Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cuando Me Enamoro #51 Thursday 6/30/11 Augie Tries But Kari Denies

Tonight we get to see a new side to our meek little Kari. Who knew she could be so relentlessly protective?

All right then, a lot happens tonight so let’s get to it...
We’re reminded that Marely from Juan Querendon is the new Adriana. How could I not recognize her yesterday?

I’m going to yack. Do we have to see Augie kissing Nata’s chest and bare shoulders again? She’s unconscious you weirdo! (Shudder) Kari watches from the doorway, her mouth agape as Augie kisses Nata on the mouth. Kari backs out and knocks on the door. When she comes in I hope she sees that Nata is out cold. Augie doesn’t really want her there, he says Alvaro will be there 24/7, but Kari says Nata might like a woman present for her more intimate needs. Nata wakes up, wants Kari to stay so Augie of course says whatever she wants. Kari and Nata look genuinely happy to see each other.

Over at La Bonita Jero gripes to Carlos that he’s got to figure out some way to get Renata to return. He can’t avoid being grateful to Augustin for saving her life but he wants to be by her side. (This, after doing everything in her power to avoid her! Carlos is surprised too.) Jero recalls when Renata was petting her beautiful horse and saying how much she’ll miss Gitana; his cogs and sprockets start turning. He must have been reading our comments.

Kari asks Nata why she doesn’t want to come home? Nata points out La Bonita was never her house. Kari tells her that Jero was desperately anguished when Nata went missing and he looked for her all night. Kari looks Nata in the eyes and swears that Jero loves her deeply. If he loves me then why won’t he touch me, asks Nata? Why doesn’t he desire me? She tells Kari that Jero deceived her. He told her he loved her and that she’d be happy at La Bonita, boo hoo.

The women have a bonding moment and then Kari gives Jero’s letter to Renata and leaves the room to prepare lunch. Renata cries, stares at the letter and listens to Manuel Carrasco sing his sad song.

Gonzo has a goodbye chat with Nata’s horse and tells Matias that Jero called to make arrangements to transport Gitana to La Bonita. Matias, however, is not impressed and insists Jero is garbage. Gonzo, not realizing that Matias believes Jero is Berta’s baby-daddy, is baffled.

Nata reads Jero’s letter, “I thank God that you are all right. Forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please return; I can’t conceive of life without you. -Jeronimo” Again I say this man needs romance lessons.

Augi knocks on the door and Nata hides the letter. She thanks him again for all he’s done. She admits she’s very sad and that marrying Jeronimo was a big mistake. Augi is trying REALLY hard not to smile right now. She says she fell in love like an idiot and now she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to return to her husband and she turned her back on her family for Jero’s love. Naturally this is just what Augi wants to hear and he offers her a place at Cruz de Amor while she convalesces and decides what to do.

Doc Creep creeps the halls and intercepts Kari with her lunch tray. He pleads his case for them to reunite, promises things will change. (Don’t listen! Things never change!) She doesn’t believe him and walks away. Good girl!!

Regina and Tony, looking surprisingly dapper in his torero kit, are in a chapel where he’s thanking her for sharing her life with him. She tells him to be careful and makes the sign of the cross for him, kissy face bye-bye.

Let the bullfight begin! The ladies think he looks handsome but Ines is worried. Andresito asks dad whom he’s rooting for, the bull or the fighter? Tony dedicates his fight to Regina, throws her his hat (backwards over his head, anyone know the significance of this?) and the crowd cheers. He makes his moves and even though I don’t really appreciate this skill I have to admit he looks pretty good. But gross, the poor bull has a bunch of barbs hanging out of its bloody back! (Gore Tony, he deserves it the big bully!) Tony struts around with a sword and prepares for the final thrust while the crowd claps and yells “Ole!”. All right ladies, is there anyone among us who considers this a turn-on?

Kari feeds Renata the soup which is, I assume, the soup that Manuela made. (Because it really bothered me that Kari said she was going to make lunch after Manuela worked so hard to make Renata some chicken soup!) Kari says one of the maids told her that Arely was going to loan Nata some clothes and help clean her but Kari didn’t really like that idea. Nata totally agrees. Kari says she wants to help so as not to inconvenience Augi or his girlfriend. Nata says Augi told her she could stay as long as she likes and Kari gets a little creeped out when she recalls Augi kissing a sleeping Nata.

Meanwhile Arely pitches a fit because Nata is out of danger and still in the house. She should be at her own house working out her marital problems. What will people say, blah blah blah. Augie says Nata stays.

It’s night and we didn’t see Tony get gored so I assume he’s not a sieve yet.

Chema drops Cons off at home. Of course she had a great time. The poor kid, er I mean MAN, is smitten and inspired to make an admission. “I’m madly in love with you.”

Oh smack, bad timing, Honorio blasts through the door with his luggage and gushes that he’s so happy Constanza is home. Caras impactadas de Chema and Cons.

Ready for a big dose of bitterness? Roberta is sharing her ‘incriminating’ photos of Constanza and Chema with mommy dearest. They cackle that exposing Coni’s affair will be a great way to sandblast Hons and Cons’ happy marriage.

Oops, heheh, Cons tells Hons she didn’t expect him until tomorrow. Hons is super gracious to Chema who is now copping a tiny bit of a ‘tude. As soon as Chema leaves Hon lays a big fat kiss on Cons.

Over at La Bonita Lazaro reports to Jero that Nata is doing better and Kari will stay with her. He’s worried, however, because the doc is also there and Kari is the old-fashioned type, raised to believe marriage is forever. Her situation weighs heavily on her. If Jero and his señora divorce that’s one thing, but for the locals it’s something different altogether. This makes Jero, who has been industriously imbibing a bottle of scotch, pause for thought.

Hey, it’s Benny Hill music! OK not quite, but good news, Carlos has finally convinced Mati to go dancing with him. She’s trying hard to sulk and he asks her if she’s going to keep that face all night. He’s got his dancing moves going and drags her out on the floor. Fun split screen of their antics. Carlos may not be the smoothest dancer but man does he look like a fun date.

Compare this to the tame and dreary dinner hosted by Tony to celebrate his special bullfight. But wait, who’s the new cutie at the table? Tony says he’s happy to share with Regina this night and all of eternity. Nobody seems to notice Regina’s heart is not really in it. Cata asks her to say a few words. Gina says she’s thankful for his love, but...but today his triumph is the most important of all, kiss and claps. Who is that new guy? Ines whispers she thought Gina was going to spill the truth. New guy toasts his maestro (so he’s Tony’s protege) and hopes he has as much luck tomorrow as his maestro had today.

Hons is lying in bed watching American TV and wondering if Cons could forgive him for what he did. No, he doesn’t think so and he doesn’t want to lose Cons, especially for the stupid thing he pulled with Blanca. Speaking of the stupid thing, she is sitting in the dark (because the crazy chicks always sit in the dark) manically texting him, “Why don’t you answer me?!?!?!!! I want to hear from you. Dial me!!” So much for not invading his life. I'm bummed that I wasted my Play Misty For Me title on Selene who is so minor league nuts compared to Blanca.

In comparison Chema considers texting Cons but thinks better of it. She, on the other hand, wonders why his words moved her and why she had a ton of fun with him. Is it the novelty? Ay Dios mio, this isn’t good.

Cons joins Hons in bed and he compliments her profusely. She asks what’s up with him, he’s acting all sad and nostalgic. They both look at each other guiltily.

Arely visits Jero in a panic. Nata is fine but she doesn’t think it’s right that Nata is at Cruz de Amor. She solicits his help to get Nata out of Augi’s hacienda.

Nata moons over her wedding ring while waiting for Augi to invade her space yet again. He does. He’s glad to hear she’s feeling better because tomorrow he wants to take her to the hospital in Ensenada for some x-rays and an ECG. (Finally!!) Kari trots in with some hot tea and sweetly announces she’ll be sleeping in the room on a cot. Nata is glad and Augi purses his lips. Go Kari!!

Carlos and Mati get home and apparently she had fun in spite of herself. He tells her he was the envy of every man there because she was dancing with him. She starts to get weepy and admits that people say she’s cursed, bad luck for men. One of her past novios got sick, another drowned, and that’s why guys don’t like to get close to her. Carlos assures her they are just stupid. He looks thoughtful after she goes to bed.

The Sad Song plays and everyone takes turns being lonely and reflecting on hopeless love.

Next morning Augi and Doc help Nata to the car for her appointment. Arely volunteers to go with which Nata wants and Augi does not. Nata wins.

Ready for another dose of bitterness? Fina is having brekkies with Gonzo and gushes how awesome Berta’s wedding is going to be with her nice expensive dress, especially when compared with that loser Renata’s ceremony. She opens the paper and snickers, “Well well well, it looks like your dear ‘friend’ Regina already traded you in. Tony dedicated a bullfight to her. How does that women get men to do such crazy things for her?” Gonzo gets on her case and Fina stomps off in a self-pitying snit. It’s never a sunny morning in Casa Monterrubio.

Gonzo grabs the paper to read for himself.

Lazaro teases Carlos about going dancing with Mati but he’s glad to hear she had a good time. Carlos keeps recalling their fun night. Jero shows up and mumbles something unintelligible, I guess he needs Carlos’ help. Lazaro shakes his head and mutters that city folk are so weird.

Kari is at La Bonita with her suitcase and she asks Mati how was her date? Mati becomes shy and goofy and admits she had a fun time, Carlos makes her laugh. Kari says Carlos has a crush on Mati and she should give him a go instead of chasing after El Hermoso.

Over at the hospital things seem to be going well for Renata. Apparently Doctor Death does a good job when he’s not smashed. She still has to get her ECG however. Augi says that in no time she’ll be up and ready for the harvest festival. Uh, not so fast, says Nata and she tries to decline. But Augi won’t take no for an answer, he’s promised this to her from the moment they met, and besides she’s his guest of honor. Arely scowls.

Jero is up in arms and telling Carlos he has no alternative. We don’t know what he plans to do but Carlos thinks it’s crazy. He advises Jero to be patient and things will improve. However if Jero is determined and needs help then Carlos is on board. “Yes I need your help,” Jero insists.

Berta strolls into Casa Monterrubio blathering to Matias about their honeymoon. Correction, he says, we are not in love and there will be no honeymoon. Berta, officially a harpy on jet fuel, throws Nata’s happiness in his face. She (Berta) is a victim and if Matias doesn’t do what she wants she’ll tell the whole world that Jero is the father of her child. OK, he acquiesces, but only for a very few days. “And then we’re going to live together,” she presses. Dude, this is how it’s going to be for the rest of your life.

They are all back at Cruz de Amor and Kari is there too. Augi happily announces that staying at his hacienda will be good for Renata. Kari asks Nata if she can stay and serve her. Absolutely says Nata, as long as it’s not inconvenient. Not at all, pipes up Arely. Augi reluctantly says No problem, grrrrr.

Aww cripes! Cons answers her door and it’s Blaaaaanca the Staaaaaalker. Blanca hopes it’s not a bad time. (For what? Boiling bunnies? Slashing pictures? Knifing the help?) I guess Cons never heard that you’re not supposed to invite a vampire into the house. Cons calls Hons who is not happy that Blanca came to his house. Blanca says she has some important work stuff that has to be taken care of first thing in the a.m. “Well then we’ll take care of it first thing tomorrow,” says Hons, starting to panic, “but today is SUNDAY.” Cons cheerfully says “no problem go ahead and talk about work” and leaves the room.

