Rico mentions letter from Tim's doctor, Bonaficio, that states with Tim's advanced years and health he could not possibly have sex at all. They debate the matter. He wonders if she's pregnant? Cami is nervous and impactado. Jimena steps forward and says, with hand on Cami's stomach that yes indeed Cami is pregnant. Rico laughs and congratulates Cami (he plays along with the act.) Cami is still nervous. He starts to leave. Cami says she will escort him outside. Jimena follows them to the door of the house.

* At the front gate, Rico laughs and says he doesn't believe a word from Jimena's mouth about the pregnancy. Cami is nervous and wonders how he can tell - Rico says he knows the signs. Rico walks close to her by the doorway and mentions 'making a deal with her'. Cami wonders about the deal. He says they can talk about it later and he leaves. She quickly shuts the doors and runs back inside the house.

* In the salon, Cami and Jimena discuss the reason Jimena lied to Rico. Jimena says it gives them more time to think, for Cami to actually get pregnant by Santo. Jimena mentions the man, Rico, is equal to Antillano. Cami asks then she noticed the resemblance also. Cami thinks about what a mess her life has become now. Jimena mentions the plan for the pregnancy. Cami wonders about that plan, find a man to get her pregnant so she can keep the inheritance. Jimena says Santo may be willing to help. Cami has her doubts. Jimena recalls her own horrible childhood with her mother and father and siblings, she cries and grumbles. Cami tries to understand and console. Jimena reminds Cami how blessed and charmed her life has been and continues to be.

* Mario and Rico meet in the forest by the lake. Rico tells Mario about his meeting with Cami and Jimena (he thinks they recognize him). Mario makes a remark about the ladies like refined gentlemen. Rico responds with his doubts, then tells Mario that Cami and Jimena says Cami is pregnant but he doesn't really believe it. He rides off, without waiting for Mario to get his horse ready to go.

* Fran and Lis talk in room, wonder where Rico is. Knock on the door. Rico enters. Fran asks if he saw Cami. As Rico tells her about the meeting, there's a knock at the door. The hotel staff are there for the luggage. Rico tells Lis and Fran he has decided to stay at the hotel for awhile longer. Lis disappointed and asks if they will see him at the mansion - he promises to visit them often. He escorts Lis out of the room, Fran follows.

* Jorge greets Rico, Lis and Fran on the courtyard. Jorge tells staff to take the luggage to the prepared guest rooms. Rico says thank you. As Jorge escorts them to the center of the courtyard, Sofia comes out to greet them. Jorge presents Sofia, Rico presents himself and Lisabetha and Aunt Fran. Sofia approaches Lis and talks to her. Lis gives Sofia a warm-hearted compliment and Sofia is impactado. Sofia escorts the ladies inside. Jorge and Rico go off to talk.

* Fortunata helps Ursula get ready in her bedroom. She tells Ursula that the house guests and Rico have arrived. Ursula tells Tita and the nanny to go play outside. Tita makes a fuss because she wants to stay with her mom. Nanny escorts Tita out of the room. Fortunata helps Ursula finish getting dressed, as they talk about Rico vs. Vasco, and the gossip around town about her.

* In the office, Rico and Jorge discuss the length of time Lis and Fran will be at the house; Rico wishes to find a house to rent in the area. Jorge says no need, they can stay for as long as they want. Rico says that's very gracious, but he would prefer a place of his own, so he can get his own business started. Jorge asks about the business he's interested in. He mentions business with sugar. Jorge wonders about his business dealings with pirates. Rico says as long as the cash rolls in, does it really matter the process? Jorge and Rico laugh - Jorge says we will work well together. Knock at the door. Alberto enters. Jorge presents him to Rico. Jorge tells Alberto about Rico and his business venture, and asks Alberto for his opinion. Alberto responds and talks with Rico. They exchange glances.

* As Santo works in blacksmith shop, Mario bugs him with personal questions about his family ties to the town. Santo asks Mario about his hometown. Mario says he's a man of the world. Santo asks about Mario's boss - Mario says he's a boss and a friend. Santo asks more questions about Mr. Lopez de Carvajal. Mario wonders about the curiosity; if Santo is afraid of his boss; Santo says he's not. Pancho and Crispin tell Mario that the horses are ready to go. Mario pays Santo the one peso bill and walks the horses away.

