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Qué Bonito Amor #120 (Mex 158) Monday 9/30/13 Temporary Losses and a Major Confession

This looks like a lot of overcompensation to us.

El Lay Prison: In the cell Michael tells Santos to keep on fighting and he will help. Maria enters the visiting lounge to visit Santos and a guard is sent to get him.

Doña Magnolia's Place: Isabel and Ana visit Amalia on the job. Ana brings Amalia some groceries despite being short on cash herself. She is about to go to Guadalajara to see El Jalisquito.

Guadalajara, DIF Facility: Vicente strums a child's guitar as a social worker approaches him to tell him that a young couple has come to see him for a possible adoption. He doesn't want to be adopted by anyone else, but the social worker is less than sympathetic.  She tells him that if all is well he will be adopted by these people in a week.
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PEAM #145, 09/30/2013 - So Many Babies Coming, So Many Baby Daddies Reactions, So Many Psychiatrists Needed Soon

Voici Rubén PRE 

Here we go again.  Chatita comforts Alma telling her how Alma's Papa is making another play for the favors of Susana, they kiss and Chatita leaves.

At the airport, Rogelio is having a meltdown with this lawyer when Elias appears and tells Rogue that Pati is not coming with him to NYC. She decided at the last minute not to go with him since she is unsure how she feels about him.  Rogelio's eyes light up with hope reborn.  Elias tells him if he really feels something for Pata, he better not keep making her feel bad.  He is off to his new life to face his future alone.  Rogelio does his usual JUADEVAH.. but still looks happier than we have seen him in many a moon.

Jesús shows up at the Avon office with this little box from Orion explaining that he will hold Alma's post but assures the idle office staff that she is going to be fine but needs to take care of herself and the baby with bed rest. Moments later, Julio and Aida show up in Jesús' (aka Alma's) office and feel happy to still be a great team. Jesús is thrilled that they came with him but who would have wanted to stay with Augusta the fury? Jesús thinks Aida can take Xochi's old job since Xochi was promoted.  No one seems in uniforms, could this become a trend. Julio greets Xochi with a happy face like he never was heartbroken.  Julio who has stepped out to the office to be greeted by an enthusiastic Xochi who learns they are all back from the dark caves of Orion.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Week of September 30, 2013

Good morning, Telemundies!  Here's your new page for the week.  Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mentir Para Vivir: Main Characters

Oriana Caligaris

Courageous, determined and committed, tender and intelligent.  As a young person, she settled in Colombia.  Even though she studied at the university, she has dedicated herself to her home and her little girl, Alina.   Implicated in smuggling by her husband, José Luis Falcón, she breaks away from her marriage and returns to Mexico along with Alina.  However, by troubling chance circumstance she and her daughter could be accused of murder.  It is then that the opportunity to adopt Ines Valdivia’s identity presents itself.  Even though she has misgivings about agreeing to it, she decides to do it in order to protect Alina and thus sees herself  forced to Lie In Order To Live/Mentir Para Vivir.” 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

La Tempestad #45-9/27/13:The Recapper Who Flew By The Seat of Her Pants, Or The Flotsom and Jetsom of This Capitulo!

Ahoy, Tempestad Maties! I am doing this recap mainly from memory. Things will not be in order as usual. I am combining some scenes to make the recap flow better. I got my flu shot this morning so if I got something wrong, I am blaming it on that ; ) Please let me know if I made any errors and I will fix them ; )

Black is Black, I Want My Baby Back:
DamDepressed is just lying on his bunk, when Claudio comes in and tells him, time is awastin', not that, but he can't stay in the cell all day. Go play some basketball for goodness sake! Claudio, bless his heart, has gotten through to DamAlrightI'llGo, and they do.

We are men, who says we can't gossip:
The crew of the Tempestad are at Candy's club, and talking about Marina and the hand holding Herny! They are so not liking that, but Candy reminds them that DamDumb dumped Marina so what about that, hmmmm..... It just so happens that the subject of the gossip, appears right at Lolo's elbow. She wants them to get crackin' as in go back to work. They agree, and then Lolo, Mr. I just gotta know, wants to know if he can ask her something, and before any of the boys can stop him, Lolo asks her about that Herny guy, waz up with that? Marina reminds him and the guys, hey DamDumb dumped me, so what about that? They have nothin' to say!
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Mentir Para Vivir! (Synopsis)

[This one takes the place of QBA in the 10 PM Eastern time slot and starts on 10/7.  Anybody interested in recapping or subbing, let Melinama know.]

Oriana will be forced to take another identity in order to protect her daughter.  She will have to confront many obstacles and schemes that will make her Lie In Order To Live!

Oriana Caligaris (Mayrin Villanueva—Eduardo Santamarina’s wife) and Jose Luis Falcon (Diego Olivera) are a Mexican married couple who, for some years now, live in Columbia and today have a six year old daughter named Alina (Ana Paula Martinez).

Jose Luis works in the Columbian Customs Office.  One day he confesses to Oriana that he did some contraband transactions and he deposited the earnings from those in an account under her name without her consent. Therefore, she is involved/implicated and the police are now looking for the two of them.  Disillusioned and disappointed, Oriana flees to Mexico with her daughter, Alina, in order to look for a very dear friend, Raquel (Altair Jarabo) who, together with Lucina (Cecilia Gabriela), is owner  of Hotel El Descanso in San Carlos, in the state of Sonora.  

Among the guests at the hotel is Don Gabriel Sanchez (Alejandro Tommasi), an old friend of Lucina’s, business partner of an important textile manufacturer located in Hermosillo, Senora. After being a widower, he is now remarried.  His wife (Lourdes Munguia) is an ambitious woman twenty years his junior, and whose brother, Berto (Ferdinando Valencia) is a gigolo/opportunistic playboy.  Gabriel is father of Ricardo (David Zepeda), a successful engineer and of a rebellious adolescent, Sebastian (Alejandro Speitzer). 

One day while Don Gabriel is with Alina,   a gunshot is heard and he falls down dead.  Oriana runs in and finds her daughter with a pistol in her hand.  Alarmed, she fears that Alina shot the gun.  At this point, Lucina takes control of the situation, deciding to send the two to Guaymas, Sonora to protect them.  

When Ricardo arrives at San Carlos to pick up his dead father’s body and to start an investigation, he’s informed that the principal suspect of the crime is a young woman who’s traveling together with her little daughter.   