Hons isn’t happy but Blanca is all “Mi amor I was worried about you. Yesterday you didn’t answer any of the little messages I sent to you.” He says it’s because he had nothing to say to her and she’d better leave. She agrees as long as he pays her a visit on his way home from Adriana’s. No way, he says, he’ll see her at the office tomorrow. She gazes at him seductively and blows him a little kiss. He recoils and starts sweating big time.

Camera close-up of the Roberta + Rafa heart. The camera pans down and Jero is doing his own carving, Nata + Jeronimo. Arely rides up and says everything is ready.

Avances: The plan to rescue Renata progresses (but we still don’t know what the plan is).

arenado = sandblasting, arenar = to blast (what Roberta is doing to her tios’ marriage)
deshidratado = dehydrated (Carlos and Mati after dancing all night)
estoy perdidamente enamorado de ti = I’m madly in love with you (Chema to Cons)
le pesa mucho = it weighs heavily on her (Kari’s desire to leave her marriage)
maldita = cursed (what Mati is)
marcar = to dial
marcame - dial me (What Blanca wants Hons to do)
No te expongas = be careful, don’t expose yourself [to danger] (Regina to Tony)


Teresa Thu 6/30/11 #89 It's a bad day for sharks in the DF

Teresa Thurs 6/30 Capitulo 89

We get a review of Teresa and Mariano outside the vecindad—he ain’t surprised that she has changed her mind about the divorce; she says it’s cuz he doesn’t want to seize the opportunity to be with her.

Now on to new stuff. Espe and Hernan at the hospital. She tells him that he is one of her best friends and she doesn’t want to lose him. As much as he tried, he just can’t get her out of his head (girl, your love is all he thinks about). He brought her back a present from his trip—another stupid maternity shirt; this one with potential names all over the belly. They are still gonna be friends, and Espe tells H that her baby missed him as much as she did. Aww. I hope these two get together already.

The FF gang is assembled chez Refugio. She is talking about how the godparents of the wedding (Juana and Cutberto) are there to help the newlyweds (Patti and Johnny) learn how to be good spouses. J and C use this as an opportunity to snipe at each other. The writers use this as an opportunity to remind us that Johnny is really slow.

Oh good, back to Hernan and Espe. Hernan thinks it’s great that Patti and Johnny are getting married. Espe doesn’t. H poignantly says that he wished they (E and H) would act impulsively as well, instead of thinking it over and getting scared and losing the opportunity.

Fito approaches Teresa outside casa de la barrera; he’s all dolled up in a suit for some reason. He says he can’t get out of town because the po-po are on his tail. He wants some cash from her, she tells him to beat it, and threatens to send him to jail. He doesn’t seem too bothered by that—that’s where all his pals (cuates) are anyway; just one of the hazards of his job (I think he says “biznee” for job here (no subtitles), possibly some slang?). He whips out the ring she gave him and says he’ll tell Arturo that she gave it to him as payment for “freeing” her of Paulo. He gives her one last chance to pay him off, which she refuses, so he rings to doorbell. Dun-dun!

Over at Fernando’s, Oriana and Luisa have some tea and discuss Teresa. Luisa hopes that O is coming around, and explains how she thought poorly of T at first, but T won her good opinion by being such a great amiga. O is sticking to her first impression and warns Luisa to be wary of T’s ambition (in O’s mind, being poor and pretty is proof enough). O correctly surmises that Luisa is totally naïve (apparently like her mom). Luisa explains that T is the one that helped her get with Fernando, whom she thought she couldn’t snag because he was such a….well, you know. “Mujeriego” says mom. She again says that she doesn’t like to beat around the bush and follows up that old dicho (andar con rodeos) with a new one “a mi me gusta llamarle al pan pan y al vino vino” (I like to call bread bread and wine wine). O acknowledges that T knows how to manage men well. She ends with another warning, since her son is indeed such a mujeriego; Luisa had better watch out.

Reina is ready to let Fito in, but Teresa runs her off. Fito sarcastically worries that T wants to fire her just because she might remember Fito from an earlier visit. I have to say, with this and his earlier ‘biznee’ and “you think you’re so smart, but I’m smarter”, our little drug dealer is kind of growing on me. I know he’s a baddie, but he’s got style, and he’s good at needling Tiburoncita. Now, where were we? Yes, T can’t ask Artie for moolah because they are separated. Funnily enough, Fito is not letting it go. He wants T to at least tell Paulo’s parents to stop harassing the police so they stop looking for him. Nothing doin, says T. Well, I guess it’s back to blackmail (chantajear) then, says Fito as he holds up Paulo’s schedule. After some back and forth, Teresa opens up the wallet and gives Fito some cash. He reaches in, though and helps himself to todo. He lets her know that this isn’t the last she’ll see of him, so she better get some more money, or Arturo will find out what kind of woman he married.

Genoveva tells Rubes that she wants to get the ball rolling on adopting Espe’s kid; it’s a long process, after all. Rubes doesn’t know if Espe is going to give up the kid so easily, but Geno is undaunted. She knows someone who is willing to do anything for money. Oh no! Run, Esperanza, run!!

Reina and Teresa join Arturo in his study. Reina mentions Fito coming to see A, and T is all bug eyed as A asks who this guy is. Then she starts spinning—a law school acquaintance who wanted a job, but isn’t worth A’s time to even see him. Bien hecho, tiburoncita. But, it’s not over yet---Arturo wants to put the euros he gave her into his safe. She’s up to the challenge, though—she says that she left the cash at her parents house because she didn’t want to walk around town with so much cash in her purse. She’ll go get it manana. Whew.

El Bigote does not like the idea of Geno staging a babysnatching with his hijo. Geno would of course prefer it didn’t come to that, she’s just covering all her bases. She explains how they can whitewash the whole adoption through the orphanage of Paloma’s foundation. (Pretty convenient that Rubes is the acting director, no?) The whitewash part sounds good to Bigote, but he doesn’t want to run any risks with his kid to get it into the orphanage. And here Geno starts referring to the kid as “nuestro hijo” and Rubes starts to look queasy. Kind of like how I feel.

Luisa joins Teresa and Arturo, the latter promptly leaves. T is bothered that Luisa’s future suegra has taken so poorly to her. Luisa thinks O just needs to get to know her better, and has set it up that they will all lunch together tomorrow at the club. Fun times to be sure.

Next day at the club. Fernando, Oriana, Luisa, and Arturo are sitting incredibly awkwardly in some lounge chairs. Fern, Luisa, and Oriana are going to go to Cancun to keep tabs on Luna Turquesa. F and L head off to the tennis court and O takes the opportunity to stick her nose in Arturo’s business. She thinks he should not get back with T (shocker, eh?). Arturo begs to differ. As a substitute parent, she advises him to use the European vacation to pay attention and see if he made the right decision in marrying a Tiburoncita. Now, we know that O is right and all, but her nasty attitude and presumption just undercuts everything that she says. She saw T as a gold digger from one glance (based on her own prejudices) rather than from an actual acquaintance with her, as, say, Aida or Refugio has. And in this conversation, O ends by telling Arturo that she would hate to seem him hurt once again, a needless twisting of the Paloma knife into his wound.

Teresa approaches the vecindad and sees Johnny washing Ramon’s new car. He tells her what it is and Mariano’s head pops up from behind the bumper. What? Doctors don’t take the shirt off to wash the car? Booo! A little verbal sparring between our lovers and Johnny. Johnny explains to a dubious Tiburoncita that he and Pati will have everything they need to get by---especially love. T takes the opportunity to give us a favorite TN dicho “cuando hambre entra por la puerta, amor sale por la ventana” (when hunger comes in the door, love goes out the window). She and Mari make eyes at each other.

Arturo thanks Oriana for her concern/advice, but he is sure of Teresa. She just tells him to think about it---everyone a good side and a bad side. When we’re in love, we only see someone’s virtues, but has he seen T’s bad side? Has she ever lied to him? Just think about it, she says. They move on to how awesome Luisa is for Fernando, a topic on which they agree.

Aida joins the car washers. She knows he has to go to Johnny’s wedding, but doesn’t want to hear about it because of the Espe connection. She’s gonna be soooo bored all by herself on the wedding day, but M points out the she can do something or other for the clinic that day. They have a cute back and forth about her clinic work where Mariano imitates Aida and then they smooch.

Teresa, Juana, and Refugio sit around and chat. T disparages Cutberto, who Juana says she will only be nice to for Patti and Johnny’s sake. T gets the euros back from her dad and it appears that he is back to working at the dispacho. He says that they even paid him for the days that he wasn’t working, and Refugio gives the stink eye. T says it’s just a benefit of being the duena’s dad, and she and R have battling stink eyes at each other.

We go back to Arturo and Oriana seemingly only to give late viewers a recap of A’s history with Paloma (whom he does point out came from a ‘good’ family, and look how that turned out): she left him at the alter, he never knew that it was her parents that insisted on separating them, she was expecting a baby of his and he didn’t know it, the baby was stillborn. Interestingly, O seems to have already known about the stillborn baby, but I guess she’s such a buttinsky that shouldn’t be surprising.

Aida and Mariano walk up and greet Arturo and Oriana. O knew Aida’s gramps well; they chat and Aida introduces Mariano to O. I wonder if she can tell that he’s pobre as well, or if her special powers only apply to the ladies.

Rubes is at the hospital to talk to Hector about the foundation business. El bigote wants to deal with el bigotone instead of Mariano, whom he can’t stand dating his daughter. Hector sticks up for Mariano, and even says that he would be happy for Aurora to marry Mari.

Back at the club, Fernando, Luisa, and Arturo talk smack re: tennis, then head off to play. Aida returns and she and O catch up. A tells O about Mariano’s dispensario project.

Teresa joins the tennis gang, and they head off to the court. Fernando beats Arturo, and although Luisa runs up for a victory smooch, he gives Teresa the eyes. Arturo says he wishes he had won, so that he would get a victory smooch, but then he steals one anyway. Ter gives him a playful look.

Genoveva and Mayra are also having lunch at the club. Geno tells M about her plans to adopt a child to fill the void left by Paulo’s death.

We see Oriana having difficulty climbing some stairs and collapsing. And it’s SuperMariano to the rescue (we haven’t seen him in a while). He gives O some pills they talk about the rigors of the high altitude of the DF. O owes M one.

Aurora thinks back over her times with Mariano and Martin. Looks like she just can’t decide.

The club has now moved on to lunch—Teresa, Arturo and Oriana. O has taken the liberty of inviting her new friends—Aida and Mariano!! Hola todos! Mariano clarifies for O that he and Art are not amigos. And Art agrees. Oriana insists that the boys will become friends. Who does this woman think she is? Anyway, the boys beg to differ, and Aida points out that O does not know the whole story here. Teresa curtly says that she and Mari used to be engaged, and excuses herself from the table. Mariano insists that he and Aida be the ones to leave, and Art and T sit back down. O says that ese muchacho seems like such a good guy*, what could be the big deal. Art doesn’t want to talk about it. Fern and Luisa show up and notice the cloud over the table. Fernando starts to get worked up over Mariano’s nerve, but Luisa changes the subject to the tennis match. Lots of double entendre action with the competition between F and A, clearly implying the competition over Teresa. Oriana wants them to always remember that they are like brothers and work out their differences for her sake.

Cutberto stops by Juana’s and they make an agreement to be nice to each other in front of Patti and Johnny to set a good example. But only POR ELLOS!