* Cami and Jimena talk as they sew on the courtyard. Cami isn't comfortable with Jimena's idea. Jimena says with her inheritance, she's helped so many already, she can continue to do so. Cami gives her opinions. Knock at the door. Jimena wonders about Antillano's deal, wants Cami to ask about it. Cami isn't interested. Cleo answers the door; ushers Rita inside. Cami is happy to see her sister and gives her a hug. They go inside to talk. Cleo and Jimena stay outside by the doors - try to eavesdrop on the conversation inside.

* Rita and Cami talk in the formal salon about Santo's attitude shift and her marriage since Cami returned to town. Rita vents her frustrations and jealousies over all the meetings between Cami and Santo. Cami says she and Santo are just friends, and she will not adapt her life just to avoid Rita's jealous behavior. Cami vents her own frustrations over Rita marrying Santo. They debate and argue and cry. Rita asks Cami if she and Santo are lovers. Cami responds and turns around. Rita cries and wonders again about it. Cami bites her lip to hold back her tears.

* Lis and Fran sit in the ladies private salon with Sofia, Ursula and Fortunata. They talk about Rico - Lis says he prefers his freedom that's why he didn't move over to the mansion with them. Sofia asks about their trip to San Fernando. Fran and Lis tell them about Lis' father, the demon, who gave away the bulk of his estate to his slave bride. Fortunata asks about court case against the will. Fran tells them about the doctor's letter. Lis says the lady claims she's pregnant now, but they aren't convinced. Ursula asks if the lady is in San Fernando. Fran says yes. Sofia asks for her name. Lis says Camila Darien. Fortunata gasps, "Justo's daughter!" Fran is stunned they know her. Sofia says yes, all her life. Ursula calls Cami a "dead fly". Sofia says Cami has been a good girl all her life. Fortunata repeats the highlights of the story, then has to apologize to Lis for calling her "the blind girl". Lis forgives her.

* Sofia and Fortunata meet with Justo at his home. They discuss the story of Cami as told by Fran and Lis. Fortunata then mentions that the man with Fran and Lis (Rico) is a potential husband for Ursula. Justo is impactado. Sofia thinks it is perverse.

* Rico visits the mansion. The guard lets him in; he strolls through the courtyard and into the house. He asks the maids where Fran and Lis' rooms are. The maid escorts him upstairs. Ursula stops him on the stairs to talk. He tries to leave. She invites him to her room for a private talk. He's polite and then leaves.

* In the room, Fran reads on the bed. Lis sits in the chair holding her doll. Lis wonders if Ursula is interested in Rico; Fran hasn't been paying attention to Ursula at all. Knock at the door. Lis uses her cane to answer the door. Rico enters. They sit and discuss what to do about Cami's pregnancy. Rico says they should just wait and see if Cami starts to show or not. Fran replies she doesn't believe that will ever happen. Rico has to convince them to stick with his plan and let it proceed as he has designed it. They discuss Cami and the plan. Rico asks about the accommodations. Lis says she doesn't like Ursula - she's too frivolous and flirtatious. Lis wonders if he's interested in her. Rico says she's okay, but he's not interested. Lis holds his hand and is happily enchanted.

* Jimena is putting things away in the closet in Cami's bedroom. Cami enters crying, about Rita's jealousy and accusation that she and Santo are lovers. Jimena listens and then tries to cheer Cami up. Cami leaves the room.

* Sofia and Fortunata talk as they stroll through town. Sofia tells Fortunata her questions about Rico. They see Rico leave the mansion and stop. Rico walks to them, greets them properly and leaves. Sofia and Fortunata walk to the front gate. (Sofia is still not impressed.)

* Santo sees Rita run back home crying. He follows her into the house, very concerned. In the bedroom, Rita confronts Santo if he and Cami are lovers. He's stunned by the question. Rita takes the look as meaning that it is true - she saw the same look on Cami's face earlier. They argue over the point and Rita's jealousy. Santo storms out as Ofelia enters the room. Rita cries on Ofelia's shoulder. Ofelia is impactado and bewildered.

* Mario and Rico are in front of the hotel as Santo hobbles by in the street. Santo is frustrated and angry and looks around the town. Mario and Rico watch Santo and follow him all the way to Cami's mansion. Mario and Rico hide behind a nearby coach and gossip about Santo's mood and why he's there. Mario and Rico leave.

* In the salon, Santo and Cami hug and start kissing!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Juan Q 12/27 “Remember me and smile, for it's better to forget than remember me and cry.”