At that same time, Ines Valdivia (Laisha Wilkins), a strange reclusive young woman, takes up lodging at the hotel and dies unexpectedly.  Always the clever one, Lucina takes advantage of the situation to ensure Oriana assumes Ines’s identity, using false documents, thus placing her safely away from the contraband investigation as well as that of Don Gabriel’s murder.  Oriana has her misgivings, but she has no other option than to (duhn-duhn-duhn-duhhhhhhh!!!!)  Lie In Order To Live!!!!!

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Corazón Indomable cap 99 9/27/13 I'm Natasha, But You May Call Me Señorita Nasty

We join Maricruz and Octavio in Lupita's nursery as he kneels and gazes adoringly upon his precious little daughter as she quietly sleeps... protected by two angels that are perched unseen and silent at either end of her crib. Invisible butterflies flutter about her pretty head. For a moment Maricruz is stirred by this tender tableau presented by the two most important people in her young life and moves in, reaches out and touches his shoulder. He rises and quietly turns to face her.  Their eyes lock and they embrace and indulge in  a sensual sensuous kiss briefly savoring each others lips...

"I Hate You!"  "I Hate You More!"

Suddenly the needle scritches across the vinyl grooves and we are shaken back into our present reality. Maricruz pulls away,

"You came to see your daughter?"


"Well pay attention... there she is."

They exchange a couple of gentle insults but I don't think either of them has the heart for a battle at this moment.

As we exit the room we get a closeup of the kid. She smiles sweetly as if to reassure us that after 60 or so more episodes of this nonsense, things are gonna be alright between her mommy and daddy... or maybe one of those butterflies tickled her nose...

"Shhh! They Think I'm Asleep."
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PEAM #144-9/27/13: One Pregnancy, One Being of Light, and One Kerfluffled Rogue, Oh, My!!!!!

Hola, PEAM Peeps. I am subbing for Ms Blue Lass who is away at a conference. I am combining some scenes to make the recap flow better.

We get the Alma in the hospital scene again, as her blood pressure drops, Pato gets a nurse for her. Alma is advised to stop stressing and Pato reminds Alma to think of the health of her bebe, who knew? Val must be rubbing off on Pato! Alma tells Pato she is important to her and Chucho even thanks Pato. Pato has some news. She is seriously thinking of going to Nuevo York with Elias!

Meanwhile, Eli is saying goodbye to his sweet little Val. She is very sad, but understands it is for work. He'll come back and visit her as he can. He also tells Val, casual you understand, that Pato is going with him to Nuevo York, que Padre!

Rico Suave and Maricela are in the Temple of Enlightenment and Rico is trying to explain the Light to her. He starts by trying to get Mari to meditate, but that ain't workin' for her. She loves her some Rico Suave, it's true, but she wants the old Rico Suave back, she can't seem to grasp the new Enlightened Rico Suave. She asks him to forgive her and she goes, he meditates.

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Qué Bonito Amor #119 (Mex 157) Friday 9/27/13 Is He A Sacrificial Lamb Or A Horse's Ass?

Capítulo 157 

Well, It's clear that Matlock and Mason they ain't.  Lawless and disorderly is more likely, but never having been in a courtroom myself, let alone having witnessed a federal criminal trial proceeding--such as this telenovela version claims to be--what do I know?  

·        Mirna looks on from a distance as Malo and sidekick handcuff Ruben and take him in for questioning.  He swears he’ll find out who gave him up to the coppers and make them pay!  She stares down at a photo, tenderly smooths it and declares, “—I did it for you, totally for you.”  (Baby Mommy alert for Isa!!)
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Mentir Para Vivir-Index

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Discussion: Classic Movie Remakes by Televisa, Third Edition

Since we have a remake novela ending next week, it's time once again for the Televisa Remake Game.
  • Pick a classic movie, any genre.  Title translation optional.
  • Give your dream cast for the Televisa Remake you would produce.  Actors currently under contract to Telemundo are also invited to the casting call.  Although most or all character names would be changed into Spanish ones, use the original character names for clarity.
  • Make note of any minor changes to setting, character relationships, etc.
  • Comment on any previously posted project.
  • New projects should occur at least every third post, but more frequently is good, too!
Last weekend I was watching one of the best movie mysteries ever made which had it all: Great sets, period costumes, dialogue, music, and an all-star cast. I amused myself by imagining the following Televisa cast for Murder on the Orient Express:

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La Tempestad 44 – Thursday, 26 September 2013 – The Education of Damian Fabre or the Count of Mexi-Cristo

Gaol, The Classroom

Damian Fabre, who is reminding me a lot of Edmond Dantes, has just finished his first reading assignment. Claudio is pacing the cell like a good professor and Damian sits on the lower bunk in his cell, like a good student. Damian tells Claudio that the book, Romeo and Juliet, transported him back to those old times and that some things have not changed. Couples still continue separating because of hatred and misunderstanding. Claudio, who might be an Abbe Feria lookalike to Damian’s Edmond, hobbles over to the bunk and sits down. Apparently he has a bad leg. He asks Damian, “Is this your situation, Sailor?”

Damian says that the comparison between himself and Romeo is not exact but has similarities. He thanks Claudio for having him read the book. Claudio asks Damian if the book cause him to sail away and then, when Damian smiles in assent Claudio waxes poetic about this being the first of many books Damian can read. “Good wind and better seas,” Claudio pronounces the blessing with a chuckle. He now offers to begin the Education of Damian and he will pick the books. Claudio notes that he and Damian share a profound depression or melancholy, and the way to treat the depression is to come to know oneself. Damian will learn much from his studies.

The Kiss – Rebeca and Jose

The hot kiss between Rebeca and Jose is shown again. Whooeee. Jose parrots Rebeca’s words back to her, “A kiss is just a kiss.” They part but Rebeca looks all shook up.

Marina is Sad

Marina is crying on the steps of the house. She wishes she had gone after Damian and at least talked to him. Beatriz, whom I find very hard to like, tells her that love never really goes away. She knows that after all these years she still loves Marina’s father. But Marina has to accept that Damian has hurt her in a very cruel way. Bea opines that Damian’s love was not as grand as he claimed. Marina cannot understand; one minute Damian loved her and the next he didn’t. She needs to understand and to have some peace. Only Damian can take the thorn from her heart by telling her the truth.
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Qué Bonito Amor #118 (Mex 156) Thursday 9/26/13 Que Inútil Día de Investigaciones

Paloma lets herself get talked into a frappé.  I can understand that.  I'm a fan of the frozen beverage.  Frappuccino.  Smoothie.  Margarita.

