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Triunfo del Amor #134-135 5/31/11 Triumph of...Nothing

If you though last week's recap was short, wait 'til you get a load of this one. All 6 cats had a collective freak out and hub went to bed early... which means having to turn the volume to such a low levels that watching TV is pointless. Not to mention I couldn't seem to understand a damn word that came out of anyone's mouth. I've really begun to hate this show.

The fluff:

  • Max gave Maria ANOTHER ring. Been there. Done that. 
  • Milagros and her Jarochas sang and won Mexico's top idol of Mexican song. Whatever.
  • Cruz gave Fer a bath with bubbles and rose petals. At least it's not as disturbing as the other two baths. (QTH with all the bubble baths lately?)
  • Cruz sang "Mi riqueza" again. *yawn*
  • Maria instructed Max how to make baby formula.
  • I think it was decided that Nati and JuanJo will live with Millie. Urp.
  • Napo insisted for the squillionth time that he's muy pollón. 
  • Fer and Cruz move into the vecindad and he promises to continue his studies.
  • Leo and Dr. Voice talk about alcoholism. 
  • Dr. Voice PSA's about the importance of self exams.
Sort of important:
  • Burnie somehow finds out about Vic's latest bad behavior IRT Maria.
  • Burnie asks Maria to forgive her and give her another opportunity to be a part of her life. She tells Maria to distance herself from Vic and not let Vic deceive her anymore.
  • Burnie prays a lot and talks a lot of religious rhetoric with Padre Jer and PJP (I may have zoned out during these bits.)
  • Ji swears to fight to regain custody of her son no matter what the cost.
  • Alonso swears to fight for Maria's love til he dies. (Soon Alonso, soon. See below.)
  • Alonso tells Maria that they want her for another commercial.
  • Maria tells Alonso it's best they don't see each other.
  • Xi visits Gui and they threaten each other (Xi-with Ofelia's death; Gui with Linda's death) then they lock lips. ew.
  • Fer wants to be a mom more than anything. She and Vic talk about how Vic lost the first daughter. Vic tells Fer that PJP knows who the daughter is and where she is but because of a huge juramento (oath) he can't talk.
Important (I think):
  • When Maria tells Alonso they shouldn't see each other, he kisses her. She tells Max. He tears off to tear Alonso a new one.
  • While Max berates him, Alonso conveniently faints next to the test results he dropped in last night's episode. Max takes a break from trying to revive Alonso to read the results. Alonso is apparently desahuciado (terminally ill)
  • Alonso is dying of a rare Asian viral disease. Seriously? The writers couldn't come up with even a fake name for the disease? Max steals the test results and takes them to Dr. Voice (Dr of everything) and finds out there is no cure for Alonso's ailment. Alonso should be dead in a month or less. He's lucky. Viewerville is stuck with this mess for longer than that.
  • María asks PJP why he denied his paternity. He makes a lame-ass excuse. Maria rejects him and tells him to stay out of her and her baby's life.
  • PJP tells Burnie not to come back to the church?
  • Burnie threatens PJP and says he is not her son?
  • Vic is cancer free. We are not free from echo effects however.
  • Maria finds out Alonso is doomed. She tilts her head.
No kayak. An Alonso montage. That poor guy is a goner for sure.


Alborada, 5/31/11. Cap. 1.

Alborada, Capitulo 1.

Read Melinama's original recap at this link, then come back here to discuss it. I think the first recap covers two episodes, but I'm not sure.

If you don't have access to Telefutura, you can see Cap 1 on YouTube. It starts at this link, and there are four clips for Cap 1.

The original initial recap covers at least five episodes, probably more. The following occurred in Cap 1.

  • Luis is arrested. The orders came from someone important in Mexico.
  • Antonio’s situation is revealed - his relationship with his mother and his wife.
  • Evil suegra makes a deal with Luis, and he is thrown into Hipólita's bedroom.
  • Hipólita requests a marriage annulment from the priest.
  • Evil suegra nabs the marked sheets before Hipólita's maid gets to them.


  • Cuando Me Enamoro #28 Monday 5/30/11 Letting Many Cats Out of Many Bags But Still Hay Gatos Encerrados

    Let’s jump right in, CME likes to replay so much of the night before. To review: Roberta with her “heart problem” and Fina dearest beat a hasty retreat from the tios casa. The tios assure Renata of their love and support for her with Adriana looking on with pleasure and wishing she had Honorio as a wonderful uncle. Back at the MonteRuinios, Fina scolds Gonzo again for not believing in Roberta who lies like a rug and then without missing a breath, she chews out Roberta for not being deceptive enough. You just can’t please this woman! Roberta and Fina finally agree that they both have to fool everyone in order to save their luxurious life.

    Matias goes back to that same old bar to hear the bartender ask where is his hot novia and oh yes he remembers her being there with Jeronimo, her being there looking for Rafa and then withJeronimo again. What a hot babe. Matias takes it like a crying baby, he jerks the barkeep’s tie then then orders up a huge tequila. Gonna be a long night.

    Jero and Renata send text messages, thankfully and slowly mouthed out loud, can’t wait to be with you. He pours fine wine, notice the refined choice compared to Matias' sippy cup of tequila.

    In the garden that looks so like Las Mañanitas in Cuernavaca, Adriana and Renata talk about what Renata wants to do now that her life has been turned upside down.

    Matias hears a song on his cell phone with a picture of happier times with Renata, then cries some more and slurps his tequila. Someone please clue this cute guy in that tequila running down your chin mixing with salty tears is not a turn on.

    Augie is being pushy with the receptionist at Renata’s firm asking for Renata, she does tell him that she doesn’t work there anymore but she won’t give him the cell number, then he asks for Gonzo or Matias but has to hear that they aren’t in. Augie asks himself where could she be and what has she done with the business. Shades of Roberta seeing the dollars/pesos fall away?

    Honorio comes in to cheer up a morose Gonzo who has had his calls held. After stating that he doesn’t really go out for drinks, this time he agrees it is a good idea to go out for a drink to talk over all the problems. Gonzo thanks him for his help and support of the family.

    Matias does a great drunken stagger landing at the foot of the stairs but carefully not breaking the ornamental balls. Fina sees him and determines that he is indeed drunk as a skunk. She rushes up to tell Roberta that the time is ripe for trapping Matias. Roberta in her less than sexy sweats and ready for bed is less than excited but this just fell into place. Momma is taking no prisoners or rather she is taking only prisoners.

    In the restaurant Gonzo says I have a daughter I don’t trust, I have a wife I don’t love and Matias and Renata make me sad I had such plans for them being together. Honorio says he is totally pro family and anti divorce but in this case it may make sense for Gonzo to escape. Kindly Gonzo insists he will always regard Renata and Roberta as his daughters, and would provide for Fina and them, what a gentleman you are, says Honorio who leaves to return home to Constanza.

    Roberta comes into Matias’ bedroom in a house where no one feels the need to respect privacy. He wants to know what she is doing there, he really is in no mood for company. She assures him she is there to share his pain, he is marvelous and doesn’t deserve to be treated so badly. She unbuttons his shirt assuring him that Jero meant nothing to her, but she could love him for all of her life. They fall to the bed in misbegotten passion.

    Alone at the table Gonzo taken off his ring and it falls to the floor as he sees Regina enter the restaurant. They join hands rescuing the ring and she notices something is going on with him. Even though they are to meet tomorrow morning, he thinks she should have a drink with him while she waits for whomever. She accepts with breathless smiles.

    Back at Jero’s the wine is open, the roses laid at the table and abounding in beautiful bunches in the apartment. After they embrace she reports she is still overwhelmed (abrumada). As they talk excitedly about being together, she can’t believe the man who she fell to the floor with in the airport is totally changing her life. He gives her the stone back from that day and he agrees that everything is changing. She mentions poor Matias who suffers, and how hard it is to assimilate so many things and strong feelings in such a short time. He pours more fine wine while she recounts the meeting where they learned that Honorio discovered the trick that her rat sister perpetrated with the helicopter throwing the naughty pictures of her out to the crowd at Matias’ party. He says he is glad he didn’t have problems with his brother like that. Your brother????

    Fina waits outside Matias’ bedroom listening for whatever while she dismisses the maid so she can stay and listen more.

    Renata wants to hear about the brother who Jero says died recently and he doesn’t want to talk about his bad feelings. She talks about how her mother and sister seem to hate her and she doesn’t feel like she has anyone He says at least you have me. They playfully compete in who loves who more and he loves her more than he could imagine. At least someone is happy.

    Roberta comes back to her room where mama waits. What are you doing here? I’m here to take a bath so I can sleep. Matias is asleep and really drunk but she did what she was sent for. No, you aren’t done yet. The most important part is to come. Mama smiles her evil smile.

    Adriana tells her mother what a terrific galan Honoroio is. Mom Agatha seems to misunderstand and insists that Honorio is married and old enough to be her father, oops Freudian moment? Adriana presses her mom that she doesn’t understand her what her mother has against Honorio who has been such a great boss. She wants to know what really happened between her mom and Honorio. She wants the truth.

    Honorio and Conza discuss the family, Conza says she loves Ren but doesn’t want to hurt Matias either Honorio recounts how Renata made some mistakes but didn’t really mean to hurt Matias but she didn’t love him. Conza pipes in that was because she loved Jeronimo. they decide to call Renata to offer their home to her.

    Renata and Jero are surprisingly still dressed and finishing a delicious meal that apparently Jero prepared. The phone rings and Conza tells Renata how much they love her and she can move in with them.

    Regina and Gonzo talk about how one has a right to be happy he tells her his son never accepted Josefina as a step-mother so he stayed far away until recently. They are interrupted just before he tries to tell her he is leaving Fina. But at that moment, Antonio comes and takes Regina off to their table being nice and friendly to Gonzo this time but very definite.

    Jero and Renata are loosening the clothes, massaging necks and then he launches his big plan: I may not be the rich guy you think I am. She swears she is an independent woman who can take care of herself and she swears that all she needs at her side is a man who is hardworking and loyal. Not at all like the fit Roberta threw last week when she feared Jero couldn’t even afford the luxury apartment. Let’s see, smiling Renata or carping Roberta, not a difficult decision now is it. Whew this is a busy episode bouncing between four conversations where the hot is so hot and the cold is so cold.