Patti and Refugio blah, blah, blah. Gramps shows up and can’t believe how much his beloved granddaughter looks like Cinderella. He gets weepy talking about the horror of her looking like a servant and begs her not to get married. She says she’s happy and she wishes that he would help her—he assumes she means monetarily, but she only means by coming to their wedding. He hopes that she will change her mind, because he doesn’t know if he will receive her when she comes crying to him after she realizes her mistake. And with that, he leaves.

Luisa quietly asks Teresa about Mariano, and T says that he had attended to Oriana. Upon hearing her name, O tries to butt into their conversation**, but Arturo intercepts by asking if O still rides (horses). O loves to ride, and asks T if she does. A classic upperclass activity to distinguish the haute from the plebes. So of course, Teresa does not, but she’d love to learn. Lunch is over and Art and Ter get up to leave. He’s headed to the office and tries to get a goodbye kiss, but has to settle for the cheek. Teresa tries to say goodbye to Oriana and O incredibly rudely turns away to ask Luisa is she wants to go riding. T soldiers on with her goodbye and O imperiously waves her away. What a beeyotch. As soon as T is out of earshot, O demands to know what is up with her and Mariano.

Cutberto comes to get Juana to help the kids paint their soon-to-be apartment. She agrees, but only POR ELLOS! We later see Espe show up at the apartment and take up a brush herself. She offers to talk to abuelo, but Patti thinks it’s not a good idea. J and C arrive to help with the painting.

Teresa goes to a bank and deposits the euros she got back from her dad into her (presumably secret) bank account. We then see her coming home. She fakes some tears and starts banging on the gate yelling for Reina. Inside, her dad is there with Amadeo, and she cries to him that someone just stole her purse. Almost as an afterthought, she realizes that all her euros were in there. Oh no! I think we all saw that one coming.

Post scripts:

*maybe it’s just me, but it really bugs me that Oriana’s assumption that a poor person is a gold digger only applies to pobres of the female persuasion

** the first time we met Oriana, I was struck by her similarity to Lady Catherine de Bourgh from Pride and Prejudice—in that she disguised her own rudeness by calling it straight talk. Her domineeringness, buttinsky nature, and now rude intrusions on other people’s conversations have totally verified the similarity.


Alborada, 6/30/2011. Cap. 23.

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #6 at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 23 start at this link.

Thank you, Carlos, for today's picture of Juana and Modesta. They're a sort of black-hat version of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.


Cuando Me Enamoro #50 Wednesday 6/29/11 June 29 papparazzi on the loose, some confused folks and Augie spreads his slime‏

Recap by Marta Ivette

summary of prev: everyone desperate at La Bonita, Augie finds Nata and gets on ER mode.. AntiHero tells Carlos he took her 'to the limit', he would not know what to do without her..

Rob tells friend she will marry in a month... Rob is very happy to marry the man she loves... (nose growing?) Gonzo wants the best for her child and her relationship. Sele congrats Matias...

Fina and the 'licenciado', she is mad about the prenup... she wants to annex a note/clause to the contract... without Matias realizing it... he is not willing to go that far... one thing is to spy on her husb and another one is to do something illegal... he can lose his job and even go to jail... Fina tells him as a lawyer he has been corrupt since he agreed to help her... if he knows what is best for him he will do as she says...

AntiHero in his bedroom (or Nata's?) gets down to the floor totally desperately devastated...
'I swear if you were not La Bonita I would never have made you shed a single tear!! Not one tear!! I would never have erased the smile that made me fall in love, my God!!! I love you, Nata!! I love you!! I love you as I NEVER!.... NEVER will be able to love another woman!! (and NOW you realize it??)

Cata and Ines's family are ready for the trip to go see Antonio's bullfight... Ines tells Gina that only Conny and her husband will go to the gala. Gina is happy of their decision... Ines tells her Gonzo is a respectful man, he will stay away from you. Gina agrees, but she is a bit nostalgic and knows she will miss him and Antonio at the gala. Ines asks if Gina is still thinking of talking to him after the bullfight... (Andresito briefly comes to interrupt).. Ines tries to cheer Gina saying 'no hay mal que dure cen anos' (there is no harm that lasts 100 years), Gina says 'it shows love was not for me.. Rob cheated on her, Gonzo is married, Tony loves her and she can't love him back... tells Ines she was lucky.. Isidro is a great man.

Gonzo and Matias at breakfast... Matias tells Gonzo that Rob suspects Fina is very ill... Gonzo says he will tell Rob after the wedding. Matias says he wants a small simple wedding, asks Gonzo for his guest list. Gonzo says we have to tell Nata. She will be very shocked, Matias asks what if we don't tell her at all, Gonzo says no way, have not told her because in some way she is still on honeymoon, but she has to know.

AntiHero calls Gonzo to see if she is there, but Gonzo asks for her so AH learns she is not so he doesn't tell him anything, tells Gonzo Nata went out riding. Gonzo is curious why AH called, but AH is able to wave that off... Gonzo tells Matias AH sounded odd... somehow this call is making him a bit uneasy.

Augie brings Nata home in his arms... Ezeq goes to Dr house, wakes him up and tells him Nata had an accident and Augie said he will answer with his own life if he can't save her.

Honor is totally confused about what Blanca said happened between them, he is not interested in Blanca, there is no woman for him but Connie. He gets voice mail from Connie telling him she is going somewhere with Chema... Meahwhile Blanca is paying the bartender and telling him to dissappear.

Augie's girlfriend goes to let AH know Nata is there... they feel very relieved and run out... Lazaro runs to kitchen to let Mati, Kari and Manuela know the good news.

Augie threatens Alvaro that if he lets Nata die he dies. Augie makes Dr Death breathe on him to ensure he is not drunk... Dr Death gets really nervous...

Nata wakes up, Augie runs to her, she says her chest is hurting, asks if she owes him her life... he says Dr Death is there to care for her. Augie tells her he called for AH to come see her, she tells him she doesn't want to see AH at all. Augie asks why, she won't give him any details and faints again. Augie gets really scared and calls for Dr Death. Dr Death realizes something might be wrong with her heartbeat... Augie suspects is there something wrong with her heart? Dr Death says don't know until get an EKG on her. He suggests to Augie to transfer her to a hospital... Augie says no!! Nata does not want to see AH and here is where I can control that. Dr Death is worried about her health, Augie is more worried about her emotional tranquility.

Chema arrives at Connie's house... he compliments her looks (tee shirt?)

At La Bonita, Kari has put the monogrammed sheets back on her bed... Manuela is making her a great chicken soup. Mati complains about all the details for RENATA and she does not deserve it. Manuela and Kari say Nata is the boss and they have to do everything to serve her. Kari says they have to do what they can to care for her. Mati says this is no hospital and not all of us are on a diet... You can accuse me with AH but I am not on a diet!

AH arrives at Augie's hacienda. Ezeq tells them Dr Death is caring for her. They found the SUV flipped over by the road... Augie saved her life, she was about to die, they got there right on time before her heart stopped. AH wants to see her right now. Augie comes out...
AH: Thanks for finding her. I want to see her.
Augie: I am sorry but you can't come in. Nata does not want to see you.
AH: Nata is my wife. What matters is what is best for her, over her wishes, and I want to take her to a hospital.
Girl asks AH why Nata doesn't want to see him.
Augie: What did you do to her?
AH: That is something we have to work out between the two of us. Let me through.
Augie: I have it clear that you two have things to work out, but it will happen some other time and not in my house.
AH: Nata is my wife and I decide for her, not you! Finding you does not give you any rights!
Augie: I am only fulfilling her wishes. Nata is very weak. So I will do as she asked. Areli, please take AH out.
AH: I am not leaving (grabbing him by lapel) until I see my wife.
Augie: Either you go or I'll have you taken out
Areli asks them to calm down, asks AH to leave please, she will keep him informed of what is going on with Nata.

Rob and Sele in car...
Sele congratulates Rob on the marriage proposal. You are my hero! Rob is thrilled in less than a month she will be married to Matias, but know what? the only great thing about this is that my child will have all the privileges of the MRs. Sele says just as you when Gonzo adopted you. What if you and Matt really fall for each other and then have other children with the real MR blood and not Rafa's or AH's. Rob insists no one should know that this child is Rafa's. And forget it about me falling for Matt. I will never give my heart away again as I did with Rafa. Sele asks if you tried with AH, why not with Matt? Rob says no,no!! one thing is I like them and another one is to fall in love. I will never give my heart away again. Sele insists Matt does have 'hls' (charm). Rob says all I want is for him to fall in love with me, that will give me many advantages... Sele wonders when Connie is going to come by with Chema... (they have been on side of road waiting for Connie and Chema to ride by to follow them?) there they come... Rob downtalks Chema's jeep... They follow Chema's car, Rob grabs the camera.

Connie tells Chema she was about to cancel on their trip... they are friends, but she is not used to having male friends or going out with them. Chema says get used to it, we have a good time together. Connie says her husb is ok with it. They are old enough and trust each other. Chema asks her a favor. Never say you are 'old' again. The age is in the attitude. Love your life. we will have a great time, you will see.

Honorio wanted to talk with Blanca... he tells her he feels bad, he had never cheated on his wife. He is a man completely committed. Connie is all I want on a woman. Blanca asks why did you sleep with me last night then? Honorio say that is what he does not understand... surely you could attract any man but I really love my wife. Blanca insists that he think about why he did it, because she did not force him. He gave himself to her completely and if he was sooo in love with his wife, he would not have done it... With that she stands up and leaves... She leaves him more confused than he was before...

Augie is watching Nata and thinking he wishes she wanted to stay there forever...
In living room, Carlos tries to calm AH down... Areli does same... AH insists it is something he has to deal with himself.

Nata wakes up again... says everything hurts... he says she is pretty banged up, maybe even a broken rib... Nata asks about AH... Augie says he came to see you, but since you asked, I did not let him come in. Nata thanks him. Dr Death asks Nata if she has any heart issue. Nata says no, but my sister does. Dr Death suggests she check out with a cardiologist... That was the worse problem of her accident. your heart was not responding adequately. Nata say she will. maybe that's why she feels so weak. Augie suggests she rest and try to sleep...

Augie asks Dr Death if she will be fine for good... Dr Death say did all i have to do... gave her anti-tetanus shot, anti-inflammatory... Augie says i want you here 24/7. Dr Death says that is not necessary... Augie says I WANT YOU HERE So ask Ezeq what you need to get from your house and your clinic... he won't let Dr Death even go home to shower. Dr Death asks Augie if he is in love with Nata. Augie says don't ask questions. Today you showed me you are a good doctor. Have you thought about if you were not drunk the night you cared for Rafa, how different things might have turned out?

AH and Carlos arrive at La Bonita, Mati asks about Nata, AH says she stayed at Augie's... AH goes away... Mati and Lazaro ask Carlos what happened... he says it seems the fact that Augie found her gave him some rights... Mati asks why, Carlos says Nata did not want to see AH, they ask why.. no idea., but that is not our issue, so don't ask questions.

AH gets to his study/office... remembers when Nata told him this is last time I ask you, will not humiliate myself again. you will never touch me again in your life...
AH: I had to stop you right there... I had to make love to you right then and there as you wanted, since I wanted it too. (life is sometimes about missed opportunities, right, Anti-Hero?)