Milamores is called on to testify to Santos' good character.  The prosecutor calls him on the lack of proof, which is apparently only required of the defense and not the prosecution.  Milamores brings up the incarceration of his father for over 30 years without trial as proof of the US's crappy justice system.  Of course, the prosecutor objects to this.  Milamores calls for the immediate release of his father and Santos, both.  The judge tells everyone to STFU, go home, cool off, and be prepared to behave like adults when they start the trial back up again or he'll kick everyone out.

OG is hanging out in Maria's new place.  Gross!  Don't touch the traje!  You'll stain it with your grossness!  He takes video of himself sniffing the traje as he taunts Santos that he's in Maria's room and if Santos doesn't declare himself guilty, OG will rape Maria.  Not in so many words, but we all know that's what he means.  He reminds Santos that he's being watched, so he'd better not do anything stupid.

Mirna is shocked to find out Ruben is planning to close down the bar as his revenge.  He wants the mariachis out on the street.  Not Mirna, though, he'll find a job for her.  Mirna asks for compensation, from losing her job at the bar, I presume.  Elvira walks in on them getting a little frisky and demands to know QTH is going on.
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CI Capítulo 98 9-26-13 There’s a New Real Estate Development in the Works: Rancho Realengo

            Recapper La Paloma weeps softly. She already attended a morning meeting with 300 retired government workers and made a quick afternoon trip out of town for business. Returning home, she had hopes of recapping a thrilling episode. Alas, an endless series of dull conversations fill the screen in a mind-numbing rotation of all talk, no action. Only a little hot canoodling at the end and the introduction of a new character repay the time spent by Viewerville this evening.

What We Saw Before
          One great moment was MariCruz saying “I think I’m going crazy!” We heard a ripple of reaction from Viewerville here, but no united agreement. She wants to see Simona’s face reacting to the land giveaway.
          We also see Simona telling Octavio the news of the upcoming baby. Things will be different with this baby, compared to the baby that She Who Must Not Be Named won’t allow him to see.
          JA tells Ester that they’ll all go to live at MC’s ranch. Hasn’t she heard the news of the relocation of the Realengo folk?  Maybe not, since she doesn’t hang out with the neighbors so much. 

A Long String of Conversations in Short Summaries

  • ·         Mig and Tav—Tav couldn’t say no to group expectations and MC pressure when she announced he’d match her donation of 5 hectares of land.  Mig is angry MC is trashing their old ranch and he tells Tav not to let Simona find out. The bros will never forgive MC for her cavalier attitude toward their family land.

  • ·         Ester wonders what will happen when Simona finds out about all this.

  • ·         JA warns MC she’ll find out how bad the Realengo scum are. (His attitude is incomprehensible, but that fits with this TN.) She doesn’t know why she got carried away and thinks she needs to talk to Padre Julian.

  • ·         Simona tells Miguel that Ofelia will testify in his behalf concerning Eusebio’s killing.

  • ·         Navario (twinsebio) is telling Lina’s drunk daddy that his letter to the rich lady didn’t work, so maybe he’ll contact Miguel Narvaez directly. He has a bottle in his hand.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

PEAM #143- One is Having a Baby, One Doesn't Want a Baby and One is Having a Baby and Doesn't Believe It. Oh, and a Disciple Has Been Elevated!

Happy Thursday, the weekend is almost here!!

The past-

Jesus snatches up DeMonica (Vero) and asks her where is Alma??? DeMonica denies knowing anything.  Officer Delia calls Jesus and tells him that Alma s on her way to the hospital and she is alive.
DeMonica starts arguing with Rogue for giving Jesus the idea that she had something to do with Alma’s disappearance.  Rogue says that her plan is stupid but DeMonica lets him know that if she sinks he goes down with her.
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Corazon Indomable # 98 The Magic Dimples Work Like Magic

Miguel tells Octavio he wants to turn himself in now because he only has a son to live for, and I guess that’s not enough. Miguelito sure got in the wrong line when they were handing out parents. Octavio tries to convince him to let him help. Miguel agrees that the reason he’s in trouble to begin with is because Octavio brought that woman to their home. What Octavio should have said was; just because I brought her to our home, it didn’t give you the right to mistreat her like you did. She was my wife and your wife was terrible with her, and you continually backed Lucia up when I defended her. No one deserved to be treated that way, and you both deserve what’s coming to you now. But instead, Octavio really said; you’re right, it is my fault so that’s why I want to help you now.
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La Tempestad, September 25, 2012. Capitulo 43.

Guess my DVR didn't record right,  so I think I missed the first minute or so...


Mercedes and friends are driving down the streets looking for Magdalena. 


Marina tells Hernan that she doesn't understand what he's trying to say.  Hernan will clarify for her.  He knows she was deeply affected with everything that happened with DamFab.  He admires her courage and regrets getting in the way of her and DamFab's love, but the love that he feels for her is too strong (umm, it's more like an obsession really). 


DamFab is led to his cell where he encounters his new cellmate, Claudio (Rene Casados).  Claudio puts on his tough guy face and says so your by new roommate?  Well, let me tell you there are rules here.  DamFab says there is no need for that.  I am not looking for trouble.  Just tell me where my bed is.  Claudio says the top is mine.  Suddenly some troublemakers come in and Claudio reminds them that he is not going to give them anything.  He doesn't need any protection.  The leader (who I will call UglyTatFace until I find out his name) reminds him that everyone needs protection.  DamFab tells UglyTatFace that he doesn't want any trouble. 

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Qué Bonito Amor #117 (Mex 155) Wednesday 9/25/13 Here comes Da Judge….Here comes Da Judge!!!

We're almost at the end folks!!

Justicia Americana:

Merry Mariachi's act up in court, Derecho testifies he estimates Santos laundered over $200 Million (dollars). Justo objects, saying Derecho is only speculating.  Summers presents bank statements as evidence of a BancoAmerica account used to move the money – an account that was curiously closed two days after the demise of Garza Cars......tan tan TAN!!  Santos vehemently objects, cuz in this version of Justicia Americana he can, saying that account never existed for the bidness
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PEAM #142-9/25/13: Another Wedding Ruined By A Pearl Necklace (and a Little Help From Veronica) Wink!!!

Recap By Pablo

My wink-o-meter was spinning like crazy!! Like me, covering all the weddings!!

I got good news and bad news!