    Antonio notices Regina is wearing the big shiny ring. She says it signifies her support and appreciation but does not signify dates and paperwork or specific wedding plans. He promises to protect her but he also thinks she may want to know that he has talked to an investigator who could help her find more about her missing daughter. He has a friend in the government who can find out what happened to Josefina Alvarez if not the baby girl lost so long ago. You know people that high in government, she seems amazed. If you are in agreement, we will proceed with searching for that woman. She thanks him profoundly. Suddenly, we see that Gonzo may not have a counter offer so grand as this.

    Fina jumps on Gonzo again about offending Roberta then goes coyingly sweet talking to him that he should check on Matias. His poor little boy is so wretched about what evil has been done him too. He tells her that Renata has resigned from the firm. He hesitates and finally leaves her cussing under her breath, but he will wait until tomorrow morning to give Matias time to sober up and cool off.

    Renata and Jero flirt like teenagers at Adriana’s door. She would like to go far away with him to begin a life all over again together. He says how about a hacienda “BONITA” with emphasis, she looks pleased and doesn’t blink at the adjective, but doesn’t recognize the name. She says if he really means it she would go tomorrow. Road trip soon???

    Gonzo finally shows up in Matias room next morning where they talk casually about his hung over state when the blankets take on a life of their own and Roberta crawls out of the king covers to hear Gonzo deliver that most famous of telenovela lines: ¿Que Haces Aqui??? What are you doing here? She actually looks at him as though she has no idea.

    Renata talks with Agatha who says she can stay with them or go with her aunt and uncle. Agatha asks if there isn’t some place for her at the business. Renata says yes but that is not the problem. Agatha launches off about peeling the jojohe or hokoke, is that some kind of fruit? Anyway the image is as Adriana explains Mom’s symbolism, that a new skin will develop to carry you on to the next stage and all your honor and dignity are worth everything. And if this person isn’t worthy of you get away adds Agatha, showing cracks in her suit of armor.

    Gonzo does a good yell at Roberta while Matias at least takes the adult role that it is all his fault. How could you Matias, I know this should never have happened and that he can understand his anger and desperation at loosing Renata. Matias says I am so sorry. Roberta slides in, It may not signify anything to you but for me it was unforgettable. Oh please… Fina uses this moment to come in and gives Roberta a great whallop. Then turns on Matias with her best stink eye.

    Speaking of meddling mothers, Regina’s mama goes on about how lucky she is to have found someone like Antonio. I got something about Regina being pleased that she can have Roberto’s consultation room for another year. It’s a non sequitur in my book, but? An impressive vase, actually a big bucket of roses arrive and she reads the card from of course, Antonio Mama repeats that he came to change your life.

    Constanza assures Renata that she is so welcomc to stay with her aunt and uncle and the room at Adriana’s may be complicated so she is preparing a room for her. She regards her almost as a daughter. Nice to see Renata soaking up the love.

    Matias says he will leave, but Fina is on the alert and did something happen or not to her darling daughter she insinuates the worst. Gonzo with just a drop of irony opines that no one needs another loveless marriage, Fina sweeps her claws across the scene with a you’ll pay if anything did happen threat to Matias…

    Next time: everyone and I mean everyone is about to find out that Rafa was Jero’s brother.


    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Teresa Mon 5/30/11 #67 Flirting with Disaster

    Recap by Sandy

    After a morning of shopping “frenzy,” Teresa sits down in a coffee shop and reads her favorite local luminaries magazine. Oh no! The headline on her wedding coverage reads, “ Scandal at the Wedding of the Prestigious Lawyer, Arturo de la Barrera.” The article follows with the question, “Who is this bride who is debating between two lovers?” Teresa is very impactada!

    Aida, at home with her mother, reads said story finding it funny, if not down right hilarious. Genoveva told her that she had good press contacts, but Aida never imagined that the story would be so fabulous! “How could this idiot think that she could get a good start (el pie derecho) with the right people?”, asks Aida. Mayra assures Aida that Teresa deserves this bad press, but she would die if there were any coverage about herself. Mayra will never feel comfortable till this woman disappears. She worries that her new arrangement with Ruben will not work, she’s concerned that he will return to this woman. Aida tells her that she has to be sure and strong in front of her father, she cannot show weakness. This woman might be young, but she is low class (naco) and is worthless. In a loving mother, daughter moment, Mayra hugs Aida and tells her to keep saying these good things because when she looks in the mirror, she sees a woman who has been left for one much younger.

    Back at the cafe Teresa continues reading the article, “In one moment the bride was obliged to choose between the two lovers. The well-known (renombrado) Licenciado almost lost the wedding to the consternation of the best of his associates.” Teresa rips apart the magazine asking why Mariano did this to her and then says, “Why can’t I take you out of my life?”

    De la Barrara casa: Luisa is asking Fernando how his meeting went....just fine. Luisa tells him that she doesn’t plan to come over to spend the night, because......Arturo has just arrived early from his honeymoon for a work matter and knows that Luisa spent the night with him. Our little womanizer ponders the impact of this information.

    La Vencidad: Hector and Juana are walking down the sidewalk. We hear him saying that he needs to talk to her about something that is very important. As luck would have it, Cutberto and Griselda are walking toward them giggling and canoodling together. Hector recognizes Cutberto as the man in Juana’s room previously and greets the happy lovers. Juana is impactada, we see the surprise in her eyes and then the two couples’ dueling hugs and protestations of love begin. Juana, hanging lovingly on Hector’s neck remarks that within the vecindad there is no privacy for a lover’s discussion. Not to be outdone Cutberto says, “I would love to present you with the future mother of my children!” With that announcement he wins the duel. We gasp, Juana stares and Griselda coos. “Mucho gusto” all around with Cutberto telling Griselda that he is always joking around.

    In the hospital, Aurora touches the medical pin given to her by Mariano to comfort her at the loss of her patient. She places it on her white hospital jacket. The pin has helped her come to terms with the loss of her patient, but we can see on Aurora’s face, she still needs to work harder to forget Mariano. Her cell phone rings and it is Martin with good morning wishes. This gives her some strength and she takes her medical pin off and puts on the bracelet that Martin gave her. We notice that she is still a little sad, she has Martin as a novio, but she still has feelings for Mariano.

    Dum-de-Dum-Dum!! Arturo is scanning his bills, opening his credit card statement. It is very long with many, many charges. ¡Como no! He calls Reina and asks her to have Teresa come to the library immediately when she arrives home! (We hear a funeral dirge.)

    Aurora and Mariano are walking the halls of the hospital while she asks, “With all the conversations that we have had, how could you have tried to stop Teresa’s wedding?” Mariano doesn’t understand it either and asks her to forget it! She continues asking about what he told her, that Teresa planned to escape with him, “Were those your plans?” He asks her to please leave it alone, he doesn’t want to talk about Teresa. She prods using a different tactic, doesn’t he trusts her? He’s uncomfortable and doesn’t want to talk about, let’s talk about something else! She asks him if the reason that he won’t tell is because he feels that Teresa is still her best friend. No, it isn’t that, he tells her. She says that they have been friends for a long time, but Teresa hasn’t always treated her well. Aurora wants to know if she harmed him or gave him false hopes in any way! Mariano, resisting this conversation, just wants more time, he isn’t ready to talk. This was the worst illusion in his whole life. Teresa tells him she knows that he is in an argument with Aida because he knew what was happening between her parents (and didn’t tell her). He admits that Aida is very mad at him. Aurora offers that she knew about Aida’s parents too, she is mad at her as well! Mariano says that the two of them were between a rock and a hard place. With that Aurora gives him a pep talk saying that they shouldn’t be anxious, they will solve their problems as they come along and with a happy face. Then......Mariano picks up her hands lovingly and Aurora asks why he his looking at her. He doesn’t see the brooch that he gave her, she must not have liked it. Aurora looks anguished!

    Dum-de-Dum-Dum! Arturo sitting at his desk sees Teresa enter in a school of shopping bags. “I see that you’ve been shopping,” says Arturo. “I just needed a distraction”, returns Teresa, “do you have problems AGAIN?” Arturo asks when she might get out of her bad mood, and then tells her that they need to talk. “What, you want me to pardon you again as if nothing has happened?”, she says. Using a stronger tone and moving from the desk closer to her, he explains that he wants her to understand that in his work, he CANNOT abandon his clients when they need him! “I understand perfectly”, she says matching his tone of voice, “You put you clients over (por encimo) me!” “No”, he says, “You are the most important thing for me, you are my WOMAN, (“My woman” doesn’t translate well in English, does it!) we have a life to live and participate in!” Teresa reminds him that you can have only ONE honeymoon!” Arturo says firmly, “Teresa, I’m not going to tolerate your whims (caprichos), you agreed to accept many responsibilities when you said you would be my wife.” Further, he tell her, she needs to be reasonable about these things and also....her spending. “You have abused the credit card that I gave you and you CANNOT continue in this manner!”

    We join Aurora at the hospital while she assures Mariano, over his doubts, that she really likes the pin that he gave her. More than anything, she is happy that he is aware of her “santo”, which the pin represents. Mariano LOVINGLY thanks her for treating him so well, she has always been there for him. Things were so bad with Teresa, he is just glad Aurora was there.

    Back at the de la Barrera family meeting: Arturo and Teresa continue reviewing some of the charges, she accusing him of going over the bill with a magnifying glass (lupa). One large charge is her ticket to Cancun, which is double the normal. She reminds him, tears flowing, that he didn’t tell her about the trip, and when she, with much anguish and worry, had to buy a ticket at the last moment, only first class was available! OK, he says, but in general you have spent way too much on clothes, etc. Having heard enough, and full of righteous indignation, all the while telling Arturo that he never warned her about spending, Teresa runs to her purse, gets her “Mexican Express” card and pops it into his hand and runs out of the room saying that she will not spend, “One peso more!” ........ As she approaches the staircase, there stands Fernando! She hesitates a moment, looking as though she has seen a ghost, then rushes into Fernando’s arms saying, “It is horrible!” Fernando, thinking that something “horrible” has transpired, gently holds Teresa, asking her, “What happened?” Just at that moment Arturo enters, and sees his wife and his best friend, and his sister’s mujeriego lover, in a (foreshadowing) embrace! Arturo looks angry, Fernando looks shocked and Teresa looks like the shark that just ate the canary! She runs up the stairs with Arturo following for a couple of steps calling her name. She shouts back at him, “Leave me alone!” Fernando has heard about the cancellation of the honeymoon and assumes that is the reason for the problems. Arturo, skipping over the present (mala) situation, proceeds to his next concern, Luisa, and asks Fernando to join him in his office, “We have something to talk about!”