Happy Thursday, I'm filling in for Sylvia! It’s sad to say, but this is my final "Querendon" re-cap. If anyone wants to take my place, please e-mail Melinama ASAP. It’s been a blast doing these re-caps and I’m going to miss everyone! I hope you all have a delightful Año Nuevo and I’ll see you all soon. (Jaime Camil started filming a new novela so you know I’m all over that one!)

CL can’t believe that Paula really wants a divorce. Paula tries to make him see that it’s the best thing for the both of them, but he thinks they’re just going through a crisis and need some time to figure out things. Paula does not agree; they’re just putting off the inevitable. They see life too differently and want different things. CL still thinks they should give their love a chance. He weeps as he proclaims that he loves and adores Paula. He doesn’t want to lose her. CL stands behind her and begs. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her by his side. Paula cries, but there is no sign that she’s going to cave. He cries harder and please with her not to leave him.

Juan tries to explain why he came back to Archichipico like he did. He couldn’t come back home a loser. Anga sarcastically retorts that it was better that Juan came back like a carnival king, a lie. He asks Juan if that is what Juan thinks is a successful man. Juan agrees that it is not. Juan says that he honestly wanted to use the businessman to help his people. Juan pleads with Anga not to throw in the towel and destroy Juan’s dream. Anga agrees to help Juan because he sees something sincere in Juan (just not his words) and because it would be agreeable to Anga. Anga thinks there’s no other path than to become business partners. Juan thinks to himself that he is thankful for this ambitious man who will save him. Juan tells Anga that he doesn’t believe in coincidences; he believes in divine providence. He thinks this is why Anga and Juan are sitting at the same table talking business.

CL tries to come up with solutions, Paula living with her mother, psychologists. Paula doesn’t believe his promises and doesn’t think they will help. CL continues to beg and asks for one last chance. Paula stupidly says that she doesn’t know. CL tells Paula that the love he shared with her was the most valuable of his life. He’s only asking for one more chance. Paula hugs him and agrees to give one more chance. She wants to make it clear that if it doesn’t work out this time, he may not ask her for another chance. CL promises and tells Paula that she won’t regret her decision.

Juan and Anga continue to talk business. Anga wants to make sure that this business is squared away. Juan confirms for Anga that Akito’s papers give him all the information he needs to conduct the business and take care of any competition. Anga mentions that he researched and couldn’t find any prospective competition. Juan tells Anga that he should know that Farrell Industries is a possible competition. Anga doesn’t like this news; he thinks it’s a serious problem. Juan doesn’t think that it makes things impossible. Anga appreciates Juan’s spirit and optimism.

Monica sees Paula leaving CL’s office and immediately calls Pastor. Her nosy butt wants Pastor to find out what was said and tell her everything. Pastor nervously agrees. He leaves his office while Monica watches him approach CL’s office.

Guti, Alirio and some man I’ve never seen before talk about software. The unknown man says that he’s installed this software in many business and that he’s never had a complaint because it’s always functioned perfectly. Aliro’s not so sure; he thinks it’s a little dangerous. The man assures Alirio that everything’s under control. Whenever they want the software; all they need to do is notify him and pay him. Alirio pulls Guti to the side. Alirio tries to give excuses for not doing this, but the man interrupts. He gives Alirio an assessment of how much money he can make. Alirio immediately agrees to form a contract with the man for the software. I haven’t been watching lately, but I’m getting that this might be an “Office Space” type scheme. I guess Alirio supposes himself a Milton type person. I mean, he is in the basement just like Milton. Does this mean that Farrell industries will eventually burn down? Just give Alirio the damn stapler!

CL blindly explains the conversation with Paula to Pastor. CL was obviously affected by Paula’s threat. He tells Pastor how he begged Paula to stay. CL can’t believe that he promised to go to a psychologist. Pastor doesn’t think that the psychologist is such a bad thing.

Juanito looks surprised to see his father. He rushes over to Juan who clutches Juanito and tells Juanito that he was burning mad. Juanito tells Juan that he didn’t think Juan would return. Juan asks why Juaunito would think that. Juan’s there right now. They pinch each other to make sure it’s not a dream. The man and the boy tell each other that they love each other. Anga looks touched.

Nidia’s having a hotflash and it won’t end. She gets up to go get some fresh air and ends up passing out. Ana fans Nidia with her hand and wonders what she should do.