Discua got out of jail. And well... one could think that being in the path of light and under the microscope of the Universe, subject of its protection, nothing harmful would come our way, right? Wrong! That is not true. See? Discua has cancer, and no reiki or spheric meditations visualizing the tantric triangle had helped her in any way...maybe she is going through a faithless phase. The solution? Go and die, I mean, meditate at the top of a mountain in Tibet with the Buddhists. Maybe her xylophonic winking won't bother them. Or maybe they will think there is a singing bowl!! In her butt!

It's a mad, mad world

Ricardo is now her brother of light, and Remigio one of the security guards. Where did he learn how to run after suspects? Well... Melchor couldn't run to save his life either! He could roll, though. This proves that ANYBODY, anybody can work at Avon, experience not required. 

The key word is reciprocation

How can I describe América and 3bal Monterrey at Valentina's party with one word? Annoying!
How can I describe Alma's huuuge cleavage with one word? Impossible, I need two! And big ones!  Mmm, like a double breast chicken! That Queen's outfit was from another queen a little smaller!
And just to make sure this party was doomed like the first one, thanks to her, even when she blames Jesús, Verónica came to see Valentina and to make everyone uncomfortable . I wish Jesús could have called the police on her but he said he didn't want to ruin Vale's party and he did from tripe heart (Hizo de tripas corazón)
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Qué Bonito Amor #116 (Mex 154) Tuesday 9/24/13 Time to face the music

Ladies- Parts one and two are up

I'm going to do this in two parts, first what's going on in Mexico and then the happenings in El Lay, that way I won't have to jump back and forward.

In Mexico Amalia and the girls are out on the street, Aaron offers Paloma a place to keep their furniture, everyone is devastated by being kicked out of their homes (see, this is why sometimes it's better to own, rather than rent), Mancia has taken to the streets and is trying to make extra money by reading peoples fortunes using the tarot cards, she tells Irasema that a card keeps coming up and it bothers her because it means nothing good is on the horizon, Irasema tells her that the last thing they need is more bad luck.

Vanessa and Aaron are discussing Paloma's woes and Aaron tells Vanessa not to make fun of Palomas situation, then he confesses that he really digs Paloma and wants to be with her, even if it means that he loses the bet he made with Vanessa. I like this kid.
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La Tempestad Cap #42. September 24th 2013. DamFab Gets A Much Needed DamHaircut At The Prison

DamFab is found Guiltyx4 (thanks Cap'n Sylvia). Commotion in the courtroom. Crew won't let them take DamFab away. Mercedes wants justice to be done. Fulgencio grins with malicious satisfaction at the verdict. Judge can't keep order in his courtroom. What would Judge Judy do? Me thinks she would have been a better judge than the one we got. 

Mexico City
EstherHada asks Ernie if he's sure that he wants to marry her. Ernie says of course I do. You are going to give me my primogenito (first born). Macario, who looks like Powder with a horrible looking wig, congratulates the nauseating couple. He's sure that their child will bring happiness to their lives. He tells EstherHada that he's sure that in these circumstances Ernie would give his life for EstherHada. The Patio isn't so sure about that one, Macario. Ernie wants to make a toast, but Powder err I mean Macario doesn't think its prudent that EstherHada be drinking given the circumstance. But Ernie, who is not father of the year material, says let her do it for this occasion. It is not everyday that you have a bun in the oven. They all toast to Ernie's future wife and first born. Gag! 

Back in R-Laydee
The commotion continues. DamFab makes a DamSpeech. He wants everyone to be calm. Crew wants to be taken into custody with DamFab. One for all and all for one like The Three Musketeers. You gotta love these guys. They are so loyal to DamFab and care about him so much. He's DamLucky to have friends like these. Anyway, DamFab doesn't want them to resort to violence to free him because it could cause problems for them. He assures them that all will be well. DamFab is being taken away. Marina yells to the judge that DamFab is innocent and asks for DamFab to be released. Judge says that DamFab was tried according to the law and there isn't anything he can do. Fulgencio takes this opportunity to call DamFab a murderer and mentions that crap about the owner of sailboat having seen DamFab put the explosives on the sailboat. Mercedes yells at Fulgencio that all that is a lie. She will find the proof to prove it. Fulgencio asks her  where the proof is. Mercedes says that unfortunately she lost the original documents but she will get them. Oso mentions how someone tried to drive them off the road to prevent Mercedes from showing the proof to the court. Fulgencio says that without that proof, if it does indeed exist, there isn't anything they can do. DamFab will have to serve his sentence. Which reminds me, they never did say what that sentence would be. 20 años maybe? It is always 20 años in novela land. DamFab and Fulgencio stare at each other. DamFab gives Fulgencio a if looks could kill stare. Jose tells Fulgencio that they'll appeal. Fulgencio shows Jose his hand as if telling him talk to the hand dude. Mercedes tells DamFab that they are all there for him. DamFab asks them to calm down. Mercedes says that they won't let them lock him up. DamFab tells them that they'll have to accept it. They can't go against the law to help him. There are other ways that they can help him. He knows that they'll find a way to free him. He is taken away. Before exiting, he stares at Marina who is in tears. He leaves. Hernan slithers his way over to Marina and tells her to be strong. Marina says that DamFab was found DamGuilty while there are a lot people like her that know that he's DamInnocent. Marina thoughtbubbles that she doesn't want to lose DamFab despite him having hurt her. 

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PEAM, Tuesday 9/24/13 (#141): Surprise Parties for Everyone

Hola, amiggies! Time for a PEAM quiz!

1. You want to dress as a fairy-tale prince. What kind of costume do you wear?
a. A kilt.
b. Tudor style.
c. Gangnam style.
d. A praying mantis outfit.

2. Your baby-daddy spoils your daughter's birthday party by violating a restraining order and getting arrested. He makes it up to her by throwing her a second, much more extravagant party. How should you react?
a. Boycott it.
b. Show up, but don't open your mouth except for cake.
c. Be gracious for once. It won't kill you, I bet.
d. Make fun of your daughter's fairy-princess shoes.

3. You have terminal cancer. From whom would you most like to hear the bad news?
a. Your doctor.
b. Anyone else whose primary medical expertise isn't based on prime-time medical drama shows.
c. Your probation officer.
d. Your ex-fiance and his wife.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Corazon Indomable # 96, 09/24/13, The curse of love... only worse than the curse of watching this.

First of all RIP (Rest In Purgatory) Lucia
I was the one to recap Tav's first wedding, too, some 90 episodes ago. What an honor, really, may this new marriage be as happy as his last one. If he gets a number three, could I have that one, too? I'm getting good at this. 

Sweet, romantic music, and the green mountains of Tamaulipas start the show.