    Mariano and Aurora continue their conversation at the hospital remembering their earlier times together, with Aurora commenting that now Mariano is a Señor Doctor who is with Aida, and Aurora is with........her voice trails off. Then she asks him if he plans to continue to look for Aida and he tells her yes, they will talk this afternoon. The phone rings and enters a representative of one of the early lab underwriters/directors of the dispensario, a business man who gets right to the point, essentially telling Mariano if scandals continue, as seen in his copy of “Rostros” (faces) magazine, he is not so sure the funding will continue.

    Casa de la Barrera: Arturo tells Fernando that he realizes Luisa is a woman now. “I’m glad that you know that,” snips Fernando. Arturo continues telling him that he is worried about the situation, it is the first time that Luisa has been in love. Fernando knows that too! (I bet he does!) Arturo interrupts him saying that Luisa is very different from the other (unsaid---fast) women that he is used to, she is sensible and very romantic.....Fernando interrupts saying that he is in love with Luisa. Arturo tells him if he treats her like the rest, he will be very sorry! Arturo recognizes that Fernando and Luisa have arrived at that “point” of their relationship.....Fernando tells him that he and Luisa have talked about all this. The conversation ends with Fernando saying that he isn’t ready for marriage, and he has been upfront about that, he values both Luisa and Arturo’s friendship and intends no harm, BUT..... the state of the relationship between the two of them, Luisa and Fernando, depends on THEM!

    The Hospital: (Combined scene) Mariano tells his visitor that, while he has made mistakes in his life, he hasn’t made mistakes in his work. Aurora points out that this type of magazine is just simply trying to sell more copies, the things that are being said didn’t happen that way. Mariano follows saying that the people who come to the dispensario need the help, why hurt them simply because of a magazine without scruples? Aurora, showing the visitor the clinic data, says that the number of people treated at the dispensario is 25% more than they had predicted. The visitor sees the value of their argument and agrees to continue their support, but if these problems continue, they will definitively suspend their help! As the visitor leaves, Mariano and Aurora agree that they will have to work harder to find more donors for the dispensario.

    Casa de la Barrara, Teresa and Luisa: Teresa, putting her twist on her credit card discussions with Arturo, first references the broken honeymoon and then tells Luisa that Arturo, has been shameful and has argued (regañar) with her about her credit cards. Luisa is surprised saying that Arturo isn’t usually like this. Teresa worries out loud that Arturo has changed and the marriage might not work! Luisa tells her not to say this, she loves Arturo and he adores her. Well, Arturo hasn’t demonstrated this according to Teresa. Her wedding day should have been the best day of her life, but it wasn’t. Luisa points out that many married people need time to build on the marriage and the problem with the honeymoon was an emergency. Luisa assures Teresa that everything will fix itself (arreglarse), Arturo loves her. Teresa smiles and we hear the theme from Jaws!

    Casa de la Barrara library: Fernando tells Arturo that because of what happened with their parents, he has always protected Luisa, but now is the time for her to make her own decisions. Arturo agrees, but tells him that he thinks that things are going too fast between them, he and Teresa were together for five years and they waited until after they were married to have a physical relationship. Really? Arturo says it wasn’t her first time, but waiting made it something very special. I put her needs ahead of mine, because I love her. Fernando follows saying that he loves Luisa too, but all relationships are different. The subject changes to the events of the wedding with Arturo saying that almost all was lost, it one of the worst moments of his life. The imbecile who interrupted the wedding was a novio from Teresa’s younger days who can’t get over her and almost ruined the wedding! Arturo shares that he told the guy at the wedding to never return again.......But why Teresa was crying when he arrived?...... asks Fernando. No answer from Arturo.

    Casa de la Barrera staircase: Luisa tells Teresa that Arturo is good with her relationship with Fernando, and then she asks if her brother was her first (as in sex). Teresa answers, no......it was Paulo! But, he threw me out (mandar a volar) and I don’t want that to happen to you, Luisa. Luisa responds, “Fernando loves me!” Finding out that Fernando is in the house, Luisa goes to her room to fix herself up. Teresa stands at the top of the staircase waiting (like a spider!) for Fernando to reappear. They meet and he asks how she is doing and she says that she is unaccustomed to such dramas. Of course, like the galan that he is, he offers to help in any way he can. She tells him that his hug helped her very much, it’s crazy, but it made her feel very well indeed! Teresa leaves to visit her parents just as Luisa comes down to ask Fernando how the conversation with Arturo went.....He hugs Luisa saying, “Just fine,” as his confused yet interested eyes follow the image of Teresa leaving from the front door!!!

    Juana’s casa: FF>> Neither Hector or Juana like lies or tricks, they need to have a talk, what about a meal tomorrow?

    Caceras’ casa: Geno and Mayra are chatting when Aida interrupts saying that Geno’s idea of giving information to the magazines was a good one, but she never realized that the coverage would include this....They have put the whore in! Geno, smiling, reads the magazine, “Not only was there a scandal at the wedding, but there was a scandal at the reception too, where a woman presented herself saying that she was the lover of the respected notary, Ruben Caceras.” At this point Ruben, with the finesse of an elephant, enters the room cheerfully saying that he came to eat with all his “Princesses” and has the magazine article thrust into his face seeing for himself the photo of Geno, himself and Esperanza at the reception!

    El Johnny and Espe in a grassy park used by women in high spiky heals! (Combined Scene) FF>>Espe tells Johnny that Dr. Hernan might be interested in another doctor. Too bad, Espe likes talking with him. El Johnny is having problems renting a room near Refugio, who plans to help with the baby. He wants to be near Paty as well. Well, for the time being, Espe can stay with Juana. Cell phone call, Doña Loan Shark, Johnny is going to work with her! Love, kisses and blessings! FF>>

    Hospital: FF>>Hernan tells Dr. Graciela that he has only offered his friendship to Espe and she interprets his interest as simply for the baby, she continues to love the baby’s father . What, with all that has happened? Wow! FF>>

    Chavez casa: FF>> (Combined Scenes) Refugio and Armando talk about needing to rent Teresa’s room. Armando plans to put a notice up soon and resume his work at Arturo’s, money is short. In bounces Teresa. Under heavy duty questioning from Refugio, Teresa assures her parents that everything is OK, Arturo had a problem with work and thus the shortened honeymoon. More questions from Refugio, more assurances from Teresa. Armando spills the beans that Arturo plans a work trip to the US.....woops, wait until he tells you about this....Claro.....What is said in the Chavez house, stays in the Chavez house!! Esperanza is mentioned, Refugio glares, and Teresa leaves a conciliatory, beso filled message on Professor Hottie’s cell, swearing to herself that she missed Europe, but is going with him to the US of A. After the call, Teresa is delighted hear that Espe will no longer be living at Casa Chavez, in support of Teresa. Refugio reminds Teresa that Espe is a long term friend and Teresa answers by showing them the article where Espe is credited with interrupting the reception. Now Teresa will be the brunt of all jokes.

    Caceras’ casa: Ruben is pleading his case, why such serious, quiet (calladas) faces. He says that all the work he has done has been useless! Aida asks him why doesn’t he just leave them all in peace and he returns by asking why can’t they talk about other things. He then gets a call on his cell.......from Arturo. Ever the detective, Aida answers the call all the while saying that Arturo is on his honeymoon, but is surprised to find out that it is really Arturo, his trip was interrupted for work matters!

    Johnny delivers a meal from Gema to a man who plays magic tricks with the tip. Johnny then gives him his card in hopes for more business. We meet El Hurache Veloz. When the door closes, Fito appears and the meal is discovered to hid drugs. The delivery worked and Johnny didn’t suspect anything. The men toast saying that they have discovered a great way to deliver drugs, no one suspects.

    Juana’s place: (Combined scenes) Refugio, talking to Esperanza, hopes that she and Teresa can restore their friendship. Espe leaves to meet Johnny. Refugio then notices Juana’s long face, she has met Cutberto’s future wife and the mother of his children. Refugio tells her to calm down, Cutberto doesn’t want children now. Juana says that she can never give Cutberto children. Refugio:Talk with him now, tell him, he loves you....Juana says it is useless, he is going with another now. Perceptive as usual, Refugio tells Juana that the only one who is important to Juana is Cutberto. Tell Aurora’s father if you don’t love him, it will be better. Juana tell Refugio that the relationship between her and Hector is different, they are companions, they go to the movies, they talk, etc. He loves me, treats me well.....Refugio says that being distracted is different than being in love, and Juana answers that love and distraction is what she needs right now.

    Hospital: FF>> Aurora is talking with her father about his relationship with Juana. He offers that he just can’t tell Juana about his wife, it is painful. Aurora: you must tell her you can’t start a relationship with lies. Hector is afraid that the relationship will go in reverse and Aurora tells him, that if it does, it will be Juana’s fault. Aurora wants the love of her mother, her father doesn’t care about that......Yes, I do hija! Aurora thinks a bit and then points out to her father that he is just afraid of falling in love again and this is worse!

    The Caceras’ Casa: Our mala hembra enters and is teased about the magazine article and shortened honeymoon by Aida. Teresa answers that Arturo can’t live without her, just like Mariano! Aida tells her that she is far from having what she wants, Teresa answers that she has more than she wants and will have (tendrá) everything else. Aida tells Teresa that she always aspired to be in the upper circles of society but will just be the joke of the year, referring again to the wedding scandals. On top of her game, Teresa reminds Aida about the reception scandal featuring her father and his “amante” (lover). Aida throws the blame of his father’s amante at Teresa, you both are good for nothings. (golfos). Aida says that her father has dropped the amante, telling Teresa that her plan to destroy her family has failed. Teresa tells her that she plans to take her family blow by blow, (golpe a golpe) she isn’t in a hurry. Mayra arrives just at this time for their planned meeting.

    Casa de la Barrara: Arturo listens to the loving, kiss, kiss phone message from Teresa and smiles! He orders a big arrangement of special flowers for his wife. ¡Qué bueno!