Kari comes in to offer to go see Nata periodically to be with her... if he feels better if she is there, she can even take Nata's things to her. And be close. AH thanks her. She says she will never forget he let her stay there when she had nowhere to go... Will keep you informed... AH gives her a note for Nata and asks her to promise only Nata will read it. PLEASE Make sure only she reads it. Kari says she doesn't know what their problems are. But it shows you love her... AH asks about her. Kari says she has only interacted with Nata very little, but someone like Nata would only come live at the hacienda for love... SO don't worry. when there is love, things can get resolved. AH thanks her.

Honorio is pacing in his hotel room, still confused, doesn't remember from the moment they got a drink, the client was not there yet, Blanca went out to call him. Then I am totally blank... Could the drinks have been altered and that is why I can't remember anythign?... he gets a call from hotel admin that there are two spots available on the plane. Hono tells him to let Blanca know.

Augie with Areli...
She rants to him that Nata has not left the room, did not let AH see her... why does she not want to see her husband? Why are you dealing with her as if she was your wife?? Augie does not want her to ask questions... Don't give me jealousy acts... Nata is weak and will stay here until she gets well. Please loan her some clothes... you said she is your friend, no? ... Areli says yes that is my intention... and i will take care of 'my friend'.

At Cuernavaca, Rob is taking pictures of Connie and Chema. Rob mocks the 'old style' of Chema, proper, cursi, noone opens doors for women nowadays... Sele say that's exactly what she likes about him. Old style... Rob says when they go to make love he will say 'excuse me my lady, but i want to make you mine'.

Connie and Chema... Connie asks Chema if all his friends are his age. She is about to fall and he grabs her. Rob takes compromising pictures. Chema kisses her on cheek, another compromising picture... Connie thanks Chema for always making her feel good. Rob can't wait to see her uncle's face when he finds out his beloved wife is cheating on him.

Hono meets with Blanca, she plays it as if nothing really so wrong happened... she asks why he went to the restaurant. He went to question the staff on what happened, they altered his drink... he might not be able to prove anything, but he wants to know what happened last night... she says the vendor never came, had a personal issue and apologized... she gives him a whole story that they danced, he wanted to be with her... Honorio insists they altered his drink, he did things he never would have done... Blanca continues, they got to her room, says he even asked her if she minded that he was married... but she also desired him... Honorio insists he never could have done that... Blanca says that was your true self.. None of us can deny the great attraction that we have felt since we met... Won't ask him anything.. just will be the 'complement' he needs...

Kari and Lazaro arrive at Cruz de Amor... Ezeq has no problem in letting her see Nata... Dr Death comes out.. plays nice with her... did you come see me? ... Lazaro very dryly says she came to see Nata... Lazaro tells Kari he will be here if she needs him. Dr Death asks Kari if he can talk to her when she is done with Nata. Lazaro says she is not interested in talking to you. . ... Dr Death says don't interfere.. Kari says Lazaro is right, she does not want to talk to him. She walks in... Lazaro gives Dr Death the killer state. Dr Death follows Kari in.

Gonzo calls La Bonita... Mati is happy to spill the beans about Nata being at Augie's hacienda, did not go riding. She wants to stay there... Mati is about to say more when AH yanks the phone from her and tries to do damage control., giving her the killer stare at the same time. Gonzo tells AH he lied to him, why? AH says Nata went riding and then went to Augie's house to spend the day there. Gonzo remembers he knows Augie... Gonzo apologizes to AH, he needs to speak to Nata. AH says he will tell her to call him as soon as she can... When he hangs up, Gonzo looks very confused... AH reprimands Mati, not authorized to say what is going on at the hacienda and even less with his wife... Mati butts that she was only saying the truth... AH says EVEN LESS the truth!! is that clear?? (Mati runs away crying)..

Gina, Ines and family arrive to see ANtonio... Antonio wants to take Gina to meet his friends... the rest go ahead to the hotel. Andresito wants to get close to the bulls.. but Ines gets nervous and Isidro says he will go with him.

At MR, Fina gives Gonzo some brochures about potential places for Matias and Rob's honeymoon... Gonzo asks why do you want to force things? Fina says my daughters brought you and I close. And we lived many years in a true marriage. Why can't the same happen to them? At least I will die feeling good knowing that I tried.

At Cruz de Amor, Areli say Nata is ready (bathed) will throw her clothes out because they are unusable.

Carlos and Mati... he is trying to calm her down, but tells her she went over... AH was not in mood to stand her interventions... she blames La Bonita... Carlos asks her to stop blaming others and accept hers... then he suggests she fulfill her bet to him and go out dancing with him. That will help her forget everything... he wants to see her prettier..even though he thinks she can't be any more pretty... (really? she looks like a spoiled kid crying)..

Surprise!! they switched our actress for Adriana??
Daniel is helping her pack to move to Honorio's... he asks if she will rent out this apartment... she say no, what if i don't feel at ease at my dad's? he does not see her very excited about moving there... she wants to try...
Matias arrives... needs to talk to her.
Daniel greets Matias, not in very excited mode... he came to help Adriana pack, makes his exit...
Adri: Dan is only a friend, although i dont have to give you any explanations, right?
Matt drops the bomb on her... she is shocked...
Adri: I don't understand why are you going to marry Rob...To assume the paternity responsibility, you don't have to marry her!
Matt: I know that, but I am going to do it.
Adri: I don't understand you, but Know what? That is your problem! So I will ask you to please not invite me to your wedding. Spare me the hard moment of watching you throw away your life.. and now please leave me alone.

At Cruz de Amor, Augie is using the fact that Nata is sleeping to spread his slime all over her face... 'you are so devilishly beautiful'... through the door comes Kari and watches the scene...
(end of ep)



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Triunfo del Amor #157 6/29/11 More Bare Bones: Sure doesn't feel like últimas semanas

Hey everyone, due to some minor but time-consuming dental issues today I didn't get to do the full-on, take-my-time dailymotion recap. Had to go old-school, notes-while-watching. I may have missed a metric sh!t ton a little.

  • Max, Maria, choppy editing of luvin'
  • Os is about to tell Vic the latest Gui/theater news when Fer and Cruz enter and tell them about today's surgery.
  • Gui pitches a fit about the closure. It's Os's fault.
  • Cruz will always be with Fer.
  • Gui still trippin'. Os my have won the the battle, but the war continues. It's a battle to the death. He'll either win or die. Leo realizes Gui is nuts.
  • The family heads for the hospital.
  • Maria is still being stubborn about Vic. Max still defends mama. William Levy still a mush mouth. Same whiny dialogue. I had not mommy wah wah wah. Vic makes me mad blah blah blah. But Max reminds her they're gonna get married and be happy. Os calls and tells Max they about operation. Max head to hospital. Maria goes with him....for her sister.
  • Gui runs into Felipe (?) the director. Scandals help the ratings, but he needs to know all the crap won't affect taping.
  • Dr. Voice is off to operate. Vic's motherly love with guide his hands.
  • Max and Maria arrive at hospital. Vic seems pleased Maria is there. Maria looks dubious.
  • PJP has finally arrived at the vecindad. He, Millie and Naop re-hash the last two or three episodes. He's gonna to to the hospital to see Maria. As he leaves he meets up with the "new, hip and improved idiot Don Joel" (a Jarocha make-over) who now has a motorcycle. He offers to take PJP to hospital. FF>>
  • Pip and Toni work and hope the operation is a success FF>>
  • PJP and Don Joel on moto. FF>> 
  • Maria is praying in the chapel. She can't forgive Vic 'cause we still have 15 episodes to go. (And Univision is gonna make sure we're watching this basura until August.)
  • Vic comes and prays for a miracle.
  • Leonela monologues about her trouble with alcohol.
  • Os and and PJP talk miracles. Everyone hopes for miracles and that Maria forgives Vic and Leo leaves the liquor.
  • Leo continues to monologue. 
  • Vic joins the hopin' for a miracle crew and tells them she is going to be patient with Maria and just continue to shower her with motherly love. Os tells her she's a brave warrior and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Max thought bubbles something about them being in love.
  • Leo is still monologue-ing. At least she isn't in the tub or in her skivvies.
  • PJP goes to the chapel and tries to convince Maria to forgive. Open your heart, let the Lord work. All the usual priestly platitudes.
  • The operation: dramatic close-ups and cotton balls painted red.
  • Leo attends an AA meeting FF>>
  • Fer is back in her room, but still conked out.
  • Dr. Voice and Dr. Underling talk about the operation. He thinks it will be a success. For Dr. Voice, medicine is an act of love. He flashes back to his dying wife. She asks him to "abrázame muy fuerte" (wink wink) and dies in his arms. Then he flashes back to the accident that killed his kids.
  • The family gathers around Fer in her hospital room. The prognosis is good. Os tells Fer she's a warrior like her mom. Fer can't wait to run and dance; to enter the church on her own feet, kneel and pray to the Virgencita.
  • On her way home from the AA meeting Leo finds herself in front of the liquor store. She repeats what was said in the AA meeting: nos hundimos o nos levantamos (we sink or we get up. I'm thinking "we sink or we rise above" sounds a little better.) Viewerville does not get to find out this episode if she enters the store or not.
  • Vic catches Dr. Voice in the hall and thanks him. She is sure Fer will walk again and Dr. Voice thinks so too. He wants her to know there is nothing he wouldn't do for her. He says something romantic I'm sure but I didn't catch it. A nurse calls him away and Vic chastises herself for acting like a silly school girl with her heart beating out of her chest. No puede ser!
  • Max and Os yammer about the theater and the battle with Gui. 
  • Gui and the director yammer about the director in on the destroy Os plan? Did I hear that right? Damn the crappy CC's!!!
  • Max and Os still yammer about the theaer. 
  • Fausto preaches and teaches in jail. Burnie visits him and asks what happened to his vow to be loyal to her. He doesn't want to hear it. She gets snide about him being in jail. He says "feh. My soul is free which is more than I can say for your soul."
  • Fer is glad Maria is there at the hospital. Cruz and Maria say they will take care of Fer. The Sandovals can go about their business. As Vic leaves she says Adios hijas and touches their clasped hands. Dramatic pause
A partir de hoy and flashback of early days of love.

  • Leo wants her family back.
  • Os falls (looks like a period TN)
  • Fer....walks????


Teresa Wed 6/29/11 #88

Okay! I am soooo behind but I have the DVR set and I am ready to go.

Teresa recap coming!

Julia! I see that you have been doing the Wednesday recap in my absence, THANK YOU! I had a hell of a time getting everything set over here at my sisters. We had a thunderstorm that caused an 'outage' from her cable company--which also supplies her internet connection--and it took forever to get everything back. If you already have a recap for tonight let me know, I will be working on mine tonight and have it up by morning, (I am reading all the recaps I missed before I start on this one. THANK YOU to all the recappers!) ...just post a comment to let me know. Your recaps are great! If you are interested in sharing Wednesdays, I would be open to it. (Things have just been hectic over here!)

Here are the highlights from Anon207 (Thanks!):



Espe tells Hernan she's glad to see him; he tells her he doesn't believe it b/c he saw her kissing Ruben.

Aida wants to help Mariano buy an apartment*. Mariano tells her no, but asks for her help in buying a car.


Pati's extra happy about her boda. She asks Grumps to come & gives him directions. He cries and rips the paper up.

Juana & Cutberto are surprised they are the madrina & padrino of the boda.

Teresa comes to tell her parents she's going to Europe. She then tries to discourage Pati from marrying Johnny and tries to get out of going to the boda.

Mariano & Aida surprise Ramon with A NEW CAR! [/priceisright]


Oriana visits Fer & wants to know why Teresa is there with him alone. He & Teresa tell Or that they are waiting for Luisa. Luisa comes, she & Fer leave and Or & Tere "talk."