On the bridge
Tav is holding Mari in his arms and asking her why she’s sometimes so lovable and others such a raging bitch (that’s how I heard it).
This is just what Mari needed to pull out of the embrace and remind Tav (and the two viewers who had probably forgotten this detail) that she hates the Narvaez, doesn’t need his pity and he will end up hating her as much as she hates him.
But Tav is in protagonista mode, grabs her by the waist, reminds her that she seemed to enjoy the kiss they just shared.
Well, so did he, slave of his passions, Mari mocks him and declares that they are both cursed to feel a guilty love. She loves him with locura, but he leaves because it’s his wedding day and he doesn’t want to see her ever again.
As he rides off on his horse, she screams at him about being bought by Simona and how she pities the woman – but once she is alone, she starts to cry, because she’s the one to pity the most in this story and she knows it.

Tav doesn’t go straight to his wedding, he stops near a tree to think about the kiss he and Mari shared. He’s sure she’s only playing with him, as part of her venganza, because she surely hates him. But he’ll marry Simona, who proved to be a good woman, he won’t disappoint her. 
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La Tempestad Capitulo 41, Monday Sept 23, 2013 - The Miseries of Mercy

It’s recapper musical chairs night tonight at The Patio. I am recapping tonight’s episode and Gloria has kindly agreed to take Wednesday for me so I can entertain my out-of-town guests all week. Thanks Gloria!

From Friday - The Trial (A big nod to Novela Maven)
Let’s return to The Trial, where Damian knows exactly of what he is accused, though falsely. The Port Captain confirms that Marina urged the PC to request an emergency return for Damian, only to find out said “emergency” was merely a squeeze, a snuggle and vow of eternal togetherness. (The Patio notices the PC is on a first-name basis with Fulgencio and cries of “No Fair!!” ring out.) Fully asks if at any time Dam said he would return with Estercita, Nopis, or at least the PC never heard Dam say it. In other news Robles wakes up, his death was all a ruse. EsterHada angles for a ruby ring for which she will repay her sugar daddy dearly.

Tonight (Scenes mostly in order)
Over in the DF that DamHeli is finally ready for takeoff. Sheesh! ‘Bout time. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief for Mercedes yet...

There is another courtroom recess and the crowd ambles outside. Marina tells Team DamFab that she’s sticking around to support Dam even though the town gives her a hard time. Eusebia thinks Marina is brave and is sure that Dam’s innocence will be proved. Hernan enjoys being negative, “so much proof against Damian Fabre”, and Tia B enjoys getting in Hernan’s face to point out all Fully’s proof is so much hogwash.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #115 (Mex 153) Monday 9/23/13 Forgiveness


Lo del pasado

Elvirus delights in evicting Amalia and her daughters while making fun of Maria. She then rips something off the shrine to the Virgencita before walking out in her FM shoes. [Elvira, God will get you for that.]

Lo de nuevo

Prison Yard: The band begins playing “Las Rejas No Matan” and Oscar sings as Santos introduces Mike to Maria. He is clearly impressed with her.
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PEAM #140 - 09/23/13 - Baby, Baby, Baby-Oh…

My heart-felt thanks to TabletJefa, Pablo, and Madelaine for performing extra special duty to take my Monday episodes for the past three weeks!  Yes, Italy and France were storybook wonderful but more on that later.  Okay, just one beautiful Mérens stallion in France...

Now how about those Avonites? Yeah, I get to take up the pick and shovel, er, I mean laptop and a glass of lovely red wine waiting as a reward at the end of the hour - now it wouldn't do to watch this under the influence, would it? So let's see who has been naughty and who has been nice…

Alma and Pato plan the surprise announcement for Jesús, Jesica and her Cardenas as she fondles his bowling ball head, they sweet talk instead of working. Xochi and Pato greet and at least Pato works, answering the phone with Discua on the other end. She tells Pato of her arrest which she is sure has that roguish Rogelio behind the plot.  Rogelio demands that Susana tell Fernando he needs to speak to him immediately.  He falls into his office and finds delight in the newspaper condemning Discua for fraud and illegal or at least inexplicable gain of unbelievable sums of money.

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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - week of September 23

OK, here's your post. Over to you.

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Corazon Indomable #95, 9/23/2013: Lucia Passes the Venganza Torch, After Becoming One Herself

A lot happened tonight, so let’s skip the old stuff and get right to the new. 

We start the evening seeing Mari walking through her land, accompanied by one of her workers. She mentions that the work they are doing will benefit many people. Are those buckets we see in the hands of the workers in the background? Are they actually PICKING the oranges? Mari takes Jose Antonio off to attend other matters with her, as Nazario, aka Twinsebio, skulks into view and thought bubbles that Mari must have a thing for her capataz.

We teleport to Isla Dorada, where Miguel is greeting Lucia and Mini Miggy happily. Lucia decided to surprise him by not letting him know she was coming back so soon. They’re not just here for a visit, but to stay. In any case, they no longer have a home to return to in Tamaulipas. Plus, Lucia informs Miguel, Ewsebio’s brother has popped up, looking to settle scores for his brother’s death. Miguel looks confuddled by this news.

It’s nighttime in the countryside, but our protagonists are not having a peaceful night of sleep. Mari tosses and turns, and then finally gives up. She laments being all alone, and doesn’t think she can go on. Her loneliness can only be ended by HIM—her obsession and her torment (martirio).  Meanwhile, the HIM of which Mari speaks, is also wide awake and assuming Mari is sleeping peacefully. He wishes he had her in his arms to end this anguish. “Maricruz. My Maricruz.” He remembers asking her if there is any hope for them to get back together, and Mari telling him never. He asks himself why they can’t be together.

Morning breaks, and JA and Mari enter her office. He is heaping praise on her for the good work she’s doing for the poor people of Realengo. They are all grateful. (I didn’t see JA heaping any praise on his wife when she tried to do the same things, with no money. In fact, I remember him being an ass about her clothing, feeding and caring for Lina, and scoffing at her desire to teach the children of Realengo.) Mari modestly deflects the praise. She wants to get the kids of Realengo clothes, games, cookies and candy. She smiles happily, all dimples and teeth, feeling high on her good works. (See Mari. Isn’t this way more fun than your vengeance plots that all end with you in tears?)
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

PEAM #139-9/20/13: Havin' My Baby, What A Lovely Way of Sayin' How Much You Love Me; We'll Just Go On Burning Bright, Somewhere In The Night

Hola PEAM Peeps! Sorry in advance for the earworms ; ) Skipping the old too, and starting the recap at three weeks later.