Pastor gladly tells Monica the news. He tells Monica that Paula and CL are separating and that Paula asked for a divorce. Monica says that this is excellent news. Pastor next tells Monica that CL did not accept this and convinced Paula to stay. Monica can’t believe this; she calls Yvonne to take care of the problem.

Yvonne can’t believe that Fernando’s so mad. She points out how fresh and happy she is. Fernando congratulates her for being so even-tempered. Fernando stops the elevator. Yvonne thinks that this means that they’re going to have sex in the elevator. Fernando assures her that they will not and that he’s tired of her games. Yvonne plays dumb. He reviews the previous night with her and accuses her of lying to go home with CL. He says that what they had is over because he’s hit his limit. Yvonne tells Fernando to calm down. He tells her to leave him in peace because he wants nothing more to do with her. He coldly tells her good-bye for forever. She steps off the elevator and looks slightly confused.

Paula goes over the conversation with CL. Marely patiently listens but reminds Paula that she’s heard CL’s promises before. Marely asks if Paula really thinks this will work. Paula admits that something in her changed ever since she saw Juan again. Paula says that she can’t leave because of Juan; when she leaves it has to be with a clear conscious.

Yvonne enters Monica’s office. Monica asks if Yvonne has plans for that night because Yvonne needs to “entertain” CL. Yvonne starts to protest, but Monica won’t hear it. Yvonne agrees to Monica’s plan.

Juan tells Juanito that he needs to leave on a business trip, but Juanito’s coming with him. He spots Erlinda and asks her why she’s there. Erlinda says that she won’t go home because her place is there with Juan and his son. At that same moment, one of the Chavez brothers announces that Erlinda has left the house for Juan’s.

Anga takes his leave of the Dominguez clan. Juan asks Juanito to entertain himself while Juan speaks with Erlinda. Juan tells her she can’t stay there; they’ve talked and know that their relationship cannot be. Erlinda wants to stay, no matter the consequences. Juan tells Erlinda that he doesn’t want anymore problems with her father. Erlinda tells Juan that he is her life and she wants to be with him no mater what. Juan tells Erlinda that a relationship needs much more than love and he’s not ready to offer those things at this moment. Erlinda persistently says that she wants to remain at Juan’s side. He thanks her and says that if there were other circumstances he wouldn’t hesitate to make her his spouse but she deserves something much more. Erlinda doesn’t want to wait for her principe azul; she doesn’t want allow Juan to leave her again.

Pastor tells Yvonne that even in her worst moments with CL he never saw her so sad. Yvonne tells Pastor that Fernando was her opportunity to change, her future and her chance for a family. Pastor points out that Yvonne never expressed or demonstrated this before now. Yvonne tells Pastor that a person can change and that she doesn’t want to continue to be CL’s lover but Monica’s insisting. The friends talk about how ironic what Monica will do out of jealousy. Yvonne tells Pastor that she wants to be with someone but not CL. Pastor advises Yvonne to accept the consequences of her acts.

The doctor tells Nidia that it doesn’t appear to be anything serious but they need to wait for the analysis. The women ask about the baby. The doctor looks confused and tells Nidia that she’s not pregnant. She’s never been pregnant; she’s going through menopause.

Needless to say, this is not good news to Nidia. She starts to hyperventilate and ends up passing out in the clinic room. There’s a new emergency and the doctor checks to make sure Nidia wasn’t injured by the fall.

CL can’t believe that Yvonne would leave him behind in order to go with Pastor. He says that they can go to Yvonne’s favorite restaurant but she says they can another day. CL thinks that Yvonne’s being dishonest and playing a game. Yvonne denies this. CL catches on that there may have been a fight with Fernando. Yvonne tells CL it’s none of his business and marches out of his office, ignoring him calling her name.

Juan goes to the Chavez family. He asks them to talk to Erlinda and tell her that she’s not doing the right thing. The Chavez think that they should accept Erlinda’s decision. Juan accuses the Chavez of sending Erlinda, but Daddy denies this. After some argument, Daddy finally tells one of the brothers to go get Erlinda. Daddy says this doesn’t mean that Daddy will forget Juan’s debt; there’s only one way to pay and Juan knows what that is.

Delfina comes into the store at the same time Anga buys a pair of shoes. She walks around fanning herself. Anga comes over and tells her that she has a beautiful smile and that she resembles someone that he knows. He says that person is, well was, very special. He’s trying to forget her. Delfina thinks that he’s in the perfect place. They introduce each other.