Oriana tells Teresa if she divorces that's her business but point her fins someplace other than her son.

AVANCE: Oriana, Art & Tere are at the club when Mariano & Aida bounce in and Oriana gives Tere the "I See You" eye.

*I think Aida was trying to see if Mariano was using her for her money.

More detail on its way.


Alborada, 6/29/2011. Cap. 22. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen gay Paree?

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #6 at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 22 start at this link.

Everyone, thank Carlos for today's screenshot. His title: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


Teresa Tue 6/28/11 #87 Move over Tiburoncita - there’s a new Tiburona in Town!

Mariano is at Aida’s house. She’s worried he will go after Teresa now that he knows a divorce is imminent. He assures her he’s determined to forget about Teresa. They smooch.

Hospital: Teresa seeks out Aurora who makes it clear she’s too busy for her, saying she’s getting ready to start her rounds. Teresa wants to clear up the misunderstanding they had yesterday. Somehow Aurora got the impression she’s going after Mariano while she’s still married. She didn’t wait for an explanation. Aurora feels there’s no explanation necessary. It’s clear to her she married Arturo without loving him, dazzled (deslumbrada) by everything he had to offer. She’s convinced Teresa and Mariano still love each other. Not so, Teresa says. If asked, she’s sure Mariano would say he wouldn’t come back to her and she feels the same way. Aurora reveals that Refugio was sure they would reconcile. Teresa brushes that aside, saying her mother had always wanted Mariano for her.

Back at Aida’s, she thinks it’s a good idea to give their romance another try and Mariano agrees. She won’t allow what’s happened between Teresa and him to embitter her life. That’s what happened with Paulo. She didn’t appreciate her time with him and was so worried about Teresa. As a result, she was the only one who ended up hurting. She doesn’t want that to happen with Mariano. She wants them to enjoy what they have on a day to day basis. She snuggles with him.

Hunkasaurus House: Fernando tells Arturo to accept the fact that he still had feelings for Paloma and that’s why it’s so difficult for Teresa to forgive him. He knows whereof he speaks, having had experience juggling the affections of two women. Arturo dismisses these situations because those relationships weren’t serious. Fernando was never committed (comprometido) to one woman while seeing another. That would truly be terrible. Arturo warns him this better now happen with Luisa. Fernando gets the point. Arturo feels it’s going to be difficult to convince Teresa he loves her, saying that when you’ve betrayed a woman that thought she was the only one, she’ll never forgive you. That causes Fernando to pause and think.

Back at the hospital: Teresa suggests they go to her mother to clear it all up. Aurora refuses, saying it’s not necessary. Teresa doesn’t like that Aurora doesn’t believe her and besides, she’d be so embarrassed if Mariano heard this also (what her mother told Aurora). Aurora sees no use in all this because as far as she’s concerned it doesn’t matter whether or not Teresa wants to return to Mariano. In either case, he’ll never stop loving her. She gets up and leaves while the jaws theme plays and Teresa gets a smile of satisfaction on her face.

House o’ Hunkasaurus: Fernando is really agitated, flashing back to Cancún when Luisa agreed to see him but warned him not to trifle with her. He’s in anguish as he paces the floor then calls and leaves her a message saying those four words no one wants to hear from they’re lover: “We need to talk.” I gasp! He’s distracted by Martin who’s come by with a copy of Paloma’s will and other documents designating him as an associate of Luna Turqueza. Fernando tells Martin he’s thought a lot about their talk the other day and has to agree with him. If he’s not going to be serious with someone, it’s best to end it so she doesn’t continue to have hope. I gasp again! The cad! He frowns.

Night has fallen at the hospital and Aurora comes face to face with Mariano. She tries to back out but not before he tells her he’d like to talk to her. He’s become aware of the problems between Martin and her and asks if there’s anything he can do, thinking he may have been the cause. Aurora explains they’re taking a break and promises he’s not to blame. Besides, if Teresa divorces, he’s sure to return to her. No, Mariano says, she’s caused him too much pain and doesn’t feel he can ever be happy with her. He has decided to forget her. He sees that Aurora really cares for Martin and wants to do what he can to help her. What about him, she asks. He really doesn’t think that he’ll return to Teresa? Again he tells her no and that’s why he’s hooked up with Aida again. Oy! Aurora seems to think.

Vecindad: Arturo has come to speak with the in-laws and tells them of his continued efforts to win back their daughter. They all but tell him not to hold his breath. In the meantime, he wants Armando to continue with his work at el despacho. Absolutely not! Says Refugio, naturally. Arturo insists saying Armando was doing a fine job and shouldn’t have to suffer the loss of his job because of these marital difficulties. Armando doesn’t feel comfortable working for the man who’s made his daughter suffer. Arturo hopes that if Teresa can forgive him, they will too. Refugio wonders if he thinks it’s possible she’ll forgive him. He hopes so, especially now that she’s pulled back on the divorce proceedings. He’s even bought tickets for that European vacation.

House o’ Hunks: Oh no, Luisa’s arrived. I’m really dreading this. She wonders what Fernando wants to talk about. “It’s about us,” he says. She’s scared. He tells her their relationship can’t continue like this. She looks ill and he looks dead serious.

Casa Chavez: Armando’s not sure Teresa will agree to the trip. Arturo says he just wants to please her (complacer). In truth, he feels badly that he’s failed them. Armando’s not letting him down easy, telling him he failed their daughter. He assures them he’s doing everything he can for her to be happy again. Refugio says nothing would make them happier than for them to reconcile and leave behind everything that has caused this trouble. Armando hopes that if Arturo is successful in winning her back, he’ll learn to appreciate her and never commit such a mistake again. Arturo assures him he’s learned his lesson. Armando states the obvious: the only one who can make the decision is Teresa.

Back at Fernando’s place, Luisa haltingly asks if he’s trying to (sniff) tell her that……He interrupts her, reminding her that they had agreed to see how things worked out and…..Now she interrupts him, telling him it’s clear he wants to break up with her. Doorbell rings. She tells him to answer and if it’s her brother, they’ll leave so they can finish their talk somewhere else. ¡Es Mamá! She’s surprised Fernando by arriving without calling. He introduces her to Luisa. Mamá remembers her as Arturo’s little sister and gives her a big ol’ hug.

Casa de Teresa, la loca Teddy Toting Tiburoncita: Teresa’s walking around the upstairs walkway carrying both Teddys – Arturo Teddy and Mariano Teddy. She has flashbacks of when she got each: at the fair with Mariano and when Arturo brought the huge one seemingly to replace the Mariano Teddy. She tells them if they don’t do what she wants, she’ll find a third. “A rich man with whom I can start at zero; someone who doesn’t betray me.” SAS! – down goes Arturo Teddy over the railing. Now she holds up Mariano Teddy and says “someone who doesn’t spurn (despreciar) me. A man much richer than you!” Here she points at Arturo Teddy at the bottom of the stairs. Then she throws Mariano Teddy down to join him. What a nut job!

Back at Fernando’s apt: Luisa’s sitting on the couch as he’s passing out drinks insisting that Mamá stay at his apartment during her stay. She refuses, saying she wants to be able to come and go as she pleases. Addressing Luisa, she says that aside from coming to visit her son, she wanted to meet the woman he fell in love with. She’s always told him she only wanted to meet the woman he would marry and with whom he would have children. Apparently, he’s finally found her! She asks him to tell her all about the woman he fell so madly in love with in Cancún. Luisa just sits there drinking her wine. He can do nothing else but introduce her to Mamá as the woman he’s fallen for. She’s overjoyed and embraces her in a big mama bear hug saying she couldn’t wish for a better woman for her son. Luisa can only smile. What now?

Hospital: Aurora’s surprised Mariano is with Aida now that Teresa is free. She thought he’d surely take advantage of the situation and hook up with Teresa again. Mariano admits he still loves Teresa but says he can’t fall back into her game. Aurora doesn’t think Teresa’s playing this time but Mariano says it doesn’t matter, he can’t trust her again. She’s done too many things to him. What if he seeks her out and she once again says she wants to go back to her husband? Besides, he hasn’t reached the financial stability she longs for. Teresa isn’t patient. She wants everything now. If he were to return to her and she jilted him again he doesn’t know if he could handle it. Aurora understands and figures that’s why he’s with Aida, to withstand the temptation. Mariano disagrees, saying he’s been up front with Aida about wanting to forget Teresa and he intends to give Aida her place in his life. Aurora’s not too happy to hear this. Neither am I.

House o’ Hunks: Mamá is prattling on about Fernando’s mysterious love and then she asks Luisa about wedding plans. Luisa says they haven’t really talked about that yet and Fernando jumps in to say they’ve just been dating. Mamá asks her not to make her son wait too long. She remembers how Fernando spoke so enthusiastically about his love. She remembers Luisa as an intelligent, sensitive girl from a good family. She can’t think of a single fault. She congratulates her son on such a wise choice.

Back at the hospital, Aurora goes running to Papá. Martin’s left her and now that Mariano has decided not to return to Teresa, he hooks up with Aida. Hector tells her that sometimes the things you want come about at the wrong time (destiempo) and there’s nothing you can do. She’s very sad but at least she’s glad to see that Mariano has a new attitude toward Teresa. She used to tell him to seek her out, thinking they’d be happy but now she sees that Teresa’s been dishonest. If Mariano can be happy with Aida, oh well. Hector is sad to know there’s nothing he can do. Aurora thinks that at least with Martin she felt loved. She misses him so much and he’s leaving tomorrow. Hector wonders if she’s planning to seek him out. She won’t deny that she’s dying to see him and hold him so he’ll make her feel better but she can’t grab onto him (aferrar) as though he is una tabla de salvación (to be a last resort or hope) Hector agrees Martin doesn’t deserve that. Aurora says she’s so confused. She’s hurt by Mariano but also about Martin’s departure. She needs to think things through. Hector starts making ready to leave saying he plans to call Juana for dinner. He’s convinced Cutberto will not stop going after her but he’s not going to stand by and let it happen. He plans to fight for her and be the one who wins her over. He makes cute squinty eyes (ojitos) at her and leaves.

AAAAAGH – Juana’s apt and Cutberto’s there. Doesn’t he have anyone else to bother? Can’t he take a hint? He sticks around like a bad habit. He’s telling her he broke up with Griselda and doesn’t understand why Juana is still so unhappy with him. She tells him Hector makes her happy. Pati arrives for her sewing lesson and Cutberto asks her to vouch for him and tell Juana he only dated Griselda to help Pati & Johnny. Pati confirms this but also adds that it didn’t seem to be such a sacrifice for Cutberto. Well, that didn’t go very well.

Casa de la Barrera: Arturo tells Teresa no matter what happens between them, her father should continue working at the office. They talk about working side by side, separating their personal lives from their professional lives. Arturo feels he wouldn’t have a problem with that although he hopes they’ll continue being a married couple at the office. He shows her the tickets for the European vacation and tells her the decision is now in her hands. He asks her to think about it. This could be their farewell (despedida) or new beginning (comienzo).

Casa Chavez: Johnny and Pati are talking about their wedding and the unlikelihood of either set of parents attending. Her father has sent her mother on yet another trip. His father is pissed because he insists Johnny stole her away from her grandfather. Pati wants to be sure to listen to Refugio’s and Juana’s advice. FF>> Actually, I’m embarrassed to admit the accordion is kinda growing on me.