    Caceras’ casa: (Combined scenes) Teresa assures Mayra that she had nothing to do with the arrival of Espe at the wedding reception or Ruben’s involvement with her. Mayra tells her that Espe has said as much. Mayra continues that this woman has destroyed her marriage and her life, because Ruben was her life. Teresa doesn’t think that it is the end, Ruben adores her.....Teresa encourages her to tell her (cuentas conmigo) about it, and in a display of solidarity, she tells Mayra that her parents have thrown Espe out of their house! As she leaves, Teresa sees Mariano giving Aida the clothes she left at his place! In her presence, Aida lovingly takes Mariano’s arm and he asks her what’s Teresa doing here. Teresa suggests that he ask her himself, and then Aida answers, “She came to talk with my mother.” “Aren’t you on your honeymoon?” asks Mariano. “It was moved, for reasons that don’t interest you.” says Teresa. Aida quips, that instead of a Luna de Miel, it was a Luna de Hiel. (Ice honeymoon rather that “honey” moon). After some sweet nothings and big, obvious sexual innuendo, Mariano and Aida have a sexy smooch in front of Teresa, not so much for love, but for VENGANZA (revenge). Teresa is very upset. Mayra enters the room, apologizing about not returning her call, she has turned her phone off, and then thanks her for the visit, she has come from kindness and others have come for morbid interest. (morbos) In the yard, Mariano asks Aida why did she do this to him (the kiss). He shakes his head in protest. She tells him that she wanted it, after all his is a cute guy and he enjoyed it too. It is the best way to get rid of Teresa. “Let’s enjoy it!” She tries to kiss him again and he pushes her away, “I have told you that I don’t want a relationship with you only for spite (despecho).” He follows that this wouldn’t a good thing for her, but she says she is willing to take the risk. The subject turns to Espe and Aida calls her a rat. Mariano says that Espe is a friend, and that Aida’s father was older and a married man. For this reason and many others, they can’t have a relationship, besides, her father would never permit it. Aida says that this isn’t for her father to say. Mariano informs her that her father fired both him and his father as messengers, in order to keep them quiet about Espe. Mariano doubts the motives of Aida's work in the dispensario.....

    Back in the house we hear Teresa telling Mayra, “Forget what happened, this might be an opportunity for you and your husband.” “Yes”, answers Mayra, “this is what Aida says.” Speaking of whom, Teresa tells Mayra that Aida and Mariano are going together, (andando de novios). Mayra is surprised saying, “What did you say?” Woops, sorry, didn’t know that you were unaware of this! They were kissing right here in your house! Mayra says that she didn’t know it, she just thought that they were friends! “Careful!” says Teresa, “you saw how impulsive he was at my wedding!” Mayra tells her that Mariano has been very helpful to Aida after the death of Paulo, they are very close now. After pretending that she has great reluctance to give Mayra this tidbit, and as smooth as silk, she gets in her last zinger....."Mariano is the best friend of Esperanza."



    Triunfo del Amor #132-133 5/30/11 The Big Tease –or- A Whole Bunch of Stuff Almost Happens

    In which:
    Victoria almost finds her daughter and ends up losing her son;
    We almost find out what’s wrong with Alonso;
    Leonela almost falls off the wagon when The Murder Club meets at the Best Restaurant in Mexico;
    And we almost lose our cookies when a bubble bath leaves us all feeling a little dirty.

    Part One

    El Alacrán’s hide-out:
    Padilla buys his own reprieve by selling out el Alacrán. Once Bernarda has shot the Scorpion, she turns on Padilla himself and jams his own gun under his throat. If he betrays her, she warns, he won’t live to talk about it. And now she lowers the gun and gives the order: Bury him in the hole where her money was hidden – demons belong underground:
    De otra manera, vagarán por el mundo para la perdición de las almas.
    (Otherwise they’ll wander the earth and destroy souls.)

    Casa Sandoval:
    I can only imagine how much you’ve suffered, Osvaldo tells Victoria, her face still streaked with tears. She admits that, more than the physical pain, it is the emotional pain of her illness that torments her – that and the fear of the disease itself. Osvaldo comforts her.

    Heriberto and Leonela are wrapping up their visit. She’ll try to control her drinking for her own sake and for Max. When Heri leaves, she reflects:
    Ese hombre me trajo paz y tranquilidad y me quitó las ganas de beber
    (That man brought me peace and tranquility and took away my desire to drink – )
    And then she adds soberly:
    Por lo pronto
    (For now…)

    Max stops in at M ya no D’s place in the vecindad. He invites her and little Juan Pablo to join him for comida – he has a surprise for her, something long overdue. Smoochies. ♪♪A partir de hoy♪♪

    In the offices of Casa Bernada, Doña Demente has Eva cornered.
    She gooses Eva’s face with a peacock plume (I guess you could see she peacocks her). Fausto says you were unaware of his true intentions, she says. Somehow Little Eva intuits what Fausto has told Bernarda and with a show of bravado replies: Fausto isn’t my nephew – and I’m glad he told you the truth. You’ve been so good to me… But if you don’t believe me, she adds with mock humility, it would be better if I left…

    Not so fast, Eva. Demente puts an arm on her shoulder and reminds her that SHE is the one who makes the decisions. Eva has heard so many things in the time she has lived in the Demente house that NOW SHE BELONGS TO BERNARDA!

    Here the recapper’s mind wanders and she imagines a duet in the Mexican Idol contest – Little Eva and Bernie singing do-wop ♪♪You’re Mine … and we belong to – geth – er♪♪ Yes we belong to-geth-er♪♪ For-or-or-or eter-ni-ty ♪♪

    Ok. Back to unreality.

    Eva kisses Bernarda’s hand – blech -- and thanks her for believing in her. (Thereby proving that you can, in fact, BS a BSer.) For now! says the Demented One pointedly.

    Meanwhile, at the church:
    Fausto frets to Juan Pablo that he hasn’t had time to warn Eva about his outburst to Bernarda. But PJP is more concerned about Fausto’s own safety. Let his mother find another super for the vecindad – Fausto can stay in the parochial school where he, Padre Jerónimo and the boys can protect him. As for the job of protecting María ya no D:
    ¡Lo haré yo!
    (I’ll do it!)
    Then the padre sets off to see his mother. Left alone in the sacristy, Fausto kneels and prays for forgiveness. He is ready to leave his thirst for vengeance behind.


    Chiaro –
    Our sweet bride Fer stretches luxuriantly in bed and tells Cruz she’s so happy, she feels like she’s dreaming. You’re not, he reassures her as he hands her a rose. Cruz wants to show her the town – it’s small but soooooo cute (requetechulo) and they can buy some food, and call their families. She smiles so fetchingly that he pulls off his boots and hops back under the covers with her.

    Oscuro –
    Juan Pablo confronts his mother in her office. He knows about her conversation with Fausto, he tells her. She doesn’t understand why he is so quick to believe the word of others over that of his own mother. Because, he says sadly, you lie. But he’s not there to argue. He is there to warn her: If anything happens to Fausto or Eva, he personally will denounce her to the authorities and she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison.

    Chiaro –
    A bucolic tableau. Fer and Cruz sit on the grass. A beautiful white horse stands behind them. Fer remembers her fantasy of being swept away by her Prince Charming (principe azul) riding in on his white horse – and now her dream has come true. Sing me the song you sang at her wedding, she asks her prince. And he does. Awwwww.

    Cruz carries his light as a feather florecita into the little store in the pueblo.

    And meanwhile in the DF:
    Juan Pablo has made it back to the church and finds Max waiting for him in the sacristy. Max invites JP to a special comida at the family home. Sure thing, says JP. What’s the occasion? Before Max can answer, his cell phone rings: It’s Dr. Heri and he wants to talk to him about Leonela.

    The owners of Casa Sandoval are enjoying a rare moment of domestic contentment as they smile at each other over the breakfast table. Osvaldo answers the phone with his mouth full and Cruz, on the other end of the line, jokes that he must have dialed the wrong number because it sounds like a dog is talking. Then Fer takes the phone. Os, mouth still stuffed, chokes and coughs and Victoria finally takes over. Giggles all around as Os recovers. Father-daughter banter. Fer tells Daddy he's still her favorite guy. He tells her she can't fool him:
    ¡No me des atole con el dedo!
    All is well.

    Alonso has finally agreed to have some lab tests done. PJP, who has accompanied him to the hospital, is amused to learn that the same man who has gone fearlessly into the jungle for photo shoots, is deathly afraid of needles, tourniquets and blood (lo de la aguja y la liga y la sangre – todo eso). That’s a big, honkin’ needle, says Alonso dubiously as the tech prepares to draw his blood. PJP puts a comforting hand on his shoulder and tells him not to move.

    Now Millie gets a call from the newlyweds and the whole vecindad gang gathers around the communal phone to hear the latest. Don Joel tells her to pass along a message to Cruz: Televisa has called several times looking for him. If they call again, says Cruz, tell them I’ll get in touch when I get back from my honeymoon.

    Before she hangs up, Millie gives her nephew a long and scary blessing which might make a lesser man afraid to get out of bed in the morning.

    The (in)action moves back to Casa Sandoval. Osvaldo has told Oscar about Padilla’s latest attack on Victoria. It has to be handled with discretion but Os is determined to make Padilla answer for what he did. Oscar assures Os he’ll keep the matter confidential.

    There’s something else Osvaldo needs to know, says Oscar. It’s about the theater. Blah blah blah -- legal crap – blah blah blah. Bottom line: Gui’s probably going to able to produce his play. But Oscar’s still on the case and working to recover Osvaldo’s money.

    Now Oscar has a favor to ask: He and Antonieta are getting married. Will Vic and Os be their witnesses?

    Toni is asking the same thing of Vic. Toni’s kind of nervous about this marriage stuff – neither she nor Oscar has ever lived with anyone else. Ms. Ruffo, consummate professional that she is, manages to keep a straight face when she assures Toni that:
    Cuando hay amor, todo se puede.
    (When there’s love, you can do anything.)

    Suddenly Victoria experiences a spasm. She doubles over and gasps – oh this treatment… they weren’t able to get rid of the cancer completely…

    Which thought brings us back to subjects medical -- but this time, it’s Alonso, not Vic, who is the patient. I thought you were going to faint right there in the lab, PJP tells Alonso laughingly.

    JP reminds him the results will be back later today. Alonso promises he’ll go back to pick them up but now he wants to talk about what really matters: How is María Desamparada? Forget her, says PJP. And then he patiently repeats the litany: She’s not for you. She loves Max with all her heart. She has a child with him. Accept it – it’s not your destiny to be with her.

    But Alonso won’t accept it – he’d rather die! And to the advice that he find another girl: There is no other girl for him. He needs his ternura!