Marely calls the Davila house in order to find her mother, but Paula says that she’s not there. Marely asks Paula to have Nidia call the home. Paula asks the same. Yadira wants to know where her mother is; they were supposed to go to the pediatrician together. Marely thinks that Nidia must have forgotten.

The doctor says that the fall was bad, but Nidia’s resting. He tells Ana to call the family. Ana tells the doctor that the family doctor confirmed Nidia’s pregnancy. The doctor replies that this happens from time to time. It’s not the first time that he’s heard of it.

Ana calls the Cachon house. Alirio’s sure that Nidia’s absence has to do with that witch, Ana. Marely explains that they’re waiting for Nidia to go to the pediatrician. Ana tells Marely what happened and Marely tells Ana not to leave Nidia alone. Alirio wants to know what happened. Marely won’t hear it and shouts that Nidia’s in the hospital and that they need to leave immediately. Kike comes down the stairs and gets “The Stare” when he asks what happened.

The Cachons have arrived at the hospital and the doctor explains about the false pregnancy. Alirio laments this tragedy. He goes over to the doctor who comforts him by saying this confusion is very common. He tells Alirio that the most important thing is to support Nidia. Alirio tries to go see Nidia, but Marely pulls him away. Yadira tells Alirio not to bother her mother anymore.

Marely goes to see Nidia who sits up smiling. Nidia tells Marely that she’s better than ever. Me thinks someone got some happy pills.

Negro tries to talk to Erlinda and reason with her. He tells her that she’s in love with love and doesn’t know Juan. She’s obsessed with him. She tells Negro that Juan was her first and only. Negro asks if it’s really worth it to want to be with Juan, but the Chavez barge in and interrupt.

Nidia and Marely continue to talk. Nidia tells Marely that she doesn’t remember anything. Marely tells Nidia that it’s better that Nidia rests. Nidia wants to know why Marely thinks that Nidia will worry. She says that she’s happy and begins to medidate.

Alirio stops Marely as she leaves the room. Everyone wants to know about Nidia’s state. Marely explains that Nidia’s confused and needs to rest. She’s acting as though nothing happened. Alirio thinks that Nidia has amnesia because she cannot accept “the loss.”

Negro lectures Juan for his treating Erlinda as if she were a thing or an animal. Juan won’t listen. He says that he’s been the only one patient with Erlinda. Negro reminds Juan of his past with Erlinda, but Juan says that is the past and he’s changed. Negro says that Erlinda’s stopped being a beauty because of Juan. Negro tells Juan that he cannot wash his hands of Erlinda; it’s Juan’s responsibility to take care of her and assume his responsibility. Juanito comes out and wants to know why Negro was so mad. Juan says it’s because he’s speaking with reason.

Negro goes to a bar and sings a sad song about disloyal love. Juan comes into the bar and listens. He smiles and applauds Negro. He goes to Negro and asks if Negro’s still mad. Negro says that he’s not; it’s something else. Juan tells Negro that he was right. Juan explains that when he went to the capital he learned about being in love and now doesn’t want to be with a woman with whom he’s not in love. Juan says that he’s not responsible for all of Erlinda’s problems, but there are thing for which he is responsible. His attitude with her was wrong. Juan swears that he doesn’t want Erlinda that way. Juan thinks there may be a solution. Juan asks Negro if he’s in love with Erlinda.


Dar largas: to put off; to procrastinate

Doctor de cabecera: family doctor

Quiebra: Bankruptcy

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin


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Amar Sin Limites #110, Wednesday 12-26: Cute and Stupid spawned (which one is which is up to you)

Leftovers: Emilia counsels Diego on his ill-conceived relationship with Silvana: "You may get over Azul, but that doesn't mean you'll fall for Silvana." Silvana attempts to pull rank on Chonita, but gets busted by Clemencia. Frijolito realizes that Azucena is Azul. Smart kid, that.

Clemencia tells Silvana that she has no right to talk to Chonita like that, or to make Clemencia feel unwelcome. She reminds Silvana that this is her son's house, and in exasperation, asks Silvana to admit she was in the wrong. Chonita doesn't stick around, but says she'll get the plates (vajillas) out and let Clemencia decide which ones she wants. Clemencia tells Silvana that because the relationship is informal, Silvana has no right to act like the lady of the manor. Silvana sucks it up and apologizes (and unfortunately, it looks like Clemencia bought it). I was really hoping for a better smackdown than that.