Casa de la Barrera: Fernando and Luisa arrive holding hands! She mentions having invited Mamá to stay there during her visit but she refused. Arturo greets them and thanks Fernando for helping mend things with Teresa, well almost. If he succeeds in winning her back it will all be thanks to Fernando. Hmmmm, everyone’s smiling but Fernando.

Casa Chavez: Pati thinks they should take it slow. They talk and smooch a little. Cutberto comes in and they ask him to be their Padrino because he did so much to help them. He agrees on the condition that Juana agrees to be the Madrina.

Casa de la Barrera: Fernando and Luisa are now alone and she brings up the discussion they were having when Mamá arrived, telling him she was very afraid he wanted to break up. He tells her he has no intention of hurting her. She goes on her merry way saying how glad she was to hear his mother say how she’d looked forward to meeting her. She was so pleased to hear his mother praise her. Then she wonders if that’s why he was so serious earlier: did he want to formalize their relationship because he knew his mother was coming? That was it, right?

Juana and Teresa are talking on the balcony above. Teresa shows Juana the tickets to Europe. Juana’s sure they’re going to patch up their differences. Teresa’s not so sure she wants to make it so easy for him (really?). She’s sure that if she’s divorced, someone better will come along. Juana wonders who could be better than Arturo. He’s handsome, gives her everything she wants. In contrast, if she were to find someone new, she’d enter the relationship after a failed (fracasado) marriage and as a divorced woman. (Oh, the horror!) Teresa doesn’t like the sound of that.

Downstairs, Fernando agrees that of course he was thinking of formalizing their relationship. Especially now that he sees how his mother has accepted her. Aurora sees how much her opinion matters to him. He tells her he respects his mother and is very close to her. Luisa’s happy Mamá likes her and seems to like her for a daughter-in-law (nuera). She asks him to please not do this to her again, she almost had a heart attack. In the future, he should just tell her what he’s feeling. He promises her he will.

The following day, Aida and Aurora meet up at the Club. Aida says it’s obvious Aurora is sad and Aurora admits it’s because she misses Martin. Aida suggests she go after him in France. After all, she spent a lot of time there and knows the language. She tells her the days of women sitting by waiting for someone to take notice are gone. She encourages Aurora to go after him. Aurora tells her she’s not as daring (aventada) as Aida. Well, Aida’s determined not to waste any time. That’s why she’s invited Martin to join her today at the club and here he is! He walks up looking all hawt and casual and Aurora practically swoons (as do I).

Casa de la Barrera: Luisa is doing her share of encouragement herself, trying to convince Teresa to go with Arturo to Europe. They’ll be far away and alone and possibly mend their marriage. Teresa says that’s what’s most important (surprised she doesn’t gag on her coffee). Teresa playfully suggests the tickets can be used by Luisa and Fernando. Not likely now that Mamá has arrived in Mexico. Tere starts pumping her for details and Luisa doesn’t disappoint, telling her how pleased Mamá seemed to be with Fernando’s choice, the talk of a wedding, even grandchildren. Teresa just smiles.

Back at the club, our threesome is enjoying a tall glass of grapefruit juice after a round of tennis. Aida introduced Mariano to tennis and he seems to have taken to it quite well. Aurora listens politely and then makes her exit. Mariano and Aida talk about him joining the club with her recommendation when Genoveva joins them. Ugh. Aida asks for Geno’s help in assisting Mariano with the purchase of an apartment.

Casa de la Barrera: Mamá comes to visit with Fernando and she sadly reminisces about Luisa’s and Fernando’s parents and the many evenings she spent here. Arturo arrives and greets Doña Oriana. She wonders where the missus is and Fernando assures her she’ll meet her in due time. Oriana tells Arturo she’s always thought of him as a son and now it appears they may soon be a real family.

The Club: Geno promises to find an apartment that will fit Mariano’s budget. As they’re talking, Ruben walks by, looking pretty good in casual wear. He tries to make a quick exit but not before Mariano tells him he’d like to talk to him about the pediatric ward. Ruben will ask his secretary to call him with an appointment. Ruben can’t get away fast enough. Genoveva mentions the awkward exchange and tells Mariano she knows it’s because of his friendship with Espe. She asks him to confirm Espe’s out of Ruben’s life. Mariano, ever the gentleman and true friend, prefers not to speak about her. Geno says he can trusssssst her. She knows all about Espe and her other man. She can talk to him about it.

Casa de la Barrera: Luisa tells Teresa she’s joining Oriana and Fernando on a visit to the Spanish Embassy to greet the Count (conde)of Argás (google shows this as a Greek city, is that right?) Luisa tells her that Oriana has many friends in that circle. Teresa is very impressed with the class of people Luisa will be socializing with if she marries Fernando. Luisa innocently blabs that Teresa can’t imagine all the places Oriana has said they’ll visit. She tells Teresa they didn’t let on that the Barreras are on the brink of divorce. They didn’t feel it was their place to do so. Teresa sees no reason not to, it’s the truth.

At the club Aida catches up to Aurora on her way out, telling her she has all the paperwork ready to get Mariano signed up. She’s anxious to see how quickly he’ll adapt to her lifestyle. Aurora’s happy that Aida’s gotten over Paulo. Aida says Aurora can get over Martin too. She needs to get on with it and she’ll see how quickly someone new will come into her life. Aida wonders at how things turned out. She knows it’s strange to think she’s now dating a man who used to be a messenger in her daddy’s business. Aurora quickly says there’s nothing wrong with that. Mariano has worked hard to get ahead and is now a great doctor. Aida acknowledges he’s achieved a lot and that’s what life’s all about: determine what it is you want and focus all your energies in achieving it. Aida agrees with Aurora’s assessment that she’s changed a lot since la prepa but she confesses that she initially started dating Mariano just to bug Teresa (dale la torre). Aurora is taken aback and assumes then that Aida doesn’t truly care for him. Aida tries to explain that when she was first reeling from the death of Paulo, she soon realized that Teresa was still in love with Mariano and saw that as an opportunity to hit Teresa where it would hurt her most. She knew Teresa was somehow at fault for what happened to Paulo. She admits she did it to get over her loss (desquitar) but then she got to know Mariano. He’s such a hard worker, intelligent, not to mention guapo and fun-loving. So now she admires him and has grown to be truly interested in him. Aurora hopes this is true and that she’s not just toying with him because that just wouldn’t be right.

Casa de la Barrera: Teresa wonders why Oriana wasn’t told about her marital woes with Arturo. Is it because she may not approve? Luisa doesn’t get to answer because Oriana walks in just then followed by the Hunkasauri. Teresa puts on such a sour face! Oy! Fernando introduces her and she gives her name as Teresa Chavez. Oriana is surprised Teresa is so young and then asks if she’s from the Chavez family of Monterrey or Merida? Teresa responds in a rather snippy way that she’s not from any family of lineage (alcuña). Oriana picks up on this and sizes her up. She can’t believe it. Everyone seems to start talking at once during this awkward moment: Teresa starts to explain, Arturo tells her it’s not necessary and Fer tries to get momma outta there. She doesn’t want to leave just yet, she wants to drink a toast with Arturo and get to know his wife. Luisa offers to bring out the drinks and asks if Teresa has the keys to wine cellar (cava) and Teresa makes it a point to say that she not only has that key, but all the other keys of this house as well. Oriana is intrigued by this piece of work. Speaking to Arturo, she admits his wife is beautiful but something about her doesn’t have her convinced aside from the obvious fact that she’s not from the same social circle as theirs. Arturo clenches his jaws.

Hospital: Yay! Handsome Hernán is back and Esperanza seems genuinely happy to see him. She welcomes him back telling him she really missed him. He doesn’t believe her and tells her he witnessed the smooching between her and Ruben! Ooopsie!

Back at the club, Mariano is ready to leave and Aida isn’t ready to let him go yet but agrees to meet him later for lunch. As he’s walking away, he runs into Martin who says he’s just there to clear out his locker. Martin suggests he look up Aurora, she seemed sad when he saw her earlier. Martin feels that’s not enough, convinced that she was just used to him. We get a glimpse of Aurora looking on. He tells Mariano she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He’s leaving for awhile and later he’ll see if they can get back together or stay apart forever. Mariano wishes him luck and walks away. Martin looks sad. Aurora looks sad. I say au revoir baby – Aurora is meant for Mariano, I hope.

Back at the Barrera home, Arturo is defending his wife saying she may not have a family “name” but she’s an exceptional woman. Not only is she beautiful, she’s very intelligent. Teresa walks up unnoticed and listens in. Oriana has no doubt of her intelligence; otherwise she wouldn’t have snagged him! Fernando asks her to please refrain from her notions of society and “good” families. Oriana’s sorry but she feels that class distinction is a reality and it’s impossible to think that someone like Arturo’s wife will be accepted in their social circle. Whoa! Wait a minute, I thought I was gonna like this lady. Arturo pleads with her not to make Teresa feel bad, she’s very sensitive. Besides, they’re going through a rough patch right now. He blurts out that they’re separated and on the brink of divorce. Oriana is overjoyed at this news! After meeting his wife, she feels the best thing that can happen to him is to divorce her! Teresa is royally pissed and starts to cry.

Back at the club, Martin sees Aurora before she can get away. He tells her he’s leaving this evening and she needs to see if she can be happy without him. Seeing how sad she is, he jokes he may have to stay. Aurora is serious and tells him he was right in thinking that a separation would be good for them. She needs to figure out what she wants but she doesn’t want him to leave without knowing that she cares for him very much. (she doesn’t use the word amar)

Barrera Home: Oriana continues spewing her views on class distinction, saying one should always associate with others of the same level. Otherwise, serious problems will inevitably arise. Teresa composes herself and announces that the champagne will be served in the living room. Oriana makes it known she is aware of the possibility of a divorce. Teresa admits it’s true she’s considering it but Arturo has proposed a European tour for her to reconsider her decision. Arturo hopes he can convince her not to and she says that’s a decision only the two of them can make. Oriana’s not one to be left out of the discussion and thinks that if there is a problem and she’s already considered (plantear) a divorce, then perhaps it’s best to go through with it. Teresa shoots dagger eyes at the old budinsky as Fernando nervously reminds her the decision is up to Teresa and Arturo. Teresa calmly sits down and tells her she didn’t finish telling of her origins.