Three Weeks Later:
Royer has that wedding invite in his hand, he borrowed it from Ferny, and Moronica hates it, it's so cheap! Royer needs to go out and get some air. Moronica wants to know where, he doesn't have to tell her squat, and goes. She is left with Sanson, poor puppy!

Elias and Pato are saying goodnight, he has that campaign due on Monday and he asks Pato about her therapy. It's going good, but so many temptations! It's okay, one day at a time! Smoochies! Rogue sees and hears all!

Discua is in her office and looking at her bank account. There is way more money in there than there should be! She is checking her statements when Delia comes in with an arrest warrant for Discua. The cops cuff Discua and Discua says it must be some kind of mistake!

Val and Chucho are at the mall, looking for a dress for Val, she will be the page boy at the wedding, the one that gets to hold the train of Alma's wedding dress. They run into Marcia and Val freaks out. Chucho introduces Val to Marcia and tells her she is Marta's twin sister. Val shakes her hand. Marcia talks about this and that with Val and then goes. Onward for that dress!

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CI, Cap. #94: Breaking News!! Rising Epidemic of Vengeance and Jealousy plagues the state of Tamaulipas

Confession: So I have not physically watched this Tn in over a week but thankfully I kept up with the recaps. You recappers are a million times better than the writers of this Tn so thanks for the laughs. Now on to the show…

Wow…I barely recognize Simona. She doesn’t look to bad, perhaps a little too much makeup but this is a Tn so I digress. Anyway, Simona is angry because Octavio and Lucia hid the fact that MA is the new duena of his ranch. He promises that he will still marry her (sounds like this is an obligation…you put yourself there Oblivio! No one pushed you) and she should not worry. Simona is rightfully scared because she thinks MA has followed him back to the ranch and that he still has MA in his heart (well-done Simona…your brain cells are completely intact. If only you will follow that hunch and leave him be. He deserves no one!).

We have another jealous female, aka Esther, who questions JA about his whereabouts. She tells him that she knows that MA is the new duena of the ranch. JA looks busted but he tells her that he didn’t want her to know because she would act the way she is acting now. He informs Esther there is no reason for her silly jealousy. MA is like a sister and there relationship is only business. He tries a couple of “mi vida” and some hugs but Esther aint having it! (Ok…since when where they on good terms? I thought they were still running around in circles playing the  “you need to leave, this place is not for you” and “I love you, I will stay here until you believe me” game.)

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Qué Bonito Amor #114 (Mex 152) Friday 9/20/13 Fernando Gets Hitched, Amalia Gets Ditched, and JAntos Is Again Bewitched

Capítulo 152 

While Fernando’s wedding prep gets going, Maria has a face off at the restaurant she’s working at sin papeles [undocumented illegal]  with Giuliano at gunpoint.  And, as La Diva del Desierto so astutely put it: Maria mouths off to OG and ends up with a gun to her back. And no one in the restaurant gives a crap.Least of all, Maria!!   Old Gold (de Giuliano) shouldn’t expect her to be intimidated so easily, says she eying him with a steely stare realizes this broad ain’t backin’ down for nobody no how.  “Stay out of my way!  I’m going to prove Jorge Alfredo’s innocent!  You don’t know me.  You don’t know what I’m capable of!”   OG modifies the cat-herding approach for the dazzle and wow ‘em with your provocative macho wit technique (and he earned a law degree?) declaring with a malignant macho swagger how enjoyable dueling with a snippy-yippy broad is for him.  He leaves it at “you’ve been warned.”  She snaps back as he pockets his pistol and heads for the nearest exit: “—We’ve been warned!”

Meanwhile, back in El Lay, Don Nando tells Santos he refuses to contact his long-forgotten son in order to make amends.  He’s better off remaining dead to his son than trying to explain what he cannot remember.  Santos informs Don Nando then that he could ask to have his case reopened because he was never legally sentenced.  He suggests petitioning the court to have him either sentenced or set free.  Why, asks the old man, if he has nothing and nobody to go back to?  Santos insists he has a country, and a life to return to with an obligation to his son.  Take care of the obligation and return to the life and family and friends he left, advises Santos. 

Back in the barrio, Aaron barges in to Paloma’s place again.  She complains about his lack of manners: what’s his problem that he always just walks on in “like he owns the place” [como pedro por su casa]?  He says sorry, but they’ve got to finish or redo the assignment they were working on together, he lies.   That convinces her and while she’s got her back to the door and he’s sweet talking her into coming back to his place to do the assignment, Rodrigo bounds up the stairs and to the stop with a crinkle-wrapped bouquet of flowers goes totally unnoticed by Paloma.  Aaron, though, sees him out of the corner of his eye and lays on a heavy dose of dove-coo doo-doo which Rodri falls for.  Rod sneaks off and from a distances observes the newsome-twosome leave, then smashes his bouquet outside her doorway and cries tears of adolescent angst.  FF>>

Back at Rodri’s apartment, El Coloso and Don Rod are arguing over Col’s attempt at making cinnamon flavored coffee.  Suffice it to say a barista he isn’t.  Talk turns to Rodri and how he’s head over heels for Paloma [cacheteando las banqueta’s] and needs to get things patched up.  Rodri comes in yelling and screaming, ready to kick the cat if they had one.  More heartache and jealousy because of the “newsome twosome”.  The two adults try calming him down and remind him that he may have lost the battle but the fight ain’t over till it’s over.  FF>>

Don’t know what Aaron and Pal are listening to but they are on a bench in the plaza sharing Aaron’s earphones and listening together to something on his i-pod/i-phone.  Pal is smiling at whatever she’s listening to.   The plan, we learned earlier, is to have Vanessa sneak a snapshot of the two of them and post it on his Facebook page, which she dutifully does.  Rodri sees the web page and the photos of her and Aaron smiling and listening to tunes with his “new gal.”  Rodri goes BSC again. 

Suzanito, Mancia and Irasema visit the church, light their candles, and make their plea.

Rodri, Col and Don R have lunch at the same street-side café and the same cute waitress waits on them again.  Col gives her a little keyring with a huge heart-shaped fob on it.  She now holds the keys to his heart.  FF>>

Suz and Irasema get to work makin’ babies again.

Back at the bar, later that day, Pichi and Lalo are setting up for the wedding and do a complete rundown of all the bullet-worthy news events of the past few months.  “--Who’d have thought that…--”   

The wedding takes place at the bar and El Baritono returns to add to the musical madness and Don Rod is now dressed in a charro and one of the group. They all serenade the newlyweds while Pal stands by Rodri but is painfully ignored throughout.