Frijolito thanks God for figuring out that Azucena is Azul and says he's going to tell Diego. God's like, "please do, kid, this has been going on way too long."

In Azulcena's therapy session, she tells her therapist that she's good with kids and that LuisFe thinks that she might have been a psychologist. Azulcena thinks being an actual honest-to-goodness, degreed psychologist is just to lofty for her. The "aw-shucks" persona she's adopted since the amnesia is beginning to wear on me. The therapist says they'll do some tests to see just how knowledgeable about psychology she is and proceed from there. Oh, that would suck, to be subjected to a comprehensive exam AGAIN because you couldn't remember you'd already taken it and passed it. Great, now I have a new nightmare.

LuisFe, Mario, and LuisFe's Mami are having an Azulcena meeting in the hospital cafeteria. Mario struck out at the national psychology association, but he intends to keep trying. "We must find out who she is" blah-blah-blah. LuisFe suggests enlisting Emilia's help and Mario mentions he has an appointment with her today. Yes, please let that be today in show-time, I'm dying over here!

Frijolito busts into MS's study to get Diego's number. Well, in all fairness, I don't think the door was locked, so it's more like he walked in.

GSD fills Emilia in on his meeting with Mario and LuisFe. GSD wants Emilia to help LuisFe's "girlfriend," and she would only be too happy to (since she's probably bored out of her mind). GSD cutely tells Emilia's bump that he's going to give Mommy a kiss and he wants baby to know that he loves baby even with out meeting baby, he's Daddy, and he loves baby. Emilia confirms that of course, baby heard that. It's saved from being sappy by GSD's matter-of-fact tone.

Mario hands over Azulcena's test results and LuisFe LIES and says she just has a stomach infection. Mario's like, whatever and Mami's relieved, but the sound guy knows that LuisFe is a BIG LYING LIAR!

Clemencia and Chonita have been working on dinner. As Clemencia explains to Silvana (who offers to help cook…yeah, right), Day of the Taco is coming (March 31…no, seriously, Google it) and since Lidia and Tavo looooove tacos so much, Clemencia is making tacos with different stewed meats ("guisados"…and a shout out to my nephew's nanny, who made us an excellent beef guisado a few weeks ago when we visited…I'm still dreaming about that guisado…what? Oh, right, recapping….) for dinner. Silvana's like, "oh, that's nice (not!)." The phone rings and Silvana makes a grab for it. I can't decide if Clemencia's being catty when she answers the phone "Diego Moran's house," but I'd like it if she were. Frijolito is on the other end, covering the phone's mouthpiece with his shirt and trying to make his voice deeper. He says he's a friend of Diego and has to talk to him because he knows where Azul is. He hangs up and Clemencia freaks out. Commercials. Silvana sits her down and gets her one of her heart pills. Clemencia passes on the message (no! don't do that!) that someone knows where Azul is.

Frijolito kneels in front of the Virgen just as MS comes into her office. He tells MS he wanted to talk to her and asks what would happen if he know who Azucena really was. MS, of course, can't imagine why he would and so assumes he's lying and forbids him to speak of it again, and especially not to Azulcena. Frijolito is dismissed. As he leaves, I notice the cross on the wall…isn't it the same one that used to hang on Leo's wall? Frijolito debates telling Azulcena anyway. MS suspects that Frijolito called someone on the phone.

Silvana talks Clemencia into not telling Diego. Clemencia, unfortunately, doesn't catch the subtext and buys into Silvana's arguments (Diego will only get his hopes up, we already have proof that she's dead, etc.) for not telling Diego.

Emilia breaks it to GSD that Silvana has moved into Diego's house. GSD acknowledges that Diego's young, but he's also a bit surprised that this happened so soon. GSD, of course can't complain too much since he was sleeping with Inés before his wife was dead. Mr. 5ft pointed out that he also jumped from Inés to Emilia pretty quickly. GSD seems kind of sad, but resigned.

Frijolito jumps the orphanage wall and heads out to make some cash for the phone.