Club: This is getting repetitious. Aurora again tells Martin she doesn’t want him to leave without knowing how important he’s been to her. He responds by telling her he doesn’t want her to think he’s a coward running away from her. They use war-like metaphors, saying he entered in a war he couldn’t win and she tells him he won many battles. He hopes this time away from her will help him get her out of his heart. He asks her not to speak and just let him memorize her face and her smile

Back at the Barrera’s, Teresa tells Oriana she comes (provengo) from a humble family and she’s made her way through hard work. Arturo chimes in, saying he’s very proud of her. Oriana is surprised and leans in to tell Teresa that he had told her he would never marry someone who wasn’t of their set. Fernando is soooo embarrassed but Teresa tells him she’s not bothered by this. She feels Oriana is only saying the truth and she’s not offended by her comments. She doesn’t feel she’s less than anyone else. On the contrary she thinks it’s important to know the circumstances of others. She likes that Oriana speaks frankly in front of her. Oriana is happy to hear that because she likes to be upfront about things, she doesn’t beat about the bush (andar con rodeos). Oooooh….we end with tight close ups of both these b!tches as they square off! Fireworks are sure to come soon!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Triunfo del Amor #156 6/28/11 The Bare Bones edition

El Refrito

  • Vic still wants to be there for her hija.
  • Her hija still wants to be alone to think, cry and tilt her head.
Tonight's offering
  • Os tells Heri that he won't stand between he and Vic...'cause Os really loves her and when you really love someone you sacrifice. (This plan has worked well, Os?)
  • They throw us PJP bone. He finds out about the boda and tells Jer he's going to see Maria...but he doesn't make it there in this episode. In fact, it's the last we see of PJP tonight.
  • Burnie wants a copy of DVD from Gui. Gui says she can have the edited version. He'll keep the unedited one for security.
  • Pip, Toni, Oscar, Fab, Luci, Millie and Vecindad gossip and conjecture. Everyone wants to know what will happen with Max and Maria. No, they aren't all together. We had two separated scenes taking place in the office and vecindad. I streamlined. You should too. FF>>
  • Pips eyeglasses consist of bug eyes and each ear thingy is a fish-net clad leg. It looks weird.
  • Fer packs. Cruz begs. She loves him, but they have to separate.
  • Gui monologues about money and theatre.
  • Burnie wants to visit Maria. We are treated to Burnie as religious tableau vivant.
  • Gui and Leo talk theater. He tempts her with booze.
  • Joel asks Millie to marry him. She says no, breaks up and says she loves another. Later Napo debates whether to make his move while the Jarochas convince Joel to come dancing with them at California Club. Again, I streamlined. FF>>
  • As Heri ruminates on Os's gallant gesture, Leo arrives. She is at least 1 3/4 sheets to the wind.
  • Fer and Max talk. She wants a baby. Max can't believe she's back home. blah blah. 
  • Leo drinks coffee with Heri. He yells and asks how she can stand herself this way: pathetic and all.
  • Fausto is visited by the Obispo. When he pays his debt he can be a priest. Have faith. blah blah FF>>
  • Burnie is watching the kidnap movie. She's got more ammo to sink Vic.
  • Pip and Toni talk about winning bienal and getting back on top FF>>
  • Max and Fab talk. Max wants to take Maria on a trip. They discuss the fact that Xi is still BSC and is still a threat. (Foreshadowing?)
  • Burnie has gone to visit Maria and feeds her a bunch of lies. She would have paid the ransom. I'm your family. Vic paints herself to be a victim. She probably told you she gave birth alone in some garden. Don't let her deceive you. She tells Maria "You are my blood, the daughter of my son Juan Pablo. You are an Iturbide!" She will take care of Maria and her bebe feliz if Maria will never see Vic again.
  • Maria doesn't know who to believe. She's gonna go see Max.
  • Gui has a press conference. He's asked about the ownership of the theater and the rumors that he backstabbed Osvaldo Sandoval to get it. He smooths things over.
  • At the same time Osvaldo is on the phone with Oscar talking legal stuff I didn't catch. Injunction maybe?
  • Vic fusses at Max about Operation Alonso. She tells Max to make Maria happy. Maria overhears and wants to know why Vic is asking Max to make her (Maria) happy. Shouldn't this be good news, Maria?
  • Max assures Vic that nothing will keep he and Maria apart again.
  • Cruz serenades Fer. They smooch...they make the luvin'. They've barely finished and Fer calls Dr. Voice and asks to be operated on....TOMORROW!
  • Opening night of Othello. I gather that due to some legal wrangling from Os the theater is now being closed. Gui assures the gathered crowd of patrons that they will get a refund on their tickets.
  • Max and Maria make the smoochies and the luvin'
No kayak. Flashbacks of all the engagements and smoochies.


Cuando Me Enamoro #49 Tuesday 6/28/11 Need Help!

So my daughter has a karate tournament tonight and then I have Dr.Appt tomorrow so if anybody is willing to post a quick re-cap that would be great or you guys can discuss, this is going to be a good one.


Alborada, 6/28/2011. Cap. 21.

Today's episode is covered in Melinama's Recap #6 at this link.

On YouTube, haguilar78's clips for Cap 21 start at this link.

Thank you, Carlos, for today's picture. We chicas like looking at cute guys, and it doesn't get much cuter than that!


Teresa Mon 6/27/11 #86 The Hilights

[Thanks to Anon. 207,  Blusamurai and Kristoise for giving us the hilights --ed.]


Arturo gives Teresa the divorce papers.

Teresa tells Juana SHE should have been the one to slap Arturo with papers, not the other way around. Juana's looking at her like B!ch please.

Teresa puts on the Poor Me act for Luisa. Luisa mentions Fer was less than thrilled at the thought of Luisa moving in.

Refusio tells Teresa she should have never married Arturo when she was in love with Mariano, but now Mariano doesn't want her cuz he told her so.

Aurora & Magda bond over wanting Mariano.


Ramon when he and Aeeeeeeeda were waiting for Mariano to show up let on how much he doesn't care for Teresa to Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeda, who, then tried to pump more info out of Ramon who clammed up and changed the subject.

Aurora finally told off Teresa for using Mariano like she has and Teresa comes back at her with what's it to you since you're so happy with Martin? But Aurora informs Teresa that she and Martin are over which surprises our little shark. Aurora also told her she wasn't sincere and honest with her and she was not to be believed anymore

Ramon tells Mariano to give Aida another chance.

Teresa found out from Refugio it was she who told Aurora about possibly going back to Mariano after her divorce. Teresa let her mama know she has a big mouth and not to tell Aurora everything.Refugio of course doesn't understand why her daughter doesn't want her to discuss her personal life with her BFF?

Aida smothers Mariano with kisses & giggles but is still mad at the mention of Esperanza's name.

Aeeeeeeeeeeda tells Mariano that she doesn't want him to speak Espe's name around her.   (I think Mariano will eventually wake up and realize how toxic Aeeeeeeeeeda is also and call it quits for good with this drama harpy.)  Anyway he did try and tell her about her father, but Aeeeeeda only wants to stick her head in the sand and forget all that she knows about what's going on with her father.  She mentions to Mariano how her mother has completely forgiven her father even though what happened was because of Teresa and Espe. 

Cutberto tries to explain what happened with Griselda but Juana isn't having it. Then Hector shows up and acts like he'll toss Cutberto out if Juana will let him.

Juana makes Pati a maxi dress. (Now that Teresa doesn't want her homemade clothes anymore Juana has a new doll to dress up. <--my commentary.)

Johnny got the rent collector's job.

Armando can't find a job.

Teresa slithers over to Fernando's house to "talk" but is busted by Arturo.

Teresa tells Arturo she'll "think about" reconciling/the trip.

Teresa slithers back later to "talk" some more with Fernando and ask suggestive questions.  Teresa asked Fernando if he thought it was possible for someone to "querer" two persons at the same time. he responded with an emphatic yes. "a man can definitely love 2 women at the same time". was the most fall off the couch LOL moment for the mister and me. fernando suggested a taste test was the best way to decide who you really want, but ter put up a good innocent front against infidelity. she also managed to keep the actual words used (if nothing else) enough about her worries that arturo still loves paloma to defend herself if a transcript were made. she is a lawyer, after all.

De La Barrera House:

Luisa ask Arturo since he's been staying with Fernando the last several days has he noticed any thing different about him? Arturo responds no like what as Luisa descibes he's been thinking about something and he seems so preoccupied by it and he's not been acting the same like he was before?


An older looking woman standing near Fernando (probably his mom) gives Teresa the stink eye.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Cuando Me Enamoro #48 Monday 6/27/11 Matías’ Noose Tightens, and a Day at the Beach turns into a Nightmare!

Tonight's recap courtesy of guest recapper Audrey:

Repeat from last Friday where Renata wants to go to the beach, and if Jero refuses to loan her his car, she’ll just go over to Cruz de Amor to meet Areli and she’s sure Augie will loan them his car. To Renata’s surprise and delight, Jero decides to take her himself.

As Jero is driving Renata to the beach, he can’t stop salivating over Renata’s bare thighs in her short-shorts. They start giving each other hot looks. Renata unbuckles her seatbelt and crawls over into Jero’s lap and they start making out. Jero’s not looking where he is driving anymore! Oops! Turns out it’s just Jero’s fantasy - Renata is still in her seat looking out the window, but Jero is so distracted he almost runs the car off the road, barely missing a tree and startling Renata. [I thought this was pretty cute - those writers really fooled us, didn’t they! LOL!] Renata, concerned, asks if Jero wants her to drive. Jero says he was just a little distracted [like, yeah! Obvio!].

Back at Cruz de Amor, Agustín is leading Areli into his office followed by Ezequiel. He’s talking about this year’s vendimia (grape harvest) and that Jero will have to deliver him the harvest from La Bonita. He wants this year’s party to be unforgettable. Areli is all excited and wants to know what the festival is like — this is where there is a blessing, and the women stomp on the grapes, right? Agustín is going to order traditional costumes as gifts for all the women attending his party.

Selene is at the club hitting on Chema again. He is refusing to attend a dinner with her because he is going out of town to visit some orchards. And he won’t invite her to go with him either. She gets the name of the orchard though.

Honorio and Blanca are at some port checking out the boat she selected. Honorio is impressed with how Blanca has everything under control. Blanca wants Honorio to have no doubts that hiring her was his best choice.

At the hospital with Roberta, Fina and Gonzo, the doctor has released Roberta. Fina is fuming because Matías didn’t come personally to “assume his responsibilities”. Fina declares that Matías has recognized his baby, but he hasn’t assumed his responsibility towards their daughter. She demands that Gonzo make Matías marry Roberta. Gonzo asks how can he demand that! They’re not in love! Gonzo asks Roberta if that’s what she wants. Roberta tells Daddy that she loves Matías, and she knows she can make him happy! He’s the only man she wants to share her life with!

Regina is lamenting to Inéz that last night’s sleep was disturbed. She couldn’t stop thinking of the kiss with Gonzo! She can’t keep being dishonest with Antonio. She is going to break the engagement: not to be with Gonzo, but because Antonio doesn’t deserve that she thinks of another man [you go girl!]. Gonzo owns her heart! Inéz thinks it a pity Regina didn’t fall in love with Antonio, but she supports that Regina follow her heart. Regina and Inéz are alarmed when Antonio walks right in carrying flowers.

Areli comes to La Bonita looking for Renata. Carlos tells her that Renata and Jero went to the beach. Areli acts surprised considering last night (the dinner) they seemed a bit disgruntled with each other but, well, being newlyweds, it’s logical they would reconcile quickly. She asks Carlos to tell Renata to please come visit her. Carlos looks confused.

Antonio presents the flowers to Regina, and says he must have interrupted an important chat. Inez volunteers it was things about the center and tries to excuse herself. Antonio announces to both of them that he wants to make an invitation for this weekend. He is doing a special viewing (closed to the public) bull fight in honor of Regina, to “demonstrate his love”. [OK - this is kind of gross. I can think of many gestures I would rather have than my own personal bullfighting demonstration. This guy is clearly not able to see outside his own point of view]. Regina does not look at all thrilled about this.

Back at the port, Blanca and Honorio are getting a in depth tour of the boat. [Lord Almighty, Honorio, that is one ugly striped Polo shirt your are wearing - ouch!]

Constanza and Chema at the center are cooking again [heh, heh!]! Constanza raves about the touch of mango in the sauce. She says she never expected to find such a good friend at the center. Chema asks her if she’s going to come with him to visit the orchards. [Don’t know about that head scratching, Chema, it kind of makes you look like an ape]. Constanza is not sure - she thinks it’s something for younger people to do. Chema teases her for acting like she’s too old and asks “why stay here alone?” Constanza agrees to go with him.