Back in El Lay, by the light of the moon, Maria works on her legal notes and Santos looks through his, swearing that they’ll prove his innocence and finally be free to love each other with the law hanging over their heads.

Suz tells the mariachis that the bar’s losing money badly and he hates the idea of turning it back over to her in the red.  Justo gives them the news that JAntos’s trial has been moved up.  Maria has an idea that might help his son and she’s got a plan that needs their assistance if they’re willing to do what he suggests. 

The reception ends.  Fernando and Ana have their wedding night and then Fer starts packing.  Irasema packs the bags for Suz. 

Col promises Rodri that he’ll make sure that Paloma and he get back together.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Pichi and Lalo find out that the bar is haunted!

End parte 1~~

Parte 2~~

Ruben hands El-vile-ra the file with the contract giving him ownership of Maria’s colonia. They agree she’s the one to go to Maria’s and kick her and her family out onto the street since he’s still a fugitive from the law.  She gladly accepts and they laugh e-vile-ly.

Meanwhile, the mariachis arrive in El Lay, U.S.A. with Justo and surprise JAntos at the prison with a Ranchero Musicale for the Mexican prisoners who’ve apparently been on good behavior recently.  Santos points out all the members.  Michael says don’t bother telling me who the guitar player is, he’s got to be Mil Amores cuz he looks so much like Don Nando.  Mikey asks if Santos plans on introducing the two to each other.  Santos says he’d like to be he doesn’t know how Fernando will feel about it.

Inside the prison, Don Nando is awakened by the music (and Viewerville is pondering that possibly his memories are also.) 

To top things off, Maria now arrives dressed in her best charra finery and sings a special serenade to her one and only.  It becomes a duet as JAntos jumps to her side and sings along with her.  They end it with a passionate kiss.

At the same time, the big bad wolf of a prosecuting attorney [fiscal] is complaining to Old Goldie that it won’t be as easy as they’d like locking up Santos Martinez de la Garza because of all the inconsistencies in his case. (You can say that again—try in this whole storyline! But never fear cuz his Lady-Love and Lawyer is there to save the day!  And we all know what  a whiz Maria is at finding case irregularities and mopping up the floor with nasty opposing counsels.)  “--For one thing, the cops who put him in jail were a couple of total useless fools.” (I prefer screw-ups, or better still, the street vernacular, i.e., fuck-ups!)  Well, no big deal, OG says, cuz he’s got an ace up his sleeve, one last big bad-ass card to play, and he plans to use it at the right time.  “--So, in the meantime, Mr. Prosecutor, let me worry about when to play that card!  You do your job and squash him!” 

Back in the barrio, there’s a loud, rude banging on Maria’s mother’s door.  Hello!!  It’s Elvile-ra there with an eviction notice!  Amalia says this can’t be because my daughter the lawyer had the judge put a stop to it!  Not so fast, says the Elvile-ra with a snide look and a snicker.  Maria the great lady lawyer must have lost, because the judge says it’s valid.  Now get out, take that junk with you and make it fast!”  But we don’t have anywhere else to go, squeals Amalia.  Not my problem, lady, says Elvile-ra.  She snaps her fingers at the movers who smash Isa’s dolly’s arm on the way out with the couches.  So much for that kneeling supplication b.s. of Vi’s.  The baby faced court clerk sneers at Amalia to fageddabowdit when she tries complaining to him!  Ohhhh, Elvira, clucks Amalia, you have a venomous heart!  (Whatever gave you that impression, Mollie?)  

Amid the screams of a frightened Isa, the embattled Amalia, baffled and befuddled, can only plop down on the floor next to Isa and watch in dismay as the trampy vamp finally gets her way. Viewerville wonders when Amalia will ever get a first clue let alone the last. 


La Tempestad, Cap. 40, September 20, 2013: Gavel-to-Gavel Coverage: The Trial

Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested.
The Trial, by Franz Kafka (the opening line) 

The courtroom fills with a mix of the malevolent -- the hags, the harpies, the gangsters -- and the well-meaning -- the fisherman, the weeping women, the man of the cloth.  Hernán insinuates himself into the ranks of the Damianistas, (the groom's side).  He is Hernán Haskell and he is there to help.

Ursula, in a short, button-straining red dress that does not quite contain her exuberant cleavage, trips in on Delfina's arm, Mayuya trailing in their wake.   She eyeballs Hernán from her side of the room, (the bride's side).
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Discussion: Have your viewing habits changed with all the new technology?

Discovery Channel led the way in directing viewers to their website to check out more information about the subject matter of their programs.  I don't know whether it was yet known that many people multitask their media this way, but most of the television world knows it now.  That's why we have Univision on-air personnel encouraging people to tweet during the program.

Which I don't think is a good idea.  I think it makes for diminished attention and may encourage the short attention span that is already such a problem that it's almost impossible to find scenes longer than two minutes and many that are only three dialogue lines long.

I had already seen the finale of La Que No Podia Amar before it aired on Univision and I tweeted a couple of times during their finale broadcast.  I absolutely feel that it added nothing to the experience and took away part of the impact of the action.  It has turned me off Twitter.

Most of the time I watch my TV programs when they air.  The DVR is for when there is a conflict, if I'm not home, or in case there is an important call during my novelas.

How about you, amigos?

Is it live or is it DVR?  Netflix?  On-Demand on your cable system or On-Demand from another source?  Enquiring minds want to know all...

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Episode 39, La Tempestad, 19 September 2013 A Robust Attempt to Identify Ursula

Antes de Hoy

Marina and Catfish talk by the sea. It’s noisy with the waves in the background. MARINA WEEPS that she loves Damian even when he hurts her. Catfish cannot understand why Damian would dump Marina when he was in the Can. Hell, I can’t understand why Damian would dump Marina, period. The Captain has always been an honorable man. MARINA CRIES.

Hernan’s House

An underling, Let’s call him Tan Vest,  \comes in to tell Hernan that his orders have been executed.  Genaro and Aurelia will no longer be a problem for Hernan. I believe that this vague comment means that Tan Vest killed these two even lesser underlings. Ah ha! Now Hernan has silently foiled Ernesto, his secret enemy, again. (Of course, I wonder if there are truly dead or just on a cruise to Barbados). Anyhow, Hernan inquires after the method of the ‘elimination’ and Tan Vest reposts that as Hernan ordered he made it looks as if they have fled in haste. “Perfecto,” chuckles Hernan, only one Rat left. He makes a call on his cell phone and Tan Vest scrapes out of the room on his hands and knees. Really he just disappears.