Azulcena fills LuisFe in on her latest therapy appointment (which apparently happened in the hospital). LuisFe tells her that Mario had no luck at the national psych organization. He babbles about her "essence" being the same whether she knows who she is or not. Yep, she's still a twit, just in a different way. What? You were thinking it too. Azulcena tries to get him to agree to run off with her (and again, they're playing Todo Cambió…if I ever get my hands on the person who made that decision….), but LuisFe won't do it. LuisFe breaks the news that Azulcena is pregnant. And yes, it should be noted that "embarazada" means "pregnant" NOT "embarrassed!" Commercials. Azulcena is impactada. She extrapolates that she must be married and ponders who the baby-daddy is. LuisFe offers that if she never does find the baby-daddy, he'll give the baby his name. Azulcena thanks him for his support (but not in a Bartles & Jaymes way).

Ceci and Caty come skipping down the hospital corridor. Caty kept Mario's cell phone, and she just now told Ceci. Caty quite reasonably points out that it's not all her fault, since Mario forgot to ask for it back. Ceci gets Caty to agree that she won't accidentally hold on to something that's not hers again. Ceci says that Caty will now have to make her apologies to Mario. Caty carries this a step further and says they'll need to invite Mario out for ice cream so he won't be mad at them. She's a dead-eyed little moppet, but she sure did inherit Daddy's ability to scheme. Ceci doesn't think Mario will be able to, but Caty thinks Mario will want to skip out on work (irse de pinta).

Silvana *69s and find out the call came from the orphanage. She is Seriously. Freaked. Out.

Frijolito helps a lady carry grocery bags to her car for phone money. I know the Mexican economy's not great, but how many bags of groceries is this kid going to have to carry to make enough money for one phone call?

LuisFe and Azulcena are still sitting in one of the hospital's waiting areas, talking about the pregnancy. He lets her know that he lied to Mami and Mario because he wanted her to have the news first. He says they're going to have to tell Mami and MS so that Azulcena can get the care she needs. Azulcena thanks him for taking care of her…with a kiss…which Ceci and Caty walk in on. Come on, Ceci, you're a born metiche, stick around and see who he's kissing! But nooooo, Ceci leaves with Caty. LuisFe says if they could leave everything behind, he'd love to start all over with her, get married, etc. Azulcena says that's no longer possible. LuisFe is sad, but he says that's why he wanted to let her know, before she made any decisions. Azulcena says that the baby is a reminder that she has a past and that the baby-daddy is part of her past. She doesn't know if she was married or not, or what happened to him, but if she hadn't loved him will all her strength, she wouldn't have wanted to have his baby. Interesting logic.

At the boutique, Diego avoids giving Bruno an interview. Bruno being the journalist (and I use that term loosely) who broke the news of Diego and Silvana's supposed relationship.

Clemi tries a bit of guisado before letting Chonita know whether she should turn down the heat. Silvana comes in, back in her dress from earlier, and says she's got to go out. She offers for Clemi to just order out, but Clemi says she's almost done with the guisados (mmmmm, guisado) for the tacos. As Silvana walks out of the house her phone rings. It's Bruno and Silvana tells him that Diego's not going to give anybody an interview since he's upset about the news of their (gag) relationship showing up in the paper. She says she'll meet him in two hours outside Diego's house and give him an exclusive. Oh, please let them get busted by Diego.

Tavo and Efrain talk about Tavo's plan to make Lidia think she's marrying a poor man. Efrain doesn't think it's a good idea, but Tavo still has his doubts and has to be sure. Efrain quite reasonably points out that there's no sense in working so much if one isn't planning to share it with family. Tavo's still stuck on needing to know that she's not marrying him for his money. I agree with Efrain that this whole stunt could end the relationship. Except that this is Telenovelaland, so probably not, but Lidia will be in a right snit for a while and Tavo will have to make it up to her.

Sounds like Lidia has been working for Anibal lately. She's selling health insurance for plastic surgery, which Anibal points out works sort of like a low-interest loan. Lidia is planning to make a presentation to Silvana at dinner so that Silvana can point her in the direction of some models who might be interested in buying the insurance. Sounds like a decent business plan, that, except for the part where Silvana is involved. Anibal wonders why Lidia is trying to make so much money so quickly and Lidia says it's so that Tavo doesn't have to pay for the whole wedding. Plus, she's taking her mom's advice that a woman's got to have a little money of her own stashed away for a rainy day…or for the day you find out husband #1 is a sleazebag, whichever. Lidia's grateful to Anibal for teaching her about the value of hard work and is sorry that Manuel wasn't the one who taught her.