Antonio tells Regina that he’s going to do his best “faena*” for her. He wants her to feel like the most loved woman in this world. [Geez Louise! This guy is such a dense-brain if he thinks his performance in a bullfight will make a woman feel loved. It should be about what she enjoys watching, not what you want to show off, idiot. I’m just sick of this guy force-feeding romance on his terms. So NOT romantic!] Regina doesn’t know what to say about this “act of love”, but she’s got something really important to tell him. Antonio stalls her — he wants her to wait until after his “event”, as he really can’t concentrate on anything else at the moment. [Yeah, dude - it’s all about you!]. Of course, Regina being polite and accommodating, agrees. But Regina is very upset after he leaves. She yet again fantasizes about the kiss with Gonzo.

Blanca says that she learned everything about shipping from her father since she was a little girl. Then she thinks back to when she was studying about shipping on the internet. Honorio would like to thank her father for all that he taught her and that she has shared with him. Her parents died in a car accident, Blanca tells him. Honorio continues to be impressed with Blanca and her philosophy of life. Blanca believes in going after whatever makes one happy and not worry about what others think. She thinks you should live life without the compromises of any relationship. Honorio is not quite so sure about that point of view. Blanca declares that her only desire is to live life to the max!

Kari is walking the grounds of La Bonita and finds a rose and note from Lazaro. Oh how sweet - it says “They say the flowers have not stopped singing your name”.

Renata and Jero are walking on the beach. They snipe at each other a little, and Renata reminds Jero ,when he jealously complains that she has more in common with Agustín, that she married him. Maybe if she were the wife of Dunant, she and Jero would get along better, suggests Renata. “ What an ugly thing to say!” grumbles Jero. Renata reminisces about visiting the ocean when she was a little girl. They play on the beach and start acting like newlyweds again.

Lazaro meets Kari holding her rose. By any chance is she looking for mint (hierba buena)? “Yes, how did you know?” “Since I remember, you have always prepared mint tea.” Kari thanks him for the rose. He doesn’t need to trouble himself, but he tells her he is watching over her. Kari asks Laz not to expect anything. Lazaro lets her know there has never been any other woman for him, and having her here is making him the happiest man in the world. Romance by the agave garden! Their theme is nice song sung by Juan Luis Guerra.

Gonzo has delivered Fina and Roberta home. Gonzo is still asking if Roberta is sure marriage is what she wants? Fina bites his head off about it being the “right thing”, and if the baby’s father weren’t his son she’s sure he would have forced the marriage. “You committed to watch over Roberta and give her her place in the family and society when you adopted her!”

Adriana breaks up with Matías. She doesn’t see how they can attempt a relationship under these circumstances. If she doesn’t break with him now, she’ll lose respect for herself. She’s worried about ending up empty. Matías doesn’t quite get it (giving up trying for something), but we all know Adriana is right [without skin of the jocoque as her mother said].

The doc is plastered! He comes yelling at La Bonita for Karina. The ladies are in the kitchen “platicando”. Oh no, here comes the yelling doc, he’s putting on quite a drunken raving lunatic show! Lazaro is ready to physically throw him out, held back by Carlos. Dr. Rapeysnake is very ugly and threatening to everybody. Kari doesn’t care if he leaves her with nothing, she’s not coming back. Carlos tells him to beat it. He does!

Renata and Jero are sitting on the beach chatting about whether they are seeing dolphins in the ocean. Jero says it’s time to go home, but Renata doesn’t understand why — she’s not ready to go yet! Why does Jeronimo have to work when she could be with the sea, the sun, and her? A couple of guys show up with ATVs. Renata wants to ride them! Jero, being the aguafiestas that he is, absolutely doesn’t want to play — he wants to return home and work. Renata complains that he is always saying no, he never wants to do anything. “Hey, big guy, for once, tell me yes!” She teases him into saying yes — especially when the guys offer two for the price of one. Renata challenges Jero to a race. Whoever wins gets to ask the other for whatever they want, and the other has to comply. This challenge gets Jero interested. After some good competitive trash talking they take off on the ATVs.

Gonzo tells Matías that Fina demands he accept his responsibilities by marrying Roberta. Since he is parents of both, Gonzo has really conflicting feelings about this, as he has to deal with both parties.

And their off racing their ATV’s on the beach! Suprise! Renata jumps the gun! LOL! They go turning and spinning all over the place, even starting to show off all sorts of tricks and acrobatics. [Uh - what kind of race is this with turning around at various random points and no marked track?] They reach some rocks and Renata declares herself the indisputable winner. Jero claims it was a trap, but he is laughing because he really did enjoy himself. Renata tells Jero now he has to pay the bet! “Let’s see - what is the bet going to be?” asks Jero. “You can’t figure it out?” asks Renata. “No, I can’t figure it out. What will it be?” answers Renata. “You’re going to have to make love to me” says Renata as she looks at Jero seductively. Jerko does not like this turn of events. He goes from a big smile to upset face.

Back in Gonzo’s office, Matías complains that it would be a loveless marriage. Gonzo counters that the marriage would be for the child to not have the disadvantages of being born outside of marriage. Gonzo insists that to protect Roberta, Fina and the child from society scandal and loss of respect in the “machista” society that they live in, Matias must marry Roberta. Gonzo reminisces about how women get the short end of the stick, and how often mothers and children are abandoned by the father, like what happened to Roberta and Fina. Gonzo recognizes that Matías would never do that, but when the baby is born, he wants him born with all the advantages of legitimate birth.

Back to Jero’s frowning face. Jerko doesn’t want to make love at the beach - someone might see them. OK - fine, let’s go so some cabin or hotel or somewhere we can have privacy” answers Renata. “No I can’t nor do I want to in any place.” grouses Jerko. “Yes you can and you want to! Maybe being away from La Bonita you’ll feel better about making love.” says Renata, exasperated. Jerko is really unhappy. “Don’t make those faces at me!” demands Renata. “This relationship is not going well. Help me rescue it, OK? Since the wedding you never kiss me, hug me, nothing.” complains Renata. “Change the bet! change the bet!” yells Jerko. “No, I’m not going to change it.” repsonds Renata. She begs Jero to make love to her. “Don’t be pigheaded (necia)!” says Jerko. “No. For any newly wed man, what I’m asking you would be considered normal, logical.” answers Renata. “You don’t want to? Fine, you don’t want to. This is the last time I am going to ask you, Jeronimo. I’m not going to humble myself in front of you any more. You’re never going to see me again in your life!” And Renata takes off on her ATV.

Agustín finds Areli drinking juice by the pool at Cruz de Amor. He wants to know if Areli found Renata at La Bonita, and did she return Jero’s shirt? “No - I’ll take it another day. Renata went to the beach with her husband! “ says Areli smugly. This makes Agustín walk off in a huff.

Apparently Kari has be telling Lazaro and Matilde about her mistreatment at the hands of Dr. Rapeysnake. Lazaro wants to know how long this has been going on. He is beside himself about the situation. Matilde brings Karina some tea. “And I thought your life with him had been like that of a queen!” says Matilde. “That’s what that ba$t@rd wants everyone to think” says Lazaro. Lazaro declares he’s going to make sure everyone knows the truth. Karina asks them not to do so. “Let life take care of putting him in his place, not us”.

Renata returns her ATV to the guys on the beach and gets her stuff. She tells them she supposes that the “señor” will pay them, and she leaves.

Karina apologizes to Carlos that Dr. Rapeysnake created such a scene at La Bonita. Each time he seems less able to control his alcoholism. Carlos asks “Since when has Doc been drinking this way?” Kari tells him - since Rafael died. Doc took Rafael’s death so hard that he hasn’t been the same since. “Why?” asks Carlos. “Alvaro feels he could have done more for Rafael. Maybe he could have saved him. He feels responsible, guilty even.” Carlos asks where Alvaro was the day of Rafael’s death. “At Don Agustin’s.” He had been invited to dine and didn’t return to his office. His nurse couldn’t reach him. Karina thinks that Alvaro feels that if he could have arrived in time, maybe he would have saved Rafael’s life. Was Alvaro drinking at Agustín’s that day? asks Carlos. Did he attend Rafael intoxicated — is that why he feels guilty? Is he trying to atone for his fault through alchohol? “Could be, Don Carlos, but I really don’t know.” answers Karina.

Jero returns on his ATV. Where’s the lady? She left and said nothing say the ATV guys. Jero goes racing after on the ATV while the guy yells after him.

Renata is driving Jero’s car back from the beach. She’s crying. [And what is that ballad of broken love? Anyone know it?]

Ewww - Dr RS is drinking again. He starts to trash his house! Now he’s crying into his bottle. [ Why don’t we feel sorry for him? What a disgusting, pathetic Rapey-Snake!]

Jero makes it home driving the ATV and runs inside the house calling for Renata. Matilde hasn’t seen her. Oh if she’s not here - she must be with her friend “Don Agustín el guapo!” declares Matilde. Jero leaves in disgust.

El Guapo himself is walking his vineyards with Ezequiel. “Is everything ready for the wine harvest?” Agustín is going into town to pick up his invitations, and he has a very special one for Renata. He wants her to do him the honor of being the first to tread on the grapes that were Jeronimo’s and are now his!

Agustín and Areli are walking out of Cruz de Amor when Jero drives up. Renata isn’t there, Areli tells him. “Wasn’t she at the beach with you?” asks Agustín. “Yes, but she left in my jeep and she hasn’t returned to La Bonita” answers Jero. “Are you and Renata fighting again?” asks Areli. Agustín tells her not to ask such a stupid thing. It’s obvious they were fighting since they went to the beach together but she returned alone. “It must have been a bad quarrel, right?” Jero drives off.

Oh no! Renata had a bad wreck! The car is upside down and she is half out the door with bleeding from her nose and mouth! She was so upset driving, that when another car honked at her, she swerved off the road! She’s lying there, half choking, barely conscious, weakly calling for help. This looks really bad!

Previews - Both haciendas organize a massive search for the missing Renata. Jero is devastated.


inolvidable - unforgettable.
obsequiar - to give away, present
pisar - to tread on, step on, walk on, trample on, walk all over (not what you might think!) Example: "prohibido pisar el césped" = keep off the grass/lawn. So if you read such a sign, they aren’t telling you not to pee on the lawn - LOL!
trajes tradicionales - traditional costumes
No quiero que nos venga el tiempo encima. - I don’t want time to run out on us.
huerto - orchard
carta de presentación - letter of introduction
elección - choice
exigir - demand
disgustado - displeased, disgrunted
*faena - all the work done with the muleta (red flannel cloth) in the last part of the bullfight (for a English dictionary of Spanish bullfighting terms, see
plenamente - fully, completely
platicar - to chat
velar - to watch over, look out for
coincidir - to agree, concur
hora de irse - time to leave
aguafiestas - spoilsport, party pooper
cumplir - to comply, fulfill, carry out, to do one’s duty, obey
sentimientos encontrados - mixed feelings/conflicting feelings
apuesta - the bet
imaginar - imagine, figure, suspect, think
No me pongas esas caras! - don’t make those faces at me!
necio/necia - pig-headed
humillarse - swallow one’s pride, humble oneself
obligar - to force
machisto - male chauvinist
ventajas - advantages
marcarse - to stand out
culpable - guilty, blameworthy
alentar - to encourage, reassure, cheer
ebrio - drunk, intoxicated
volver a - to do again (different from volver, which means to return, come back)
semejante estupidez - such a stupid thing
pleito - dispute, fight, brawl


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