    Heriberto is now the official Go-To Guy for the familia Sandoval:
    The two hunky cubanos, Max and Dr. Heri, hunker down and talk. Dr. Heri thinks Max is doing the right thing by Leonela. They agree that alcoholism, like all addictions, hurts not just the addict but everyone around that person. Heri warns him that addicts often behave selfishly, insensitive to how they are affecting others. Max will have to confront the issue of relapses and the suffering that goes along with them.

    The object of their concern is right now receiving a visitor:
    Guillermo shows up at Leonela’s hotel suite brandishing a document – Bernie’s lawyers have gotten him permission to use the theater on the date they need. Gui, being not just an ordinary bastard but a pretentious bastard, proceeds to rant about Sun Tzu and The Art of War:
    If you’re ten times more powerful than your enemy, surround him;
    if you’re five times more powerful, attack him;
    if two times more powerful, divide him;
    and if you’re equals, engage him:

    That’s what we’ll do, says Gui – we’ll open on the day we planned even if it makes Osvaldo furious.

    Leonela laughs delightedly, they kiss and leave to celebrate their triumph.

    What happens next is so dirty they have to do it in the tub. Double. Bubble. Bath. Faces. Nails. Ya basta.

    The docs in the hospital are shaking their heads over Alonso’s lab results and hoping the guy takes them to his own doctor right away. Serious stuff.

    Alonso himself walks in the park where he first met M ya no D and continues to obsess about his ternura.

    I guess bubblebaths give Leonela an appetite. She tells Gui to take her to the Best Restaurant in Mexico. He warns her not to drink. And she warns him not to try to tell her what to do.

    It’s all happy happy at the new Casa Victoria. Love is in the air. Pip and Toni are glad to see María and little Juan Pablo, both dressed in their Sunday best for the special comida Max has planned. Toni reminds María that she is invited to her upcoming wedding.

    Max arrives at the hotel looking for Leonela and he’s upset when the manager tells him she went out. Max figures she must be with Gui – who else? He decides to ask Dr. Heri for help.

    Alonso picks up his test results at the lab. The nurse passes along the hospital doctor’s advice: Show these to your doctor right away!

    What makes this comida different from all other comidas?
    Victoria and Osvaldo, handsomely turned out for the occasion, wait for Max to get home. They are curious about the reason for this special meal. They are surprised when Padre Juan Pablo arrives at the door, and then more so when Max himself shows up with María and little Juan Pablo. Everyone smiles. Vic asks if she can hold the baby. María hesitates a moment and then agrees, putting the child in her arms.

    Max takes the floor: I wanted to let you know -- I’d like to marry María Desamparada as soon as possible. And I wanted the whole family present when I asked for the hand of the woman I love.

    Whoa… Victoria is confused. María Desamparada is an orphan and doesn’t have a family. Just whose permission is Max looking for?

    Max answers by turning to PJP: Padre, will you give me MD’s hand in marriage?

    Now Victoria is really bewildered. Why is Max asking PJP?

    Because, answers Max, he’s her father; Padre Juan Pablo is María Desamparada’s father.

    Victoria’s face is a canvas of changing emotions as understanding dawns… if Juan Pablo is María Desamparada’s father…

    Part Two

    Now it’s Max’s turn to be confused. He sees that Victoria is overwhelmed by emotion. Why?????

    It is PJP who breaks the spell:
    Yo soy como su padre, su padre confesor ...
    (I’m like her father, her confessor …)
    Then he turns to María: ... her spiritual guide, he concludes.

    Max laughs incredulously and asks: What are you talking about, Father? But now MD chimes in and says yes, PJP has always been like a father to me.

    And we watch the joy drain out of Victoria’s face as it turns to stone. She hands off the baby to Micaela. Then she faces Max. Listen, she says, I’ll be honest with you. I won’t try to stop you because I know you’ll go ahead with your plans, no matter what I say. But let me make this clear:
    Aunque la tolero, yo no la quiero – mucho menos la quiero como tu esposa.
    (I may tolerate her but I don’t like her – especially not as your wife.)

    María is wounded and furious at these words: So what you said to me when my son was missing – those pretty words of consolation – they were false?
    I was hurting because of Max, Victoria answers coldly.
    No, says María – you just felt sorry for yourself because it reminded you of your own lost daughter.

    María continues lashing out: I’m glad you lost your daughter. You didn’t deserve her! And if God hasn’t granted your prayer, it means you still don’t deserve her -- that you’ll never find her!

    Shut up, screams Vic. And wham! She slaps her hard. Get out of my house!

    Don’t you dare hit me ever again, answers María with cold rage, because the next time, I’ll hit you back! I never want to see you again! And you’ll never see my son again!

    You can’t keep me from seeing my grandson, retorts Vic. And María answers icily:
    Ese niño no es nada suyo porque Max no es su hijo biológico.
    (That child is unrelated to you because Max isn’t your biological son.)
    There’s no blood tie between you!

    Now Victoria spits out her final venom: I don’t know why JP had to take so much trouble with you – you’re just a poor orphan, one of so many…

    The same arrogant woman as always, says María. Being here disgusts me, she tells Victoria and she goes off to get her son. PJP follows her.

    And now at last Max has seen – really seen and been wounded by – the arrogance – la soberbia -- of Señora Victoria Sandoval. He too follows María out of the room.

    Osvaldo glares at Victoria. Hell. We all glare at Victoria. But also at Juan Pablo for letting this ugly scene play out.

    We need to get out of that house for a moment. Let’s take a peek at the Televisa studios – Millie and the Jarochas have just arrived and are shlepping through the lot looking for the contest stage.

    In some circles, soberbia – high and mightiness -- is a quality to be desired:
    At Casa Bernarda, Luciano is thrilled that Ximena’s very appearance cries out “soberbia”; and Xi – with a model I don’t know -- is buttering up Luciano – he’s the Best Designer in Mexico, he’s so handsome… They wheedle a lunch invitation out of him. To the Best Restaurant in Mexico, natch.

    Take a cleansing breath. Okay. Back at Casa Sandoval, Max, with little Osvaldo in his arms, announces he is leaving. He still loves Victoria – that’s the worst thing about it! But he’ll be living with Leonela in an apartment until he and María are married. If Vic doesn’t want to see the woman he loves, well, she won’t see Max either.

    Victoria is left alone to weep.

    Let’s spend some time in the Best -- and by Best, we mean Most Expensive -- Restaurant in the city. Over here are the brilliant thespians, Leo and Gui. And over there, are the fashion glitterati, Xi and Luciano. Xi stands up and introduces Luciano to the room at large. She toasts him with champagne (and we wonder, ever hopeful, if she is still taking the pills that interact fatally with alcohol).

    Now Xi suggests sending a glass of champagne over to Leo and Gui’s table. Luciano will do her one better – he trots over and places the glass in Leonela’s hand. Gui tries to intervene but Leo insists that refusing would be an insult to Luciano. But before she can bring the glass to her lips –

    Dr. Heri appears! Magically. Like something out of Harry Potter! He strides up to the table and takes the glass away from Leonela. Not a single drop, he tells her. To the others he explains: I’m her doctor.

    Leonela surprises everyone with her reaction: Let’s celebrate, she says. But without alcohol!

    Time out for some characters who aren’t sociopaths:
    Luci has her suitcases packed. She’s moving out of the apartment, she tells Fabián, because she knows he doesn’t share her feelings. Fab is.. you know … confused. And hurting from Fer’s wedding. He persuades Luci to stick around while they sort out their feelings for one another.

    And back on the ranch:
    Fer confides to Cruz that she’s afraid he’ll get tired of having a paralítica for a wife. He scoffs at the thought – he’ll never tire of her. What they have will last a lifetime. Having a child together would make their happiness complete, she tells him.

    Had enough normal? Back to Bernie:
    Bernarda thinks about her latest murder – el Alacrán – and then JP’s threat to turn her in to the police. She has to reconcile with her son, she tells herself.

    Her son, meanwhile, pleads with María ya no D to cut Victoria some slack. She tried, she says, but you heard her: She tolerates me but she doesn’t like me.

    Max is still at Casa Sandoval saying his goodbyes to Osvaldo. He explains his reasons and plans. Osvaldo warns him that Leonela may be a bad influence on him. Os doesn’t believe she has really changed:
    Arbol que nace torcido jamás sus ramas se enderezan.
    (A tree that’s born twisted never grows straight. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.)

    In the Best Restaurant in Mexico, Ximena and Luciano have joined Gui and Leo; and Dr. Heri has taken his place at the table. Xi turns to Heri and asks maliciously:
    So you’re the one who did Fer’s surgery?
    Yes, he says, and unfortunately the results weren’t what we hoped for.
    Now Gui snorts and says: Maybe because the doctors didn’t know what they were doing.
    Leonela contradicts him: I don’t think so, Guillermo. Sometimes doctors find themselves faced with impossible cases…
    That’s true, agrees Dr. Heri.

    Now Leo brightens and suggests they talk about happier things. She turns her charm on Luciano and asks him if he’d like to design the wardrobe for her upcoming show – she’s Desdemona in Gui’s production of Othello. Desdemona – she gets killed, doesn’t she? asks Xi. And then adds: Watch out: Guillermo likes to kill actresses. And Gui rejoins: Yeah, like you like to kill your rivals.
    And somehow, Dr. Heri knows these two aren't joking.
    Leonela and Ximena have a staring contest.

    The crowd at the Televisa hall is in a festive mood as they wait for the contest to get started. Ay caray! One of the Jarochas goes rogue! She runs up on the stage and kisses the host, Adal Ramones.

    At the hospital, a doctor remarks that Alonso’s test results were worse than they expected.

    Oblivious Al, far from following the advice to see his doctor right away, hasn’t even opened the envelope with the test results. And then, when he gets distracted by a phone call – it’s someone named Carmona who wants another Lovely Cosmetics commercial – he drops the envelope without even noticing.

    Guillermo takes Leonela back to her suite at the Casa Vieja.
    He’s pleased with the way she handled herself but not so pleased with that metiche, Dr. Heri. Gui tries to get … um .. chummy … but Leonela’s not in the mood. She is in the mood to gloat, though. Now – after hearing Xi say that he likes to kill actresses -- she’s sure Gui is a murderer. So what? he says. So are you! Yeah, but I’ve paid for my crime, she smirks.

    Back on the ranch, Cruz and Fer daydream about having a child and they imagine all the things Cruz will teach him to make him todo un ranchero. Fer reminds him he needs to finish his studies in the DF. He knows. After the honeymoon, they’ll be moving back to the city – he has a cozy little place ready for them in the vecindad – María and Nati helped him furnish it.