Bea’s Casa

Tia Becky is bemoaning that she cannot understand just how Damian could act so coldly toward Marina. She feels like a fool for promoting the relationship between Marina and Damian. MARINA SOBS. “Don’t say anything to my Mom”, Marina asks her Aunt. I don’t want it to affect her health. Right on cue, Beatriz enters the room with an ‘I-told-you-so’ look on her face. She hates to see Marina’s pain but she told her Damian was going to make her suffer. However, she knows that DamStupid is no murderer. Marina doesn’t think that Damian is a murderer either, but somehow he played with her heart. Tia Becky, the smartest person in the room by about 20 IQ points, says that she doesn’t think Damian has stopped loving Marina. Damian talked a good game but only (somos hechos) our actions/facts count. Bea says she has learned this in life and looks sad. Later, when Aunt and Niece are by them selves, Marina tells Becky that she gave herself to Damian for love. Tia, who has MUCH more experience of men than Marina, says she is sure that Damian’s intention was not just to get Marina into bed. Tia Becky excuses her self to take a walk. MARINA CRIES.
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CI, Cap. 93 – 9/19/13: Good-bye Golden Isle, Hello Hacienda! (Or: Lock Up Your Husbands, MariCruz Is Back!)

From the Previous Episode
          The farewell scene with Raiza and MA is repeated: Teo and Angel are the same person, thanks to the magic of cosmetic surgery. Raiza should work with him and give him a chance.  The ladies hug and say they prefer “see you later” to goodbye. 
          Also repeated is the scene with Tav embracing Simona while seeing a flashback of MariCruz, which doesn’t bode well for his future with the revamped ranchera.

A New Chapter for Our Heroine
          A jet streaking across the sky symbolizes MariAle’s flight (in both senses) from Isla Dorada.  At her Mexico City home, Tobias and Solita welcome her, Lupita and Juanita. She greets her nephew, “Hi, kid,” so he’s either still nameless or she’s forgotten his name. She updates Tobias: she was forced to sell the casino and bought Rancho Narvaez. No need to fix a room, since she has to go alone to get things fixed up. Then she’ll bring Solita and nameless nephew to their new home. (Solita seems not entirely happy to be left behind again.) Tobias asks if she bought the ranch for revenge and she admits he’s right.

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Qué Bonito Amor #113 (Mex 151) Thursday 9/19/13 Que Malditas Tonterías

Santos' trial date has been moved up and it's just too damn bad that he doesn't have a lawyer or anything remotely resembling a defense.  I roll my eyes at the prosecutor bitching that he thinks Santos is a criminal.

At the LA popo, Curtis gives Derecho a shoulder rub as Maria walks in.  She thanks them for letting her see Santos and asks to see his record.  Maria's going to the "If he was a real criminal, he would've gone to the Bahamas, not lived in a craphole and worked as a mariachi," defense.  Maria thinks between that and her pluckiness, she can defend Santos.

Santos is determined to prove his innocence, since his lovely lady snuck into the country to be with him.

Maria swears to Derecho that she didn't know who Santos really was.  Derecho gets the call that Santos' trial is taking place in 2 days.  Derecho tells Maria that Santos is going to be prosecuted by a real hardass.  She begs to see Santos' record.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

PEAM #138- 9/19/13- The Secret is FInally Revealed

Happy Harvest Moon to all!!!!

The past
Alexandria could not find the papers for Xochy but she found a large earring.  It’s not Xochy’s, it’s Discua's.
Jesus gives Alma the instructions on where to meet him.
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Careful who you kiss!

Hi patio peeps,I'm going to give you a short recap because (A) not much happened in tonight's episode and (B) I'm feeling a little bit under the weather, so here we go!

Parts 1 & 2 are up

He kissed her, god help us all:

In the good old pueblo Octavio, his half a brain cell and Simona are chilling out, it turns out that our dear Octavio has been feeling a little depressed (waaah waaah look at how our hearts bleed for you, NOT!), Simona says that's understandable given all that he has been through, he agrees, even the sale of the ranch has given him the blues, but maybe some day he and Simona can afford to buy it back.

Simona jumps all over that and asks him if he would like to have the ranch back, she would buy it for him if he wanted her to. Eh, someone needs to tell her to calm the heck down, the only time you can buy love is when you go to the pound and buy a cat or a dog. Octavio, who just a few seconds ago suggested buying the ranch now tells her that no, he would not like that-we need to put him on some medication, his lack of short term memory worries me.

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La Tempestad Cap #38 Wed, 9/18/13 - More crying and noble idiocy *

* - Vita (Thanks for your comment, it made a perfect title.)
Redux:  Delfina is pretty nice when she’s not hanging around with the toxic Esteryuya. She knows Dam’s no murderer. He tells her Madre E said Estercita is alive. QUE QUE QUE??? Ursula blackmails Esteryuya. Candy lets Lolo escort her to the jail to see Dam.

Lo Nuevo: DamHelplessInJail hears the mob of townspeople whip themselves into a frenzy against Frankenstein’s monster. No wait. Wrong story, ...whip themselves into a frenzy against Marina Reverte! DamHelpless thought bubbles that Marina shouldn’t have to pay the price for loving him.
Mayuya and Ursula walk up to the crowd and gleefully observe their wrath. Fully drags Delfina away from the crowd and she tells him to “Suelteme!” She is bummed to see Mayuya looking like Mayuya instead of Esteryuya but she can’t stick around for self-analysis or chit-chat. She’s got something important to do. Alone. (Before we continue I must say I am amazed at these ladies’ very high heels. But I can tell you from my recent experience in Mexico that uneven pavements and cobblestones will not deter the fashionable ladies from wearing these impractical shoes.)

Ick Alert!! Macario escorts EsterHada into a classy mall or store to do some shopping. He keeps a tight grip on her. Ick I say!! He says treat Don E right and she’ll be treated like a queen.

Back at R-Lay-Dee the beyotch cheerleading squad is leading the student body in a pep rally. Ursula sees Marina rushing up with Jose and Maycucu tells her Marina is the one who caused Estercita’s death. Jose gathers those papers from Candy (testimonials?) and goes into the jail with Candy and Lolo. Lolo gets sidetracked by Mayuya and comments that she looks better dressed as herself. She calls him  panzón (tubby or fatty). He gives her the nyaa nyaa and says he thinks she likes him. A little.

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