Frijolito has made it to Diego's house and from across the street, he watches Ceci and Caty walk in.

Ceci comes into the kitchen crying over seeing LuisFe kissing a girl. Frijolito rings the doorbell and asks to speak to Diego, but he has to contend with Caty. Caty won't let him in and thinks that Frijolito wants to get Diego to agree to send Caty to the orphanage. Frijolito throws his hands up and exclaims "women!" He plans to wait for Diego to show up.

Silvana is yelling at MS for the call. MS gives up Frijolito, which, HEY! She doesn't actually know she did it (although she tells Silvana she caught him doing it). MS tells Silvana that Frijolito said he knew who Azulcena was, although she thinks he's just making it up to get attention. Silvana demands to speak to "the little lentil" (lentejita) right away. Right then, LuisFe, Azulcena, and Mami walk up.

Ceci whines about running into LuisFe kissing his girlfriend and that she's probably going to be running into him even more now that he's going to be helping with Emilia's pregnancy. Clemencia says that one of two things will happen: either she'll keep running into LuisFe, or she'll end up liking Mario. Ceci doesn't think the second is likely. Clemencia points out that going out with Mario, his best friend, might look like she's just trying to be near LuisFe. That actually looks like she made Ceci seriously consider it.

Back in her room, hundreds of dolls watch as Caty calls Mario. He's like, "hey, I thought you were going to get Ceci to return my phone." Caty says that Ceci started crying at the hospital and told Clemencia that it was because she saw LuisFe kissing his girlfriend. Mario's kicking himself for not realizing that was a possibility. Caty invites him over to the house to pick up his cell phone.

Silvana listens at MS' door as LuisFe breaks the news that Azulcena is pregnant to MS and Mami. MS immediately starts praying. Mami assumes it's LuisFe's and says she's embarassed (avergonzada) to be his mother. She's upset that they carried on, even after she asked them not to, and in a convent, no less! Azulcena tries to stick up for him, but Mami doesn't want to hear any more. She asks if LuisFe is going to be so shameless (desvergonzado) as to deny that Azulcena's baby is his. LuisFe says he's not going to deny it. Azulcena looks shocked and Mami leaves, refusing to talk about it any further.

Frijolito watches as GSD and Emilia, and Mario show up at the house for dinner.

MS kicks Azulcena out of the orphanage for screwing around. She can't let her stick around corrupting innocent kids. Well, this is stupid! Why is LuisFe lying in such a damaging way? And why is Azulcena letting him?

Emilia, GSD, and Mario come into the living room and greet everybody. Ceci looks suspicious. Ooh, ooh, Mr. 5ft is hoping Mario will see a picture of Azulcena, but of course, we're not going to get that lucky. The occasion for the party is so that Tavo can ask Diego for Lidia's hand. Mario gets his cell phone back from Caty and makes to leave, but Clemencia makes him stay for tacos.

Back in Azulcena's room, she packs her meager belongings into a plastic bag and asks why LuisFe lied. He says he lied for Azulcena's benefit. We're both confused. LuisFe says that this way, if she doesn’t find the baby-daddy before the baby's born, they can just keep saying it's LuisFe's. Silvana listens at the door for this conversation as well. Azulcena keeps saying that regardless of what happened to baby-daddy, things just aren't going to work out with her and LuisFe. At least not until she gets her memory back. LuisFe's going to ask Mario to let Azulcena stay there for the night while Mario stays at his parents' house. Azulcena wants to talk to Frijolito before she leaves and LuisFe goes to find him. He runs into Silvana in the hallway and lets her into Azulcena's room.

Mario and Ceci go for a walk in the yard while Mario lets Ceci know that he's already been informed that Ceci saw Azulcena and LuisFe kissing. Mario boosts her ego and tells her she can't keep wasting her time on LuisFe. Azulcena is the only woman LuisFe has lost his head over like this.

Azulcena tells Silvana that she's been kicked out and that the baby's not LuisFe's. They never did it. Seriously? Even the time they went skinny-dipping? Silvana is impactada and thought bubbles that since the baby is Diego's now she's really going to have to get rid of Azulcena once and for all. Silvana says she's crying because she's thinking about how the baby will grow up without a father. Silvana says that if Azulcena can't find a place to stay, Silvana will take her somewhere (and drop her off a proper cliff this time).

Tomorrow: Silvana and Manuel plot and Bruno takes a picture of them.


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