    At the church, Juan Pablo is with Jero and he is lamenting Victoria’s blindness to the miracle God put right before her. ( I’m no theologian, but it seems to me Juan Pablo himself is the Miracle Blocker here.) That is the cue for Bernie’s entrance and uninvited explanation: It’s because God doesn’t want Victoria to find her daughter.

    Eva may be little but man, she’s lethal. She tears into Fausto for telling Bernie the truth and calls him a coward for not following through on his plan for vengeance. And he’s also a coward for not telling María Desamparada that he loves her.

    Fausto knows Eva is mocking him. He remembers what his mother taught him -- don’t harm others; love thy neighbor as thyself. He wishes Eva well but he and she are following different paths now. He’ll be going to the parish school. Is he going to become a priest? He hasn’t yet decided.

    Speaking of priests
    Bernarda rudely dismisses Padre Jerónimo. Once she and JP are alone, she promises him that she won’t do anything to harm Eva and Fausto.

    Toni, now with Vic at Casa Sandoval, speaks plainly to her friend: Victoria was wrong to say what she did to María. Vic won’t back down though. She mutters that she won’t be a hypocrite; she was just speaking the truth. Maybe, says Toni, but this time Max isn’t going to sacrifice his happiness. (¡Dios te oiga, Toni!)

    And maybe he really isn’t (going to sacrifice his happiness, that is). Because when he shows up at María’s place, little Osvaldo in arms, he brushes aside her worries about his family coming between them. Not this time, he tells her. Nothing will come between us. You are the love of my life. Nothing is more important than you.

    But I never want to see Victoria again, María tells him. And I don’t want her near our son. He’s willing to accept that. But right now he and little Os have a surprise for her: clutched in Osvaldo’s fat little baby hand is a ring. Max asks: Will you be my wife?

    Cue the kayak


    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    Alborada, Characters and Plot Synopsis. 5/30/2011.

    Don't forget! Alborada starts Tuesday night, 10 PM, on Telefutura. Many count it as their all-time favorite telenovela. Almost everyone considers it one of Colunga's two best. With only 90 episodes, the plot really gallops. I've been told that it starts with a bang, so be sure not to miss the first episode!

    I plan to post the page on Caray by 9 PM Eastern each night. For those who can't access Telefutura, I'll include a YouTube link for the night's episode. For now, here is an introduction to the characters and a synopsis of the plot.

    Hipólita's People

    Hipólita. Female lead. Antonio's wife. Illigitamate daughter of Asunción and Agustín.

    Asunción. Hipólita and Catalina's mother, Francisco's wife, Andrés's stepmother.

    Francisco. Hipólita's stepfather. Andrés and Catalina's father. Asunción's brutish husband.

    Catalina. Andrés and Hipólita's half-sister. Asunción and Francisco's daughter. Forced into a convent by her father, to avoid paying a dowry.

    Antonio. Hipólita's husband. Son of Doña Adelaida.

    Luis's People

    Luis. Male lead. Married to Agustín's daughter Esperanza. Believed to be Juana's son and cousin of the count. Actually he is the rightful count, son of the deceased count and countess.

    Diego. Luis's cousin, believed to be the Count of Guevara. He is actually Juana's son, cousin of the true count. He is two months younger than Luis.

    Doña Juana. Believed to be Luis's mother, but actually false-count Diego's mother and true-count Luis's aunt. The previous count's sister. Widowed. Her husband died when she was two months pregnant with Diego.

    Isabel. Juana’s sister-in-law. Juana's husband was Isabel's brother. She's VERY rich. I think she never married. She was away in Peru when the fire occurred.

    Esperanza. Luis's wife. Daughter of Agustín and his rich wife. Half-sister of Hipólita. She is too frail to carry a pregnancy to term.

    Felipe. Luis’s right-hand man. Martin's father

    Martín. Felipe's son. Young buck; recently attended university in Spain; now he works for Luis. He fell in love with Hipólita.

    Cristóbal. Priest. Luis's best friend. His sister is Sor Teresa, abbess of the convent.

    Perla. Luis's favored prostitute. He bought her freedom from the brothel and set her up in business.

    Minor Characters

    Marcos. One of Luis's men. He was a street orphan.

    Marina. Isabel’s servant.

    Adelaida. Antonio’s mother. Hipólita's mother-in-law.
    Rodrigo. Antonio's friend.
    Andrés. Hipólita's step-brother. Francisco's son, but not by Asunción.
    Adalgisa. Hipólita's maid.
    Rafael. Hipólita's son by Luis.
    Agustín. Father to Hipólita and Esperanza. Knows Juana's secret.
    Carlota. Hipólita's maternal grandmother.

    Victoria. Marína’s mother.
    Gasca. Diego’s henchman.
    Modesta. Juana’s maid.
    Vicente. Juana's prominent servant. He wears a silk head scarf.
    Cirilo. Luis's white servant lad.
    Carmela. Felipe’s wife, Martín’s mother.
    Ramón and the mute. Two thugs.
    Mirtha. Esperanza’s maid.
    Carlos(?) and Aurora. The former count and countess.

    Juana's "Debts"
    The big secret of this novela is that Juana switched her son with the baby count. If that secret is found out, she and her son will be destroyed, so she must manage her house of cards very carefully.

    Agustín knows the truth because he saw the identifying scar on Luis's leg. To keep him happy, Juana did three things: 1. She hid his illigitimate daughter Hipólita in Panama so her existence wouldn't embarass him. 2. She arranged for him to marry someone much richer than himself. 3. She married his homely, feeble-brained daughter Esperanza to her supposed son Luis, cousin of the count. Now she must keep Hipólita hidden, and keep Luis married to Esperanza, to continue to keep Agustín happy.

    Asunción of course knows that Agustín is Hipólita's father. Juana must keep her happy or scared, to keep that secret. He got her a husband, the brute Francisco, with a promise that no one would find out that his wife had a baby before he knew her. I believe they live on their estate rent-free. Later Juana got Asunción's daughter into the convent and got her stepson Andrés a job working for the count.

    Plot Synopsis
    Translated from Esmas.com

    The story takes place in colonial times in Latin America, a time of injustice and great differences between social classes, when people lived under the rule of the nobility, and everyone, rich and poor, under the dark shadow of the Inquisition.

    María Hipólita Díaz lives with her grandmother, Doña Carlota, in the village of Santa Rita, Panama. Hipólita was born in Mexico but when she was very young she was separated from her mother, Asuncion, and does not know who her father is. In exchange for a handsome dowry, Doña Carlota manages to arrange the marriage of her granddaughter with Antonio, the son of Doña Adelaida de Guzman. That will trigger a series of events that completely changes Hipólita's life. Several months later, Doña Carlota dies without knowing that Antonio is impotent, Hipólita's marriage was not consummated, and Antonio’s mother Adelaida treated her with contempt for being illegitimate.

    Knowing that Antonio will inherit the fortune of his uncle Prospero only if he has a child, Adelaida takes advantage of the fact that her servants have captured a fugitive. She makes him masquerade as Antonio and to have relations with Hipólita in the dark so she’ll become pregnant. The "criminal" is Luis Manrique y Arellano, a Mexican businessman who came to Santa Rita to close a deal on the orders of his cousin Diego, the Count of Guevara, suspecting it was part of a plot to kill him. Faced with the threat of being brought to justice, Luis pretends to accept Adelaida’s deal, but he intends to escape through the window instead. In the end, Hipólita’s tenderness seduces him and they make love. Afterwards he repents and confesses the truth to her. He leaves and Hipólita has neither learned his name nor seen his face. All she knows is that he is from Mexico.

    Three years later, Hipólita arrives in Mexico with her young son Rafael, having escaped the evil Adelaida, and willing to confront everything to find the Mexican and force him to give his name to her son.

    Amid a storm of intrigue and violence caused by Doña Juana, sister of the former Count of Guevara, Hipólita will have to fight for her son’s life and her own, while her heart is torn between hatred for the stranger who made her a woman with tenderness and passion, and the love she now feels for Luis, not knowing that both are the same man.

    I'm the moderator, and if I want to add gratuitous eye candy, that's my prerogative!

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    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    Cuando Me Enamoro #27 Friday 5/27/11 Antonio has a sad past, Matias loses his cool fast, and the Monterrubio family are once again aghast.

    Evening, all! Sorry for the delay. I'll forgo extra chatter and get to what we've been waiting for...

    Opening the show, we are treated to supremely depressing re-play of Renata resigning from Empresas Monterrubio.

    Regina asks Antonio why he never told her about his past. She wants to hear the story from him. Tony never told because he had to learn how not to live like a victim and Regi has been the perfect example for him. Regi gives him a tepid kiss. She is starting to like Tony more and more as she gets to know him.

    Gonzalo vents to Honorio about the Renata situation. "I'm not going to let her leave the house or the company!" Honorio is sure that once Renata has made up her mind, she will stick to it. But that isn't to say she will never come back. Give it a few months and maybe Ren will want to return. Gonzo had never thought of that. He asks Honorio to watch over Renata and let him know what her plans are. Hon readily agrees; he already knows that Renata has moved in with Adriana. But he does have some very unpleasant news...(Yes! Out with it!)...but Matias storms into the office and interrupts. Drat. Gonzo tells Mat about Renata's resignation.

    Adriana and Renata regroup in the office. Adri thinks Ren is being a little too hasty with her decisions. Ren says it would be far too awkward for her to stay. She hopes that Mat will stop hating her but, until then, she has to leave. "If you leave, I'm going with you." Renata appreciates it but refuses to let Adri quit. Adri needs the work so she can support her mother. They tearily promise to stay amigas and to stay connected with each other. Aww.

    Matias doesn't like that Renata is resigning, especially since it means that Ren is mixing her personal life with business. "I'm annoyed but I am not the only loser who wants to ruin Renata." On that odd note, Matias stalks off. Gonzo laments that all his plans for Renata and Matias have gone down the tubes.

    Chema the delivery boy drops off some more fruit and flirts a little more with Constanza. The conversation turns to Antonio and Coni tells Chema about Tony's past. "Antonio was bullfighting in Spain and his wife and daughter were traveling to see him. The airplane failed and it crashed. He lost his entire family in an instant." Chema thinks maybe that's why Tony gets along so well with Regi. They both have a lot of suffering in their pasts.

    Coincidentally, Tony is relating the same story to Regi. He lost his wife Marina and his daughter Tamara in the plane accident. He held out futile hope for years that they were still alive because their bodies were never recovered from the wreckage. But, in time, he came to accept the sad truth. Tony quit bullfighting because it always upset his daughter. She was afraid he would be killed in a bullfight but it turns out that she was the one who ended up dying. Pobre Tony.

    Antonio says he identified with Regi and understands what it feels like to want to die of depression and anguish. Regi is both touched and saddened.

    Renata sadly packs up her desk as Jero calls. Ren tells him she is leaving the Empresa. Jero feels responsible but Renata says it was her decision. "Do you regret it?" Jero asks. "Finding you and your love? No way." Says Renata. After hanging up, Jero is confused. "Something here doesn't coincide, Renata. With me, you don't care to lose everything and yet no matter what Rafael offered you - it wasn't enough. Why, Renata, why?"

    Selene and Roberta sunbathe by the pool and discuss Fina's master plan. Sele is surprised that Fina would ask Robbie to sleep with Matias but she thinks it's the better option than an abortion. Roberta knows her mother often does things that no other mother would. "Are you sure that you and Renata are her hijas? She is so cruel to Renata. If I didn't know better, I would swear you two were adopted." Sele says. Roberta chuckles.

    Honorio and Gonzo finally get a spare minute to discuss the helicopter fiasco. Honorio found out who was behind the photoshopped pictures and the copter rental. Gonzo is shocked. "Renata's reputation is in doubt again, I thought maybe there was nothing to clear up anymore." Seriously? Gonzo, go sit in the dunce corner for awhile and think about what you're saying.

    "No, Gonzo! Renata is totally innocent regarding those pictures." Honorio explains. "Two people were involved. One was Baquero's son Diego and the other was your daughter Roberta." Gonzo looks like he was hit by a ton of bricks. "Are you sure?" Yep, the entire thing was Roberta's idea. Gonzo calls Fina and demands that Roberta be home when he gets there; no excuses. Dear Robbie might finally be caught!

    Matias has a hissy fit in his office and shouts at the secretary. Jero has showed up to talk with him. Mat grabs Jero by the lapels. "I never want to see you again in my life! I am not a sore loser but you betrayed me! You know what she meant to me and how much I loved her!" Now who's letting personal feelings get in the way at work, Mr. Inappropriate...er...Matias? Gonzo storms over just in time to keep things from getting too physical. Jero apologizes for causing a scene; he only wanted to talk things out. The entire office rushes over to get the scoop on what's going on.

    Gonzo is blunt as ever. "Get out. You aren't welcome here." Honorio steps in and says Jero should discuss this with Mat another time, in a more appropriate place. Jero tells Matias to come find him if he ever wants to talk. "It was never my intention to hurt you." Jero gives up the fight when Renata asks him to leave. "You know where to find me if you wish to." Matias nearly foams at the mouth as Honorio drags him away. Gonzo, ever-so-smoothly, tells everyone to get back to work.

    Roberta tells Selene that her mom is "unconventional" (in that she loves sharp objects and plotting vile deeds) but she is not going along with her plan this time. Fina calls and orders Robbie to come home, Gonzo has demanded to see her; something might have happened to mess up their plans.

    Outside the Empresa, Renata wishes Jero hadn't caused such a scene. "You've made Matias even more angry than he already was!" Jero couldn't help it. He gives her a comforting hug.

    Matias is spitting fire but Gonzo tells him to cool it. Renata will be gone soon and then he can relax. Gonzo agrees with Honorio that accepting Renata's resignation is the best thing for now. Gonzo tells Matias that everyone is meeting that night because they discovered that Roberta is behind the picture scandal. Mat doesn't want to go. It bothers him too much to see the woman he loves with another man.

    Ines and Isidro ask the doctor what would happen if neither of them could be donors for Andrescito. The doctor says they will cross that bridge when they get there. Meanwhile, Doña Cata chats with Andres. He is sure he will be fine because he made a pact with Dios; if God lets him live and takes away his parents' suffering, Andres will grow up to be a doctor so he can care for children who have leukemia. Cata tears up and gives him a hug.

    Renata wants nothing to do with the family meeting. Honorio pleads with her to show up to clear her name. Renata already feels like a disappointment to her family and doesn't want to upset them more. "Life is full of troubles!" Hon says. "But everyone does crazy things in the name of love. Sooner or later, everyone will understand." Honorio, you are too awesome. And I had to laugh that they gave him the line "En nombre del amor", considering that Alfredo Adame was on that show and it had the same producer as CME. Was it a coincidence or are they throwing an in-joke at us novela-junkies? ;)

    Renata gives Tio Honorio a hug in thanks and agrees to show up. Adriana gives her amiga a hug and wishes she had an uncle like Honorio. Oh, how I love dramatic irony.

    Meanwhile at the vineyard, Doctor Nesme slithers out into the field to see Alfonsina. Alfi admits she is afraid of Agustin; he could put her whole family on the street. The doctor would put his job on the line before he let Agustin get rid of Alfi. He holds her hands and says the vineyard could not function without her love and care.

    Karina gets a little relationship advice from Padre Severino, which is not exactly the place I would look for couples counseling. Padre thinks Lazaro is still carrying a torch for Karina and that Alvaro is not living up to Karina's expectations. Padre is sure Lazaro will get over it sooner or later. He knows a ranch where Lazaro can work to take his mind off of it. Karina doesn't think Lazaro would like working so far away but she doesn't know what else they can do.

    Carlos talks to a lawyer about the vineyard business. Carlos had the papers notarized but the lawyer says such paperwork usually takes weeks to process; Agustin wants it done in only one week. The lawyer is headed out there personally since Agustin is already the owner of the harvest. Carlos is not afraid of Agustin and tells the lawyer that he better have done the paperwork by the book, regardless of Agustin's threats.

    Constanza hurriedly tells Regina that she has to run home early because of a family meeting involving Renata and Roberta. Regi is accommodating as always.

    Adriana helps Renata pack up the car, assuring her amiga that she won't be in the way no matter how long she needs to stay with them. Adri comments how odd her mother behaved after seeing Honorio again and meeting Constanza. "My Ma said she and Honorio had nothing in common anymore and that his wife was a beautiful, distinguished woman while she is old and worn out." The amigas are mystified as to why Agatha would feel that way.

    Gonzo gets home and demands that Roberta and Fina come with him to Hon and Con's house, where everyone is waiting.

    Jero's contact in Spain, Almudena, tells him all is going well with his business. Great, says Jero. Send me a letter that says my entire empire is failing. "Qué the heck?" Almudena thinks. Jero wants to find out if someone is actually interested in him or only in his dinero. She agrees. Blech, FFWD.

    Fina and Roberta are riled immediately once Renata shows up at the casa. Gonzo explains that Honorio has discovered who doctored the photos and rented the helicopter.

    Renata: Who was it?
    Honorio: A guy named Diego Lara.
    Gonzo: This wretch didn't work alone. There was someone else who planned the whole thing.
    Honorio: That person is you, Roberta!
    Roberta: I did no such thing!
    Fina: How dare you accuse my daughter of something so low!
    Honorio: I have proof!

    Honorio ushers Diego himself into the party. "It was Roberta." Diego says. All eyes are on Robbie, who squirms a little.

    Regi wonders what could be going on with Coni's family. "Why do I worry so much about Renata and her family?" Not exactly the opportune moment to be wondering that because we would rather be watching Roberta get grilled at the moment.

    Hooray! We return to the interrogation quickly. Diego viciously tells the group that Roberta planned the entire helicopter scandal. Roberta sobs to Gonzo that it is a lie. "Of course it's true!" Diego says coldly. "We planned it all together and figured it would have the best effect if we did it during Matias's party so the entire world would see."

    Renata sits on the couch, Adriana at her side. It is Roberta's turn to plead her innocence to Gonzalo. "I swear it wasn't me! Why does no one believe me." Robbie cries. "Everyone is always against me." Roberta starts in on Diego but he has no sympathy. "I warned you that I was not going to go down alone if we got caught. You swore no one would find out"

    Renata finally finds her voice. "Why would you do this to me? Humiliate in such a way. Why did you do it?" Tia Coni pipes in. "Out of resentment! Out of envy of Renata!" Roberta claims she never envied Ren. Adriana scoffs. "Of course you did! And Diego helped you because Renata rejected him." Bullseye for Coni and Adri!

    Fina, unfortunately, finds her voice as well. "Enough foolishness! Roberta is the rightful victim of all Renata's actions." Gonzo asks Roberta for the truth. Roberta squeals that it isn't true. Diego mouths off some more and Fina makes to slug him until Gonzo pulls her away. Gonzo rips Diego a new one and promises to tell his padre what he's done. Diego has a few final words before leaving. "Roberta hates Renata. She has always hated her and would do anything to hurt her. Renata, she is your worst enemy."

    Renata stands while Fina protectively holds Roberta.

    Renata: Why do you hate me? We're sisters, Roberta.
    Coni: She hates you because she wishes she were like you but can't be.
    Robbie: Shut up! I know you're trying to separate my family.
    Coni: I'm not trying to separate anyone! I'm only telling the truth. It is more evident than ever that all your negativity towards your sister is because she is better than you and you know it! (Ouch! The truth hurts, no?)

    Gonzo steps in. He still isn't sure about Roberta's innocence. "Tell me the truth, Roberta."
    Robbie's tears flow anew. "Papa, Renata and I are very different. We never got along well but hating her is something entirely different. Please believe me for once in your life!" Roberta clings to Gonzalo and faints mid-sob. The room erupts into more chaos than before.

    After the commercial, Regina chats with Doña Cata. She supports Regi's new outlook on life and encourages her to take a chance on Antonio.

    Things have settled down at the battle ground. Roberta is awake and feeling better. She makes a final plea to Gonzo. "I am innocent. Please stop constantly accusing me of things I didn't do." If Gonzo believes her after always putting Renata through the ringer, I will slap a fictional character upside the head. For real, you guys.

    Fina and Robbie take their leave. Gonzo tells Renata that they need to talk soon, when she feels up to it. Adriana says Roberta deserves and Oscar for her crocodile tears and fainting spell. Renata sincerely thanks Honorio for investigating and finding the truth. Honorio never doubted her and neither did Constanza. They both lay a hand on top of Renata's and guarantee that they will always be her family and she will always have a place to stay with them. Tripple Aww.

    Once in the safety of home, Fina corners Gonzo. She lays into him for putting Roberta in front of the firing squad, especially since she has a heart condition. "Leave Roberta alone! Your whole family is against her, pobrecita." Gonzo agrees to back off for a while, but this conversation is far from over.

    Fina then turns her rage onto Roberta. "You were a fool to trust Diego!" Rob never wants to see him again in her life but Fina wants her to go beg him to retract his story. "Do it or everything will be ruined! You have to earn back Gonzalo's trust so you can lure Matias, understood?"

    Roberta is upset that her own madre is asking her to sleep with a man just so her madre can keep her social position. "Not just my place." Says Fina. "Yours too." Roberta is still annoyed. "Am I really your daughter?" Roberta asks. Fina laughs a bitter, villainous laugh. "What silly things you say. If you weren't my daughter, I would not care about your future. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices to keep what we desire."

    Avances: Fina tells Roberta that it's now or never to enact their plan. Lots of little snippets cut together so we can't tell a thing going on.


    Si tú te vas, me voy a ir contigo - If you leave, I will go with you. (Adriana to Renata)
    Todo se vino abajo - Everything fell apart. (Gonzo about his plans for Ren/Mat).
    Se estrelló - It crashed (Tony's family's plane)
    Mal perdedor - Bad/sore loser (Matias to Jero)
    Sinsabores - Troubles (What Honorio calls Renata's family problems)
    Hacer la poda - To do the pruning (What needs to be done at the vineyard)
    Atropellar las fotos - To doctor/photoshop pictures (literally "to run down/trample" photos)
    No me iba a hundir sólo - I would not go down alone (Diego to Roberta)


    El Mundo de Telemundo, Week of May 30, 2011: Discuss Amongst Yourselves

    La Reina del Sur – as of Friday, May 27

    We viewers are having almost as much trouble as Teresa in saying our goodbyes to this amazing story.

    In its last full week, we see Teo finally exposed for the rat he has always been. When Flores and his men lead a raid on the decoy ship, Teresa knows without a doubt: Teo is the Judas. Teo has to die.

    When Pote takes Teo from his home and forces him to join Teresa aboard the Sinaloa, he deals with the police bodyguards Culichi style – dead men can’t talk. And Teo earns himself a burial at sea.

    Spanish Comisario Flores wants the pleasure of seeing Teresa Mendoza punished. He wants her in jail, on Spanish soil.

    Willy Rangel wants Teresa back in Mexico to testify against the now presidential candidate, Epifanio Vargas.

    The U.S. Ambassador, he of the atrocious Spanish pronunciation and flawless Spanish grammar, wants to keep Mexico from becoming an official Narco Republic.

    We still don’t know what Teresa – and her unborn child – want.

    Flores has good reason to hate Teresa – she did threaten his children early on in the story and he felt forced to send his family out of Spain to protect them from her. But now his personal need for vengeance has blinded him to any sense of the greater good.

    For us at home, Flores has been one of the bad guys. Willy Rangel, on the other hand, has become more and more sympathetic; and the actor’s portrayal more and more credible.

    Flores has been waiting for the judge’s order to arrest Teresa. Now, even though his star witness, Teo Aljarafe, is missing, with the death of the Spanish police guards, the balance tips in Flores’s favor. The police comb Marbella looking for her.

    It is Teresa’s soulmate, Oleg, who takes her in – and incidentally introduces her to the wife and child she never knew he had – and then helps her escape out the back way when the wolf, i.e. Flores, inevitably arrives at the door looking for her. By then she has already agreed to Willy Rangel’s proposal – now that she knows it was Epifanio Vargas who ordered el Güero’s death, that instead of a friend, he has always been her enemy – she is willing to return to Mexico and testify against him. She and Willy will meet at the airport where a private jet awaits them.

    Twelve years ago, Teresa – hobbled by cheap blue tacones -- ran for her life through the streets of Culiacán. Now once again she runs for her life – still hobbled by ridiculously high heels, even if they are on expensive and stylish boots – this time down a steep flagstone path in the south of Spain.

    Last night, in the penultimate episode of our story:
    Teresa gets to the airport ahead of Flores. She has had a chance to say her goodbyes to Conejo – Oleg had her brought to his house earlier – but she doesn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to Pote as well. Surprise! Pote is already on board the plane. He scoffs at the danger that awaits them in Mexico: Pa' morir nací, he says plainly. I was born to die. It’s a good thing to be able to choose the place to do it.

    Pote reluctantly surrenders his gun to Willy and the plane takes off.

    During the flight, Willy asks Teresa what she did with Teo. “What would you have done in my place?” is her answer. “I’d never be in your place”, says Willy rather smugly. “I’m one of the good guys”. (Soy de los buenos.) “De los buenos” repeats Teresa. “¿Cómo ves Pote?” She and the guarura exchange weary smiles.

    She acknowledges that learning the truth about Don Epifanio Vargas has turned her life upside down (se me revolvió la vida). But it’s not a thirst for vengeance that is bringing her to Mexico – what she wants is to stop running:
    It’s time for her to decide how she wants to live.

    Back in Mexico, the President won’t take Epifanio Vargas’s calls.

    And Don Epifanio won’t take Batman’s calls.

    Batman and his two little boys are being followed by another vehicle. The Batman knows a hit when he sees one. He coolly calls his wife and tells her he and the boys will be home in half an hour. Then he pulls his camioneta into a clearing, inviting a confrontation with the other vehicle. Two guys get out and take aim at the Batmobile. But the Batman proves too wily for these cut-rate sicarios. He starts to drive, gunning down one with his left hand, while steering with his right. Then he runs over (and over) the second. Now we know what “rematar” really means.

    Then Batman turns to his sons in the backseat:
    ¡Qué calor está haciendo! Les invito a una agua de cebada. ¿Qué dicen?(It’s getting hot. How about a cold drink (barley water)? What do you say?)
    Both kids nod. Just another day in the family business.

    In Marbella, Conejo is telling Ramos and Alberto about her secret farewell meeting with Teresa – she felt like she was in a spy movie, she confesses. She doesn’t think Teresa will be coming back. But the good news – Teresa left them the yacht, the Sinaloa. “¡Que viva México!” says Dr. Ramos happily. The trio’s toast to Teresa is cut short when Flores arrives at the door. He has a judicial order to inventory all of Teresa’s property. The beyond wilted Flores tells them they will have to testify in the proceedings against Teresa; all her property will be seized; and they are not to leave the country.

    When Flores leaves, Dr. Ramos says ruefully: Adios, yate! But he brightens quickly when Conejo tells him about the second part of Teresa’s severance package for the faithful trio – a stash of twenty million Euros. She cautions them:
    Va a ser muy difícil pillar la pasta.
    (It’s going to be very hard to get hold of the dough.)
    It’s hidden in plain sight in the living room of Teresa’s house, Las Siete Gotas!

    Back in Mexico, Ratas gets the call: the idiots they sent to kill the Batman are dead. Now Ratas wants to do the job himself but Epi talks him down – Batman is old-school, he’d never betray them. [Really? After they just tried to kill him?]

    Now Epifanio gets the call: “Hay piedras en el camino” he tells Ratas. Teresa gets in tonight. “Habrá que darle la bienvenida” replies Ratas.

    And the Batman tells his trophy wife, who has been waiting anxiously at their NarcoMansion, that things have changed. He used to be the boss and now he’s the black sheep. He knows too much. Epifanio just tried to kill him. Mrs. Batman wants to get the hell out of Dodge. “Vámonos pa’ el Gabacho” she says. Batman agrees but first: “Vamos a medir el agua para los camotes” (Let’s analyze the situation first, let’s figure out what’s what.) If Epifanio gets the presidency, he’ll be able to get to them wherever they are.

    Teresa’s arrival is imminent and Ratas is assembling the troops and their weapons. He literally has a small army of men who will cover all areas of the airport and runway. He holds out a million dollar reward to “quien se tumbe la morra” (the one who shoots the girl.)

    In the DF, Don Epifanio is ignominiously turned away when he tries to see the president. And he reflects:
    Se me hace que el señor Presidente ya sabe de todo.
    (I think the president knows the whole story.)

    Teresa’s plane lands and she, Pote and Willy walk onto the tarmac, right into the sights of the snipers. But before Ratas can give the order to shoot, Epifanio calls him and aborts the mission. He needs to talk to Teresa in person.

    Teresa is introduced to the army officer who is in charge of her security, Col. Ledesma. She and Pote demand – and are given – their personal guns when she reminds Willy that this is Culiacán, not Spain.

    Don Epifanio apparently thinks he can BS his way out of this one. He phones Teresa and asks her to meet with him. He waxes philosophical, Culichi style:
    Pues ni modo mi hijita, al toro hay que agarrarlo por los cuernos. Mira, mi hija, en esta vida lo que te toca es para ti aunque te quites y lo que no, pues, aunque te pongas.
    (Let’s take the bull by the horns. In this life, when it’s your turn it’s your turn, no matter what you do. [literally, ‘it’s yours although you may try to take it off and what’s not…well … although you may put it on.]

    We see Ratas in what I think of as the Culiacán branch of the Bada Bing Club where he channels Scarlet O’Hara: Tomorrow is another day, he tells himself. Then they can eliminate all of their enemies: Teresa, Pote and Batman.

    He heads to the bathroom. We see the pointy-toed black boots and the black trousers of the man following him. Then we see Batman himself reflected in the mirror. Batman aims at Ratas but doesn’t take the shot. He pauses and listens to Ratas’s phone conversation and learns that Teresa Mendoza is in Culiacán.

    Now a black camioneta drives up to the secured property where Teresa and Pote will stay. That the army is guarding the outer periphery and the federal police are inside the grounds reassures neither Teresa nor Pote. She knows the Sinaloa cartel can buy off the guys who are there to protect her.

    She announces, to the chagrin of both Col. Ledesma and Willy, that she will need transportation tomorrow. She’s going out. She’s not a prisoner, is she?

    Tomorrow: The Last Goodbye
    Tuesday: Cristina and the cast at 9pm/8central


    Mi Corazón Insiste

    This is the replacement for Aurora. I watched a bit of it and realized it’s not for me. Jean, are you going to watch this one? Hombre, thanks for getting the discussion started on this show.



    Just in case anyone missed it, Urban Anthropologist wrote a terrific wrap-up on the last few episodes of this oddly ill-conceived novela. You can find it in the comments of last week’s Telemundo page.


    La Casa de al Lado

    This is the replacement for Reina. It looks intriguing but if I watch it, I’ll be a day behind in the conversation because I’ll be watching the online version. (My dance card is full at 10pm/9c.)

    Ok. Your turn!

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